CHILD'S PLAY (2019) - Double Toasted Audio Review


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Some people this shit looks like a girl that I wouldn't it looks like a girl dated longtime ago. Like, when I was in my twenties, this shit, just picking up anybody at the book. Maybe it wasn't a girl. I don't know. How's it gonna say, maybe it was a dull? But this, somebody says that this looks like somebody said it looks like Trump junior's. A little Trump. I like this though. They gave these. There's the sturdy they're sturdy man. Yeah. Built really. Well, yeah, if I didn't if I didn't have to come to this review tonight, I was gonna stand the parking lot for an hour. And just stare stare. I like this man, are you can go down in west sixth street and wait for girls can get out of there Uber's, and his walk up on. Pence shadows, and they'll tip money to for some bullshit like that. There's the street performers are getting really sloppy out there. You'll you'll see they don't put the work in. It used to be. But, you know the. Gave us those right there tonight. They actually pretty cool, all believe looking nothing fucking, like Chuck, it all, and we're about to of course, talk about child's play twenty nineteen or is there by keeps calling me Chucky? So weekend full of terrifying toys because everybody's talking about what we got Chucky, which was the other one y'all have y'all that toy store is dark wood, man. It is spit shit them, dummies away scared. They didn't toy store. Yeah. I'm looking at that dumb that dummy lamb get you back. He's talking to Chuck it right now. Fuck in a basket chugging. So, you know with technically, technically we have to horrifying toy movies coming out this weekend. And I'm gonna tell you something with the. With Chucky man here. Now here's the thing with Chucky. Chucky. Suck. It changed the game because toy store. I believe came back are not toys, R child's play Charles plea came came out, a believe in nineteen eighty eight and during that time leading up to one thousand nine hundred eighty eight you know, slashes would they all about being macho, you know, he had to wear, you know, they had they all about hockey masking, grunge closing mechanics, Simpson shit. You know, and everybody had to like talk about who's knife is bigger than the other one. Y'all thought toxics Mexican it was bad today. You got nine yes. Back then they were I gotta chain. So, yeah. You, you finally realize he do killing people just because they were very insecure. Lack confidence. Deep down inside. Their latent homosexual. They were anything a top. They weren't if they weren't all about the masculinity, when they're all about fashion. Some people say you Boyd, Freddie might have been little little metro sexual rate. They had the doors and the sweat is, and the gloves. You know, he was he was highly adorned. He was man, you know, as accessories together, even he was kind of fool of himself. But, but you bought Chucky though, man Chucky was the one and went in and changed the game because Chucky. This is the Chucky you see today. But before we got back with Chucky was the, you know, Becky, Becky, he was pimping chicks. You know, he was he was kind of hard edge back then when all these scars on his face, and everything and tattoos and should, you know, back then Chucky before that Chucky was innocent. You know, Chucky said, you know, a real man real killer, ain't ain't scared to get down and his Oshkosh. B'gosh. As kids throwing snowballs. Shirt, little red shoes. That's, that's the real man right there. None of this makes me less of a man, I'm not at all. And you can make fun of bizzare Sessa fashion. But back then it turns out that Chucky was the slasher that we needed. It. There's nothing nice. About murder. And there's nothing innocent. About explosive that sound effect. Don't know explosion sound like. But that's Chuck it took it Bank. So that's why I like about Chucky Chucky in the eighties. He was Chucky one just about, you know, cutting people up and slashed and Chuck, it took it back like seventies action shit. Sucking putting explosions out there. Chuck. You didn't give a fuck chunky was old school bag on school. When even cool and. That's why people are saying, oh, now, you wanna bring up, you want to bring Chuck at two point. Oh, up here in the all Chuck, Chuck is all about the gadgets. Now. Chuck is all connected all the time to the internet, suck. He's constantly streaming Chuck his tapped in, you know, Chucky. Chuck is just he's just slicker than the old Chuckie. But some people say, well, you know what? In one like that old school though. And that's what we're gonna find out right here. We're going to wash his trailer for. Charles played twenty nineteen in, then we'll be back to see which one of these is actually doing right. Or is there enough room in this world is enough blood and bodies out there for two chuckles? I now his move has been really tough, but this was supposed to be a new start for us. Remember, you said you were going to try to make your fats can connect to and control, all of your castle, and products and smart home devices. Introducing your new best friend. See, that's you should. Get rid of Chuck is high in the saddle skulk in the car Chuckie might be masturbate vol. They get rid of sucky. The need to tweet me. Think Chucky did something. If you know something, you'd better, tell me something's wrong with Chucky. Connect to and control. Chucky is a toy. Could be anywhere. Welcome to tesla cars. Stop. Oh shit. He can give. Oh, gee Chucky Aramco's money on top of that. You know that old Chuckie he couldn't. He couldn't actually control thermostat telepathic Chucky, that'll Chuck control your TV and take change the channel. Well, he could if you got him a step stool. Oh, no, no, no. We don't want that shit by he can do you won't Chuck plugged into the system. We want Chucky online all the time Siri. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. That's what it is right here, it is buddy because with this new Chucky that we got. There's new Chucky is a kind of a combination of, of the Terminator in an iphone app. You know what you think about it? And I gotta say before we get into this. I am a fan of child's play in some Louisiana Charles place series. Not all of them. In those movies of always add sort of a sense of humor to them, even the first one, the first one was more after the first one that I was more of a of, of leading har-, but even in Chucky, you know, with his jokes, and everything Chucky was as serious as they were trying to beat Chucky with just kind of a pint sized freida Krueger right down to the striped shirt. Yeah. Yeah. And everybody knows the story is, you know, this is the one where the soul of a killer, whose voiced by Brad Dorf, the voice of a killer is I'm sorry, the soul of kill it through. Voodoo is actually put into a kid's toy because he shot by the police, and before he bleeds out and he dies. He transfers his soul in two. Toys. Now, you'd think you get a second chance in life. You think that, well you know what? Maybe term life around and try to do some good days. No, no, I got a second chance at lies, take lives. Chance to take more biscuit, lutts. What I'm best at doing. And, and that with this one is just like it looks. You got this. You got this doll toil, which functions as an app for pretty much your smart home. I can't tell the future of what, but he seems to be plugged into a lot of things this company. Kaplan, netted produces apparently is a company that has kind of infiltrated society sort of Google are your apple out there are your Amazon, and so that's what that kind of banking, you know, was worse than having a killer doll out there as taken out people have been one that's connected all the time. It can see what you're doing. No matter where you go because now is not just supernatural was scared the supernatural being able to plug in the cameras everywhere. Sure. And see you all the time at supernatural you can blow off. You go like, yeah. Yeah, yeah, exactly. It's enough to make you go like, oh, I have all this shit my home nest. Yeah. And that brings up the first question, you know, who you really have to think about this? They don't waste any time at the beginning. When I say that this is opposed to be kind of funny. It is a straight up comedy and they let you know, right from the beginning because the first thing you ask yourself, who the fuck is going by that toy for anything, you're not gonna even by that. As a play thing much less something to run your fucking house with what I that's not even practical Chucky. He has Anna bills disease in as much as the thing is ugly straight out of the by nobody would ever ever bring that home this commercials. Like, yeah. He can do all this for you. It's like I don't want that no matter what you know what this is. That's a Halloween problem. That's some shit. You get from the Halloween store. Nobody wants to you. Don't want their shit for your child, much less family. Right. Right. From the beginning. You, would you like I look, I'm not superstitious. I don't believe in ghost. I don't believe in fantasy, but that thing is not gonna my fucking house, not having control in my house. In my life also has its connected to everything, and it's a kid's toy as well. So it's like you're gonna give your kid access to the mistake. What kind of responsible parents is too hot in here? Mom freezing. Some please. Turn it down. No. And they actually treat it like that, too. Like, like they show you commercials where it's kind of, like, hey, let's watch movie. Hey, tell Chuck cut on TV come you came fucking do take it was funny as he does all this would a glowing E T finger, I'm kinda magician. Oh, a little like ages. Ready to stick his finger. Right up, somebody like that. And buddy can be your anal probe. Temperature is ninety eight six. He's like, I'll tell you we'd be. His doctor's office. But he scalpels. Chuck, I don't wanna be that book and closely a prostate exam. And it's funny because the families are just loving it's like, okay. The communist even know how to take this because that from the beginning that just doesn't make sense to me. It looks crazy. Nobody would buy this. Nobody would buy this at all ship people when even by this fucking Halloween. It's too scary into relist in shit. Looks crazy. And a funny thing about it is that. That's going to be the big debate with people going forward. Like how they made this thing scary, right from the beginning and how compares with old Chuck in his funny 'cause you, would you look at, like the old Chuck in the new Chucky side by side. It looked like old Chuckie win had a bad plastic surgery. A bad face lift it looks like those national choir stores, where like celebrities. Yeah. When it got the face lip anything they look good. But you look at going. Yeah. Yeah. Look at all is not so bad. It looks it looks like bad plastic surgery dated guy. And if you really wanna get down to it when you don't trying to be mean I said this before looking at the big screen is true looking at how this the new Chucky is the whole time. I couldn't stop seeing carrot top. Holy shit. Yeah. Bad plastic surgery. Yeah. Exactly bad. Plastic surgery. It was like he was Chucky before. Yes. Old Chuck E. He does look like when he's done have a sinister expression like he's always kinda like a cute kid. Yeah. No, not really. Because they even even when he laughing. And I was like we some of the old. Chuckie Ocho Ocho. Oh, yeah. The old Chuckie when they had the old Chuckie stick. Yeah, that was the thing. It looked like it looks like a kid's toy. It makes sense as a kid's toy. You know. But when you get into this, this really is, like a, this really is like one of the movie, and I remember looking at this trailer, and I said, okay. You know what this, this looks is looks just like a movie that came out in the nineties with even though was a family film, had a similar premise strong. They made it clever. They made it small. They made a mistake. Major chip hazard reporting for duty are now if you've ever seen the movie small soldiers is the same premises this, somebody puts a bad computer chip in a toy and some how through movie magic the toy gets this is not something where the toys, malfunctions and starts blinking and sparks dot coming out. No, somehow it comes to life, it becomes sentient. It gets a mind of his own. And unlike this movie that magin this new this new child's play as if it was small soldiers, but the toys in that movie, actually got to kill people, because that's what happens they end up being kind of sinister. But because kids film, they don't go as far now imagine if they were able to kill people in gruesome ways, and you would have pretty much this film right here. Well, you touch on something that, that's kind of a problem in that with their original movies where there's voodoo involved you go, like, all right? Well, it's magic so there's no real. Well rules. I they can do this. Yeah. But here when you see the origin how this particular doll comes together. Where is just a few switches flipped? Yeah. That's in this. So that means that weight. So every one of these out there could potentially do this. You have designed to avoid that could things could all take over the world. They wanted to you. Almost just say, you know, why just cut through the Bush and just have struck by lightning don't come to life because so many strikes a light in the background, just kept thinking, okay. That's gotta be was what's going to happen. Yeah. Thought they were gonna do like the old movie power trope to, you know, to the perp on purpose to an extent of trying to play up the comedy. Little be more because that's, that's what happens. Somebody just programs to be evil. And, and they do it in a way, that's meant to be comedic. It's very, very cool. It is funny. Yeah, I mean, what rain, I would talking about walking out, and I said, you know, something because a lot of people in passes on you Ray, but a lot of people, they are going to going to start having these debates over how much they like the communist are disliked the comedy in this, and before I say anything with, like this movie. I don't like it. I'm somewhere in between. I will say listen. As far as the comedy goes, let's not, let's stop playing Chucky was a was a comedy longtime ago. And at one point, it was it was so bad that it wasn't unintentional comedy. I'll tell you one of my favorite lines ever in a movie that makes me laugh, the most was not even meant to be funny and it's from child's play two is just is one it's a bad edited scene. I couldn't even get it real clip of, had to get it from somebody's to put this up where they recorded it from the TV. But Charles play to is edited, so bad and written, so bad. They just have cared to just pop out of nowhere. And they, they deliver that dialogue and you never see these characters again, in the dial of the day deliver is hilarious. This is one of my favorite non-intentional comedic lines in movies ever. Please. Nectar that was me. That was the director. His character anymore. Really? His no he's not he Ray. Right. Might be right. It was just the garbage man. About Trump movie up by myself saying that line all the time. Crazy bits. In, in the thing is they just leaguer looking. And then they cut you never see the negro, again, almost almost wishes do would come back and actually fight sucky. That live you've ever seen the move. You see how bad it is. And it's funny in an unintentional way they almost realize that somebody's movies were going down that way. And they said, look, this is stupid. Let's just make it a embrace the comedy and they did bride of Chucky is a full blown hard comedy. That's actually the only one in this series that I've seen, and did you like it? Yeah. I mean, it was a fun comedy. Yeah. It wasn't great. But it was it was fun. But it kind of knew what it was just embraced it. And even if you wanna look, you can keep arguing with mill you want to, but don't okay. So you now you may be pulled up some money wanna do. Now they made me do you wanna talk about? No. This is still some series har-. Okay. You want to do that. Let's talk about that time that Chucky. Was on the WWE. Oh, no. Promoting Brown and sucky. I show you what it's like to get your head twisted off your arms and legs bent, and broken when I'm done with you. I'd let the dogs chew on you know, you think oh shit. Even that scare the way he's describing that Chucky going hard right now even at the WWE man. That ain't nothing funny about that. Oh, yeah. Look at what he does right now shoot. How would you like that? You got something to say. Got nothing to say God. Tell every that, if they want to see a real pro at work, they should go and see my new movie cried, Chuck. Log promotion that show just promo. I'm gonna tell you some man that that clip is three minutes loan. It took him two and a half minutes to get to that. Plug right there. I'm not look look at the time right there. We it to twenty seven for living that plug. I'm hey, you know that come on your at this point sucky is considered to be. He's, he's right up there with Freddie. Krueger was late in his career. He's a comed- later is career. Blamed shattner series active eventually embraced the college. Listen nielsen. Oh series, the first and then at some point, they all say, fuck it. It'd be fun. That's what the kids love. Don't tell me nothing about this being argue with the all you onto about this movie twenty nineteen being where it is. If you don't like it, you like whatever, but let's not let's not argue about the comedy angle that the because I can hear some people actually coming in and trying to say something I will say that I think it was a great approach. Trying to make this a comedy. They realize what the what the first movies where they realized that they dip that Tolan comedy and they realized just how crazy the premise is. So they kind of they have they embrace it and they have fun with it. And I will say that in there some kills in here, where the end on a comedic note, just in case you have any confusion whatsoever. Were you gonna say, yeah. No, it's, it's a perfect comedy. But I will say this. It's like I was thinking it's the perfect date movie because its bring a girl this man Chucky. Release your buddy in this thing because it's got that horror element. You know. So you're all scared, but it'd be laughing breaking the tension and it has a Aubrey plaza in it as well. So, you know, they'll hook you up. He's, but he's got your bag take a girl to this movie. That's what is the comedy element. He said, he got say that made no fucking sense. That makes sense. Well. Oh, rusty of another. This is a perfect day movie. You don't think so. With the horror element you bring a girl, she's scared, you get the comedy, divorced. I've obviously not forty fifty year olds on your, your teenagers. Even Chuck, Chuck, you want me to. You want me to? This lows fuck of. That's. Don't leave me stranded over here. Now. Don't make me beg mcginnis piece. I wanna interrupt speaking from the hospital. Well, I mean, I don't know about it being a great date movie. Do this is the movie that I would definitely take a girl, if I was going to see. Yeah. Let's go see, let's go see the scary movies comedy movies. Okay. Never mind. Okay. I'll say this obvious Chari Valencia point of view now. I mean, he could be right for his demographic. No, that's why when I will say that because I've done this with girls. I even took a girl to cede Jurassic Park, too, and she got mad because of the violence in news. Yes, is kind of I'm saying, man, you know, you gotta be careful. Now women day saying women are, you know, because at girls don't like blood anything. But you got to think about is what anybody is that your thing because there is an I'm glad you brought up because one of the things that they do here, that might please. Some people in both areas they got the kills down this thing is very gory. That's the only reason why with say you gotta know who you taking on a date because this. There's a lot of stuff that they do here that they like, they, they cut people open. They removing faces they doing a lot of what you see in the trailer. What you see the setup right? Here they followed through so on that end if you're going straight for the kills you want the blood, and you want the gore. That's the thing that, pleases, you got that I would be, you know, I shouldn't have been more clear about teenagers and twenty year olds. I'm sorry about that. Don't take your wife to this. If you're going, not a first date, you know, later piece. Okay. Okay. We did you take your big to see this. Yeah. Absolutely. Okay. All right. Sure. All right. They may be fucked up. I enjoyed it too much. That'd be lower. Litmus tests. And she got out when she was like that was awesome. Can we see that again? Yes, he's next. Don't bail. I will say that they do some things that make sense because I. When I saw the trailers, ease look at the trailer and say, you know what those mach one of my complaints, as dollars to the boys to guide them over that dog as our replies to move. That's a son Andy right there in the night in real life. But that's the movie and played by Gabriel Bateman. And, you know, you look at the trailing, she saying, you know, I want you to go out meet more kids up staying at home. Be cool. What she do get fucking doll. Now. That's what you see in the trailer. I'll go and look at the movie I was, like, all right. You know, something, it doesn't make sense with the setup from the very beginning, but it does make sense in context of the kid and his age and everything I thought his reaction to his reaction because even he's like fuck. I'm not a little kid while you buy. Yeah. Yeah, no, that's true Nashi. He actually he behaved like a kid who's, like fourteen or fifteen years on the phone, not supposed to do with this. Yeah. I thought that you know that may. Well, there's a lot of things that they show you what, the no matter how crazy setup is. They tried to make things within that make sense from at least against what I saw in the trailer a lot with the setup they balanced it with, with humor and things. Yeah. Like you said things that makes sense. I mean some of it, you go, like, I don't know. But then, again, it is humorous, and they get you laughing. So you like all right? Well, what we're playing a joke kind it works. But the whole thing with her being a single mom who's kind of a hard times and just taking what she can get the way. It's introduced into their house, like, yeah, I can go at this. I'm fine with that. Yeah. -solutely so much in the beginning that works with the humor of it or just this time, where the cameras, it just shows you that doll just the fact that it's face is so bad that it works for it. It's like it's part it's woven into the store. It's part of the almost like I said in the beginning. It's almost like this part of the humor. Yeah. The doll is just ugly from the very beginning in an adult or reject. I don't just mean because this particular doll, but they tell you after that new models coming in two weeks. Nobody cares about these exactly which, again we use into the story of widens up in this house looks like she just bought it for him for his birthday. But now there's circumstances of, of her job that like leads to bring it home. I'll tell you. I got Audrey plaza. They is very transparent that they want to get, you know, a younger actress in there, because the probably the demographic of what we do they make her person who's, who's probably because you probably get it might look like some even a character movie, says, damn your sisters, fine, man. And looking at people were looking at this and saying, ain't his mom, actually from the first scene. I really did think that was his sister didn't even say mom until some see later. It was it was almost like every concern that I had watching the trailer. They sit in the movie is insane. You're okay, makes sense and it didn't take me out at it does. And I think Audrey applauses good in this. I mean, I think playing the mother even if you know, teenage mother was a teenage mother gives gives a chance to calm down a little bit. Yeah. Audra plaza, being crazed Chucky and somebody last movies. Ingrid goes west. She's been playing these he's she's been in the role of the wild woman. She actually. Yeah. Has been with, with the thing with the Chuck in what's his name getting married, or, and also dirty grandpa. Yeah. Yeah, yes. That's true. I guess I'm so used to her being the, the too cool for school unaffected, hipster chick. Yeah. And you know what I liked that? One of the things he did plan here was that she was a being a young, mom. She's not perfect. Right. She no they show. I like they might even make some of you angry. But I like this. She's not perfect. You gotta do is just coming over there and just just get quick fucking leave don't care about the kids. Yes. You know. It's a big part into the movie. Absolutely. I mean she's twenty five twenty six is what they're saying that our characters this, yes, he said, see was a sixteen year old mom or centrally or seventeen-year-old. Gotcha. So, yes nine right? It wasn't that what he said is nine kidding. No nine. Look, I know this hormones in the milk today, but God damn picking. No, no. He said this is on the for ninety. I'm sorry. He was talking about the dollars. This is nine year olds. I don't have kids. You still need shit. We saw. Regal the woman that was great. Not because she does things like she sends a kid out in of she's, she's like go play. She says to like graffiti. Graffiti graffiti, litter, the parking lot across street in the middle of the night. Go would you go play those kids who stole something? No go play those kids like they sling in right now. Yeah, yeah, exactly this night, ten pm graffiti, and graffiti field parking lot in the rain under lampposts, and she's three says he wants you to play those kids. And he he's gonna do you know they exchange packets? I liked the movie though nothing. Great not, you know, like a, you know, a big changing life changing role for handled thing. But it's no. But having somebody of her caliber, who's used to doing this knows how to handle comedy is a lot of what makes us movie. Yeah. Is just little things like that, that can make or break a movie. Yeah. And if we're talking about the comedy in this man, I got to say that they. In the movie, they, they make sure that some of the things that they do here, when they when they killing people, I gotta say that they rely a lot on the comedy because, you know, it's, it's is written pretty weak. I mean even the is nothing like not special at comedies. You know, it's just a little bit above middle of the road, type comedy. Do some things and give you some good last chuckles in their, their self aware with the doing outside of that. They rely too much on the comedy as sort of a crutch because being they know that they have comedy on the hands. They don't go into right with really strong characters in that they got they said is a slasher film. There's a hard fan and as the common kind of silly who's gonna take this should seriously at this point. Why we gotta get characters depth that just that a die. So just make 'em characters. At that people be happy to see we don't want people feel morally conflicted when somebody people have a good laugh. So, you know, some mo- most not most of the people who die in the movie, you know, they're, they're, they're creeps that. Assholes the people that are, you know, served it. Yeah. Exactly. People that you want to doubt, unquote desert. Nobody deserves it. Yeah. These ways. No. Oh, hell no. I mean, really you get the point where that's what I'm gonna tell you what this. I did like that. Some point here near the beginning. Unlike having a, a mass murderer whose taken over the life are transfer his soul to a doll. He's evil right off the bat just for a little bit now. But at some point he's like, nah fuck Chuck, he got go man. He's out of control, but there was a point in the beginning just a little bit. You got a little sympathy for Chucky. Sure. Because isn't so much. He's evil is just that he doesn't understand, hit, Chuckie didn't ask Chuck is like forty and toy store key was evil. Jabbing people head, killing people. They would be Chucky fork. He asked for none of this. He didn't wanna be here. Chuck is just confused, the movies, even kind of a message film, at the beginning about how to raise your kids, and what, what you expose them to Chuck, you just as innocent, and people like people just laugh at these movies where. Killing people horribly and Chuck just kinda like well shit. I just wanna bring joy to the world to maybe I should cut people opening it have blood all over the room people. Love it. Yeah. You guys like that, right? Yeah. Chuck Chuck is a sympathetic character. It kinda airy very much so a little bit. Yeah. Absolutely. And that's also where you like this things ugly. Like you would just throw this away, but it shows bond builds between them where you're like, okay, I get it. It's hard like the kids, even crying because he's he doesn't want to leave Chucky side, or, you know, even hurt them and stuff like that. It's even shut where they Chucky got a time out. That's. Got a time out Chucky with just sitting in the corner. He, he was all said, little mouth with curled up. I don't like it here, Andy and his lay damn man. If you just went killing people. I will be with you on your side killed. One guy, let him slide. They really did try to brush them shit under the rug too. Alaikum that much. It's okay. He's not Vasan, but they promise you won't do it again. And that's one of these make you make you mad about Chucky man because it gets to point where Chucky don't understand to Chucky just doing what he wanted to Chucky. Chucky saying fuck you fuck you Chucky going do. What Chuck, you want, do you give me all these mixed signals? I'm running things because there's a point Andy with tears in his eyes. He said Chucky, please. We got a good thing. Don't ruin this it. We got sucking, please stop suck. Chucky just doubles down after that. I'll tell me to stop invective, you ain't my friend ain't nobody going to be your friend. I'm killing everyone. Gotta say, one of the things that they did in the movie man that I thought, if you're gonna go, this route kinda stupid as router them Chucky being an online. That just a toy, but an appliance you gonna go this route of Chucky being appliances plugged down plugged in online all the time. Like you say, murderous Syria? Alexa, then I said this in the trailing. I'm not gonna when we when reviewing the trail not gonna reveal what I say they're almost anything but I did say take advantage of that. You could see the trailer where he's plugged in and taking taking control of things in this, this, the store, which has a lot of appliances in it. And I thought go just go all out with that on. They did it enough here. But, you know, probably because of budgetary constraints, but they, they did get creative with it. Where Chuck is always connected in can connect to other things got creative with that with the kills and got creative with other characters when he was able to do that. I thought that was kinda cool. Yeah, it really opened the door to what they were able to do. And not just keep it where he's, he's the slasher and this and that. Like the Chucky is like oh, yeah. He's, he's everywhere. And you really feel that as well that inks would. Yeah. I hear you guys saying that. And I actually did not like that. Really? I didn't like how that came where they just made him a glorified. Alexa, and everything came from that because I was like, okay, once you open the door, you pretty much said, okay? Well, he can just do anything and you know what? I'm sorry. Okay. That's one. It's good to put limits on it, because it, it, it kind of, you know, it puts you in a spot of okay? Now you gotta be clever. What you going to do next as opposed if you make it where he is. He's connected to every single thing, then the writing gets kinda lazy. There's nothing more creative anymore. It's just like, oh, well he's kind of a wizard make this happen. And this comes to life, and this, does this, and this does this as like it was when he got to that point. I was like, I'm kinda not in involved in this movie, any more, because it can just do whatever it wants. Well, again, it gets it gets silly man. Because it is silly. But, you know, why do you have a what is essentially a child's toy why you using that to call Uber's self-driving cars, and they like race it. You made a great point. Why you put on. I think he again when I was viewed as I said the trae lease I was like, why are you putting them much power? In a kids hand. Yeah. You know what the bliss sister? That made to make this adult, even if it was it could be the queue could be goddamn teddy Ruxton up. They can be the cutest thing that you would have. I mean it could be a door. It could be it could be looked like a fluffy kitten, man why what's, what's sisters that make to do that? I could see looking like a fucking plant before. Like, you know a sentient being know. I didn't I didn't I didn't get it. That's that's one thing. I don't I just, you know, you kinda pushing it with that route yet and I don't know if that was just the way I took it was, it's just the corporation runs all these things, and since it was Sinton it was able to tap into that. But that was just me. I wasn't thinking like oh, that's exactly what they're gonna give this powered for this toy to do for these kids that make sense. That was there was no catalyst to, to give it that kind of power to do that. I yeah. I don't you know, but then I you know, I don't know. I mean I get it. It's a movie about a murderous doll. We can't sit here trying to pick it apart because of lodge, and I'm not. And I'm not because that's almost again, part of the joke. I mean you can look at this in many ways, and maybe I'm going to deep with it but the whole thing is an allegory game. Maybe not the smartest one but it's, you know, it's, it's, it's a message film about also Arctic -nology. You know, this has been said before much better. Yes. See seasons of black mirror. Yeah. All right. Technophobe is up back back in the forefront of. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, I I get it. This is just an exaggerated, sort of fable about that if you if you will. So I'm not gonna take it apart for the premise that it has like I said, they made a part of the joke. I will say that. You know, there's it it is it is interesting. What they're doing with this as far as doing a reboot, because the, the, they're the original series is still going original series is still out there being released on video, you know, with along with, you know, bradtha Chuck, you went to the data's, but after that, they started going straight to video, thank Brad Dorf, who is, who I think, still is the voice of Chuckie, as you can see right here when he's not doing Chucky he's doing lines coke, and Robert a motorcycle gang. Was it that he in the last one as like a prison yet? Thanks. So, yeah, Jesus boy years, a plan, Chuck, it taking a toll on him. He's an I am. That's shell. Brad, brad. But, you know, they, they even have the, the latest one, I believe came out, twenty seventeen couple years ago, which is Donald keep up at these think though cult of Chucky yet. And they call me sick. There's two of them. You know. Thing about is with these two series being out. The reason why this one is outright now even though they kinda took a creative approach is pretty much strictly businessman, the OG Chuck is pissed really mad. He's like, you know, not only do y'all reboot mush. It would not so much as a phone call. Oh, not even Email to just pay some respect. But you take my image in continued a whole my ass out, because that's what this is. You know, I was reading awhile back. How Orion is the company that has that, that that has the original one? Yeah. When a rang up bought out a while back a Ryan didn't want to. They don't wanna do harm movies anymore. So, you know, the Chucky series after that are the childcare series that was that was kinda done. The, the writer, the creative Chucky, which is a guy name donman senior right about the head of the trip. Little Chuck, he. Ascom. Dubar. Is that a kid in? Oh, kid. You know this guy he was. Since he had nowhere to go. It was spill Berg that convinced him, he gave a call and say, go to just pitch it around make some demands in pitch it around and see what happens, and he made some demands to universal and they took it, and that's why you see child's play with universal later in. That is why you see this. This child play right here. If you notice at the beginning of it, it has it's not a it's not universal. Yeah, it was all Ryan it was. I heard you laughing because you think you thought that that was kind of a retro joke something I was laughing at that. But I did think that yeah, no Orion is still around in Iran, who pretty much fired Chuck. Say, well, you know you popular again and, you know, we still have the rights to their ridge inal to rebut that if we want. So this guy, Don man seen fuck you. You know, you not even you don't you don't even ask me come over in, like console to do anything. They just go whole loophole there. Yeah. Yeah. Cabinet is like when the two different studios were making JAMES BOND movies. Yeah. When Octopussy came out and. Yeah. And what was it can't remember the, the name of the Sean? Connery, one, never say, never say never again. Yeah. I'm like shit at this point. Just just do movie, old Chucky versus new, right. Hey I wanna be rise man nowadays. Everything's gotta be universe. And shit Chucky universe shit. Does have she doesn't magic in his words come through a portal? If it's not there you go. Magic versus technology, the wizards versus the robots. Sounds like a basketball game. The wizards team the robots. Expansion teams. Yeah. Austin robots. It's Brad door fright. He's a regional voice. Yeah. I mean, that was probably the biggest outrage a heard whenever they announced this new one in, of course, they have Mark Hamill doing the new voice for this child's play here, which, I mean, I thought it was cool, but it didn't bring me in let it just sounded weird the whole time, because this is Mark Hamill. Oh, I wasn't thinking, it'd be Mark Hamill. I was just like okay it's a voice, it just it was kind of it just never. It just never hit with me. I don't know the whole time of just because red door was more sinister and Senator dirty and gross. And this was trying to make it sound sweet. And as he goes over time it gets more evil, but it just almost like he just got more whisper happen. The little thing will Mark him. I gotta ask you, did you did you hear any difference between like Mark Hamill, and in the joker, he did one party. Did the lead Andy L that shit the joker left? Yeah. And stuff like that, you know, Mark Hamill, you know, God bless him, as you know, he's, he's been able to find a career way out of Star Wars. Yeah. Much. Like wasn't the Indiana Jones. The joker for a lot of people that, that voice is so icon, ick, when renovated series and there's one part in the movie, I'll say that it just took his. It's it was that joker. It was the same exact one where he did laugh. And I was like, oh, yeah. And that's it's either a combat is. It's a combination of Mark Hamill in Brad door Chucky, you know, it's a combination of those two things right there. And even then just kind of, like, you know, I kinda agree with the way you say, like you know, it's, it's nothing that's going to top. The original not at all think. And I don't I don't know if they even trying to they're really are trying to make it the thing. But then, again, they're, they're moments with is just, you know, it does kind of pale in comparison to the original again, you know with this being. On the talking about technology on the technological end of things with soup with the supernatural. There's always a separation of magic right there that we don't have to do anything to explain because he just explain it with magic, you know, with this the talking about technology that we're still very close to two. Okay. And so, even if this is something that's a little farfetched. We could still look at this and say it don't fucking work. Fantasy but come on my phone in my hand right now. Don't work late. This. Can be as evil as I wanna be can't use this phone to do all that. I don't have a murder app, which they do in this movie. Disembowelment strangulation. After all, that is said, and I will tell you that there are some fun characters in here. Brian Tyree Henry there moments where he has his mother in not as real mother. But he as an actress plane is mom in the movie, and they got some really good back and forth where it just seems natural, even though his mother's playing again, Hollywood black mom. What did it strike you at all that he was his same character from into despite averse? Oh. Because he plays a cop. Yeah. Yeah. He plays the role of Cobb. But he's not he's not the saying he's not. But the same time there were times, I would hear his voice in here, the voice from spider-man's dad, I'll see him as so many things like I love a little bit Lanta. So you know, I'm always gonna see him as paper boy from less hose thinking to pay. Oh boy. Get that paper boys, having issues with the voice, the voice acting right now. I would, you know, he's funny in the movie hit, but him and his mother, and they got some scenes where they're just they're just being funny. This guy's Larry's man. He's got some great delivery with lines and I, I wish they had done something more. What he looked like he was going to be close with Andy. Yeah. And they just kind of dropped that. But his his, you know, his back and forth with that kid Gabriel Bateman was was very, very good. Man. You know it's. I I'm on pass it on you guys, just, you know, I'm awfully my rating, but do not to give the movie credit with credit is due. It's fun. It's again at self-awareness almost to a fault. Sometimes self awareness goes a long way, when you know what you're doing. You know what you are. You know, you're not gonna top the, the, the Ridgely Nobile piss people up even being here, existing going to route, what you just want to make people laugh and you just wanna have a good time. That does go a long way in the movie regardless of what I'm saying. I did have some fun with it man in send up to having a beer, Meena Bergen. I'm you know and I'm just under two. Food for the burger out of a book bag man burger that in. Sneaked in. They gave you free food yesterday. It's funny too is that they asked you when food he's like meeting foodies. He acts like let me think about it, but the menu down and. Burgers. That's my point burger her bed. Get that whole Panama with the wind. I'm still thinking about what? That's up there looked to us like you look hard. He's ran his finger cups. Which one of these is your house, the pizza. I'll tell you what. Comeback on let you go. I, I didn't start inside and sneak are smuggled of Bergen. I might as well be bringing kilo cocaine. Shit that might as well have been a fucking mickan Mula coyotes. I brought I smuggled that shit in my bag bag all kind of Greece and juice. Well, yeah. A smuggle shit in, but I was I was eating my smuggled burger and having a good time I was like you know this as, as a movie that is nothing to take serious at all is easy to write off, say, for the moment. It's you know, I like you said, I could sit up here and try to nitpick on on certain things. Try to talk about how certain things don't make sense. And it doesn't get a pass on some of the things that just don't bother to like to to. Nomadic is magic our technology or south sapphire certain things that you just kind of have to tighten up your story with you just can't just say, always just because and not even you can't even blame it on the comedy. So there's certain parts where like I said leaning on that too much. But it is a fun film. And at some points, you can you can actually criticize it. In some point, you just kind of have to just let yourself go and go with this world that they created. What are you guessing? You're not going. Give your rating. You're right. I don't know where he's at. That's the thing because he's, he's all over. He's all over the place. A low rating. Right. I'm going to be a bitch. I'm gonna be a be a burger smuggling bitch. Well, we know that. What you got them. It is a fun movie. I, I have plenty of laughs in it, which is what you hope for, for one of these movies, or at least near as I can tell now I, I came in his not knowing India that history, you just lay down the competing studios. I've just figured this was all part of their whole one studio game plan. Interesting to defined out all that it makes sense about some things. But, you know, you wanna see them like this for some entertaining, some, some creative kills and that's all there, and then having characters who are funny, that makes you want to watch them and see where they go. Yeah. I had a I had a fun time this movie will at least for most of it or at least half of it. There was a point just past the halfway, Mark where I felt like either. It was run out of steam or I was kinda over it, where it was, like, man. It's so much. It was in the setup and so much of the humor, and then as a point where it's like gosh, not really all that funny, and what it's doing now it's so much like just what I'm used to see on these direct to video, har- movie. It's not it's gross not as cheap. But at the same time, it's not it's not escalating, what it's doing. It's not elevating. The form is bringing up some concepts that are interesting. And yet you bring this up now go into that. 'cause you once you once you turn over his rock, you, there's a whole new element here that you got to explore any kind of, like we're just going to bring it up. And if by the end of it, I was like, you know, I was so entertainment. I and, and even though it's not that long I was kind of like, yeah, I'm kind of ready for you to wrap this up because this just doing what all these other movies do anyway, and I fell with the third act and the finale that they just didn't go all for it. I was really let down by that. I was just like I thought it was going to be so much bigger that finale. Everything, and they just didn't go all the way through with this sounds like you kind of the same issue, where I was just like okay because they're even teach, you know, he's a toy. So it's he's learning these scary faces and things over time. And then at the end it's still he's just he's not scary looking ugly looking. And where is the original which came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty and I was actually born in ninety one. How is terrifying for me? That scared me as a child seen Chucky was just a terrifying thing to ever run into. It was diabolical looking, and it was something that gives you nightmares as a kid. This doesn't have any of those factors. But what's also kind of left out is that the first one when it originally was released it was just it was panned in test screening. So what they did because they were showing so much of the doll, and what they did they kind of have that jaws camera. And that's kind of one of the factors in the first movie where it's like is Andy really the killer, or is it really does doll it could just be Andy, and they actually, and they even have a Chucky camera and the first one so. It's like you're seeing these killings like the first couple and you don't actually see if it's a dollar not. And they didn't do that here. And they showed the doll, the whole time which adds to the comedy. That's why I kinda did love that. This was very self aware knew that it was, like, okay, we those things ugly. Look in we know this is a stupid premise in whatever's over's going off, for in some of the biggest laughs of habits just dollar just like sitting in these random rooms walking around in fucking with people. Yeah, yeah. So with that said, I loved the comedy was it was a lot of fun. This is spent. It was cool. And there was a lot of fun kills. But ultimately, where I was kind of just disappointed was the hor- element itself it just ever push over the limited state at a comedy and the just the horror was never there for me. Ending was really flat. Right. Well, I'm going give my rating here. You know, I'm gonna tell you what, what, what was missing for me here. I was just curious. He would you guess I wanted, just kinda Helga airtime. He but. The ending couldn't decide what it wanted to do. They had a moment to push the chaos in the end they didn't do it, because they were introducing elements that felt like it was from other movies at one point spills, like sort of a kid's adventure film, strange things are Spielberg film, because they'll have they have the kids who, who just kind of briefly, just become a group of friends, you know, they don't really have any real strong introduction. But, you know, they bills like they're banding together for something, but they never followed through with that story line. It feels like gremlins at one point, and they don't follow through with that story line too much. You know, there's a lot of potential with things that they've just locked on one, a weed them all to their potential could've been better. But it didn't. So he's, you know. You know, even like you're saying. Maybe they could've pushed the harm more, but it's going to so many different directions, right here, which, you know, none of them while terrible all of them just kind of feeling a little bit bland, because they don't push the limits, almost like this is what I have fun. I'm talking about having fun with a very good rental. Are this, this feels like this could have been stream and show that on Netflix streaming movie on Netflix? That's exactly what I thought because for so much of it in the beginning I thought I can see me giving this a matinee. But by the time was done. I was like it's more of a good Renell, if I paid to see this theater, I might be a little hot. But on television, Renton it. I think it's a real good doing new Chuck movie, and it's on Netflix. This would be perfect. And I think when the reasons why they put this in here because they got a couple of actors Audrey plaza. Brian tire Henry that they can put out there in and. And still kind of be box office draw a may maybe not Bryant. Henry is not really that much of a boss. Jack black was in. I thought that was Jack black for the long. Yeah. Damn. Is that Jack black? But I mean but even then Netflix is getting like major stars. Like a like a Batman. What's his name bin Aflac and shit. So it is nothing here that really just says it should be on the screen. It's a, it's a good rental, a high rental me. What are you giving high rental railways? And I I'm gonna give it a low full price, but only because this is well. Man. I'm telling you. If you're in your teens and your twenties you wanna go out date and have fun go with the group of friends. This is a perk movie to see in a theater with a lot of people on Friday or Saturday, 'cause you're gonna you're gonna laugh a lot. It's good to experience with the group. That's the only reason why I'm giving a low full price. You wanna see this and a pack theater because everyone's going to be just I get what you're saying. I mean I can never go that high for the rating. But I get how for the experience the experience with people who liked to go, see Har movies. I'm still so often. It's the none where you sitting around and nothing's happening and you have to make yourself excited here. This plenty that happens. It's not you won't be bored. No, you know what? Let me just say this. I'll say this is closing argument right here. If there's any reason why would root for Chucky to go see him at the theater because Chuck put in some real work. He don't sit up to that goddamn shock. You actually get a walk around stab. You. The whole time. Annabelle watched people kill people shock actually put in some work in doing so, you know, I'm rooting for Chucky radio because Chucky, you know, he he you know, he he's a professional. You know, you know, you actually gets up and does some shit. He's a wizard. He is in a rock into just like just like bidding. Somebody do some shit on trying to possess them with his mind. Now the mindful of actually he ain't lazy, you know, he's actually doing something he actually got. He got personality. He he puts in the work. Yeah. I'm saying that I want to succeed. I would I would like to actually see what the movie would go and actually opened up for that, you know. Millennials can learn from his. If you ask kill people if you look for a job, which with this much bigger as Chuck did killing people you be somebody today. He was crazy ex that was kind of very tests in the whole movie too. Oh, I've seen this before it isn't the crazy relationship overly. If I can have Andy no one can. 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