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Costco Bests Amazon in Customer Service


Business wars daily is brought to you by Pitney Bowes, and send pro online shipping can be complex with the uncertainty over costs and deciding which carrier to use plus tracking your packages things can get confusing. Stay tuned to the end of the show to find out how Pitney Bowes and send pro online can save you time and money and to get a special offer just for listeners of the show. From wondering, I'm David Brown. And this is business worse. Daily on this Thursday, March seventh it's human nature. We just love superlatives who's wealthiest tallest highest scoring. But today, we're looking at a business superlative that is a little harder to measure that is which big online retailer makes customers the happiest for the first time in a decade. Amazon is not the champion. No this year. The title goes to a company, you probably think of as a leading brick and mortar business not an online superstar Costco was determined to be consumers. Favourite online store in a major customer satisfaction survey. The other day researchers with the American customer satisfaction index. The acsi have been evaluating shoppers happiness annually since nineteen ninety four Costco is a newcomer to the surveys internet retail category despite its newbie status edged ahead of Amazon with a score of eighty three out of a possible. One hundred to take. The top spot. It also took the top spot among department and discount stores just ahead of rival Sam's Club. And it also achieved a score of eighty three among supermarkets but top honors in that category. Went to trader Joe's with the score of eighty six. The survey researchers primarily from the university of Michigan attributed Costco success in part to its Kirkland brand known for quality at discount prices also boosting score delivery services, including online, groceries and anew same-day delivery partnership with insta- card. The news had the internet buzzing that Costco asleep or an online retail had bested online icon, Amazon, but bigger news to the researchers was that satisfaction with retail across the board slipped by one percentage point now that may sound tiny. But the researchers argue that the decline quote does not bode well for the retail sector one reason with unemployment low employers have to hire train. In more often and have a smaller pool of workers to choose from. As a result customers say frontline workers are less courteous, and helpful than they used to be. They also complain about availability of merchandise in poor call center support. So the next time you find yourself on hold for too long or struggling to return. The sweater that arrived with a hole in it. At least you'll know this. You're not alone. From wondering this business wars daily. Hey, if you like our show share it with a friend widget post on social media, send an Email mak-, call whatever you do we do. Appreciate it. Thanks so much David Brown. And I'll see you tomorrow. Shipping can be complex with the uncertainty over costs and deciding which carrier to use plus tracking your packages things can get confusing. Well, now there's a better way to ship sent pro online by Pitney Bowes with central online. You can easily compare USPS and other shipping options in all in one online tool, you can print shipping, labels and stamps on your own printer and track all of your shipments. And check this out USPS postal rates increased back on January twenty seventh. But with sent pro online, you can still access savings of up to forty percent off USPS priority, mail shipping and five cents off. Every letter you send central online is only fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents a month, and you can get a free thirty day trial. When you visit PB dot com slash BWI daily. You'll also receive a free ten pound scale to help you weigh your packages and accurately calculate the cost of shipping. That's PB dot com slash. BW daily and thanks to Pitney Bowes and central online for sponsoring the show.

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