Hour 3 - Chris Webber and Chris Simms (06-28-19)


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Give me a call back when you get a chance the Geico insurance agency could help keep your personal property protected like if danger is your roommates middle name, visit Geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on renter's insurance at farmers insurance. We know every windshield collision has unique sound beetle Burt boop drone seen it covered click for more. Underwritten by farmer's truck. Fire insurance exchanges and affiliates. Products not available in every state. Broadcasting from the Mercedes men, Dan. Patrick gates meet Friday at traeger, meet Friday at that. Welcome to the program final hour. It'll be busy. We just wrapped up the American unathletic association of America award ceremony, and a lot of participation trophies, by the way as one of our players in the league. Tyler the creator said, it's probably a good thing if you didn't get a trophy in this league because most of them were not good trophies to get mclovin. Got a couple of them. Mclovin was the mop most outstanding player and the best player over six four. Yes. We give out a trophy for that. He was the only player over six four, but mclovin, was your mop, paulie? Got one best one, I'd player in the league down. Yeah. Best, former postal worker seat and got that fritzy got most unorthodox shot a. I'm not talking about shot went in. But fritzy kept taking the hook shot, you're committed to it and. Now to ended up costing you guys dearly yesterday. By the way, fritzy is now known as top he lost. One of his dis yesterday that was part of the bet that I had, I would add an end to my name, and be, Dan, if fritzy's team beat mclovin. Imagine that went the other way. Yeah, I got a neurotic voicemail from my mom little while ago and my ain't joking. I gave we gave you to dis you and your father. What are they doing to your name? I'm sorry Todd's. Abet so bent. I'm just saying my mom is very calling from her apartment in Brooklyn panicked. It's like there's a reason why we call you what we called you have two days. No, it has won. You lost a d explain that to her. Yeah. It's tough. It's talk tot on not Todd Chris Webber set to join us here. We'll talk some free agency with him. And this program, brought to you by Mercedes G be prepared for whatever comes your way. The all new GT four door coupe because life is a race. Visit your local dealership for test drive today. Our poll question sponsored by man versus food on cooking show. Channel mclovin. So where will qui- Leonard land up the clippers won that poll over the rap, okay, and then the Lakers. Now, do Kyrie now the nets, I the nets the Lakers the Celtics just in case, something funny happening. Anybody else on that list the Knicks I guess you'd put the Knicks on there. I guess you have to have Kevin Durant ends up there. It feels like they're a package deal. That's the feeling I get if Katie is going to Brooklyn and Kyrie's going there. Although if k D's stays the Golden State than Kyrie is going to be on his own there. And that to me would be a little bit scary. If he's your number one guy. I just I, I don't want to bring that into the, the nets it feels like they're building on something. I don't want to bring that in, but the nets could be desperate to bring in some star power. Eight seven seven three DP show Email address, DP, Dan, Patrick dot com Twitter handle at teepee show say, good morning to our radio and TV partners. And the Turner sports NBA analysts Chris Webber who joins us, Chris. If you were free agent now what would be the number one thing that you would be interested in? With all money kind of being equally powers. Yeah. While stability drama, free, great chemistry. And so all that being said, at I don't know if this show but about a year and a half ago, I said that I thought that being before co I got to the Toronto Raptors I thought he was going to go to the clippers and, you know, for me, I hear all the talk this morning about how I lay is in the picture. I just I just can't see I think for Kawais still a two team race. And, you know, Dan, everybody sleeps everybody sleeps on the logo. Everybody sleeps, I mean you think about Jerry West he started what's going on and Golden State. He started what was going on in LA. All those great years, Shaq and Colby and everybody thought he was stupid for train Kobe for blahdy and I just I've, I've talked with them. I I love him as a fan of the basketball player and. People sleep on his recruit. And I'm not saying he's gonna get Kawai, but just don't don't sleep on the man. That is the logo being in the office of the clippers having done this many times before still look at Colli, and I don't know him. I don't know who knows him. But I, I guess I'm just going to look at this from a logical standpoint and that is if you wanna win you still get paid you wanna win. I would think Toronto would be the destination of maybe a one plus one deal for him, your, you know, the east is wounded. Boston's wounded Milwaukee might be wounded they may lose some players, the seventy Sixers perhaps going to lose players and Toronto is going to be still Toronto. And there's value in that if, if you wanna be drama free. You got a chance, go back to the finals, and that would be the place that I would go, what do you make of that? I think it makes a lot of sense, but I don't think we take into effect what a perfect storm. It was for them to win this year. To let's say that beat with it hit that shot and four bounces in game seven we think he'd be out of there, right? Because we were saying, well, that was the full potential essential of them and don't get me wrong. I love Emily. I love van bleed. I love Seok them. I think Siachen is the best piece. They have besides Karai. I love Lowery, but that team isn't sustainable to win like that again. The first team ever, we gotta give them their pro team ever to win without a first round draft pick or a lottery, pick, whatever it was. Yeah. That's not gonna happen again. 'cause all older he barely made it through this series. Now he wanted championship, and he did his thing. So I'm I don't wanna just throw them on the bus. I'm not saying that, but I'm just saying he's a year old they'll probably trade him twenty six million on the cap. So I don't I hear what you're saying, and I could see one more year. But I do not think that's the place for stability of winning, you know this, this. To me, was their one chance and even though even though the stats sheet even though the roster's don't say that. That's just the feeling. I get about a Toronto. You're right drama free. Good to go. But I mean you, I forgot what players said at the other day. Maybe it was Lou Williams. He said, you'll love it. You love the city when you look at six months, you don't want to be there and that, you know, if you really want to get into the culture basketball, you don't wanna live there. I'm just gonna tell you from friends being there from being in Detroit from driving up all the time for five hours away. You don't wanna be there. It's you just don't. It's the farthest travel, you have to go through customs every game, you know, for them in Memphis, those are the worst traveling schedules. You can have out of any team. Inter should be in the east coast. They traveled a west coast, guzzle, and Toronto, which it just gets hectic and the cold weather is bruising. So guys do take all that into account. When the money is equal either. Did you play for a team that you didn't like because of where you were playing? Sacramento in the beginning. Yes. And then those people and those fans in that community show me that if you just take a second, brief here, you'll realize we got San Francisco Tahoe Vegas all around the people here are wonderful. You have a great organization, but I was kicking screaming the whole way, and as you can see, though I wanted to stay. They have to kick me out of there. So we definitely can turn around. I mean, I love that place forever. It's my second home. But I just, you know it's one there about how great Toronto isn't it is we the north they had the best fans man. It was awesome being up there during the finals, but it's not it's not America. That's just getting straight. There's no sportscenter. I can't find you that easily over there. It's harder to find your TV shows just going out while you're eating if you're a sports fan, and we're talking about convenience and not talking about, you know, end the world, those types of things. So if we're talking about convenience, it's one of the most inconvenient places to live. If you're used to what we have here in the states. Did you star coaching if you're Kevin Durant? What is going to be the reason why you stay the reason why you go? So this year, we have most free agents that we that we've had and the most free agents that have had championship pedigree. So in other years, it was K. Jay trying to go get a championship myself. So this guy trying to run over here and get one this year we have, you know, guys like hiree, and Durant that, that have championships Thomson. So with them, I think it can be about a narrative does Thomson feel under appreciated. I don't know does Durant wanna show everyone now that y'all talked about me, because I left at three one went to go jump on the bandwagon of a team that I was beaten and I didn't stay another year and beat them with another all star. So now maybe I'll go to New York and play by myself and show you guys are acting do you know, I really wouldn't be put it this way. I think everybody not not, I think a lot of people aren't knowing the interview, Andre Iguodala, did about Golden State, while selling his book, which is a great book six by. Andrei without? But he said last year that they lied and said he had a bone bruise. He said last year. We had teammates coming to him asking him. Why wasn't he Clinton? He said he had a fracture. He's saying that for a reason. Let me let me just say guys on the team or always closer than guys on the team with the organization. So if you ever wanna know how the real team fields, look how they talk about a player or stay quiet. So when I took from that conversation of Andrei, dollar was m saying, basically, hey, I wouldn't be mad if Katie Lafayette 'cause I've gone through it before. Well, why would he reinforce that story reinforced that narrative, you know, and so I could see K D I could see Kadian coli in the clippers or I could see K D in New York somewhere? We're talking to Chris Webber NBA on TNT analyst, who, who do you think if, if you could say to LeBron, this guy is the right fit for you? Who does LeBron wanna bring in? That's the great question I would say, who's the best shooter available? I think that's the only person that you go. Get him now getting along. And I've been hearing rumors as thinking about the Lakers, which I seriously doubt, then you gotta get that three headed monster. Because if the Brian gets hurt next year yet done and there's a chance to get hurt. Everybody was surprise last year. There is like if that was over under, I would bet on getting hurt not because I want him to just because age and father time, and we've heard all of that. So their question is, do we need to go get another max player that can take over your point? These guys get hurt. Or do we need to go get some pieces, I LA Toronto, I would I would caution him and say, listen, go get shooters shooters, are what gonna help you. At the end of the day. AD is gonna take up space. You're going to be in the pick and roll, you're going to be doing different things. You guys need to be able to attract too and kick it out. So one. And so even with the game of coups, my main I, I really don't know. I don't think Butler's the answer, you know, I do think a guy like brogden would be very good. But he doesn't he doesn't add that style. But he's a forty fifty. No. I like him grow. I love his game. And he's so calm. I think that he would be great man. And that circus of LA, great demeanor you, you know. So I think they should go with, you know, guys like that down. You know, not necessarily Kim. But I think they should go with not super star guys. But those guys are really more than guys with guys that hold the team together and can take you on a consistent night, but more importantly can be stable in that locker room when you lose two games in a row in the world says these are the worst trades ever. And so that's what I would caution shooting and guys were great demeanor in a lockable. I said something in the first hour that my guys thought was questionable, and certainly headline making if I'm the Lakers, I, I would take Klay Thompson over choline, Leonard. If I if both guys are available. And I can only pick one of what I think will work for the Lakers, I picked Klay Thompson, go ahead and yell at me if you'd like. The only. So is a better player. Yes. Then too. Yeah. But that makes a lot of sense what you just said. Okay. 'cause will you be able to take up. So let's just say it's a tie game is down at the end and LeBron has the ball and his hands. Well, we've seen Kerak. Why is not off the ball player? He's he's on the ball player now talking to them has him handling the ball which led them nursing them continued to let him handle the ball. So, at the end, if you have to ball handlers, I like kyri and LeBron tougher to get that guy a wide open shot. Whereas if you have a pick and roll with LeBron and AD, and you have Klay Thompson out there who does it need dribbles, who automatically has ball movement for your team. So LeBron's older, he's not running up and down as fast as as we've seen him. But he, you know, take these, you'd be more cautious and taking the time AD. We know what he's gonna do if you have a guy that moves in the offense their screens that comes off screens, that can shoot the way he does. I don't think you're crazy. Then only thing I worry about is, is his knee healthy, but is one of the toughest guys in this league. And we sleep on him. As a two way defender, I, I know they have Draymond and I know they have Durant, but nightly nightly constant check the best player on the team because it usually was a guard or a smaller guy, and he was on that guy. So no, that's, that's not great, as you know, not raise you. I'm gonna leave you with this yesterday. I go. I don't remember a time when we had so many names that began with the letter k and then I thought, if I put the team of ks together in the history of the NBA, I think I could beat anybody. And then I started to look at this. So let me run down my team. I got Kevin Durant. I got Kareem. I got Karl Malone. Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Kyrie Irving. That's my, that's my team now you're probably saying well what about Michael and magic? That's great. I thought about that yet. Micheal magic you know most Moses, you know, Manu Ginobili Mel Daniels, Marcus Johnson, so all right. Tapers off a little bit there. Let me see let me see who I have on your team. Chris Paul Charles Barkley, Clyde, Drexler you and Chris Bosh. Yeah. No keep on going. See what else do they have here? So I got. Oh, here's one LeBron. Larry lamarcus Aldridge. Larry Nance Lou Williams. Now, it kind of tastes like LeBron Lou and Larry Bird, you got some scores right there. You know what this is something that's going to be on my mind all day? And i'm. Them come up with a team I like what you did there. But oh, I don't know 'cause you can still go laugh names to write talking go Barclay boss, or Barclay, bird, or does it have to be because it's about the case this year. So it's all about the case or. Yeah, I can't think of anything when you go to why Karimun and Kobe. Carl g. Yeah. I wish Spang I wish I could just throw. I wish I could just pour some water on this theory real quick. But I can't be the best. Here's James James harden, Julius Erving Jerry West. John stockton. Right. That that's a that's, that's pretty good. Yeah. Jerry now your first name is Mace. Yeah. That's right. So, yeah. Yeah, I'd be with him. That'd be with him. And then let me see what else I got Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady. Tim Hardaway, Terry Cummings. Tony Parker shack. Steph curry, Steve. Nash, Shawn, Kemp Spencer Haywood. Toni Kukoc on that t- to because I think there's some Tom chain can get their time Toni. Kukoc coach. Here's one here's one Russell Russell Westbrook. Rick berry, Robert perish. Ray allen. Reggie Miller, Rod Strickland. I really liked that. That's pretty good. Does good. You can move us to the to live istrict handling the ball and that way, you know. Yeah, I like that. I still think the case God. Hey, it's great to talk to you. Enjoy the off season. We always appreciate your time, Chris, and thanks for joining us, appreciate I will go godson Chris. Webber NBA analyst, he's great. If you missed any of our celebrity interviews this week, the Mercedes AM G, man cave, go to the damn Patrick show app where you can watch and listen from inside the Mercedes AM G, man cave, Mercedes G driving performance when we come back. Chris Simms from pro football. Talk has a list of quarterbacks. And I guess this is if he was drafting for this season just this season. Is that right? Mclovin, I think that's the criteria. Yeah. Okay. They kind of moving forward because the reason why I caught my eye, and I hate list, but he had Tom Brady is ninth on the list eight line. Manning is actually thirty fourth. There are Josh Rosen is ahead of ally. Manning Ryan tannehill Lamar Jackson Marcus mariota. Some guy's not even starting her ahead. Of ally manning. But we'll talk to Chris Simms about the criteria for this list here of how did Tom Brady end up ninth on the list. And is this an open draft? Is that what he's saying here? I got to figure out the fine print here. And then I got to find out if I'm gonna yell at him or not. All right. We'll come back. It's nineteen after the hour on the Dan Patrick show. Support for the Dan Patrick show podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Home is so much more than a house. It's your own little slice of heaven. That's why when you find the perfect place for you and your family getting mortgage, shouldn't get in the way. Imagine how it feels to have an award winning team by her side through every step of this process. It's awesome exactly what you get with rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Their team of mortgage experts obsessed with finding a better way which means that their number one goal may combine process, smoother for you with industry leading online lending technology developed in the heart of Detroit. Rocket mortgage is changing the game. 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The curiosity of going to see I understand football because that's worldwide. But are you interested in seeing the Yankees and the Red Sox? If your local a Londoner at somebody Robichaud, Paul who said Mike trout is the Tim Duncan of baseball. We are wondering about Mike trout, should he be in the homerun derby. And I'm like for me. No, I I I don't tune into watch. Mike trout hit home runs in the first place. I'm tuning into watch my Trump play baseball there, certain guys that can do one thing they can hit home runs. Plus, you know, homerun derby is Homer. On derby, sorta like to slam dunk contest, like, okay. All right. I'm sorry. I still think he got to add a little bit more drama. I and I don't know if you can add more drama to homerun derby, but that, that would be my approach to it. But if I'm Mike trout. I'm not going to do it, but I also look at and maybe a baseball guy or former player can help me with this. Why is it that we always talk about homerun derby at screws up my swing for the second half of the season, but batting practice every single day when you're trying to hit five hundred foot home runs that doesn't screw up. Because if you're watching homerun derby how many times do you see situational hitting in the in batting practice? Like guys going the other way for a base hit, or a double even, you know, the they'll put down, you know, Caisley a bunch or something. But. I don't know why batting practice doesn't screw up your swing but homerun derby does make way for Chris Simms. NBC sports co host, a pro football talk live with Mike Florio, and I hate list, and they usually come out at this time of the year and I saw that Chris Simms had a list on quarterbacks. And I what caught my eye? And that's what you wanna do when you're putting out a list or something controversial. And that was Tom Brady was ninth on the list of I guess the quarterback you would want going into the upcoming season. Let me let me bring in Chris hymns, just so before I start to yell at him that I can get the rationale for his list, Chris. Thank you for joining us. Explain what your rationale was for this list. Okay. All right. Well, first off the one thing I want to make sure that we get out there. You know. And you talk about it is. It's, it's slow time of the year. Right. And let's come out at part of my job and I have quarterbacks you upset, but I certainly didn't put him at number nine, just to get I didn't wait thirty one. One picks to ruffle the fan base to get attention to my pick. I did that I would have thrown a few more curve balls in the twenties, and thirties, too. So this is truly what I believe, you know, I have a passion there. Yes, I'm doing this as viewing as a quarterback as they stack up right now heading into the twenty nineteen football season who is the best quarterback in football. And one of the things that, you know, again, I'm trying to, you know, I don't want to say educate, but point out to people here, it's the ultimate team sport. We have seen and come to this thing here in the last fifteen to twenty years where it's just quarterback quarterback quarterback. And that's the only guy that wins and loses the game. And we know that's not true. But yet we boil it down to that a lot when we just go into the quarterback conversation. And yes, as it stands right now. Tom Brady still awesome. He certainly, you know, two three top three greatest quarterback of all time the most decorated of all time, not even close. I get that. But yes, going into the twenty nineteen season Dan, I look at him as the ninth best quarterback in football. You have is the thirty fourth best quarterback. That means they're quarterbacks who aren't even starting who are better than him. No doubt about it. Yes. I mean Jacoby perset or Eli manning, I'm gonna take Jacoby per se. You know, I mean Eli Manning's play has been below average. I, I don't think this should be, you know, a shock to anybody. When you stack up, you know, all the quarterbacks, and you sit there and look at it, and you go gosh, okay, there's some quality backups on the few of these still ball teams to that. I think could, you know, take advantage of what was there to be had at the quarterback position better than Eli manning. At this point of his career is a legend. I know all of that, but he's certainly getting up there. He's long in the tooth. Dan, I evaluate quarterback play a lot like this. I'm not going to go down to the all what see the win loss record and let me see who has the best stats and then that's just the best quarterback every year. No, it's not about that. Not everybody has the same support system. The same great scheme around them the great players around them. Whatever it may be. I'm. Big into evaluating as far as quarterback play. What was there to be had right on the field, yards wise, plays wise? And did you take full advantage of what was there to be had? And then another huge area I look at is just going. Okay. And then when there's nothing there, right? What you make happen when there is nothing there and that is another big factor. And I know a lot of people have a hard time. They go you had Aaron Rogers number one. How could you do that? They're six nine in one. Well, it happens in football all the time. But somehow, we can't wrap our heads around it in the in the NFL level. Hey John Elway didn't have the best season out of any college quarterback in one thousand nine hundred eighty two when he was at Stanford when they went what four and seven or five and seven. But the NFL valuated all the quarterback in college football and said, you know what that guy's the best quarterback Patrick Mahomes, a few years ago at Texas Tech, he didn't have the best season and he was five and seven, but the Texas Tech with the Texas Tech red raiders, but. Then the NFL evaluated and most teams came away, went down that guy on that five and seventeen. The best quarterback in college football. And again, it just that's why I just try to separate it there we're talking about the one player. It's not disrespected Tom Brady. He's truly the guy tried to motto my game after when I was playing I love him. But, you know me, Dan. I mean, I'm just gonna keep it real to what I think, in my evaluations, and I don't give a damn what most people think about that. But would you take Daniel Jones than it's your starter over Eli manning? If you don't even have ally in the top, you know, thirty two teams here. He'll Jones on my top forty. So I you know, I had him just outside of my top forty there. I gotta see Daniel Jones. I so I mean, I'm hearing very positive. Glowing reports about him and I expect. Yes. I mean, this is one thing I've said, but he li- manning. Daniel Jones conversation, you know he's gonna put pressure on ally in the giants because every day he's gonna be out in the field, and they're gonna go, okay. He's just as big as Eli. Oh, he's definitely a better athlete than Eli. Oh, gosh. His arms better than Eli. Whoa. He's pretty smart. And, you know, that's where I think, you know, that's when you start to go and the coaches see it every day, the players at every day that puts pressure on the situation. Overall, I still think Eli will be the starter. But if Daniel Jones has great training, camp and does really well in the giants start off one in three or two and four or something like that, I would not be shocked. If Daniel Jones does supplant. Eli manning is the starting quarterback there. He's Chris Simms, NBC sports, and pro football talk live Monday through Friday with Mike Florio on NBC sports network. Jerk off is nineteenth. Feels like where do you have Sean McVeigh ranked here on the quarterback list? Yeah. Well, you know, yes, Jared gov does a lot of good things. But I just don't look at Jared Goff is being the quality of player is the guys. I do look in front of them. And yeah. You know, I mean again jar ops done a lot of good things again. But we've all just go the Rams there in the Super Bowl. Jared goff's gotta be one of the best quarterbacks in football. Right. Well, you guys watch the Super Bowl. There was people open their throws to be had. They didn't deliver. In fact, it was less than deliver. It was ugly in a lot of the situation. So there was moments last year where I saw Jared Goff, do some of the things that I talk about, as far as good quarterback playing evaluating that gay. I said, ooh. Okay. There was a few moments last year. I said, nothing was there and Jared Goff made something or hey, the defense really did a good job. And he threw the perfect throw against the perfect coverage and did that, but yeah, I do need to see more from Jared Goff. It's a great support system there with the Los Angeles Rams. Of course McVeigh phenomenal. The talent around him as phenomenal. And I certainly think there's a whole bunch of quarterbacks that are in front of him. If. They put them out with the Los Angeles Rams. They would every every bid have the same success. If not even more just to let people know the list here, here's your talk. You locate with me. I'm sports mad at you. Okay. Good. I that's a good way to put it. Thank you. Good way to put that because too many people get personal and I wanna go mitt and there's other things. No. I I like you. I just I can be sports mad your dad. I don't like but you I like. Grew my dad. I don't like him either Aaron Rodgers then Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson. Andrew luck to Shawn Watson is a little bit of a surprise at five Bennett six. Matt Ryan seven. Cam Newton eight Tom Brady. And then drew Brees. Yeah, that's the that's your top ten yesterday. We'll think about the Sean, you know, Dan, the one thing I'll say there is. I mean, we talk about other quarterbacks and all they don't have great offense align, playmates, the worst offense align playing football last year was the Houston Texans. And then you know not like they had a great run game and then what makes the run game. Good added onto that, that doesn't go in the statute is the fact that the Shawn Watson and the run game they can design around him puts more pressure on run defense. Which makes Lamar Miller, look better. And most people I talked to Dan and I've done on the radio and done this to a few people over the last week ago. Who's the other receiver on the Texans behind the Andre Hopkins and people go up, who's the tight end the so there he is having years, where we go, man. This guy's pretty special and the support system. Not great as he perfect yet. No, but he's a special special talent. And I do I I look at him as one of the best quarterbacks in the game. Is there a chance? Aaron Rodgers ends his career is overrated. Yeah. There, certainly there. There's a chance that way. Yeah. With one Super Bowl. Yeah. Yeah. I mean that's that'll be I don't want to say it's going to be overrated. It's gonna be disappointing. But everybody's said he could be the greatest quarterback of all time. Right. I don't think he's the greatest quarterback of all time. I mean, hey the quickest to get the forty thousand yards is the greatest interception to touchdown touchdown to interception ratio in the history of the sport. And it's not even close with who second, and we view them as a gunslinger, and, you know, again, you know, weapons there, they haven't been weapons galore up there. No better. He had better weapons than Brady had a lot of times. I mean the greatest tight end of all times played with Aaron Rodgers has the greatest receiver. Arguably of all time played with Aaron Rodgers the greatest slot receiver. We didn't eat he made Julian Edelman. Okay. Let's not kid anybody. A really good there. And he was cast off from the dolphins. He's gonna cast off on the dolphins there. So they got west could. Because there's no teams in football. Nope. To end this again. I don't want to sound like I'm hating on Tom Brady 'cause Tom Brady is freaking awesome. I'm just trying to explain people. There's more to the game than just going wins losses stats the quarterbacks the reason that's it. If that was the reason the Nick foles would never never beat it. Yeah. Tom brady. And a super house still sends beat John Elway. But be Wes Welker. Okay. Yeah. He went down to Miami and they typecast them. Oh, a white guy. We can't start him at receiver. And we don't even know how to use it receiver like this, because it was time in the era, where again, New England is a head of the curve, where they go. Hey, we can get these small little slot receivers and do all these cool things with them in the middle of the field. And we're one of the few offenses in football that know how to utilize it. So that's why they got Wes Welker. I mean Ataman hey, diem branches, the number one receiver on another Super Bowl team after he left New England. So. Again, that's not a knock on Tom Brady. All the great quarterbacks have had good, talent around them for the most part. I just hate. When people say that about New England all the time I find that disrespectful of the rest of the players up there. Okay. You got one game to win. Yeah. Respective teams. Okay would their teams. Well, that's a different scenario. But that's why Brady if you're gonna give me in the New England and then just say you can have any quarterback I'm going to still go with Aaron Rodgers. If you're gonna give me the team, and then give me any quarterback with it. I'm gonna go. Okay. I'll take the New England team with Aaron Rodgers. No, no Brady's team. And Aaron Rodgers team right? Okay. England's better. I mean hey, I mean Aaron Rodgers let's get the place. He has to make late in the fourth quarter. The plays the degree of difficulty are off the charts. And then Brady again, not to say that it's easy, but, you know, oh, Julian Edelman is wide open over the middle on third and ten against the Kansas City Chiefs. And he hit the receiver. That was open over the middle for a ten yard completion. I go, Chris, my gosh. How did he do that, that uh slant to gronk? Oh my gosh. Tom Brady hit a slant. I got up of my rankings. He can hit slant around, you know, and that's not a knock on Tom Brady again taking. I know it sounds like that, but I'm trying to explain that. The coaching goes along with the Dan. Okay. Wait a minute. Who do you love more? Yeah. Here, more Aaron Rodgers or your wife yourself, funny shut up, you know what as a person, Dan. I actually like Tom Brady more. I think he's cooler. He can, then your wife and like Brady better than your wife is a person. No, I like my wife topnotch. I mean, my wife is a hell of a cook. She's got a really nice figure got nice upper body nights lower body, so no, I'm not putting any of them in front of I like my wife booty a lot. So I can't go there. Shea move well in the pocket does, she know movement in the talian stallion could care less about football. She thinks I'm crazy. When she says here listened to be talking about this stuff. She there now. No. She just went out with my little girl here. Few minutes ago. Great to talk to you. I know you're on vacation, by the way, who is the worst quarterback in the NFL. Oh, gosh. The worst quarterback in the NFL. I don't know. I mean, you know, I never went past forty. I didn't even look at it that way this year. So I didn't get. Seventy five on your list. He's moved up a few spots. I'll give them that I did. I did look at Bortles and go, you know, I looked at it. He's definitely in the forties for me this year. But I didn't really put much thought pass, you know, fifty really to wear, I was like, oh, looking at some of those really down the line second-stringers third string quarterbacks. Like I did. You know a few years ago when this list kinda can became a popular thing. Thank you, Chris. Great weekend. We appreciate your time. You're the man, Dan. See you got Chris Simms. NBC sports co host pro football talk live with Mike Florio. I don't know what we accomplished there, but it's always good to get SIMS on. And he somehow talks is way into trouble. I don't know if he talks his way out of job. No Aaron Rodgers ends up with can you be the greatest quarterback of all time with one Super Bowl. But is he saying most threatening quarterback right now? I think that's I think that's the rationale is saying, I think he's saying I could put Aaron Rodgers on your team and he would be able to win. He saying if you add it Aaron Rodgers to the patriots, they'd be more threatening. I think I'm guess what? Aaron Rodgers have the same number of Super Bowls with the patriots that Tom Brady sound. Now. I know that Aaron wasn't in the league when, you know, Tom one knows first couple, I think you don't wanna touch that question. I don't think any of us do, because I say, if I said era Rogers, for example, I've always heard yelling system quarterback at me and say that Brady, one of the system. Yeah. It's because it's a hypothetical honestly. I think people will get mad at you. But if you say go ahead, say it. No, I I don't think Aaron Rodgers would have the same number he'd have less. Yes. I do. I think Brady understands what he can and can't do as well as anybody who's played the position Aaron at times, baby. Tries to do too much. Now is he more talented than Brady? Yes, I guess, if you wanna look at, you know, just the tangible things that I can see that all is arm is athletics. You know, I'm sure Brady would even say, look, he does things that I can't do physical talent. But I, I think being clutch is another talent that's not you can't equate it like arm strength and feet moving. But Brady has a clutch talent that he's developed over years of being in tight situations. That can't be developed there by rarely be developed, how many times if you watched a patriot. And they need a score to win. And you in Brady's got the ball and. You say to yourself they're going to win. You don't as great as Rogers is. But you don't say that about Rogers the way we do with Brady because we've seen Brady do it at the highest level, and that is doing it in Super Bowls. And I believe if there wasn't that strip sack he probably would have let him down in probably scored a touchdown beating the eagles. I mean, that's how much confident that's why wouldn't people are saying, well who do you like in the Super Bowl with the Rams and the patriots? I go, I never bet against Tom Brady never, never. I don't care how old he is. He could be seventy in the backyard. I'm still gonna take his team, paulie as a bears fan though. The bears could be up twenty four zero on Aaron Rodgers at home. He's probably bet on Aaron I will come back close up. Shop last call for phone calls. What we learn what's in store for Monday and the trigger meet Friday back after this. Okay. This is just a thirty second commercial and I'm going to throw a lot of numbers that you please. Please stay with me in just fifteen minutes you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, the company that. Has been offering. Great rates and great service for seventy five years. It's gyco. 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All you wanna put cocktails you can make cocktails on their desserts on there and Alan, the IT guys done a wonderful job with the trigger meat man. That's called plaguing. It if you're if you're watching now, that's when you played something you make it look great. You don't have to work hard to make that trigger. Look, great traegergrills dot com slash DP show. Also, just in time for fourth of July DP show t-shirt, and I love the way this looks did a great job. The boys in the back the French kid and Jeremy who does. Our t-shirts did a wonderful job with this. So the all of our t-shirts of Annibale on the DP show app, or, or on the website is well phone calls coming up. We'll sneak those in final results of the poll question we have this day in sports history as well. Mclovin final results of the poll question man versus food on cooking channel. Our three wears Irving going nets are the big leader with Lakers, second. And then the Celtics and clippers last Thomasson, Wisconsin, join just, hey, Thomas. Do you have for me today? AP. Thanks for having me on it or to chime in real quick. On the Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers situation for days. But I wonder how much of radius success can be attributed to the villa. Check system, and how routers fit in there. Secondly, the lifelong Packer fan obviously huge Aaron Rogers Sam. I think if you have one final drive, I think you want Tom Brady if you got one final play I think you want Aaron Rodgers. All right. That's fine. I'm fine with that. I don't think you can go wrong with it. But I don't think you can be labeled the greatest quarterback of all time with one Super Bowl. I just don't think I don't think the experts and I don't think history is going to be kind to you and say, boy, you're the I thought that Elway was the best quarterback in football. And he had lost three Super Bowls in convincing fashion. I still thought he was better than Joe Montana. But, you know, I was in the minority there, and then he wanted couple of Super Bowls, even though he needed help from Shannon Sharpe and trail Davis in great offensive line. And then all of a sudden he got credit. He got more credit when he didn't deserve it. And then less credit when he did deserve it because he was unbelievable with those Bronco teams got blown out in the Super Bowl. He really was. Yeah. Mclovin, isn't it funny, damn Marino gets in the conversation? At least even though he never won. I mean, not number one, but does has a lot about how good he does. But he, he did something before anybody else was doing this. He he took passing to a new level in the NFL because he had forty eight touchdowns back in nineteen Eighty-four. He he was doing it before anybody else, not even close before. Yeah. Really amazing. This day in sports history, Pauling. I got one and it's great nineteen Ninety-seven Mike Tyson was disqualified for biting. Omnion. Vander Holyfield's ear part of his ear technically after three rounds of their WBA heavyweight fight in Las Vegas. I got the video here and at first, you can't see it. You just see Mike and him kind of butting heads, and grinding their shoulders and heads together Vander the first time point says he bit my ear, but he didn't bite it off. He bid it and the second time of Anders jumping up and down in and there's a chunk of ear on the canvas while see this sports history. Bunch of Mike continental tire proud to be the exclusive tire the Dan Patrick show. No matter where you drive what you drive how you drive continental designs tires for what you do. For more information, visit continentaltire dot com. Yes. Kid can't help it. Not forget, not. We tried again. Yes. Thanh can't help, but think of Mills Lane going, you bet a Mike bit him. While Tyson was arguing why he was getting points taken, you're gonna do your impersonation. I really bit him kind of got up close to a couple people wanted to know maybe we should have taken away the tea in Todd instead of one of the DS. So you just be odd odd Fritz garbage pail kid sticker. What did you learn today? Todd the Lakers have been Kemba Walker than the ngelo Russell, Kyrie Irving, much less drama involved. Club in the least valuable player in the AA got the biggest trophy. Yes. I thought that was the best because somebody's gonna ask you gotta trophy. What's it's oh, you're the least valuable seen O'Connor. You ruined Chris Weber's day by giving him players. Let's start with a certain letter. Dame letter K, would you learn a UA award ceremony starts now. Imagine dragons playing. That's our ceremony. This woman up in the back now. What did I learn top Mike trout's brand is not having a brand? That's it. That'll do it close up. Shop hope you enjoyed it. We're gonna do it again on Monday. We'll do until we get it. Right. Have a great weekend. Everybody seemed paulie fritzy mclovin, yours truly Dan Patrick. Coming soon to podcast, one, the podcast with Rick Fox jas hall, and Todd ROY, log to see the world behind the east force you love. And find out what good game really means from the trio, who's taken the business by storm, including the three time NBA champion behind team, echo FOX. Download new episodes of the G g podcast every week on apple podcasts and podcasts one as we walked suburban gotten Catholic Catholic without stubbing it notice it moves like dole. It's inanimate and utterly without brain function. But despite that, when it got gnome his about how gyco not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. It's clear to them. You should switch because yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer on second thoughts. Maybe don't what God knows to Calveley people might talk bird watching. Line dancing firefighter. Nobody's just one thing. That's why polar pop and fraudster aren't either choose from all kinds of flavors and make your mix polar pop in foster just seventy nine cents each at circle k limited time only at participating locations Baden in Harris. I'm Ed Donahue, the AP news minute at the democratic presidential debate in Miami. Joe Biden says Kamala Harris mischaracterized, his record Harris criticized Biden for recently defending segregationist, and then in the Senate, and for once opposing mandatory busing of students to desegregated public schools, the AP's, Alexandra Jaffe, is in Miami. It's hard to say that Joe Biden has lost his runner status, just based on a sort of middling debate performance, but I think that candidates do see and opportunity. Here come on. Here's really did not him down a peg, and so we could see some reordering Bilton support in the polls and in candidate strategies going forward. President Trump is at the g twenty summit. Pan when you look at the socialism, and you look at what it can do. That's what you're talking about there. The president says see was not impressed by the Democrats at the at the debate last night in Miami. I'm Ed Donahue.

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