Midday News Brief for Thursday, July 11th


Here the extraordinary secrets of how to thrive in a disrupted world the old rules of management and already correct anymore so what works making was heavy to the future will I am and Omar abashed subscribe. Wherever you get your podcasts I'm J._R.? whalen and the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal in New York President Trump is expected to sign an executive action today in an attempt to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty U._S. census. The action is likely to trigger challenges in in court last month. The Supreme Court ruled five to four against the citizenship question on procedural grounds chief justice. John Roberts said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross who made that decision to add a citizenship question hadn't clearly explained his reasons for doing so a rally in healthcare stocks helped push the Dow Jones industrials over the twenty seven thousand mark in early trading Thursday. The rally was sparked by the trump administration's decision to cancel a plan that would have cut billions of dollars in annual rebates.

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