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Round of 16 Matchday 6 Recap


Ah? What's up everybody? Welcome to the start of stoppage-time. I am your host max Baril. And this is your podcast devoted to the Champions League. Read Ryan with me today read, it's a glorious day. We're back baby. We're back. All I president. He's I mean, come on lifetime appointment. Ready wanted to you know, show is resume on the pitch. And I think he's done that interview on the bench. I should say. And this was the best interview. He could have given. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean what a game, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. There are two games today. And we as our listeners know, we saved the Man United games for last. And today finally deserves it. Glory glory, Man United. But as I say getting ahead of ourselves because we're spoiled read this week has been insane. I mean who even remembers our friends I ax yesterday taken out Real Madrid? I don't. I had to ask you couldn't you. Remember what the second game was yesterday. Tot only one goal. This is this is the reason we watch this tournament each second leg all the money's on the line the chips Rama able oh the dramas just it's too much. I thought it was a stroke today. Semi heart within about the beat out of its chat. My my heart was legitimately about to be his chest for ten straight minutes. Again. We'll get to that in a second. Because that extra time was endless. But let's talk Porto Doma Porto three Roma one Porto progress four three on aggregate after extra time they opened the scoring in the twenty six minute with our Frontino sorties, Danielle Rossi. I mean, how old is Danielle Jesus pulled one back in the thirty seven th minute with a penalty, but Mussa Moraga. Just an unstoppable force of a man doubled Porto their second goal in the fifty second minute things then went to extra time as it was three three on aggregate. And then a little VAR sprinkling because what is the second leg game without a little sprinkling of that VAR goodness. Our friend. What's his name? Fuzziness? I'm forgetting his name already out a robo. Yeah. Florenzie Florenzie judge to have pulled the jersey. I think rightfully so. And Alex Telus slots home the crucial penalty giving Porto the four three victory and Roma. No time to respond, although they had their own penalty. Shout late there as well. That did not go to VAR read. What a game. I mean. Like forget Manchester United this game. Unbelievable. Are we underestimating Porto? They looked good. They looked really good. They just they took it to Roma. Really they appeared to be the team on the put almost the entire batch could have scored more. They were pointed home, you know, they kept what is it the drug how? Aside audio gal the study of the dragon. Yeah. The the announcers really put it, right? When they said, it was a cauldron a rainy rainy night in Portugal. I I thought they looked really good. They look Bush by the end for sure. Yeah. But you know, when you're going all out and you need to score a lot of goals gonna happen defensively. They kind of let it slip the end. But you know, who never wasn't flipped at bay. And it really was. It was great to see that that scoundrel back on the pitch. Do what he does best just being an absolute maniac and coming in the clutch UNITA that clearance on the gieco chip I thought that was going to be a goal and out of nowhere comes comes Arnold print. So pepin Casillas. I mean, I'm having flashbacks is Real Madrid. Maybe Ramage it's going to bring both back. They need. They need some rebuilding bring that pet because see us. I mean, that's Ron. Thinking about bringing back Maureen Keough, so. We'll talk a little something later about that. But I agree with you. I mean, you know, you can only have so much adrenaline. And so yeah. Like by the time one hundred and twenty minutes, it's nearing its end, rightfully so. But as you say Porto really took it to Roma Roma looked a shadow of themselves compared to some of those group stage games where they looked. I mean, you think back to the early group stages Zakho paroled. I mean, these guys looked so good. They I really thought, you know, maybe they weren't going to make it to the semi-finals again. But you really thought this team might finish top of the group and. And like a ton of goals in every match. And then they just looked nothing today. I mean, a few missed opportunities again, I think deco you really look to a player like gieco to lead the day, and he had a few moments that were fairly wasted that chip. I mean, he just didn't get the power on it. But as you say credit to Pepe my jaw was on the floor at that moment when you thought, oh, they've got it. And then Nope hero. The hero comes to the rescue the hero and the villain. Of course. Pepe did get a classic Pepe yellowcard for a little forehead to forehead action with gieco and we'll miss the next game. So that's a crucial loss for Porto. FA Madge without a yellow card. So he's on his forehead is nag medically drawn to his opponents. That's just scientifically proven sorry. Go ahead. But gieco, you know, he. Easy to see some of, you know, think about some of the misses he had towards the end of the match and think that he he should he should have you know, swatted those away he's a pretty clinical finisher. But for the first ninety minutes, you know, I eighty minutes he wasn't getting any service. He was kind of just an island out in the at the top of the formation to the couple of wild shots towards the end of the match or the end of regular time in order to just try and make something happen. But he was there was just nothing going on Maroma side. They couldn't get the ball forward. They were getting pick department Raga, corona both just bossed the match. Absolutely, great Marecha wasn't really the name that I knew before the Cernan to be honest, and he's scored a bunch of goals, and he looked just deadly on the on the fish. I. I I would be afraid of him. If I was somebody James. Oh, yeah. He's been an absolute beast a beast out there and age twenty seven in scoring goals in the Champions League left. And right. You've got to imagine. He's queuing up for big move potentially this summer. I think he's looked. So he looks so dominant. I mean, Rome had no answer for him and between Manolas and zoos, and it's not like they are slack in defense there at Roma, but they could they could not handle him. And then you know, the VAR penalty for Porto at the end. I thought it was clearly a penalty he did pull on his jersey. Roma feeling hard done. I mean, I think that there's going to be a theme of the day here with these interviews that come out at the end, and it's because of how much passion and emotion or involved, but today between Roma and g we're seeing the full brunt of like victim victims overhear her just like, oh, this always happens to us. And you know, never goes our way and only against our club, and Bob, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it's just like, you know, these things happen. You know, don't commit silly fouls at the end of games. Yeah. No put yourself in that position. Yeah. Like Derochie into his. Yeah, he didn't necessarily blame it. But he's like this is a very frustrating way to go out and a late penalty like that gives the opposition very little time to respond, but that's not the referees job. I mean you committed a foul as penalty the penalty. Don't do it. But yeah, you know, I think we've been we both. We we both. We both predicted Roma. We're going to progress Porto. I think have clearly just imported that. We didn't really have a great sense of Porto because of how easy their group was you know, I don't know at this team. We're we're at the quarterfinal. So it makes sense. But I really wouldn't want to face particularly any team at this point that are going to be moving on. It's funny Roma were in Madrid group if I remember correctly, and could it be that that group was also trash? Well, we've had a very easy easy route so far to where they are cleaned playing the their group which wasn't particularly difficult and the second place team from another trash group. Yeah. I don't know, but they manage to handle their business. And this was a big win for them. Huge win. And I think absolutely unlike the second game we're gonna talk about playing at home really suited Porto today because I mean, they do have Holdren like stadium. You don't envy any team that has to go there and play let alone second. And you know, when you're when you're they have momentum's. I mean that place is insane. So it was a it was not not a good day for Roma. And you imagine this might be the end of things for their coach as they are not doing particularly well in the league they are now out of the Champions League Roma quite the fall from grace or from last season. Yeah, we'll we'll their form is just so poorly. And I can't what did not Monchy. Gene. Give us some context. They're they're they're manager o d Francesco. No, no, no, no Roma's Roma's manager. Is that what you're asking me? Yeah. Oh, it is different. Jessica was like one cheaper. Maybe that's what he goes. Oh, he's the he's the director is the football director at at Roma. Respectable mistake. Your old, buddy. Head of sporting director there Roma. Yeah. He's he's tried to you know, revitalize their team with a lot of news. But it's just it's gone nowhere. And so I don't know. We'll see what happens. Now that said, I do think we'll see how you know. We'll see one other teams progress at the end of next week. But I still think Porto is probably the team. Most teams would want to face. But they cannot be underestimated either agree. That's my take on it. Especially if pep as out for the first game of the quarter-final with his suspension, his experience clearly still so valuable and still has enough skill that he's quite important on the pitch, but you know, defense's beware. Porto's Porto's got some flair going forward. So. Anything else? You wanna talk about in this game before we move on to the main course, I just one question about the celebration for the penalty. Yes. Please. Saw everyone all the porta players all rent to the corner were celebrating together. They was holding a wooden stool over his head with one arm. There's like raise it up and down where at the exit. He get a wooden stool, and why did he have it? Anyone who knows our friend? Pepe knows he brings his lucky wooden stool every. He he's actually getting so old that he whips it out like when their team is playing a little offense on the other side of the pitch. He just pops out his stool takes a seat for a second. Take a load on is Pepsi's a psychopath. Who knows what he's doing? He's a psychopath. Does he doesn't appreciate you questioning his stool celebration? Yeah. I'm surprised. There hasn't been through my front window right now. Just crashing grew. Oh, he'll get. He'll get you when you're sleeping. That's how he's going to do it. You're gonna wake up pep band. Your face. He's looking thin terrified. So that one. Now, he's he's definitely turning more more serial killer by the day. But credit support. So what a game what a game. And now if it weren't our motions tied up in it. I would say, you know, Porto. This was actually really the game of the day. But my heart was in play read it was in play and boy was at going for Manchester. United three P as g won the series ties ties three three on aggregate. But Manchester United with the three away goals progresses into the quarter-finals read. I'm saying I'm on fire with my predictions. I know I was wrong about Porto. But I said we were going to come back. I said it was going to give soul Shire, the permanent job and were there in the promised land. Forget their winning the turnament. We're in the quarterfinals. Maybe. Back this. This is the greatest moment and and Manchester United and their recent history. Least then, you know, sir. Alex left we suffered moist through on hall Marino. You know, we had to be happy because we won the Europa league. I mean, come on any soap respecting United van new bell is just a. We could be happy about that. It was it was it was a hollow victory. This coming in on this being down to nil with the injury depleted team. No fog by no Marcial. No lindgaard. No manage and you know, Sanchez for what it's worth this team is all not all. But a lot of the big stars Herrera Mata all these guys are out and we had to bring all the youth players. Starting a lotta guys you waikele would not have seen the the pitch at all red mctoddy Pereira. He's twain, well, but we wouldn't have gone the start. In this match. I mean, do you do to keep Chong and Mason Greenwood all got runs out in deciding Champions League tie. And that's on. Unbelievable. It's like class of ninety two levels stuff about saying that they're that talented, but its reliance on us in such a credibly tense situation chose one that so scare is just transformed the emotional in morale competence of the in a way that I just I didn't know possible and thanking. It's incredible. It's almost like a miraculously. I don't know really know what to say. I'm so over. Well, right now, I mean to think back to December to think, you know, now, it's such a night and day difference. Oh, yeah. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's run you through the goals, Rome. Lou Lukaku back inform open things up in the second minute. The second minute that was a good start. But things weren't looking so good in the twelve minute. And when one bear not tied things up, and we're putting gee, we're putting the pressure on menu. But Lukaku rises again in the thirtieth minute, and then the ninety four th minute of time of stoppage stoppage-time. So might say our old buddy or young buddy, a Marcus rash road with the penalty the VAR controversy. I don't care whatever we won. Gives Manchester United the three one victory. You mentioned it earlier read I knew obviously menu were going into this game with a tremendous amount of injuries. But when I saw the starting team sheet and looking at like a midfield the the graphic. They put up was more of a four three. But really it was more of a five with wingbacks a five defender formation. But when I'm looking at this midfield of MC Tomei, Fred and Ashley young Fred you, remember Fred read, he played he played all ninety minutes. And then looking at your offense of trio of rash Lukaku. That's good. And then Pereira who scored an amazing goal over the weekend. But as you said Champions League game on the line. You don't really think he's your go to. I'm sorry. This is rough I know neymars out and Cavani is on the bench. But this does not look good. And they. Let's be one hundred percent honest and up front about this read PS g made three mistakes today, and they always altered in goals for Manchester, United you gotta get lucky that sometimes become down to that's too. And on the other hand, you know, you don't back on to make numerous errors and. My thing about the first goal. The first goal was a bad a bad pass Lukaku gets on the end in it. Well, I mean, his his hustle and pursuit of that was fantastic. And his Windisch was based on that finish was not easy. No, it was it was very difficult. It required. A degree of skill that knowledge people have and he managed to slot at home, which I like, I would not happen. I was I just totally shocked in that position. But I I sure thought he was gonna miss it. I was for sure I thought he was going wide Bishen so conditioned to bed old Marinho like negativity that there was no way. I thought it was gonna happen. But I have to realize we're onto the the school skiers. I can't. I can't think social I'm going. Under the new regime with those goals go in. The ban. You have over that out this, man. As you say, very difficult, finish excellent dribble of foam cure was. Was horrible pass that set it up, but excellent pursue Kaku. That was fantastic. Then. We poked the beast on that one. We poked him read NPS g came back at us. And I was like. This is not good because we were getting sliced apart. Yeah. I mean, Ashley young. I don't know where what he was doing on his right flank. But he was five steps behind de Maria or whoever was overlapping Quander not. I mean, it was that was looking painful by was lost. And it was like, oh, boy, this is not looking good. And then when Imbaba turned across that fend tastic cross and Burnett finished it. I was like okay are Rian for a rough night here. And when you think that Manchester United went, what do we have we had like twenty three percent possession. I don't even know, but it was ridiculously small and what we had twenty eight percent Doan. Don't shortchange. Oh, twenty eight percent. I appreciate it. We'll take that by percent where we can get it. But you know, things were not looking good things were absolutely not looking good. But when we got that second goal, which all the credit to rash furred because it's pouring. Rain slap some shots. It's gonna be hard. You don't know. Like, it's doesn't matter your face in one of the former best goalies in the world. It's going to be hard to catch that ball, especially with dip in shots again credit to mkaku who's just there to poach a champion and then two to one. This was the situation read that this is what I was saying to myself as like we are one goal away from glory PSG's going to be coming at us hard. We cannot concede, but we really cannot score like before the eighty eighth minute. Because if we score before the eight minute they're gonna come back like three more goals on us. But if we can nip it right at the end and give them no time, we will move on. And that is exactly what happened. You know, it really was. Just incredible. I mean, Imbaba de Maria first of all I was a little karma for PS g because I don't know what it was after Burnett scored a few more minutes of attacks go by and they're just slicing apart. And then that's when our old friend Danny Alvis decides to like dribble the ball on like upon catching it on his foot. And then Bob starts doing the backheel flicks. And I was like all right guys. You're not like crushing us. I mean, like, it's not looking good. But you're not up three. Toyed with. Oh, yeah. They they were kind of just. Wasn't there were trying to bear? Exactly. They were like, okay. We haven't scored yet. But we're clearly going to so let's put some flair on. And you know, what the soccer God's don't like that. No. And here's the thing about the soccer. God's soul shires one of their own. He is part soccer dot clearly and the sun only shines on shines on him so read he really is. He has the. He has the gene, you know, that sure I'll Ferguson, gene. He's just completely revamped the club. He's gotta have the full time job after this. Oh, I don't even care. What happens to the rest of the season? I do I'm being dramatic. But yes, man, he's one hundred percent going to get the job, especially after this assuming we don't like meltdown between now and the end of the season. But I don't see that happening deserves it one hundred percent to. I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't think Manchester United played some fantastic game. Clearly, we we still have our issues defensively. And part of it though, is we're we're playing this hodgepodge of players who are not used to playing in some of these positions or with each other. I think it was a smart move taking by off. He looked injured. But it seemed like that was should've been either way because he was just miserably out of position flat-footed most of the time. Small and put in a solid effort. He had a few clutch tackles today. Luke Shaw, I think did extremely well out there on the flanks. He wasn't going to get beat up. Once Manchester United realized that carer was a little bit of a weak link we exploited that to the to the right amount. All things considered. I think we did as good a job as you could do with this situation. Obviously, we need to start getting our players back healthy again, if we're going to continue to fight now on this on this front when you think now that we're actually still in three tournaments that were pursuing we need healthy players. But this was such a huge victory for the team. I don't know. What did you think? Well, we'll get to the VAR discussion in a second in the end. But what were you thinking during this game in the heat of it? I was one of the things that's the prize with how effective red was in the role that he had. He was you know, it's funny. A lot of some of these names. I'm just I don't I'm not that million with the comedy Pereira. These are still like youth players that you know, seen in spurts, but having done a lot of exposure to. But she, you know, Fred, he's experienced player kinda has my expectations are so low. I haven't been impressed with the ways played at all we came in. And he kind of came in that deep align role and really took charge of the of the match when we had possession, which wasn't often. But he was still able to play something out make, you know, put us in a position where we could take advantage of mistakes. So I was impressed with them. There was like you said after the second go I thought we could make it happen. I thought you know, may this might be our night. But there was never a point. Even when Luke Shaw gets a yellowcard card ninety eighth minute. I was doing well, they're probably gonna turn around score. You know, kick like late at the late late late at the end when I thought well, it's over. All right. Yeah. Let's fast forward to the end of this game. Because for I mean, what felt like an eternity. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack watching this game. Obviously. So our young friend Diogo Deloitte comes galloping down. Blasts, a shot on target maybe tough to say how physics work. Kim Ben pay jumps in the air turning his back at the same time. But with his arm at a slight d shape if you will to his body deflecting the ball out of bounds VAR is in is called to the surface. And you know, clearly every p g player thinks what could be done he jumped he's turning away. His he had no control over his arm. Yada. Yada, yada, handball is given Marcus rash for twenty one years old ice in his veins. What a champion legend in the making goes and converts a stellar stellar penalty. Kick even Seoul Shire said that he had certain doubts at the at the end Ashford went to take that penalty. Interesting to think that Lukaku didn't. But I guess we Kaku heads his own issues with penalties. But rash converts. But then we proceed to have seven more minutes of extra-time, six seven minutes of extra time. It was. I mean, I get that you called in var- a penalty was taken. But that one hundred percent felt like the referee said, I clearly just made a huge decision impacting this, and I want to sleep as well at night knowing that I gave as much time as possible to rectify the situation and boy did he and as you said, I was like that whole time just talking myself down saying, it's okay, max. Yes. PS cheese. Scored a last second goal and dashed our hopes and now de Marie is like thrown in our face. It's okay. It's just a game. But it never happened. We stayed strong minute after minute barely. I mean things. Close very close way to close, but we held strong. Tell me your thoughts on the VAR on the minutes that followed all of it needless to say quite a bit of controversy around the penalty itself. I'll tell you my thoughts in a moment. But I want to hear yours, you know, the rule touch it with your arm and in the bop it the battle. And I'm a man who alike all the rule followers here. Yeah. No by the book, and it was a penalty. I don't really have much say beyond that. More than welcome to think. Otherwise. But it is what it is. And I agree with you the the whole idea that they were saying like, yeah. Just just look you guys. You guys have some of the best players in the world, you here's an extra seven minutes. Make it happen. Do something. I. It's the worst the worst time to the worst point of football matches. When there's three minutes left, and the teas point at home, and you know, that they're going to get a creek into snail it, that's the worst time to be football fan. Yeah. And that's what it was today. Yeah. Bye bye. Glad glad I worked Yoder because it was it was a pretty rough ninety eight hundred hundred two minutes or whatever. God. Oh my God. I've stressed out just thinking about it. But first of all, let's go back to this shot PSG's, obviously every single person associated with PSG's got like a classic excuse. I think name are said it was an effing disgrace. I loved the shots of neymar by the way on this. And I'm a fan of neymar. But I love the shots of him on the like he had come down from this tans, and he's there with his earrings and his stylish jagged, and you just know it and then the penalty happens, and he's like what it just felt. It was it was it was just as fantastic as things slipping through serial Rama's Ron Moses fingers yesterday from the stands so that was fantastic to watch. So he clearly thinks the world is against him. We know that about neymar, and that's not particularly surprising to thinks, you know, I'm all for VAR Vars important, but that shot wasn't on target. So it's not a penalty first of all. Or he said is it wasn't even a shot. It was so often, you know, I'm like, I don't think that's anywhere in the rules about what when penalties are given. I understand a certain amount of it. But first of all Deloitte takes a shot from pretty far away. We don't know if that ball's gonna dip or where it's going. To go. And here's the thing at the end of the day for me, also the Qatari their their owners saying that somehow referee would have easily made this decision against PS G, but wouldn't have done it against another team. Not sure what he's even talking about to be perfectly honest. That. Absolute nonsense like somehow g are just like these like big villain or just like the biggest team in the world and referees. Like, it was just ridiculous. He doesn't even always talking about. But. Deloitte takes this shot. Can bet big jumps. And I'm sorry. You know that referees are likely to give a penalty if your hand is away from your body. And there's a lot of like if you look on Twitter. There's a lot of conversations of like, well, this is this is just taking it too far. It's so unnatural to jump with your your hands at your sides compared to like flying at and I'm like, these guys are getting paid millions of dollars to be the best defenders in the world level. Especially at g you gotta train yourself to jump with your hands at the side of your body or behind your back and just remove it from the equation. So for all the people saying, well, what could he have done? His back was turned. He couldn't have moved his hand out of the way. I'm sorry. But his arm isn't actually all that close to his body, especially the elbow where the ball hits and second of all he jumps. He's jumped facing forward. He turned backwards mid air. That was also his choice. Like, it's not like he was actually facing the other way. He just chose to kind of turn around, which frankly, put his arm more at the angle to touch the ball if he'd stayed facing forward, it probably wouldn't have happened. So your world, you know, you pretend to be a world class defender you need to put yourself in a position in a situation like this where you're not giving away penalties. And I felt terrible for the guy. You saw him like in tears when that penalties given away, and it's horrible to think that you had that responsibility on your shoulders. But I'm sorry. You jumped your arm was away from you is it harsh kind of. But to me that's the rule, and what it is like, I certainly want. I wouldn't want to lose that way. And if it was all boy Lindelof there, and it was bouncing off his tattooed arms and the penalty were giving IB super upset about it. But at the same time, it's like I mean, that's just how it goes. Yeah. What happens when you play? When you start Lindell about getting the situation, you know. Thank goodness. Phil Jones wasn't anywhere near the field today. But I'm sorry. I mean to me your world class defender, you know, where the state of the game. Is you need to be training yourself to jump or do whatever you do just play defense with your arms behind your back or at your sides. If you're jumping or whatever just that's on you that's on. You ought to percent. You're totally right there. It's like you. There's a reason these guys like put their arms behind their back because I don't know. I I just feel like you used to see like maybe ten years ago defenders were so disciplined about arms behind the back in most situations. And nowadays, I don't know you just see defenders in their arms or flailing about. And they just think, oh, I dunno whatever. And it's like, no, that's your problem. Like somehow like if my arms flailing, and I didn't swipe at the ball with my hand. Then then it's not deliberate. You can't give a penalty. There's so much talk about like deliberate Hamble as you can't prove. If a ham balls deliberate or not all you can do is make sure your hand is as far away from the ball as possible. Tastic day. What a fantastic. Anyway, let's talk about can we talk about this young kids. Because as you said Andreas Pereira comes off, rightfully so I think he was making less and less of an impact as the game went on and to heath Chong comes on, and you know, who needs filleting any more because we've got the hair to last us new hair. God, it's fantastic is a thing of beauty. I've never seen anything like it. Honestly, I've never seen anything like it. And then Ashley young captain of the day goes off and Mason Greenwood's seventeen years old. But he's like top scorer on the youth side comes on. I mean like what else whether choice. Do you have love soul Shire in the sense like give these guys a of run out? I don't think he's really going to them saying wins the game. Oh god. He's like, you know, what we're at the end of the Champions League. This is it we have nothing to lose. I'm gonna put on a seventeen year old. And I think. That's like soul shires recipe for success right now. He's just like, you know, what I play with no fear. I play with nothing to lose. I don't wanna think back and have any regrets Marino. And you know, what I'm gonna put on a seventeen year old and an eighteen year old and see what happens. Mason Greenwood do back in class on Friday. You know, he gets a run out on the pitch at in Paris. He's gotta go back to school and like hang out with his hang out with his classmates on Friday. And it's just unbelievable. The the competent that so skyer is is willing to put these players, and the fact that he is just shows. Just it really just shows the the change in in in the whole the whole squad. Incredible. Now read I have a couple of questions. I want your thoughts on. But I wanna make sure you say anything left about this the heart of this game before we move onto those questions. So as anything else you want to move on. Let's move on. All right. Keep making the same point over and over which is. Oh, it was incredible today. It's gonna soak it in. I hope you're sitting there with us laid back in your chair saying what a day what a day. All right. Start off with this one. What is the more controversial the more shocking loss who's feeling worse today pe- as g or riyal Madrid? I'm gonna say gee, Real Madrid. This was kind of a transitional year for them in the first place. They've already dogged they've already fired their banner jer. You know? So Laurie have probably half the Fens, we're on board half or were offered him already. This is kind of a wash season for them. Yeah. They're coming off of back to back Champions League titles. But that was under the with Rinaldo, they don't ever know though anymore. As is just it's not the same squad that they had when they were we'll beaters. Yeah. Gene. Yeah. Like, the only thing that matters to them is winning the Champions League name was out. But I think they felt comfortable that they'd be able to progress with the squad. They have Cavani didn't didn't play. But again, like they they shouldn't have had any trouble. Except for the fact that their own history. Haunts them had multiple collapses against against teams in the knockout rounds before. So I maybe there cursed, but they're gonna feel really like they just missed a chance here. This isn't a transition period for MSCI United, and it should not be g so they should be the ones who just took control the time, and they didn't at home, and it's just embarrassing. Yeah. I agree with you. I think PS g are actually in the worst position because as you say Real Madrid. You have a certain pomp and circumstance of it's being Real Madrid. We won't three champions leagues and row. But I don't think anyone really in their right mind, except the most ardent Real Madrid fan thought they were going to win the Champions League this year the start of the season too much change to too many big big losses, and you think Dan out Renaldo out and not enough new lifeblood. I don't think anyone thought that Gareth bale is actually going to light the world on fire and be the next crap though has not look good this year. So I don't think there was that expectation and then at the other end of things PS G as you say this was then building up to this moment versus Real Madrid on the way down like this was it. Well, you know now it's Imbaba Cavani and neymar they've gotten to play together already for a full season. They're going to light the world on fire. We brought in all these other big players. We bought in boo. Brought him boo foam. We've brought in this. You know, we've got drags learned Dima like really this is the team that's at its peak in theory. What else do you want them to have? And then are well. Yeah. Of course, I mean for sure that is the key difference. And I'm sure it would have been a key difference. But you know, they have enough other weapons. Clearly, take name our side. You think your taxes just Drexler de Maria baba, and you're like a poor poor guys really starving for talent over there. The trade off is kinda come down on it where I say like well Real Madrid. The added like insult of getting absolutely thrashed for one where they really played horribly and PS g on the other hand. It's like they played pretty well for most of the game and looked really good. But they made a few key mistakes and lost. And that's that's almost even more frustrating where you're like, you know, and what did we do? And here's the problem for g and in their ever never ending search because you're absolutely right. All they care about at the at this point is the Champions League in the reason. That's all they care about is. Because they've got the league's so in hand, and that's their problem. And they can't do anything about it. They can't move to a more difficult league. And the fact that they play in France, and the competition is not as good that's always going to be their downfall not say, they're never gonna win the Champions League. But they just don't face. The same battles weekend and week out. And it's those battles that build confidence to say, you know, what we're coming back. And I think that's their biggest problem now next question for you read in in line here. So we're both in line that PS, gee, maybe the more embarrassing story potentially to you got to imagine is done. I don't see him staying just because PS want it. They brought him into win the Champions League to lose in the round of sixteen to it's not like they lost to a great team as much as we love Manchester. United to lose in the game with like this hodgepodge of menu players that we put out there. I think is too much for him to surmount. I think I think the wheel is just going to be too much against him. He's going to be too much of a lame duck between now and the end of the season for people really want him to stay R P. As gonna go out and hire Marino. No. I I actually don't think too dumb. I think that it's only as first year they will let him work to install his system of it. More PSG have had an injury it year. They they're gonna they're having some squad turnover. I think that they're going to bring in a couple of new players next year that it more to systems. I I think I I have a little bit work state than and then you do and maybe more faith that the the board at PS g or going to the decision makers at least are going to keep him on. I also don't think burrito. It's PS play style all way to defensive way too negative wouldn't fit with a player like neymar. And and some of their attacking flair got like I. Could not imagine neymar Marino having a positive interaction whatsoever. It's just not gonna happen begs. The question is name are going to stay at PS g after this. That's a great question. I really does. He really want to spend the third year in Paris too after two disappointing seasons. No certain go infinitely further from the balloon the or then he's then he ever was at Barcelona. You know, I think where where do we go? Where do we go? Yeah. Does he go to jail? I mean, really that's the only place, right? I can't I can't imagine him playing England. He would get crushed in England. Yeah. And he's not gonna wanna live in Manchester to play in at man city. Backing. Not gonna want that life. Here's the thing. Could you? Imagine name are out at like a day out at Huddersfield just getting stomped in like pies thrown at him. I've been a terrible time. No, not at all. He'd be. He goes to Madrid where he goes to China, and we never hear from them again going back. He's going back to Santos. I agree with everything you said in principle read in like a logical way. But this is not logic is so often far from the table. I would have told you yesterday or the smart thing that I would put money on. I Marino is going back to inter second. He's going to go to Russia and he's going to play he's gonna coach one of those rushing teams. But I just don't think PS g are to hold onto to not say that they should or shouldn't. I think he's clearly an interesting coach and give him more seasons. But that's just not the world we live in. And it's certainly not the world that PS PSG lives in now PS g have had a flirtatious relationship with Marino in the past. And here's the thing. I agree that has g at in its current format. Doesn't fit Marino. I think most teams don't fit Marino's play style. At this point. It's I mean. He needs to reinvent himself to a certain extent. But here's the thing. Here's how I see. It read Marino even Marino old negative Marino can wipe the floor with the French league at PS G. And if he doesn't frankly, then never give them a job again that would be fun. That would actually be fun. If you went to PS, gene, somehow lost paving. Came in third. So I assume I think most any coach go to PS g in somehow and with like twenty five point point lead in first place, but Marino, obviously, his bread and butter. His fame is in these knockout round tournaments, and what p g need more than ever is a little defensive. Steal where they're just not. You know, they've given it up, and yeah, maybe the team needs to be reinvented a little bit. But if it really depends it depends. How much leeway how much respect the board? There would have for someone like Marino. He said, he he's like, I think he gave an interview a couple of weeks ago where he said he doesn't wanna contentious relationship wherever he goes next. First of all, whoever whoever does Marino. It's a ridiculous thing to say. I don't wanna contentious thing in my next job. No, one was like, I really hope. I disagree with that boss doesn't work. Well with the football like a director football and PSG half that. Yeah. But I think he's already said that you know, that's not a problem. I just need to. I just want to get along with people. Who knows I think he knows he's facing a massive torn into his legacy and needs to restore it. And I think I don't know it could just be the right? The right time the right moment, you're looking across the. Room as Jere leg. We do want that Champions League and Marino's just set again a week or two ago like I would really like to manage in France. He's not saying that about Marseille. He's not interested in going down to Monaco and take in you know, on Riesel job. He's only one place. He's interested in going in the French league as any self respecting. Top coach would. I don't know. I kind of I'm not saying it's all logical on all fronts, but don't be surprised if to finishes out this season, and our old friend Marino finds himself in Paris. I heard David Moyes was taking some crunch lessened. He's trying to. Does this because David Moyes is actually trying to flirt with his French nanny in his house and he like housekeepers fridge? He's when he's irrelevant where news breaking news, David boies level ours. Here. I heard it here. First on stoppage-time. Those are my those are my big questions read. What else anything else you got to say? Get school sire the before the full time job. It's got to write read. What did we say back in December? And by we I mean, me I said soc is gonna be PS G. And it's going to get him the job. I didn't even imagine as doing as good a job in the league as he's been doing. I think one hundred percent he gets the fulltime job at this point. I think at this point the board would be absolutely crazy. Not to. I think the fans are so in love with Shire. The players seem to love him that it would just be like injecting a whole layer of bad chemistry all over again. Any coach new coach brought in would be having a fight this. Uphill battle of like, well, you know, we really liked OG back there. So I just think from the from the optics standpoint you can't turn against him and his results by large speak for themselves. Obviously a few losses here and there, but I think the road he has. Going on. He deserves a shot. He deserves the shot. Yeah. And this and this point who who else do you bring in? I'm not interested in really getting into a bidding war where we just end up upping Paci Tinos Real Madrid salary because I don't think he's coming over. And at this point. I mean, the only other one I think it would be Mosima Musi Miliana Allegra, especially if Juventus are about to get knocked out. We'll see next week. But I don't know baby. All the way, let's go so read at work. He such a happy, man. You're just like. Oh, yeah. And clearly he knows how to unlock Fergie time because we're back in that time today, really ninety four th minute. We'll take a penalty. Please. Interviewee had with with the men and boys. Irs? I did. I did very nice. I mean, it's that spirit where he's just like, you know, what we got nothing to lose. We put it out all out on the field. We're not going to look back at the end of the season with any regrets. And I think that's seems to be what he's injecting in. Most of the players minus Alexis itches. Yeah. Competent than humility combined. It's just a really powerful power power. If it's a beautiful thing. Three one. Three one read. Not gonna sleep tonight. Book are tickets read because man using to be in the finals baby man you. That would be a repeat of the Europa league. Final. What you we won. Man. All right next week has man city Schulkin on Tuesday that well, that's you know, we'll see but Shaq is not looking so good Juventus against let's go Madrid. That's going to be a fascinating match. Fascinating by Liverpool on Wednesday. And then Barcelona Leone also on Wednesday. I mean, the I'm so excited for Juventus Athletico and Byron liberty owl. Those two matches cannot wait. And then we get to see what what the quarter-final looks like. And I'm fascinated to see that as well because we're guaranteed a new champion this year. And that's great. And I think we're looking at two at a spicy quarterfinal. I like these teams everyone left so far. I like it. Yeah. I'd like to see sort of a ushering in a new era. Some of these recent finalists are seemed to be and ending their current cycle. If Liverpool knocks Byron out that'll be fascinating, and you've been distant athletic, go one of those teams. They're both kind of both you know that recent finalist guard, but it's gonna be outstanding much between two could Rinaldo continue his champion league dominance or is or is time up as well. Yeah. That's gonna be a I can't wait. Can't wait read as always a pleasure, and quote, our mutual good friend Jack black catch on the flippity flop. So. Djabel djabel. Jails bio means tweet at me, AmEx, Baril pod share your thought on the Champions League. We're coming at you Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. But until then that is the end of stoppage-time.

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