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Bonus Podcast #3: Apr. 22, 2019 - Leonardo DiCaprio


Hello everybody welcome to the third film. Buds bonus show. This is bonus. Yeah Yeah Yeah I know what's going on. It's okay yes so. Welcome back and thank you so much for downloading and donating and I'll all goes to help support the show so we really appreciate it and if you haven't checked out much of our weight that means I have to save my I met a famous person. So talk about Check make sure check out a regular shows well on itunes but this time around. We're GONNA be talking about Leonardo Dicaprio I think. Yeah one of our favorite actors and more specifically catch me if you can the aviator the Great Gatsby Revolutionary Road and then the Wolf Wall Street right. Also you know plus a sprinkling of you know maybe a little jobs rage. We Toss Toss J. Edgar in their show up. Maybe maybe so maybe like more time round Armie Hammer and Leo like I still ate it felt wow I always. I always thought once in theaters and I fell asleep and it was like a ten PM. Show mainly Watson Right. Yes odd cast. Yeah Super Weird and so yeah we Yeah at least at least five films to be talked about This time around. I think this is kind of what we've been thinking about for. Some of the bonus shows instead of doing just franchises or something. We'll maybe sit around a certain act all gonna be about Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. Yes and so Leo Feel like He'd Be Leo. Okay sorry I really don't know but you know my name is Henry. First of all Khloe. They know they pay for it. Not necessarily somebody on Band Camp. So you could just come across it technically. I'm Khloe yeah and so I guess we can start off by talking a little bit of are maybe backgrounder interest in Decapa RIGHT YEAH. And so what was the? Do you know what the first of his that you saw us. Oh my God does a good question. Gosh I genuinely okay way. It was probably I mean my top House. My favorite basically my favorite movies. Not In what we're talking about. Which one is that the departed? Oh yeah that was. Probably the First Leonardo DiCaprio movie. I saw right because I'm young. You know maybe we'll save that for a scorsese specialty. Yeah Yeah so. That was probably my favorite. I mean my i. I'm not sure the maybe you try and asked me a question or the answer to yourself. Maybe maybe blood-diamond weirdly as the first one. Maybe I'm the only likes likes that movie I like it. I'm like obsessed with that movie. Don't hate on his accent. It was probably good. I'm not an expert. Yeah I mean I don't love it but I think it's pretty good. I really like it. What he makes so much. And he's a Scorpio that makes it does make sized her sense things and so yeah. They're not. I mean I've definitely over the years of follow his work pretty religiously and as well. Yeah and something. He's definitely they. Delay gathered a pretty big following. I would say for the most. Pardon and so yeah. I think it's going to be a good talk radio. You know the Leo Is Gore. Peo- on my gosh. I think I said he was a lia without realizing his name is that just because he comes off like aaliyah. Maybe he's a Leo Moon or on. Leo's son Leo rising like I'm Leo rising. Demi di come off like Leo but my moon is a libra which means I act vary like all my friends over motion. It's very irritating but also lined up with all these things. The ones I believe in the ones I don't they all line up with each other Henry. It's big it's a real annihilation moment for me makes it hurt so bad been there I know. How are you doing pretty well? I am so sorry Henry. It's okay I'm GONNA have to say this on the regular show to climb me to formally apologize to you for all my Michigan says we Jews say happy you know. Hogson male Happy Passover. Thank you yeah. Oh Happy Easter yes. Same to you know bad see people like you and their wished happy. Passover because it's like Oh novelty if you wish me happy Easter punched in the face. If you if you if you're in the know all know for next year. Berg now they're they're six hundred Passover so there's time on pets were sucks though. I'm hungry man like you can't eat. I already had a bunch of stuff now. They've take another stuff. I can't eat hungry. Yeah well because all the moths us so I know Brad basically all that stuff that's all I eat man. I know that. Seltzer drinking off throwback I miss brayden remember the Sun people the people that live off the air areas yes still be verified then You've gotta find that places of mom swap or whatever Yeah Yeah. I mean one day some. Maybe a listener will yeah listeners. Unless now oh yes so. I was like ill. I'm sorry I've been so crazy. It's okay no I haven't been crazy to be fair Thanksgiving week. I've been home my God. But summer's coming. So maybe that means like I'm not going to get to if this was like appendicitis alike that can come back and hit Jenny. Time God what a mess. Indeed indeed. I was just exhausted. Just hearing about it. You know I mean I don't that also I was telling you I'm exhausting and exhaustive. I'm all of it. It's okay all right cool. I got into the school program in all the persona. They're lucky dogs. Are you so excited? Should be good. It's GonNa be like a fulltime program at but hey listeners. Don't worry we'll still. We're still doing really on top of it now and we're going we're going to kill the show. No not literally though in the figurative sense. We'll be here. We'll be right. Henry Henry Kill leave me. I was never in my life. I would never see you come up. I'm dead serious. I agree I don't need you tell some time young man O of your inflection. Not your actions. Yeah I kinda. I'm very much in Aubrey Plaza. In that way ex. Wow you nailed this reference. So and I'm more of a I don't know I never know who I am from that. Show everyone always like Oh. I'm a bowl I'm bill. How fit any of them? That means they needed me. Khloe I mean I I mean you and your family I mean how can I live without? Y'All stays you know. Yeah exactly Dang so anyhow bullshit jumping Henry. I'm crossing my fingers. He doesn't listen this. The boy is going to be gone for my party. Live to make another party darn so you'll be there for that your future husband Yeah yeah well. We'll keep us updated about that. One point five. Yeah because he's better like to is two point. No because two point does better than one point now correct but generally okay before now whatever right so cool well yeah. I guess we can just grand jump into the films that we're GonNa be talking about so unlike the regular show we're not gonNA have clips whereas Kinda give a little background about each film so the first one would be the catch me if you can write or interim years and so this one is directed by Spielberg Steven Spielberg a man. Jan Stars. Leonardo of course Tom Hanks Christopher Walken Martin Sheen and yeah. This one is about the famous story. Oh the Oh who's Martin Sheen play? What the heck. I don't know it's a question somewhere. Yes so this. One is about the famous While true story about the guy who can read the Little Info about it so before age of nineteen he had impersonated or he had performed cons worth millions of dollars by posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot a Georgia doctor and Louisiana Prosecutor. Right and he also has primary crime was check fraud and he became so good at it that the FBI actually hired him after the fact to help prevent future yet in a way he had to as well right. Yeah hire him. Yeah that utilizes that utilized his resources whilst he was in there Grasp Shut Hall. You Know Yeah Yeah. Yeah and so this one yeah was like most. Spielberg films was a pretty big success. That grossed three hundred and fifty two point one million against a fifty two million dollar Budget Carolina. So Yeah Pretty. Six hundred percent pretty big win. I have no idea that big win. And so yeah this one will. What do you think of a classic? It's not going to be real with you. I know this is not shocking. It's not my favorite. No but I enjoy it very much. I love an Odyssey. This is not a C- relatively. I hate to hate him but I'm not Tom. Hanks Fan I and I like him but Jeez Louise during annoy me. I'm the opposite so you don't like the person you like Miss Nectar. Oh both both sir. Okay Yeah you're just a happy camper correct beautiful. Yeah so he he really grandma gears but other than you know two solid salt stuff Lobby it's I feel very I don't think it's a timeless move. Feel like you can figure out what your it was made previously. You know what I mean doesn't make it bad. Leonardo DiCaprio's good knit. It's not his like all star That wanting to Prideaux in the end. Oh Yeah you know my highlight of the movie though. What's Christopher Walken? Oh Yeah Oh my God. It's one of the caretaker. Yeah and IT'S AGAIN. It's one of the last performances of his for he became kind of like a caricature in a way. That almost like a almost like Robert Deniro in a way Boy How'd that happen? You know so. I mean he's GonNa pay is going to be Irishman coming back and picked Leo for was Marvin Jerem more young spill in here Robert Deniro handpicked Leo Four. I'm believe it was Marvin. Trim a really. Wow good for him. Yeah you know who you another from. Factors right away please. I gotTA KEEP IT STRAIGHT. Basically unlimited capital his be Christian bailout so many times he beat him out in while the only one okay so he beat him out in. Titanic obviously right and then he beat him out of. This is the good one he. I can't remember the other two. I think he's belongs. Fibers played beat him out in American psycho. Except guess what venues like. I'm Madeline American psycho. Sorry Christian Bale got it plot twist I do. I think I would have. I prefer Christian. Bale Gilbert Grape was one basketball diaries. That's diarrhea but you can really see that. Yeah for sure I think Gilbert grape was the other one which you can I I can not see I cannot. It just seemed like Christian bills making fun of When they call it now differently gifted or something you don't pay special special needs is one I stick with. I think that's very fair enough right. They keep I think differently gifted ochre which is almost offensive. Everybody different ways the obvious special. Need this fair enough. You have need others don't And we all got me Khloe. You know so. Yeah this one. Yeah it's it's it's good. I don't. It's not one of my favorites of either. Decapa Spielberg. I still think it's. It's always a fun watch but I guess my one issue with it is like whenever I watch it. It's a good time. But I have Ron Howard to me fill me. It's a little yet a little Ron Howard little UNICEF sexual yeah okay but the thing is like even if I have fun watching it Kinda minute. It's over a completely forgotten about you know but I still think he has braces. Yeah I I think it is still a very fun especially since it is a true story that makes it even crazier to to think about. And but I I think the CARRO and Tom Hanks. Banking pre good pair No I I think and I. It is a fun chase you know. Yeah one gets on on top of the other so to speak. And so yeah. It's a good time. I do like a little long touch. Yeah I do like that. They didn't like over. I think Steven Spielberg acknowledged that the story is like Wackadoo like real people. So he didn't like over the top anything you feel me so. I think that's a little feeling. Yeah he didn't Wolf of Wall Street except apparently that's a real Melissa. Stylish nineteen is like you know what I mean. You know what I mean. You know what I mean. It's fine if you don't I need to. I mean because I think if you made it too stylized it would be. Yeah come across as too ridiculous I probably would have liked a little glossier. Get some those down with love vibes in there. But that the throwback for you to love that movie. Have you seen that movie? Dallas Love Know Renee Zellweger new McGregor that one classic Is it really good? No Do I love it. Okay but I and then with this being a Spielberg film there's the kind of classic paternal Relationship the younger guy trying to either impress or outdo the father figure the real death salesman going on you. Now have you seen the Inside the actors studio were always almost James Jones Games left in like reveals to Steven Spielberg that e t is really about Steven Spielberg's relationship with his dad and he's like I never need like crying. Onstage in stuff yeah. I haven't seen that but I I mean I think that's man that's pretty accurate outside and also I think. Spielberg said a close encounters. Since he wrote that it's when a few movies he's written his that was his way of trying to deal with his father leading. Although the thing is with that movie is he said. In retrospect that since the father leaves at the end you know he said that having become a father he would have never have written where the father left the family. You know because he he he would never would never do that. In real life and so he regretted having that ending because incur realized. He would never do that as a person so well. Yeah but But yeah catch me if you can. I mean I I do love the relationship between walking and DiCaprio. That's very good. Yeah the dancing scene owner those small ones that get me now and the church. Yeah Christmas is that criminal. Think so it's a thing it's like a could be Easter. I don't know it's one of those. Don't speak English they okay. I didn't know yeah anyway. That was a good one. Yeah and I think just a lot of the montages of him. Like sneaking in getting a hearty. Yeah a uniform memorable. Isn't it now that we're remembering it definitely memorable sequences for sure But and so any of that. Where he's he's dressing up and just kind of passes through all the security is great and it's very like sixties vibe that movie or you know what I made in. The intention is took place in what this Not sure exactly when this took place but Do Research Y'all yeah so Yeah so it's yeah it is a tad long like there's a certain point where it's like all right let's wrap up. Spielberg in L. Let's But let's put a bill on it but I I do love. The the ending scene may be already brought it up the scene in the snow where he drives up on man. Yeah that's very effective. Yeah it's tough to tear jerker breadth there and yeah so I I like Tom. Hanks a good bit in it and I think overall which is pretty typical of Spielberg the performances are pretty solid and Yeah it's it's what a whirlwind. It's it's very entertaining movie and it is a I. I was GONNA say there. I lost it. Closer this move in a nutshell. It's great but like it's it's maybe Lesser Lesser Spielberg and lesser DiCaprio. Although they're they're still both well done. Yeah anything else about Catch me if you can no do so. I guess we can say this came out just a couple of years after titanic so he was Kinda still riding off the yeah ran the wave as it were and so maybe that was partly contributed to the day. Probably he almost did And he says he regrets titanic over boogie nights he was the original cast for boogie nights and he really wishes he did that instead of consuming that. I'm glad I didn't see him in. That I took was devastated. I think it was willful Wall Street. Oh my God to scandalous or it just like I duNNo. She's we're you know it's not like my deal like my deal like that. You know what I mean. I grew up with artist. Parents like everything. Is You know. Whatever for some reason just him was like how dare you to Capri Nike wrongful shrike. My uncle I was like oh I'd rather yeah what's fair. Yeah Yeah Cool and yeah. I'm trying to think there's anything else about this. When the what's really worth mentioning it is based off a novel or the book about the guy. Yeah Oh the guy who wrote this wrote the fifth pirates of the Caribbean. Who'd a thought interesting it? Don't go to bed. You know this is the thing I I re watched sorry to veer off here but I really wish you'd rewatch all five parts of the Caribbean because that's what I did the last week or so first time I saw pirates. Shell out thinking yeah. First Time I saw pirates five hated it. Second time I watch it hated it. This time actually liked it. 'cause DOT Com Syndrome. Maybe I I was I was I was enjoying it though. Yeah so Nathan Weird that day. No I mean I do now. I know I actually did this right before he texting about doing instead of doing How we do know coming and all that so do what homecoming for homecoming. I'll be on say Scorpion. Say Sorry I was thinking of spider man. Oh yes so okay or call out of five stars to four for me. Yeah it's it's It's a it's like a Well decorated cake on the fourth of July. With the sprinkler. Now Sprinkler Sprinkler known as Sprinkler. Sparkler so yeah spangler. I mean people have sprinklers on Fourth of July. Well Yeah Yeah okay. I duNno Angel Food Cake. Lots of berries. You know. Yeah Yeah. Yeah so okay. Well I guess we can move onto the aviator and this is the DiCaprio Scorsese partnership right. Seventy six thousand four hundred sixty. I think that's incorrect. We actually always has New York. Now shoot my Internet's not working Sara. Sorry everybody off like idiots. After this problem we should know yes. Sorry everybody. We're killing the game today. But this one yeah so was released in two thousand and four and is the epic biographical film about a Howard Hughes and about him trying to get the He where he becomes a successful film producer and aviation tycoon as his successful aviation It's all about the commas. My right sure. Yeah and he also suffered from pre severe OCD and so the film Kinda chronicles his like it's about a twenty year period or so in the late twenties and up to the Mid Nineteen Forty S. And so yeah. This one is has stars to Capri Sun. Gangs was first yeah. came out. I. I like a day a really so these both came out in two thousand four. No doesn't two thousand to two thousand four. I will I be you buy a lot of trying to make it less dramatic okay after being everybody. Sorry I would never do you wrong. Audience Kingston New York. This was their second and so I'll even watch the beach that much. I love him. I'm going to the beach or we watch. And so yeah this one has the Caprio Cate Blanchett in a close favorite wrong. I can't believe you brought it up. Look there's never morning get my kid back until the Most Beautiful Lady Privy why G G I dating Pete Davidson WanNa CACTI and also has John C Reilly Alec Baldwin. Danny Houston Gwen. Stefani's in this jude law for like. Okay Look Adam Scott. That's Ralph about two seconds quantifies really institute with the cameras going. This movie like the back of my hand. Okay probably better on. We'll before we get into that so written by John Logan who has also written Rango. Ooh Go come on actor. What the Last Samurai. Let's go He also wrote gladiator and Internet it's not working today. Sorry everybody I'm trying to look his hands off the top of your head like thinks I'm sorry our own. He also wrote Sweeney Todd. He's he's definitely one of the better screenwriters of that's my airplane movie wrangles. Also my of the also I think he may have co created or created. What's the showtime show with the Vampires dreadful with the vampires not is not about vampires from future Gothic? That's how we've Carney. That's got Billie Piper as a great show that Guy Eva Green. Yeah Yeah it's got lots of people Timothy Something many of them. I can't keep up. And so the aviator grossed wasn't too successful. I guess it gross show you gross two hundred thirteen point seven million against one hundred ten million dollar budget so I mean technically I I guess it. It didn't make it's money back unfortunately are in terms of day my heart. Yeah but it was pretty well received right and Got Nominated for Eleven Academy Awards of course was. Dicaprio's must his first. How are you know what's eating Gilbert Grape? Thank you thanks mom. I'm going loopy today man. I'm sorry now I think I'm too obsessed with Leonardo cabinet. Boy Care using critters right. So yeah this one. I like it quite a bit. I don't it's not my all time favorite score. Says he I mean it's it's up there for sure though but I I do love you know. I love period epochs. I'm on you know But I think this one is. It's almost three hours. It's two hours and fifty minutes. I think it is a tad long watching it in one sitting is wonderful and I agree that there's nothing. There's nothing offensively wrong with it. It just their art. A few lulls where he is like. He gets into another relationship that then crumbles or he starts trying to make filming and then it falls and they keep going going. So they're like not there. There are bad stretches or anything in it. It's just that there are a few times where like the run time kind of is noted right but I do love anything with the trying to make hells angels worth all the planes in it. I haven't you got to watch it. Yeah I would like to but I I love all of that stuff you normally a war hound and now. I love that stuff. Yeah and so and it's also set right in the period of history that I really liked the KENO early Mid Twentieth Century Q. Like what's called the cooking. The dead is one that Western with Leo and Chen Stone. I haven't seen it in years by. Remember loving it but we'll have to rewatch. We'll see yes so clearly. This is already said the department is your favorite craft. This would this be number two three one my heart though get now. You know the dark parts. Yeah no I just like well also well. So Howard he like you said what had bad says. We'll go SORTA like bad right quite not good not bad as it could be worse for some people but quite bad pretty severe. Leonardo DiCaprio also grew up with love obsessive compulsive tendencies. A really as did I said there was a lot of relating to the stuff in the movie which is very nice. Is he in a bad kind of way. But you know what I mean. You know what I mean. That's that's stuff washing the hands. Yeah yeah say we actually makes himself up different thing. Yeah my favorite scene of acting of all time period. I'm not being funny. All right genuinely is when he's in the bathroom and he can't give them in a towel. I was just about out. She's thinking that like the sorry can't do that. I you really undersold. I'd generally that is the best performance I've ever seen in my life. One hundred percent comic serious. I love that I it. All the out of did the best job of depicting the character but that might be why it was so good acting. Could I think that was really from like I agree inside? You know what I mean. So I'm not. It's not my favorite score. Says he movie? Overall is my favorite obviously That is my favorite performance of unity cap. Ios hands down character but sell good. Oh my God and then I want to talk about lunch. Effort punched in the face. Her shoulders she earned Hepburn Cheek and she got. This is she. Got An Oscar for it. Are you aware that I wouldn't put it past the academy to my God? She's horrible I don't think she's bad. I think she's very over the top but Katherine Hepburn was pretty over the top. She get the voice right. She changed the bunch. That's like you can't mess of Catherine Hepburn like the titanic. Sure I will I. I'm not like I'd rather have plugged Christian wig from SNL in their her Katherine Hepburn was better. Okay Oh my God terrible yes so I don't mind her I think she's. She's so over. The top and the writing is pretty over the top. Four that I I I find that entertaining although I agree now. Put her in. Ed would take her out of this movie. I watched elastic thick classic so good. Yeah I I don't mind her in it and I think at least the relationship between the two of them interesting I I think the characters. Yeah okay. There's also no chemistry. Let me just came. There's no chemistry sure could have been so much better. Yeah Keep Beck and sale is killed. AVA Gardner So home state. That's right yeah so yeah a lot of iconic faces in this or Aero Flynn. I remember who I'm Scott was supposed to be just an annoying. Some guy probably weird mustache and ways. His accent was better Katherine Hepburn. Then Cate Blanchett. Oh my God. I don't know why this reminds me of the time my remember that I told you about tells us wouldn't matching with someone. I knew on Grindr class so funny because I always get told us when get used to get Cape Clinton and told swing time which is like come on right now. It's just a beautiful movie done. It didn't feel like to me. It feels a com grad com holes at you. But I don't feels long. I think it's like strapping gotta be ready but to watch this thing. Leonardo DiCaprio fun fact was in a crashed plane. Ones much like in this movie. My Gosh Wow yeah it's too bad. I'm glad he survived he. Also I miss his His channel he was the original Oprah Network with Shoot my dad knows called colleague Echo. We'LL SHOOT WE WATCH ALL ADRIAN. Brodie had a show on their. Who's Great Nigerian Berry? Shoot the guys from entourage Adrian. The the do from entourage never watched it. I know but that dude gun year. Okay Yeah I don't know the name. That's okay I I love the I mean it looks great it does look great. Yeah Yeah I don't the ice cream outline on man. I think that's happened. Everybody though right. Yeah Okay Yeah. Just checking out Baldwin's in this. He kind of his cell where his POPs up in the movies. And it's kind of I guess is Erin this time. He just kind of played kind of sleazy businessman much like now global. Hsieh's Galon sat score says he a lot like Spielberg is great at casting character actors or finding people who then become famous you know. I think they're both very good at that yet. Jonty rally is an interesting out. Love of Scorsese's Asia. I'm a missing loves too strong but you know what I mean. You're always like and this is. He's almost similar to walk in. This is one of the last films before he got into the welfare comedy near Tori and then that's like one of the first films. I saw his Talladega Nights. And so like it's weird weird going home state. Yeah it's weird going back and like seeing him like act as a character actor not a come over the top. You know You wasn't he was gonNA stand in law. He he dabbles dabbles doing interesting work but I think even by that was that might have been the goal. It's similar to. What's the Tony? Soprano James Gandolfini. Before he became Tony. Soprano he just popped up in comb brothers movies and all these interesting low characterize before he became like a character mobster. But you know what can you do right? That's Hollywood for you that's it. You're lucky to get in there. You want to Leonardo DiCaprio changes named Lenny Williams who? I'm glad that happened. That didn't happen. His family moved to a will's parents divorced but he was like Ma. I must I feel like I really feel like he called us. Ma Ma Ma. I WANNA BE AN ACTOR. Maybe so well you know what if to La. We know the story of how he got his memory. Do you tell a Henry so what I what I remember of it now. I'm nickname he. His mother was pregnant with him as an yes at times. And so there in Italy and their museum looking at a painting of Leonardo DAVINCI's I guess it was the Mona Lisa. And then the her water broke at some point during that time so she named him but Leonardo no I thought that twenty. She felt him kick or something like that. I don't think he's in Italian citizen. Okay so maybe when he kicked yeah anyway I don't. He was mortally. So it's been the ever something of a Leonardo J. Leonardo Das. Say That Yeah. Some work of his perhaps his air balloon Blueprint yeah. I'm really fast really accurate today with all my killing it. Though it's fine thank you serious. Yes so I think. What do you think of the final flight sequence doesn't doesn't look amazing? This removed far. Removed LOOKS PRE-DIGITAL. But yeah he does you know pretty good. I think for the most part just the scale is yes and the whole movie like hunting glossy so like you. Can you know what I mean? It's not like popped out of nowhere like I had a phrase that better. You're watching a movie is my point. Yeah Yeah and others Em Home who's Bill Bloom Bill and Lord of the Rings and he? He plays the the weather man who DiCaprio hires to forecast the weather about films given. They're trying to make the movie. And so yeah it's it it is. I just love it because it does kind of look at that behind. The scenes of Hollywood production was the yeah. It's interesting especially for the time that came out so absolutely It's really good and Yeah Oh once in even though of course it does have Cate Blanchett. Is the the lunch seen her house? Yeah where he's talking to keep on. Yeah it's a great scene. It is good so yeah. It's it's one that's worth watching if you haven't checked it out yet as gotta be that'd be ready to be ready for that movie theater and the bottles. Yeah right well put you got to be ready for that. If you know you know also the fingernails a lot as all real. It's all. Unfortunately you know happens happens people now. Well yeah more than a shed and watch it for bathroom scene right so good. Yeah I it's so And it might be on Netflix. Maybe it at least it was a while back. I don't know if it's in the mail you ought to ask me. Yeah it was on Netflix. I don't know if for a while. Yeah All right well. Out of five stars for the aviator okay. Four point five beautiful. She didn't lear income a dusty room with my life furniture. It's very red motif stairs carpet in the middle also with a lot of Red Axa. Okay yeah wow very vivid picture. That's what I see. So here's a question in terms of four and a half term surface Cortez. Do you prefer Leonardo DiCaprio era? Scorsese Org Amira. Let's pre predappio and do you prefer score. Says he and Deniro or Scorsese and Dicaprio? Okay that is better. I prefer pre DiCaprio. I prefer DiCaprio's Cortesi. Actually that probably not true. Gosh darn it I love. I Love Leo so much. I probably prefer Leah except for what those terrible the remake of us like the rapist. Guide Julia Louis within it. Some boat shoe serenity. What am I thinking of Crap TERRIBLE MOVIE. Remake the originals. Good what I'm sure I think I think may maybe just because I grew up with the movies but I think I prefer to Capri. Oh era where twist the aim it? Yeah look I prefer things like. I can't get away from raging bull. I can't get away from mean streets. It's just not happening. Okay like I prefer War Wolf Wall Street and shutter island and Dave eater as opposed to like yeah mean streets or something so interests although I still love pretty much all of those films. So I'm just I just hope we don't have a An Andrew Garfield chapter of no. He's back with Leonardo in a minute. So it's fine okay. I mean I. I liked him silence but I would rather him just work with Dicaprio's still was I even looking at it. King accomplish so good. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. Color money is the best thing to ever happen if you ask me. I love Paul Newman. We both love Tom Cruise. Don't what can you Paul Newman? owns the speedway downtown from you. Oh Yeah donate to the St Bunker. Yeah he had a House. Maybe a new even neighborhood who knows fear at. Oh Oh I would keep your keep your terrible. It's so bad it's so bad. Oh God I hate it no no. It's just too dark and creepy hate now. It's still fit the originals creepy. We'll have to maybe to Scorsese special an astronaut. I think so cool well with aviator done I. Guess we can move onto revolutionary. So it does. San Menendez wouldn't end to some T- Now to learn because cates in the picture and I have t- to all right. I can't wait portable lab so this one is directed by as you said Saint Mendez. Who went on to do skyphone specter and he also directed American beauty as well so man Kate winslet that's right and it is written by Justin Haith who also wrote the lone ranger As well as a cure for wellness so he wrote what of course. I Love Gore deal. Bensky's the best and that is his deal this Guy Justin and so this one. Oh shoot was I gonNA say oh. The book is great as well. Revolution I. I did read the Book Again School and I. I enjoyed it as well in school. You're like four school in College. Saying what class was that English English one or something like that And then watch the movie and so this is a good. It was a good pair. So this one grossed seventy five point two million a thirty five million dollar budget. Which seems happier than I've been pretty high for better than I thought. I mean the budget. That's pretty high for like just a romance drama stars. Oh Yeah I'm sure he yeah. Who are the people? Tell me and the neighbor whatever. So there's Kathryn Hahn Harbor just in Hell Boy Kathy Bates Michael Shannon as well. Okay Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Oh my God I gotta go home and obviously you. How many times I've seen that movie? I haven't I say this. I've seen the aviator obsessive compulsive. Whatever I've seen over one hundred times. Geez for sure. I've Seen Revolutionary Road probably at least seventy times ruler. Jesus Co yes. I've seen it maybe two or three times and to be fair most of these were when I was a lot younger like I was just watching movie over and over and over and over again. So just but revolutionary road like I can pop it in any time. It's pretty watch ago to that dramatic. It's live go to that place and really take you know wash over. You and sacked aviator too stressful balls to Just know this universe and Yeah Partial Credit Sam Mendes there. We were like them as as well. Yeah he's really good and so I'm interested to see what he's going to do next. I think I know you do next. Shoot talk about earn and one more thing about it. So it is based off of novel by Richard. Yates and so this one I got to. This is one of the ladder. Decapa movies that I saw like I'd seen a lot of his filmography before I saw this and I liked it even more than I thought I would and I it. It is a period romance drama if you will gas and although it still does comment a lot on society at the time and I guess the Almost like the the average the boring nature of yes bank. Monday suburban. I love everything about this movie and I don't really love period pieces as you probably know by. Now they're like not writing. I love the aesthetic I love about it looks great. Yeah Oh my God and yeah so does he have come on the mundane part of a suburban lifestyle and Loving go of your dreams. The that can take. Which is Kate? Winslet is a actress or hoping to be a big actress and These people outside our house. She's Oh she's Oh she's Leading these people around the surface here a little bit of chatter. My we have some people outside of our house right now but hopefully they'll pass by soon but yeah this one. I think that the relationship of them both wanting to achieve their own life goals but then Their own getting in their own way but also the the other person in the relationship kind of weighing them down with their own goals And so it's very it's lot. Yeah I mean it's Ah Tragic it's story. Good though yeah and I love one thing I love and just in terms of acting I think is the Oh my God. People go away. Is the scene where aerial see where they've left the play towards the beginning of the first thing in the book? If I'm not mistaken which I very well might be. Yeah but I think it is so that scene where they pull both dicaprio and winslet like killing. That was the other so good in it. And then there's also the scene towards the end where they're they're in their house and they're just have a really severe argument like decapa starts throwing stones. You know But yeah the performances across the board are great. It's very well written. Of course it means based off a very well written novel but it's Adapted very well and I. Yeah I think the the neighbors Kathy Bates and Michael Shannon are cool. I Love Jackson injection. I love is like a play. I love movies. I liked place that we've been over too. That's how you get me really. I just I love a good talkie my cave sure. Yeah we gotta do a Tarantino premium for a July. Because that's why I excluded Django. Unchained is because Kengo in Leo. Fact you tell it. Tell it Henry one about his hand. Don't got yeah gopher. Oh Yeah so okay. Well sorry to veer off again everybody. We'll get back but yes so about Jinglin chain if you didn't know that where he plays the slave owner or sleep plantation runner. He there's a scene where he's yelling at the other characters in the dining room and he he smashes his hand on the table and I I guess he he thinks he slams his fist or something on their open palm. Yeah and on the table and there's glass in it breaks and his speaking and he just he just talking rather table like very intimidating mainly intimidated. All My dad's GONNA be so mad at everybody in a very intimidating manner pulling glass Amazon. You're like this is the scariest of all time. And then he goes. He Stops A. K. Washington and he puts the hat which Loki like is the legal but will ignore it. Because you know he's saving the planet sure but I'm sorry Carrie Washington every time I tell this factor care Washington gets ignored in this. Like people think it's like you know dope horth Washington anyway so he. He rubs his hand over her face and then her face covered in blood but it was not written in the script. He actually cut his hand because he hit so hard and he was actually picking the glass half his hand and then he actually rubbed his blood on. Carrie Washington I'm really sorry Kerry and so he's like squeezing his first coming out it was all it was all real people were like. Yeah Jamie Foxx if you look at you and go okay. What the movie specifically for J. Fox's face in that scene is the funniest you'll ever see knowing why like it's really funny. Yeah and and that's such a good scene in terms of like acting like that's a Samuel Jackson movie so underrated. Oh yeah honestly again. That's one of the few performances that he's given recently. Yeah for he's he's not Samuel Jackson. He's more he's not nick. Kendall one commercial in the marvel movies. Yeah so I'll Khloe this week in game what best this week So I think I'm going to my other appendix is GonNa Burst Okay Yeah so anyway. Getting back to revolutionary road so yeah. It is a great showcase for performances. I think the I think the writing and just a story Who Else. We have known for game. What's that who else we having on for Endgame Well maybe trying to get Jacob Number One. Who is the one that you've met Maybe the guy who's voice you liked. Oh yeah but I haven't talked about yet about what day and so I just if we can great. I'm just so Not Knowledgeable it. Just look at some point. We'll get some people and so and there's actually a guy who was on the show very early on Who did a remote a performance guys? You know I was there for the time. It didn't work yeah in Texas and he would love to come on for because he's a huge comic Book Guy. He would love to come on for some of the bonus shows that we can maybe do with comic book stuff and so Which of course you won't have to since the that's not really you don't have to come on for that and get other people by just depends on what we'd be doing but anyways Yeah so what some other stuff about the film that you like you know no. Let me Those me Oh boy. Life is busy American Degrade movie she looks. Okay spill the Tina please. Basically I'm just trying to get this in as many people's brains as possible because I wanted to come on come to fruition in the more thought about in the you know what's that called like there's the thing like Were you may stuff happen. I guess so I mean I'm sure if I heard word but yeah no. I'm not real but people say trail so for the shot. Okay so you know how the Caprio the only part of his personality. That doesn't quite match up with the rest is his love. Life has wor. Yeah clues very conscientious about the plan will have you seen the little dicky music video. You GotTa Watch it. You got to watch it. Yeah he just kind of like. It just doesn't quite go. I feel like it doesn't quite fit interesting. My at this point decade-long theory the longest pry the longest thing I've been committed to a my life is that he and Kate winslet our soul. He's desperately in love with her. She keeps marrying other dudes Willy Nilly. She's been married like four times and I think that's because she doesn't realize you know it's a really Taylor swift you know. He's right there but she can't see him because but it's bad it's bad. It's the alligator weed zone tail. 'cause like she sees him with these models and she's like he's like. I'm going with these miles. 'cause I can't be with you and Blah Blah Blah and like he shot at Phil this whole and like so maybe it's a revolutionary road scenario. They're just not meant to be you know they aren't to Henry with my point. That's when neither one she keeps in divorce heaved dating different person every week. You know model just left. The maternity ward like children. You know like not literally. He's fine. I'm sure he's not. I mean he doesn't do anything. He's no R Kelly. Okay all. It's fine. No but you see my point a little bit. Hey He loves to go do Revolutionary Road then he likes to run around with score mentor me. You know. They're meant to be together okay. Which other ones Oscar? Who Go to Kate. Winslet won her Oscar. Who Go to take a guest Caprio Cleo. He walked down the aisle her last two marriages okay. He gave her this gold ring that she wears every day and it's inscribed on the inside and no one knows what it says. There's a lot to this theory. And the list goes on and on and my mom even the super with this she like. I remember this when he won his Oscar and they were hugging and stuff and GM picture of it and she said You're right like I'm on board. You're not crazy like they're meant to be and then she said hope they don't go on a cruise for their honeymoon which is quite funny. Titanic seem like a very confused so perfect parent and they're meant to be an. It's going to happen when it's right. God knows why it hasn't happened yet but like I'll be at that wedding okay. Sure invited or not. I'll be I'll be a an effing trash can like I will do whatever I will. I could out be a caterer. I'll sneak in whatever it takes. You know on a God. They're going to be together. Though is my point. We'll see come on. I don't disagree come. I can't you can't force I. I know I keep trying and force going now for myself others. It never goes quite tried. I'm like the worst in the world. Oh my got people. Maybe you should just out on my I know Henry. I- fuzzed up. I I up so bad all the time so many times. I'm right there with you. You were there when I was fussing up. Originally I said. Oh come on. Latte lack of communication. There were rumors a foot all kinds of stuff rumors that you liked my friend Mary. I said that that's what I said. What the heck I mean. She's a lovely person. I I mean she's not she's my. She's amazing shocking. Lovely is not the word. She's a great person. Oh my God. She's the best. Yeah that's what I should say. Yeah and I I mean I. Don't I barely know her at all but it would not go well? Okay feud REPUTA- Shreds Moore. I don't know no sleep. Lost over that one so. I got great personally. Yeah Yeah we should have on the show at the wash. He's trying to get the Anderson Sisters on the show. 'cause mega is literally the funniest person I've ever met but she won't do it. Mayor I could convince Bush probably wouldn't talk. We'll figure it out for the shop. If you're a twilight or Harry Potter which we should do we. Should we talk? Show one little relationship in the in the film. Is the one with the secretary or the assistant? Yes the little affair nothing. That's an interesting little cell good Section of the film I did a whole Revolutionary Road in school. What the Heck Dory store what did you do? I wish I knew that was. I wrote an essay about it so I I feel a little more tach to it. I think I did like a whole story. Board or something juice. Yeah at least for school and not Nutso scores. Both used to do that okay. It's fine in terms of some visual. Storytelling I do like some shots. Where I think it's maybe early on where he's going to work and there's the sequence of him. I guess being in the subway in the beginning pre towards the beginning and then he's looks like every single person and he you can just tell so bored with life itself So it's a really. It feels very both the novel in the film feel pretty timeless in terms of the commentary about society. I love relationships. I think he kills it. Yeah I love his shots. I just love it all the offset he. He's I think he's like a King of competition. I just love him. It's very well directed. Yeah it's a good one. I feel like it'd be cool if now stick with me. Hey Luka Spike Jones and San Mendez if they teamed up teamed up. I think it'd be what it would be. I don't know wait could be so good and Spike Jones. He that her not spike Lee. I mean spike Jonze okay. Perfect Spike Lee and Sam has to match. That'd be weird. I know you'll be surprised at this. Just don't like someone so much. Their work doesn't mean you know. See what's going you know. I still have. Is You feel me? Oh you I can still respect the craft. I would like to St Louis with PTA. That'd be an interesting thing that'd be real match for sure. We're I think it actually worked really well though. I think they're both pretty. I don't know if the right word is I mean radical as much as spike Lee is but I think it would be. I think they're types of films would be an interesting mix your brain. Yeah I gotTa Break Got One. It's in there. Yeah okay well and the scores pretty good kind of like a nice very soft w very classically told and it's yes it's not too modernistic or anything. It's not trying to be something else. Perfect it's just telling a story as it is perfect. Yeah are- well out of five stars. Four point five for me. I don't there are a couple points where I kinda drift but I still so really like it. And we'll continue to have stars staff is for Henry. Yeah and we'll go back to to you know as much as I tell good humanly can so yeah hopefully net flicks as well or at least it was. I think it was at least and so. What are we talking about Jaeger? For a minute you WanNa talk about Shankar firm on. How kick you Jaeger Jigger? Oh you like aren't they? They've been drawing me this okay. We'll talk about it. Fell Asleep so call the movie theater. It was like ten PM. I was a BB. Your to come out. I A BB. Oh I was little twenty eleven years this eight years ago. What Eric Your eight year fifteen? That'll be yeah. I mean this one. Yeah so this. One is directed by Clint Eastwood. Mccaffrey Okay Mar. Twenty eleven and is written by chair. This and he never would have gotten the post chair. That's all I'm saying stool whatever and it's written by army right. This is the off. You know the MIKASA. This is the this is well. This is the first Army Amazon's not this movie. Yeah it's written by Dustin Lance Black who's also known for writing. He's married Tom. Daley. That's all I care about. He also wrote milk. The time daily Are They married or the dating? I don't know he's also department of time. Daily that Connor more than anything else that they're together in part because connor wants to be with Don Dailey looker. And the film grossed eighty four point nine million against a thirty five million dollar budget. And why all these films thirty five million dollars way But anyways amid so much money. This one is about Jaeger. Hoover percent the worst notorious Fbi director bad bad man and DECAF reopen across dress. Sure he did move isn't it? I think so. Yeah or because his mother like there's the Yeah so this one. Yeah takes you through the the life or the career of Yeah and it's it's it. Is I think for better. And for worse it is told in a non linear way and so I think at times that does help the story but also at times it does get a little too messy and flashbacks too much where it really starts to kind of drag. You don't really feel like you're really moving ahead but I do like to Caprio in it quite a bit. I mean he's a little over the top but I guess it fits the character although one thing with this movie is the makeup smell bad. I don't like the direction either shocking. Not JUST CLINT EASTWOOD CANDIDATES NOT AMAZING FOR SURE. It's all like so. It's so dusty. It's so dusty. Lamb a good way to darken. I don't mind the look. It's more so just how it's put together. Barring it's like it's very dry. I'll say that if if Ron Howard tried to be a you know of Ron Howard. Bentiu Long Grey Gardens. Yeah I mean I don't mind the look of it and I again I like Period dramas and and stuff like that. And so I. I did buy this movie on. Dvd just not knowing really what it was when he came out I had seen it and so for some reason I have this low attachment to it. Because it's something like one of the film's saw that like I just. I went out and bought myself like okay this is. I'm going to watch this thing and so I do have this weird kind of nostalgic attachment to it. I don't want K. and I like it. I Agree Anri watches. It doesn't hold up as well as I thought it was. Thought about it did originally but I still think it's an interesting story and I think that armie hammer and Capri. Oh make a great pair. Now no chemistry really thought. There was chemistry zero. Okay Well Elchi I. I mean I think there was an I really like the relationship as well where it does hint at the homosexual possible homosexual. Tendencies of Hoover and I think that that relationship really holds the film together keeps going and I. Yeah I it's definitely not mainly humidity for way too many biscuits. Okay sure but I agree. It is it is overly long Pretty Dry and so not. Not One of anyone's best crowd-pleaser. I think it's one of my favorite armie Hammer performances. Though I I really like him in it and again. This is the first film of his that I saw in a movie. I still love. What's that Oh lordy again? I loved portrait. Yeah check out that episode. If you want to hear about final portrait or Cooper was on that one because we also did. You're never really hear metal weird pairing those. Yeah Yeah and I I do find I like the ending where he dies and actually is a pretty touching ending. Just 'cause armie hammer does have such an attachment to him and I think that that again. That ending works for me but there are certain parts in the mellow middle that do feel pretty generic and overly dry. I'm quite a bitter democratic socialist so I just said by. He's not nice. Oh yeah he's pretty kind of a Dick and Yemen of course very controversial as well in in various ways and although I do like the the story line of the No the the baby the The baby who gets kidnapped the famous that Michigan. Oh what's this hour of the flight the aviator out that Lindbergh Charles Lindbergh? A story line. Yeah I do like that quite not the baby back my right right no shade to the baby. I'm sorry that was really bad. Feng never got found. And so yeah. There's definitely takes you lot of lot through pretty iconic. Parts of history was crazy. Wasn't that the maid was in the room and someone jump through the window and took the baby trump. That's crazy son must have felt terrible. Yeah and so I think or the May done it conspiracy. Netflix will make a special about in. Today's yeah I'm sure. Yeah I think it's it's not amazing by any means but I do find it at least somewhat of an interesting story and it's at least Clint Eastwood trying to at least at least in terms of linear stuff. It's like at least him trying to change it up I think. Now he's senile. Well he's getting up there in terms of his most recent output of films. I'd say this probably my favorite because I'd I'd like the meal. Okay I am. It might be on level pegging with that because that one is so simple that I guess it is actually kind of refreshing but American sniper. No thanks Jersey Boys. Now Sally know who were you know under somebody that. I know that love sully. You are meant the Tom. Hanks movie about the phone. GotTa love that. I don't know there's somebody use the real man though. There's so many close to who loves sully I'm like what are you doing your mental. You'll mend you. Get out here with that. Talk well if that was that person's name mental for Movies Movie. Not a movie netter film Notre Dame. Natto can tuna this low. Now get a little inside joke. Forget to check out the regular show but yeah so this one I. It's it's definitely lesser to Capri on Chessel beach. I haven't is that the one lasser show Ronin. Yeah I like that guy. Who's that the boy in it? I don't know who the boy is. I mean I know what you're talking about but I've I've not. I don't know too much about that stuff. Yeah he's nothing comer. I guess like a slow slow-burn way to do it. Although in this phone I do I do like how does make the point of hit of hinting at the homosexual aspect to his life which I I think that's not not amazing or revolutionary but I do appreciate the film for at least trying to buy very gay man very often. He wrote milk as well now. and so yeah. I hope that guy does more. You know. Come more films like that where he's putting it out there. I'll be there those movies me neither and rather watch clear. I drag over that live. Still gotTa Watch that more than anything else. My whole world. That's like a remember when Bill Clinton said well and grace was doing more for Through as why is back so good so all right. We'll Out of five I. I want to give it a four. Just for out. Greece's by micro three and a half three point seven five out of five. I give it when you have like some water really. Do not want water right now. Right and for whatever reason they're out of slices of lemon and you have to use a slice of lime and you're like should have just stop. There are so many people at my coffee shop for like flabbergasted that we don't have lemon for their water lemon and a coffee shop I know how is what? Are you like dummies? I what the job. Oh Yeah it's good. Yeah I mean it's a pretty. It's essentially the same thing as Giovinco although a lot less stressful in terms of employer relation share everybody's level Kale. Yeah And so that's that's good but yes so cool. I guess we move onto the great gatsby so this one clip yet now on released was in two thousand thirteen and this one came out like he had the wolf of Wall Street right address. And then I think Django came out maybe bright BEF- and maybe before Django Django was my junior year. 'cause I wasn't old enough to see it yet and we got denied twice sneak in then gets B. 'cause I saw that in theaters with my friends the Christmas come on come on yeah So that was a pretty big chunk because he is rare bake took his highest. Yeah then he came back into the revenue. Yeah got to check that review listeners. If you haven't yet so this one is Is directed by Baz Luhrmann and stars a DiCaprio. Plus Juliet to Toby Maguire Carey Mulligan. Joel Edgerton Isla Fisher Elizabeth Becky Jason. Clark Carlotta was becky. I think this was slicker. I break role. Say well she didn't break out wasn't like no but when I saw this and I saw her. I was like who is this. Well then she killing it. Yes night manager so good yup and she was in the second guardians of the galaxy as well. She was in Mansa Oh that's right. Yeah yeah she was. And so. This one Grossed against the budget of a net budget of one hundred five million. It made three hundred and fifty three point. Six million son pretty predict success for everybody and of course it's based off. Nobody liked it volcano not three D. or they just look weird. You said okay. See I thought regular. I wish they had them the three D. thing. I bet it would have been a better movie. You've yeah and so this one is based off course the famous novel by F Scott Fitzgerald which is actually one of my favorite books to book and yet it's one of is man this movie the into it kills me his face. I feel love Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh my God Oh my God you WanNa my favorite bit. Please come on now. That's like my heart. When when he's out in the rain cleared won't be early and come on my God Care Morgan. Really lets me down. I know daisies a D. Bag came again really. Lets me down in this okay. Also I don't like Joel Edgerton and I think that what's the other guy's name I think. Jason Clarke is Guam. I I think there's some Clark is the bad version of. I don't like either of them like I wish they were. Not In this movie I would have recast it see. Okay well I guess we'll before he's a good neck. Yeah yeah he's good before we get into that. I love you know toby. Also that kind of helps the chemistry there. Yeah and we had a flashback. Where give that kid? Leo's voice as move. Yeah we get it. No we got it four nine cat so this one yet. Unlike Revolutionary Road is a very modern stylized easy is bump in that Danjaq online delray and so this will end. Pulled OFF ELBA in terms of the soundtrack. Of course it is pretty much all modern songs. I hate the Jay Z. Stuff Shanna yeah I think it all should have been that. I think they should've picked John. Mara I think. See I I like the Sopiandi does a song right. Yeah Yeah I. I like bad rendition. Deanna like the Lana del Rey Song. I like all of that but I think the the rap music really sticks out. I think all the other songs fit very well even though they're modern by that stuff that the just the rhythm or something doesn't fit agree. I mean like I said I think they should picked an avenue. Should've gone wrap you shoulda gone. Yeah these modern Queens. Doing kind of of era song feels you know and saw me now in the movie was she. I think so I think using I'm wrong but including shoes in the party scene. Okay Furby Song in your town knows we'll see so now. I I actually liked the movie. I do okay and so I agree. There are parts. I I don't like I again. I think that the bet tavern scene with that Jay z song. Where like the the dancers are singing along tip? Whatever song that's playing on the soundtrack like that stuff kind of gets on my nerves. But I think the thing that saves it is I think the relationships and the performances are really good and I agree Joel. Edgerton and Jason Clark are very over the top by think to Capri was just as of now. I love him in it but I think now. I think that I liked Joe alleged ten and Jason Clark in general. I'm not I'm not on the the hater train with them. Beeping like that. But there's a weird scene where a dice. No Oh I do love. It goes in the scream. Mccaffrey Spring and saying nobody. I swear to God. No one is better being angry. That's a good arguer. He's so good. Yeah he's a good argument. Elgood like when I'm in Leo movie and I'm like Oh man I can feel an argument coming on. I'm like I'm in. It's like when you know you broke a vase at your grandparents house. Yeah except not mine because my grandparents The most Benevolent people in the world and they will not care. But you know what I mean but in terms with Joel Edgerton. There's that really weird scene where he first brings Tobey Maguire into his house and he starts like goes L. Big throw the football brutal. I do love for the most part I like the look of it. It's very glossy shell glossy yeah But for the most part I do at least refreshing a little bit just compared to the other time the great gatsby adaptations that are just so land. Yeah Blend Mia Farrow and and Our main man who my Dad Redford. Yeah Yeah Yeah I of course it is very romanticized sentimental but I think for the most part it pulls it off a few times where it goes way to get you to. Yeah Oh can we talk about for me? The highlight of the movie. The one and only I'll fisher. Mike See I would figure you wouldn't like I love. I figured you would think she's the WanNa be. Amy Adams had area but I I like her. I love first of all. I don't judge people based on appearance. They have no control over the fact that they had looked very similar. Don't you always say like Joel? Edgerton or Jason Clark is like the WanNa be Michael Bender. Tom Hardy or something. Okay no I'd say that the that's okay. I say that Jason Clark is the poor man's which is not especially I love but here we are is the poor man's Joel Edgerton. Who was the poor man's Tom? Hardy does affect. Yes they do look kind of similar but it's more the way they behave. He's the welfare hardy. Had No amy Adams Fisher. Both mating very different. You got to check out the beach problem with. I know it but offer great. Oh it's amazing. I'll talk about any use to hang out with we owe and toby on the TAT. Oh yeah nobody I mean. I'll talk about it on the regular show but all the beach bums it's like it's my favorite of the year. Also that it's so out of the IT I've been so out of I've been out of Commission I've it'll be on Amazon prime like day. Not That I love him is on primary all my family has. I'm not going to not watch. We've been over this but just trust me if you didn't like things like What you haven't seen spring breakers but if you didn't like something like never going back or something you're not going to like this but like there are so many weird moment senate. There are amazing. I love it But anyways so this one it coupon Lovett Alwa- this coupon written all. But this one. The Great Gatsby was pretty mixed reviews. Yeah but share audiences seem to like it for the most part right at least everybody. I've aside from maybe a few pipe bursts. Yeah Yeah but I think that the the emotion really works and for the most part I just I personally find the character of J. Gas to be really interesting just kind of the hopeful optimistic aspect even though of course the story is incredibly tragic At all seen he's still his face. Oh my God it's happening now. He's underwater. He doesn't say anything I think he I think he standing there he gets shot and then he falls he goes days does. I don't think so. Okay those talkers out there again but I think it is a little long and And occasionally it does like there's a party sequence towards the beginning not the one. We're not like it. That's the one where he meets DiCaprio. But the one where there's the hotel side and like it. Yeah that stuff is to Basler like that and so from the ceiling fan right and this is I mean. I'm not a huge fan. In general are you Some people love Moulin Rouge okay. Yeah it's probably one film of his. I like a lot Alabama okay. I haven't seen Romeo and Juliet so squeeze me. I'm sorry just never got around to it. I literally CANNOT REACT RIDICULOUS. You would love it. I sort of gotten you'd really like it really. It's been on my watch radin it. How do you not like it? I'm sure all I love it. I just haven't gotten Tampa leave. You know I'm dead serious. I'll I'LL WATCH. It's been on my watch. You gotta like along Tampa public to the top okay. I can't even I can't ochre. Magai aren't Oh my God you gotTa Watch it immediately. Ochre and I don't mind any minute here. I don't mind Carey Mulligan. She's her accent is a little weird but I think that she and dicaprio work well together now again so many people only got. I mean she. She's hitting miss. I love her and shame but then I don't like her in a fair amount of other things shamed. She's coming. She's in this movie. It's no good it's no good. It's no good. Well Yeah but I do love just the character of J. Gasping. I think that really helps carry through. And I think the him and Toby Maguire work well of course because they are friends and so. There's that chemistry already yeah. The Ex brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix right. Is that right I think so maybe now I think that's no is that right. I don't know for sure. Bre Shoot I know Casey Affleck ex Nokia number. That many brothers who was told Maguire married to shoot combined me. Casey Affleck is the EX. Brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix That is thanksgiving. I'd not want to go too much. You WanNa do Casey Affleck Bonus Show Cloy. No no not yet. I'm bitter bitter about that one. Okay I love. It has a rap before I love it. Man It's amazing well. Maybe we'll do a Brad Pitt special sometime in. We'll talk about not Casey Affleck Special Nice and Jacob. Sell Boring. Do WanNa bad pit special. What about all the movies? He's been in talk about Fury Jesse James I'll maybe she's just a lady. I don't know but I yeah I do love the ending. I think the pool scene is great. I mean it's very stylized but stylized but I think it works pretty well. Yeah Hey Bendy and Sorry my dog's stretching right next to US and yes. The the soundtrack is hit missed. I at least plot for being ambitious and trying to change things up a little bit And Yeah I one thing about eat the that hotel party scene. I think especially is I do like the kind of like intentionally gross Fashion and makeup like the girl. Who has the green makeup all over? I like that stuff. It's it's kind of dark and gross reminds me of King Arthur legend of the sword. But yes that's stuff. I appreciate an. I wish there was more of that But I yeah DiCaprio's great and Yeah cool cool. Film covers a lot of ground and for the most part doesn't well but maybe at times overreaches its its grass fed hunt but yeah I I do. I mean it's been years since I've read the Great Gatsby. I do actually really loved that book. It's one of the books that you've only read at once. I still want. Yeah I read it after I saw the film. Oh yeah that's too bad. No it's fine now command. Trust me. Yeah even only read it once all the way through. I still can remember it very vividly. And so yeah great book and so on one thing. I'll mention about the so when this came out his daughter. is our granddaughter. Zelda right Sandra Fitzgerald the WHO also author name Aleksei this so Fitzgerald's granddaughter praised the film stating Scott would have been proud. Do you think he he would have been proud of this. No that's fair. I mean it's very it's kind of love it or hate it I think and so I I don't know if he would have liked it but maybe he would have liked it. More than other crappy adaptations let me so piloted liked to do his own. Probably It did get nominated for best production design and Best Costume. Donya nothing else though will hay fodder. Yeah so But yeah it's one I like to go back to. It is a very emotional film and I appreciate it for that. You know I would definitely put pop it in on a rainy day Whilst I'm doing something creative I sure cool while aching Amir perhaps well said at five stars. Khloe. I'll go four. Ramey I give it four and a half really give it like a little tea party like very like excite like okay okay. I go to surprise party. Jesus switch. I've always wanted to surprise party poker anyway. I got surprised lunch. One thousand employees that funny anyway so was okay I give. It feels like a surprise tea party right but they didn't invite a lot of your friends and all the little cakes look better may taste okay. Interesting interpretation all right well cool. I met Ross Lynch Harvey Kinkel from the New Sabrina. Oh haven't seen that. Oh my God. It's very exciting. Oh you should post the cell fees on our if I send you picture. That's what we should do. We should just Just post all the pictures of famous people and my dad. Didn't this to probably hope for our Instagram Kim Class. So you can both be what funny. I'm talking than the pictures though is good. Okay so I guess we move onto our last film that will be talking about. And that is the wolf of Wall Street also released in two thousand thirteen big mood. Yes this one is also directed by. Martin Scorsese I Leo. Had to beg him bag. Leo's Passion Project and it failed in some ways. I support you Leo. We've talked about this before. I consider it a drama. You can hear the groundwork let me lay the groundwork see directly by scorsese written by terence winter who also worked on Sopranos and also created Boardwalk Empire. Hbo Mobster Show produced by Empire. Yeah and Oh yeah. Oh yeah sorry. And so this one against the budget of one hundred million Jesus Buddy gross three hundred ninety two million so hills and other success but hundred McConnell. San's the Hill Assan get me in there. Be Jonah Hill Isla Fisher yes. She's an that's that's why I was saying. You gotTA CHECK IT OUT. Go and is she. Yeah let's you get me. That was me. You know my picture on your watch. What years this twenty seven so come on? Yeah but that's pretty high budget but anyways this one yes stars. Two CAPRIO Jonah Hill. Margot Robie. Her breakout breakout role yet. Again when I saw this I was like who is this? She's going she's amazing. Yeah Matthew mcconaughey John Burns Paul Cow. Chandler Rob Reiner. Jon Favreau John Dan from the artist air and this one is another wild choose. My people is a nother. Wild true story came together Henry. He's gone or if you hear. Any shaddock is another story about the guy in the eighties and nineties. Who became on Belfort Jordan Belfort Belfort Cozy stinks? Yeah and and he was in the movie. I didn't like that only tacky PECCI and so this yet. It is all about him Ripping people off on Wall Street and knocking every which way basically exploiting everybody every line. Yeah and It's about him for the most part getting away with it until finally he got his. Come up come up. It's a little bit and this one. Yes so pre controversial. When it came out I know that originally they had a four hour NC seventeen rated cut it to three hours and so that way. It'll be alright. It and some of the content but pre controversial. When it came up it was pretty well received across the board and And this this is my favorite Scorsese and my favorite to Capri also nuts. Yeah And I read the book right before it came out. And it's a fantastic book and so I don't buy it because you're funding a loser on his ellios. A bunch of people money right. He's he donates all the funds to some bs he probably has to probably probably a an OJ situation there. Yeah and so this one got a nominated for five Academy Awards with Best Picture. Best Director. Best adapted screenplay. That's actor supporting actor supporting actor Joe now and yes so cloy this will get into. How do you see? This movie? Takes nauseous to watch I think to come to an society right very very much. Dell however Golden Globes. Leo was put the category for best actor in a comedy or musical category. So fucking pay. He was pissed to be in. That category was very dramatic. Performance was not funny. All the things to make people laugh like the Alemu was the called. Lemons that the drug lemons. Oh the shoe no. It's not one SIP anyway. Busy also make people laugh. Made me You know short circuit and hey society but I mean it's tricky. It's tricky balance. I don't think they quite got what they were trying to get. And like when you were laughing were you like. I shouldn't be laughing. This is horrible now. You know I know I I yeah I mean. I think there's a little bit of both. There are some things are just like just making jokes about something that is funny but then there are sooner so over the top that. I was like yeah. I shouldn't be laughing but it's it's done away. That is comedic so I I think it has both. She's really tricky for me. It didn't it did not hit the mark for me. The Bulls eye was. Maybe the ball's forehead or some right. Yeah so I tell him was to confer totally too confusing for me the performances Gray Margot Robbie is amazing in it. She's an again this like a good example of score says he finding someone that then would go on to have a big career issue is currently having and so yeah I I. I love the movie I I it is. It is hard to justify bombing. I think it is intentionally trying twenty. Nineteen we don't need genres. I think it is trying to be funny at times. And I think that there is the idea of of him exploiting people and it's almost be being done in a way that is meant to be funny and over the top And I think it is in in some ways. You're not meant to be laughing but I think it's I do end up laughing one way or the other and that's not necessarily at the event itself it's more so just like how the performances are being done and how it's written But I it's one of the most entertaining movies. I've seen that can remember. I saw a few times in the theater. Oh isn't Thomas Mill ditch in this? I'm on me then. I don't know who ate the fish who ate the goldfish. It was famous person. I said Oh my God oh yeah but I don't know either way but I just yeah. It's so entertaining There's so many memorable sequences I think that yet to Capri. This is my favorite of his eye and again we're talking about just a while ago. Great arguments in the smoothie. Oh yes the the bedroom scene. Where he's like kneel down on the benefits like screaming at margin. Robin Lumley is the aunt. That's so random. Yeah where he's screaming on the bed Margot Robbie and then there's of course the The scene towards the end where he's an art another argument with Margot Robbie and they're running around the house and then there's the ad steals the kid and dominant mental dead. Yeah chloe and so that those emotional scenes are amazing in it and I think Joan hills fantastic. He's got the fake teeth. The white pearly teeth and I think all the scenes with him especially when they first meet is our great the diner yet the diner scene iconic yeah and I love cow Chandler. He's always good. He's just solid solid man. Just always pops always like okay cow Chandler's. I'm not mad at him. Yeah and and I think the one of the best scenes is the yacht seals. Let's say one of my favorite scenes at film. And I'm like thank God. We finally have a protagonist. The most part you follow pretty despicable characters. Yeah Which is personal preference is challenging for me. Yeah and I mean it is almost like goodfellas. In that way. It's typical score. Scheduler says better. If you ask me what can you do? I would rather watch what's called the movie. Feel the name of with Christian. Bale and Steve Corral and big short short. I would rather watch this camp but I mean it just just personal preference it personal preference yet and I just. It's every time I watch it. It's it's just funnier and funnier in his even more but also at the same time. It's like makes me even still think about things and so it does have that weird. It's tricky but good soundtrack as well you know. Very Typical Scorsese. Type T H Mrs Robinson saw my favorite Song. The original no cover. I hate that that one. Everyone knows that like no. No no no intent one. I Dunno very nineties I might be off to look up later and yet yet the relationship of DiCaprio and his wife Margot Robbie is great and as I life. Yeah Yeah Yeah Ashley and I mean you're talking mother. Yeah I mean you're talking about With catch me. If you can the kind of going on an odyssey I mean this is very much. Like you can't see his full rise and fall and him kind of going. No not not as you know. It's it's not an odyssey but it's I love and Odyssey I know you did. We were just talking a not not not an odyssey but you very much see almost similar to write aviator and J. Edgar it's Outta rise and fall it's not an excuse me. Khloe by And I mean the runtime isn't really an issue for me. For the most part I mean it's it's it's similar to the aviator aviator a little bit where there are few laws may get slightly repetitive. But yeah for the most part. It's just so ridiculous. Bet I'm I'm down I'm down for you know And Yeah it's I mean. He got nominated again but forty-one for the not this. I wish you had one for this. Because he was so good at it done in. Yeah it's it's a good read as well got assigned this dude at Passover and his mom was editor of vanity shoot. Whatever it was very impressive. I don't know why that just came to mind bows like Dang associate editor for Vanity Fair. Maybe I know I don't know why that came to mind. I'm so sorry but it struck me. It struck me. I said and he was definitely like selected in there on purpose. You feel me which the Kardashians and stuff and you know. 'cause I hate them sorry true. They like represent all that is wrong with society. If you ask me and then he was talking about how. His mom was a good role model. Cover jet what have you maybe? That's what maybe that's sometimes. I need to catch up with my brain as far as tangents. Because we're so tangential but we got the CAR DASHING. Kind of thing okay. We got there. You hear colleagues so good Henry. I'm not over it yet. I love it. Thank you just got to cut a few days ago. So Carolina got for summer. Make that you're shedding so much cutting for summer. Okay well cool Trying to think if there's anything else the matthew mcconnahey sequence conic love it did teach me no. It didn't I can't remember I'm having A. It taught me that I was saying Fu gays wrong. Oh Yeah BE I. I love that and that was right. In the heart of McConnell as mccown assaults you know that was one of those got people back on on the train but now he's back into serenity territory beach bum. Oh that's right so what nobody saw though. That's the issue there needs to be a part of Macon's true because you're in right now is the F. Rana science do it works so he. I mean he's only in this movie a little bit. He is so ridiculous. I mean in a good way. The Look of his character. That's amazing Ron Azzam's man. It's he is so get in it. Shaved. It's amazing. His Pants all works. Well I'll get into it in the normal show and other movie Netflix. I'm not saying that. I don't like the jury jurors out AC- I did just watch the trailer recently. I don't know it's like it really does just like it's trying to humanize him too much. And just just seems kind of growth and it's not really a self aware way title. I guess but oh the dudes like obsessed with it because he missed that humid- DOCU series about okay. That's too much too much. Mustard is co draftsman. My tennis instructor would have my tennis. Coach would have said Wilson too much mustard He's Zach Ephron Soak it and the beach palm so and so is Martin Lawrence and I just want him to really do good. Things never cared about that guy from before but now that we got that word going undeniable is in the paper. Boy John Q. Ceo John Cusak is coming here. Dongo big giant cocoa. Just making I was going to ask if we WANNA go. 'cause I you know 'cause I brought it up but I he terrifies me to my core really. Don't like there are few actors that I just truly I don't like him. Joins US VIA CREEPS? Yeah I'm here for Joan School of rock. John cusack gives me the career corn store. Burt Larson Bonus show for that. One still are. Yeah so good. You're said three stars I'll go. I'll go heavy. Five is my favorite of my God. Why have five star? I mean I guess. I'm not surprised. I don't know what the last movie you gave. Five Alonzo for not so much happening. Okay I don't. What was the last movie? We even gave five stars do just in general like like even on the regular show. Why would get the beach five star? They haircut so good. Thank you tell the lady that cuts his great. Wow we always talk about movies. She her taste is a little little off. But my my hair cut risk has great taste in movies. I mean for the most part. She's good But to a TV for my taste like Oh go more movie but you know you're barking up the wrong tree. No I know you I know so. That'd be funny costume. What the Expression Barking. WanNa use link one person's a dog onto into trey. It'd be you mean it'd be a subtle one of each tricky due to it have to be like a baby you'd have to like it has to be with your baby. You'd have to be with the person all the time right next to them through baby. What if okay? So you're a tree and then your baby is a cat like your arm branches. You rape his cat 'cause scheduled and then you're you're us the baby baby. Momma Daddy or whatever it a fireman be an interesting very refreshing take but maybe a man. Maybe I like it. Maybe someday soon some Halloween I assume POW left ever baby ain't GonNa be me true. That's fair okay. Well why not not not not related. But I'll tell you off show. There's possible Henry's on over coffee shop span kill it. It's the place to be MOCATTA. Hey Yeah I'm the no innocence. Yes No it's not good ons. Fair is on the Ferris wheel. Go do that. So boy or it will reap any final thoughts about the Caprio just general. He's my man dude in we'll have to talk about the department. Loved him since I was we He stands for everything. I care about. Love the squirt gun photo. Yeah he's made a lot of good memes for us. Yeah he's single. Hanley trying to save the planet which I love your hand literally obsessed with him and he you know. He produced that film before the flood. If you haven't seen that about ninety yet he had no channel one of his lead really. Yeah it's a lot redner and atticus Ross You gotTA check it out. Yeah I'm sorry I do. I'm totally down with his. He's a King of activism. Yeah for sure. And he is the best. I mean he's still and I cannot wait to see him and wants one time in Hollywood. It's GonNa be something man and so yeah. I think he's. I wish you would just do more. You know the king. I wish I would have to wait another year or two before I see someone else. You know. She'd have another twenty thirteen. You know where you have you know. I wish another twenty eleven. Where did you edgar but cool all right? Well I guess that about does it for us and so again they got man the Iron Mask. Check out all of them. What every single one of something to be said for each every movie I guess the I guess we have reviewed shutter island and inception on the show and then maybe and the revenue as well. And so you can check out those reviews if you want if you want some more DiCaprio An score says he talk. I guess but yes. Thank you again so much for downloading and donating and since we are did another actor profile if you will if you have anyone that you'd like to see reviewed. Send us any mill at the film. Buds PODCAST DJAMIL DOT COM also on on twitter and facebook at the film buds and Instagram. As well so places that And so please donate and we really appreciate you taking the time to listen to Dale and means the well. I guess we should say I. Guess we are GonNa be doing episode eighty tomorrow possibly on homecoming and then Guava Island Nice. Why isn't that just a feature length movie? It's so obnoxious. That's fifty five minutes long. Let me say choose one or the other. So good sure will be. You're lucky I didn't make you do guava island and lemonade. Because that would have been amazing. Why I I'll watch that some point. I'm not I'm not against it so But yeah so that one will be up relatively shortly. I'm guessing as well and Yeah Khloe. It's great to see it. Thanks for the haircut. Compliments Bossy next time yeah.

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