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Thank you for listening to this. podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcast and podcast one okay. This is a thirty second commercial. Jill and I'm going to throw a lot of numbers at you but please stay with me and just fifteen minutes. You could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. This company's been offering great rates in great service risk for over seventy five years in. Anytime you need help you can speak to one of their trained specialist. Twenty four seven the company is GEICO. Go to GEICO DOT COM today. Sorry for all the numbers and in five four three two one amount of time. Our number three the rich Eisen and show on the air amy. Trask our number one about all the news in the NFL involving Colin Kaepernick. Seventeen Games scheduled at Would mean the extension of the season deeper are into February And what that would mean would be. I think the final realization of an NFL dream. Now I think a lot of fans I I. Don't I sit there and think what would it seventeenth gaming. It would mean a strange number a a final record. It would take a long time to get used to a ten finishing seven and ten were having an eight nine record be Sniffen it for a playoff spot. Be Weird the stat book would be totally turned upside down. We'd have to start new because everything would have an asterix twenty twenty twenty on or whatever but it used to be a fourteen game season than the sixteen game season and we've we've survived at right. That's true too It there'd be a lot to try and get used to and not a I'm resistant to change is that I I am as well okay. They didn't Major League baseball like you. I said they'd done it before what it would do. Push everything back a week and what that would do as I'm sure. They would configure it in a way to make the dream of NFL fans that the day after the Super Bowl is deserving of a national holiday. It would make come true because you'd put the Super Bowl on President's Day weekend President's Day Sunday Super Bowl Monday day off just like everybody says there should be that's usually usually re NBA All star weekend. Do you think they would though two leagues would work together and move. NBA Up. Let me think about that now. They would not work together so you're going to have NBA All star weekend and Super Bowl on the same weekend or the NBA would have to move. And then the response I think would be a very to I. Guess Mix Worlds Very Mulvaney like get over it I I. I don't know if it's going to happen. Don't know will happen. But that's part of what's the thinking I know. Yeah again. This was told to me years ago by a major executive involved in the NFL. Who no longer is there that the idea would be one day to push things deeper into the month of February sweeps month where you put the championship campionships Sundays on the first weekend? Febraury so how do you make the television package more lucrative another another game and it would push the ability for at television networks to make more money off of it because now you've got the Super Bowl and championships Sundays in a sweeps month. So we discussed all that Our apposite spot for you to get Our poll question all the videos going down a wormhole we. This has been part of art. Show Open on the radio side of things at ordure on yesterday when I mentioned to him The video of his Profane speech to his team after rolling. Todd which was awesome but I wish it just play this one more time. I enjoy the so much based on some of the video heard from your speech to the tunnel. What emotions were flowing through you to say what we all heard Juicy J emotional game sometime you say thank within the family address that that should have never get out? That was not how farm anybody and that was. We've got that for the public. That was just meant football team. He made a mistake. And we move forward from A. And let's be honest though. I mean Alabama kind of feels the same way about so you. Wouldn't you say a result of you. That one more talk. I think because yeah. I've heard it so many times. My favorite part about that is just how the gravel voiced at a high pitched giggle that we elicited and then he pauses really. Don't care and it goes right back. I know the cracks me up just actually up. Our poll question is brought to you by our friends at PR LIVE NBA pickup. Is your chance dance to win big this NBA season lock in your game predictions to build up your pick 'em points towards awesome NBA prizes play free NBA dot com slash pickup. What do you have over there Chris? The the most crucial. NFL game this week for both teams right now. steelers Browns twenty-eight percent bears Rams twenty-seven percent Texans Ravens twenty-five percent okay. It's Nice poll question when it split like that I like And then one one quick poll question for you guys just shadow a James James Walk out here. He's in watchmen. HBO's watchmen while it As red hot a television show is there is and he went to a school that is one of Var three on the maters. Which one do you think it is Syracuse Seton Hall Michigan? Seen All. Chris what do you think. Say the cues. You'd be wrong both of you class of two thousand seven. If I don't need to be made feeling any older today especially especially with the video that got tweeted out with steelers browns going tonight for week. Eleven in Cleveland. The latest I erase steelers browns. In Cleveland Somebody tweeted out the first time. The steelers played the browns in Cleveland. After the BROWNS KING BACK BACK to Cleveland it was the first game ever in Cleveland. Two Point Oh it was their home opener in nineteen ninety nine back in Cleveland and somebody tweeted out. The sportscenter highlight from that night. And that person is me I did the highlight. How's the flow went two years ago L.? It's it's it's a flowing mane and and You know I'm going to I think I retweeted I will re tweet it because you can hear in my Ledin. There was I I I I mentioned like some sort of slight towards Pittsburgh fans made by Cleveland newspaper. And you could hear my cohort to my left go Um like that because upon me reading these slight that person is definitely Dan Patrick. There's no question I know. I know a DP off off-camera Twenty years ago plus a different life holy crap Abbas avas thinking about that earlier years at the newspaper seemed like another wife ago. Which one when you were in Maine? Yeah when you are the main Two thousand nine main sports columnist of the year they very the sound like You sound like married with children talking about Al Bundy. Your term years goes. How many touch don't you have high school l.? I did have a three touchdown house in Nineteen Columnist of the year sports combat. Well it's a good thing we brought this up especially since we're about to play our new Christopher news drop go for the report reporter as news from the world of sports entertainment someone who is not a journalist or newsman by any definition of the word whatsoever. It's Chris Brockman. Good like it brought to you by the twenty twenty Honda pilot seating for up to eight and available intelligent traction management. You can haul all your all pros this season so hardy your local Honda dealer. Today I think with our drop I might have to read that Honda Promo before the drop just so you can go right into it after your yeah. I think we need to reconfigure things a little. Thank you Justin on the dark. It's all good. It's all good not looking good. Though for Matthew Stafford did not practice practice again. Excellent segue right there. That's that's just you warwick. That's award-winning award-winning. I've learned from the best. You know what I'm saying. You know what I appreciate that conjoined. It's looking like he's going to sue the begins. Dallas that's a huge game also Ian rapoport reporting Stafford with tiny fractures in his transverse process of his back. Out to the Romo's on Romo had a few years ago. So what does this all have in. Common Dallas took on New Orleans without drew brees took on MINNESOTA Without Adam Phelan took on the the Let's see if I can get this right and took on the Took on the jets with darnold and they took on. Yeah the giants on Monday night or with the black cat. But they didn't have they took on. Oh yeah they took on Green Bay without Davante Adams. That's the one. What are those? Have all in common. The New Orleans without breeze green bay without Davante Adams and Minnesota with that atom says all of them. Yeah so things are looking up for the lines. 'cause the cowboys lose games in which you have one of your best players injured for Jeff Jurisco Mike Mike another start. It is and he was slippery. He had a chance by the way to tie game in Chicago and by the way if Chicago had lost that one there are enough remote controls in Chicago to turn off all the television sets. That is still one of the weirdest stories of the year. Okay are there injury news here. David David Johnson not on the injury report so he looks like a good to go. He's been slowed by an ankle injury. It's been slowed period. He has I'm not sure. What's up with them? Joe Staley underwent some finger surgery. He's is expected to missed a few weeks for the forty niners bomber Map Brita didn't practice yesterday. Either for San Francisco. Keep an as neither to George Gidell's keep an eye on Those guys okay Alex Guerrero you know Tom. Brady's TB twelve trainer was on W. E.. This morning said that Tom now wants to play until he he's forty six or forty seven. Okay quote I certainly believe the forty five is still realistic goal. We talked about it all the time. Forty two right now for needing perspective every year here he just adds another year. Because I feel good and I go. I'm going to go home. Forty five and I'm like okay. And now he's like Alex. I think I can go to forty six or forty seven. They spinal vinyl tap. Went to eleven right. We thought that was impossible. Tom Brady Rams are chargers quarterback next year I think Vicky still with you come. I think he's just doing what he's what he wants to do. which is just make people? Guess he's not going anywhere. There's no way Bob Kraft is letting him go anywhere and they're not ready for what he come on all right. Maybe we'll see who shows up to the CAP workout patriots you. What did you tweet out when you heard about? The capital workout is said Patriot. Sign them Brady Walk. And now this new Ravens Evans like offense with the number one Directa league next year because Bella Chaco figure out how to do it and mcdaniels and they'll figure it out how mcdaniels figure figure it out when he's the New Dallas Cowboys head coach. That's true I mean if you were if we're going by trade and touched her take for take that's fair. I think we versus next year balance escalated quickly. You did an update on the load management situation is not not play tonight. Left knee injury management. Come on Pat Beverley also now playing tonight path. Paul George probable probable so Paul. Welcome back and everybody else you know. We'll see we'll see you next time. Now see when Paul George tonight they are really really. I mean doc I gotta get touch with Matt. I gave them the trophy October thirtieth. Because it's is all about what I do here on the rich Eisen show yes ever since. I gave them the trophy on October. Thirtieth thirtieth they've load managed now a third time will be the third game. Yeah back to back. Okay right I know you of harping on Notre Dame rich. This one's kind of for you. Notre Dame has two hundred seventy three straight home sellout streak guests. Yes expected to come to an end Saturday against navy according to the school this dates back to nineteen seventy-three eh. This home sellout streak you know what coming to an end. It's still fine because as we've seen big time fans cheer and slow clap Outside the stadium because they're hearing all of the crowd noise from inside the stadium chanting names and things like that so we know you know they they just slow loud pod slow clapping outside. The stadium doesn't matter unless wait a minute. Are they going to take this record and carried off the field Notre Dame ad said this comes data comes during a time of sustained success for our football program reflects both the challenges impacting the ticket market nationwide and the epidemic and the unique sign sign the host monkey ensure writs we can get the serum and fix. What's row at Notre Dame? It's an epidemic. It's an outbreak. Let's get Dustin Hoffman on the case because they're bleeding they're bleeding in Indiana. Oh that's right. My bad and the unique GEICO GEICO Michigan for fourteen years. Honestly Chris Your Child Your Child. That's going to be born here. Let me get a good one right here. Let me get uh-huh Ryan Klesko welcomed into the world. Okay what a weird welcome to the world. He can be Bar Mitzvah. But he can convert to judy. B- Bar Mitzvah before the next time. Notre Dame deemed at fine to play Michigan again. That's what's the guy talking about all to nationwide problem. It's not just us. I understand what a bunch of crap must be Scottish. It's such crap. MEMPHIS's declared James Wiseman freshman ineligible and withhold limb from all games after he withdrew his lawsuit against the sea on Thursday. Yeah I don't know Memphis announced. It would reply for his. Reinstatement so keep an eye on that situation nations. And last going down to Notre Dame wormhole is as one of my favorite things to do. I did that one just for you. Jacob degrom won his second straight and Al Cy Young Award seventh guy in history. I wonder I New York met to do it. By the way Orlando takes home his second. Look for Jacob degrom he so good the eleventh pitcher to win back to back Cy. Young awards ready to name him. I got him I WANNA deal was colfax extent Denny maclaine Jim Palmer Raja Randy Johnson. Either way but the way you Greg Maddux Pedro Randy Johnson did it from ninety nine to zero. He won four in a row. I think it's short Ted Lindsay Graham. Oh Wow Clayton Kershaw Max Scherzer. Now degrom ninety nine two thousand. Yeah so rain. He's the only one to do it. Four in a row but clemens is done at four times times await ninety two three four five nomadic stood at four times in a row. Randy did it four times in a row. Raja had it four times but at two different places says he has eight total right. He's got five size because I know that. Because that's how he signed his autograph in our in our Green Room. Actually the rich Eisen show bathroom but in case anybody wonders that that's a problem. Okay Okay Clements is seven powered by the way. Yeah I guess you should know that but It's in the bathroom. Also in the bathroom is crossword. Ra- yeah my where I was A clue to the New York Times Crossword puzzle at my mom framed. And also the caddyshack poster that was autographed by Chevy Chase so there are some very important items in there and quick hockey note. Sidney crosby is going to be out about six weeks surgery for core muscle. Thank you Christopher her ears. James Woke on the rich Eisen show. Calloway corner could see James. How are you sir? Good how you doing. I'm good man. And Life's good for you. Hbo Watchmen Every single Sunday night. Nine eastern time to University of Michigan guys and don't worry folks in Columbus Ambrus Ohio I think is Buckeye Jerry on hold on hold stay on hold Buckeye Jerry. We'll get to you to be fair and balanced. That's the way I roll here on the rich Eisen show. James Woke when we come back. Don't move Monday. Night is podcast night. The Los Angeles Lakers. What's happening? Everybody this is the official Lakers podcast on your host Mike Trudell rebel super pumped to be flanked by earn Lars tool. You ready to go. I'm ready. The Lakers will be a top ten defensive. The team that has two stars or to supervise in this case Lebron. Ad Can sometimes can't other outflank. Plus I think they're both good candidates and I really like the way that this team. It just feels to be around the IT'S A. It's a very clear message. It's two stars and the navy and everybody else on Ford. The relationship that is developing between those two off the court and on the cohesiveness on the court I think in this case is a special case then the two of them will enhance each other as opposed to taking away from each other. Be Sure to subscribe and leader of you available in Apple podcasts casts and podcast old baby's kicking off the holidays in style with forty percent sent off everything that's right everything on your list is on sale. Now get forty percent off every pair of jeans. Forty percents off all sweatshirts. All hoodies skied and forty percents. Off All outerwear get forty forty percent off all the holiday gifts they want at a price. You want forty percent off everything. Old Navy and old navy dot com now hurrying or miss out valid eleven fourteen to eleven nineteen eighteen excludes gift cards today only and today only deals gift of the week Clearance Register lane items zips APP stop and jewelry. This man's credits includes madman. admen billions Goliath and now watchmen every single Sunday night at nine PM Eastern on. Hbo He is James. Wolk good to see his sir. Good see that. You're from the Great State of Michigan. I am where we're in Michigan. I was born and raised in Farmington hills. Michigan Farmington Hills Michigan. Yeah okay forty five minutes from so and you went went to the University of for four years for four years so you grew up a Michigan Fan or are you state. What are you because it's very important? You declare Right now yes this week as you know this weekend is a pretty huge one game. A game on so definitely a Michigan Fan. All my cousins on my mom's side went to Michigan state and then my cousins on my dad's side went to Michigan. So your cousins on your mother's side Yes all right With all due respect. They're not as smart nice. They're not hottest sharp and other smart uncle all the time now. They're very bright very bright. They are Thanksgiving around the corner. James that you need to sort sort of covers until Christmas. I got some running. Yeah it is serious though. This is serious business like this weekend. And I'm sure again and Fans out there of Alabama Auburn and then Oklahoma Oklahoma state obviously Clemson South Carolina. That there's there are houses divide eight in state rivalries all over the country. Yeah this is this is one of the top ones here. This is big in Michigan. State's huge I remember when I went there as a freshman circle came great guy uncle bill and he came to take me to launch and I sat down with him very cocky confident. Eighteen year old and I said Uncle Bill. We are going to win in four years in a row against Michigan State. Okay and if we do you only dinner and vice versa and we won. Somehow we won every year I was there. Is that right. Yeah send you back. Yeah I know although you've finished up the Lloyd Carr Years Right. Yeah Lloyd Yeah so were you at the Appalachian State Game. No that was after you graduate graduate we gotTa send you back James. I'm the honestly that was clearly we found we found. Ah Lucky Horseshoe here yet. That was rough. What changed everything That changed everything. Because that's soured so many people in in the alumni base on Lloyd the even though he is a legend yeah and things just went downhill and then eventually he did get you know re- replaced right. There's one the one way to put it right going out the door. He beat urban. Meyer and Florida with Chad Hanna. Going five while he went out the three yard cloud of dust they went five wide and beat urban and Tim Tebow look it up. That's how Loyd car went out the door. He was a great question. Here's a great coach. I know yeah so Okay What did you did you Take up acting on the campus in Ann Arbor. Did you do that. Yeah I came into the University of Michigan and and I was in the The school music there so I got a bachelor in fine arts in theater okay And studied English. And that's the great thing about Michigan is it's just such a great We could talk about Michigan bits. It was great because you can take cl- if you're a BFA you could take sciences and English are so I got a really nice nice well rounded education but I studied acting when I was in college. Okay and I did I worked for the student newspaper. The Michigan Daily Michigan Daily. Did you work for two. I didn't but I read it. Okay great great. Page of my column was called. Get Rich Quick Nice. That's what it was because that was my snappy. That's how I got my awards Chris Way back in the day Chad Henny had three hundred. Seventy seventy three yards enact a right and they beat Tibo in urban ahead in the orange bowl right correct not enough citrus. I knew it was some sort of Some sort of forty eighty one thirty five. Wow as they went out the door rich rod was standing on the sidelines. Ford a ranked nine that you see God loved Lloyd Carr. He's a good man and his whole family is to the Chadtough Foundation in In Ann Arbor people should look it up. Give all your if you want to donate money to a great cause for for Pediatric Yeah Trich Health that is the one for you to also check out James Wilkie on the rich Eisen show okay so now. Let's talk about your career. What was the what was what? Would you call your biggest break in your career James well the first thing I ever did where I was able to do. Some real acting was It was about a year after college college and I went in for a film It's true story about a guy who had to read syndrome called front of the class and I ended up playing. This guy's name was Brad Cohen out of Atlanta Georgia. And that kind of was my entry into into the business. Okay that's the big jump as you go from being on a stage in college to graduating and going like how do I get paid for this right or get anyone to pay attention. And that was the thing that I knew I could don't make a living doing it right exactly and so Then Madman Billions Goliath. I mean you you have worked on some great television. Shows now watchmen and I do want to Kind of jump around a little bit here. What is it like being on something with a rabid fan base? That is no doubt combing through every free detail of your show to make sure you are being faithful to what they believe needs to be hewed to completely what what is it like for you yeah Yeah because watchman is obviously based on the graphic novel watchmen you know the thing that takes the pressure off for us. Quite frankly is that Damon Lindelof the Creator. Basically they said look. This isn't watchmen graphic novel. This is watchmen and it set twenty years thirty years after. What took place in the graphic novel? So it's kind of to use his his words a remix on it so we don't feel like we're exactly creating these characters in the exact age that they appeared in the graphic novel with all the chronology of those events. It's set in present day kind of dystopia in the United States with the president. Being the president being Robert Redford Richard. Nixon was the president for thirty years and and then and then Redford got him out of office and now Redford. Is the president in our show. President Robert REDFORD president. Robert Red Ladies and gentlemen allow. Okay Yep a river runs through it So I think that takes the pressure off is that you go like all right. Well you know. Let's let's just roll with it and you try and just bring as much honesty and integrity. You can to the scripts that Damon and his team are writing right And the good news is I think the fan response has been pretty solid. I think they want the ratings have been obviously through the roof one metric in which to measure measure weather fans are digging it or not but we also don't know your character You play Republican senator named Joe King Junior from Oklahoma where this is taking place. We don't know if you're a good guy or bad guy just yet and I'm wondering Working whether you could tell us so senator keen and to talk about the graphic. Graphic novel Scher Keen. Is the son of this guy. Name Senator Keane who appeared in. David givens watchmen or the original on the came out. Yes years ago and he outlawed vigilantism. which is the whole thing behind the the graphic novels that superheroes can't be superheroes anymore and They're kind of in hiding and trying China do it legally and so I am his son and you know when we meet Senator McCain Joseph King Junior in the show you know he's incredibly ambitious some political and he comes into the folds And you meet him and you know him as this this senator. Who's has daddy issues? He's trying to surpass where where his father was. As a senator. He has presidential ambitions And it was really fun to to play this character because he didn't exist in the graphic novel right so I got to go all right well. Here's my version of this person that no one knows and no one could say. Well that's not true to the graphic novel so there's a lot of creative license for me. And what can you tell fans about what the hell's happening in the show right now so in the show right now. If you've been watching I think the fifth episode going to air this Sunday nine eastern nine eastern. HBO There is is a death that takes place in in Tulsa Oklahoma and much like the graphic novel it started with the death and the mystery that surrounds is it. Our show starts in a very similar way. And you go on this journey with Regina kings character Trying to figure out why this is person was killed. Who did it? And what was their motivations and everyone in the show is trying to figure that out. And it's incredibly important to my character senator keen And because he's very close with the man who was killed to find out why this happened and It's just a wild ride man and one thing I would suggest actually yes because my parents are watching it and they go like I really like it. You know. But I'm a little confused on this thing so I sent them an article. Okay I think it was entertainment weekly. It said the five things that you should know about about the graphic novel to fully wrap your mind around the show. You don't need to know them. I think it would. It would just give you a little bit of a background. If you're going to check it out. Did your parents ever watch lost. Did they ever watch that. Show you know what my parents didn't watch loss but I did. Yeah so you could basically say look. There's something called smoke monster. This guy wants created. I don't know where the hell all this going right now. The master of keeping you guessing Damon. I know unbelievable. I know and you don't know sometimes when what what's real what's not or what you know. What is really happening? And yet It's really great watchman. Sunday nights nine eastern time on. HBO and again. This is a hell of a cast. I mean who have you been in On a show with you on the show with a ton of people mad. Yeah you're like the kid in Ann Arbor would be like come on on a show with this person. I mean mm-hmm Yeah I've I've had some mind blowing experiences and especially right out of college formative years too. I worked opposite. Sit You know Jon voight in a show I did back in two thousand ten which was just basically two years after graduation. I remember we were working together. And someone said we should go and watch watch Is it homecoming. It's homecoming coming home coming home. Excuse me yes coming home. Just watch coming home and I watched coming home in the middle of filming filming the pilot episode with him. And I shouldn't have done that because I was so nervous to act opposite him after I watched that because he was so pure so real and that I think he won the Academy Emmy Award. They they could've told you midnight cowboy to yeah I mean he's unbelievable and I. I had that experience I worked with Robin in his TV show Kind kind of return. After Morgan Mindy show called the crazy ones together with Robin Williams. Yeah and I got the Improv with him KamAZ. A pinch yourself moment everyday for year. I got to Improv with him. So it was amazing. Did you ever As out four times I mean I could not imagine like I mean obviously doing scripted with him in some like that but actually like okay. It's now your job. Just whole cloth with Robin Williams. Yeah it was incredible. I I still I still have those moments all the time I'm just going like wow. I can't believe I'm getting the joy and pleasure of working opposite this person. I grew up loving right. Watching Robin is a perfect example of that right. I mean in this gas to Again I don't want to give anything away but people who are in it Louis. Gossett Junior Lou Gossett Junior Jeremy Irons. Okay you know Everyone is just really. It's it's an. It's an incredible. Cast and Regina Regina is so good in the show. She's she's an amazing actress but She yeah she gets to be front and center right. She carries this thing. She carries a beautifully and she has such Grayson strength and She's really tightened. Well you're an actor of WHO's who's been in a ton of great stuff again. We're here with James. Woke on the rich Eisen show. And I don't expect you to know Jeremy Irons filmography off the top of your head. But if you had to name Gimme Gimme like two or three. Great Jeremy Irons Roles What would you name Jake? My God I just Here I'll I'll describe the movie too. 'cause escaped me because I just watched it where he plays the wealthy husband of the woman who gets killed clouds. He played Klaus von Bulow. That is in his in his his world-famous world famous role. What's the name of that film in Mount now see now. It's popped out of my head cosmobil-ace right right. And he won the Academy Awards that that's that's that's one. He's he's happier but everything that to the man in the iron mask man in the iron man. I mean it's exactly film but he's good in every reversal of fortune and man in the iron mask goes to versatile fourth of course and would you name go ahead Chris. Die Hard three. Would I name. That is one of his. Why not everything he does is is good? He read a phone book go. Wow that's probably good reason why I bring this up okay is about a year ago. Go I was The second guest on Seth Meyer's late show Late night okay. And Jeremy Irons was the first I and we went to New York. 'cause I was appearing in New York to do it right this guy on my guess who I'm on with tonight. I did not knew who the guest was until during our show. Right right mentioned Jeremy Irons and he goes ooh dot. I'm like no no no no. That's not appropriate. First first reaction to right exactly. I mean we're on live. TV radio just POPs out of your head. So he says that and then sure enough sure enough. I'm sitting in the Green Room watching him get introduced by Seth Meyers. Yeah he's been in such great movies as reversal of fortune and dot hard with a vengeance. And I'm like damn it totally undercut my position was there's so many others you could ask for that not that. And it's not even the best diehard by a long stretch not even the top two diehards. Yeah he's his voice the way his voice second. I'll go there one more time. Do you think diehard the originalism was a Christmas movie. Yes I do you know why you gotTa have a rationale. I don't have a reason. I'm taking loss after canals. It's on during Christmas. We're out the time James. I James Wolk. He's come on here with a vengeance agents At James Woke on both twitter and instagram watch watchmen every Sunday night nine eastern time on. HBO THANKS FOR COMING ON. Sir Have you bet. Absolutely that's James Wilkie on the rich Eisen show. We've we've got some phone calls to sneak in as a ton of people have been waiting and Chris. Are you ready to give mediocre gambling advised. Everybody sure that's called towing the line or tow tagging the line. I I was just GonNa do it tomorrow. Are you realizing could games. Okay pardon me. I just didn't know if you wanted to give gambling advice and that's all good now. Go take phone calls. That's next on the rich Eisen show. Hey Guys Brockman here. If you're experiencing stress anxiety chronic pain or have trouble sleeping at least once a week. Look you're not alone many of us do and I know you're you're probably searching for a solution lots of folks have discovered feels feels premium. CBD delivered directly to your doorstep feels naturally naturally helps reduce stress anxiety pain and sleeplessness. And it's easy to take place a few drops of feels under your tongue and feel the difference within within minutes if you're new to CBD feels offers a free CD hotline and text message support to help guide your personal experience. BEALS works works naturally to help you feel better. There's no high hangover or addiction. 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Save money on gas every fill up just download the free get upside APP up and use Promo Code auto that's eight. Ut Oh visit get upside dot com for terms. Final poll results brought to you by capital one which is reimagined. Imagine banking by offering savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimum is one of the nation's best savings rates capital one. What's in your wallet? What do you have over there? Chris most crucial game in the NFL this week for both with teams mad dead-heat all day Stewart's Brown's twenty eight percent bears Rams twenty-eight percent Texans Ravens twenty-five percent. It's a big game man and I'd I love the fact that that the top two vote getters in this poll the two games nationally televised first and second up tonight Sunday night. Boom big whole country watching love it. I have no earthly idea. What happens tonight? I did not see that the rams were going to be struggling for points against the steelers defense that has the takeaway fiends. And guess who's been giving it away a lot this year that'd be Baker Mayfield man and I'm I'm concerned if there is a there is a milestone on the line tonight for Jarvis Landry. He gets three catches tonight about this. He will surpass the Andre Hopkins for for the most receptions in a player's first six seasons in NFL history currently is five hundred twenty. Six such catches are tied for second with ain't Tonio Brown. One better than Randy Moss. Three better than Larry Fitzgerald and four better than Marvin Harrison Jarvis Landry man bringing the juice. That's tonight not of expected them. I don't know man. I just think the browns do put it together. I sort of feel it. Yeah I don't I I. There's no real evidence to back that up and just so you know I'm going back and forth on the unlucky lock of the week right now on my head between two. NFC South teams right. Now give you an. NFC South is playing each other this week. So to enroll for the Falcons I need to I need to hear I need to listen to my inner self a little bit more. But I'm getting a feeling. Oh the other way to you. Box Against New Orleans that would be unlucky to even be very unlucky. Indeed yes I'm just. I'm I'm cultivating that cater to use the goodfellas phrase and by the way we didn't even get this during a two hours ago amy. Trask comes on uses. The great phrase called going to the mattresses and and she said she learned from a movie. I Literally Thought Okay Godfather permits and she goes. You've got mail and I looked over at you. You're like ah like a proud moment for you. G honestly is about to finish your sentence for the Godfather and she says you've got yeah. Yeah 'cause Tom. Hanks is explaining to MED. Meg Ryan his businesses. Going under the CI needs to go to the mattresses so they used it. They quoted the Gulf. Which is why I was like? I made a mental note. Ask You where in the movie that was I knew you would know. And if not you then Mary Brockman with No. That's fifty minutes and thirty two and by the way birthday Mary Brachman. Today's my mom's second birthday. Okay let's sneak in a couple of phone calls here on the rich. Eisen Show James in Richmond Virginia. Can You let's get you on the program. What's up James? Hello rich thanks for taking my call to make an hour just speaking to the call screen. I all the people that always always say you know I went to warm policemen and all that I appreciate all of that. But the reason why we go to war to to celebrate our freedom and he had the freedom to do what he did what some people deem as being disrespectful but he had the freedom to to do that because they fought. You're a cabinet correct. Exactly okay I'm sorry I should have brought James Hands but I think sometimes because we we forget that part that we do have freedom to do these things and protest is uncomfortable. What people do something that people don't like like it usually make uncomfortable so I'm just hoping that we can just get past that and just go on and just enjoy the game and they L. D. abilities that he showed when he was ball? James appreciate the call. Thanks for hanging on as long as you did. That's James in Richmond Virginia Buckeye Jerry whereas Buckeye Jerry Ben Buckeye Jerry joining us in Cincinnati. How Long Buckeye Jerry? I'm good unfortunately my lame a affiliate here. It does not carry year stay anymore. It's Okay Buckeye Jerry. I have to listen online and I've been out that one cancer. I'm glad that you are are you. Well you're doing okay going traction. Everything's going in the right direction on wood for you back Buckeye Jerry. I'm glad to hear we're glad to hear your voice. First of all diehard is not not repeat not a Christmas look how we can come together you and look how you and I could come together as one jerry on cabinet isn't America the land of Second Chances. That's what I'm telling you bungay. NFL everybody else has to let that go and give him and now the chance would you take him on on the bengals. If you come out you went on a rant. A while back about Nolan beaten the Knicks. Saudi you aw great answer ground beat the bengals out of me years ago. Okay I'm a Tampa Bay Fan. I'm not doing any better. But I'd take him on Tampa Bay in a heartbeat. Okay And what do you think of your buckeyes man. Well in Ben and then you bring that up on let go between Ohio State and issue again. Maybe ten years ago on that spot that you won't let go It clearly you watch I down you know what Buck I really appreciate. Our friendship You can say the word though. You don't have to leave out the an you'll have to say issue again right. Oh you mean that team up north. Oh take care of yourself Buckeye you take care of. That's Buckeye Juror. I banged the table. So Buckeye Jerry heard that spinning curve ball thrown the Mike Brown beat the bengals out of him and I'm sure he's not the only one tomorrow's show Peter Melman woman named a Seinfeld episode. He is behind it in a way. Rider Co executive producer of Seinfeld. He's got a new novel called Meas. Well he'll be here. He's a big giants Hindes Fan. He's going to help us. Pick some games tomorrow. Tucker returns to the Charlie's angels in theaters near you starting tomorrow. Jonathan Tucker will here is also great in city. OUGHTA hell You and he can come you and he can commiserate about the future impending loss of mookie Betts. That'll be great. And because we're fair and balanced I know have been you know I'm a Michigan Man. He's also Michigan Man but he would call himself Michigan. State man figured with Michigan Playing Michigan State and he wanted my children to be in Michigan. State Pajamas which will never happen. I think you tell us to send them to you. Know he says it doesn't matter that will never happen one of the nicest men on the planet. Because he's the best man Steve Mariucci's Michigan State's. Tom Tom Izzo. No doubt already has march madness raspy voice syndrome going away and Seton hall the night he always at right a game. Top guys out miles Powell so so we are not favorable. or He's a former play-by-play voice. Basketball Excuse me respect award winning respect this man point thank you politics. Thomas owes on tomorrow's program joy Thursday night football. I'm leaning browns right now. Come with fish. I think we're coming back tomorrow. Talking about Lebron's win maybe chat Friday. Football season is here and it's time to dominate the competition with your fantasy picks and RJ bells dream preview on cod cast. One sports net. Is your secret weapon to victory. I said the fact. They didn't run enough and we wind house me this guy so confident. He wants to hide his strength. No matter the matchup. Rj's got you you handled with top notch analysis for the best N._F._l.. Picks around now. Is that true or not. I don't know very optimistic. Download R._J.. Bells dream preview. Every week on Apple PODCASTS and PODCAST ONE DOT COM.

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