Steelers Preview: Will TE Zach Gentry even make an impact on the Steelers in 2019?


Pittsburgh Steelers fans what's going on this, Jeff Harbin editor of behind the curtain dot com with another episode of the Steelers preview. That's right, we're back. We're better than ever OT as week to just wrapped up. And we're gonna talk about that Zach, gentry is the Steelers preview focus player of the week in terms of the two thousand nineteen NFL draft class. But before we get to that, let's go who over who is with me. It's all three of us. The dynamic duo, Brian Anthony Davis. How are you doing this evening? You know what Jeff, we should start calling yourself tremendous trio, because I don't wanna leave you out of this whole thing. But I'm doing phenomenal. I'm okay with being left out. That's. Guilt by association bra days. Go field what's going on? I'm exhausted. Man. I need a vacation for my vacation. I just got back in town. And I'm like I need some rest after my time of supposed rest. Oh. All right. Before we get started with the actual, you know, the news and OT, as and all that stuff. Dave is going to be talking about the winner of the juju. Smith Schuster jersey that was a contest that wrapped up last night Wednesday at ten pm. Dave, go ahead. Take it away. All right. Are winning tweet? The one with the most lakes was a video. It was really simple. It did not take much to witness jersey. Someone made a video taking a drink of water out of a Steelers Cup. And then held it up to show that said, 'Antonio Brown's tears. So that was our winning video that was juju celebration. It was called shade and it was by Jake mellow. So Jake, I will be getting hold of you and making sure we get you that juju. Jersey. Congratulations. It's pretty cool. You know we've if you think about the giveaways you've done so far. It's, it's just really cool to be able to give stuff like that way. And big big shout out to the winner. There Jake mellows. He said, is that his Twitter handle of that's Twitter mellow. Very good. So there you have it. That's another giveaway in the books. We have another one planned. It's going to it's going to be involving writing though. It's going to be a part of the behind the curtain dot com fan post action. If you're if you're a member of the, the steel curtain dot com, and that means you have it username and things of that nature. A lot of people don't even know you can actually write articles for the site. It just doesn't show up on the main page, those are for the writers that I actually employ. And so you can do fan post and a lot of times I can promote the fan post to the front page and get you exposure. We're gonna be doing a writing contest. That'll be coming up in the dog days of summer. Or so. They'll be after OT as or done that time period between OTA's and training camps. OT kilo governor, that we'll talk about that as it comes up, but here we go organized team activities phase three continues week to his done. There's only one week left. I believe they have I'm sorry. It was one week or two weeks. Dave. Total. Is it three weeks? It's three weeks OTA's and then mandatory minicamp. Right. So the as they have one where we think there's four sessions next week, one of those Dave and Buster's session, but we're going to do what we did last week. And that's where we just go around and say, well, we were takeaways from we to if anything Brian will start with you. What did you take away from OT as week to for the Versi lers even more than I did last week? It's just team harmony. This team is going out of their way to show how much they get along with each other and not just that, but what they're really trying to stab list, is that us against the world mentality and believe you me, they're going to ride it the whole way you heard it in the comments this week. I felt like Vance McDonald alluded to it. Marquees pouncey alluded to it, and the other thing about it that kind of coincides with this is the fact that marquees pounds. He is basically saying. You look, I'm not discussing any criticism of Ben Rothlisberger. But I noticed nobody's called me I like you should, and that was that was a throwback to his, his quote, a couple months ago. That said, if you have anything bad to say about the team, you better get through me, first so marquees pounds. He has anointed himself as the enforcer of the team, and that makes him a big team leader in my eyes and you could see how they they rally around him. Yeah, I pounce. He's a he's a good enforcer to have on your side into Castro those guys. I one of my side if we're going into a brawl. Put it that way. Dave. What about you week to as rap over your thoughts on the week? That was no news is good news. Because there's, there's more bad things that can happen not as good things. When you hitters there's breaking news about Steelers OT as it's gonna be for bad reason that someone did something, and we don't want that. I know I think the last report was shot Davis might not be fully participating because of some sort of injury. But nothing that sounds major. That's all I want from OT as a minicamp is the come out injury free. Yeah, I'm gonna go a different way in, in say how crazy it is to me that of six draft Sutton Smith seems to be doing everything. I think he's doing everything except for kicking field goals. He he's doing fullback drills. He's he took running back rafts today. And he's working as a linebacker and outside linebacker. I guess the more you can do, right? To make the team is, is the best case fossil Brian. What are your thoughts on that? Yeah. I think he would operated the food truck for launch. No. I mean this guy. I mean he wants to make it man. He's hungry. And he's gonna do whatever it takes love it. Yeah. I just impressed. I mean this is a guy that everyone said, is it true team player? He's willing to do whatever it takes. And that's truly on display right now. Another thing that I took away was. This is news happened. I think it was Wednesday morning was only published this, this dealers pushed Chris boswell's, a signing bonus back to after the preseason essentially saying, we're not going to give you that money until we see that you've gotten out of this funk, and if he would have said, look, no, I want my. Money. They were going to release him straight out. This is all per Jerry Dueck, which in my opinion, very reliable source in the Pittsburgh post gazette, Dave, when you heard that news, will your thoughts on that. I thought that came out in March, whenever he didn't get the bonus. So I think that was news. I was I was thinking that already had at cosc- was do the bonus in March and he didn't get it. But I didn't know if that was ever confirmed. Exactly how that played out that might have been what what it was. But I seem to remember that he wasn't. He didn't get the bonus. That was news it, but there wasn't a. A confirmed story until just now. It wasn't. There was no time line of when he was going to get it now. They said it for the end of the preseason. Yes. So now if they were to essentially cut him they would save themselves. Two million dollars. I believe was the number. I saw not sure don't take that as gospel, but it would be less of a hit if they decide to cut him. Brian, what are your thoughts on that? End does his or are we reading between the lines year? We just let go, you know, it's a smart move, because they own four point six before that bonus so they won't be hit with four point six million, if they have to cut them. This is a guy that saying all the right things I saw an interview with him, where yet, he looked very solemn somber, but he was saying, hey, look, I'm not worried about last year. I'm not thinking about last year. I'm just worried about my next kick. So he's going with that he's a he said, look, I'm not changing anything but you know with a kicker and Jeff. A golfer and, you know, just the difference between an inch in your stance on pots on everything. So the same same way with a kicker. It's just I would think that he has been doing everything he can in the last six months to shore up his stance, the shore up his kicking motion and to be injury free. That was another thing. They asked him about the injuries. He's like, look. I'm not blaming. I'm not talking about any injuries whatsoever. Not blaming it on that. I'm just here to get back to work. So as far as covering themselves with that signing bonus. That's, that's a smart move, because if you look at Matthew, right? He has some ability out of central Florida. So he's a guy that could come in and compete in. He just blows the doors off of the, the brief season. They've decision to make. Is to me. You can tell a lot about an interview when you have you can tell a lot about the, the way that they answer questions. For instance, listen to Vance McDonald when they interview him he's upbeat. He's very well-spoken. I saw Chris Boswell in two thousand seventeen and he was jovial with the media. He was laughing joking. Things went south really quick two thousand eighteen and then this year boy, he just seems kind of downtrodden to me, it just seems like he's just kind of I, I don't know. It seems like he searching he searching for an answer. And if we're gonna compared to golf, there are times in every golfers life where they're seriously searching for their swing? But if I'm Matthew, right? I guess as his name the kid, the undrafted kid from central Florida. He's playing with house money right now. He's, he's up against the guy that is Bentley fragile coming off a worse his worst season. And maybe one of the worst seasons in it as a kicker in Steelers history in at least the last twenty years in my goodness, always had to go to go out and do his show. He can kick the ball into the end zone on kickoffs and be pretty reliable from forty five yards in and he very well might have a job because hat Chris Boswell could even make point after's this year. So I think we went over this last week. Brian Davies still believe that. Chris Boswell is not on the team into dozen. Nineteen is changing for you. I don't think it's a guarantee I think that if he doesn't get the job done that, that they will let them go. I'm Brian thinks that they're just going to do what they do because they paid him. He's going to be the kicker. I don't know. I don't know that they will. I'm hoping that he is. I really am. I also found it interesting that, that rights agent said that he specifically picked the Steelers to sign with, because they felt that that was a good opportunity for to get job. So we'll see what happens. I'm looking forward to see I wanna see someone take the job. Not somebody lose it. That's what I wanna see. Okay. Brian is Boswell teen here. You know what Dave's? Exactly. Right. I said that, and that seemed to be the mentality. But after this news and. You're correct. Jeff as well. I mean he does look downtrodden. I mentioned that he was somber in the interview. And when you compare that Vance McDonald. He's, he's going to win the job outright. And he's gonna prove that he can do it. And I'm just afraid that something else you said about just if it's a mental issue in, if he is downtrodden you know, that's a hard thing to overcome. So he's got a big summer ahead of them. And is he going to be on the team if I said, right now, I'm still going to say, yes? I think he's gonna win the job, but I am less optimistic about it than I was last week. And Sean suisun was seen at ta practice today, who's helping talking with Chris Basel. Not sure he was working with him. Like he did last year. If you do recall, the last year when Sweden did come in and work with them. And it was a little bit of an improvement in boswell's game. I'm not gonna say drastic, I'm not saying he's the kicker whisper anything like that. But it was a slight improvement. Now, the other news is that Justin lane. The third round draft take the. Final of draft pick of the nine drafted players signed his contract is rookie for your deal today. They're all locked up finally done. But there's one more player that is not under contract, but it's still showing up and I wanna get your thoughts on this guy. It's Mike helton's. Mike them was given a tender. He's pulling one hundred Villanueva rewind back to last year. This time Vilna wave as starting left tackle. Or maybe it was two years ago. I apologize figure my years mixed up. He was giving his tender he was grossly underpaid for a starting left tackle, the NFL yet, he still showed up. He didn't miss. He was there working, he didn't miss a workout, and would they do the first day when they reported training camp. Bam, you got his new deal. Guys, my question for you is does Mike. He'll get a new deal or the Steelers going to really try to play their hand wisely and make him basically make him play under the tender that they've offered him. Sorry, dave. I, I might have. Chores, I was with Villanueva, that he's going to be given a contract if he is. I think it smart planet out saying, I'm not gonna sign it so we can keep negotiating but I'm gonna keep coming. They're both sides are doing the right thing. But it seemed like at the end of last year the Steelers weren't overly sold on Hilton when I thought he was still one of the one of their best defensive back. So there might be something there on their end that they might not want to dish out what the slot corners are now going for. I mean, they're starting to really get some decent size salaries at that position. So. I'm gonna say maybe yes to play this out with just the tender and then he'd be a free agent next year. And Brian would he think Mike Helton might be motel six at this point? This is very dangerous right now, I would caution against this. I would probably sign that tender to get back in, because there are some there are some players that they're bringing in. Undrafted free agents just brought one in from the af name Cameron Kelly who had three picks in one game. He also started the season as receiver has good hands. He six two he played very well in the af. They're bringing this guy in and don't forget, Joe Hayden's there, Stephen Nelson's, there, you have Justin lane as a rookie. They're still guys named Cameron Sutton and Anna Brian Allen, who might be might be moved to safety. But they there's a lot of guys pushing for that, that job. And that, that stable of defensive backs is a lot better than it has been. I mean, this is a team that had no problem saying see Cody sensible who was the star at the end of last season. This is how much they've improved. I think guys like Cameron Kelly could really make life interesting for. For a guy like Hilton. So I think he's, he's on dangerous ground here again prince's our live chat right now read over and says that the Steelers don't have any money for a contract right now. They restructure if there's one thing I've learned, since really paying close attention to this type of stuff is that the Steelers can manipulate money with the best of it would take one restructure Omar Khan is in absolute genius. He's a wizard with this type of stuff. I know that next year even though Antonio Brown's money comes off the books they've a lot of free agents. I have no doubt in my mind that they will be able to sign the people that they wanna sign give them contracts that are all the right numbers, yet are still team friendly. If you will get the contracts into guys like Dante Moncrieff and Mark, Barron. It's two three year deals. But in reality, Dante Moncrieff deal is basically a one year contract if they want if they wanna cut him after a year they can. And they really don't have much dead money. They know what? They're doing in that regard. So if they wanna sign my Hilton, it would take just a few moves wouldn't be breaking stuff, and all of a sudden boom, they have the money to give him Brian. What do you think Jeff just one mention about the genius genius of Omar Khan? I think this guy is one of the unheralded heroes of the Steelers. I love this guy so much that I'm trying to get him to come to my house and work with, with my wife, maybe do our taxes next year because I mean, he could probably each earth you things about saving money and moving stuff around. So I love. Oh, Mark on. Yeah. Absolutely. There's a reason why he was. At one point. He was interviewed for some higher ranking jobs in other words, Asians, and he decided to stay with the Steelers still. Okay. There's really news. Good news days. There was some news, but not a huge, let's get into the staticky Dave for tonight. Okay. I'm going to do kind of like last week were less is more. We're going to do. We're going to over under again. But we're going to do a couple because I really wanted to dive into where the numbers came from. So it was interesting because this was one that Jeff brought up and a different show before last week show might have been burning question that we are not this past week before where you were talking about the number of, of underhanded free agents that of making the team. So here's what I'm going to give you guys I thought I was going to give you one number. And then after I did my research I changed my number. So you guys got it got here. What is this, undrafted rookie free agents, but I'm gonna have to define that term, it's going to be an over under of point five or the Steelers going to keep any. And here's why specifically rookie free agents meeting coming out of college. The steelers. Do keep undrafted free agents. But it's usually after a year or so on the practice squad. I was really, really surprised. Now last year, technically the Steelers kept to they kept Matthew Thomas, and they kept Ola identity a Denna. Hey, dennehy. I'll mess it up. I'll pull William to totally Butch Ola. Okay. We'll just go Ola technically he made the initial fifty three man roster only for a day in order to go on. I r where they then brought him back. So technically, he counts because he made the initial fifty three man. So that was to they had last year two thousand seventeen it was none. Yes, they had Mike Hilton. But he was not coming off coming right out of college where he was where he would have been quote unquote, a rookie spent a year bouncing around finish the year on the Steelers practice squad the year before they had none, even though it was BJ Finney. He had spent a year. On the practice squad in two thousand fifteen they had one it was Tyler Murphy. He made the fifty three man roster. But he didn't stick the whole year. The Steelers have not had. Somebody stick on stick on the roster. That was a an undrafted rookie that came right on the roster that stuck the whole season since two thousand twelve and that was Robert golden, what about a BJ Finney. He was undrafted, but he spent a year on the practice squad for what about? Before that. But Ramon foster spend a year on the practice. Didn't go. I went back to. Well, that's because I went, but no, I'm pretty sure certain that the big Ragu was straight on the fifty three thought too. But, but just I was telling you just for this exercise. I stopped at two thousand twelve see even in two thousand thirteen Terrance Garvan made the team. But technically he didn't make the initial fifty three man roster. He was cut put on the practice squad for a day or whatever until they put Matt Spaeth on I so he could come back, and then he was signed to the fifty three so they've had some scenarios like that where guys have been around, but they were either. I like he didn't last year. They were smart. You remember who was cut and then resigned. So they could put a dentist. Hey, on or sorry, a mess. It up Ola on the fifty three. They wanna remember that was. Someone like to forget Landry. He was. So who do they cut and then bring back they were smart because they did it with vested veteran? So that way he couldn't be claimed off waivers. Steven Johnson that wasn't last year. That was your before. For it was. That. Oh, good Lord. Yeah. So he was remember he was cut, and they kept all on the fifty three and then moved him to the I. Are they signed birthday back the fact that they did this with Garvan back in two thousand thirteen they were pretty lucky that he cleared waivers? But he was a guy that remember he was a tr- tryout guy. He wasn't even a he wasn't even signed before rookie minicamp. So the most that they, they did they had three and two thousand twelve one in two thousand fifteen and two in two thousand eighteen so they had more years of none than any, so for two thousand nineteen once again, I buried you with the numbers, do you think the Steelers are going to keep any undrafted free agents, right? Off the bat on the fifty three man roster. Hi, I'm every woman, and I'm hosting curbs new podcast. Nice, try it stories about how people have tried to design a better world. And what happens when those designs don't go according to plan season. One is called utopian. And it's about the perpetual search for the perfect place. It includes cannibalism fascist architecture. Poly-amorous hermetically, sealed domes and Courtney Kardashians dining room chairs, but not necessarily in that order, new episodes of nice, try come out every Thursday. Subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app. He's had the line over underlying point point five show. It's either going to be zero or one or more, I'm gonna take the over because I think that either PJ lock or askew, Henry from West Virginia. Both are at a position of need in terms of safety and special teams guys. I like both of them. I think one of those two makes fifty I'm gonna say over. I think one Brian, what do you think I'm sing over as well. I agree with those two safeties one of them should make it because of the depth of the defensive line ago like Chris Nelson from Texas could definitely make this team over a guy like the shade tree Daniel mccutchen, even though he signed a two thousand twenty say the shade tree. Not. Oh, okay. Brothers. It's. You know what I, I recognize that I, I need to go back in my article that I just wrote because I might. Check out in fact, editor it's really running tomorrow. Jeff do your job. Check that out for I. I will. So master, right. We just talked about him. He's got got an opportunity. Here's another guy that it's, it's probably less likely. But I loved Dr skipper from the university of Toledo, he would have to beat up beat out his old rocket teammate Ola Denny. I believe it's then he Dave. Denny. But skippers monster and he has ability to find the quarterback. But speaking of quarterbacks I am not ruling out that the Devlin Hodges is just a camp body. I really think that this guy, the all time leader, FCS passing in just a fantastic player in FCS could come in and get that, number three job from guy like. Josh dobbs. I I really love what I see from Hodges just from his career in college, and what he can do. So the answer a long winded over. Okay. I wanna say this. A good one. I do believe that the Steelers would not cut Joshua Dobbs much like the land Landry Jones. I think that would have to be a trade situation before they were going to move on there. I could see them using stat trying to stash another quarterback on the practice squad as a possibility, which I'm going to a quick, follow question this, and before I go to the next one, give me a number, I've already got mine, now undrafted rookie free agents. Now, this is the rookie, this isn't the af guides or anything like that undrafted rookie free agents that the Steelers currently have that you think will make the Steelers practice squad. Say that again, how many of the undrafted rookie free agents is that what we just did. No, no, fifty three. Okay. How many gimme a number of what do you think will make the practice squad over under just give me a number of what you think? I'll tell you my, I'm with five four five I will say, I think five of those guys that they signed, and after many camp or after commend campaign, the rookies that weren't drafted. I think I think five of them could make can make eleven spots on the practice squad. Jeff say six the weird thing about this fellows is the fact that last year we had a good bit signed to the practice squad in past years. You've seen a complete turnaround from from. Undrafted and brought in went through the entire camp. And the entire the entire practice was made up of nobody knew. And I think back to two thousand. From other with fits, Tucson, coming in and all those guys coming in and everybody else was gone. In fact. Guys. When you go and four in the pre season that makes you not want to keep some of those guys. So, yeah, it all depends on how they perform great job for the Steelers. Guys are not performing the preseason doesn't mean that the that's who you have to pick your practice squad guys from find from any place. I like that. So I have some stuff coming out, where people would ask me Jackie what makes up the practice squad that should be coming out. Sometime. When I finally get the Jeff, here's question. Number two, since we're doing Zach gentry tonight. Here's your over under a five. Number of touchdowns by tight ends on the Steelers in two thousand nineteen the reason I came with the number five last year. The Steelers had six because McDonald had four and James head to and your Brimble was three inches shy at a loss. Believe it or not Vance McDonald's four touchdowns. That's tied for eleventh all time in Steeler histories of touchdowns in a season by tight end. You know what the number one is you can probably guess who it is who has the most touchdowns as tight end Steeler Miller Miller. You know what the number is new? Hey it. They've never had a double digit touchdown guy as tight end. So I'm going to run back some of the numbers here in two thousand eighteen the Steelers had six touchdowns by tight ends in two thousand seventeen they had five James had three MacDonald one grumble one and two thousand sixteen. They also had five James three and grumbled to two thousand fifteen they only had three two thousand fourteen. They had five thousand thirteen they only had one touchdown by tight end heath Miller at one touchdown and that was it. You have to all the way back to two thousand twelve until they've had more and that was when they had ten that was that he's Miller had eight. And then we was at pope had to. So that was it. So as you can see the Steelers don't always Cortana touchdown with their tight end position. So the numbers five over under for tight ends for the Steelers in two thousand nineteen. What you, they over because I think vans McDonald's going to be more of a focal point in the offense. And especially in the red zone. I'll go with over. I think your grandma will pitch in kinda Jesse James last year. I asked I got a little bit of an uptick in vans with Donald, I'll take over. What about you Brian at the risk of being overly optimistic yell and some talking to you? The what what I'm saying here is Alex, quote, Lance on this one, fifteen touchdowns. You've gotta make up fifteen touchdowns. And I agree with Jeff. You've just gotta make Vance a huge focal point. And that's exactly what they're going to do. I would think he would have a majority of them. I can see him. Not really getting double digits, but possibly getting to seven or eight. Okay. So then I'm gonna buck the trend I'm gonna say under. I think five is the right number of personally. I think finally be a push. That's not I'm no. I wasn't giving us a push option. So, so I'll just go flat up under. Then you can't go five four. That's why I'm saying. That's why I'm going under. I said, if I if I had the hook if it was five and a half, then I feel even much better about my under because I think, I think it pushes realistic here. That's just kind of what they've done with the titans of their system, and honestly beyond Vance McDonald. I don't I think too tight end is is really lacking. It's going to be all about McDonald. I think if if they go over, it's because MacDonald has has them. That's, that's what I got. So that's our stats for this week. All right. Brian you wanted to do a little new segment. You said thirty seconds. I literally Minnesota timer for thirty seconds and you're ever, you'll fun fact. All right. Here's the fun fact of the week, two major friends and family marquees pound sees real first name is Leshan. Thank you, shouldn't tip your waiters and waitresses. I'll be here next week. Nine ten seconds. He's still twenty seconds. You get. So what is Sean, his name is Shawn? Marquees pouncey. I do not look at this guy in and doesn't scream Leshan to me. But brother, I believe his name is actually Michael, if I'm not mistaken. That's weird. Will there you go? There's your fun fact. Hate on after if you're, if you're looking for a conversation starter, just say, marquees is actually Sean, and they actually put put your hands on your chan- like that. And just like have a smoking jacket and, and just look really smart. All right. Well, after that fun fact. I think it's a good transition into our preview player of the week. And that is none other than fifth round draft pick. Zach gentry? I believe his first name is actually Zach and not Leshan. So I can't I can't say one hundred percent accuracy, so or a straight face. Ethan on he was a Michigan product. He was drafted as a quarterback. He followed a lot of people are connecting dots with heath Miller. 'cause he's Miller was actually brought in as a quarterback in Virginia. And then transitioned into a tight end. Everyone has said he was a number one, I draft pick this guy's a fifth round draft pick. You've not heard much about him at all. Vance McDonald had a couple of quotes on about him yesterday, which I put it in our as the headline of my OTA recap. He just basically said that right now. He's still learning the offense. He looks like most. Rookies do. Sometimes like that deer in the headlights, I block, I haven't heard much of anything about this guy at all my question in the headline of this episode guys is will Zac, gentry even make an impact in two thousand nineteen. That's what I wanna know. So let's with Brian will this guy even make an impact? Will we even be talking about, I'm not that he's not gonna make the team? Will we even be talking about that gentry come? September. I think this is going to mostly a redshirt season for Zach gentry, but really, you know, I'm thinking that this guy is going to surprise you with one touch down. Maybe maybe lucky to have a hundred yards entire season, and then but this is all going to be the build up to be ready for year. Number two, he's gonna play sparingly remember young guys, it takes a long time to get that get that rhythm with Ben Rothlisberger in. You have to earn his trust any of a lot to do so. Lehai said, I think this is going to be a learning year for them. I think he makes the fifty three you can't stash the sky on the practice squad. But it's gonna take a lot for him to get in there. Eating what are your thoughts on? Zach gentry? As of right now, the third T spots, basically handed to them, unless the Steelers decide to do something else to make a trade. He's really what, what there is. It's. It's interesting these a fifth round pick 'cause I don't know. I don't really have the numbers to back this up put it feels like the Steelers liked to take fliers on guys in the fifth round that possibly remind them of somebody else. That's exactly what the did with Brian Allen. He was fifth round pick corner out of Utah. Well, he's tall. He's athletic. He's almost like a he's almost like a Richard Sherman. Okay. Let's see if you can develop into that. Well, we haven't we haven't seen that, but he's still sticking with the team. You know, some people see the size and everything of gentry all when he was a quarterback when even came to Michigan. It's, it's I feel it's a flyer. I feel it's a it's a it's a pure flyer. And we'll see if that, if they hit on one of these, so I don't know enough about. He had four college touchdowns to junior to senior. He did not have very many yards receiver in college. But get him on a pro team, get him with the right body type. I mean how many titans do we have in the NFL that were basketball players in college? You know didn't even play football. So it's it's a project. So I think I think Brian's, right? He's going to make the fifty three but it's more of like a redshirt cheese. Yes, it is the question that was posed both in the headline than what I said, was, I don't think this guy is gonna make an impact into those nineteen if they're ever gonna run the three tight end set. He's probably not even going to be on the field build row in extra tackle out there before they put Zach gentry on the field with Vance Madonna in Xavier grumble unless there's an injury, I can see him being a game day inactive every single week. I actually wouldn't be shocked if he gets cut, I don't know. I, I just feel like he's gonna have to show something that isn't out on the market right now. That's possibly vailable or maybe one of these undrafted free agents or I don't know. It would be really interesting. Bucky Hodges was still on the team because he was a guy that a lot of people liked and looked. Okay. And then they just they caught him. So I don't I don't know what happened there. But I'm gonna say that he does not make an impact a guys you have any stats or anything a day. Have you talked to touchdowns VP else you wanted to go over with, with gentry? I know I gotta be professional. I got myself. Yeah. He had. Well we came in as a freshman a quarterback, he didn't even play tight end until he was a junior and in nine games, yet, he had what seventeen catches for three hundred and three yards. And as a senior in, in twelve games he had thirty two catches for five hundred and fourteen yards two touchdowns each year. So I mean not a bad average. He averaged over sixteen yards. In his career, but for for yards per catch, but it's not like he was out there said the world on fire, but if he was a six eight guy, setting the world on fire. He would be drafted in the fifth round, right? Brian, while your thoughts on gentry giving anything special put the cherry on top of the fact Sunday that Dave served up to us just a little bit ago. So he mentioned the Richard Sherman thing. And when I was thinking about Richard Sherman and Brian Allen. They were both came in as they were college wide receivers at one point then they switched to cornerback and they were big guys those very good comparison. And then he went on to say, you know, okay a tight end. That was a quarterback in college who else was a quarterback in college. Heath Miller was a quarterback when he first arrived, and then became a tight end. So very interesting, right, there, just those comparisons, one more thing about about Zach, gentry, just, just dimension. This has nothing to do with his play, but it's very interesting about the comparison to heath Miller, and Ben Rothlisberger had asked him to go ahead and switch his number from eighty three to eighty one. So that's a as in tribute to Miller to, like, leave that number alone, which I thought was something that I just found out when I was looking up Zack's real first name, which I never got to, because I thought that that was even more interest. But one more thing that to jump on. What Dave said? Yeah. The, the fifth round pick the fifth round pick seems to be a project. And when they brought Jesse James in as tight end he was a big guy, bringing in, in the word that they used all the time was project back in two thousand fifteen when they were talking about the Jesse James selection, that he's raw, he's got a lot to that. He's going to have to prove here. So that seems to be the same as gentry as he gonna make an impact to answer your question. No, not this year. But I still think he makes the team, Jeff Niagara deal unless there's something crazy. I, I guess making team this, maybe thankless. You're talking about all the players Steelers have had that were former quarterbacks that then went to different positions. At some point or another. You think about guys like Hines ward, Antwan Randle, El you mentioned heath. Who did it desk? That's the question. What do you think? Dave who did a best? Who transitioned away from quarterback the best Kordell Stewart should've stayed away from quarterback. Talking about how exciting he was when he was slashed. Yes. To get out to get home and watch Steeler games. And what was he going to do next turned to cramp when he was just a quarterback? But I mean I think about him. Okay. So let's, let's talk about this. I quick sidebar who did who, who did it best, a former or I wanna put slash in there somehow but I can't because it's not gonna fit the talking point here. So who did a best quarterback that transition to another position? And we'll throw heat there because he was recruited as a quarterback. 'cause everyone's going to say if I don't throw heat in there, I still say Heinz. Really? I mean, the guy started five games in his last season at Georgia, and he actually started a couple of running back as well. So I mean Heinz has a borderline hall of fame career. So I would say yes to Hines and to answer the question on Cordell real quick. I after I hear Dave's answering your answer to this. I have a question about Cordell that I'd like out there. So go ahead. Dave. Dave who did a best is the thing is rain. Well still threw the ball. Either I'm going with Randall well, because Randall well did not go to wide receiver until he went to the NFL. That's a good point. That's why I'm going to pick him because surely quarterback in college, and then changed wide receiver a much. He was the best player. I'm just saying. It was the best transition. That's a really good point OB. I'm gonna go with. I've go three into well. And I didn't even think about the fact that he transition to wide receiver in NFL. But the fact that he's still through the football. I can't remember a time where Hines ward threw the ball in the NFL. Can you guys? I believe he did. That's something that statman needs to check. But I if I'm I believe he has if it was only once or twice it was it wasn't with the frequency of, of rain. Well, because he actually will forty. That's something someone in the live chat aerial said he got us a ring the bomb the Hines ward the best pass that game, and he was a quarterback or let's go to Kordell Stewart. Now Brian, what's your quarterback? Your question, by the way nineteen ninety-five is one of my favorite all time Steeler seasons. It did not end with the ring, and we know that and we can get into all of that. And I remember remember, I did have a best of the rest column at the beginning of the off season who was the best team. They did not make it all the way I actually thought they would have an opportunity to win the whole thing, favourite year and Cordell was very big part. Of that. So my question to you fellas is this is a question that will never be answered. But what is your hunch, if Kordell Stewart remained wide receiver would have even an all pro in a borderline hall of Famer in this league? Now. No, they said, but he would have had pro bowls. Twos name all pros. All part of me is completely different. All pro is the best of the best in the national football. When people say, I'm a pro bowler, like, for instance, juju Smith, Schuster, and TJ wad, both say, Gaza Pro Bowl last year you were an alternate someone didn't go. So you went, that's technically not the same in my opinion. All pro. That's the that's not fan voting. That's that's legit. I do think that he would have had some pro bowls under his belt. I'm not sure if I'm gonna go as far as saying, hall of fame and or. All pro. What about you, Dave? I think he'd had a better career receiver. I don't I, I don't even know that I'd go Pro Bowl but. He just he would have been electric would. I think yeah he's so good. Yeah amazing. Yeah. He made everybody every time he touched the football he something was going to happen. He was throwing it. He was running it. I mean catching the ball what a weapons kind of makes you wonder why the heck they tried to just put him into the quarterback spot. I knows what he wanted, but. Damn you coward. What the hell were you thinking? Okay, guys, I don't know Hines words passing stats. Don't know if this, I couldn't get any peer passing stats, but I found it on October twenty sixth of nineteen ninety eight against the Kansas City Chiefs. While the score was ten to six Hines Ward's completed passed a Kordell Stewart for seventeen yards. That's all I've been able to find so far. For a guy that was a quarterback in college. I always expected them to have Heinz potentially throw the ball more, and they just never did it. And then Randall came in. He was slinging the rock around in it had no problems with him throwing the ball. I think back to a great throw that never gets talked about was the throw back to Ben Rothlisberger against Cinncinnati-based two thousand and five and then Ben unleashes a bond down to Brian Drake. Wilson Ray good. He jumped in front of Hines were to catch the ball. So, yeah, I don't know. I just a quick little sidebar there. So there you have it Davor you. Okay. Are you still poring over stats there? What I'm trying to find any play. But yes, he had an incomplete pass to Plaxico Burs in two thousand one. He got sacked the same year. I guess he was back to throw in God, tackle that was to attempted pass plays in two thousand one that's so I can't get. Much for. They did. They did try. They did try. Need to go out to Mr. Scofield because we've ruined Dave for the rest of the week. This is all he's going to do. Was going to be no family dinners at the Scofield house. There's gonna be no nothing because he's gotta look at Hines ward. He might even be calling Hines ward. He might go to Georgia to Hines words house, to ask him now in a live Chad Jesse says even Chris Boswell antennae Brown both thrown touchdown passes, which is true. And here's the here's one for you there, guys. Who did Antonio Brown complete his touchdown pass to? I know this. This, this is the Monday night football game against the Houston Texans, where they scored like what was it twenty four points in two minutes, or it wasn't that much? But it was a high point total in a very short amount of time. Oh, that was in Tony Martavis Bryant. I think that's not what I'm thinking a Thursday night against the Texans Monday night. Yeah. Okay. Maybe you're right. I'm gonna Christmas day game against the Texans wasn't JJ watt actually played in this game. Okay. Lance, Lance more two thousand thirteen. Yeah. Lance more time with his pink fourteen. Sorry. Okay. We'll still the same. All right. So guys, here's the thing we wanted to keep this episode a little bit shorter than normal. So we're going to go straight into our either or saving. Is there anything else for the good of the order of the wanna talk about before we get into the fun stuff? Aiman bueller. Well, I thought fun fact was really fun. Okay. Leshan. I'm not a lot of talk about snoop Dogg this week. Michael. Okay. Put it in the live chat. And after I looked it up to. I guess you before on the air Brian, let's talk about snoop. Dogg's thoughts. I just said that was news. But is it really? And he I love his music, especially back in the nineties, but does his opinion matter more than the three of ours right here? No. It's just a chance for me to go ahead and pimp out one of my columns about celebrity Steeler fans. So that's coming to a coming to the site near you. That's all I wanted to do. So I just wanted to mention Calvin bra Calvin Broadus junior on the show. All right. So dave. Do you have an either or I tonight, a reskilling out on that? I offered to skip out. But I mean I have one if you wouldn't go we want. Oh, this is really simple. In reference to my activities early this week. If you're going on a family vacation. Are you going, and you have your choice just between the two not a combination or you doing amusement park or waterpark? Hi. This is Peter Kosta. I'm the host of Recode media. He's an awesome podcast that I make about media want to tell you about a specific episode. I think you will listening to Jimi Petar president ESPN, one of the most powerful programming networks on TV also one that's under a lot of stress. He's down the about fifteen months we talked about what he's doing to reshape that thing. And, or keep it competitive all either sports networks and the internet in general, it's a good conversation. You can listen to it for free. Jimmy Petar is on the Recode media podcast with me, Peter Kafka on apple podcasts four wherever you are listening to this message right now. Oh. They're both glorious very similar because. Yeah, I feel like a waterpark is also using it park. You were down in Virginia. Right. You were down the Williamsburg. Water country USA, as well as Busch gardens. And I didn't either neither, yeah. Your kids, will you never been to Busch gardens? No, it's great. That's a great place. I love that place. I've never been ever been for rating. The Halloween the halloween's good. If you like in scared. It's good which I don't. But I went anyways. Let's I'm gonna go with am. I taking my kids. Oh, gosh, I'm taking my kids. That's a nightmare. I don't want to go to either. Let's let's I'll go waterpark, because there's a potential that I could coax all five of my whole agains to get on a raft. On the lazy river and just be quiet and just not be able to go anywhere for about ten minutes. So I'll take the lazy river and the waterpark, would you Brian? Holy their model children. I've met these people. I I'd like kids. A class. But you know what I. I'd probably see amusement park. I love a good waterpark. But a lot of parks have supplementary water parks, but one, one that I would like to mention that as a lot of fun is. Mass not it's very close James Madison university. And that's a great waterpark. I haven't been to the park, but I've been down the mass not in the resort. It's a great place. Yeah. Both dave. Even though I just spent three days a water park, I wanna go amusement park. I mean I like to wanna park stuff. But, for example, when I take my kids to Disney, we don't do the water parks, we just do the amusement parks, when we're there, because we're like we can do a waterpark other time, but even though how good time the last few days, waterpark. But overall automation park. You gotta if you get a Bush gardens again ride the ride called the, the Griffin and what it does is it takes you to the crest of the hill, and you're literally phasing straight down and it stops in a positive three whole seconds and then all of a sudden releases he goes straight down ninety degree drop hundred plus feed into it was it's nuts. Great ride super smooth. See, I have to be very careful, whether it's water park or amusement park. I gotta go to the right place, because I don't fit in most of the stuff because I'm just I'm just I'm too tall. I'm too large. It's funny even though I am. A big guy, a lot of times it has a lot to do with. Height and specifically a lot of times the length of my femur 'cause I cannot fit this way in a seat, but DisneyWorld everything there's made for people with the exception of. What's the new the one new Pandora ride? I could not do it, but that was because I have a compressed disk in my back, I couldn't take the pressure on my back, but other than that, I can do everything that Disney. That's why does amusement park but I gotta be careful places. I can't I can't do it all and water parks, I have to be very careful riding with my children on water rides. Because a lot of stuff when you have the added weight you can go much faster and we have we flipped many times because of. Dan, makes it flip over. So. You probably look like Clark was Clark Griswold going down the hill and his saucer on vacation Christmas. Yeah, I, I remember one of the one of the times, I went I went snow tubing with that. I used to when I. One of the clubs that I was the adviser for when I was teaching high school. We went snow tubing, and I even had some friends that came as advisors, you know, chaperones and everyone wanted to ride in the group with me because I would just make it fly and I mean I was people were just stopping. And I was buried into the wall with the end we, there was one time that helpers coming over to pull us out. And they're like there's another person in there. They're just keep pulling them out everyone with me so much faster. It's crazy that you had that either were day because my either were was shockingly similar in, I hadn't talked today about what his was literally cutting grass today, and I was thinking, I was like, I know what I'm gonna ask, or, and it's I feel like everyone falls into one of these two categories of curious where you all lie in that is if you get to choose vacations choose the mountains or choose the beach when I say the mountains that can be anything that could be camping that could be resort. That is, you know, you're basically staying away from the beach is what I'm saying, so you either beach or non beach. If you get to choose your vacation start with Brian. I'm, I'm shooting amusement park over both of them. Really? Because that's. Yeah, my wife loves the beach. And I try to do that for her. But after a while I get sandy, I'd rather be by a poll, the beach. So maybe I guess I would go mountains, and I know our next vacation is going to be Tennessee in the mountains to go to like, dollywood and, and I just want my wife when she said she wants to go to dollywood. I'm like, all right. It's a week of jokes. You're going to get them. I mean and she's like he has I know. But I mean, the, the hotel we're going to be ad is going as like a lazy. Lisi creek with a raft that you could just hang out in and so lazy create that is very mountainous. Yes. I mean, I guess that's the way she explained it to me. Lazy in front of anything for me. I mean I'm like, I'm in, if we're going to bake, I've a lazy Susan. So I mean so. Creek. Do my do our show from the lacy creek. What you. Okay. How do I follow that one? Simple as simply growing up, and everything it was always more of more more of a beach thing. Like I said, I grew up the deep creek lake area in western Maryland, and we actually had a cabin on the lake. So to me that was waters. We were always water, people going to the beach, a lot of fun, boogie board and all that stuff. But now that I'm getting older. It's not quite enjoyable as much, but it is something where my kids can be distracted by the ocean. So I can get a little bit of relaxation. I'm afraid if I went up into a cabin in the mountains with them that they would drive me crazy because I don't know what I would have them to do. But if but if I could go on a vacation by myself right now, I am going to a cabinet mountains in the woods in the middle of nowhere. I'm a beach guy. I've been a beach guy my whole life. My parents asked my brother and I- multiple times. We would go on vacation every of the year. And they'd say guys, do you wanna go to Disneyland or DisneyWorld or whatever places? Or do you want to go to the gym? I brother and I never hesitated beach beach beach. It never been there. I never been to DisneyWorld never been to whatever have no plans to we have five kids can't afford to go anymore. I made on the street told us how much they have three kids how much it's gonna cost them to go this summer. That's not happening. But the beach, I love the beach. We're going to the beaches summer, I wanna move to the beach. I already know where I wanna move in South Carolina. I wanna be within a walking distance of the beach. I love everything about the beach. That's where I wanna be. I love the ocean. I love the ocean will be around it. I I love it. So that's where I'm gonna go. You'll see me on a beach somewhere, maybe TSE headquarters will be moving there sooner than later, if, if I win the lottery. Can you picture one Geoffrey? Hartman at the beach with Brunza. And like Barak fan phone, I can see. Jeff is is he's he's, he's too much of a health guy fitness guy that he could like pull off the beach me. I'm like, I'm like beached whale rolling. Surf, you know, take I have to wear swim shirt, because it would take an entire bottle of, of sunblock in order to cover me, so yeah but I still love it. I do. It's just I have to go to the fat beach. My love of the beach has nothing to do with my body fat percentage or anything like that. It's just the fact that I've loved the beach period. Always have. But anyways, Brian, go ahead. Finish it up here with your either or well ironically guys I had a beach quite now. But I was thinking, hey, say, nude beach, no nude beach know your answer. So wouldn't it be fun, just like a nude beach in, like, no? But I would do the nude beach, I would have no problem with my wife would never never do it. But anyways, so I've got a new, I've got a new fascination and it actually. Actually kind of hooks into an old fascination, but with game of thrones gone, I'm completely game of thrones. Now, I'm onto my nuisance. Ation Cobra KAI on Amazon prime not Amazon prime YouTube premium. And this is this is a throwback to the karate kid movies in the nineteen eighty four classic karate kid than came credit kid to in eighty six eighty nine. Dreadful karate kid three and ninety four is even more remarkably dreadful with Hilary swank the next karate kid. But what's so cool about this is they brought back almost everybody and the lines are blurred between good and bad. Now you have Johnny Lawrence from Cobra KAI, who is more of a sympathetic figure than Daniela Russo ever was. And it's just really great to watch the chemistry between these guys, watch them. Bring back all these guys from the past. And if your fate of the cruddy kid, you would absolutely love the show. So my question to you, and it might come down to just your personality. Who do you rather be trained in the art of karate by? Would you rather be trained by one, Mr. Miaki? Or would you go Cobra KAI never die and since they join crease. Okay, good. Dave. Jeff, I think we get I think we lost Jeff. According to someone in the live chat, Jeff us go back to hosting Blue's clues. I don't know what that he came from someone. Steve someone said compliment, I'm like how. Pluess serious. It was a guy that hosted Blue's clues. Then he quit because he was balding. And he didn't want the little gifts to see him. Go bald is that real? That's where. Really, he quit because he was going bald. I don't know if you quit or they forced him out. I don't know. Just went from being funny to being said. Let's, let's go. It's been so long as it's watched their original crowded kids. But yeah, I'll how do you not say, Mr. Yagi, you know, just? Seems more more more fun more of a personal connection not more about the glory of the sense. More about him teaching his knowledge. So we'll go there. I'm gonna go with Mr. meow GI because I've never liked cheaters. I've never liked people that played dirty. I'm okay with losing. I don't like losing if someone cheats to do it. So that's for me. I'm gonna go with these strata of no nonsense, Mr.. Miyagi. Well, first of all, the help you out with this whole thing, this is the same as either or's way back when, when it was, would you rather have your kid coached by Mike, chef ski or Bobby Knight, that's basically, the along the same lines of this. And I'm just going to tell you fellas. I'm not painting any old man's fence for pre, I'm not saying this floor. I'm not doing any of that, in, you know what if this guy's saying you're going to you're gonna learn. Learn a tough seine-saint, Sean crease, Koper never die. No mercy. Well, then there wouldn't notice the Brian was able to, to, to sneak in both nude beach and wax off in the same. I know Brian willing enough that I am not surprised by that at all. It wasn't even wasn't even planned in anyone. That's ever read his random thoughts of black, and gold mind articles should not be surprised either. So that's a good show next week. We will be back for another Steelers preview where we'll move into the six round. Three pigs and all my gosh talked about must listen podcast. Much must watch YouTube or talking about everyone's camps Arlene, and we haven't even gotten to camp yet Sutton Smith. Oh, sudden Smith. You just say Sutton Smith around the Steeler fan and they start getting all giddy. Is. So you know they have a thing for those Caucasian linebackers. I'm sorry incredible. Then with that said, that's a great way to end the show. For another episode of the Steelers preview.

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