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Steelers Preview: The 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers Rookie Review


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How Popular Music Works and why it matters at your favorite bookseller thanks? It's Berg steeler steeler fans. What's going on? This is Jeff Editor of behind the steel curtain dot com with for another episode of the steelers preview. That's right the steelers preview. What we previewing tonight? We're GONNA talk about the rookies. Normally previewing rookies. But that's just the name of the show joining me as always to round out. The triumphant trio is Dave Scofield. Dave how's it going this evening. Hey I'm I'm here. There's still football to be played at some point. I mean arch. Aren't you guys totally amped for this pro bowl on Sunday. Heck Heck Yeah. I know Brian. Anthony Davis is Brian. Welcome to the show pro bowl game face game face got the party already. It's going to be we're going to it's going to be it's like it's one thousand nine hundred nine baby what. What would be the party? Etiquette for pro. Bowl is the same as the Super Bowl. I know you've already getting the article. Queued up every ear for binding. Steel Curtain Dot Com is able to get the same as super bowl ticket. I'm just curious. It's just show up in the history of my life as is a fan. I have never had anybody watch the proble with me but you always watch stallone. I can't say I've watched every year like the Super Label. and Oh Gosh. It's coming though. We're like ten days away from the greatest day of the year for me. I have been gearing up to because I've been watching pass super bowl. steeler super bowls for the site and I'm a At another publishing those articles. Wow It's glorious if if you get a chance to go back and watch old super bowls. It's awesome Lena This past weekend My parents family was in town. Ams Ams of my brother in my sister-in-law my parents were in and we were just sitting. There is nothing on TV ends. I pulled on the TV. I'm GONNA show you all the greatest drive Dr in Pittsburgh steelers history. Just out of curiosity what Dr did I pull up Brian. I'll start with you. See Right the easy easy. Drive that I'm thinking of is from the ten yard line in Super Bowl forty three. That's right. That is correct guy. I can't think of any now. Granted there might be one from the seventies and I'm not fully aware of because I wasn't alive but at the same time that was people. Forget those a holding call in that thing the first lady but also in right before that say shorting in the end zone Chris Key Moya to withhold no. Yeah harding's it was note Jeff. Harding's was gone our way it was just an Hartwig Hartwig. Justin Hartwig radio. That's the name heaven earn awhile. And then surely after the safety was Larry Larry Fitzgerald splitting the defenders in into the end zone. And everyone's thinking holy cow. You know it was tough about that. But because I love Larry Fitzgerald Fan and I get Larry Fitzgerald and I love Kurt in order and I would have been rooting for them. There'd be that'd be one team that I would do. I would root for an any super bowl. That team with those guys on it. Just just not. When they're playing? My guys is a great story but the steelers Dave quick question. I asked my my dad my brother this Ben should have been the MVP DP that game. Yes and the story. Yeah I do I agree yeah I I just don't understand why he didn't get it. I mean that whole San Antonio had incredible drive data drive was remarkable. But Oh my gosh I it was it was tremendous and is that. There's any year that they could have done koby peas. It would have been out. Have you ever done that before. Yeah really actually. They had three one year for the in super bowl thirteen. The Dallas cowboys had Randy White Harvey Martin and there may have been third. I actually think there was a third. Wow but I know I know Randy White Harvey Morton were. Were the two real quick before we get started with our show in the topic of today's shows shield. Ninety one puts five dollars tipped Good long drive tomorrow. I'll save the Stream for that. Have a good show guys shield. Thank you always for your support. I hope you're enjoying this show on Friday as she let let me say. Let me say Real Quick Super Bowl twelve before anybody corrects me. I realized I got it. Wrong Okay Hey. I took a lot lot of grief for Correcting Jeff on the length of the field goal. Let we were both wrong. It was forty one. Oh it was forty you set forty three hundred forty three and I actually went back to check it. It was forty one. My Gosh was only two guys. It was Harvey Martin I and Randy White and Super Bowl twelve but still co.. MVP's all right. Today's episode headline title is the two thousand. Nineteen Pittsburgh steelers rookie review. It's something that we always typically do during the season and even in the off season we start breaking down the steelers roster position by position. So we do we preview things but we kind of dig into one specific topic into today's going to be the two thousand nineteen Pittsburgh steelers rookie class. So we'RE GONNA go round by round round pick by peg in. We're going to talk about. I know a lot of people say will. You can't judge a rookie after one year and I agree one hundred percent and I'm not asking Dave and Brian anyone in the live chat watching on Youtube to say project where they're going to be in three years. I'm saying how did their rookie season go. You want a great it on an eight F scout scale or do you just want to just give some tidbits about Brian. What are you GONNA do? I think we could give tidbits I really don't think we have to give a grade but if you want you because I I know exactly what Brian go to want to do. He's going to give every single one of them what they should get an incomplete. Because it's very difficult on your rookie year. We can't throw that one out. There they are producer Lance Williams just said great in the live right the ad that we're not but we're not allowed to use incomplete kept using complete. Okay what's relievers anyways. Okay for all right the topic. The Pittsburgh steelers moved from twenty up to ten they trade with the Denver Broncos. Get none other than Mr Devon Bush Bush from inside linebacker out of Michigan. Gentlemen Grade IT You can give some tidbits before you're great but if you're looking at Devon Bush's body of work in two thousand nineteen. Brian will start with you. How would you view it? Well if you look at Devin Bush the fact that they traded up for this guy and they also gave away a pick this year. Your Your number three pick when they're getting ready to pick number three. It's not gonNA be there. It's GONNA be the Denver Broncos and you know why because that's part of your Devon Bush trade. We should be happy with that. Because that's everything you wanted. I saw somebody today. Talk in fact I think it was was an email that That I saw thus one of my other counterparts. Dave Scofield got Saying that that Bush's too small and should be moved aligned. Moved a safety and I'm like no this is. This is everything you wanted out of this guy. He goes sideline to sideline he had. He had a touchdown. This year could could have had another one. But as a rookie. He did more in the La- I mean. I don't know of a rookie. That has achieved more on the defensive side of the ball. Better than Devon Bush Junior and. I'm including Troy Paolo. Malo because if you grade if this was is two thousand four after the two thousand three season you're probably given this guy a C. Minus at Best Chore Paulo. Malo and. We're talking about him. I'm in the hall of fame next week. I had a wonderful rookie rookie year. I was actually surprised the all rookie team and I was surprised that that that He didn't have a more consideration for the pro bowl because he's thought of across the League as one of the future stars on defense so I mean I have to give this guy in a minus. Okay Dave thoughts on Devon Bush be plus not bits has decreased. Now honestly I was teetering between a B. Plus or minus. I said I said I basically said I'm GONNA give whichever one Bryant has it only only because I thought he had a fantastic year and try not hear that he said at one point he was an alternate for the pro bowl. Oh if enough people would have bailed out. I thought there was a report out there that but I'm not sure Only only bad thing about the ravens. I'm not making the Super Bowl. Is a lot of guys. Missed out on that. They could've they could've filled in with them but but once again I thought he had a very good year. I should probably bump that up to a minus because the only reason I didn't give him an a was because of what the steelers steelers did to get him because of the trade up and the no pick this year. It doesn't mean he disappointed me. It just meant that. He has much higher expectations that that I'm going to have from almost any other rookie. And he met almost all of them. There's room for improvement but I thought he had a very solid year ear. And I'm really looking forward to see exactly how they're going to utilize them with with the same thing that Brian mentioned where or someone contacted me about saying he. He's too small. We can't stop the run. He should be a strong safety now. That's not what he feels. It moved up ten spots for him to be a safety. They've moved up to the LINEBACKER. And your your linebackers. Packers have different roles. I really like the Combo of him and Vinnie. BVT together seeing what they can do after Bush now has a year under. There's belt I think the sky's the limit for the Combo wasn't a life. Chances That day just looked Bush was named a pro bowl alternate. So you're correct Yes good stuff. A lot of people are Lance Sir Lancelot is in live Chad. He can he's comparing belted Kendra He's comparing Devon Bush to Kendra Bell Number Ninety seven in That was he was the defensive rookie of the year. Kendra bill had a remarkable marketable yet he season and that was incredible. No one no one saw his ankles not holding up the way that they did he was fantastic. And you know that's the guy forgot about. That was two thousand. One I believe an Casey Hampton was the first round of that year so that was a pretty nice draft. Absolutely I. I'M GONNA give Devon Bush a solid all it be I think he has a ton of potential I think the Mike Tomlin limited him a lot this year not so much the in actually he didn't really hide it. Tomlin said this often in his in his press conferences about with these young players with these rookies. You have to kind of sometimes you have to pull them back rain than in a little bit. And you saw more of Devon Bush reacting in the second half of the season I think that his arrows definitely pointing up. I'll give him a B so we're all on her bed same. The same realm in terms of picks. There's one more thing about Bush he didn't have to do as much because of the presence of Mark Barron also whether you like Mark Barron or not and we're going to have a slew of people in the live chat not saying he's garbage cut him but he was there and he had some very productive games and they were they weren't able to they didn't have to force him into into anything. Because you had Baron as well as Bush. Now you're right. Well good one of the things you got to remember about him. I was trying to pull up one last last thing about him. He led the team in tackles. This year he led he led the steelers tackles and not only that he had over one hundred tackles he led all rookies in the NFL and tackles and he led the steelers tackles. And how long has it been since the steelers had had a rookie with one hundred tackles. It's I mean it's it's been a while. Let's here's a good exercise. Davis is right up your alley. MHM COMPARE HIS Rookie Season Ryan Shays ears. That's what I was kind of thinking about that. I I believe he had a stronger. Rookie year then Shazia. I don't definitely if we have the numbers right in front of me to back that up but from what. I'm just going from memory I I do believe that he did. I believe so too memory. Shazia his rookie. This year was very up and down and he had a lot of learning fade Devon Bush's more polished Coming into the NFL. We'll see so. Let's one Jeff. He had he had more than twenty tackles as a rookie than what can draw. Bell did as a rookie GASCO. I mean he didn't and he didn't play in every he came off the field. Good bit still the it always seemed like he found a way to get to the ball so that was his. Mo coming out of Michigan. Like Brian said sideline to sideline finds the football ball. Good run support coverage he got exposed a little bit but I think that will only get better. 'cause he's athletic enough all right. Let's move through here. No pick in round two. They gave that one away so so then we moved around three. This was the Mr Antonio Brown trade pick with the Oakland raiders. Now the LAS Vegas Writers and they took wide receiver from Toledo. Oh deontay Johnson. This is the fame pick that Dave started. cussing up a storm when they do pick. And he kerr or I still don't want even want to talk about this right now. I mean he broke his laptop. We I mean he broke elaborate. Yeah believing you rumors free state shooting spree but the those that didn't happen I'm here to tell you he. He kept under control. Jeff and I had a talk off a ledge but it was. It's okay we got him. We got him back four seconds but I never get those back. Eight Johnson hate page on facebook stones. This all right. And how would you grade deontay Johnson's rookie year. So back in July we were previewing. The rookies And we may June July. We were looking at the Anti Johnson. And we said if this guy gets thirty catches and three touchdowns it a fantastic rookie season for The production that. He's going to get little. Did we know that I was going to happen. And maybe the fact that Ben Rothlisberger went out benefited deontay Johnson. A little bit more Maybe the fact that Juju Smith Schuster Mr had some injury struggles. Benefited him more. But you've really if you look at the season and you're you have to put wide receiver one on somebody for the two thousand nineteen season. It's Deontay Johnson so I am giving this this pick a tray and a as well okay. I need justified. It perfectly David about you. Yeah I mean. My biggest thing is what Brian was saying that he seemed to exceed expectations. So I I know yardage wise he. He had a real nice rookie season. I was trying to figure out where he where he comes. Just on the flat perceptions range because that's that's a really big deal and honestly he had the second most receptions from steelers there's rookie I'm Jillian Weinberger. Who's the impact a podcast from? Vox about how powerful people affect the rest of us. This this season were looking at the big ideas from all the people running for President in twenty twenty hip this opioid crisis head on public option. move away from energy efficiency and it's GonNa be a Great Wall and it's going to work. A lot of those ideas have actually been tried before like that. Wall trump wants to build the Gal Arizona WanNa has had one on its border for decades. 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Did because you'd you add you know how many you had. What a ninety seven yard touchdown in there so but I I would say especially with the receiver? He is that I mean he had some some nice deep passes as well but I. He exceeded my expectations. So I'm going to go I I'm GONNA go with an a minus on this one because I I think the biggest thing that could hold him back was the quarterback situation. Nothing could hold about that was holding back and so once again. It's going to be nice to see what these guys do. Whenever you know? Keep our fingers crossed whenever number. Seven is back under center next year. Yeah I mean I tried not to listen to Dave when they drafted deontay Johnson because he was all ticked off and and I was reading a lot of people on twitter on different websites stating how this guy is really comparable to miss third and fifth. Mr these Mr Antonio Brown just by the way that he plays the game in terms of how smooth is is Internet of his breaks his route running his explosiveness is agility boy. was that all on display even just as a rookie in people forget and its third round draft. Pick Nick that Antonio Brown was a six round pick. The Antonio Brown was not making these type of plays as a rookie. He made the team. Special Teams Guy was returner. It wasn't until in his second year. These started come on. I think the Andre Johnson is a budding star. This league I give him an a for his two thousand nineteen season as everyone said before me totally exceeded expectations and that's a good thing. So deontay Johnson gets an a good Dave August one other thing interesting about him. I'd have to go back and compare to. Maybe what. I'm pretty certain. He's the only one on the team. He had a reception in all sixteen games this year. That's an interesting little tape there. And here's another thing that you got from him in Arizona game you finally found a punt returner and that was a big deal because I I mean everybody talked about how smooth Ryan Switzer was with with receiving the ball and protecting the ball but he never moved with it he was he he was kept in for a catch. But you know the Johnson gave you a little more return game Towards the end of the season as well. So that's that sixth touchdown that he got because he had five receiving if I'm not if I'm not mistaken in an extra touchdown so I absolutely love what he did. Well just on your return little. I've been saying to be way too. Much sense is that they're going to run into the same problem. They have of Antony around in the same problem. They have a Santanina homes in that is when you have a prolific wide receiver. How many times so you don't want them back their returning punts in eventually? You're going to have to try to find someone else to do it. Just I mean maybe next year fine but I mean at some point you're going to say. Is this worth it in every player that I just mentioned Santana Homes Antonio Brown. They've actually said it's not worth it. It's not worth risking injury. So we're GONNA get somebody else so although although yes Brian I think it's great that they found someone that can do it. I don't think it's a long-term answer because he's going to be a prolific wide receiver. Dave get no problem. He was second team. All pro as a punt returner and he only had one return before week ten. He returned before week ten. He makes people miss. It makes it look effortless and that's something that is special. I don't think that long wrong. He holds onto the ball. That's the key. That was his problem early. And that's why it took time before they before he got the rains. All right there we go now. We're down to the second third round. Pick this was the steelers. Natural Third Round pick the day were given in their natural draft order in with a third round. Pick out of Michigan State Day to day. cornerback Justin Lane of this part of the draft class where things don't get as long winded because some of these players are not going to be as as impactful on the roster injustice Fall into that category. He did make the team he was he was B bounced in and around the inactive list and game they actors but by the end of the season he e replaced already burns as the governor special teams May. Does that show a little bit of trust on the coaching staff Believes something in him. I don't know guys your thoughts. It's unjust and lane and this is going to be one of those dangerous situations where we don't know what he can do because we didn't see anything this year. But what are the projections ends in your mind looking like Brian will serve with you if we look at projections right now. I'm going to give him a C assault see and that's four projections objections. I mean 'cause real really this is were Dave is right. And that's where the incomplete comes out. Just didn't see a lot of them but really the fact that you mentioned trust Jeff. That's that's a big deal. He was in there a whole lot more he he was not a liability. I think he had one play. That was was suspect or maybe it was a penalty but we just don't know enough but I think he's in the equation. The also have to remember for for the first time in years they depth quarter. You have two guys. You've one guy in the pro bowl now in Joe Haden and the other guy. That's not on the pro bowl is 'cause he was the lockdown guy and he didn't get a lot coming this way and Steven Nelson with a great free agent. Pick up one of the best in years so really. If you're looking ahead. This guy could be a future player for this team but what he did on. Special teams is good enough for for me to say see with an Arrow pointing up day. It's a sea and if you look at this and that's mainly because this like Brian said he's the perfect candidate for the incomplete. What did we say about him after the draft and leading into the season? And what did we want to see from him. We wanted to see him not be forced into any the action because he needed some time to develop. How many defensive snaps city play in two thousand nineteen zero? We got what we asked for exactly from him but not only that. He was inactive season. And was injuries. Happen Artie. Burns was out a couple of weeks. Six Artie Burns comes back. Guess what it's still Justin Lane. Because he not only was he was he adequate he was. You'd noticed him as the gutter are out there when you had him and Johnny holding out their gunners they're talking about these guys all the television broadcast because they're both doing such a good job so oh he got the experience he got to be on the sidelines. You got to be ready. You got to do the special teams and did not have to play a defensive snap. It's the exactly what we wanted to see from Justin Austin my in two thousand eighteen. y'All told the company line and go with a C. and think that if I'm grading justice special teams I guess at Arnelle. He wasn't noticed. It was that that one penalty which I think goes against Cleveland and was on a punt return. Maybe he was literally a heartbeat early in they called him for interfering with the fair catcher halo rule but so we'll see Sad to say and I hate saying that for the listeners out there but we don't know we don't know what Justin Lee is GonNa to be as a quarterback but as of right now we've all say that the arrows pointing up so we're going around four in the Pittsburgh steelers they wanna running back and so they get one in Kentucky running back then. He smelled junior. Benny Snell did play. He was hurt in two thousand nine hundred. Ninety missed I think two three games with a knee scope. And when he he came back he was a three day tells me when he came back. He was a different player in my opinion so Brian Grade. Benny smells rookie year. I'm I'm actually going to Go positive on this in say at torn between B. Minus and see plus monthly. Go in go ahead and give him a B minus it's because of his his rushing average Towards the end of the season I think it was a whole lot higher. Jalen Samuels emeals was absolutely horrendous towards the end you weren't getting much out of you really weren't getting much out of James Connor because of his injury situation so this guy was was your guy at the end and he was that player that as the game as the game got longer. He was getting stronger so I would. I'm sorry just done kingdom there with the rhyme but He he was a guy that they were starting the count on on I'm not sure really where his future is if he's a feature back but I could say from his performance last year beat minus if we're looking at the future. I'm probably saying that. This is a solid backup running back. Dave would tell you I'm I'm giving him a solid B.. And it could have been more if you want to miss time. I thought I mean he did kind of what we thought could end up being. We said I mean we did. We do an overnight over under on how many carries we get into season. We I'm sure are we did. Yeah and it was a recollection. and wasn't it wasn't a question of de Eighty because didn't didn't we say that would be five. I have a game. I'm thinking. Yeah you know what eighty and you know how many calories you had on the year. He had one hundred eight so I mean I once again thought that he exceeded expectations and he was the guy. He was thugging by late in the season when the steelers had lied and wanted to run the ball. That's who they gave the ball to. He did great in that situation. I think especially especially coming off of a rookie year and you know the difference between your one year to this guy has a has the potential to really be something special for the steelers and take away Eh. The whole notion of of one feature back all the time getting ninety seven percent of the carries. We've seen it. We don't think that that's the kind of player James Connor can be. I know some people were screaming for a running back in the with the steelers. First pick in the draft. I'm thinking they've got a crowded running back room and I think the the basically to rookie running back so they had this year have so much is potential that I don't. I don't even know that I call this position. A need for the steelers if you look at using it in a different way than they have in years past. He's we don't have a Derrick Henry. I I don't see any SNELL being a Derrick Henry but I see him with some other people working together to to have quite an effective running game. I'm going to give Benny Snow a C.. Plus but I. I WANNA put a caveat to this stated. I'm really excited to see his second second year because every running back that I can think of under Mike Tomlin. It's their rookie year. They they come in to the NFL thinking they need to be bigger and stronger because they're pros and then all of a sudden they get there and they realize I need to be faster and more agile Snell. All I think has the vision. He needs to match. He needs to drop some weight. Will he lose some power. I don't think lose a ton of power but he'll be able to get outside you. You saw some of those especially in the pre Z.. saw some of those cuts to the outside which might of worked at Kentucky in that. Sec Division is not working in the NFL. Does his lineman or too fast. They're gonNA get you quicker in in the second half of the season. He started to get acclimated to the NFL game. I think his second year is going to be good. I've said it before. I'll say it again. If reindeer land is open to the fact that running back by committee is a possibility this running back situation that they have with Connor Snell Samuels. Samuel's white can be good. It can be really good. I still believe that so but I gave a c plus because I thought that did the injury and he did Z.. Limited time more time than we expected but nonetheless I think that He can be a lot better. We'll put it that way. So anything else on Benny Snell only move on all right now. We're plowing through. Let's let's short these up a little bit to get through this quickly round five. They finally go tight end. Most people thought they we'll get a tight end before the fifth round. But they find Michigan Titan Zach. Gentry didn't play much as a rookie. Brian Anthony Davis go ahead going to give him a D. minus. I hated this. Pick from the get-go I actually this was an opportunity. They could have actually still taking another linebacker. Mak Wilson at this spot. That was a guy that they still could have taken They could've taken Hunter Renfro. who was a pretty good wide receiver? from Clemson and who towards the end with the Oakland. You got a lot of play. I just They they liked his length. They like how tall he was but really I mean he made a couple of catches in the preseason. He didn't get a hat most of the time. I just don't think when they're projecting the tight end situation and no one's projecting him to make a move in year two so I'm not going to give the guy in F- because he made the team and I mean you made a couple of Sundays but a D. minus I Dave D. minuses. Well he had one reception for four yards yards granted. It was a third down conversion but the biggest thing is when the team that typically dresses three three tight ends and they're constantly choosing to keep in inactive. Only go with two. You've got a problem they didn't but they weren't using the tight end anyway anyway so that was a waste of three. But maybe part of the reason we're using tight end is because I mean he wasn't giving them anything. I was extremely disappointed in this. Pick the tight end that I wanted handed them to draft late in the late in the draft. Want to Oakland before the steelers could make this pick. I was disappointed that with foster monroe who had a great year in Oakland Oakland a rookie and when I look at someone like that and what they could produce you know take him in the same round and just before gentry was taken I felt like the steelers just reached on the they they had in their mind. They were going into the fifth and they just took whoever they had. I don't know that this is a guy that's going to end up being I wouldn't be shocked octave. He's not even on the roster next year. Can I jump in real quick. I've got a Dave Scofield. Here I was GONNA say wes agreed with me. He just put that up. It was not in the same round was it did. He was the compensatory picking fourth round of the fourth. Okay Foster Monroe was picked. One thirty seven section entry was picked one forty one. I normally wouldn't do this but yeah it was close Steve King I was thinking the steelers related new. That's right. They had that early fourth round pick. How did they get that? Why was that such in early pick? I'm trying to remember that was that was that was that was. HE ADMITS HE WAS MR V. That's right he was Mr v and and that was that was I knew there were only just a few picks ahead of and I was thinking it was. They were later in the in the fifth. But you're right. He was technically in the fourth. Like wonder within the last picks in the fourth and I one of the first pick in the fifth but yeah I just I I. I don't know that he's going to make the team this year but they also are really struggling. Douglas tight end as well so might end up on the team just by default. Unfortunately Brian who was a forty two yarder get it wrong on the one yard talk show. This is a problem with it. I'M GONNA change my served. It's called spiteful. Anthony I honestly Zach Gentry. I agree with what Brian said. Where he's both of you? Guys didn't really liked to pick. I didn't understand the pick because everything I read about. This individual in a came to fruition when he got to Pittsburgh he doesn't do anything exceptionally well. Give me a Matt Spaeth. That can do nothing but block. I can deal with that and I like that. Gimmie someone that has a lot of athleticism but is not more in line tight end. I can live with that too. He can't do either. I'm not sold on this guy I'm GonNa give him a D. minus just because we haven't seen much but I didn't like to pick in general so there you go. Let's move onto the six round. The steelers had three picks in the sixth round. They started off with the guy who did not make the team he kind of had a heartbeat there in the middle of the season for a little bit when they brought him back and then they ship them off again. That's that's another linebacker out of Northern Illinois Sentence Myth. Brian Anthony. Data's Sutton Smith everyone's favourite Swiss army knife. I absolutely love this. Pick when they they made it. I mean I I was eleborating. This guy in another one of their sixth round picks but it didn't work he was hurt then they brought him back and they've used always crack me up because when we would we would talk about him being picked up and then he was gone. He's picked up again in one day one time back and forth. I mean I like he was always there I think he he was like the Steven Johnson and Anna L. J. Fort that year a couple years ago where they kept on getting free each other so this was being cut off the practice squad. Yeah but yeah that's true. Yeah so he I mean you have to really give this pick an F. because he'd even stick and there's no upside of of course he's out if I was going to say F MINUS MINUS BUT NO F- is find because seriously once you get to I mean fifth round is a little shaky when you get the sixth around and beyond you don't know if these guys will even make the team as a rookie and the fact that they had three six around picks and two of them did make the team. isn't isn't terrible. But I'm yeah this one wasn't they saw something they took a chance. They saw some versatility and it just wasn't there. Here's here's why to me. This big is enough because I understood if he didn't make the team this year but two things occurred number one was not immediately signed to the practice squad squad so that tells me that not only did they cut him. They didn't see enough promising him to keep him in the organization second. They didn't even sign him to a reserve future contract. This offseason it last. I checked and I could be wrong. He's not on an NFL roster right now they could have at the end of the season said. Hey look we like what we see we might get attorney into a special teams guy anything and they stated they didn't do that so that's enough sutton. Smith has enough in the second in the second of their three six round. Picks they take Alabama defensive linemen. Isaiah bugs he actually made the team. He actually saw some some significant time after steph onto it got hurt Brian. What your thoughts on big do I love this big? I loved it back then having more I actually more sacks than Williams His his final year in Alabama. I eight we didn't see a lot of them and once again we he got some significant time. But you didn't notice too much because he's you know he's one of those grinders down there In the trenches but from he wasn't the frazier from the year before he wasn't Josh Fraser. He did a whole lot more. He has a future on this team. And and you're going to see a lot of them so I'm going to give this pick. I'm actually GONNA give this pick a be all right day thoughts I i. I liked the pick as well. I was trying to look up to see. Exactly how many snaps he played but he was a guy that was inactive early and then steph onto it gets hurt they sign Lt Walton. And you're thinking up while I guess it's going to be Walton instead of bugs. No it was bugs. They I still thought more of bugs and he got some playing time. Now there was. was that the rams game. They decided to go with one less defensive linemen and he was inactive but that was based on on their game plan and I think because they knew they were going to They were they weren't going to be playing. Hardly base defense so but he he did I. I thought he played in nine games and I think he had yet. I think three total tackles but I was trying to look at how many I snaps. He played I mean he played. He had four different games where he got double digits double digit snaps which for for a rookie on the defensive line. Work in your way in. I thought he did just fine. I'M GONNA I'm GONNA give him. Let's go see plus I was going to give him a solid C.. Because from what I saw wasn't horrible. He didn't play as much tough to gauge. So you're right there in the middle of the road right in the happy median I think he's you have a good opportunity in twenty twenty to put his stamp on the defense as a primary backup. Maybe if he can show some versatility In flex into the nose tackle position. That's GonNa Tyson out a wallet. Shown that he can do And that way they don't necessarily need 'cause we're assuming they're gonNA lose J von Hargrave that way they would need to go pick up another nose tackle they could maybe just have some versatility on the defensive line but I thought bugs he like. You said Brian. Not Joshua Frazier. Sure so to me. That's two thumbs up so all right L.. Let's move on the last and final sixth round. Pick for the steelers was none other than Was it Akron Kerlin This ulysses Yes he was my linebacker Ulysses Gilbert the third. That is the you lose a child of. What did we say Brian? The what was it you listeners. Grant and Marcus Gilbert. I mean you could have gone with you Coulda Gone With Melissa Gilbert. You could've center Gilbert. Go ahead with with Marcus. Marcus Gilbert. We hadn't Nagy. Let's he's over the third Nawab that bring in fact I forgot all about S. grand mortgage over. What a love child? That will be. Okay Brian. Gerrad you listen over. Did make the team he did play. Special teams is good special teams guy before injured in being placed on the reserve. So Brian Grade Ulysses Gilbert the third season season loved his. preseason Loved the fact after he got hurt the things he did for his school and for the actually the the Florida Florida community right before Christmas. Buying lots of gifts and doing a lot of things for people quality individual individual The fact that Where's he going from here? I think he's a solid special teamer. Still I don't think he's going to start for this team But I love like this pick. I'm giving him a solid. See Dave Genn. I'm I'm actually GONNA GO B minus because of I mean he didn't play any any on defense but he but what he did on special teams. He played the first seven games of the season before having problems around with his backing going on. I R he was leading the steelers in special team snaps through that time that he was playing more than the core special teams guys Gotz. So this guy has now made it through. The steelers. Don't have to offer a contract to dirty red. They have that depth at inside linebacker. That is a special teams guy and then see where he comes along and near to. I like I like his potential as much. He's anything but in the time that he was able to play. I thought he did everything that they wanted him to special things. I'm going to give him a B as well because we all said the same thing. He's a special teams guy. He played well in special teams. I've actually thought that he could be good depth at inside linebacker. Like Dave just mentioned regarding dirty Red Tyler Medicare which So I'll give them a and we'll see if he sticks on. Hopefully that back because at that stuff scares me when you have back. Injuries require injured reserve. That tells me there might be something a little bit deeper. I hope that it's not You know something that sticks around navy cut his season short again. The great thing about this guy was the fact act that with With Barron coming in and with Bush. They're like this guy's just camp guy He has no chance so he's like. Hey not so fast my friends you know I'm going to do it. And he really turned heads and there was no way that they they felt they could cut him he gave him. He gave them no out. That's the thing like this before. Like Mike killed him was the same way as a how they're gonNA keep this guy. You can't get rid of him. He's made so many ways you can't create. He did not prove they. They did not regret that outside of getting hurt. We'll put it that way. Okay let's go to the last pick round seven University of Maryland terrapins Europe INS Derwyn Gray. He did not make the team out of camp but was signed to the practice squad and stayed there the entire season. He is labeled versatile linemen. Could maybe go to guard community. Tackle Brian Thoughts on Derwin Gray But D. minus at best going to give him the half practice squad guy amy smaller had was. What is the ceiling for Derwin Gray you may be fighting for that last That last spot on the fifty three man roster on the offensive line I mean yeah may I mean maybe with some guys departing backup but you know not a sexy pick just but who else are you taking the seventh round. There's not a lot there so a to go with the all. The Colin holders were taken in the sixth round so in the seventh round. You're stuck with a Derwin Gray Davis. Yeah I've I'M GONNA go go with like a C. minus because I don't want to tear up the pick seventh round pick. I mean the steelers seventh round. Pick the year before. Didn't even make the practice squad they. The steelers had a sixth round guy. That didn't make the practice squad he made the practice squad stayed there all year. There was no need to move up. alignment other than center. They moved up one and then he got poached to Denver when they released him and they had to move up a different one later so he didn't really have the opportunity but he's he's got a futures contract so that just tells you that his story is going to be more about this season. I don't know I I'm not gonNA sit here and try to tell you guys the classic incomplete `have now you're really right now. I just you know so when I was writing these down today at work as we were having our group tax about our rundown suburb called her production meeting right. Brian Cares I leave me off. He heard rookies us back. Gosh nine players selected by the steelers others in only one of them in Sutton. Smith is not somewhere in the organization. Now so that's not bad. You know I mean. We're not going to grade the rookie class or anything. But I wanted to go pick by tech. We have a lot of other stuff to go through a couple of things before we go over to the after party where we'll have some discussion about some other stuff. Some steeler stuff's non-steel well a lot of non steelers stuff. It will always start with steelers stuff. let's get into some trivia right now. David you ready yes. I'm ready to give multiple. We're just want all know it. Well it's kind of barter it's really short gave fire away. I WanNa make sure they have everything up for me. It's very simple. Let's go back due to We've been focusing a lot on the hall of fame and everything else we're still I'm still riding high. Really happy about Donnie. Shell getting in Do you all remember remember. We talked about this on several different shows. How many career interceptions did DEDOM- show half fifty one? Fifty one west looked it up to confirm this because I had heard it. That's the most in the NFL by strong safety. And Its third all time by a steeler of member while someone was a steeler. There are two other people that I had interceptions in the fifties. Can you say can you name career or with Pittsburgh cover for your career with Pittsburgh. Carina wing has meaning in their whole career but only in their career with Pittsburgh okay so would mel blunt one of them. Oh Yes nope. Mel Blunt leads. The steelers interceptions Brian. I'm GonNa Guess Fifty six you're very close. It's fifty seven the K. I don't think Rod Woodson played in Pittsburgh Long enough to get that many so go ahead Brian. This is this is not a jeff question. Shouldn't because it's way but he doesn't like the old Gosh it's like nine hundred thousand nine hundred and forty minutes each back Butler. Brian would be correctly. Butler I met Butler Freud Freud fifty one to fifty nine. That's new Jeff and Butler Butler did it. He had fifty two. Here's what's crazy. There's a massive drop-off drop-off the number four from Donnie. Shell's fifty one jeff. Already mentioned number four which I was GONNA ask Rod Woodson. Do you know how many he had as a steeler. I'm GonNa Guess in the thirties thirty six. Brian's very close again and Jeff was right in the thirties. It was thirty eight. So you've got three steelers with fifty interceptions or more as a steeler. There's none even in the forties the next one would be Rod Woodson Carnell Lake is he. He close Carnell Lake Karnali. I'm looking for Carnell Lake. Why do I not even see him on this list and he should be there while you're working what number two Jack Butler where was was not a traditional wasn't in the fifties now eighty eight hundred number eighty? He was number eighty. Never would have gotten never read. Sorry I had hit down to the next group. How many interceptions do you think Cornell Ed not not many eight twenty twenty five sixteen Karnali sucks? That's why he's such a bad. That's fighting words. I've got I've got a trivia question for everyone out there. I think that it's one of those where I talked. It's about the helmet last before talked about why they changed from blocked numbers to Italicized. Little bit team history here now. Most people know that what year her with with the Pittsburgh steelers Art Rooney founded them in what year thirty three nineteen thirty three. It's on the hat that might Tomlin wore the most this year and everything but they work called the Pittsburgh steelers in nineteen thirty three day recalled the pirates. Now my question is it. What year did they change? From the pirates to the the steelers they were the steel. They were the pirates from thirty three to thirty nine. I was GONNA say nineteen forty. They were the steelers because then that's when they got into during the war and a couple of years later with the ST goals forty three and And Card Pitt was the arts hard. Yeah it was it was it was carpet and before you are correct Brian. He says up up until nineteen thirty. Nine nineteen forty was their first year. As has the Pittsburgh steelers trivia questions that you you know you've season one. That's a steeler fan. You can ask him these simple questions. Maybe they don't know that they were the pirates originally in nineteen thirty three. And maybe if they do that how long were they. Now you know till nineteen forty. What was the original agreement the pirates? Where were they before they were the pirates? They were a name before the parts. I believe they were the alleghenies or new. You're I can't say I can't confirm it but I'm saying that does found sal. Let's check that. I mean I think a close I think they were but I mean unless they there was the different team maybe it was a minor league team or something different but okay good stuff. It's good stuff. Good Trivia are real quick Brian. This'll be the last thing that we're GonNa talk about in this show when you go over to the after party we're GONNA talk about Super Bowl profits. We are GonNa talk about some heavy stuff over there and a little. Eli Manning Talk. I want to get into that will be on the after parties. Makes you check that out but Brian you WanNa talk about the pro bowl Yet and this he's not not not the pro bowl itself. But you WANNA talk about how the steelers in well represented by the defense Go ahead and talk about what you want to say about the defense in Orlando. You know I think this is very pivotal for the Pittsburgh steelers. It's they are very united down there. You see all the pictures with them together but you could see how tight they are especially with Joe Haden getting down there as well It's a situation relation where it feels to me that this is almost a little conclave for them. It's a meeting where they go back to everybody else and They feel even more united the one thing that year from each and every one of them is like we have so much unfinished business to do And how special they feel being a steeler. These are four great representatives for the team. And I think this weekend is actually going to carry over to May July August beyond. Sorry it's so funny. 'cause for poor for Jefferson here Chad. I do one thing but I I like what you said about the pro bowl but I do also want to say I thought it was a me. uh-huh Ron confirmed ron confirm that it was in the alleghenies. So you were correct that I think you've got a great point about this. The Camaraderie with the leadership of the defense. Keep up with the way. These guys are handling in the pro bowl and Jeff. I'm GonNa Tattoo on you to your mommy for my way if Auburn. I've already told you before. I told on him to his wife. And it's got to be nicer to Dave and Brian. She would say them MHM me In terms of the pro bowl. I've been I've been reading in listened interviews and I think it's pretty cool that they're all defensive players down there and just me those guys WanNa get better the they they see the potential this team. It's GonNa be fun to see so all right that ends this episode the previews over my mom's live chat telling stories. We'll get oh I'm sending her invite the after the report needs to come to the after party. You have the power you could do that can't you. He doesn't ever email anyways All right so you are not going to join us after we thank you for listening to this show in reviewing the two thousand nineteen Pittsburgh steelers rookies with us. We hope these subscribe to our channel by going up to the top. Hit Subscribe Go. Hit the bell and then set up your notifications every liking. Be a push notification on your phone that can be by email and by all means if you want to help out the show just hit the like button. We really appreciate appreciate it. And if you're listening and audio platform always follow the show subscribed to the channel gives it a rating and review. It all helps in the algorithm that are things like spotify tunes tunes and Youtube makes you check us out in for those visit will be joining us in the after Party will see you shortly.

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