The girl this is Jason J. Louis the Voice of Superman on Justice League action while you're listening distinct to the crypt on report chain. You're listening to Chris. The all things for Tony Fahd cast including Superman and supergirl. We discuss teams to be shows and find the facebook instagram youtube twitter. If you've enjoyed Krypton report please check out the other podcasts available from Southgate Media Group from Cason Lunatics. That is everything you possibly want from a Geek podcast to nuff said Cape some lunatic sidekicks sidekicks. Titans talk feel like me can get enough of your DC and you can also check out super connectivity where they discussed everything in comments also. We do discuss marvel. That's something you don't hear much from me so check it out south dot com and this got me is coming so awesome. Welcome to the crisis on Infinite Krypton reports. I am broadcasting from Earth. One it is I tyler with me is my counterpart Earth. Ones other Superman Fred chains and on earth eighty-nine Brian. Hey Brian here saying he's gone. He's gone. We lost him. Brian wait wait hold on. I'm dinner in getting a reading from Brian on earth up. He's on earth one to. Hey Brian what's up. Thank is guys guy saved me on my God. There's this big red cloud so while can't well. That's the understatement of the year. What a night? You're right I mean I literally lost my junk in the first a few minutes and I love how they did it in the cold open whole. Yeah the whole thing we've Other like words we can't say on on air here. The this is the perfect way to get all those cameos of people into established the other earth do your fan service now before we get into the episode which part jumped out at you and caught you off guard. The most doesn't mean very spoiler effect people raise yourself. Aw Bryan Bryan Just wait sorry right I. I'm just baffled like I love. How the they went and said Earth Eighty nine? Oh well that's eighty nine and there's not sitting there the bench. She's reading. The newspaper and Man captures the joker. But I was confused though. Because in the previews previews we saw some newspaper said Bruce Wayne to wed Selena Kyle though but we're not we're not done with done with Earth Smith as long as the blue man it blew up man but we don't make the most interesting thing about that. Is he captured. The joker. Well the joker died. Is there like three jokers on on earth. eighty-nine bring that up later but or is there earth ninety two and that's where Batman Mary Selina and that's the Bet Noel. Oh yeah because okay. 'cause they brought it up in the Kevin Smith show later that Arnold's earth Arnold Schwarzenegger would be ninety seven But I thought that was a great tribute. You know Eighty nine is that many nine with Knox That's Batmans six through You only got to pick one and things don't go jumping around bright what one thing you pick knocks James your turn. So what Earth was it the Titans News on because I was surprised that they I mean. That's what I wanted to jump to next but whatever I gotta shut up but Yeah it was shut up. Brian is earth nine. Okay I couldn't remember what Earth it was but as soon as I saw that was like. Oh my God they showed Hawk and they show show. Jason Dodd Frank Cool so that was the one thing that can you. Can you know that the only mention seeing one person that was as a rule. No one part you said eight mile you said eighty nine so that was your one part. was that titans. Okay sure about this this episode. That got you most excited. Just because everything else kind of played out similar you know there's some jumps but that was a complete surprise right okay so I wonder if they come as one of these aches unannounced cameo guest appearances That they had said that they hadn't revealed for crisis. Right six unannounced ones. Yeah in my other thought is that. I don't think I bet that's footage from the titans season. One finale that was cut out MHM could be well. They used footage exactly. And I know that Alan. Richardson said that he they asked him to come. And see if you wanted to fill Messina's aquaman and he couldn't get out of the country to do it because of scheduling stuff so it would make the most sense to instead of using a scene we've already seen as a quick shot that we've never seen because it was unused news footage that that could be by. I was pretty sure that they the lease the did say that titans would be a part of it was announced it was never confirmed. It was one of those people though in that out there. Just saying they're part word of it there this you know just like everyone's spitball everything else it's part of it that e- Eh just because there is a Berlanti show. Yeah there was a lot of yeah. Paintings are going to be part of it. Berlin Antique. Well I mean that'd be great but no. I don't recall anything saying that. It was actually going to happen happen so let me just show. It was awesome. Let me just jump was before the first episode aired tonight. Hi Ero leftists with Lila turning into harbinger flash is with the crisis here. The red skies. Keep that in your mind or a quick kick is Nash got pulled into the wall of Martinsville where of course that's where he was going to have his transformation supergirl Lexus resurrected. And he's playing chess with the Monitor. That's where we were Last pre a pre-crisis things before each show started of them got a little kind of in the beginning scene about how the multi verse came into play which that was cool at the beginning of the episode. Now before we get into our breakdown and this is something that's bothering me. So they everybody to Earth thirty eight to make their stand what stand exactly first of all but two they say that Earth one is the last of the Mon- in the Anti Wave Itai monitors project very so it's going earth to earth earth destroying everything. How are these earth laid out? If Earth thirty eight's it's their turn but it already destroyed earth. Nine Titans was and hand. We're seeing red skies on earth one but it hasn't destroyed. I don't think it right. I don't think it destroyed destroyed. Earth nine. I don't recall them. I mean they just said that the sky was read. No I don't know cause was destroyed. I well I'M GONNA I'M GONNA re watch it tomorrow. We'll watch it while Kevin Smith Talk. With what the producers they confirmed that Earth nine was destroyed. Eighty nine was destroyed. Thirty eight was destroyed. Sixty six was destroyed whereas whereas the titans in season three exactly. That's the question but correction fellas. We can play hardball here. Say the titans is on another earth or we can just wait till the day on five things over and then we can anthea writing what everything right but yeah it was just it was when you starting out like that where we saw all early earth like to do and just a quick chemo to establish some fan service. You know it. Yeah well when you consider like the multi verse like in the Comics. They talk about like the multiple map like. It's not laid out like in a linear fashion. You know what I mean. You probably think of it as like a galaxy of stars our galaxy of multi-diverse of infinite earths you know spiraling Out and around one another. So you know figure like stars all away around. You know what I mean like so will as the wave comes through. It's just taking stuff out. It's all this stuff is over here and it's making its way this direction so I mean I don't think it's counting down from Earth. Five hundred eighty thousand down to Earth one. Well you know that is. I mean that is how it wasn't in the comics but they absolutely made it clear in this show that it's jumping around completely no. It wasn't like Ben comments because there's like earth x there's like Earth asks there's one I had to chuckle at one part in this. Okay hold on. We'll get there because it's they're just. There was one part in this episode that I had to chuckle to myself. Because it just did not make sense to me and So hold on. What part was that all right fellas? Let's let's let's Kinda James. Do you have a summary. Did you get time for a summary. Is there a summary out there. I'm so used to ask summary a summary on a show that just ended an hour ago. I mean come on work with me to tell us okay so you got to start with so we started. We started our episode on argue argue city. Pretty much and Superman and Lois Lane and her. What's their baby John? Could've Jonathan and clouds are coming and the waves come in and and argo city is going to distract. What do we do? We got a beautiful shot of Erica. Durant's his last performance as Laura so that was cool just to get you know that on there so that you know just some close closing if that because Earth thirty eight is a spoiler earth. Thirty eight is no more and only what out of the seven point. Two billion people on Earth. Thirty eight only three Some three billion in survived to Earth One and I just gotta say kind of the entire Earth was just national city. I don't know how you expel Watson Star Wars likes at that moment I felt like I was watching Star Wars let star wars like only one cities whole darn planning but we do get so basically find out argo. City's is GonNa be destroyed him mere minutes and Lois and Clark put John Capsule and put him in a pot and shooting the earth. While speaking lines from Superman the movie man. Was it just like Argo. Oh City was destroyed at. I was like holy crap. They just got rid of Lois and Superman. I mean my next thought was maybe the ones that we later from a different earth. I was just completely caught off guard. I was thinking too I was like wow. They're really bringing out some serious risks here. They're pulling out the guns by. They really killed Superman holy crap and we found found out. Lewis said something very interesting. That Superman has already fought Zaid and Doomsday News. Odd but it's interesting it's they have already established doomsday. So that you know so. Did he already died well. We we know we're going to get some sort of something about doomsday. That's what I would assume. Okay so then we get so that you don't Fight Doomsday and not die unless you know your your small bill we get Earth One. Lean on you where we left Oliver and MIA from the Arrow episode where Lyla harbinger gets them them and then we get bad woman and she's still fighting the wonderland gain which really kind of messes up the whole kind of wear pat woman takes place. thing this this unless she's been fighting being the wonderland gang and letting Alice kill people for a year and a half. Yeah it's just it's Kinda confusing so we'll just have to wait and kind of watch more fat women and I just think it's hilarious. 'cause I mean they're trying to make all this just like super tough character and she's like whatever your problem is gone. That rabbit was going to talk which is funny brains like apparently this one speaks to rabbits and then we kind of about the bring that pretty literally yes he did. We find out about the end of the Monitor Amand. I wonder when we're going to see 'em actually do some cool stuff and then we get. We see. We See Harbinger get Ray and Sarah. And then they show up with everybody except berry man we're sparing but he wasn't here and then they come in and then did you breathe a sigh of relief when you find that harbinger showed up right as argo was destroyed and save Lois and Clark. Es where you just like. Oh my God I was like holy cow I like Wow oh you just when I thought I was like. Oh my God I was like they frigging save John now like they're dead. Like what the heck like as like house. It's going to happen. And then they showed up. I was like Oh okay. That's what I was hoping for. And then we get a quantum I founder I. I still don't buy Tyler Superman. But that's just me you know I. I can't pinpoint it right now. But he's just he was so good in those first two episodes of supergirl the he shows up in but I don't know Now he hasn't been given as much sense you know like they gave him this grand introduction. It was how he was. It was how he was ridden. Men and how levers portrayed you know he did a good job with both the Superman and the and the Clark Kent Portrayal but then also how he was written. He was written as Atas. Superman as this gold standard hero that everybody looked up to when he flew into into the. Do and everybody just like gathered around and wanted to shake his hand. And all that other stuff you know what I mean it was Was How they portrayed him in. Since then he's taken a back seat to supergirl which is her show but he's still superman. I mean you know. When he's there he needs he does need to shine? Yes but since then it's he's been taken than yeah he's been given the back seat because it supergirl grow shop and he because we get the whole scene with him and talking and talking about you know he's basically bearing his soul time. How broken he he is about everything and he goes to hurts? How are you so hopeful right now and it is kind of is interesting with what you just said of how? They're really downplaying him and really applying her which is her show we wrong. It does make some nice dynamic but it's still like I wanNA see my superman. You know this is yeah like Miss Superman should be bringing him for hope. Doc Yeah this. Yeah this is Superman. Who's long been long? been the the greatest hero on earth. And he shouldn't he should not be the beacon of pope in what I mean right so so just fell off balance Yeah he shouldn't be doubting himself and doubting things because that's not who he is. Maybe maybe you know fifteen years ago Twenty years ago when he first came on the scene but and when the handful years after ABC but certainly not within the last few years. And I mean there's like a like discussion discussion because this just happened. You know and I'm just like just processing everything you know like getting getting getting us like our first reactions. That's the big deal right now. We want our first reactions Africa Racist Holy Crap. What just happened? We quickly get this giant quantum tower. That was like Whoa and yeah. It was awesome to see that that Berry in the legend's create it and I I like Mike. How the legends right now? It's just the ones that matter right. Yes exactly you know the others will come into play but I like how. It's you know it's ray and it's Sarah but this is. The part of the episode. Doesn't quite make sense to me and I've seen all legends tomorrow and I'm not really but why. Hello Yeah. I'm sorry my mcchord pop from a microphone. My bad sorry the guys. Why is John Earth on earth? Sixteen in twenty forty six like what was the significance to that like we go on this little detour in the episode so Romy owed Oliver of an earth that hasn't been destroyed yet. That and we get this. You know it would be a cool scene. Seen something else with this old Oliver and Sarah if it was like a scene later on in an episode of legends. Just Kinda like wink at Stephen a male. Because you know he'll be gone here soon but it just it just felt so Raynham we're wasting eastern time and you know Sarah says something. We'll that you're a good man. No matter what earth earth x he was the fear. Okay so thank you thank you. I'm sorry Sarah. He's not a good man on earth. Yup It just this is where the episode Off The reins for me like it's it's we're Kinda felt really weird starting like a little bit boring the to me like this does not seem in place like this is not flowing right anymore like it seems like two two and a half minutes of screen time. That's all the time on across OAS magnitude could have seen more fighting them of the dement. I I was waiting for Harry Potter to show up right Who says what he said he wasn't there? I'm surprised we didn't can get another Harry Potter reference. Lou invited the dimensions year or something disco. Wasn't there man that's why You know what it was it was. It was a Alex and Kara. who did the Harry Potter references? Last year spike showed up and may it does exact same dragon. Who was there when they in the same episode where they did the Harry Potter references? I did like that. I did like the song got really excited excited. When the dragon showed up I was like But what do you call it But what got me was my fear. Soon as I said he went through a wormhole been this. I was like man Bendix. Yes I was like please guy you know I. I still think that they're going to age this kit I really do. I don't mind at the age of like seven like eight like he wasn't the comics where it was really great to watch I just I just don't You know the pull of Indus. Yeah well get through ten years old to frigging teenager. Ager pretty much grown adult like like you spend like a year and a half with this kid and then all of a sudden he's grown so that was my fear and then when they got there and they save the baby Oliver was protecting it all the cool but I did feel like it just derailed a little bit I'm Masher why either you know I think it was just there for over and Serta have that lake one last goodbye. I am still that little coal thing And then that's all it was four but it's just it was weird. It is really made new. Okay if they would have showed up after Gay for Sarah to have that goodbye to Balibar if it was on legend sheet in well if it was on legends or if she showed up after he died but they showed up in the breach each when he's kind of giving his final farewell. So yes spoiler frigging Oliver Dies in the end of this episode. Did Not see that coming this early. Thank you I thought that might have been the. I thought that might have been part like part of the cliffhanger for after the re Yeah Jill until January you know one of the final shots being Oliver die not the end of the first part. Okay so do you guys. I certainly got there. Don't see I'm because I'm probably going right where you're thinking. It felt very flat. It was emotional. But I just for that. If that's GonNa be Oliver Slash Stephen. MLS kind of sendoff. It felt okay. Right right like he's fighting off with arrows and running Eros and then he says there is no purpose for him to stay there. They're like I didn't feel it was released. Sacrificial I felt it was like I guess we can throw this in the death in here now like I thought he would have this slick big giant like showdown with the Anti Monitor and boom like he dies. Well man the Arrow can't even even Steven Amal being like the the og of the Arrow verse. You know what I mean. And it doesn't make sense for him to stand to the Anti Monitor it's like it's like Captain America standing up to Banos. You know what I mean like. He grabs the glove love and he got one hit and he's down like should have been dead but he's down. You know what I mean. Meaning low I I I saw he would. It would be more sacrificial. He would have sacrificed himself in some way to save mia or you know burying care era. Did for the for the larger group. Ano- HE C-. He sacrificed himself for more. The people to get off of earth thirty eight and then would have so it was. It was for a large sacrifice. It's not for a single person fair enough but I don't know I mean I wasn't prepared for him. I'm to be to be done to be dead at the end of this first episode right you know that is true awkward rush. That's all I'm going to say. But they do say you say you know the Monitor and pariah do say that things things are changing you know. The Monitor anticipated Oliver. Dying at some other point or in some other manner. But you know I don't know if it's You know determination and will that is going to be the factor that turns turns things around and in makes things different in and people come out on top bend defeat the Anti Monitor. I'm not sure now. Do want to say something real quick here we do know. The Monitor has some sort of ability for time travel. Okay yes I don't know how or what if that will play anything thing. But he's already proven that he can manipulate time so for me at a even be there we know. On Arrow the Monitor's auditor's already played into a time manipulation so we can see what happens You mentioned pariah. Hello Ding last. Second after it was teased Nash. Well shows up here now pariah and it's revealed that he is the one that released the Anti Monitor Monitor which is comic book accurate. Yeah that was cool. I liked. I liked that coming around and you know how. Brian Likes Comic We do we do some trying to get my notes here. I'm following along here Must've had you giddy Brian. Let's discuss it talk and Lena and Lena the way they like. I told you like subtleties the weather doing her hair. It shapes her face differently but the long straight hair now gives her darker tone And she's more sinister you know. She gives Alex a speech that she would never be her friend that she you know she will help them. Because of of what the stakes are. She's not a bad person but she will never trust or be Alice cars friend and she does make interesting quick mentioned about how she really did believe that Alex hated supergirl. Alex makes reference. That's a long story for another time. But Man I am wondering if they'll be some sort of redemption for Lena when she goes up and finds out about lex thoughts GonNa be well. Yeah it certainly GonNa be interesting. You know when she finds out that lacks is still alive which it seems from the previous. We may have that reveal in the next episode so that will be that would be interesting fellows. Ra so moving on We talked about that trying to go through this. Let's like so much but I just you you know I almost thought that superman super we're GONNA go Supernova to power. The quantum tower could wait. We we gotta get that vibe was wondering if they were going to go supernova but then also I was wondering if after they kind of collapsed if that was because the sky was read. That's what I was thinking like. When when they when they fell I I was like okay this if they have during their powers because You Know Me Mr Conflict Accuracy You know win wins the superman of earth one in two in the comic. The anti matter. Universe you know. They started losing their powers. So I was thinking that antimatter is coming in. And that's that's why they sell like they lose their powers and I was like. Oh that'd be interesting. You have your big guns out already. which is a completely fair assessment? You you know and you WANNA throw that out for our listeners. Bryan and James have just both recently read crisis on infinite errors. I didn't have that kind of time. So that's why I have. I'm not done I'm I am like I like four four fifths of the way done so I'm pretty close but I have not finished it well. Luckily the end doesn't yeah. That's true but Luckily the final two episodes the final two parts until January. So I feel I have time because I don't I don't think they're. I don't feel that they're going to do the whole the the Anti Monitor's dead and now there's another other threat and then from what I what I've heard. The Anti Monitor makes another big comeback. You know what I mean I don't I don't feel L.. Let it probably be such that. I mean I guess maybe it could be since you know. lex Luther is involved Perhaps like I. I don't know if they would do a BRAINIAC and lex luther type deal You know being one part like say they they take down it quote unquote take down the Anti Monitor in part three and then when they come back in park for it's like Luther and BRAINIAC or Lutheran some other villains and then part for the annual monitor comes back and then they you know go out that way I mean. I really don't know what their full plan is is for five parts here well We could get a return of the reverse flash somewhere and you know in in the comic. Yeah Mr Buch actually got You know the villain start taking over Some some of the Earth's while the animal down and you know Lex and bring acts just like you're saying like take take a big role net I don't know if that's GonNa go that route here could But we need. We're GONNA need someone to take that Alexander Looser our world and that's why I'm I'm scratching my head. Jonathan Kent's like are they going to make an older John Cans and and that's why they're dealing with some time travel lately and then he's just GonNa go away we're GONNA get John. Can't baby back back for that Superman show. I don't know where they're going with the earth but we need we need to John Cannon. We do while the have. Yeah I mean the idea that I have like if they if if John kind of played the Alexander Luther route just even a little bit not h him up to full adult but even as a younger child I mean so the Superman show in the future. I don't know how interesting it's it would be to have super baby in on. I mean but if it yeah I agree with your surely agreement in the future or this. This baby is aged because of the temporal effects affects You know to a young child. It's more interesting to see a young superpower you know seven to ten year old as opposed to super baby. I don't know so I agree with you. I I would definitely rather see Superman. Low is teaching five to ten year old about life and their powers and I would have a baby around. Yeah I don't want I don't want John. I'm to be aged up to Alexander Luther Age. Where easy young adult you know in a matter of days or whatever like I don't want I don't you skip all that crap? They did that in the comic books. And it's the worst part I mean. I like the fact that Super Bowl. Yes I like the fact that John can't super boy. Oy is like kind of an inspiration for the legion. I think that is a new interpretation and I I will yeah. I'd like to see where it goes and how it's used but I like the idea of that as opposed to superman going to the future as a boy as super boy and then going back in time time having his memory arrays. That kind of stuff So I think it's I think it's better this way and I think it makes more sense but also that's one of the worst parts is they frigging skipped all this time. He had great stories with young John. Ken and then you skip all this time. He spent years on another earth. And just just yeah you skip all this time and now he's just all of a sudden I don't want that in. TV I don't want that on TV. Either Amen Amen all right so we see. Kelly has the Guardian Shield. We got that really the interesting you guys think about while I was like Oh come on really the bench. She's like Jimmy. Left it for me like okay. Well I guess if you WanNa leave your sister just something to protect herself with 'em okay. Hey I was like as you know what she's dealing with being with Alex but still like okay. Just go with it I was. It'd be like she's only guardian. I'll say they didn't even they don't even have it. Jim Harper to be Guardian. What's going on here So we get that Earth. Thirty eight Wisconsin Wipe. I thought it was interesting when the monitors like we failed and he starts pulling everybody away and you know all the last one and he shoots him not only what he shula just electrical charge. Like how did he take. Take Down The monitor for that moment. with a teaser. Ero and then of course the Monitor. That's we learned about how many people died. And that's when we have the death of Oliver Queen and earlier you know all berries. He's talking with all of these. Okay I'm going to die and Oliver's like I. I thought I was doing this to protect protect burying. Kara relate back because I'll tell you just called him out he's like we just start. Wait wait hold on. Hey AAC answer me. Who are you talking to? And then you know he was right there and I was like I thought that was awesome so that was part. That was just funny as we get a quick shot of berry like what he was right here. Where do you go? I just mentioned something. So so is the anthem Monitor and Donna Troy from the same place like they both go down with electricity bike. That's it that's all needs to got God like beings beings and it goes down with electric. Yes I what is going on here. That's all I have to say about that He's WANNA laugh. I don't think I don't think I don't think there are many people happy with with how how that went down on just just as a side tangent. They're not happy with how that win. Nobody's happy with trump justice justice. For Donna I mean like like I said to tyler. I said I'm pretty sure that when I listened to Geek History Lesson Donna Troy that she has died in the past. So it's nothing new but I know that it never happened like that. And just the way that happened in the shows. Oh it just kind of is just like it was garbage in. Yeah they did it just to do it was it was weak in. Yeah well let's just say let's just say for the for the for the sake of this conversation to say Donna died in the crisis heart moved onto walk a life to sink back so yes moving on great you know we have Oliver Diet events basically. That's that's where it ends with like a kind of a to be continued type phase. And I I'm in. I'm really interested in this. was part one awesome. Like I said before like I was a little all kind of they said. This is what we're gonNA take our stand okay. Usually if you're taking your stand your gained and something other than just the forces of you know whatever so I was a little caught off guard just like we're taking our stand. Okay now if so if the Anti Monitor had showed up what have made more sense. Because you're taking your stand against the Anti Monitor but he didn't show up so so there's that was a little confusing about what they're exactly standing unless they're trying to go earth to earth and and safe people to right now just like the collective population in the end. They're taking they're taking a stand against will in and his end of that I would love to if they just would have made like we'll sweeten Rohrschack And just for just for fun just a mess with it would have been great. I agree with you. It made no sense for them to stay on earth. Thirty eight when this monitor can and see the future and see all these things like. Why move them to all these different planets and then moving back to thirty eight and then why not just keep them on earth one nine one thirty? It's GonNa blow up like I don't know so the so the stuff about this episode like comic accuracy. We we had the tower. Yes we have shadowy figures or the demonstrators. You know basically like the shadow army of the Anti Monitor At the tower so that was all comic. Accurate you know. We got harbinger and pariah What was the? What was the thing? There was the other one about comic accuracy. We were talking about before There was was a baby being shipped in a rocket as the anti-matter weight gain. Yes there was that and that was John which is it was Alexander in McCormick's but close to yeah so there there's a few things you know. They're they're keeping a lot of bits from the comic books but what an allowing it to fit in the world here so I think like you know. I'm not sure I I assume like the stand would be to like hold off the anti-matter wave and force. Maybe the Anti Monitor to come and that was like like the Monitor's plan to begin with But I don't think it took and then you know Oliver Dying and pricing. Things have changed so I think things are different than than he anticipated. You know Things are changing so maybe they intended to make make a stand and forced the Anti Monitor's hand but They have to move and and adapt so I mean. Yeah the the Stan but now it's not I mean we there's GonNa be some different things obviously next episode. We're going to say like kingdom. Come Earth Got Brandon Ralph coming in and Dan Superman and we got Kevin Conroy. As Mc Soup Bruce Wayne His his mechanical full-body press the prosthesis which is going to be awesome to see. So Ah next part. Tomorrow's tomorrow's part two is is GONNA be Pretty Pretty Dang awesome to to watch It was really a good today and I cannot wait to see what parts two and three have have coming By love seeing. I love seeing being a Dick Grayson from Earth. Sixty six say Holy Holy Holy Crimson Skies Batman Holy Holy Crimson deathbed he's holy Crimson death or something like that. Yeah those funny I was Nice I just. I'm kind of interested. In the fact that this chapter with Kevin Conroy and everything is the woman episode. And if it's done to boost the ratings for about women you know just Kinda it's GonNa be pretty huge with frigging Kevin Conroy and exactly my point. Yeah and friend is Ralph. Soleil is going to be huge so we need to pump up the ratings for about women put them in her episode. Bright something needs to be done all right fellas. We got to wrap this up when we get this going What would you say one last thing? Yes nobody is thinking about psycho pirate. That is very very. Yeah and he did handle it lay part yes and mix thanks at else. World's ended Teaser for cycle tire event showed crisis Coming so I want you to keep that in your mind and when we're GONNA see psycho pirate because he was introduced in the bat woman upset L. Swells so just justified and it's a good one Brian. I have spoken all right. Let's get Outta here all right. Can't wait for part two to be continued Yup right about twenty two hours and five minutes from now. The Sky Look in the sky. Happy Holidays and for all of you Amazon.com. Shoppers go to south gate media Group DOT COM. There's an Amazon log in portal there. And just do your shopping and portions of your shopping. Go to help support southgate media so happy holidays.

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