Hour 2: Jay Z and the NFL, Rich Paul Rule


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News and approximately a half hour so across the street <hes> at staples center <hes> aerospace junior and sean porter going to have a press conference for the upcoming fight. I believe in september twenty eighth at the state of sending looking forward to that <hes> but i started ended our number one by bringing up this agreement. Eh jay z has reached with the national football league essentially jay z and a national football league partnering with one another and and <hes> this is what it is <hes> new york times article washington post article n._f._l. And jay z team on music social campaign social justice campaign ain't <hes> and the n._f._l. Has signed a deal with the rap star and presario jay z to gain a foothold in the music business and getting seal of approval for one of the country's biggest african american celebrities for its social justice efforts the deal with roc nation rappers entertainment sports company calls for the firm to the n._f._l.'s live music entertainment strategist a role that will see rock mission and jay z consulting assaulting on entertainment including the super bowl halftime show and contributing to the league's activism campaign inspire change now you know jay z and i know i'm a little a bit obviously recognize the reach that the national football league ask <hes> and if you know jay z he's gonna try to utilize that to his advantage to the advantage of everybody everybody because that's what he's about. It's just it's just that simple data who he is data's what he's about use their resources to help millions of people now. You've got a lot of people out there that stood up for colin cabinet. I've been obstinate for colleague cabinet while also being a critic because i don't necessarily believe he had a plan and i don't think he's executed. Whatever plan ultimately manufactured later on and last time i saw him playing football. He was one and ten is a starter. Although i could blame a lot of it or chip kelly you had no business coaching and the n._f._l. Beginning should coaching with the eagles should have been coach with the forty niners should've had his behind back in college. Football should have never left oregon. Maybe he'll do a better job at u._c._l._a. We shall see but but the point that i'm trying to make is that when you look at golic happening see we see all of this stuff going on. We see all this attention being brought to bear. Ah about colin kaepernick in the repercussions we still see him putting stuff out in social media showing him working out how he still ready to play etc etc so the the insinuation if not the flat out statement is that i still am being blackballed. I can't get a job no surprise there not surprised at all. I still think it'd be a blackboard. I don't think it's fair. I don't think he violated any rules and regulations. He didn't do what antonio brown tried the threatening to retire and let the leak capitulates to him. He took a knee he made a statement but it was not in violation of any by laws but a national football pollick period period and he should have a job but what makes it interesting now more than ever before you see people doing business because because obviously if you wanna use a figurative muscle to make sure that the n._f._l. Pays attention remember jay. Z. refused to be a part of halftime entertainment when the n._f._l. Saw what him before remember that don't forget that now they do a business with them and i have no doubt daisy is going to attempt and pull off having a profound impact and it's bigger than just colin kaepernick and we don't ignore his sacrifice and we don't ignore aw what colin kaepernick was willing to do but let's make sure we understand something here. It does beg the question if the president of the united states h donald trump is willing to come out and say you know what i don't mind callan cabinet having a job in the n._f._l. If he could still play if the n._f._l. Fellas willing to do business with people who were supportive of colin cabinet. If a guy like eric greed who seen in practically every photo you can faster confed them or come up with taking a knee whipped. Colin kaepernick still have the job of the n._f._l. Why does it call a cabinet job. I'm not saying i know the answer. What up up challenging everybody to do is can somebody please ask the damn question other than stephen smith. Why is everybody going about about business as usual doing what they do. Even the people who need alongside them can still took a knee hell he just recently called stephen ross the order for the miami dolphins for his apocrypha with rise and being a staunch adversary against racism against prejudice and being the philanthropist that stephen ross has been two years but still scheduled a fundraising event for trump kenny stills. His own receiver called them out without even meeting with him. I by the way i don't support. Daddy should have smoked stephen ross. I i support kenny stills position but i don't support him not talking to stephen ross his <unk> boss before he called him out diminishing the found out on social media period. I'm not a proponent of that but kenny stills had a right to take his stance. He took a knee before he's working in the n._f._l. Era agree took a league he'd spent he's still working in the n._f._l. N._f._l. Doing business with a bunch of people that obviously supportive of color cabinet mukalla cabinet doesn't have a job and nobody's asking the question why why is stephen a smith may more yours truly here asking the question why why why why does not have a job but hold the press because you you might think i'm asking that question because oh my god prejudice is being exercised against colin cabinet making colin cabinet is still being ostracizing black bolt from the n._f._l. Maybe or maybe colin cabinet made a deal and hasn't told us about it. Everyone keeps forgetting that colin cabinet and the national football league reached a settlement colleague cabinet did not use the players association. He used his own attorneys against their wishes. According to what i hurt kala capper nick reached a settlement. We've never learned the particulars of that settlement. We don't know what he capitulated to what he agreed to. We have no clue. We don't know of college. We don't know how much money colin colin kaepernick was paid off and we don't know what the stipulations of that payoff actually was because he's never told us the n._f._l. Has never told us so. Is it possible that colin capital doesn't have a deal to play in the national football league because colin cabinet quietly settle took the money and didn't tell us what he's agreed to. I'm still waiting. I've i've been asking for that information for months. What he do made a lot of noise. Had a lot of people rallied behind how'd you this country was clearly divided along racial at the that was his fault but there is no question about that and you agree via settlement and we don't know what you capitulated to. I just thought worth inspecting no question about that. 'cause inquire reminds damn show would like to know i know would would eighty eight say e._s._p._n. Is edited seven to nine three seven seven six well congratulations to j._c. Rogue nation they make a big things happen and and i can tell you one thing i know about jasey jay z. In anything just for the money he's always going to try to make an impact in the difference in some way and and i have no doubt that in partnership with the national football league he will do exactly that and by the way i don't expect any more boring halftime shows because jay jay z don't do boring eight say e._s._p._n. It's edited seven to nine three seven seven six. You're listening to the show e._s._p._n. Radio e._s._p._n. News let me get back to this whole rich paul rule because a lot of people may have missed this dancy aa came down with a ruling at the recommendation of a select committee and that ruling called for extensively several things but more importantly than anything else age is being required to have a four year bachelor's degree great well abroad. James took to social media to speak out adamantly against this because his position when was as he called it the rich paul rule. You're doing this to keep guys out like him because rich paul has established himself as a bona fide big time agent in this business rich paul represents not just lebron his buddy via collect sports but rich paul also represents ben simmons. He represents draymond green. He represents john wall. He represents various other clients j._r. smith tristan thompson another's. He's represented. All of these guys continues to do so rich. Paul does not have a bachelor's degree and so why the n._c._w._a. Stipulated dictated this. Everybody was in an uproar because once again it's the n._c. Double a. coming across as hypocritical and exploitative because they're thinking about themselves and not thinking. I'm not not nearly as much as they should about these kids. That's what the perception was because you've got a lot of kids from disenfranchised communities throughout this nation who happened to be minorities aac allow black and the people they associate with and the people that they trust trust to lead and guide them aren't always necessarily individuals with college degrees so it was really really problematic for them. It was very very problematic for them that you would come to them that you try to make sure that these kids are associated with somebody that has a four year degree because as numerous agents have proven you don't have to have a four year degree college degree in order to be in the studio the agent you gotta be somebody that knows the business. That's in good standing with the players association for the national basketball association or if you are football player for the national football players for the national football players association but if you're in good standing with them that should be enough well the n._c. Double a. took that into consideration and modified its ruling by omitting the requirement that you have to have a four year degree in order to be an agent. Here's what everybody missed. There's a commission on college basketball good ball and it reads here n._c._w._a. You can go to their webpage. The commission on college basketball has been established by the n._c. Double a board of governors ernest division one board of directors and the n._c._w._a. President to fully examine critical aspects of division one men's basketball the commission is strongly encouraged to identify bold legislative policy and structural modifications to improve the integrity of our processes and the wellbeing of student athletes further the boards stand stand ready and are committed to implement appropriate meaningful and lasting changes specifically the commission will focus on three areas a the relationship of the against he double a national office member institutions student athletes and coaches with outside entities. Okay be the relationship with the n._b._a. And the challenging effect the n._b._a. A so-called one and done rule has had them college basketball including how to n._c._w. Can changes own eligibility rules to address that dynamic and see creating the right relationship between the universities and colleges of the n._c. Double a. and it's national office to promote transparency and accountability ladies gentlemen. Here's here's the part that everybody missed. When everybody was talking about race. The commission on college basketball is composed of the following. The chairperson of the committee is dr condoleeza rice the former secretary chevy of states in the united states of america for provos for stanford university as well. She was sixty six united states secretary of st mary sue coleman president association of american universities general more any dempsey u._s. army retired chairman u._s._a. Basketball mock mark emmett president n._c._w._a. Jeremy foley athletic directors emeritus university of florida atlantic athletic association jeffrey hathaway vice president director of athletics hofstra university grant hill for me n._b._a. Player n._b._a. Star duke own vice-chairman is chairman atlanta hawks reverend john l. jenkins president university of notre dame. Mike montgomery retired basketball coach analyst pac twelve networks and westwood one sports but peterson president georgia institute of technology chairman and see the chair n._c._w. Board of governors david robinson admirable the admiral forestall for the san antonio spurs found admiral capital group gene smith vice president and wolf foundation data direct ohio state university john thompson a third board of directors national association of basketball coaches and of course a catherine roomy air. I think that's how you pronounce. Former white house counsel partner late them and walk l._l._p. Let let me tell you what i do know john. Thompson third is black gene. Smith is black grant. Hill is black. David robinson is black. Condoleeza rice is black. That's the committee that gave recommendation to begin with now. They may have made modifications wants to he came down now and a lot must have gone into it lately gentleman. They may have gotten it wrong but you do realize the people that were out there. Quick to point out how the n._c. Double a. who's engaging in pseudo racial discrimination laser gentlemen that recommendation that the what the n._c. Aa attempted to implement was a recommendation by that committee rife with black people on it. Are we gonna talk about racism cds things that we gotta be careful about the might have gotten it wrong but with the n._c._w. We will make the argument that wasn't in the right place. When in fact recommendation was given to them by somebody else who's hard. I know was in the right place. I know grant hill a little bit. I've heard a lot of great things about condoleeza rice john thompson the third don't give me started with the thompson family contribution that they have made to college basketball across because the poet father and sons. They're great people. Don't tell me the hot wasn't in the right place so yes. It needed to be modified yesterday to be corrected. Yes people had a beef would understand that but does it come another point. Just y'all all of us including me just to be a little bit more careful when we're willing to throw out the race card because sometimes it just doesn't apply sometimes. It's a bit excessive sometimes. It's i engaging hyperbolic <hes> hyperbole in history onyx rather than just substance in truth. It's just that simple. You could come to me all day long with questions about the decisions that they made. What were they thinking about. How writer on on i'm open for that just don't tell me to grant hill and and david robinson but sending gene smith and john thompson the third and and and and and condoleeza rice the people like that don't care about black people don't do that don't do that. We dissect we evolve. We learn that's what we do the right thing to do and i'm interested in talking about this in the future what went into their decision what ultimately went into what chaim made the n._c._w. Change each course to some degree in terms of that requirement with four year degrees for agents and what have you and by the way this. I'm getting sick and tired of everybody bringing up black when it comes to rich paul rich paul is not having problems because he's black black blackness always plays a role to some degree in our society and i get that it's not about it's it's about the fact that he represents and his tight like a brother with one of the greatest players in the history of basketball who happens to be incredibly incredibly influential and i could be critical until the cows come home about certain things lebron james his insatiable appetite to control the narrative his fear of shooting free throws from time to time his selection or parameter shots when he should take his big behind to the whole yeah. I could could do that but lebron. James is a great man. A phenomenal role model who's made more money than most athletes will ever dream of in their lifetime and is still as professional as thorough and as committed to excellence as they say come. He is a treasure to the world of sports who will be sorely missed when he is gone and he's busy and even though i know he watches and listens sometimes can't listen to all the time probably don't want to but i hope his sons a listening. His wife is listening. His momma is listening. He is a great man. I don't say it much but make no mistake. I know when we think about what we talk about. The other day with antonio brown around will lebron james evident ever never never over some silliness like that you can complain about the rules else but at the end of the day you're gonna capitulate to them and he's certainly going to threaten to retire and quit. Just go speak your mind. You're gonna make adjustments. You can still go out there and perform. It's what greatness does that's what great professionals to and that's what great professionals who feel an obligation to people people beyond themselves have an insatiable appetite to do adapt and conquer anyway despite the obstacles that lie in wait lebron james is a great man of phenomena role model that we owe a hell of a lot to we will miss him when he's gone. People don't have a problem with rich paul. They have a problem with lebron james aims because he won't just shut up and dribble. He won't just be silent. He won't just play basketball and go on his merry way. He will stand up and speak out and people are scared of that but you can't exactly just come at had him so you go after rich. Paul is part of what happens. I'm not saying nancy w did it. I'm not saying that basketball committee did it. I'm just speaking in general in terms of somebody issues that rich paul has had but i got news for you about ritual and the only one henry retirement god rest his soul former aid for d. Way chris bosh and others wonderful man love him dearly miss him too great agent. He had those issues bill strickland the former agent for rosh tripling and others he had those issues bill duffy one of the greatest agents to have ever blessed. This business still going strong. He has those issues aaron and eric goodwin who i've known for years as well phenomenal ages oh by the way they're the ones that negotiated and been representing gaas is like damian lillard and others for years doing their thing making money being successful you think they don't go through stuff. Let's make sure when we played a blackout it counts and if ain't gonna count he has suggested from your friendly neighborhood stephen smith shut the hell up and wait until it applies until then put your head down. Go about doing your business and fight the battles that need to before it had eight say e._s._p._n. It's today's seven to nine three seven seven six back to your calls and more in a minute. 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Radio is a new two hundred and fifty plus markets across the united states of america. Check your a._m. F._m. listening nearest you plus e._s._p._n. Radio on sirius x._m. Channel eighty plus e._s._p._n. Radio simulcast over the live national television airwaves of of e._s._p._n. News number to call up his always triple eight say e._s._p._n. That's edited seven to nine three seven seven six. You're listening to our number twenty. One of the fantasy you see football marathon. Remember the sign up and play fantasy football by going to e._s._p._n. Dot com slash f. f. l. or in the e._s._p._n. Fantasy app to the phones. We go at eight say e._s._p._n. It's edited seven hundred seventy six. Don talked to me your name rene t._h._e. Hottie don don don. I can barely hear you. Could you please raise your voice and talk loud sir. Yes sir. Thanks for taking calls steven a. Keep up the good work buddy. Thank you go ahead <hes> high stake. Is this situation as a fall. I don't think thank you really wants to get back on the field at this point to you. You know what i can't say. He does it because i don't know him. At all. What i can tell you is that he's still putting out those videos and given indications that he's ready to come back and he wants to play one can only take him at his word. That's true that's true. I'll give you that just seems to me like he's trying to pricing itself out of the market for some reason i don't. I don't know if we can accuse them of that. Because we don't know what price it is because nobody has given the slightest inkling that they're willing to bring him on board because they're expecting all likelihood as fan backlash. That's true that's true. I totally appreciate that well. I i appreciate you taking a call and you have a great day. Thank you so much. <hes> who mohammad alive stephen a that that who does is day. Hey this is what's going on bro. I'm sorry my computer's a little fudd so sir letters was missing from your name. My apology go ahead. Toga broke my first time calling been listening to watching you for years. Now thank you. I appreciate that thank you go ahead. I could've rich paul ruined. I watched it yesterday and i. I called you about fifty times. I was still and listen until you know i 'cause i. I took it as you didn't want us to be upset at n._c. Double a. but rather be upset at the committee. It's my understanding that well. It's not so much that i didn't want you to be upset because they n._c._w._a. Has clearly given us a abundance of things to be upset about over the years but what i'm saying is that you have a committee you know would accomplished individuals some of whom are black on the committee that made this recommendation to the n._c._w._a. How do we just say the n._c. Double a. and ignore the committee committee. That's all i was trying to say well. I wasn't not aware of the committee but i don't want you broke down the name to me. The data robinsons and the country's rices alps l. a. right all of these permanent african americans okay. I'm still looking at it as no one inside of this committee of all these i just listened to your list their credentials all of these prominent people no one inside the room can say this might not go over so well amongst the african american community but muhammad tat's my point join c. in other words. I'm not saying we go because we don't know if if everyone agreed whatever what i'm saying is how everyone talking about the n._c. Double a. but nobody brought what up the committee and they don't want. It made the recommendation so the question that you asked his exactly my point. How do you not ask you just asked a very very valid question that that was my only point so i was really wondering i was really wondering that but even still if they had that conversation because we don't know if they did but if they they did wouldn't they have come of what they do now which is amending the ruler taking boy muhamad they didn't. They didn't tell people raised hello. Oh that's the whole point dance. He would've never announced that that was what they were implementing if it wasn't through the recommendation in the okay of the committee it i understand that what it says the n._c._a._a. Is in such a wreck a suggestive mood. They should take a lot of other suggestions from prominent black men like yourself end people on that committee that would you know help those players who don't get paid. I noticed the story another topic for another day but there's a lot of things suggesting that they can't say they've never asked me. 'cause you know i'd gladly give dave. Thank you so so much for the call by man i appreciate you. Let's go to antoine you. Live stephen. Go ahead man. Hey steven how good talk to me. I i had a question you you know for. You know the cowboy dick elliott. This is my thing. All these young punks out there man yeah. If you add up you wanna say and not show up the camp. If the cowboys have the leverage they don't have to do nothing. Don't think you'll he's got two years left on his contract plus. He could be franchise tag but i don't wanna call them punks. Let's be respectful to them number. One and number two dak prescott certainly doesn't belong in that compensation because he's been a mod model of professionalism analyst. He's been absolutely outstanding. I feel well at the same time. I still feel like he doesn't deserve thirty million dollars. He might not deserve the thirty thirty million but it's not what i would say to. You is don't look at the thirty million. Look at what the market allows if anton is worth fifteen but somebody auty came to you and offered you thirty. Turn it down <hes> okay. That's that that you kind of. Make sense right there. Okay yeah you turn the doughboy and take the money but the greatest thing is though he now detained in there for the first couple of games now. They're going to see the other half a debt. Which is you probably have seen within the last couple of years when zeke wasn't in their low it averaged twenty five point four and i'm here. He won't more than thirty well. He wants more because you gave carson winnable and caused never even played in a playoff game. That's what so you matthew stafford. It makes over twenty seven anyone to play games nineteen. Ninety-one matt ryan grape up twenty five point lead in the super bowl. He gained thirty twenty three so that's what i'm saying. That's how they looking at it but i gotta go antoine. I appreciate the call callback. Call back tomorrow. Desmond you lava stephen a real quick. Go ahead. We're going on how you grow. I can't play maria who is <hes> besides the clippers the lakers who'd the new talk n._b._a. You know what that's tough. I like what portland has done. I like denver. I can't ignore them. Nice young a young squad and i got to look at the philadelphia seventy sixers. I gotta look i think the acquisition of our horford adding our offer offer to joel embiid and ben simmons while retaining tobias harris is a big deal. I think it's a very big deal. They gotta be line those guys offense because al hold for how they're going to stay and wait a minute wait a minute. Al horford can shoot man. His biggest attribute. Offensively is not playing what is back to the basket that he could step to he can step away from the basket and shoot is joel embiid and needs to get his big behind down to the low pulse and be the man that we know he can be right. He's still got one more question. Yeah ooh who do you have to rent now. Katy burn i d- when healthy because of what he can do from the perimeter offensively. I give him an edge plus. I've seen lebron. Take a lot of defensive assignments off because of the low that he has to carry so. I'm a i'm a k. Hey d- guy because i think he's better from the free throw line. I think he's better from the perimeter and i think he's more lethal in that regard but i'm not trying to sleep on the greatness of lebron james. I think lebron james gonna come back this year and gonna win m._v._p. I he's going to be unbelievable. I will run all right. I appreciate shaded man. I gotta run but thanks for the call. Call back anytime it at eight say e._s._p._n. It-it-it's not to seven hundred sixty listen live stephen e._s._p._n. Radio e._s._p._n. News by the way when you're hiring you don't wanna waste tops twenty dozens of relevant resumes. You want an efficient way to get to a scholla's qualified candidates. That's why you need indeed dot com post a job in minutes said the screening screener questions based on your job requirements zero qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard discover why three million businesses use indeed for hiring post a job today at indeed dot com slash higher search for greatness search indeed just what you're limited stephen a smith show podcast you missed any of today's go check it out on demand and the stephen these podcast brought to you by the capital quicksilver card earning unlimited one and a half percent cash back on every purchase everywhere. Hey what's in your wallet back to the phones we go before we get on outta here for the day. Let's go to who's that safe you lava. The stephen a. is that is that who that is yes. <hes> this is safe from mason ohio. I'd question about <hes> if you think that the steelers will be better better without a b you like a._b. But you don't like the browns chances this year so it's like the browns. I just think my my issue with what my issue you with antonio brown or rather. I'm sorry with the browns is that could they do something. I want since two thousand to understand it on paper. They look beautiful before i get all of that. I see odell beckham. One jarvis landry on another i see in asia titan see nick chabot honda backfield and kareem hunt. It's common. I see baker mayfield as a quarterback. Could you do something. I mean the baltimore ravens gonna ask about it. Pittsburgh steelers go to say about it can't do it now. Do i think that the steelers may be better well. The parents might thomas said we want volunteer's not hostages and a reality of the situation. Is that when you really look at it. Let's call it what it is. When when we look at the browns announce <hes> do the steelers rather james connor and juju smith schuster may not be le vian bell and antonio brown but will they need to be if everybody's the bodies alive together and plan for one another. That's the question. I think the steelers gonna win the a._f._c. north. That's how i answer that question. I think the browns are more talented at ah there unquestionably more talented and i think the browns will win at least nine games well. Can i ask you a quick question and then i gotta go. Does the most talented team always win football games no but you don't you say that the browns have they got better talent but we have to see in a rookie coach. Let's not forget that but call me tomorrow all right. Let's go to dan real quick. You got thirty seconds go. I just wanna know even a aaron. Rodgers is going to look into this new offense here man. I don't give a damn what offense she put him in. He's the baddest man on the planet. Amer rogers is a bad man. I mean when you talk talk about scrambling standing in the pocket scrambling to his left or is right in his ability to fling now football. You can't teach the greatness of the gifts that he has aaron. Rodgers ages will find a way and i am a disgusted disgusted. Dan thereby talk about men flew as if as if amerada has got to get along with him if madelynn flu is a smart he will do everything he can to get along with aaron rodgers because he's aaron rodgers. Don't get it twisted. He's a bad adman and so am i gotta get outta here but i will be back at twenty two hours until then. He's just a sample of what you hear. The stephen smith show weekdays at one p._m. Eastern on e._s._p._n. Radio and the e._s._p._n. App.

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