Redskins: Trade #2 Or Not?


You want it you need it. It's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show now. Here's Kevin Errands here here. I am here It's going to be a show today with just a lot of different things because there's not really an obvious topic of sorts today although so in other What I would call When we used to do this in plan for the show because we don't plan for as much as we used to to be honest because because now with the radio the radio sort of sets the table? Because I've I've got a much better idea of what's going on any given day but we used to sort of plan the day before nine. Sketch some things out Today's one of those days where I would say you have a lot of wbe topics. Yeah not in a topic in the Super Bowl should be in a topic topic this week but man the Kobe death has really sort of you know that In the background a little bit I think here is the final days as we get it closer to To Super Bowl Sunday we will ramp up the Super Bowl Talk. I will mention this so for those of you that have also listened to the radio show so for years. You know that I've always done Tommy and I did it and then cooling I did it We did superbowl week. A Super Bowl Trivia contest where we would put together A list of questions that were hard extremely hard. And then diabolically heart and if somebody could run the table with three correct act two answers in a row we would give away a prize. Aaron for many years Tommy and I would offer up five one hundred dollars in cash into the winner and that is that something the station would back. It was backed by us. You know we. We were the We were the insurance insurance payout premium payout guys if somebody hit on the On on hitting three questions in a row in I don't know for like the first five or six years Hurson. Nobody one people got very close in part of the fun of doing it is Tommy would be like you know having a heart attack in the process because he didn't want to come up with two hundred and fifty bucks in that made it more fun and then finally somebody wanted. Well I started super bowl trivia up again on radio Have to they do it on radio because you've got to accept calls we didn't do any super bowl trivia last year in the podcast right. I know so Yesterday nobody won anything and today the very last caller at nine fifty four am and it had to be a quick segment bees. We're up against his A- as Aaron knows what we call them the TRAE hard out. Because you get the next show coming up at ten in so I gotta be out by ten fifty six you know. That's essentially. Yeah ten fifty five fifty. I gotta be out so that we can clear all the spots and have the next show start on time so we got this last caller. His name was Fred he called in and a basically a two and a half minutes to get through this thing. I didn't think he would win it. I thought I had a very difficult third question in a very difficult second that question but basically it started with a super bowl Entry level question or what I call hard. And then second level extremely harden the third level is SORTA wickedly hard on. The first question was named the redskins three Super Bowl. MVP's you know. I really. That's that's an easy one especially if you're a redskin fan and he got that one right John Riggins Doug Williams and Mark Rippin then. We went on to the second question which I had already asked of previous callers but I I was sort of hoping that maybe he could get to the third level for a chance for one of these callers today to get to the last level question because the first several callers I did not and the question was given to you. Aaron let's see if you can get you ready who was the last quarterback to play F. C. S. level football and start in the super bowl prior to this week Jimmy Garoppolo starting as a graduate as a player at Eastern Illinois University the the last player to play at the F. C. S. level though any player or last quarterback. I'm sorry last quarterback to to play the level and start in a super bowl didn't have to be the winning. Super Bowl quarterback had to start at quarterback with was flacco. FC Out there you go. Yeah so that was the second question now this guy. I had the advantage of of being prepared for it because he had heard me ask it earlier. So and by the way I'd given out a hint hint was he's been one of my favorite players quarterbacks that's a good hindrance over the last ten years And then we got to the last question which you know. I try on the very last question to create questions that are going to be hard for them to look up in an answer within twenty seconds source you know In this one and less he was listening to the podcast yesterday. And listening to us. Talk about Tommy's column which he was not I thought was going to be a pretty hard one to get in. Twenty seconds in the question was named the six hall of famers that played on the chiefs last super bowl defense. Yeah I mean all US remember from yesterday exactly exactly and I can tell you. I can't even right and it's hard and that's one of those things I mean you might be able to Google six hall of famers seventy chief. Maybe it's going to pop up. I think I tried that and it didn't but this guy started to rip him off. Said Willie Linear Buck Buchanan. Bobby Bell and I'm like Oh my God. He might get this and then he's like emmitt Thomas Johnny Robinson. Curley culp. You got that he won and the prize is to Maryland tickets parking and a chance to come and listen to the radio. Show live so it'll continue. I love like that sort of play along but I am not happy with myself forgetting beat on day too so I have a couple of other very difficult level three questions And I'm going to review them With various these people here to make sure that they are super hard to get because that one probably not the hardest of my level three questions. I've got one here that there's no oh chance and a lot of them deal with you know Jersey numbers and math. You know it's like come up with this. The number of players that started at this position add up their Jersey numbers. Divide by three. Something like that anyway That was what started my day off for ended the beginning of of my day day on the radio. Show if you don't remember this or you don't know this. I am back on radio at nine eighty seven to ten. Am Weekday Mornings. Listen listen to this podcast really. Because I've got Tommy on twice a week and Cooley comes on a bunch. 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DC when you make your deposit. That's Promo Code Kevin. DC to give your wagering bankroll a jump start mybookie play win and get paid now. Now Kevin I know. Normally you're not a huge props player. Does that change it all for this. Nah I mean I've I've occasionally played props. I'm just not a big props player. You know I will look through them for the Super Bowl and if something really piques my interest you know. Sometimes I like like the odds on things like over time or a safety because they happen actually more often than you think in the Super Bowl recently obviously we had the the New England Atlanta. I'm Super Super Bowl. Remember last year and the two championship games we had to overtime games. You know And you have those sort of prop bets available. I don't I I am strictly really looking at the game and looking at the wagering pattern and trying to come up with whether or not. There's a side I think right now. The most obvious play. If you're a contrarian handicappers the under on Sunday of course And that would be under fifty four right now I'll have an official play on Friday. A that seems to be where books he see when people are playing the over at the rate that they're playing me over for a game and you see that number over the last several roll days. Just stand pat. It's just right there fifty four and they're not budging. It's like they keep inviting moreover action like go ahead. Keep playing the over. We're okay with that. That's when you gotta you and that's when an alarm bells go off in your in your head to say. Why do they keep taking all of this over action action without increasing the number wire we up to fifty five fifty five and a half fifty six at this point? Well they they're inviting the you know The the the boys in in in Vegas in the boys offshore are telling you. We don't care that you keep playing the over. Were fine needing the decision Needing a decision on the under in this particular game so I will more likely than not have the under his part of the smell test on Friday. Okay several things to get you mentioned I would call it several B. Two B. Plus topics and maybe even see topic in on the show today. I want to start with us. Peter King was a guest with J. P. Finley and Brian Mitchell on NBC. Sports Washington yesterday Peter King was asked by J. P.. You'll hear the question about what the Redskins should do it number two. Listen to Peter King's answer. The number two pick stint. I'll tell you right now. Tom I had somebody who was at the senior bowl. Told me flat out. That Washington redskins could remake their franchise this year by dealing the second pick in the draft. Now maybe maybe. And Look. If you believe the chase young Lawrence Taylor Taylor. You're not trading that pick your swallowing hard but and intake in the pig but just imagine if it is if if it is basically kind of the RG three trade in reverse. Can you imagine if you go down to number five or number seven and get three want point. Yeah I mean well I mean. Let's say you go. Let's say you go down to five but but but then you get to additional ones. I mean that that might be hard to review. Yeah so there are a couple of things from that first of all. Did you catch him calling the team. That plays football football in Washington. The Washington Redskins Peter. King just mentioned you can play it back. Play back the beginning of that. We can hear if you missed it. Peter King referring to the redskins something he said he would never do as the redskins slipped up. I think here we go the number two pick. I'll tell you right right now. I had somebody who's at the senior bowl. told me. Flat out that Washington Ritz. Yes you make new franchise China Peter King. I mean I when I heard this live not live when I heard it greg. My producer and radio played at this morning and I did not pick get up when I heard it Him Plight put a show. I was like Whoa wait a minute. Did Peter King changes position on the name because Peter King you know a hall of fame voter order and you know one of the reasons that you know for many years at art monk was not in the hall of fame was Peter King's influence over the hall of Fame Committee he did not believe Art Monk was a hall of Famer until until he was sort of convinced by various people including Joe Gibbs that he was Peter King you know seven years ago in twenty thirteen thirteen made An announcement like it was he such an important guy that he came out with an announcement. in a column that he wrote that he I was not going to use Washington's team nickname anymore. He said you won't see me use it anymore imprint. You won't hear me speak it And he you know went into the reasons why saying he's been an easy about it and thinks that the nickname is a slur and went on and on and on and on so you you know he was on. He was on a show on the station. I think with Sabe or dock and coach Brian. Mitchell wasn't with with me A few years later after that Washington Post poll came out that indicated nine out of ten native Americans did not find it to be Insensitive and he still wouldn't change his position addition On the name he's fine with you. Know the Atlanta braves fans mocking native Americans openly with Atomic Tomahawk Chop chant. Chance same thing with chief's Fan so I always get I just. I really do get a kick out of it like we're watching the. NFL Playoffs in an arrowhead. A great home field advantage great great fan base loyal fan base and they're doing the Tomahawk Chop which really is openly mocking. Native Americans in unison. Listen you know. Eighty thousand in unison. And somehow no one talks about that. Peter King Bob Costas. Nobody seems to have a problem with that but they focus in on the Redskins team nickname which native Americans don't find You know overwhelmingly Pejorative or insensitive were or a slur our anyway I thought that was interesting. I have not seen or read anything that he has changed his position on the name. I I'm guessing that it was a slip. So let's get to the football part part of what he said First of all on the three number ones remember. You're not necessarily really getting three number ones. What you're getting is a swap of first rounders in this year's draft if you were to trade back five or six spots with say the dolphins or the chargers for three or four spot chargers would be the one by we'll get to that so you would be swapping picks and then you would be giving up an in additional to when people said the REDSKINS got? Rg Three for three number ones in to number two in a you know in a in a V I think that was the deal ultimately. it really wasn't three number ones. It was two number ones. I mean you are swapping ones and then you got to additional number ones anyway. Whatever I don't know that you're going to get that much for that pick. You could potentially But I think really the issue here. Is You know when it comes to a case being made to trade eight number two or case being made to keep number two and take chase young comes down to your evaluation of chase young. It's that simple or potentially your evaluation of to a Tunga Viola or Justin Herbert. If you are not a believer in Haskins and we can't take that off the table you know if you're a redskin fan you cannot just automatically agree with me and think that that's what the team's GonNa do that. Dwayne haskins progress significantly the downsides very low and the upside. Is You know fairly high and that. There's some optimism about him. You can't take. That is the way they feel about him. We don't know how they feel about him and even if they feel the same way it doesn't doesn't mean that they won't feel much differently and much more Optimistically about one of the young quarterbacks in the draft they can like Dwayne Haskins wins and possibly is one of the best you know is the best quarterback to come out since Andrew Lock Detroit. And what do you do then. Well you know what you do then if if you like Dwayne Haskins and you think to is a You know the highest evaluated quarterback. You've had since luck you take too. Because it's the quarterback position so all of that is still in play but when it comes to sort of chase young or the the prospect of trading down. The bottom line is if you've got a player number two WHO's a quarterback or a pass rusher and you have them evaluated at a super high level you take take that player like if you if you believe chase young is going to be von Miller Khalil. Mack Nick Bosa you know going back to the great great pass rushers of the day like you think for the next ten years teams are going to have to every single week start their offensive game plan with how. How do we deal with chase young? You take him do you know what the rams got out of that. Big Deal with the Redskins nutting Michael Brokers Janoris Kris Jenkins Isaiah peed roquetas Watkins. Alec Ogle Tree Stedman Bailey. Stop me when you hear about an all time great player so if you think chase young is going to be Nick Bosa von Miller Khalil. Mack you take him because as you need a plus players you know people will make the case you have so many needs many needs you know players depth positions nations to fill all of. That's true but if you're filling those needs with be players and you're giving up on an a plus player you're not giving yourself a the best chance to go deep into January. You need more a players more a plus players. Who are they on the team right now? The Punter Trestle US away. You know I think we're hopeful that Jon Allen Doron pain and Terry McLaren you know Trent Williams comes back. He was there pretty much. They're only a player along with the punter in recent years. You need more players. You don't need you know three BS to give up on an a plus. Let's say you got five additional picks in this thing and you got three solid B plus players and the other two didn't work out because more more likely than not some of those players aren't GonNa work out alright but you gave up on a game changing a plus player for the next ten years at one of the games to most important positions. You lose you lose on that deal in my view so it just comes down to this. Do you have have them evaluated as an elite player at a very important position quarterback. Were Pass. Rusher if you do you take him. You take that player in you. You listen to every deal that comes your way. You don't do what Bruce did okay. You don't not answer calls not listen. That's foolish somebody. They get really desperate and you may give you four or five number ones and then you start thinking about it. He because the a plus player that you've got evaluated it's not a lock he's going to be a plus US player. He could tear his knee in training camp. Next year you know volume of picks his always a better strategy than one pick but not at a key position if you you have evaluated at an elite level I mean nothing would be worse right then five years from now looking back at number two and is an organization you debated Shea Shung who you thought had a really good chance to be a really good player. But you weren't convinced was in a plus player and you got five. Picks for him in the five picks were all be players in a couple of C. players. You know when one that didn't work out at all never made it didn't was out of the league in two years and chase young is in New York playing for for the giants wreaking havoc like Lt did for all of those years. It'll suck you need a players chase young more likely than not is going to be evaluated at a plus the five players you'll get in a trade you know the additional picks you better be sure there's another a plus in the in that group at it at this same position or impactful position you know people are GonNa Say Jeff Okuda the corner from Ohio state you know. A. Plus player okay but a plus plus a coroner's not the same as eight plus a pass rusher because given me some bees and two plus pass rushers and chase young in Montana sweating. I'll take like my chances with some bees in the secondary some bs and CS in the secondary One other thing that Peter King said yesterday about Bruce Allin I want. I want you to hear this. I'm not saying I was surprised that Daniel Cider God rid of one of his best friends in the World Bruce Allen but it was long overdue. I like Bruce Allin It was ridiculous that he continued to hold that job. Just ridiculous and I think any person in football a fall understands that if you go through three or four very lean years You know not only your are you endanger injure of losing your job. You probably should lose your job but Washington. It was ten years and you you just say why in the world is there an adult in the room and there wasn't and finally In this situation they finally did the right thing. I got rid of him in. Look you know we'll see I. I'm I mean I'm a I like Ron Rivera. Id's good coach. I think he commands a room. Well and he is basically I think doing what he went with the people he knew he went with Scott Turner to run his office. He went with Jack del Rio to run his defense. These guys he knows. Police police familiar with relationships with right. So that was Peter King on that I I I played it because you just can never ever ever you know Forget That this last ten years should have been much less than that. There isn't an owner in football and owner and sports a business owner that would have put up with that level of incompetence in that level of losing in that level of simultaneous. NEA's arrogance in one person with that much power for that long. It is remarkable that somebody with his record sixty to ninety seven in one or whatever it was with the missteps along with the way with the public embarrassments that he would stay in that position for that long. And I mentioned this a few weeks ago. on the positive side. I said look. Let's not forget down the road whether works out for Rivera or not. The Dan Snyder actually outkick the coverage with the higher. Like you can all you down the road when we review it. Let's not forget that based on the conditions at at the time he overachieved on the higher in jet Joe Gibbs helped out a lot. Let's also not forget if the Redskins have a quick turnaround the next year or the year after. Let's also not forget or let's not do the following. Give Bruce Allin any credit for it. He doesn't deserve it because because the players that are here there some good young players that are here but they would have never won with the level of dysfunction that would have continued had Bruce Allen State on his team president. He didn't do everything wrong. You know there were different things over the course of ten years he did right. I love the fact that we we finally had some fiscal. You know Some fiscal discipline in the organization after ten years of being undisciplined discipline fiscally. I liked what he brought with that. Now got to the point where was too much. It was too much about getting a good deal rather than getting a good player you know that was was one of his big errors in terms of personnel. He was so self impressed with the contracts that he got very players forgetting the fact that he was getting usually usually in most cases a less than average player. That wasn't going to help them win. But if the redskins turn it around and go nine seven this year and threaten a six seed in the the playoffs. And you're like Whoa and you for a moment. Say Hannah. What Bruce Allen got some pretty damn good players in here you know gotTa Give Him some credit no oh no because they would have never succeeded had he stayed here in that position never he should have been gone several years ago? The organization might be in a different spot today. If Dan Snyder had felt the desperation that wasn't far different than it. Was this past year a couple couple of years ago Then maybe they would be Already well you know right very much on their way to do you know being competitive in this league in and maybe even would have been coming off a competitive season last year. If Snyder had done it earlier Anyway that's enough enough On the redskins today so last night. I'm watching inside the NBA. The Best Studio Show in all of sports television is the TNT. You know a pre game show halftime postgame. Show Ernie Johnson. Kenny Smith. Shaquille O'Neal Charles Barkley. It looks like D. Wade Dwayne. Wade's can get added that group this year so last night. was supposed to be clippers and Lakers and they postponed that game and just as an aside. If I didn't say this with Tommy yesterday I don't have. I don't have much of a problem with any of the stuff that's going on. You know like playing on Sunday or not playing on Sunday a wearing number twenty four number eights or not wearing number twenty fours or number rates. You know I none of that stuff you know bothers me. People people are grieving in their emotionally Off and their reactions to it can no matter what they are. You know to me I it's it's really hard to be critical of them. I'm not a big fan of of at this point getting aggressive on changing the logo. I think that's a wait and see kind of thing I emma fan of of what's been brought up of the NBA All Star game having the East wearing number eight in the western life whereas or vice versa. I love that idea. Yeah that's A. It's it's that sport. It's a way to honor him It's the All Star game. It's you know within a few weeks of his passing so everybody's still grieving and it. It's it would be a nice thing. the logo thing. If you haven't seen it there's been a social media push to change the logo in two Kobe's image from Jerry very wests image which has been the logo for years? I think that's a wait and see and it we sit back and let time pass and things like that but anyway last night was really really moving. First of all these are people you want to hear from you and hear from Shaquille O'Neal you know I don't know I'm a Barkley Fan. When here here from Barkley I wanNA see Ernie Johnson be sort of the moderator in the queue in a in the guy that's GonNa fire questions and and move the thing along and set people up? He's the best they. They had multiple people. Come in Jerry Westman play for you with Jerry. West said some of what Jerry West said in a moment And then Rick Fox and Derek Fisher joined in and that may have been the most incredible moment of the night. Get to that in a little bit. it was It was it was really moving but I think that the person that I think a lot of people watch that show for last night which was done at the staple center an empty staples center in. La is they wanted to hear shack. We had seen what he had tweeted. tweeted out on Sunday and we wanted to hear shack. This is you know the Shaquille O'Neal Kobe. Bryant relationship in Los Angeles is one of the all time interesting. Sting sports do us you know in sports history first of all. It's one of the greatest duos and you could argue. The Greatest Duo sports duo of all time. I mean that's a great topic for a show and I'm glad I just thought of it because I think I'll do that tomorrow in the show But their relationship which it was not close and antagonistic and confrontational and led to Shaquille O'Neal being dealt in lead to then wow. We'll Kobe win without shack and it didn't happen for awhile and shack went onto win elsewhere. You know in Miami Dwayne Wade in two thousand six and and so you know I mentioned yesterday with Tommy. It was very crucial. I think for Dwayne way up for a Kobe. Bryant's legacy that. He win the titles that he won two of of them without shack we would have thought much differently about him much differently about his playing career if he hadn't gotten those additional titles you know and they were close so That relationships always been fascinating. I on Sunday. I think I mentioned this on Monday. It was much he was the guy wanted to hear from Shaquille. O'Neal it didn't care about hearing from Michael or Lebron or anybody else. I mean I was taking all of it in consuming all of it but I really wanted to hear from Shaquille O'Neal and so last night Shaquille sort of opened up the discussion And here's what he said. The pain that sharp in a while forty forty seven years old to rose two grandmothers Gloucestershire charge lost my sister and now aw who also little brother we Americans will be attached together for what we did you know just makes me think that and and life sometimes to hold them back certain things we should just do we up here we work a lot of time. We take stuff for granted. I gotTa Talk to you guys as much as much as the fact that Uh We're not going to be able to Joe. Get his hall of fame ceremony. What I'm going to be able to say how I got five? Got Four the fact that we're not going to say if we would stay together. We kind of got ten. Those are the can't get back from father. My sister pain as all of that which I just say something to them again. Talking talking was when we were here it is GonNa get fifty. They got sixty spoke to him. And I just wish you know so definitely changes me. That was really really moving to watch Shaquille O'Neal all seven foot foot two in of him and just could not hold it together but did hold together enough in in his such such a unique Person to begin with you know in in sports over a long period of time. I mean Shaquille O'Neal is truly like stay a unique guy and I think one of the more more likable players. Say One of the most like you can't find anyone who h And you know how about the fact that he talked about the last time talk to Kobe was Kobe's final game. It's three years ago coming up on four years ago. This was not a relationship that was very close relationship that was repaired paired and became much. Better you know after many years of of dislike but even last night admitted that he had not talked up to Kobe. Since the final game he played remembered staple center against Utah when he asked for fifteen. He got sixty you know that was that was April of twenty 2016. So it's three and you know it's coming up on four years The night continued last night on. TNT on this show Jerry West it came on a man sat with all of these guys And he couldn't keep it together. Jerry West engineered the trade that brought Koby Bryant to Los Angeles He talked a lot about you know workouts. The Kobe had in front of him before that draft. He brought Michael Cooper the Great Michael Cooper one of the great defensive offensive players in the history of the game and an all time defender for the Lakers indigo one on one with Kobe. Kobe shredded him and attack. Point you know West was like Oh my God is this is the real deal. This was some Jerry West. From last night I had a special relationship with him. No one knows in a Mutt call. Doctor had with no one knows. Even people who are close to they don't know the conversations with they don't know the conversations I had with him in Memphis when I was working in Memphis. We still communicate it He also Jerry. West talked about the time that Kobe was so so upset with management. La He said he was going to go play for the clippers. and Jerry West said this tomb. I'm never really mention this to anyone he was. Don't come and sign with the clippers. Who are now involved with as a consultant told him Kobi under no circumstances? Can you do this. And he was mad at everyone at the Lakers. The owner everyone else awesome. Because we can't go play with the clipper you can't play for that owner period we had two conversations about and he's supposedly made a commitment to the clippers. There's an after the last one we talked last time. But who's so many things that we talked about. As he seeking information he his parents were with him for a while and honestly I felt like he's for two years. I don't know if I can get over this. It was some tough stuff watching Jerry West last night and how about that. You're not playing for this owner that owner being Donald Sterling at the time And and then to me. The moment of the night came when Rick Fox en- Derek Fisher joined. The guys joined Ernie any Johnson. Kenny Smith Shaquille. O'Neal Charles Barkley in D. Wade Twain Wade was sitting As part of the group as well if you recall on Saturday the reporting warning the eroneous reporting in the hours that followed included that for. I don't know an hour or so that Rick Fox of Kobe. Bryant's best friends. Rick Fox played on those Laker teams with Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant That Rick Fox was also on the helicopter and had perished in the crash and Rick Fox was asked by Ernie Johnson. And if you watch this you can see that Rick Fox. I don't want to say that he's reluctant to answer this but he did. Not There was not an attempt on his as part to make it about himself. You know But at the same time Ernie Johnson SORTA set it up in a way in which he said. Look we're here for Kobe. But this was a big part of what was going on and Sunday the erroneous reporting the the chase to be first to report some of this stuff and people got it wrong and when you get it wrong on somebody who's alive who you've now reported is dead impacts a lot of people you'll hear what he said about it. It's it join sort of the answer the midway through but it gets to the part. That's really remarkable in that. Is that his former college. Teammate King Rice. WHO's a coach at monmouth university king? Rice part of the Tar Heel family with Kenny Smith and Rick Fox. I'm Tanya the North Carolina basketball thing and the Duke Basketball family thing. It really is remarkable. We've all as longtime ACC fans seen it up. Close to see what those guys think of their experience with Dean Smith with Roy Williams and in with with chefs key. And how close that that. That alum group is So he starts to talk about how you know. He was with his his kids consuming. The whole Kobe. Bryant has died and been killed in a helicopter crash not knowing at that point that it's also being reported that he was on the helicopter King Rice. You'll hear him start with. This is trying to reach Rick Fox. Listen to how he describes is what happened after that on. How how do you tell the people that you need to know the most? This is not true moment to moment moment to moment. I don't wish shit on anyone. This this moment is has been overwhelming for all of us First and foremost to the families that were lost obviously obviously so get lives have been turned upside down to our brother Kobe and his family. Sem Natalia Bianca Capri. We send our prayers and condolences My family went through in the midst of all of this. Something I couldn't have imagined them experiencing I spent time talking to my kids for about forty five minutes as this was all happening in our colleague. Jared Greenberg brought to me the news that that morning and he said he asked My text if I had heard of the story and I I said Oh the shoes Kobe. Lebron and Kobe passed him last site and he said no he said this is how you need to sit down and he texted me the article and I just I went into full blown. Denial and fortunately one of my. My daughter's greatest fears is finding out that a parent who one of her parents would be lost through social media instead of from a loved one or a family member and and You know she fortunately called me and we you just were talking and crying about the news of Kobe and and my son and then we started you know so we were talking. I was talking to my kids is trying to spend the time with them and then the phone just started going off often. I'm thinking to myself. Everybody wants to talk about Kobe. And and right now I want to be with my kids and my family and then all of a sudden my best friend in King Rice was a basketball coach. Kane kidding kidding okay. He walked off the court. I ONA in. Somebody's apparently told told them that. I may have been on a helicopter and he. He started calling some kings number repeatedly going and going and going and think he's worried about me so I said talk to my best friend and I answered and I said Hey man is crazy about coby and he just was bawling and I started crying and he was like you're live and I'm thinking well yeah like what you mean. And he an was in that moment that I my phone just started going in my mom and my sister and my brother and so look this is this has been. This has been a lot to the process for all of us Quite frankly We're blessed to have had the time we had with Kobe. City is morning families morning. We're we're all morning and I'm I'm I don't you know I'm glad that's over with but it was hard to deal with because it took a lot of people in my life. That was Rick Fox and that part about king rice calling him Him expecting to pick up the phone to talk about Kobe. Bryant with him and King Rice starts bawling because it's like now he's heard Rick Fox's voice and he's alive was amazing and then Kenny Smith actually jumped in and said that when he heard about Kobe he was a passenger in a car and and and He was you know. Couldn't it was having a difficult time dealing with just the fact that Koby had passed away and then he got the news that Rick Fox smae have been you know a a former tar heel in Rick Fox says to Kenny. Smith said you were my brother. You raised me. You know in Kenny Smith said he used to spend time with me when you know when set when I was in Sacramento as a player and he was in North Carolina and and And Kenny Smith said that he reached out to King Rice to find doubt about Rick Fox in King. Rice didn't get back to him and so he decided to text. Rick Fox himself. Kenny Smith I sent rick a text message praying that he would respond but not expecting it because of the reports at Rick Fox was on the helicopter Texan and he said just shoot. Shoot back to me. You know a hey and he did and Kenny. Smith got the texts back from Fox and Kenny Smith and broke up. Couldn't couldn't continue to talk there briefly and he said he couldn't believe it you know he thought he was texting dead person and then Rick Fox got back to him with a text message. You know thinking thinking like he was with King Rice that he was just reaching out in this terrible day of Koby Bryant tragically passing what day man. What a day you know I? I know that there's you know we talked about this yesterday with Tommy lots of criticism of TMZ. I don't I I agree with Tommy. This is their business so this is what they do. They got it right and in terms of the people that got look if they had gotten it wrong. It's an all time wrong. You know They haven't gotten a lot wrong in recent years Those that did get Rick Fox wrong or that. Four daughters Kobe's four daughters run the helicopter. Those people that got that wrong. I I can't name them right now. I don't know who it was. That broke the Rick Fox News I would just say. Obviously it's terrible but on a day like that similar. Today's you know again. I'm not comparing nine. Eleven to Sunday but nine eleven was one of those surreal Newsday's and things are happening news breaking in things are going on and this is before social media to this is before twitter. You know this is before instagram. This is before facebook. You know in two thousand one right. FACEBOOK came along couple years after that and Y- I guarantee you that if you go back on nine eleven there was a lot coronas reporting in the hours after the world trade centers and the Pentagon you know. I remember living here and you know thinking for a good thirty to forty five minutes that there was a rogue aircraft headed for Washington. DC and just looking up at the skies with all of the fighter jets circling calling our city in the hours after nine eleven. That is still honestly one of the crazy I. It's it's the day of my lifetime in terms of you know where I was what I was doing remembering everything you know as it was for John. F Kennedy's assassination for People who are older But to look up into the sky at ten thirty eleven in the morning Levin thirty in the morning and seeing fighter jets flying overhead and reports of a rogue aircraft now that rogue aircraft probably probably was flight. Ninety three that ended up You know being taken down By the passengers in Shanksville with an incredible active of of of heroism but Anyway my point is this. I guess you know there was a Roni US reporting and it's probably happened a lot on days like that in the past with a lot of media. You don't WanNa get it wrong and you don't want to get it wrong. Word impact somebody in his friends and family the way it did there. You're but you know people that are harshly critical of those people that were rushing to get it to get it. I got it wrong Remember member it's not. They're not the first ones and they won't be the last ones. It's a competitive business. You know journalism news very competitive business in and and And that was a that was a swing and miss the Rick Fox stuff was swinging Amiss and I thought that part of King's King Rice was coaching basketball game and left the basketball. ESKIMO game all right to start calling Rick Fox when he heard that Rick Fox was on the helicopter Okay Wanted to get through a couple of other things including What happened last night at Duke? You saw this errand right with weird so last night. Duke's playing you know a traditionally CC matchup against a pit last night at Cameron Indoor those traditional ACC Matt match rivalry they do pit. I'm pits actually decent this year. They've had a I think didn't pit sweep North Carolina. I mean everybody's Beaten Norton North Carolina's now won two in a row. Yes they have. They want to interrupt. I bet against them the other day or you did or the NC state game yeah But pits actually played pretty well And they're at Duke last night and at the end of the a half of that game. The Duke Cameron Crazies Start Chanting at Jeff Capel. Who is the head coach? Pitch F capable played it to coach to duke his an assistant part of the Duke Family They started chanting At Jeff Capel come sit with us. It was a playful chant Because it was saying. Hey you're not one of them. You're one of us. Come sit with us. While chef ski went nuts he went absolutely nuts he screwed stock. He stood up walked across the court and started telling the students to shut shut up and to say he's one of US shut up. He's one of us you screaming it. I mean the rat was in rare form. I haven't seen him that angry with anybody. Anybody but his players in a long long time he lost it completely lost it and he didn't know what they were chanting. He assumed that they were chanting something thing because they do at times chant things that are derogatory. And you know. They think they're clever and sometimes they are in. Sometimes they really miss the mark and sometimes they're very playful and You know harmless and sometimes they really get after somebody in opposing player in opposing coach and a mean-spirited way. They have over the years and he thought that they were chanting something. That was more mean spirited towards capable and he's screaming at them to shut up and that he's one of us and afterwards when he found found out that the chant wasn't really what he thought it was he sort of apologized. Sort of he said it was a mistake on my part but I'd rather make a mistake in protection of my guy I went at the end of the half and said look. He's our guy in. That's and that said so I apologize. Let's think of a different cheer like defense or let's go duke or let's go dude. That's not what they do coach. They do a lot of that but they got a whole sheet they added. I don't know if you're familiar with this. They got a whole sheet of chance for every game. The worst singling out people remember there is group. Maryland fans have tried to start doing cheer sheets and that got shot. Shaw Yeah we don't need to be them Never have needed to be them but You Know He. Also as part of his post-game Presser spoke a lot about Kobe Bryant who he coached obviously in the Olympics in you know And when out of his way to say you know these last couple of days have been really emotional Kobe was one of my players. I coached him on three different teams. He was my leader. We had special moments private and public. He was amazing with my grandkids So anyway Maybe everybody has is sort of forgiven for anything in the aftermath of of the Sunday tragedy. especially if you have direct experience and our friends I'm in no Kobe Bryant But anyway that that was that was funny to watch K.. A completely lose his mind even capable said afterwards. And I'm paraphrasing at this point That was sort of a nice cheer. May you know I. It certainly wasn't something That was Antagonistic or mean-spirited Duke won the game. Seventy sixty seven Georgetown loss last night right and they are. They're started getting towards that point now where they're not a tournament team And they had a stretch there where they certainly were building a decent resume to be included in the tournament. I always say this every year about the tournament. You start discounting or you start eliminating teams from contention. You can't do that on January twenty nine. That's a mistake so I'll admit I'll admit that upfront. Because the the field of sixty eight they gotta fill the whole thing out. And they're going to be a lot of teams that you think aren't deserving that are going to be right there in the bubble and have a chance but Georgetown's now lost three in a row and two of those games were at home against Marquette in Butler native double digit lead last night. They're going to have to win some big games. They have opportunities. You know they play Villanova. They play Seton Hall. They play Butler again. You know they play Creighton again that you know the big East is pretty damn good. They've got a chance to make a run but they needed. They needed that game last night against a ranked Butler eighteen which would have given their second win in about a week and a half over ranked teams instead? They've lost three in a row and four of their last five five and then in the NBA last night. How about your Washington Wizards and what? They did. Last night. The Wizards last night lost to the bucks. One fifty one to one thirty one in that game. Chris Middleton who played for Mark Turgeon at Texas am and is an all-star Went for a career high fifty one points. Chris Middleton Sixteen Twenty six from the field seven of ten from behind the ARC. Twelve twelve from the free throw line He had fifty one eric. BLEDSOE was the second second leading scorer with thirty four new. You're asking yourself a what about Yoenis. Where's genus Tenneco? Whereas the Greek freak well he didn't play last night he had a sore shoulder and they still scored scored one hundred fifty? One points against the wizards The Wizards are terrible. Defensively terrible defensively. All time bad defensively headed towards one of the worst defensive seasons in NBA history. Now beal had forty seven all right. Hey that's a second straight forty. He plus point game for him. They trailed at halftime eighty eight to sixty three. The Bucks scored eighty eight points. In the first half a franchise record for them them and a franchise. Worst in terms of most points allowed for the bullets slash wizards the bull. The wizards have now given up one hundred forty forty or more in six games the most since nineteen ninety. Paul Westhead led Denver Nuggets the nuggets that year had six games in which they allowed one hundred and forty plus points in eighty two games the wizards of allowed one hundred and forty plus in forty six games James. They've allowed one hundred fifty plus four times this year including the last two games. I mean like if you so you like there. There was a day and it's not that long ago. Where if somebody gave up a buck twenty-five whoa that's a bad defensive night buck you know? They're giving up a buck fifty plus plus in back to back games. They're horrendous on defense It's a It's they can score. They they they they certainly can score points but if you look at like the last two games don't forget. They scored one hundred and thirty three hundred and thirty one in the last two games in part because their opponents. I didn't think that there was any chance in hell. They would lose the game so they were okay getting into a summer league up and down you know. Let's score as many points as we can kind out of a game That's enough on them. I will finish up with The following Erin brought this to my attention yesterday. I've not been paying attention attention to the Fedex field concert schedule but Aaron has been and he thinks it may potentially impact the redskins early season schedule next year. the fat Fedex. Field's got a bunch of stuff going on this summer it starts Wednesday may twenty seventh with the BT 's world tour. What does that Aaron K Pop band is super popular. Apparently unfamiliar with them not really Then Saturday June six. They've got a monster jam truck show at Fedex field. That'll don't mess up the field. Pretty good won't it. Yeah Friday August Twenty First Justin Bieber at Fedex field and then Thursday August twenty seventh. Ramstein right right. Yeah they're a German. I'm halfway a little bit familiar with them So Fedex field's going to get torn up and when that last concert takes place on August twenty seventh. According to the reports the Redskins will take what at that point will be more likely than not damaged field and they will replace that field yes now the. NFL season next year is going to be a late. NFL season in terms of the calendar Week one Labor as late this year. And that's the reason for that because the NFL schedule pretty much comes off of Labor Day weekend. Labor Day next The the next September is on Monday September seventh which is the latest. You can have Labor Day which means the NFL season will kick off Thursday nights. September tenth in the first Sunday will be September thirteenth. Pretty much the latest you can start the NFL. I would have thought that it was earlier but yeah I didn't realize Labor Day that was that just so everybody knows that means that the final week of the season next year will be January third So it'll be Sunday January third her twenty twenty one will be final a week of the NFL season so So anyway if August twenty seventh is the day that they have their last big event and then on the twenty eighth they begin to replace the field. Will it be ready for a home opener on September timber thirteenth. I don't know I don't know that time of year and I'm not you know this isn't my area of expertise But I we'd bet that will lead to more likely than not is a request for more time for the field to sort of grow in to settle in and that means the redskins more likely than not are gonNA Open on the road that's area that's my guess. And so when I do my mock schedule is the first nugget on the mocks. Yeah I will. Certainly they have this as the first sort of. Hey this is a consideration here. That's why I'm going on the road For the Redskins to open the season remember last year are. They opened up the season on the road at Philadelphia And in twenty eighteen they opened up the season on the road in Arizona. And I think I predicted both of those. I believe so because they had had multiple years in a row of opening at home they had opened a against Philadelphia. I think at twenty seventeen. They had the back to back home games games against the steelers on a Monday night and the cowboys in Two Thousand Sixteen I think twenty fifteen started with two home games. That was the first year of Kirk starting with Miami and Saint Louis at home and I think it was at Houston before they went on the road at Arizona which had been the last time they had opened up a season on the road and that was the Jay Gruden gruden season number. One I that is on on memory there. Are you following along with me and my right about that. Sally Fourteen was at Houston. Twenty fifteen was was was the combination of Miami Rams. In kirks I do breath open up the season. Two Thousand Sixteen was Pittsburgh Dallas. They started to write twenty seventeen gene was Philly at home That was that game. That was really close and They lost it towards the end. There's a back door Lasts you fumble return on the final play of the game. Yeah Yes yes And then Sir twenty eighteen. I predicted they're gonNA play on the road because he'd played so many home openers and then even last year I think my mock mkx schedule I could be wrong. Think I had them opening up on the road so we'll be three straight years on the road. Maybe based on the summer schedule at Fedex field. There's a couple couple of fun facts to know and tell your friends about the potential redskins twenty twenty schedule early in the season Maybe a road game hold on. You WanNa get. Let's let's let's take this okay. We'll just start to do a little bit of the of the redskins schedule for twenty twenty The redskins skins On the road in twenty twenty play their division games and then they also play Cleveland and Pittsburgh from the AFC San Francisco. Arizona WANNA in Detroit They opened last year with Philadelphia on the roads. That's probably not going to happen this year. at Arizona was at Arizona was two years ago. That's probably not going to happen at. Cleveland feels like a possibility. I think it'll be a division game at giants. Giants are at giants. The the problem with the cowboys is that the cowboys have been in that Sunday nights cowboy. That's not going to happen so I'll go with that giants. It's right now. That's my twenty twenty one redskins opening day game. I remember I had thrown out earlier because they have Carolina on the scheduled home. That may be Carolina's a week one opponent at Fedex field. We might have to wait for week two for that. All right. That's it for the show today Thanks to Aaron. Thanks to all of you Tommy with me tomorrow. Lots of Super Bowl talk tomorrow and Friday Enjoy the day.

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