Mixtape Game: The King of Putting in Zero Effort


Are you guys ready? Let's go with mix tape game on Katie, WBZ and Jenny. Are you ready to your plan, right? Is Tina here today, she planned now. Okay. Three people ever okay. Good all right. Let's do this here. We go your first song. You're on your way home from a seafood restaurant. Where you had spoiled scallops as you raise home and run through your front door to the toilet, what song is playing? Fallon you're up. I need an explanation for this one. You know exactly what the song means. Hit it. Data. Insert. Something inside has died as direct. Hey, that's the one to beat Steve. Way Home Pros Food Restaurant. You had spoiled scallops. You race home. Run through your front door to the IT. What Song is playing? We'll. Drive away and as I sit down. The good news is the scallops tasted fine. Good good news weather girl, Jenny. You're on your way home from a seafood restaurant. You had spoiled scallops as you race home. Run through the front door to the toilet. What Song is Playing Jenny? I have some strong buns and let me tell you why it's from clenching them when I need to. Some as a running through the house. And I am trying my best. Not Let anything happen. So this is spite. Hopped. Okay all three good songs, all three, really good balance told the story of those who fallon wins the. Game Okay Good. Here's Fallon Song. Yup. Something inside has died and I cried, but I just can't take it. Okay here we go. Here's my next song my next in the mix tape game now remember I put little to no effort into coming up with a funding scenario. You just woke up. What Song is playing? Let's start with weather, girl, Jenny Time Jenny. You just woke up. What Song is playing? Okay? Well, it's a miracle. That I'm alive today because I've had a skateboarding incident in nineteen, ninety eight. I sliced my foot open on Lake Minnetonka in two, thousand, eighteen. I broke my wrist snowboarding in two thousand sixteen, so when I wake up in the morning. I. Just want to celebrate I'm alive. would be a hard one to be today. That is all hard one to be though pays speed. You're up next. You just woke up. What Song is Playing Steve? That goes in my head every once in a while I wake up, and I lay in bed ups in there, and then in my mind when the key change happens, I jump out of bed I start shaking. Get out of bed and this is the song. Get in the shower. Really lyrically fit though it doesn't affect, but that's. That's honestly a song. I wake up to some time, not a bad choice, but it doesn't do anything for me and I'm the judge, so you you're already even sit the rest of the roundout. Steve you are already in the Corner Janis. Is basically she's on the verge right now. She's the one to search. Fallon's on the verge. What do you got very different than these two Dave obviously day, just wake up with a pep in their step when my alarm goes off, no god, no, it's like a little bit longer. Is No. Is No Manama. Award is no. Doubt. That! I like that song, but I don't like your negativity. Young lady so I'M NOT GONNA. Give that one to you whether girl. Ginny wins that round. That, that's. That song was already thirty years old when Jenny was born. How you know that Song Jennings I. It's because of working at Bubba gums for six years of my life is on the soundtrack. So funny I, love it all right next one and you're driving home from your lawyers after signing divorce papers. What Song is played on the radio this time? Start with Stevo is an easy one dave. I wanted power anthem. I want people to know I know what's up. I'M NOT GONNA. Let this lady that's ruined. My life dragged me down even farther and I'm not sorry about it. I built strong. Okay Steve is definitely the one to beat dethrone Steve Right now Jenny with your mixed game. Okay well, if I'm getting a divorce that means that we've tried everything and it just didn't work out, and I'm probably a cougar at this point, so I'm ready to go out and get my cou gone, and this will take. Trying to say here. But overpass behind her. She's going. Go Hook up and get everything from some Rando somewhere okay. Okay, Jenny? Allen is up next. You jut. You're driving home from your divorce lawyers after signing your divorce papers. What Song is playing on the radio? This is I mean to me. I know that like in some situations there is definitely time for celebration, but when you sign the papers that's finalizing and that's like when things are final becomes more real and I would think me. Driving Home I probably would not be excited. I probably be pretty sad reflecting on the relationship coming to an end I. Man. Actions. To Sad. I'm sorry, it's sad. Steve Wins that round Steve Wednesday round with sorry. gave the big round now the tiebreaker round fallon. Steve and Jenny are all tied with one win, but I happy birthday for mom to Kyle, and Berry turns twelve years old tomorrow. Almost a teenager. Look out world at next one. Wish, my friend High Diesel Happy Birthday today love you have a great day. You Fabulous woman from Kinsey and thanks for Texan that ended. Katie WB one. Are you ready for the last round? You're watching your pizza deliciously bubble through the window of your oven, so it's not bubbly through window. You're looking through the window of deliciously bubbling. You got about another minute till it's piping hot and ready to go. What Song is playing on your Smart Speaker Fallon? You're up the only time this song is relevant is for this moment. In your. Choice. Thank you in every situation. You're saying this song. It's stupid and it's terrible when you're looking back piece of. Bubbling beneath the bottle or another minute, or so of pay, bake baked yet, Paik saying yeah they. Get any clearer like ooh. Yummy, that looks yummy where we had Cha. You don't let you don't like her. Late literally, she's like I know she did she. Google songs to Cook Pizza too, and that's I'm Tom. And it's like Oh yeah. Not a fan you say your song songs garbage. Garbage. Didn't try hard and I know that she didn't try harder if she tried his eve as the King of putting zero effort so only. Tying it up and about to win it. Jenny I. Guess Because I know what Jenny Song Is. They see it right now. I've seen okay I'll give it to you again. You're watching your pizza through the window of your oven. It's deliciously bubbling with about another minute till you get it out piping, hot and ready. What Song is playing on your smart speaker? Seve now. Can I let Johnny go I? I feel. I look through the window. Dave I hear Ding the ovens. He is so hot and I'm just reading my hands slowly and this song is playing in the background. Because I'm GonNa make sweet sweet love. Mushroom Italian. Blocked it. Why would you say mushroom to him? For my wife, the one that I'm going to make. Is the. TRIPLE CHEESE PIZZA WITH SARDINES. Spam shows Yummy I know. You're trying to appeal to be with Sardines and spam which? Up. You said that, so we've got yummy Yeah I've got this magic moment. Jenny year up for the win to further tiebreaker. You're watching through the window of your oven. Your pizza is deliciously bubbling with about another minute to go until it's ready to take out what song is playing on your smart speaker okay. My neighbors complain about me for making noise. It's not because I took up clogging. It's because I do choreographed dances in my kitchen I'm waiting for my pizza to come out of the oven. So I have a choreographed dance. This I'm seeing to it because it's all I ever walked. There's no to the song so. Fallon, okay, but not that song what? They were all good guys seriously I've gotTa make these mixed eight-game questions similar like this because the guys nailed it almost every time. Is such a hard decision. I'm going to need a minute to think about this when you guys. Why don't you discuss something? While I retali- tally the votes here and see what's happened. You discuss that coming up at eight o'clock we have two sides of every day, and I do have three dollars and seventy six cents. For Loose Change Trivia. It all up new round. How do you want to add people call right now right now right now. Yeah, call six, five, one, nine, eight, nine Katie wbz. Loose Change Trivia. We give you some change. You can keep what we give you some question to three out of five right you win. What's in the change jar or you can pass it on? Pay It forward to the next person that wins on Monday Steve Doing this weekend. this weekend I think I'm going to be stopping on the way home to get like floating, because we might try to go to like a beach or something like that so. You know for floating at the beach the. Little arm law now. I'm sorry. Inflatable! Pizza thing or something like that. Okay? Yeah, we have a winner. On the mix tape game and it was really tough. It came down to like a mental coin toss. You're watching your pizza bake. It is about ready to come out of the oven. Fallon comes up with this song. Here's balance on. Steve comes up with this song your Steve's. Jenny had this. Got I love I. Love the Energy and Jenny Song. I really do like yeah. You're all I. Ever wanted I. Get back steams. Was this magic moment which is, it is a magic moment. If you love like we do. Balanced was. talent-wise Stephen Listening to me. Also good I gotta give it to her second eliminate somebody. I'm going to eliminate Jenny. Because I, I hadn't chosen so well then they chose so well. Jenny years was good, but it says I want you back, which threw me off a little bit. Jenny did admirable jobs announced down between Steven. Fallon Both so good. Steve reached way back into the way back machine and picked a song from the sixties. Fallon picked a horrible song from earlier this year that we wish we'd never heard, but I'm gonNA. Give it to fallon because it is Yummy Yummy your. Choice Choice, that's why you don't get fanfare when you're the house to the mix tape game. Because you make choices like this, allow student by choice I will I won't back down. I will stand my ground. I won't bag down.

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