Episode 2315 - Caissie St. Onge


Behavior. Jimmy Pardo here. Never not funny with our guest Casey Saint on right around the corner. But I his guys in our lane Conan O'Brien. He's got a brand new podcast Conan O'Brien needs a friend look on this program. I work with them for years. We all know Conan O'Brien is well, he's now an ear wolf with a brand new podcast again as I mentioned called Conan O'Brien needs a friend hangs out with some of his favorite people. His first guest has got him. We'll feral upcoming guest include Wanda Sykes, Nick Offerman. Kristen bell, also interest questions callers are dying to know like the secret to Conan's hair and his favorite Star Wars prequel. Anyway, get a lot going on here. The first one is mentioned, we'll feral they talk about the last time. He was on Conan that about when Conan was on stage with Ron burgundy how Twitter makes them feel in that one lifetime movie will may with Kristen wig. You could check out the first episode of Conan O'Brien as a friend with will Ferrell in your favorite podcast app. And don't forget to subscribe. So you don't miss an episode. I know what you're not gonna miss. You're not gonna miss never not funny because that's coming up in three. Two, and please don't take this person. Shoop Lalli Goethe. A fistful of Dullard don't thaw the ice cocaine, then you got the yellows. Here comes the yellow, look, I'm not the best gay twelve years in Maimi, Lucy and goosey. Live on team. It's the fastest our in podcasting. This is never not funny now, here's your host, Jimmy Pardo. Over. Indeed is welcome to the program. So Twenty-three fifteen I've just been told off the air. Listen, I'm gonna walk in fucking mess. That's when we decided before I got on the air. I'm having a an asthma attack. I just had my allergy shots. They up my serum cetera. As I say that right serum serve sounds like my Chicago accent is making that sound odd might years. Anyway, I'm heavy reaction to that on the on the heels of getting a shot in my friggin back. Oh, yeah. I forgot to ask you I went to text over the weekend. Texting go die for God. You know, the truth was it was. You know, they they put you you're not on COPA fall. Because you gotta be they gotta be able to talk to because they're going to your spine. So, but it was so they they give you a little bit of anesthesia you're out a little bit. But what they do is they go in the shot. And then a catheter something then goes up your spine to get into the area where they have to put the medicine. Fuck it literally takes seven minutes. Yeah. But you've got to be still on a table or you're lying on your stomach lying under stomach. Yeah. Yeah. Does envious get to be freight forward or your sideways? Your your doubt straight faced out is if you're getting a massage. Okay. Let's but without that little face thing because your neck needs to be at the right of the right angling, everything needs to be right? And all I kept on thinking if there's an earthquake you're done. I'm not dead. I'm paralyzed like what what what crappy time that would be. Luckily that did not happen. Of course. But I did say I said of the doctor. My doctor video buds radio coming onto the gopher longtime. I apologize. My weird breathing. So. You hear that? Yeah. I did hear it, man. I apologize for that. She I said to her. She said, you know, we anytime we're going into the spine. It's very delicate. And you know, it could be it, you know, ninety nine out of one hundred times at work. So, you know, but one time maybe, you know, obviously, there's other feel numbness or tingling so on so forth. And she goes into worse cases than I is paralysis. And I was like how many times have with you. I wouldn't be a doctor anymore. I would quit. I would never. I don't even know if I'd live if that was if I tried to help somebody paralyzed them. I wouldn't be a doctor. She was very forget said seven times. Question. What what guys do it? Okay. I've been doing this a long time. So, you know, what do you what do you expect to make money bills? She was great. The anesthesiologist was great anyway. So that pain seems to be they say it takes five days for it to actually kick in. But I think starting to feel a little a little bit better. Yeah. Good. It doesn't mean that. I I still have to do physical therapy. And all that stuff to go term. Good lord. Our guest is already here is that our guest early career. Geico is your professional. She's a professional commute college could be a package, although seems to early package doesn't it. I don't know, you know, civil trying to deliver a package on Saturday FedEx. And it's an office building. Like, we're not here. But when they ring the thing it goes to my cellphone, so I'm like, okay, I'll I can buzz you in and you just leave it at the door. But then the the deadbolt was locked too because it's the weekend. Oh, well, there's that FedEx with you. There is so FedEx stop trying to deliver to businesses on the weekend is my what do we got here to you? But that's not heavy at all. It's never never enough. And that was that was a little bit of a action on the part of Garin Cockrel. Never not funny. This comes from Atlanta, Georgia this is hot. Now. Let's go. John. Jitney male just showed up the mail. Stealing. My thunder. Illnesses. Take your mind off it in a package from them. Welcome us. What did you say walking? What can? You know, what we're gonna have a new tour named the walk and tour. Oh shit would have a late entry that is. We might have and that solid to really. So that is solid over guys. Jesus Christ is number one of the bullet tour two thousand nine that's come on gets to good good right to good. It's too good. What if it's fragile? Oh, good cool Turley has gotten really into America's funniest home videos. And so we watching it every Sunday now in yesterday of as a kid trying to open a package, and he turns it over and he's shaking and then a piggy-bank falls out of his majesty. All. I remember when Oliver went through is right around the same age. I love to. I mean, I love the show on it. I watch it whenever but watching him or just experiencing is pure joy is amazing hundred percent agree with you. Dear Jimmy met Jimmy, Matt Garin and Elliott, but mostly Jimmy come on look around the room. You remember the majority of the people you meet on the road. But I was lucky enough to be part owed at one of your shows in Atlanta, if it helps you remember I'm a heavily tattoo bearded guy in glasses that is an animator on the TV show Archer. Ooh, that you can't describes half of our fan base. It's also very specific yet. I don't remember this guy at all as a never not funny. He lives over the past decade. Now, remember him? It was a an enormous pleasure. And honor to have my hero yell at me. After the show you were kind enough to autographs from vinyl for me. It's been a vinyl that is why writing today I wrote a small record label, and I've been learning how to make leave embossed vinyl records at home injured and process, but to. Say I need to put in a lot of practice hours. Learn everything I can about creating homemade records I'm burning out of air. I'm pretty for. Caro man as practice the other day. I just let a recent episode nerd, I funny play through my machine, and I cut record after record of just the four of you guys talking. Imagine what I could possibly do with these records since I don't own the rights to any of the concert on them. So I thought I would just make some quick album art for them, and send them to you in the gang. How much you love one hundred eighty gram vinyl. This isn't that this is more. Like, I don't know twelve gram beats me. This is basically one step above a flexi disc. Anyway, a giant. Thank you for all the years of audible, entertainment, you created. You are literally greatest this guy gets it. Seth nNcholas Johnson haunted birthday records. I liked the name wanted birthday records. Seth nNcholas Johnson. Like his name to what I don't like is that he's a heavily tattoo bearded guy in glasses pass. Look is done put some fucking long sleeves on and get a razor. If you live in Atlanta, though, I kind of I if you're like in the south, I know Atlanta's is a city, so it's not like the same as being in the middle of rural Alabama. But I do I kind of give people a little more slack because it's like you wanna let everybody know. Hey, I'm not a redneck. This is. My deal. That's a redneck look all tattoos at a long beard sometime. Sorry. But if you wear glasses in the south, don't you get called the push? I I'm picturing this guy being like a hipster bearded tattoo glasses guy. Yes. F- I guess the the part about sorry, you're gonna hear you. I need to. Don't do that. You haven't watched the latest doctor who you can't pop. You can't pop those. We might explode is that true was being autistic who or this is my only joy again. Jeez. To me. And if you're having trouble breathing. I meant to say has Medicaid. He's got a strike out is in distress cool, by the way, check this out. This. This sounds like the coolest thing ever. Do this really cool. Look at that. Oh my God. That is awesome. There's one for each of us here. Go though, it's clear vinyl look at this is I'm not fucking around. That's in this is the greatest too. Now, we all have to is it all the same. Sounds same sound clippers it I would imagine just things we don't have to cut record after record of to four guys talking to we have a little player. We don't actually Ryan doesn't end up in the back there. But it's it's usually. It's usually a lot of work. Yeah. I like the print this stuff out. Did I think that the image was on the record? I did. It looks cool either. Like that the fact that that's the sleeve is cool tan. That's nice is a little birthday gets it in a way that AST never has. Like, I don't know. How he did that either? That's really cool. You know? It's really cool. Right. The insert. But the yeah, I feel like we need to as much as I love this one of these needs to be auctioned off at podcast that or maybe you could make another one. But I feel like that's something people would love doing think. I do. It's such a cool collectible. It's really cool. Thank you. Seth. Thanks Jimmy were a kid. Did you ever either? I know that my grandparents apparently when my dad was a kid they would cut their own records because they either wax or or some other material. Do you think how old is your grandparents? No, it sounds like this conversation's going. Well, I don't know where that stopped. I don't know where people, and I don't know what your family is your dad was a drummer. So he might have had a a record good one off record cutter. No, we didn't have a record cutter in my house. We came from we came from poor stock we tried to get by like anybody else. Did you ever put the needle on the record? On the record put the needle on the record record dance. We had a we had a a real the real. Yeah. My dad had that. And that's about as and there's some video of me singing spinning wheel by blood, sweat and tears small child. Wow. Thinking that it's going to hell. What goes up must come down spinning wheel rounding around round around. I I wonder I there's no way the types of me as a kid like I had cassette. So that I would pretend to be a DJ or whatever onto like everyone did. And it'd be crazy to hear that. Now, I'm sure it would be so cringe-worthy awful the worst. There is a tape of we we got together about five years after reunion of rainbow bridge and the banter between songs professional comedians UB party makes me wanna throw myself off a building. So you still have that. I have that k Paul sent the MP three version row. Right. And can we get a sample of what that might have been like of what of what you're what young Jimmy Carter banter onstage might have been lights? Just I can't. I can't even do it. It's like is it, and is it worse than every other bands band. No, it's banned humor. Like like, I say professional communities. We also funny guide you. At that time just funny guy, and but just somehow be around the instruments I down. Painful, your Bill is is it possible that having seen because I assume at that point you're in a band you've seen live shows of bands that where your fan, I'm twenty. Okay. So so is it possible that you're like that's how it's done that you're doing an impression of Panter? I kind of think I thought it was better than that. That right. But just like really just fuck horrible. But like that's another podcast of on the that that sending one person that MP three. Oh, no. That will never see the day. That is we bury that. As as Paul points out, the the recording wherever the can this is one thousand nine hundred eighty something the wherever whatever it was recorded, whatever device was recording. This band thing was too close to his amp. All you really gear is a lot a lot of guitar and everything else has got a muffled. So it's not even you know. And then and then you boy you can hear me crystal clearly being unfunny Panthers through good. There's no worries about that. Let me walk over to this recorder. Preserve this one. Everybody gets to hear this nonsense. But we used to do the same thing that you got not we wouldn't play DJ. We pre we would play strata Matic baseball. My stepbrother Scott night and do play by play and record that. And then listen back, and then you listened back for about three minutes ago. I just did. I don't want to. I'm not sure I ever listened to the stuff ever quit. I just would record it. And then I'm done. Yeah. But it was fun doing it. Uh-huh. Fun. The the big joke that we still bring it up at family functions is. Scott, my stepbrother bespoke and said instead of pulled a hamstring pull the hamster. Bannister's out. He's pulled the hamster. And we we laughed. Linda's fantastic athlete gideon's and to this day. I mean, go back to the seventies for that. By the way, that sounds like something Jimmy Pardo would say like you would say that to like mean like you're using hamster as a nickname for hamstring. Right. You're you're just ridiculously shortening. The hamster hamsters. Yeah. Stor. When I was a kid the thing that I did with a recording thing is I took a role attainment. I realized that if you if you pull the tape out, it sounds like a jet aircraft taking off when you record it onto your onto your cassette tape, really. And I and so I started trying to fully type things because like, oh, that's cool. Well, this were things work. But yeah, isn't it funny? How we do that stuff? I I saw a guy at the circus or a carnival yet. A you know, he was a knife thrower or whatever. And I had a box cutter not box exit. What style box cutter not the slightest were then I decided that that's going to be my thing. I'm gonna be a guy that juggle this full this knife. How old are you twelve? Twelve year old have a box cutter. Like, my my dad's tool so that sort of stuff, so you're like, I'm going to I'm going to be the guy who Jogos. So you know, that would be that you'd spend it around if it's been catch with the handle and. You know? But and you never hurt yourself. Never that is quivering with the blade out. I never wasn't again. It wasn't a box. It was like the old style box cutter where it was like a wooden handle within the laid. Oh, basically, but it had like a little hook at the end. Like, a like, a sparklers sabre crazy. Yeah. I mean, I could see doing it. But I could also see injuring yourself. Yeah. I don't know how I injured myself. Probably because I wasn't good at it. You mean, you just never caught it never either caught it or didn't catch it. That'd be the two I guess options. But the third thing is catching the blade that never happened. That's happened. I used to try the that thing where you rather think from alien called Rochambeau or five thinkers Rochambeau someone else on the balls. What is that? There's some other does rock, paper scissors. It was called Rochambeau is well, there's a name like that for that. Where you're hold your hand on the table, and you stab between the fingers, would you? Now. Let me ask you a question. Would you today? Somebody comes in here. And goes, I'm going to do you put your hand out there pay you with thousand dollars you? Let me do it for five minutes. Five minutes on. And I I mean, I don't know who this person is if they come in and say, I'm a professional knife person. Whatever that is I wouldn't do it. Would you even with a pen somebody who is that with the I think that's how I used to do it? I don't think actually used a ni-. I think we all did it after seeing alien like you can try it. Remember that scene? Is it Lance Hendrickson? He's a she fucks. But he's an Android. Yes. That's the thing. He's perfect at it. And he goes super fast. And it's crazy. I don't have enough of a span here. I'm not happy with my band spread your finger. It is dick. Fuck. That's as far as you go. Yes. Well, I'm looking at a weird angle. It looks like it was called knife game pin finger nerve Bishop stabs Gotch stabber scotch five finger fillet. Stab between the fingers came really a very creative staffer to me. Speaking of as when we sit on walking mess. That's what we said on. Right guaranteed text that to me walking. So I don't forget that. We're walking miss. It. Depends father fuck even that thing hurts magin. Well, because it's grabbing the let me try it. All right, but I have more room somehow. So wait, you're just going here here here here co Ed. Out. Pretty good. Literally hit every finger that trying to hit your jets. This horrible. This is the worst guarantee your head over here. So they tried to do I was so distressed by that that I managed to have the exact wrong camera looking in the exempt player. I'll do it again. We'll do it again. All right. All right. Hey, I like that. Because that doesn't hurt that much. This is this is not a big deal. Can you? This is good. But it's also it's not as thin as. It's not as thin as a knife either. So that's true. What happened when you when you pinch the ED's? That's the word, right? Lean forward again. That's pretty good out here. Oh boy. All right. I'm gonna do it to Garin. I'm not going to do it again. I don't. Darren you care, and you do it to yourself. Oh, yeah. Oh, that's yes. That's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to. Yeah. Yeah. Why is he stood a weird pattern? He's well. He's doing. It's called stab scotches because you've got a. Cures for. That's what you're supposed to do. Yeah. You're supposed to go one. And then two and then three and doing it where he. I was trying not step myself. I also realized I was right in front of the that whole. He's got he's using Jimmy's camera wha-wha-what. What were you doing? I was covering the the action. Okay. Very good. Pretty good though. Yeah. You only out like ten times. But it it. What if what if you went with the with match game days of? Could've made this into a microphone. Yeah. Put a lab at the end of that member of the first I did make the. Match game. You just made it you like took a tube. And I took it to to be cut it, and then put a live at the end that was the first one. And then eventually I ended up getting a. Yeah. What did you end that? When I ended it right? Yeah. I think so was great. I don't remember the home maiden. Yeah. There was a homey one for the while. We are. We are we talking about good and Cairns ever-changing hair color. What about guarantee ever changing mood? What happened was we're gonna that's a song by style council. I ever changing. It is always changing owned fairness. Everyone's I cannot stress enough. How I'm having an allergy. I can hear you being able to breathe breathe. Can we get something from seven eleven that would not missed, but but I don't have my rescue inhaler. Yeah. So I just department he missed tablets that. Hopefully will that'll me down. Okay. Do I wish I had a rescue inhaler? Yes. Because I would instantly. Am I worried that you're going to pass out and fall over because you're not breathing deeply, and that's not going to happen? All right. That's not gonna happen for some reason that does happen who would you like to give you the web of life. That's the tough question. You've got the experience. Yeah. You would not crack under the pressure of putting in your mouth on another man's mouth. Has it has any have any of you taken like, the emergency training recently? No. Because I read a thing which says that if somebody passes out that you don't do the mouth to mouth anymore that you're not supposed to do that. What do you do? You just do the the. But what does asking? We got to cover all the bases class. Well, you you're you're trying to get their temperature. But if you don't have a thermometer ver. About to say thermostat night, changed it up. But no, I was reading thing because I was I was looking at emergency procedures for something else. And and it it said don't give it's no longer recommended to give mouth to mouth, just do compression. If somebody is is passed out in their heart isn't going, maybe it's just for me was just for a heart attack. I kind of always thought that the mount them out. I always say that because you learn it when you're doing swim classes, I was associated that with drowning. Sure, obviously if someone's not breathing in a non water situation, you also probably would eventually want to give. I think that that's the thing. But that's I think that's but like but getting the heart going is the main thing, right? And so may maybe maybe the mouth mouth works. But the heart is more important. I don't know what they didn't read more to find out what the lows, according this is since two thousand eight. You can skip the mouth to mouth, but breathing and just pressing the chest to save a life in a major change the American Heart Association said Monday that hands only CPR rapid deep presses victims chest until help arrives works just as well as standard CPR for sudden, cardiac arrest and notes. So that's just if somebody's hardest stop. And so would you what do you do for? But I forget what you would just do it now. But what what is what I forget the pattern like there's like you're supposed to do it like eight times, and then wait ten seconds. And then do it. There's a song. Well, staying alive is the easiest one. Oh, yeah. Stay alive. Stay. What do you do in that part? What do I do? Yeah. Everybody know that I'm dead. I'm the hero. He don't sing it into their mouth. I've just told me I don't do it anymore. Oh, but you see I used to seeing it. As I used to seeing it in their mouth. Down the local to know that I'm a here. Cou sticks of singing that into someone's mouth. It'd be great. That'd be wonderful. It's like it's pretty mercury's mouth. Oh, man. Yeah. Absolutely. Just told not seeing that. No. I my mom of all people texted me. And was like have you seen this? Great. I was like really my mom does a very good movie. She doesn't give us about Queen. Now. That's I was surprised. She went to see it. That's bizarre. That is surprising. We haven't talked about it because I saw you finally saw it would you think I enjoyed it a lot I feel like there's. I feel like this stuff in between the scene that I wanted to see. Well, the there's also like I said, it's a very flawed and movie. There's a lot of bullshit. I wanted to know I wanted more. I like a lot of what you saw was not true say you want it all. Doodo? Oh, it is. Oh. All and I want it. That's one of my favorite Queen songs. What album is that on say the miracle that was just listening to I guessing what's the what's the look. I wanted all by the at the races that the one that starts with we the chamber with we will rock, you know, that's news of the world news the world. I was listening to that one over the weekend. Good. I've never really listened to the deep cuts because some interesting miracle cool songs on on the on that album that are not what you expect. Like, they're kind of all over like, there's some more punk sounding stuff. And it's like I liked what Queen. That's what we do. We always changing. I guess. Yeah. Yeah. I really only knew the heads. Go greet our guest this Casey's. I I'm on the program, introduced yourself apologize for your hair. Explain that. You're miss Sparta's assistant. You're going through a crisis. White change your hair on a regular basis. Is it is it blue or gray? What is it on top? But then there's a little blue yellow yellow on the sides. But then there's another color on top. That's what I want. Wait, wait. Nobody was bleach. I think he did something on top of the beliefs. I think something here. I think that that's the new edition is right in this. Do you think so? We're gonna ask here's Casey say nano she's walked in. She has the hair Garin wisit wishes. He had. No guarantee where? Yeah, you're right matter is there is some did you throw some color up on top there? Garron little toners in there. There is tone silvery sheen silvers to color that you that what it's called on the bottle. I don't know if I forgot what it was called silvery sheen, by the way is. That's Martin's third kid isn't. Yeah joke. Anybody who was lost in the fires? Jimmy. His Martin and his wife have been found and they want, but sill we've lost silver, silver, is that the pleasure fire. Okasha over the pleasure for the pleasure. Somebody pointed out, and what's his name is David Dale or Daniel Dale the guy reporter from Canada. That fact checks Trump's nonsense. I don't know the points out that his favourite part of Trump is when it Trump will never we and east dating apps, but they'll never admit that he's wrong, and he just, you know, corrects himself by justifies like an improviser he'll go pleasure or paradise yet. What choice either? And then somebody put it out, and he's still he goes my favorite Trump. Think of all time is when he called the the wrong name then made up a story to justify his big CJ DJ. He said he goes by both both. What do you say? You called me deejays. It would never happen. It is. It's your Elliot. He's like an improviser who's just trying to roll with everything. So yes and guy, but he only. Yes, ends himself. Of course, he will. He will know, but the rest of the room home, every success is every failure is in spite of him. Listen, I've said it'd be willing to say it again. Then I'm going to pull the plug in this guy. I'm not comfortable having an asthma attack. Then I don't know if I am I I don't know. And should I probably go to see my allergist instead of talking here on the microphone probably I'm choosing to see this through though and hope to God that I don't die. We're gonna be okay fingers case. That's so you like there's no inhaler. There's no over the counter inhaler that would help you don't sell that anymore. They used to sell a teen, MS. But now that you have to buy the pills. But I'm wondering if I should have Garin call over to the allergist, or maybe I just do that in the break and see if they can't prescribe what immediately and then I. In the other break run up through the rate eight and get it. Do you think they would have won? Because you're your allergist is right down the street. Right. There's also a chance they might they might have one that they could just you could just run over there and get a sample. I don't know the answer. Yeah. To they make Sam they may also say we need you to come in here. And because usually when you have a reaction they want you to stay there for like a half hour. So it would be a major stop down, but we would need. Well, we don't wanna do that. No, God forbid the flow of this program. I mean, the flow is everything did you notice? How how I was going down the the human being road and decided no this should be comedy. Did you hear? Did you hear that transition? I don't think anybody heard it. Okay. Well, they're going to comedy. All right. Casey, say non just in case, you might sing any of those words, right because you know, in print that could be a number of things, I never heard Casey's voice until this very moment. I only know her by Twitter and and messaging messaging. Messaging messaging messaging. Massaging. Yes. Because I'm your your bright. And I'm I'm dying in front of, you know, I'm I'm worried are you going to be okay? I don't know the answer to that. I don't wanna be the guy that kills you. Your lady. What? Sums up killing us the important part. Oh, that's that's what I don't want to do. We're going to be. Okay. I don't know. I think we'll be fine. How long is this supposed to take those pills to kickin? You took it twenty six months ago. There is that what it took them twenty eight minutes ago while they should be kicking in then soon. If not you know what it is. It's like it's like when I had the banana on the plane by throats closing up my lungs are closing up. I'm not doing. Well. This is not good. All right. Well, why don't we? So certainly keep talking. Professional. Show must go name the band. Sticks. Oh, I took a shot in the dark kiss. No. You just saw this. Did you? Queen case they. Not the end credits has a different song. It's got the. That other one that nobody knew it was a Queen song until the three weeks ago, which one you're my best friend capable the name. We will rock, you know, dammit, hang on getting out of second Casey, say notches or case, he's the show run over there at the busy Phillips program. But she's in our circle, we know Casey. We we have a gazillion mutual friends gazillion, and it's stupid that we're finally media. It's taken this long for us to meet, but you live in New York. Don't you? Well, not right now what oh you're fit for the program. Yes. But I live in Connecticut. Normally, oh, we're in Connecticut. Westport, connecticut. That's where my my sister. Now husband used to live there. Now, they live in Norwalk. Oh, yeah. What's this character? Norwalk? It's beautiful town. It's nice. All right. Hang was know. Know you're looking at this song. Oh, is it? Don't stop me now. Yes. That's it. Thank you. Well, I knew that was a Queen song. You did a lot of people did not do, you know, what don't know it might play a little bit of Garin because I don't know the deep cuts. Don't stop me for me. Who's a here at this time? Don't stop don't stop me. Now is that how it goes? Yeah. You're having trouble. That's me at the end of widow. Carrie? Wow. Thank you. How would you play my retirement? That's not karaoke you. You're just performing. I take over the. How sweet to spot. How can you ever? Hear the song. Not. No, it's it's unrealistic. Ice skating, pardon. Yeah. You pick it up. Now. This is when you're doing your clearly early. Really do the speed run. I like the part of the ice skating. I love when they go as fast as they can all the way from one into the other. It's funny that you have to you have to do that or something. As a technical term. That's right. Watch the Olympic zoo. Yeah. I don't know that that's better than the. That's any worse than south cow. Right. Like where does that come from triple? No, I've never I've been on ice skates. Twice a black cow. Remember that route bear with vanilla? That sounds good. Delicious food a black cow. They would like a root beer float. But just one different ingredient that they changed it to blackout probably offensive in two thousand eight say, it's a little problematic is it. I don't know. I don't know what it means. We funding the bovines the black ones then other place back in the barn. Bovine. Let's go again, I need to remind the audience. This guy is having trouble getting oxygen to his brain. How how are the Pels they working? I don't know if they are Casey we're gonna but we're going to get through. We're going to do. We're going to do is show you're taking there's the only Monday you have available because of your busy busy Philip schedule. I watched the program last night. I watched the one with oh, I'm going to get her name wrong. Lauren Graham, no Hamilton. Model? Maybe that's another last name Hamilton the model her last name holiday. That's it. That's holiday, and when I say washed Casey in fairness, I watched up until the second commercial break. Sounds like I'm putting it down. I'm not it's very very entertaining. It's be busy. Yeah. Yeah. That they go through the busy brings her staff out, and they they get properly fitted for brassieres, and because it's a big deal within eighty percent of women walk around their entire lives wearing the wrong size bra. You knew that. But it because it's so urinating slash nervous. Makings slash whatever. Inconvenient to go get fitted for a bra that you'd rather just walk around with like being uncomfortable. Why is it? No this. Now, this is I don't understand this. Because again, I turn this program off. Why is it on? Now, you have a wife. I could have just asked her. I guess we're currently not talking. Why why is it uncomfortable to go and and be properly fitted or why going to a Victoria secret and trying on various reserves to find the right size? Why is that uncomfortable for you ladies? Well, I think like you can try them on and take a guess at it. And but you're often wrong. I think it's uncomfortable in the same way that it's like not super fun to go to the doctor like it's intimate and a stranger is like touching use. Lash like, sizing you up. It's super weird. It's weird thing. So we wanted to do this piece where we're like, hey, let's cheer each other on while we go buy bras. And it'll be Superfund. There's this like legendary prop in Los Angeles where they the women are so good at it that they just look at you. And they don't even have to touch you or touch you at the tape measure anything and tell you what's happening with you in your bra. So we were we were like, yeah, let's go try, and it'll be super fun, and it was super fun and all the women that went had a really good time and felt really empowered. But then it was like, you know, like two guys work with us. And they were like we like it was funny. And then I started to enjoy their reaction watching it and the various edits of it. And I was like is it because you know, these women in their in their bra women rose. You know? So that was like a little funny. And then I was like then I was like, well, I like, I'm just enjoying how uncomfortable my friends are. So now, that's what's funny to me. It was a good experiment to try to put it on television. And see like, well, we'll these people in the audience, and we'll people at home see what we originally saw in it. And and it was so cute because one of our researchers took pictures of all the guys on the crew, and you know, TV crew guys like older guys and just like like dying laughing like cameraman, dying laughing our lighting director. How does that down on table? And so we were like, oh, okay. Okay. Okay. Yes. We we were right? And what Philly like it worked, and it plead and and that was good. But we're also trying to like say a little thing. Like, you know, it's weird to go buy a bra, and you wouldn't think about it? But it's like a thing that we wear rega-, and you know, it's fucking irritating. Okay. Don't cover the language. I get your point. I give me the shame. If we if we if mentioned a word jockstrap, I was thinking that because because a jockstrap isn't a full pair of underwear. So your your your Butt's hanging out. And if somebody had to fill you for that, they come up and like measure the distance between your thighs and order to put the straps on correctly or something and then manipulate your testicles. I I would I wouldn't do it. Well, I'm back in. In other news, manipulation of high smell a new business by Elliott, your your handiwork over there. Look like. And you know, I don't use the phrase on point. I mean business here. My dad used to always wear jockstrap like we'd go play Racquetball or whatever he would always like would change into the jockstrap and shorts and so on. And I assume once you got older like when I was a kid like, what are you get to a certain age, and you need to wear a jockstrap kind of just went away. Thank God makeup. Well, because they introduced those like sort of lake road you were. If you were you went, and if you were to go play Racquetball tomorrow, you've just show up at a pair of shorts roof and your underpants. Although is read about one of the things that you should maybe wear a Cup because the ball comes right at you. I don't know. I mean that that and that is the main the main function of the jockstrap is to provide the Cup. Right. I think the main function is to keep you tight. Well, let me put it this way. If you're going to have a Cup. You have to have a jockstrap supporter will now they make like I said they make boxer briefs with the. Yeah. The have the built-in. So you don't have to have your asking like you. Terrible. When I was a kid when I saw like junior high school, they suggested that we wear those NS soon as I saw that. I'm like, oh, I'm not. No, that's not happening. I don't understand that that work. Yeah. That's also a dance belt is similar to that. Right. That's built is very similar to that. Although it's got a wider. Belt area waist area. What's a dance belt kind of a same thing. It's a jockstrap for dancers. Dancy spanks to everything from flapping around. Yeah. Tight down there. Now, I should you know this because I'm not well in doubt. I don't. We don't have. We'd never have to worry of me flopping around. Right. It's it's all tight and close. If anything, let's let's let's put a jock strap on. So it at a. Adelson? Give me a Cup. Give me a bulk. Yeah. Yeah. All right Casey's in here. There's a conversation for another day seems like we're fully we've had the full council conversations over. All right. Here's what's going to happen. In the break. I'm gonna try to find an allergy zertec or something like that gonna take that if not them to send Garin over the Braga, and you can get me one seven, and I think that'll take another deep breath right now. I'm breathing better. It sounds a little bit better. But I'm still having the my throat is closed. And so he's Ertak will hope with that. So we'll I'll take an allergy relief medicine, and but we're going to get through this. It's going to be okay. Guys, like nine twelve. Remember, we have nine eleven was horrible night twelve we still weren't feeling great. That's where we're at right now. Yeah. Twelve okay. This is us. We hear you soon the World War here. You. Hey, here's some exciting news. We are selling all the tour posters that we had made for our two thousand eighteen tour. Never not funny. Live in two thousand eighteen we have all those posters now available at pod swag. 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Everybody. Welcome back to the program. Episode Twenty-three fifteen cases in orange is with us. She's the she'll runner is recalling a shoulder or head writer. What do we yet? Is it all of it? Yeah. Writer on the show. I'm the show runner. I'm one of the many executive producers along with Tina Fey, busy Phillips, Stephen minor. And Eric Korean? Okay. I don't know those two men, but the. Every lady in there, David minor. I don't do. I know David minor like my name and Clinton is kind of a B D big deal to me. I don't know. I don't know David minor. I know this Tina Fey you spoke of Tina Fey. Yeah. Yeah. She's kind of she show up over there and give you guys notes, and you teller mind your business. Go back to Netflix. No. She does text a lot though, she does show up, but she's based in New York, but yes, she tech Salat and e mails a lot and she's super cool. Really? Yeah. I mean, like not to be all weird or whatever. I try not to be weird. But it's weird like Tina Fey bay. Like, hey, can I tell you some ideas? And I'm like, oh, yeah. Good ideas. Yeah. So she's very cool gives you a very Laura house five tour did. Yeah. Right. Heard that before no one of the way, you're the the the internet. Very Laura hausky. Oh, all right is a brilliantly. Funny. Comedian I say to be insulting to. You don't want it when the great Tony fields, and I had lunch toady and love her you do right? Aggravate again, I don't know you you're obviously younger than I am. But my generate like Tony fields was a female comedian. We enjoyed I've never said she. But you're you guys don't know who she is at all. He just was mainly like if you watch the Mike Douglas, you knew who told you was and then otherwise, no, I well, you know, I started out with like, you know, old school like I started out working for David Letterman. And so everyone who was his hero was super old school Johnny Carson, you know. So I spent a great deal of time like catching up I wanted to catch up. What did you do a program? I was his assistant you were. And that's where I learned how to write and started writing very, you know, twenty two years old first job out of college. So yeah. And that was late night. My late show. My first job was to pack. His office up at NBC and move his things over to the Ed Sullivan theater at CBS. So you were his. Personal assistant one of them. Yes. All right. So you you and Morty would butt heads. Morty would come in and say Dave needs to do this. And you would you would have to be a deflected force. I mean, I guess I loved Robert I love him still a talked to him every once in a while. Do you talk to you when you need to buy a? And guess what? He does not being. It's so cool. Right. Just he sells you'll get an Email from Maury. Yeah. E so's mansions, and you go. Why this? Well, if he sells one key makes forty million dollars commission like their craze. Right. It's insane. Beautiful beautiful homes. Yeah. I'm so proud of him. It's kind of cool, and he's like such as stylish guy that it totally makes sense that he'd be like, yeah, I'm going from television comedies like selling cool houses to cool people. But houses that you and I will never be able to afford not even be invited. You. Right. Obviously, you would I for the listener to Matt. I was that Casey could not afford these homes. No, I cannot and also probably cannot be invited. Okay. So all right. So you would you you would be they're getting Mr. Letterman Assane, which share and Morty would come in and go we got a meeting, and then you would how would you handle it? I'd be like, okay. Boy, you really very strong, very tough. Yeah. This is how it's done. I'd be like, okay. Yeah. I mean, what else did I do sandwiches? Check. I did get some sandwiches pasta. He liked pasta. Dave penney. No, like, it's like an angel hair Hewitt. Eat some angel a few bites angel hair every day for lunch. But yeah, I was mostly agreeable with everyone that worked there. But did have like a weird. Do you want me to tell weird story? Why wouldn't we it's up to you? Whatever you're comfortable telling I did have a weird thing one time, which was really the first time. I was ever putting up -sition to be like you cannot be here. And it was like we they would always put us on the show the league show with David Letterman, and it was super cool because you see if you got on TV, you could like double your pay for the week, you know, because we're all kids, and you get paid whatever feats be on television. So there was this thing where Dave was like, okay. We're going to send the standby line up to my office to watch the show. Oh, because they're not getting into the theater, so that's going to be a bit. And we'll have a camera out there. And then once I'm done with every guest's. I'm going to send them up to the office. So the guests that night were Lyle Lovett was in his office and Warren Beatty was in his office and Garry shandling was in his office. And and then just some people from like buffalo that were on the stand by line and myself. So I was like the hostess of like, we're in Dave's office watching the show on the television because you didn't get into the theater, and so all I really remember is that it was fun. And like I talked to Dave and got to be on television. So I was excited that I was going to get like four hundred fifty dollars or whatever and the people from buffalo were so nice. And I remember Warren Beatty kept taking greats off of this platter. And being like in the commercial break. Like, what do I look like eating these grapes? And I was like. Warm baby eating grapes. But then the the incident happened after it was all done in the show was over in. Dave was like, I know because I'm as the system like going back to his dressing room to change out of his suit and to get into lake has play close or whatever it's come back up and do like a post mortem on the show, which they did every night, the producers and writers. And so I was like, okay. Thank you, Warren, Beatty and Lyle Lovett and Garry shandling or so nice to have you. And I really love all you guys. Thank you so much, and then Garry shandling was like I'm gonna hide in Dave's closet and jump out and scare them. Seems like a bad that seems like not a great idea. Like, you probably wouldn't think that was funny as you seem to think it would be and he was like, no, no, I'm going to do it. And I was just like really like having you know, again, I was like probably twenty three years old at that point. And that was like do I physically tried over move from this office, or did you I really like make an appeal to him? I mean, just I don't know. I don't know. I don't know how Dave would've reacted. I probably I wouldn't like someone to jump out of a closet and surprise me. And I didn't know if I should like go get an adult to help me out. So, but then something clicked, and I was like I think he's just doing this because I appear to be freaking out. And he's enjoying the freaking out. That's what's funny to him. So then I was just like just wandered away. And. I guess he lost interest in the bit for Dave ever came up. But yeah, so war he still in the plus. Could you imagine? I should go check. I would he's going to jump out on Stephen Colbert. That'd be amazing. That would be amazing. I think about a so many times when someone that I love who's famous dies. I always think like like, I just thought this boat MCA from the BBC boy. And I was like what if he's actually not like it's totally print because he was a prankster. I was like, yeah. Come back. Like he's going to burst out of somewhere sometime. He's not though. He's not right. I think Gary. Oh, no. We really got primed for that with you know, so many years of Elvis is alive. Yeah. That you know, when we were little kids being like, well, maybe maybe. Huge prince fan. So I often have that same Mike fantasize about it. Yeah. Do you know, our friend CeCe Pleasants? Yes. Because she is also a nutjob for prints would imagine the two of you would hit it off. We do know one another. We do. Yeah. Yeah. The whole it's nice. There's like a little prince community. And if you can get over how weird it is that like a huge amount of your friends are friends because you just saw love this little this little guy. You know, but it is kind of weird like I just this past spring went to I've been a number of times, but went to Peasley park for this like four day celebration thing that they have that's all these symposiums. And you know, you tour the museum, and and everything, and then you see concerts with like, you know, acts that were affiliated with prince. And my husband was like, it's truly like your high school reunion. The people keep coming up to you being like, hey, it's me Tony from Belgium. Oh my gosh. So, you know, these people, so you're not kidding. You are a huge that. Yeah. Wow. How did you see the revolution? When they were just recently doing live shows. Yes, I saw them. I think three or four times. Them once I guess. Are you enjoyed that show? Oh my gosh. They're so good. And it's such a nice show that they're doing where they love what Wendy is like one of Wendy Melvoin is like one of my all time life heroes just for everything. And I loved how she said that like you're the singer like people kept asking who's going to replace him as the singer. And the answer is nobody you're all the singers. And so we're just doing this nice show to be together. And it was just it was very cool to see them kind of all grown up because they were really kids when we saw them. So Mark Brown the bass player like seeing leaky was so I remember him being so shy. And like, yeah, he's like what seventeen eighteen years old just in this world wide phenomenon band. And it must have been so weird for him. So to see him like taking command to the stage and being like, a cool grownup. It was pretty cool for me when I show them they head to do. My Rudolph came out and did a couple of. Yes, she's amazing. But they had to dudes that would sing the. Opposite the print song idiot. And one was phenomenal Stokely from mint condition. And one was oh, boy, I don't I'm trying to think who the other person was I don't know. I love bummed. We we saw the guy from mint condition, which is like a Minneapolis band that prince loved and was a fan of he was the lead singer. And I brought my teenage son to see them with me brought nobody else would probably go like my my third time seeing them. So I brought him to be kings. I think to see him, and he was like those two cool that they let that teenager get up in sing with them. And I was like that guy is fifty. Looks good. Stookey still claimed Oakley. Yeah. Did he was he costumed? Yes, we're costumes. It's it's like not a costume. Exactly. But it's kind of like a tribute and like a high concept outfit, usually sometimes a hat. He's good looking guy here. He's young. Like a teenager to my teenager. Wow. If you're a teenager, you're doing exactly teenager would know. Yes, rather sharp, aren't they? You have to teenagers teenagers. Yeah. Young adults men. Yeah. A nineteen year old and a sixteen year old Hardcastle and a Chicago sixteen. With that. I wasn't maybe a you could've called it. A. Molly ringwald sixteen Kansas Kansas going to go with the ringwald certainly could've. What do you think our friend, John Cryer? He's got a new role. He's going to be lex Luther. That's exciting. Really? Yeah. Here that which is bizarre because he played lex Luther is what nephew or something similar in three. Oh, yeah. We're so is the dishonor is nephew. It was something. I don't remember it as a member playing him on supergirl, see. That's right. There's not Super Bowl. It was the Twitter was a buzz of that gas that raking that was that seemed to Twitter over the weekend with Ricky oh are said that none of these fires would have happened. If they would just leave rates for lawers. If we rate because that's what they told them in in Finland. Right. Well, he heard. Yeah. That there's no forest fires in Finland. And it's really because they rake up those it's nothing to do with the fact that they have inches and inches more rain, right? And you know, it's more of the sun. Sorry, maybe better power power safety in their power lines. Because wasn't so Carolina's in Vic responsible for our lives started. The so Cal and Pacific Gas and electric always both. Yeah, they each fire apparently started by one of them. Well, listen, you guys complain though, you want the lack of raking. I gotta get this leaves. Once we get those leaves up. Thank you Garin. Get them is why raped by backyard and regular basis. I leave those leaves out there. I got a I got a brushfire within seconds. City will burn the ground. Right. Then I'm gonna blame. I sent Oliver out there. Young men to grab that rate. Could you out there you save this city? If only there was a workforce that was like coming from somewhere else. Like ready to do the raking. Oh, looking for work looking for some way to subsist a little bit of money for five. I mean, I know it's kind of a pipe dream that like that thousands of people would actually come to this country to do that. But turnaround, you're not welcome. There are people. Yeah. Oh my God. Tells them to turn around. They are not welcome here. The other an invasion force gotta hear back. Yeah. Did they turn around? I don't think a few of of made it in their town heard anything about them since they made this. You know, he tweeted over the weekend, they they made it to Tijuana. And apparently, it's too many people for Tijuana handle, so don't think about coming here. And then people like serve the country of the United States is much bigger than little appeal wanna. Maybe we can handle them back. Yeah. Towards the nice thing. The great Bonnie Tyler song. Got a care of income. And you want them turned around to hit. That was pretty good. How has your breathing by the way, it seems to be improving? Okay. And I believe the allergy pill is opening the the wind path. Yes. So little loopy. Joe this is just making. Jenner's trying to give the medicine the credit for that. But no, there's still some tightness right in there. But I think the desert technical opened that and we'll see how clear the lungs can be as we learned doctor Campbell said on a recent episode. Yeah. That's what my doctor said. Well, put about are the floor or scope, it's Clair's London's can be doctor Campbell. I did. Oh, wow. This is a rollercoaster for me. Sure, you made me fall in love with them. And then come away. He was a very nice man doctor Campbell high. Also, sometimes think that he might pop back. Ted. Case where are you living while you're here? I live in mount Washington Osho up there up Highland Park. Yeah. It's really pretty. Yeah. There's it's interesting. There's no real buses orders place or anything like that. So that's interesting coming from New York or Yubari everywhere. Did you rent a car? I rented a car, but my poor son is just like I I walk down stairs. That were. I hope they weren't someone's yard of my tried to get a try to get a bus to Hollywood. But he's he's doing okay. So far, so good. So you're you're nineteen year old is with you or your sixteen year old. My nineteen year old is back east in college. And my sixteen year old is here attending his junior year of high school, and he's attending here. Yeah. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah. He wants to go into politics. So I think it's like interesting for him to just, you know, a totally different school across the country. He went to school back east, and he's going to a public school out here. And it's so so so different. So he's enjoying it. Great. Are you comfortable saying his name? His name is Lincoln high. Lincoln. He listens to this podcast. He does he's a huge comedy fan. Only gets it gets into way. Casey, never wheel. Can we defensive right to her face? All right. Let's say a little Garrett cockerels over there. The pop culture because dot com Garin other than dry throwing some silver into your hair high who away did you what'd you over the weekend? I think of import we're gonna do this weekend. I started writing a new script. Okay. I watched widows. What'd you think? What does I saw widows? I liked it a lot. It's a smidge long. Did you find long the entire movie? I don't think it needed to be two hours and fifteen minutes was only two minutes and nine two hours nine minutes. And I know that because my arc late ambassador said made a joke about I don't know why they couldn't find another minute to make it an even number and audience laughed like they'd never heard comedy before. Joke. He did see something else after that was funny that I actually met her myself kinda funny killing he did say something funny. But I like the guy movie, why don't you get job? Sincerely, you love the arc light. And you'll love the arc light. I think it'd be nice. Hey, everybody. I'm gary. What would Eric like me? See in widows comes in two hours, nine minutes. Here's the problem. Those kind of jobs, they don't give me the time of day. I've been fighting for a job at Barnes and noble. I think I'm overqualified at this point if they've sent him away. We'll tell them you're not they won't even progress past the application dumbed down your resume. Yeah. Dumbed on the resume. I mean, I guess I can do that. Well, there's not a lie. If you need something off distraught by degrees. Yeah. Absolutely five of them and your age drop, your age directories with this new silver hair of yours. They're going to they don't know. How old are your of busy seventy five or twenty two. We don't know. I had a a one on one arc light ambassador situation once which was. Interesting. The only one in the movie theater. Yeah. Oh, so you have to pay attention at that point. You can't not because then you're a dick because you're giving me information, where's my exits? But I'll usually be finishing up checking in it. Whatever my phone, and then this time I have. Cares cares. The movie theater what if you in that situation? Seriously, if you said as early as possible. I'm good don't worry about it. I got I got it. I know the Stein of the deal. Do you think that this cross my mind, you think you could stop them from doing so? Well, you know what I do? It's my job. I just I would like to see I would like to see someone try to be kind of funny. If you're the only one in there when I went to front runner. I was you only went in there me and some woman who was staying to watch it a second time, and she was in a wheelchair. So they let her Donna rice. It may. Yeah. But desperation wheelchair. Let's she in disguise. That's exactly right. Just she's a notes her. Why would you stay and watch it a second time who this woman? Yeah. I I don't know. One was was plenty for me. The front runner of all movies. I got to see it again. I got a I got to get those details. I somebody that didn't have anywhere to go. Like, she was just killing time code different theaters. Another here, I'm over here. You know, who's dollar really Casey laughed at people know, you're doing precise silent Laufer, I've been laughing very hard. This whole time. Let's let's amp up that side. We can't do throw some decibels on that thing. That's the saddest islands and this. Oh, upside heinous, I don't like the ban the band that did that cover that's beautiful on Conan. They did the great cover the band the Derg disturbed. I I wouldn't listen to them ever. But that version of theirs is beautiful. I'll have to bodies at the Florida me. They don't do music. You like that's the style. They do not love anger. It's weird that they did that's on probably 'cause they lost that vowel. Isn't that isn't that one of the band's where they dropped the drop the at the end? Think we're about the drive you right now. Should even moody was when he came in here. He says he turned it around fast today. Yeah. He did. You did you turn it around fast. I think I'm progressing in my ability to deal with my own flaws. It's almost like I think he's almost ready to hear about the other thing, which I. What the hell from? We don't need to talk about it on the air. But the people players club video people know that there was a mix up with the video and. I just wanted to that. We said I made a mistake this onto different videos. Yeah, November when he when he when I fixed it this morning. And then you went in and changed it, and then I had to fix it again. Oh, you mean the thing I posted it was wrong. Yeah. Lot of drama here. Guys, very case. Sorry, sorry. It's okay. It's over the busy Philip show. She to bubbly. No. We don't have a great deal of drama. You guys do an odd Sunday through Wednesday schedule. Why is that happening walk me through? I think it's because it's shifts us out of the same week that everyone else is having. I think sort of the point of the show is to give you like a nice little treat as you're settling down for the evening and Sunday night is a stressful time for people. So to have like a a little half hour to fight off the Sunday scary. So you can have a nice Monday morning was kind of the idea and Also Sunday nights a big night on E. So that isn't hurt. Yeah. The kardashians. Are I don't keep our? Oh, wait a second shot. Yeah. I don't I don't know. How you did that I'm impressed. Yes. So I think that's that's that. You know, there was. I don't know why four nights a week most of five, but you know, just we just wanna make your show as much as they'll let us at Sunday idea. Yeah. Nice. I like the frizz Sunday scary. I do too. Yeah. Did you have that? When your kids scary. Oh, my God hitting you're vomiting or whatever never physically sick. But I just had just the deep just sunk into a depression having like thinking about oh, I haven't done my homework yet. Oh, I have to go school tomorrow. Like the all that that feeling of like a it's not here yet. But it's coming let me so I can't even enjoy this never goes away then into delta, right? So. Yeah. So it just like a little treat to like have Margarita. Let's speak fee and socialize with celebrities and make fun of chickens. I don't know we just you know, we're just trying to have a good time. And you are getting some great guests. I mean Julia Roberts, which is arguably one of the biggest movie stars of our lifetime. Yes. And she's a big fan of busies. They're like. Met each other on Instagram or whatever. So. Yes. So it was very fun. And she just really came like ready to play into goof off, which I love. Yeah. And yet, and she was so nice and just hung out. She wasn't. Yeah. Just met. Everyone was super cool and put everyone at ease. But yeah, we've had some really good guests, Kristen bell. She's delightful in the extreme. Yes. So and this week we're having shows that are all the guests are all busies friends for like a Friendsgiving week. So you already pre-tape all the already taped the last night. Lauren Graham, aired from Gilmore girls and parenthood and tonight is like Barron Hilton. It's a really really funny show. So I I'm excited for people to watch it because he's like adorable. I'd never met him before he is another person like you who's friends with everyone that I'm friends with. But I'd never met him. And I was walking by and he grabbed my arm, and he was like Casey, it's me. Barron holtz. And then I was just like, oh, hey mates donates to meet you. And he was like, I know you from from Instagram. That was really cute and sweet. And he just really brought it and was a super super funny guest and cooked a recipe a secret recipe for us, and well, I'll let you watch it. I'll let you watch all three acts of it tonight. Wow. It's worth it. It's twenty two minutes. I what I watched. I enjoyed. Here's here's the truth about the matter. I was watching it. And then we're putting my son into bed in my son is under the weather like we were distracted by things like, you know, what I can't focus on this. I watched enough to say I watched it on the hero. You didn't also have to be you didn't have to tell the truth about it. You just said you watch the game. All about the truth. But it seemed like it's isn't it. On your way to be hurtful about that. It was not the it was not the best way. Hey, nice to meet you watch your show. Couldn't take his whole six. Your work. I didn't take it personally. But I encourage you to watch the entire episode tonight. I think it's worth it. Okay. You send me a message tomorrow telling me whether or not you probably won't be tomorrow. But I get you getting. Yeah. My hope. Elsewhere. It's over there on the program. Our our fringe, Steve Hollander. Well, that's right. Yeah. You told me that Stephen stage manner because busy she used to the nicest human being in his busy because he's the best. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He was he was moonlighting over the Sarah show. Well on the he was the model for the during the break. Yup. Yeah. So he came to us through his plunk. Oh, who's our director who you probably have also worked with lose be over Jay Leno s and her husband used to work at Conan. And that was really weird feels as well. Her husband is Jack over there. Yeah. Jim, jim. But Jack on Jim I worked with jacket the Rosie O'Donnell show years ago. So he they're all they're all famous to me, the various plunk is were you pleased. I know this is an off air conversation. Please tell Jack is at a low. Oh, well, that was one of my favorite go. When I started at in day. One jet was one of the kindest nicest welcomed me in and we would also bond over various other things various things when I was at Rosie we had a daycare for our children. So my young son was in the Rizzi daycare every day. So it was like like having like toddlers as part of the staff, so everybody on the staff knew all the babies and Jack was so kind to my little boy. And so nice and always said Hello and and played with them. And so when my son was little I would say, what do you want to be when you grow up, and he would say, I just wanna to be handsome like, Jack. Jax handsome. I was being I would win till you. Stop talking shockingly had some Ken, okay. Jack, Jack, poly fifty five now, maybe sixty even. But he's thinking movie-star books. Jack Gibb to get in front of the cairn either side of the kids. Right. Yeah. That's amazing. That you're so say that I told to be had like Jack because I would leave. I would to go. Look at Jack. And she also would wear like this leather jacket that like like nobody would wear a leather jacket in LA somehow Jack pulled it off. Of course, he's like handsome like I feel like you have to warn people. To me, his brilliant like watch out. Don't get lost in his eyes. Well, also, he's so nice. It's what does he who? Does. He look he looks like anybody does. She look like that's a great question who does jet look like just want to be able to picture just looks like a handsome never gonna meet them. That's for sure. No, no, my friend. I know you're not meeting Jack. I understand totally know the last thing you're going to meet Jack not taking away from me. You would hurt me though. But I said, please, please tell check is at a low. Yeah. You gotta look Russia showed you everyone. Does your kid does your restaurant, Jack? There's no to meet this kid listens to our show. Does that he knew this is the this is the old. His brother heard all about it. Now. So. That's right. Thanksgiving. We're yeah. We're cool. Are you going back to used for thanksgiving? Yeah. My older son's coming tomorrow. And then we're going to be here and have thanksgiving with friends here. That's wonderful. Yeah. Should be fun. We I think my kids are excited because we always had that thanksgiving where anyone was invited. So we would have like forty or fifty people in your house in Connecticut gas. Oh, my kids are my older son is so good at making batch cocktails, which is disturbing talent. Discover in a sixteen or seventeen year old, but they're excited not to have to cook in socialize with you know, so so many adults this year. So you're going somewhere. Yeah. We're just going to a friend's home, a friend. You might know. That's also off is it Jack. Door opens up happy thanksgiving. Jack, Jack, log right there at the door. Oh, my God handsome, Jack. You would love Jack on the job as a gay man Garin. You would love Jeff. I don't know. Why everything you've said, I'm Joe, I'm picturing, Kurt Russell. That's what I know. What it's not. It's it's not unlike maybe tennis, quite maybe. Yeah. No. What would you say? Casey. That's that. It's a really tough one. Gosh, I wonder if you put up a picture of if you put him if you Google lose on job. Go to check on Jeb dot com. I think we may have oversold this. But you have to know the fact that Casey me and her kids guy's handsome. We're not the kid disliked playing with them, by the way, Oliver also was like. It was mesmerized sounds like he's got charisma out the wazoo. Oh my God. Okay. Let me see him back. He's over here doing. Guy was talking about. I'm going to try to figure. Yeah. It's true. Doesn't really look like anybody's. That's not even a great picture. Total original. Zoom in on this jacket handsome. On that. I've never seen a better job in my tire life. They had to get every fire. The they got rid of the operator wants to Jack left. No, more Jack. No more no joke. No joke. He was excuse me privately owned, a semi truck owner, Jim. Well, it's fun to work with a husband and wife. I think is this. Yeah. I think it's fun. It's funny. But then you get here on the headset. Jack, she's yelling about the shots disease. So lovely to everyone. But it it's funny. And I always like, I am always like, oh, it's cute. Like when she tells them what to do. I like I like I like when the wife is the ball, sisters business, Krista. I worked with her at Rosie to crash present an Email chain that was on. I think I've met her a total of a one and a half times. Yeah. She was a producer at the resume Donald show when I was a young writer, and we went the first thing we ever did was go to the Texas State fair with Paula Poundstone together. And then you did nothing. But laugh, I would imagine. Oh, no, I don't I don't remember a great deal of it. I remember chilly. I remember there being a great importance on chilly there. Chewy? And I thought you meant from Chelsea handler. Very important. We must protect. He was not there that I know of. But big Tex that guy that burned down. He was there. I remember that the big lake the out of the Texas State fair gets in the big adventure. Right. Yeah. Yeah. But he like suffered a tragic end. Did they rebuilt him? So I don't know. This is not just does not do Jack any Justice. But looking at that picture what he looked like to me, a more handsome version of the NBC White House correspondent, I don't remember. That guy's name. Do you know who I'm talking about? I was hoping you would know injury Mitchell. But a more handsome. Jackson was out of former sentence helicopter, the guy, you know, you're Mitchell, by the way, I've told she's one of the greatest report of all time then great put her in the field. Why do I have to see her? She can't read prompter, and she can't former sentence. But, but I I'm told by many people using great reporter she puts their feet to the fire. Yes. So the get back to that at some point don't go walls and other our graduate to I don't have to do that. I think it is a very broadcast newsy thing where she graduated from that because it's not probably the most. If that's your skill set. Look, you don't you don't what? What? Carpeting? No, you know, that you you. You don't want to be on the road to any more than you are now I don't want to be on the road at. All right. Neither probably probably I like purply took all the vows out about just. Oh. Matt is it major Garrett? That doesn't sound right. But maybe which never could you say it was I thought it was I thought he was on NBC. I'm getting a neighbourhood alert for my ring kids starting fires. Oh, dear. These two kids have set a fire. My front lawn today to do rake. Respond for Rick that lawn lawn. That's from your doorbell told you. Yeah. Ring re rings got a neighborhood alerting mixed door. Our next door said that there was a raccoon with bleeding eyes. Oh god. I don't know. It seems like Permian seems terrible. Terrible. Seems terrible. Nothing. Good ever happens. You don't hear about anything? Good on next door number like as stranger left me a fruit basket. Yeah. Yeah. But my husband decided for like a week. He went he decided he was going to go to everything that you get invited to you on next door the weird things he went to thing where like if you brought a photo of your pet. They'll like help you try to psychically get in touch with your pet, and then he went to like like a witchcraft wearing shop of place in like a plus size women store, and yeah, he had a it was a fun idea. I didn't know next door had that I've never used it. Yeah. He just was like there's all this weird stuff. And then he was like laughing about it and showing it to me. And then he was like that's kind of mean, it's gotta dick just to laugh about it. Right. Like, I should go. See he was making amends by. No. He just was like, I think like sometimes our our instinct is to like L O L at something that seems ridiculous. But then he went to them. And he was like actually it just has like a lot of the same principles as like religion. And you know, other weird things that aren't for me, but not necessarily like not as insane. As it initially sounded does your husband had the handlebar moustache. He doesn't. He does. Not. What does he are you comfortable talking about? Yeah. Yeah. My husband is he's an award winning short story writer, but he also is manager of trader Joe's at USC. Oh, cool. I've learned from the Fox News that people that work at trader Joe's are losers. Try this number for the kid from kids man that guy that played the the Sandra's husband on my Cosby show. Jeffrey. Yeah. When he yeah. That's like similar, you know, same kind of thing. Like somebody was like, oh, let me take this guy's picture because he's like enemy. We weren't in a dissimilar situation. Like, my husband went to work at trader Joe's. So we had steady health insurance us, you know, and also because he was an adjunct college. Professor and trader Joe's pays we better in his way, more study work than than that kind of thing. Once you get he's at a new one on the USC campus. Yeah. Yeah. So it's like actually in the ground floor of a dormitory, which is pretty cool. And it's he also worked at trader Joe's in Connecticut. So yes, so it's interesting because it's like a totally different type of clientele. If at store a lot of students a lot of international customers. So it's interesting, and it doesn't he still writes a ton. So I think at like kind of perpetuates, you know. Yeah. That's a great place to be does. He have an inside track on jingle jangle. All I was thinking about the entire time were talking so much single jangle going around does really he he brings me home this lake. Ricotta lemon. Ricotta cheese is seasonal and it's so good, and I really have different bite. My instinct, not to like take advantage of the fact that he has access to it. I don't think you. Trek jingles clear. It's not just math question. So do you watch Riverdale? I don't but I've heard. Yeah. That's why I've got hard to get. Yeah. Yeah. That there's like on the show Riverdale. There's a drug in Riverdale called jingle. Oh, and I always wonder I always want to know did they name it for foot? So was last Christmas. The first time that happened that it was harder to get real hard to get up until last Christmas. I feels like that's true. Yeah. And I think I last Christmas you remember, do you gave me your heart? Yeah. Gave it away. Yeah. This year to save it from its out. Now, though if you can. Okay. I was there on Friday at a and see it. But I'll check took a gator about my Spurs. There's your Spurs, right? No. Thank you. Let me circle back real quick Elliott that the major carrot was not the guy was thinking. Okay. Sorry. Is it Peter Alex either yet that sounds right? Hold on. I like Peter Alexander. He kind of looks like I shouldn't know, by the way. But why do I knew every God damn news pundit? Well, talking face. I I'm gonna I'm gonna flip that on your Jimmy. I think the reason why we have Trump as a president is because a lot of us don't know those names because because we we should be paying attention. So I'm I'm I feel guilty. I'm going to cause a scared white people is why we have tro. Sure. But what why are they said it's because they're because they're ignorant and Ilan educated whites there. I've said it if I lose listeners, so be it. We already lost. Eighteen months. I think he's mature speaker that though like Orange County defected at blue in revolt and other areas of the country did not, and maybe this is a too big of a sweeping statement uneducated whites are still scared. And that's what's happening. What do you? Bangs. Voter suppression gerrymandering, you know, people moderating their own elections for some offices. It's it's a lot. It's a lot seems like maybe maybe scrap it scrap elections. Yeah. Yeah. We do it after twenty twenty do one more at least. Yep. Then scrap it just to see what you see the other day when he was like he like reassured people that he wasn't going to change the constitution to run a third time. And I was like. I don't mind that reassuring. He's like trying to prime the pump. Yeah. Do you like let me see how worked up people yet about this? And I might try to do it. Well, my fears. It goes from him to to his daughter to his son to his son to his gray. Like it just never. And again, these dumb people could go. Yeah. Yeah. Having more likely it'll be someone as bad or worse than him. But like they're worse because they're a little bit smarter. And like better at being evil like I the opportunity that. Yeah. Strata? He's opened the door for a lot of bad actors. I mean, like the Stephen Baldwin's of the world. Coming in Washington is ugly. Yeah. I think about that often. I don't know why just. Purge which which was believed Daniel Baldwin was stunned. The purge this TV series. I don't know. Which would you wanna talk about two long Garin the purse Steve users was ten episodes could have been a nice tight four. Oh. Oh, no, no watch for for fun. Garner. Are you watching the hunting of hill house on? I've watched a couple of us odes. I've heard it's insanely scary. It is great. It's just. It's heavy. Nick. Yeah. I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just if you think like a horror TV series, you kind of automatically think. Well, it's just gonna be can't be fun. This is heavy drama with scares which this new Hulu horror series. Or is it Netflix? Where maybe it's a different story every week different stores. There's a bunch of those channels zero. No, it's supposed to be great. You another one. Is it started? I already talking about the. Yeah. I don't think that's a start. Yeah. I think that's on Netflix. With the pigs in the poster. What's that? No. That's told me a story. Oh, that's what I was thinking of that's something else. But that's not into the dark into the dark. I was right. I got it. Right. Yeah. Oh, it did start October fifth on Hulu. What is this? Or what you Sabrina, which is actually really good people. Raymond. You're watching that as well. Okay. Yeah. I watched some of the hunting of hill house, and it's so good. But it is it's like. Weirdly, triggering don't make fun of me. But like there's so much like family drama that I'm like that. That's scary enough. I understand like Ed people jumping out. I saw the trailer. And was like, I don't think I can handle this people can binge it. I was binging it. And then I had to take a break. I think I'll go back and watch it in a sensible frame. Yeah. But it's a lot. It's a lot. I don't know. At least it was the one who wanted to watch it. And I was like she doesn't like scary stuff. But she was like I've heard this really good. And I'm like, I don't think either of us can handle those. Yeah. It's not a Bill nuptial agree. I agree. I agree. I agree on one second commercial. I saw. Yeah. And you guys were. So nobody's watched the Elton John commercially it that I've I want you guys to watch and Garin. It's great. Yeah. Have you seen? It haven't seen that. It's I forget what the product. We. We didn't we ever found out. Whether it was I think it's like, you know, an England they'll just make things for Christmas. And there's no point to it. This is like it's Christmas. Here's a commercial or a song. And like, I know Christmas songs are common thing. But that seems to be more emphasis on it. Their Love's Chris of it. So. So am I call him Father Christmas over Christmas? They love it. So is it just like a sponsored music video or it is. Do you like it's a law firm? It's like Shakoor been in learn larceny or something like that. It's bizarre. It starts with Elton John modern day at the piano goes backwards through his life. And it ends with his mother giving him his piano, his first PNO. And it. Really? It's really well done. I'm getting emotional watching you get emotional. But I also like the idea that that's a very UN not American idea that like we can just be a law firm until you this nice story say our name at the end there. UK department store chain. Gosh. Yeah. So they're like a works. Yeah. We don't need to like sell you on our department store. We'll just tell you a nice story. And then you'll have pleasant feelings about us. Yeah. No. That makes sense. I am surprised that doesn't happen here. Because. To the seventies and eighties. They would would be you wake up and JC Penney. Sears would have nice commercials. Like that where it wasn't right? It'd be their kids coming down the stairs. And they look at Sears. Who would now? Shop fox. This is an event. It's it's almost like the the fact that it's four brand is secondary to the fact that we're like we're debut in our big. Yeah, thing it's like a short film almost the way you're describing it. I haven't seen not interested should watch. It. Well, sit down with some hot cocoa tonight. Let's not convenient through the family around children. Come watch the Elton John Christmas commercial. Oh, it's John Lewis and partners Christmas, Ed. So that's why I was like. Yeah. Weird. But they somehow manage to make the guy playing young John look older than Elton. John is now as they go back in time. And I was like this is weird part of this deal. Probably. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So you guys still have to look better. These guys. You don't mental John twice. Very nice, man. I met him one time. I twice I said. I know, but I'm just saying I met him to half as many times and to that goes probably it was fine. He asked for a diet coke, and I gave it to him which is the David Letterman program. Yeah. We did this show in London. And he was one of our guests. Remember, I can't remember are still standing I was very focused on David dukov ni coming. Exactly. Yeah. He is. Yeah. So I it was something. It was something good. I'll look at it. I wanna know if you were the I went to watch a in two thousand what year did I watch. UBS two thousand and two is when I went to watch a live David Letterman taping I wasn't there. I was only there from nineteen ninety three and nineteen ninety six and then I was at the radio Donald show until two thousand to you there. What barber? Janette barber in damone Iowa. Ninety. Wow. She was the headliner. Wow. Todd. Something was the feature. I was the c-. Oh my God. That's the next thing. I saw that Barbara was writing on Rosie O'Donnell. She was our head writer. He's been told. Yeah. Chew story Janette barber. She was great. I loved working with her because she just didn't have any ego. She was like I was a kid. I was twenty three twenty four years old. I think when I got to writer there, and the fact that she had already had this whole other comedy career and wasn't like your kid. And you have to do what I say she'd be like your kid, and I'm listening to what you're saying. And she was a yelled at her a lot. I think you yoga because it was a live show at ten in the morning. And so she would I was a writer, and so we would go in and pitch really early to Rosie early in the morning. And then she said yes to this no to this. And then you'd have to run like really run and go, right? It up run run run. And so I would always be. Be at my desk. Like trying to write up whatever pitch. She had approved and Ginette would be like standing behind me because it needed to go to the teleprompter in like seconds, or whatever. And I'd always be like. And then I may I remember making a piece of I put a piece of tape on the floor and said that she couldn't. And she was so nice. She was like I'm not over the tape. I'm just waiting for handoff for whatever. But so. Yeah. So every morning I'd be like, please. So being behind me. It's too much. It's a lot. Yeah. So what Barbour? Yeah. But she was great. She was amazing. And like just a really lovely interesting person. I learned a ton from her health issues of mistaken. Yes, she had a lot of health issues. But have you like caught up with our lately, she's like a world traveler, and she talked about people that look younger than Elton John. She looks amazing. Really? Yes. She looks at mazing. And she's like every time I check in on her. She's in Italy or France or wherever just having the time of her life. I have not seen her since nineteen eighty nine. I want to say, I will also tell her you go who maybe she'll remember maybe she remembers that would be a an amazing. I've no it in that sense. An amazing things buke Whitson says well, be fashioned. She has a good memory though. Yes. Far as memorable? I guess I was painfully unfunny. That's my guess. Some recent guests who worked with early in your career who did not remember you. My Paula Poundstone. And there was a guy who won who was Steve Louis needs to boost you knew it worked with him twice total of fourteen days. Couldn't remember me. It'll offer. I he won't care. If I tell the story, but I just this show that I worked on before. I went to work on busy was watch. What happens live with Andy Cohen? I was there for nine years and she's been out for nine years. Yeah. And early on in the show. It was like I think like eight weeks, and and and he was always making a joke about like you have a weird name. I can't remember your name just like making up nicknames for me and early in the show like eight weeks, and he was like, you know, all jokes aside. I know it's only been a couple of months, but I feel like we've known each other for much longer. And I was like well we've worked together before. And he was like really went. I was just like I mean, I think people just don't, you know, they just. If you if you didn't make an impression on someone. I don't think it was your fault. Interesting like your positives. To make yourself feel better than Andy Cohen doesn't know who you are. What's it's the thing is Jimmy you're a memorable person I've gone through my life having to accept that. I'm not a memorable person. So I go into every situation just assuming people don't remember me because I'm like, I I'm a generic looking white guy. I don't stand out. I'm sort of introverted. So the same. I always let people off the hook like preemptively introducing myself and then enjoying them link. Of course, I remember you, of course, you're like, you're lying, but. Thank you guys circle. Back to Rosie. I can only if you promise to never used the phrase circle. Twice in one show. Well, there's a lot of circling. It has to be done. I don't want to. You want to go back to the Rosie show this cancelled away something happen on that show. Once when I was watching it, and it's it's weird how certain little things happen. And then like you never I've I've thought about it. Probably I think about every time I hear the song closing time, particularly. But I also think about it other times. Mel Gibson was the guest. Uh-huh. And he came out, and like, I don't really know what was happening before this. But he just kind of started. And I think he did this a lot. I guess, but it was the moment that I was like, oh, he's not cool anymore. Like, I don't like him. He's not he's now he's like because he just started like trying to it was like he was trying to do stand up. But he was like what's with closing time. That's on the radio all the time like routine at it seemed very much like he was like, I'm gonna do some comedy. And it was thinking totally bombing. And it was so uncomfortable for me that I can never forget it like I cannot on heard like so anyway, do you remember that at all? I mean, I've had more uncomfortable moments. So I guess talk about not remember. Things, but you know, bury them. Yeah. I mean, a lot of a lot of uncomfortable moments on that show, which was live. I particularly remember Tom Selleck and Rizzi getting into over the NRA famous super famous. I kind of remember that you know, Rosie wasn't. She wasn't. She was never not out as as a gay woman. But also, I don't think had really said as much at at, you know, for a so a lot of times a lot of these like super conservative guests would come on. And and I would always feel for her because I always would be like, this is live television. Like, if someone chose to like, just say, something or whatever, you know. So I'm probably I that's probably what I was focused on at the time. Like what his Mel Gibson like decides to lake so it could have been worse is what you're saying. Yeah. You know, I mean, we'll prince was prince was aghast a couple of times on the show. He wasn't super conservative. But he was just. An Matic and like would make anyone nervous. And so I was dying of nervousness like house. It's gonna go because he's like weird and not a great interview. And and so I was so nervous because I just wanted it to go well for myself. So that I could keep loving him the same way. And also, you know, like I was at Letterman when like Madonna said fuck thirteen times. And I just like watched that like slow motion train wreck. And you know, in in a weird way. So the the things that like stick in my mind or yeah. Are are probably not that. But I mean, this is because I happened to catch this probably, but it was like such an odd thing because he that guy Mel Gibson. Did he seem like he'd been drinking in retrospect, possibly, which is you know, the morning. Yeah. Yeah. I think it was more like younger people don't remember that. Mel Gibson was cool for most for the eighties nineties. And so to see him be like an old like kind of a kind of like an old dad who's just kind of out of it. And just kind of like just. Yeah. Just being kind of lame. I was like oh God. Live. And there's nothing you could do that. That's probably I didn't realize that show is live. That was probably those probably part of it. It was like maybe I'd never seen him. Maybe everything else. I was like heavily massage. Yeah. I mean, it was live. So Lord knows like a lot of weird things happened on the show, including. Yeah. Just like getting into a huge thing with Thompson told never forget. Yeah. But also like, you know, that's we're that's where I was on nine eleven with the cast of everybody loves, Raymond. You know? I mean, like when we were like are like we didn't know what it was. And like are we going to go on the air? We're not gonna go on the air. And I remember Peter Boyle being like, I'm not gonna go on the air. I was like, yeah. I think I'm not gonna do this show either. So, you know, live TV and thirty rock, you know, it's kind of and was again to the show cancelled that do the canceled forever. No, no. It was really weird. It was like the like are some executive was like go back to your desk. We're going to tell everybody what to do. And I was like my kids in the daycare. I'm gonna go get my kid. And so I went to go get my kid. And then Rosie's driver came in found me and was like Rosie wants you to meet her downstairs. She wants you to go to her house with her. And it was like, okay. And so I was kind of like that just seemed weird nice, but like unusual, and so I got in the car, and then she joined us in the car with one of her kids was with her. And she was like, you're not going to be able to get home to Brooklyn. So I'm just going to take you to my house, and she was like, plus, I don't want us freaking out because I know you're pregnant, and I was like how did you know that I'm pregnant and she was like well because you drink click dyke coke exclusively. And you haven't been drinking it for the past couple of weeks. So I was like, oh, she might be like a little bit of a magical witch or something. Yeah. That's what happened. That's my story. What is this? What happened? I remember a couple years ago, we had the TV special preempted a lot of other stuff. That was all I remember is. I was looking forward to an in depth conversation with the tire cast. Everybody's raymond. And I did not get it. I know you didn't get at. It was a bummer that morning is it not that day the terrorists one they did win. I didn't get to hear Brad GARRETT'S take on something. What did he get hurt? Joel gigolo Jimmy home. Good guy. I like. Yeah. I have not seen one second of that new show single parents, but any commercial I get a kick out of bread. Veniamin heard of it. That's how. Terron? What's his name? Taryn callum. Speaking of Senator live we've been raving about the last couple of weeks. Did anybody see Saturdays? I did. I didn't see it. But I read about it. What's up those kind of kind of amiss zero. I like not even a problem. Like I because it has ambit- over and over again ish. What do they keep doing this? That's it's so lazy to those like rap song video things like to stop doing it. Do you do it? Maybe last week was great. Yeah. It was. But like, it's it just feels like a crutch at this point. But they keep going back to it. But the the thing was Steve Carell is one of the funniest people ever. And so like, you think oh they've had a string of good episodes. Here comes guy we're going to the open it his his monologue was pretty good. I thought that was funny. I liked when he's like all right everybody come up here member. He's like, oh, not you maybe laugh. Yeah. There was a couple of the one at the near the end made me laugh a lot which one not the not the no the one that he's talking about does that the one I never. Went back and researched. But did something go wrong. It seemed like they had to bail that gun fell on the floor. And it seemed like they had to bail on some major part of dislike find a way out that happened twice. Didn't it? Didn't somebody's flow line in one of the other sketches? And they're like, yeah. Whatever. Yeah. I don't know if I caught that one. But yeah, I think there were two scotches that I liked the roster like whatever, I agree. I I feel like I got a candies. Remember when they were pull up Melissa sketches. And we'll do this right now. I son. To watch it. Yeah. I had a Steve Carell. It's going to be great. Now. Did he find any humor in? Or did you it was over? And he and he was like it goes that was really disappointing. I was offered this episode. Oh, that's the thing. You get your hopes up because he loves the office. I love soup girl, and I was excited to and and I just didn't take anything was funny at all. And that oh my God. That thing with Mikey day in the news just it may still be going on. Wait. What does he of the the the the sasquatch? There's Senator the SaaS sasquatch. I mean, one of the really good. Your son knuckle knowing that. He's eleven years old. I always I just think it's like Saturday live like, you you love it the most from when you were fourteen or fifteen you know, and it can never grew. It can never be matched again. Even if it's good. It's like not he'll look back on these years when he's older and think this is the best Saturday Night Live ever episode. She watches the classics in the enjoyed like he watched John Hamm second episode. Yeah. Over the weekend, we enjoyed that. What was your favorite SNL era? You know, I was in early. And so for years, I would tell you the original cast in retrospect that was swinging amiss. I then I started stand up. So I kind of wasn't in the world anymore. So, but I think if I look back at the Phil Hartmann, yours probably were great. The the Martin short years. Maybe those over. I don't know obviously, the Terry Sweeney years. I think the new cast is great. I think up until this episode. I think that this year has been terrific Reading's been really good. Yeah. It's almost like they didn't think to do that this week. What's your favorite fence? Yeah. Phil hartmann. I love. I love Phil Hartmann so much, and yeah, I I mean, it's funny. How people call it that I say that all the time to at the time. No one would have called it the Phil Hartmann era, then they would've called it. The Dana Carvey arrow who the key wasn't the star. But he was the best thing in almost every facilitating so much funny in that show. And I also really love the weird like one off years when people that probably shouldn't have been in the cast were in the cast their Silverman. Gene. Chris rock, I love. I love Michael Anthony or Anthony, Michael hall and rubber dungeon. Yeah. Robert. Yeah. I mean, it's I I like those. Risky choices. And yeah, I've loved Janine on SNL. I am the one. I don't remember her. I remember that she was on it. I and I watched every episode. I don't remember what she did though. Do you remember like sketches, I? I know she must have done. Yeah. He says, right? Seems like that's how they would've used her. Yeah. And like not digital shorts. But like tape, I don't know. I just love Janine also Julia Sweeney, and Jan hooks might what my wife loves those to lift Jan hooks. I love Julius media so much. I just think she's like she should be a billion times more famous than she is. She's amazing and inspiring. But yeah, all those all these like cool, ladies that didn't really get to do so much because that wasn't the thing then, but yeah. But I just have a theory that like you just love it best. Whatever happened when you were fourteen. I'm that way with SETV is like, yeah, I was like fourteen or whatever nights watching that. And that was twelve or thirteen and so I remember that being much better than it is right, right? And boy there's a lot of downtime on that like Oliver. We gotta watch the sketch and I watched like Google blue. For thirty years. I've been raving about this sketch. It's nothing it's everything's like that like I went back in, you know, everything you try to go back and show your kids. Like, I remember being like, oh, let's watch this movie. The bad news bears that I watched when I was a kid, and I was just like no slow motion trying. This is not good. It doesn't hold up starry bears. No, not for me. I mean, I think in a lot of ways. But I just think it's like not there's so many things about it that are genuinely terrible that you it's problematic so problematic that it's just like leads you down. All these like roads that you don't need to go down. You know? Well, I feel like my favorite movie of all time was trading places, and that's pretty relevant. Yeah. Yeah. But I just yeah. It's frozen in time for me is like this sort of perfect comedy movie. That's such a wealth. The plot is so. Titan. Perfect. And then just two guys being. So you might say Denver is not not the greatest. But I'd Eddie Murphy doing the greatest. Almost every movie. He's in Janis is great in that movie. And Jamie Lee Curtis was great in it. And Denholm Elliott is great in it. Everyone's great. It's kind of wild. It's almost like someone should write a paper or write a book about like what is safe from like are growing up too. I remember my son calling me he was like, it's, you know, staying at my mom's house, and like text me like I'm gonna watch revenge of the nerds. And I was like, okay. You know? And then he was like like he called and was like, do you have a minute to talk it. He was disturbed really stream. And he was like to Jere. You just went and watched this. This was okay. And I'm like, yeah. That was like pretty normal that like, yeah. The. He was like a rate though that. Yeah, that's victory. Yeah. That's like. Yeah. The nerd guys win they got to rape believe. He and my son was like, I'm genuinely sick to my stomach, and I'm so upset that I watched this. And I was just like, well, I guess. Yeah. That you can see why we're all kinda fucked up. And the fact that you're sick to your stomach. I guess gives me a little hope for the future or man up. How about that the other way? The other way focus in kid focus in on. Yeah. I mean, listen great rap song though. It wasn't good. Something is a good. Yeah. Yeah. We watched the blues brothers over the weekend. And the first viewing for all of our for ES in anything. I'm sorry dead. Just don't I don't. I don't see it the way you do. Oh, yeah. I felt that when you guys didn't let clue. Oh, you're wrong. Here we go. Funding. Moving not one Casey, not one you've pushed my buttons. Now, this this isn't the medicine talking any more. I think this is like, you know, it's, you know, men are from Mars. He loves it in women are from well from clue. I don't know. It was funny to me. But then again, I was like probably ten when I saw it. Okay. Then they allow it. That's the thing. I somehow didn't see it as a kid. And now, I still haven't seen it. But my wife loves it. I I know a lot of people who love it. What did you like when you were a kid that does hold up like I still think Johnny dangerously is so much movies? Mommy. Do you think? It's funny. Yes thing I haven't watched it since I was a kid, but I loved it as a kid. I surprised if you're telling me to hold up. I would be surprised to hear that I've ever seen that. That's Michael Keaton. Right. Yeah. Right. I wonder if I don't I'm like, well, whatever it is is I guess that would be my guess is how you would would view it. I do seen originally. What's that died? Johnny dangerous and they've been years, but you have you seen it recently? Yeah. Every watched okay? Within the last decade enjoyed it. You laughed. I still laughed. I'm sure it is probably also problematic. I think like airplane. I bet holds up. I feel like that watch that with Oliver. We loved it. I feel like it's a secret gun did not hold up. Yeah. That's interesting police academy. I doubt that I loved it. I remember my dad took me to it. That's when you were talking about ruins the nurse. I thought about that movie because it's not really it's kind of inappropriate there's blowjob jokes and stuff. And so. Everything. Ten. It's crazy. What we're our parents. Do. We don't know. I watched trading places. There's boobs in it. And I watched it when I was eleven so when when prince died other than like like, my really close friends being like, are you? Okay. Like like, sincerely, okay? But I was amazed at how many people in sort of my peer group had the same story about like when purple rain came out, all of our dads like took us to see it on a visitation. Everyone's parents were divorced in nineteen eighty four and all of our dads were like, you know, trying to be cool dad's into Z, purple rain. And it's so inappropriate. So that's like my enduring memory of like, it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Even though don't ask me about not liking, purple rain. I know your comments already. But I just remember being like, oh my God. Like, I just wanted to unzip my skin and. I do think that's an important right of passage to be super uncomfortable. Watching something with your parents like I'd rather that than they just see it on their own like I want my kids to be like, look good. Look at. But I don't even think my kids are old enough to feel that way about something like the. What was there was a sketch on? In the but it was show me your titties. What what what would it have been couldn't be SNL? No, no. I do. I think it was. It was like a Pete Davidson think or something. And and I was like oh bully. And then I go do you know, what that word means? All because I don't okay, we're good. All right. Cool. Good. We'll get watching. They've been kicking up the language on SNL lately. Like, they're dropping some Jesus Christ as God dams. All right. And you as a religious man, you don't care for obviously. I know you're cloth. Suns put on the Tim and Eric movie in front of my mom, and they like it's like how many years ago did that come out? They still can't get over it. Like, they they even just it's one of those things like just the memory of having done it and until like sit through with their grandmother. It's a weird. Oh that movie. It's. It's it wasn't great race. There's still trying to manage their feelings over the day that happen. All right. Let's take another break. Now euro canton. I'm good. All right. Well, they there. I remember. Are there? I remember. Hey, guys, Matt here with some dates for you Casey Saint on just on Twitter at Casey, that's C A I S S I E and the show that she is the executive producer of is called the busy tonight. And it's on E Sunday through Wednesday. Check, it out busy Phillips is awesome. And you should watch your show and Casey's awesome to Jimmy Carter. I was going to be doing stand up comedy a catfish Ben casino in Burlington, Iowa on New Year's Eve, twelve thirty one. And then we are going to sketch fast. Yes, we're doing playing games at sketch fest on January eleventh that's with special guest, Lauren ash. And then we're going to be doing never not funny live matinee show on the twelfth with John Ross Bowie as our guest very excited for that. And finally end of the month. We are going to Bloomington Indiana comedy attic in Bloomington. Jimmy's doing stand up comedy on January twenty fifth and twenty six and we doing never enough money. Live on the twenty-seven. Go to never not funny dot com and click the tore link for tickets to all those shows or links to tickets to those shows and Jimmy stand updates go to Jimmy Carter dot com. Click his tour link. Enjoy. Hey, man. Life's too short for bad WI fi, thankfully, the Eero home. Why system rigid fest reliable connection in every room of the house? No, Matt you have this in your home. 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And then use the code Pardo at checkout. You're going to get one hundred dollars off the aero base unit and two beacons package plus eight year of Eero. Plus, it's a great deal. I would not pass that up arrow dot com slash Pardo. Used to go to Puerto at checkout euro wifi a better way to WI fi. Welcome back to the program of twenty three fifteen is what what I was told before the show when I of course, had some. Yeah. We were lives we were lying to. Why would you like to me? That's usually a weird thing to lie about to try to mess with you doctors. So my wife keeps texting me. And so that's why I keep looking at my phone is he okay he had a field trip and where they were going for three days. Whoa. And he came back. He was on the bus coming back 'cause he was busy vomiting. Oh, no. They he went home in a car with another parent, and they broke your kid. Yeah. He's not been he's not been the same since he got back. And so now, they're they're at the as we speak weren't they go for three days. They wind up to the air fucking business. Clear that Cam. Oh, it's nice. Yeah. I mean, there's a little bit of smoke from the paradise virus? But is. The big middle finger camp flag. Yeah. So he's the Reagan. I hope he's all right. Thank you. Casey. I he is obviously we'll be like did he get bit by zombie was that if only guess anything I'm going to say some sort of food related virus the practices that he told me about didn't seem all that hygenic. Discussed food practices that they were handling the food. That's that's the part of has a lot of food handling talking. Did you have the talk? Yes. Yes. Glad I could be crop for you guys cook birds and the bees. Abuse. Talk about the cook. News. The flow cases on jobs are is not the case that you're in your maiden name. Or is it your married name? Is it a made up name a lot of people think it's made up. I think Tina Fey made a joke that it's a made up name. But it's just my name that I just got when I was a little baby. So your parents are Mr. MRs Saint on. They were it's very DJ. It's a very DJ name. It's very DJ name re radio deejays. I was gonna say. Cases it onto the board. I drop in the beat on the on time. Yeah. So that's my railing. Right. Don't wear it out. Yard. You have actually spent a lot of time on it. I think it's a great show. Andy Cohen says you couldn't remember your name. I find that to be insane. Because it's I will never forget. That's nice. I feel like I feel like people either. Really remember it and use the full name or people like the neighbors that I lived across the street from my whole life growing up never said my correct name ones. What would they say Kelly Tracy lacy? Really? Yeah. Wow. You know? Invested at all. We're really weren't. But also, you don't like them either. Yeah. I mean, it's fine. I've not kept in touch. You know, we certainly have not got the growth either. So she's very very well. All right. Let's check in back there with the captain. Kevin clunk Elliott Hct doll. I I'm all right. Matt alluded to and I'm going to I'm going to, you know, air it out because I figured out what's going on. Thank you for not actually at the moment. When I was having my little fit earlier telling me, what happened apparently in fixing Twenty-three n I uploaded it into the twenty three fourteen slot and didn't realize that. And then Matt very helpfully pointed to our backup link which I then switched back to the wrong link then Matt fixed it again. And that was the thing. He didn't mention that was I appreciate your wisdom. That's right. Because you came in here, you melt it down. Well, I thought I was fine. And then I realized that I got the wrong time because this was the day that we were supposed to be here earlier. And I was it's correct. Finding out that you were late when you actually thought you were early or on time was the straw. Like it was like the. Yeah. Like, not even not really fuck shooting me and you like slam your keys on the Niger. Guide to do that. When I when I came in. I was like, hey, you know, what? Because I I I didn't take a full shower. So that I would make sure I'd have enough time to do the stuff. Shower. Horseback. What I what I normally do is. I will take a long shower like a ten minute shower, and I will condition my hair, and I will brush it and all these I didn't do that. I just ran water over me and used the bar soap. Yeah. Yeah. So you took a shower I took regular shower. Not what I would call a full out of Hollywood shower. Sure, that's the cut. That's what they call it. In the navy shower. Oh, I take a long shower do appropriate. Appropr- up ten minutes. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe not quite I know I like it one ten minutes along shower that. Fills nor time then you need to check of way. You gotta get done in there. But what are you doing in there? Well, you got to like shave your legs if you're a lady pits. If you're a lady, I do this like I have a face scrubber, that's timed like ninety seconds. Yeah. So I don't think I'm taking much more than a ten minute shower, which is weird because a bunch of guys are like taking a ten minute shower. Do you wash your legs? That's I just stand there. Run over me. He remembers his time you listen to music. I don't do. You just think your thoughts? I do. Sometimes I sing in high school. I would always listen to music in the shower. Very important now Oliver does he listens to music, but I I don't out. Do you need a chair in there? Chair in there. That'll be the day. You have to get one of those like special Bill chairs. Yes. Stool type three puts surgical. You want any one of those where you have to open the door. It was like a sports car. One of those too. What I wanted to open up like a wing oriented Orientale. Awesome through a true nerd also want e if and I'll have to buy a new house to do this. I want one of those electric chairs at least we have the scares. As we have the scares. Even the commercial looks like God just walk it by the time. This thing gets you up there. You could have crawled up those fucking stairs. I wanna combine that with a spiral staircase that seems like it'd be fun. Yeah. Yeah. Some great ideas different shark tank. Shark tank is back. You know that right? I saw a little bit of it last night. We got do new shark whose new this is interesting. I first time ever a previous guy who walked into the room as a guy is now a shark. He turned them down because in the room and ended up being the guy who invented ring the ring doorbell. Oh, George tank and remember that and he didn't like their deals, which is smart. I think most of the time you should not take their. They're not good deals. Right. But he made it a work sold it to Amazon for a billion dollars. So that company for a billion dollars? And now he's back as a shark, and I thought that was cool. What he replaced Damon Damon saw there? We'll play just rotate. Who was he's filling in for. I don't know. I don't was on that one. I think it was Boston wonderful Novus wonder what was there? He was he was missing from one recently, Mr. wonderful, then Cuban was in that middle seat. No interesting. It back to the end Cuban Cuban. I don't like you run on the show may also have the basketball player. Charles barclays. I enjoyed him. He was good. He was I know what he's smart he's smarter than I would have guessed. He would be based on what I've seen is. You're racist. Based on Kanaan's impression of him. Savell? You know, what bothers me about that episode is at the editor's left. This in Mr. wonderful turns to Charles Berkeley and goes. You really funny, dude. And he does it in such a condescending way you're the arbiter of comedy you win bag. Also like he's been known to be right for twenty years saving. Oliver was like wow says. Yeah. Like, he's won Emmys for be for the post game show on TNT where their whole thing is that they're funny L. Yeah. Yeah. But Mr. wonderful, so annoying. I don't know if you're aware ridiculous. It's like when your buddy to fade till Jon Hamm. He was funny. He's been hearing it for years for me. Wow. Vegas all the credit? I well your body. That's your buddy your, buddy. She she. She's my boss. But John him is so funny and best hugger in the United States of America. I'd have to hug him like one time ten years ago. And I'm still thinking about it. Yeah. You know, better than John ham hill, Jack. Hans a good hugger because you got to you you ever. She get Gibb you have to have strong upper body. You don't think Jack has that that word sounds Gibb? Yeah. It just sounds. The cut of it. For some reason to beat that your that's your Michigan bring it. Maybe it could very well be years of of history courts that whatever you put in your hair is sinking in your brain. Skin, guys. Well, thank you. I want it all that color. I I don't I like this part. There's two strips here. It didn't take don't like those each bleach. We did not take. So it didn't again, you have a hair style is on retainer. I think you know, what I'm retainer means. What did he is sitting this for humor? I know. And I was saying why are you are you clunking it up in front of Casey. I don't know you be the judge of that. You are. The judges have spoken. I believed my hair as well. And sometimes it just doesn't take the color out of your hair. I don't know didn't lift this round didn't lift spots. Like you need to go with like a stronger developer, maybe next time. But you have to be careful because that shit will melt your head off. What about your head off your like your skill? It will really intrigue you for real most. Careful, you know, at least Bleacher do not. Do not because of that. And she has very sensitive skin and her whole like her scalp was very red afterwards. It was it was that during the late nineties when when everyone's doing that. Yes. Exactly. What does she go? And Pat did that as well. Both showed up to a party with their hair. Mhm? Bleached that I panic or is this something I should do as well went and sat down at Dino's. Like, you don't want. I think you're right. Okay. You're you're you perform on stages. You can't sodas might have an entertainer. Yeah. But also, your persona doesn't really fit about by the way walking mess for that reason is not the greatest tore name because of that. I don't know if it's fits this onstage persona. We're trying to name his tour next year. And we thought walking mess. It would be funny. I think it's perfect. Doc and mess. I think it's, but I don't I don't know. The I don't think that's accurate for the stand up persona. I guess if you don't know Jimmy at all Ann Lewis. It's a little. Good for the different. If you do another never funny tour, then enough walking mess to Woodward. But he's not walking how many years, but he doesn't. He doesn't own it. Like I do. I have to my buddies breaking down. Tiny slowly breaking down. What musical comes up on the show a lot guys. That sounds like you're doing your. Making down les? Mis no veto Sunday's tavita. See that's the thing. I knew it was from your character does not many. You were doing your mandate by Bob gutten, Jonathan Pryce, depending if you're talking broker case for the motion picture kid. You don't like Evita. That's what I just saw. It recently at the Westport playhouse in Connecticut. It was fine. There's really no it was great award winning writer nonsense. It was fine. I would imagine you have some sort of daytime EMMY. Did you work for Nancy Leshner over? Donald not only did we work together. We lived in the same building. So we took a taxicab to and from good day for so many years. Yeah. The first time that my first day at Rizzi this guy kept coming up to me. And was like you look so familiar to me, I think I know you from somewhere, and I was like, oh, no. And then he was like I got it in my building one night. I saw you in the elevator and you had a Letterman like late show with David Letterman jacket on. And I was like, hey, do you work for Dave Letterman, and you were so rude to me. I was like I don't I don't have any memory of this. And he was like it was like four thirty in the morning. And Hubert drunk. I was like Amitai you're gonna probably attack me. How about probably that's I've tried to get off the elevator ever conversation with you. But we were great friends. He's a wonderful, man. Yeah. Yeah. He's a sweet guy one of my favorite things about him. What made me decide that? I loved him so much is that one time we came home to our apartment building her apartment building was on fire and his wife was like hysterical because their dog was in the their apartment. It was like a high-rise building. So it wasn't like, you know. But he I just remember him. Like somehow talking the firefighters until like letting him run up to like really twenty-something floors dog or whatever. And I just remember him like running up and like coming back surprisingly fast, but their dog, and then we just had a conversation about how he was a marathoner, and whatever, but I just thought that that was sweet that he risked his life to get his wife's dog, we think it's. Think it's mispronounced the word stupid. Also stupid. But sweet. Wow. Yeah. I would they allow them do that. I don't know because it's like New York City. They don't give a shit, you know, like where we're nowhere near. Yeah. It was like I think just probably wasn't that huge of an issue. Everything catches on fire like twice a week in New York City, thirty dot com. Fire every week when there is up Conan's studio burned down we have to all work at Starbucks one time, Andy I was with Andy Lasser, we came out of thirty rock, and we were like something smells delicious. What is that in the security guards at TGI Fridays? Exploded. But that would smoke is. Like fridays. We go there on a regular basis family and not go to the Magic's one we go to magic. Yeah. So anymore. Okay. Zoe is obsessed with that place. And I don't know why she's never been there. But she's like, oh, can we there's no there's not one nearest at all. You know, what the the menu has everything one of those and most of the stuff pretty good nachos. They're phenomenal. No nice to love when I lived in Boston. Yeah. I went there. Yeah. Went to school there. Let's school Merson. All right. He he's coming to Boston the spring time name. She said, no, they the artist's name the artist remember tired down. It's like you're on my way. It's it's the guy. I hate not not. I was not is it the BG's no group of stuff sing that song. Well, it's a cover them. Who does REBA? We put his not seeing that. She does not sing please come to Boston. I don't know her retire catalog. Maybe she doesn't maybe did a cover. Why is it so hard to? Thirty eight doesn't. Yeah. Dave loggins. We're looking for Dave. Log lesser logging. Unless you're logging. Yeah. Not ken. Dave loggins. I love that Kenny Loggins so much. Did you ever watch? Like the behind the scenes, we are the world video how he just looks like he's the only person that knows what the bug is there? And like he looks so put out. No, it's it's amazing. It made me kind of not like him because it it gonna like he looked to be enjoying any of it from what I hear. It was like kind of like a weird scene. It was late at night. And they really put a lot of pressure on everybody to do it. And not everybody wanted to do it. But I just love how like impatient. He looks like these jerks like he's a pro. He's like dang this out. And then on my way, home to pancakes, or whatever and everyone else just making it take a million years. It makes me laugh. It does seem like it was kind of like the little stories you hear about like. Oh, yeah. We just went grab this guy. Like, it was kind of for such a big deal. It was kind of thrown together maybe a little bit like he was planned out. But they had to do it like in the middle of the night because they didn't want any paparazzi. They didn't want to bother. These people's to come with the morning Brian the AM studios right there on. Yeah. I want to say it's not the Henson studios that were there. Yeah. I need to apologize. You're thinking of who's ever in New England style also thinking of that. But she also thinks his home that's called please come into Boston. But it's not that's not know your REBA inviting people to ball go back to. Reba town. She become obsessed with the New England area for the while. Did you know it? Well, she had two songs. New England's through with you. That's our that goes a little bit. Yeah. You know? It's weird about rebound. When she was Colonel Sanders that was weird for that many of the half. What does that happen? I don't know. That's weird or then her inviting people to both now, it's what you smell exander. Right. Is that who's now Dow there's also one that's just a voice over great. But who is it? Oh is the voice over got Armie hammer. You think it's Armie hammer. Did you see last week tonight? You I did. I guess it was like that manages good. Yeah. Yeah. It is John Oliver bullied. They nail it. I love John Oliver. No, you've you've worked with him. Have you know, I haven't I have a lot of friends that work on that show. And a lot of friends that worked with them on the daily show. I I don't know. I just like my like his wife. She's super cool. It is. Yeah. Yeah. She's super super cool. But I just met them through like she's a big housewives fan real housewives fan. So he would come on watch. What happens live and asked to be on with specific housewives because would like entertain his wife. So yeah. So that's how I know them just a little bit through meeting them. Thereby I love John his great. Seems I'll she's one of our best English talk show hosts in the United States. Piers morgan. James corden. Oh, so then. Yes. So yes. Yeah. Yeah. I love say this about. I say this about. John aubrey? I don't think there's a better prompt or reader in this business. I mean he this week. He finally flubbed flubbed a little bit. And it made me realize I was like, maybe the first, oh, it might be the first time. Yeah. But maybe it wasn't as fault. Maybe it was the teleprompter operator. Somebody got fired today. So I don't know. I'm just saying it could be someone trying sabotage him. It could be just, you know. Maybe there was a sub that day just saying it wasn't definitely one hundred percent his fault debut the histories on his side. That's what I'm saying. Very good at it. Very very good at and it talking face like. Face like. With information and words, and timing and jokes hit a way that feels very organic off the top. Yes, he's very good. He's talented guy Dareen on. Well, he take our jobs. Yes. He made a joke last night that he that. He was never accepted as a comedian, which I thought was interesting. Maybe it was just he was saying for humor. But Theresa May said that there was going to be a smooth transition in Brexit and like to parliament and like basically, everyone laughed in her face. And he said something like, oh must be nice to get a laugh in England. I don't know what that feels like. And I was like, oh, well, that's crazy. If that's true. That's kind of bizarre. Bizarre. Interesting. I don't I don't know. I don't know about him ever performing it. Yeah. I don't even. I don't know what he did there before he came. I I knew he had that podcast with. We did what what it was. It was going even after he was on daily show like he was in America. But he kept doing it with Zolt men like name Andrews Saltzman or say, someone Volkmann. I'm always fascinated by who comes here. And who goes there to try to make people give up I worked a little bit for Graham Norton who tried to come here and be a huge star. And we run interested not not accepting toward Graham Norton. But then I also worked on a couple of UK projects with them, and he became a huge huge star there. So I guess our loss I dunno or not we can see him to refine. Yeah. We can watch him no matter where but he's amazing. I just think he was like ahead of his time a little bit. What are some like? It was Dave hill. One of those people who is like an American who went in there and was successful. That's why we thought Dave hill was I thought he was from there. Yeah. He had like a show there. But I don't know if it was big or not you're not at Twitter anymore. He's doing thing. About your mother your mother everything's if somebody and people are getting getting so everything is like, hey, speaking of holes, I got predict your pubs right now. Like, that's the basis. Still funny. Insult childishly. It's so funny, and he is the nicest man, he's such a sweetheart and it so everybody makes me funny when he goes so hard in the paint. Gets people really really worked up. But that's great. I see. Oh, go good. Dave pills. Updates. Danny's like, it's not like, you can't even you. He's like doing science like he's just scientifically making people pushing people's buttons. So you can't like I just want to be like don't take it personally. He's just doing he's making a scientific reaction in you're in it. I just read one in it, maybe which one is somebody said, that's what I thought just another brain dead dork telling a man that has ten billion times is better. What to do whacky day? Phil says I just poked your mom ten billion. It's perfect. Oh. So funny. His caroline. I'm not gonna say it was why don't you have a nice one way trip to Canada, Mexico rude disrespectful person. Dave hill right now, I'm enjoying a nice one way trip inside your mom. So. Great. He's a good follow. It. He's the darling on Twitter as well. Wonderful on as well. That's nice of you are wonderful on there. I am a fan. Thank you. Why this happened? Thank you, welcome. But can I tell everybody that you almost didn't have me on because I said whatevs and a DM we've got real. Get worked up about it. I told you that it was it would cost you your parents. I said what I didn't even say whatevs dot org. Which is usually what I would say. But I was in a rush. And I just what is and Jimmy did not like, and I'm going to not on my watch. No, ma'am. No, ma'am. I was like any really let me like you. Let me live in it for a couple of days. So you wait, you were okay. Now award. Award. I was like he was like you said whatevs this is over we can't be friends anymore. And that was like understood. And then I thought it'd be like JK. Well, w also hate JK assume, you're professional, you know, that I'm being silly probably like J and then like no contact he went and no contact for forty eight hours. And I was like oh, man. I'm meant it was I'm sad to say I have said to say that your use of whatevs has ended any possibility. Thank you. Thank you for your time tonight, though, she wrote one hundred hundred percent understand. And then yes, five days went by. Okay. That does seem like there's been some followup like not not. I assume show rudder of comedy program. It's not not let her off the hook. But just some sort of no reaction. Listen, I got so many podcasts irons in the fire. I was a worrying about I was like he if he really needs me he'll get back in touch. I think that Steve brought us back together. Steve the stage managed to bring us back together. I would I'm on this. He was like don't she doesn't say whatever all the time. I will tell you Steve do get involved. But but not because he just mentioned like, maybe he told me some cute stories about you guys. But we do like, yeah. You went backstage. The Paul young. Weird. It was it was the most uncomfortable. I haven't been in the history of the in show business. I was laughing so hard what he was telling me that story we just walked right into stress you. Was the most uncomfortable and know these worked on Conan for close to sleep by his job to walk in people's dressing rooms and me like come on. And I, but it was like it was just so bizarre. The way that we just clump up these stairs. And there we are no knocking on a door. Like, we were in the room to send their and nobody wanted us in that room was awful and trying to convince that we're supposed to know. We're supposed to be here. Even though if somebody do that to my Trishul, even comedy club get the fuck outta here. I don't care that my manager said it was cool. I don't know you get out. It's my most hated thing. Just like you feel like you should when someone's like come back come up come back come back stage. Whatever you feel like you should every time. Because like what if something amazing and Rockstars happens back there it never does. It never does. And it's always weird. And even when like the performers like a genuine friend of mine, it's always because they're like sweaty and disoriented and these. Like one eat a banana, whatever it's. Yeah. Nothing good ever happens backstage. That's as the title of your book. See one what a good book your history in this business. Maybe I gotta wait till everyone dies. I that is that do you think? So. I feel bad because I got the Letterman biography that came out I was interviewed for that. Everybody was interviewed for that. And I think I just didn't give that guy like any of the stuff that he wanted. I got a Turkey burger out of it. But I felt bad. And I realized that I'm not like a I'm not like a super tell all like, I think I'd issue told some minor some minor things, but that weren't juicy enough to really make them into the book. And then I was like, well, I guess like I'm loyal to that person that I don't really talk to or ever work with or whatever. But but then I guess that's why I was good at what I did. You be good spin. I'll take it to the grave trying to play sevens. Yeah. We gotta go. The theme here. This will this this news story with just popped up on my phone. We'll make you never want to go into a building again, earning Moran. One now elevator at one of Chicago's tallest skyscrapers plunges. Eighty four floors after cable breaks the supposed to happen. It's like breaks down. What happened to the people? Turn it refined drop early Friday when I guess this one of the seven Friday is the first we're hearing about it, including a pregnant woman. Oh god. Jesus does. She got people have gotten to know bitter on the ninety fifth floor, formerly known as the John Hancock center. Revisit building beginning to believe we were going to die. We're going down. And then I felt like we were falling down. And then I heard a noise Clack Clack locker where black. I knew something wasn't. Okay. All right. What are this one of the civil cables? Holding elevator had broken in the car fell rapidly landing somewhere near the eleventh. Lord, no one was injured. So the systems worked injure those inside had to wait hours for firefighters to break. Wall more than ten stories above the ground. It was a precarious situation where we had the cable break on top of the elevator. And we couldn't do. An elevator elevator rescue. I'm presuming that there we see all those, you know, spy shows, whatever where they talk about like they're going to do something to an elevator. But then they've got to overcome the emergency brakes. Yeah. So there's probably a system where it starts slowing it down. It's probably the Clack Clack that they heard and then eventually came to a stop thankfully on the eleventh floor rather than the minus second floor. Nobody got hurt that pregnant lady during that fall that baby. Was you you as a mother probably got more up in there. But it's going to be a skydiver. I tell you maybe maybe until his foot came out of her mouth. That's Gary, Karen. That's what I was getting at. Thank you for. Yeah. Come on Garin. That's not here. I know I got to go to pushes back down. You you're supposed to turn your phone onto to open sevens. Why was suddenly there? A news story in pie back pressed the wrong button. The case you play you in close seven spatially pyramid. Okay. I'm gonna give you clues to guess what? I'm describing. Okay. You have the following categories to choose from you only have seven seconds to get each one. Oh, God, you have movies TV shows celebrities music Broadway. The seventies the eighties nineties, the two thousands. Does her just generic of the decade? And then musically if the seventies music it. He's meeting nineties music two thousand music, stand ups superheroes movies action movies com movies comedy movies award winners. The eighties eighties decade or eighties music decade. Like me to here, we go eighties decayed. Here we go. You're ready. I'm gonna give you clues. You have to put them describing. Here we go. You don't seem confident. Here we go. Here we go. Here comes ready. Brat pack movie. Demi Moore's in a almost another the the Sheen's they were western. Young. Yes, freddie. He's gonna come and get you nightmare announced. Yes. I've musical parody dragged. My rob Reiner. Oh, this one goes eleven that movie. Oh, spinal tap next one. This is a cart movie based on a cartoon about a kid. That has a lot of money, right? Yes. We wore these the on our legs like a noble full full slacks, but they were made a specific gamut nNcholas cage movie, Deborah forms. Also in based this part of the of the city God for clues on my part, parachute, pants, parachute, pants pants, horrible, close spinal. Have you got the too late availa girl, you got too late nine, but I'm gonna blame me that's kind of wouldn't asthma. I'm gonna blame. It's probably surely to blame it on the breath. Boy, I stunk. Those are on me. I think we do. All right. No. We didn't eighties were longtime ago. That's true. High on pills. True. Nine was the. For the for the billboard the billboard. By the way. There's a new link to go to there. It's just called never not sevens dot com. If you want to peruse all the stats for seven s or SAVE NS has worse at sevens. John Ross Bowie Jono Mindy, sterling, many, sterling, and then the effort mention CC Pleasants. And then but rarely Diane Franklin Franklin was zero. Yeah, it was literally versus. Yeah. Well, we're clues. We're like, oh, this guy's an actor. He's handsome. Jack, Jack he's behind. You know, it's not yet asked you have is the key. Casey. Thank you for being here. Thanks for joining me such a pleasure to meet all of you. And I'm so happy you didn't pass away. Right. We got through it. Okay. What it was like nine twelve. It was fine. Yeah. Started out rough. We got through it. I'll be of the bucket. It watched. The busy villa show on e Sunday through Wednesday, ten o'clock on E. And just look at the way that that show is stage managed, I mean, you will not see a better managed state gym work in the stage management topnotch direction, the EPA on that. It's a lot going down. The bronze the pros. I got to see lady jump up and down in brassieres, and you were complaining about it. I said that we should have been longer. I did say he has more. More likely. I'll be how the pop he's looking over there. There's a silver FOX that's Garin Cochran captain back. There haven't clunky lead over control back to the dashboard. That's on that new front, Casey, Saint John John. The podcast AK47. gone. I forgot. If you enjoy never not funny why not sign up for the players club. You get full video of every episode and an extra show every week when you become a member sign up now at podcast dot com. Hey there. This is kind of O'Brien. I've got a new podcast on air wolf. It's called Conan O'Brien needs a friend. See over the years. I've talked to thousands of celebrities on my different TV shows. And I always thought I'd become friends with these people. But I haven't it just hasn't happened. So here's what I'm doing. I'm bringing my favorite funny people on the podcasts. And this is great because it's free from FCC regulation. We can talk about whatever we want. They're going to loosen up, and we're really fond, and these are terrific people people. I would like to be friends with people like Kristen bell Bill Burr, and my first guest will Ferrell always wanted to be best friends with will Ferrell. Hi. My name is will Ferrell I will make it my crusade, and my life's work to tell people to not do this podcast. You can hear my first episode with will Ferrell right now. Just find Conan O'Brien needs a friend in your podcast app. And subscribe seeing won't miss a single episode. You have to listen to all of them. Because at the end, it solves a riddle about why we're all here.

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