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And we're back at the Ron Burgundy podcast season do baby today. Does that sound right today that reading of today Yeah Yeah. That's exactly how it's per notice. Why do tears fall. When I watched terms of endearment. Why do I giggle when I'm tickled by the feathers of my exotic birds. Why does laughter come. When I watched Carolina Fall Down steps brush your teeth whenever what else does on holidays and sometimes I forget. I'm not perfect doesn't smell of your breath. Bother you being the smell of rare steak and aged whiskey no Carolina that doesn't bother me however I did know if he were to leap across the table and try to punch me yeah with the brass knuckles yeah. I was going to cushion the blow with your face. This is Ron Burgundy until next time. Don't use public restrooms season. Two of the Ron Burgundy podcast drops August eighth.

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