The Great Gildersleeve 48-02-11 (277) Getting Glasses


Kraft Foods Company for Tara Perry as the Great Gildersleeve. The. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the kraft foods, company makers parque margarine every day. Millions of women all over America serve parque margarine because it tastes so good. To My? Own home against. Like, if you love it. Ever Mark. A R K Y parque margarine made by craft. owner. Has Been going very well for the water commissioner. He's accomplished a number of things you bet. He got up, ate a hearty breakfast and walk down to the office yesterday. The Morning Mail off my desk and then. Let's this. Council chamber. REJECTED WHAT REPORT! Vesey Bessie, come in here. And listen to this view commissioner Gillislee. Again. We find your figures and error. Kindly correct a report and return to this chamber immediately. ps We like our department heads to be proud of their publications, but you are the only commissioner who writes his name three times at the bottom of each report. What's this? You decide it in triplicate. That means three copies. bessie nuts three signature. What a secretary! Well. That's get out the figures, betsy. It's as if you made some mistakes and I am held responsible. I put down the figures the way you read them to me. Let's not be making excuses. bessie mistake has been made. Let's try to maintain an open mind who made? I'll try. I'll try like crazy. We'll check your apart against my original figures first column water capacity tank a six thousand gallons. There's a five here instead of a six you see. That makes a big difference Oh. Vows and gallons at Lake Baxter at the. Second figure tank be eight thousand gallons. Gildersleeve. There's a three here for goodness sake, Vesey on the first column, nothing but mistakes. You can't just put down numbers at random. This is a water department. We're running out of Bingo game. For Fives eight for threes, somebody around here and he's glasses, bessie! And, who do you suppose it is? I don't know Mr Gildersleeve already have. Yeah. You have. You need some new ones in come on. I'm taking you across the street to see Allen Quist by George. We'll have some efficiency around his office. I'll miss. Cover your left eye and read the top line plays. A DA plays Mr Tillerson Gildersleeve. Know coaching! This isn't an audience. Participation Fair. Tell me what's on the second line, please? Be D-. No vesey ABC G. E. Got C. G. The numerals at the bottom, please. Fix to a blessing. No wonder my reports come back. That's three, not an eight Mr Gillis. Leave. Who's being tested for glasses? Your your secretary. Sorry doc would when she makes mistakes like that I'm the one who's L. responsible. What mistakes? The young lady is read each letter numeral perfectly and she has. Wonderful Mr mischievously now I'll go back and get all report without a single error. Let's say just so. This is taught you a lesson. Thanks for your time. As any charge, send the Bill Thomas to guiltlessly, Yeah Throckmorton You Miss Fifty percent with both eyes. Would you down? What caveat left I? Mean I knew somebody around the office needed glasses. Miss Goodwin called. Remind you of a school board. Meeting Tomorrow night. School board and you weren't going to use the living room this evening. Where are you? A francy? And the kids were coming over to hear records and Dan thought I might read little as soon as my dinner settles. Sit by the fire, put on my new glasses, you. Try Out my new glasses here, but the fire clashes glasses I just told you my dear, but you weren't listening. Your old uncle just got himself some glasses. Classes. On came out of look. How they look fine. But you mean. I guess you can't remain middle aged forever. Just because I have glasses. You don't get yourself excited. And you stay by the fire and read I'll tell kids some other time I. Call it off my dear. They can dance all over the place I don't care. Mean even dance with him. Now I I'm. Calling it off. One evening means so little to us, but one means so much to you now novel. Movies Tonight Movies Leroy at snowing out tonight. I'll bet you have schoolwork to. Okay just routine. Lee. Must you always be asking for money? Who else would I ask what you might save a lot of your allowance? Young man? Your uncle isn't made money you know, yes can. You won't always be able to ask him for it. Well. It may not have occurred. You Leroy, because you're such a child, but. He's wearing glasses. More the way you say that. Aren't I like the big rooms? Do La the newest thing authors actors other men thinks. Tight around the years on, say no, I. Don't think so because you just. Can I? ME, Lakota to leave Roy I do more can't help it if he's getting older. Can't you be careful what you say what I said was? I get it. Now Roy there's nothing to be sorry about and please Marjorie Young. Try to put up a brave front for us on Comores. But you have provided for my college education having to. Haven't even gotten into high school, yes. Thinking hit gone on. Leroy your old uncle. Has Plenty of years left in him. Look I. don't even need these glasses. I can sit here and read that paper on the floor without. The Senate passed the month now fast-growing aunt. The month bill last brighty establishing you see the small print from here. I can't read that far. That's wonderful on key sleipner side of this I don't need. He really need them at all. On the kids to promote. Early Roy, take you thirty five cents and go to the movies I think I'm throwing my money away. You know yeah. How long to see the Jolson story all about a little boy who grew up in support supported his parents My call investment in the future. I take care. The whether it's worse to be pampered or pushed around. Well! I'll read about one chapter before the kids come over. The are a little tight around the years that. The carpet partners guilty care for the last couple. Thank you, Brady very considerate, yeah! Here's a cookie to well. Just guilty. Birdy. That Mr Stone passed been talking to me again about cooking him. He raised the Ante. Bankers can pay more than what it Commissioners Birdie well I knew I wouldn't be nearly as happy over there for a lot more I'd be here for a little more. I think i. see what you mean. But I guess I. CAN'T I'll be the banker? We've had some pretty good times in this house betty. Seen Minds Leroy grow up. Get older. I guess I'm a little older to. Glasses today. In the Gif leap why you never wore glasses in your i. Never did. But! We can't stay middle-age forever. Would you mind pushing that Hasek under my feet Birdie? Oh, not guilty I'll be glad to and cannot go get your slippers loopers. That would be nice. Yes! Clean More of your shoulders show. And we'll see if we can't find little more for your paycheck next week. That good I'll tell Mr someone five I'm set. He can't tell me with his money. I'll stick by you. Miss Guilty and good nurse to nurse. That's fine buddy. I'm A. Do you think the Ravens will be? Well, you'd be substantial Birdie. That good anything as you want. And if you to people tissue all. I think I'll try to. Crawl up the dead. Hello. Yeah! I, can I do for you signed morning I'll have to sit down and think over I'm not quite awake. And this guy over here, we'll have the sun for about another thirty minute. Thank you. Excuse me I'll go scrape the ice away from the front door. You didn't slip coming ended. No, but wait a minute. You think I. Look any different this morning. Look into my eyes. Together. Go ahead PD, but you see right here is. Yes, but what else look closer? One, maybe a little browner Oh my goodness. What else do you see? Look around my eyes when I can't see anything else your glasses in a way. I'm wearing glasses where anybody can see that. This is the first time I've ever worn them. And I am a little concerned about how I look I can understand how you feel guilty. I've always started resented wearing my town. Got My first pair when I try one? I could see the girls better. Looking at me. except. But I don't have to wear MPV. John Gorst not. Just a little nearsightedness look I can take them off and read anything in the place. Sea. ICE, cream specials chocolate the MELA. Too Deep Rooty F- black walnut correct PB. Not Quite? We just have vanilla. Yes, but the reading was right. Like can read that vitamin chart at the end of the store to it says together they don't fight. It lasts from my experience. I'd say nature has its own little ways of telling us. We're slowing up whom slowing up. No, it doesn't mean that we won't get just as much out of life. Sometimes more. When you down on impract-, benches just to catch your breath. But the things we've. talked to a squirrel to up to school. And I'd like to say Miss. Give they slave welcome to the reflective span of life. Perhaps the most beautiful favorite for your squirrels Peavy, I'm getting. Long Ed grape he. took the what. Watch what you're going. Down with her. What's the matter? My friend where you're going. Yes, I can see where I'm going. Booker I doubt it no wonder where glass why you don't have to wear these glasses and I can take them off pretty quick to. Let me brush off. Quite a handsome para glasses of all right no cracks and they should help you. Look into at the School Board Meeting Tomorrow Night. I hear we're going to meet the new teacher. WHO's coming? With your blue suit and those big rams. You look just like an educated penguin. Why you? Don't get touched. We all have to go through that kidding stage when we started getting on for yourself for us. Now, you brush me. I'll brush well turnaround. I remember the first time I came into PVC to my liver pills I waited until everyone else was outta the star and then it has nothing to do with me horse, I don't need glasses. But where would you be without your liver? I don't need them. See the printing on the door of the bank across the street I can take these glasses off and read it from here an. Hours Ten am three PM. Assets. To something, don't strain guilty. You haven't got x Ray? Eyes like Superman aren't just proving. I don't eat them. nyu wearing and they don't make any younger well. I'm not gonNA wear them anymore. We see that doctor on that. He's the one that needed glasses. The great dealers. They will be with us again in a minute. You know. That birdie is more than just a good cook. She's a smart buyer. I overheard her say to the grocer the other day. Yes. tacky margin was kind. Kinda my food budget early. Is that the reason you like parque because it costs less now than it did a year ago? The Wall. No economy is me just one leading advocate parque because everybody likes it much right Parque just can't. VP is a topping for roles. Toast pancakes waffles lie. Parque is the favorite spread for bread on millions of American tables. Here's a favorite on. Naturally Arcade is made from the finest products of America's farms. It's smooth merging it. has that good fresh country flavor and each pound of Parque is enriched with fifteen thousand units of important vitamin A fifteen, thousand eight. That's good but bad because the guilt need folks it well. Everyone likes tasty Parque Birdie millions of women all over America serve delicious. Parque merger merger in just because it tastes so good. Join those millions brands asked for Parque. Margarine P. A. R. K. why made by craft? Well that's return to the Great Gildersleeve who knows better than anyone that he doesn't need glasses even knows better than his doctorate. and T G. You see I can read anything you have on those lied. Yes, you apparently can be very strange. Indeed what a man can do and he wants to you bet I don't need these glasses. No, you don't need these last. There's no share you need another pair out prescribed for you. Oh! You have a severe case of is drain ice cream, perhaps from grooving too many people. If you don't need glasses with dark, all gave my drops to be taken every three hours per contemporary glass to be worn while you're on the drought with doc. dilate the pupil a little, and if you don't wear glasses together, so if you're allowed to do running into posts for a couple of days. Don't take them off. Be Writing about an hour and now then. Can I see you to the door? No thanks, I can see the door. Last spiel about the same as the others. Little Darker, maybe. I'll be done about. Where am I on the street where people can see me? The DOC was right thing without. He. Didn't mean the bump. India Pardon me Oh man. Site Sunny. was short like an old man. Sorry Lady. Do you make a habit of bumping into people on the street sounds like. It is. Do you have to put on blast to recognize me? Just left the doctor. He said where. My goodness they make quite a difference with meat. Isn't that I need him? Just can't see without. Taking eyedrops just have to wear them for a couple of days. Track Morton your sensitive about your looks as a young girl and I quite understand I. Never Forget when I first put on glasses. That was old ten years ago then. Old were you then I would. Guess. That comes the time when we're all sensitive, but soon you'll get used to the glasses in fact I find him an asset. The school principal everybody expects it you. But they really do something for you. Throckmorton I rather think they give you an heir. To the woman in the. Air. Really talk more I think the glasses added immeasurably to your. Charm and dignity nor that. They do. They definitely give the impression of. Shall we say intellectual stature? Let's see intellectuals. And I liked the design. You've chosen. They're very. Out thanks same type General Eisenhower wears. You know the new President of Columbia University. Rachmat and you've been reading last night. Well you can show off your new glasses at the school board meeting tonight. I have to go in the store now. School board meeting think. I'll skip that he. And I wanted to introduce the members of the two I knew. Eighth Grade Teacher. This is her first assignment in the upper grade. She Young. She looks quite young. Rock Morton None of your flirtations now. You Know Me. Yes, I know you. See at the school board meeting Eve. Wouldn't miss it. I always love the eighth grade. Gets the idea that I'm flirtations? Man Has the right to look around. L. Ask Judge Hooker to go to the meeting and sit with me. He's older than I am. Then his private office for the client. Looks Pretty. Take off my glasses. Few looks a little young appreciate intellectual stature. He. I can't see you again. I'll be able to tell her from hooker. Oh judge, pardon me. The only take a minute judge I just wanted to see two. Million Conference. Pardon me I missed. Gillies leave. How do you do Miss Ray? If you'll excuse this highly irregular unexpected interruptions and allow me to present number of our school board. Mr Gildersleeve. We. Have others have cars? Are Use me as a new teacher. A It's been my pleasure and privilege this afternoon to a cleaner with a few matters pertinent to our new physician judge hookers very kind. I feel at home we want you to. Like me to introduce you around before the meeting, his gray has to meet everybody tonight guilty. Thank you just the same as the Gildersleeve but I'm waiting to hear from this Goodwin Oh the. What's keeping? It's five o'clock now. I'm terribly sorry judge I'm afraid. I'm keeping you. Know No, not at all, but I do have some letters to sign letters, and we better get out judge. Leave you alone until eve comes, show him great the City Hall. Learn all I can about Summerfield let me better start my aunt's house. Show you the plans for the water. Yeah, come along this great. At the board meeting judge. Didn't realize being commissioner was such a monumental job to guilty to sleep. Well I suppose it is a big job for such a young man. Wondering. What happened Miss Goodwin getting quite late? Doesn't show up I'll see the to get to the meeting. Could go to dinner and make a night of it. Then the school board meeting then taking the movie I'll I don't think I? Should it together they've. It's my first night here after all. I I am a teacher. We could see an educational picture. The jolson story all about a little boy. That's very nice of you really, but these goodwin would approve. Don't you worry about even how to handle her? I Could live the. Bad here I'll pick them up for you. I have a horrible habit twisting I'd beads when I'm nerd on need to be nervous. Don't see any over this way. They're all. These little things a person almost needs glasses, and it is of a person needs clashes. How do you feel about? Ms Grey Oh, I read them all the time in the classroom. You do. Yes, it helps. The distant makes me look older. I'll remember that if I ever want to look. To. Where there. Fade, not I'll get behind her change. Who could my neon one? Is that you leave, not put on earth down there on the floor, just picking up a few beads. I've been looking all over for new teachers. She's over there behind my chair I. Beg your pardon. I've been waiting for you I haven't played imposed on Mr Galvin, please. Don't you believe it's been a pleasure I'm sure it has talked Morton. Well I think some of these rolled into the next room. Neyla. Hickory fact I I'll grin helper. Look just the Moma. As Principal of the school I feel an acute responsibility from his grave is a member of the School Board WanNa. Do all I can either just showing around. She doesn't know anybody yet. Throckmorton just because she's pretty and new in town must procedure before she even get settled. Yes and I wanted to make some of the young men in town, not just the men who act young well. Now I'll go. To dinner where we see with the meeting the meeting, you bet and Throckmorton promise now. None of your foolishness. All I can say is. You should know how to pick up. A. A small meetings night get does judge Saddam. Wonder where everybody is I wonder, didn't she? Come with you. We've MS grey. She's right over there talking to Dr Pitiable. Oh Yeah, you better. Put your glasses back on now. You can't even see people. Thank you lay off the subject of my glasses around musgrave. Not More not being a little vein will excuse me. I'll have to stop the meeting. What are you trying to hide guilty? Everybody else knows you will good evening. Everybody Evening Ms Grey It's great like to sit by me got a place for you. Thank you to go to save. Don't you want that I'm sitting on to? Just view it. Now that most of us are here. We're calling meeting to order. We didn't go to dinner Miss Grey. That's all right kind of WHO'd be like Chinese Italian Armenian I- county to give better be quiet. May We come to OUGHTA. Plea I have good stakes. Some of you grill t-boned. Mr Gill d'isly what? We talking about I. Mean I. Guess the meeting has started. President Dr Needham is unable to be with us this evening, but he's prepared a message of welcome to on new, teacher. and. Suddenly find I have a headache I'd like to call upon Mr Gildersleeve to come up and read welcome. Really. You know. I can't really unless I. Put on my. Will be right back. Brad on rolled on Muffins pancakes waffles. Parque is a favourite spread. You'll insist on parque once you try it. It's delicious encouraging. It's an important diet factor. Each pound of fresh flavored parque margarine contains fifteen thousand units of important vitamin, A. always favorite spread for America's bread arcane now is more favorite than ever, because in spite of rising food prices parque actually cost less today than it did a year ago for bread and Budget Park as a better by trying. That's Parque Margarine P. A. R. K. A. Y. Made by kraft. Good, morning? How you? I is oh. Fine busy ice creams. All cleared up. Came from the doctor and I don't need glasses anymore except for work. Oh, wonderful at. Glasses and finish the why report will sorry, but I have to drive by the schoolhouse. Broad Media Ono just about time for recess. Eighth Grade. Take my glasses. She liked the big rims, said I look like. bessie. Who's this Robert Walker? That's all I wanted to not good night, folks. Greg eldest play by Harold Curry. By, John Elliott Abby White by checking. The. Next one everyone thinks or the further adventures out the great. Own. Does your family like macaroni and cheese that sloppy life with. Cheese flavor through and through then get kraft dinner from your food store tomorrow. One package of kraft dinner contains enough quick cooking, macaroni and golden craft graded to make an issue of macaroni and cheese that will serve four people. It's as well Linden dish. Fine thrifty main dish any day of the week. Remember Kraft dinner cooks in just seven minutes. Sofa quicks well, tasting, macaroni and cheese yet kraft dinner. This is NBC National Broadcasting Company.

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