REShow: John Lynch. Hour 1 (07-29-19)


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We're going to have a football game. I I don't I don't I don't mean to leave out what we saw in spring football first time we are going to see a football game with national football league players you. It can't Ohio coming up this week. We have reached it will year short days. All thirty two teams are up and running congrats guys training camp we made it raiders hard knocks round the corner there tweet now Jon gruden telling rookie players take people's jobs all that was incredible. We're going to the Super Bowl. It's not the Blue Bonnet ball by the way great ballgame reference well done. Do they still don't even think the Blue Bonnet bowl exists old school ooh like one thousand nine hundred seventies bowl that gruden throughout two kids who aren't old enough to absolutely born when the bluebonnets bowl was being played at blue bottle bowl ended in one thousand nine hundred seventy yeah. He's definitely talking to a bunch of players that we're not alive. In nineteen eighty-seven eighty seven none of God bless Jon Gruden God bless the National Football League. We're back all thirty two teams or back at it and hey look if you're a wide receiver looking for work. <hes> this weekend's for you this weekend's for you A._J.. Green at suffered the first significant if you will position skilled player injury of training camp he's out six to eight weeks looks like he's not answering the bell for the the Bengals in week one that is a major piece of news to come out of this weekend and you could sit here all bengals Bob. You don't know we don't know weren't they playing the old veterans day you know Philadelphia veterans know yield while they were playing you know they're playing at the University of Dayton as part of you know the N._F._l.. One hundred campaign is going to try and hearken back to old days days of your give me the exact information please there Chris. It was definitely not it was on on turf that people thought was <hes>. <hes> substandard in the team went through it the day before and now here comes A._J.. Green tearing up ankle ligaments out six to eight weeks and welcome stadium idiom in Dayton Ohio bengals coaches were concerned with the field and its conditions according to Albert breer Dan Patrick play on that field very bob. I just want to know and Zack Taylor congratulations relations. You got your first Gig in the National Football League and your best offensive player. I'm sure many might sit here and say you'll mix up there too but that's A._J.. Green we're talking about. He's out for week. One The New York football giants wide receiver situation as they have finally turned the page from Odell Beckham Junior and as much as they want to talk about turning the page from Odell Beckham Junior. All I know is when I was checking out getting my stuff for Barbecue yesterday Chris Yeah. I don't invite you anymore. You know well. I mean you say you say you'd come home but I'm geographically on sound. You're not coming over. I'm senior instagram out slot machines. I figured you too busy and yeah we were out of town yesterday but I'm getting ready to check out and there is Odell Beckham junior on the cover cover of gq checking out right underneath Elba mccovey Vanity Fair tough to turn the page when when the cover of g gentlemen's quarterly is Odell Beckham junior and he's making one handed grabs and he saying things is talking about the giants offense the latest woman. Eli was limited in the offense he didn't get he hasn't had the opportunity to get twenty targets a game by the way fact anybody Os owned Odell Beckham junior in your fantasy league. You know that you're screaming at the screen. Wondering when are they going to target this guy by long story short giants turning the trying to turn the page gentleman's talk about he's not here. He's gone good luck to him in Cleveland. We're turning the page. Well Sterling Shepard hurts. This is Tom and it doesn't need surgery. They're hoping he's ready for week. One and Korey Coleman who they pulled off of other teams scrap heaps formerly the browns blows out his knee same day and now golden tape is facing a four-game suspension for popping for P._D.'s he saying it was fertility drug that he informed everybody was he had taken doesn't matter if it's in your system it's in your system and it's on you. That's that's the letter of the law fair or not. It's going to be tough for him to get this thing overturned. Three of the four top wide receivers on the New York giants won't be there week one. It looks like wow crazy. There's that okay so if you're a wide receiver looking for work right now in the N._F._l.. There are some teams that are looking out for you right now and I'll tell you this to do. The Dallas cowboys still don't have Ezekiel Elliott in there. Can he went the weekend. I am asking for quite some. I am surprised I am absolutely surprised. He looked pretty good showing at that diner. I saw that too. I I guess he's basically saying you need to give me my contractor. Is He really going to skip week one. I know I said last Friday it would eat the hat on your head. Mike Del L. to full if he's not going to be there week one and I still believe it to my core. The Dallas will get something done or Zeke is going to have to come in and play really gonNA sit there. Watch on on the first weekend on Sunday football giants in in town Dallas versus giants Zeke Yeah. You know what I don't have anything pass my fifth year option that you've picked up. I'm just going to sit here and watch my team. Go take on the giants. US without me. That would be something Jerry. Jones spoke this weekend and he's already reached the point of. Don't ask me about it anymore and this is just two days in it's hard again. I'm not going to get into from my perspective. You'd ask each and every one of us <hes> that here <hes> about one we've had conversations with him but <hes> I'm not going to get into any conversation at aw we will not we will not be making updates. It's certainly appropriate that you're asking about it here at our opening press conference and <hes> he's not here but the last thing we want to get into a daily update on contracts because he's under contract Jerry repeated no fewer than I think five times he had to get a second hand to start counting during that conversation with the media on Saturday that every single player for the cowboys under contract Zeke's under contract. He's supposed to be there now. DAX they're getting ready to receive his money and so as Amari Cooper but Zeke is not and the next step off on that depth chart art is a Lulu and after what the cowboys have been there for for Zeke the fact that he's not there that takes a serious set of Kahane's that does show that he means business and it is a business of course he could sign two days before the opener and show up and play all three downs most likely providing new I down for Dallas which is why I think he will happen but there is all sorts of drama and all thirty two teams all thirty two teams has something and you know <hes> the history of the Dallas cowboys they told him to pound sand and he stayed away from the team for two first two games of <hes> his holdout year they went on to then he signed. They made the superbowl anyway so there's a lot of history here going down. We have two teams. I've got to mention <hes> The San Francisco Forty niners John Lynch is GonNa Join US first up on this program in about ten minutes time he the general manager of the of the San Francisco Forty niners. I I don't know what to make of this team in terms of WHO's healthy who's not what they're gonNA look like and you know it's hall of Fame Week. We're heading to can't later on this week. John deserves to be in there. <hes> Pat Bolan who he knew very well <hes> gets richly <hes> finally <hes> a deserving enshrinement coming up this week. He'll have a lot to talk about that. Frank Reich of your Indianapolis Colts has a team ever made the second round of the playoffs after thumping thumping the division winner in a one and done ever been this under the radar with by the way a franchise quarterback who proved that he is as healthy as ever and a whole bunch of highly skilled high quality skill position players on offense and a potential bona fide real deal forever generation talented player on me offensive line in quitting Nelson and nobody's talking about the Indianapolis Colts is a matter the biggest news about the Indianapolis Colts Pat McAfee doing Thursday night college football all that maybe we get pat calling in during our news update later on I do that. We'll reach out to Pat <hes> so Frank Reich the head coach the cult is going to be on this program on Charles. Davis will call in from the the Fox sports symposiums going down during our show now Mike you out there. No I have to be here good. I appreciate you giving his first position by by our we appreciate you giving us first position. Charles is GonNa join us on the show talking Arkansas Football Jeff Passan of E._S._p._N.. Will Join US later on in the program as well because the trade deadline coming up Wednesday and I'll be honest. Let's spend a couple of minutes here. I have no earthly idea what the Hell The New York mets are doing. <hes> the mets not alone. The New York mets are five games under five hundred. They are six back of the wildcard six prime position they have a whole bunch of pitchers on their team who could make world old series contenders out of a host of wildcard teams that are much closer to making the playoffs than the mets and pitchers that they seem to not really want to pay long term like say Noah syndergaard you take Noah syndergaard and you put them on. Let's just throw it out there. You put them on the Astros. You put them on the Yankees. You put them on the Red Sox. You put them on the twins you put them on the Indians certainly with a Trevor Bauer taking the ball and throwing it over centerfield like he was eight year old and he even admitted it was unprofessional and childish what he did yesterday. Despite I understand what led up to his removal from the game were seeing I base hits and dribs and drabs errors being committed in the field by is teammates. I understand it he he had he had some frustrations but what he did yesterday was ridiculous. You put them on any of those teams. You put Syndergaard on the angels giants k the giants you put Syndergaard Syndergaard on well. They're not gonNA train division when they they're certainly not going to trade him across town to the Yankees and that's what I thought that they weren't GonNa do that and what they did. Instead absolutely as I tweeted yesterday made a maneuver that was the most damaging Ching move the mets have made against the Yankees since winning game three of the subway series in two thousand which was acquiring Marcus Stroman of the Blue Jays who every single one of the teams I just mentioned would have loved to have had stroman they have to right trump is a good young pitcher. Get Your Red Ass. Who wants to go nine innings every time out? He's exactly the pitcher you want and he's exactly a pitcher whose been dying to pitch in some games of significance since he last did it when Battista was bat flipping and the Orioles are still waiting for Britain to come out of the bullpen right and so he's dying pitching some significant games and instead of going to anyone on these teams he goes to the mets who flip a apparently a couple of their top ten prospects to Toronto to do what they've put together may they. Maybe they may have the best. They have the best F._M.. Baseball so you'RE GONNA go dig Rahm Syndergaard then you're gonna go stroman and wheeler good luck to you right if the mets field the ball and put anywhere between four to five runs up on the board with their polar bear or wherever else wants this hit should win should but how much time do you have left your six south wildcard and there's word that syndergaard might be flipped elsewhere and syndergaards twitter feed go ahead and you hit it right there Chris. What what is he doing right now <hes> so so noah changed his bio ceo his bio now reads pitcher for the New York mets for now Mrs met would hate to see me traded and then his last couple of tweets were gifts of Donald Glover? You Might WanNa buckle up baby from. From the twenty fifth here come the trade talks and then a thor. I have no idea what's going on from fifteen hours ago Hemsworth like the actual thor right. Yes the actual third. I have no idea what's going to pass. Does I have no idea and you know the Yankees. Pitching staff cratered cratered in Boston. Cratered was any cratered in Minnesota so at least for the Yankees pitching staff to crater it's right before the trade deadline may be pushing cashman to make a trade or to for arms because the pitching staff that lost three or four in Boston and luckily still got two out of three including the back end on in the bullpen that kept walking the bases loaded including last night in Boston. That staff is not beating the Houston Astros in a seven Gamer that staff is not beaten even Boston in a five-gamer should Boston make the wildcard which for which they are now one singular game out so this lots going on in the baseball deadline world and Jeff Passan of E._S._p._N.. Is GonNa join us in our number. Three and PAT McAfee will join us in our number three cracked fact him Hasselbeck in the booth together. Go back to the colts days now. What could be more fun? Hat McAfee is on E._S._P._N.. Again good for him man are we'll take a break so it can be as relatively on time as we possibly can for the general manager of Your San Francisco 49ers John Lynch one of our favorite guests our poll questions still to come Frank Reich as well from the Indianapolis Colts Charles Davis Jeff Passan Pat McAfee and you on a very busy Monday edition of the rich Eisen show okay. This is a thirty second in commercial and I'M GONNA throw a lot of numbers at you but please stay with me and just fifteen minutes you could say fifteen percent or more on car insurance. This company's been offering great rates in great service for over seventy five years in anytime you need help you can speak to one of their trained. Being Specialists Twenty four seven the company is Geico go to GEICO DOT com today sorry for all the numbers and in five four three two one amount of time welcome back to the rich which is and show its hall of Fame Week and this man who played for a gentleman who's going into the pro football hall of fame this weekend and he's one of our favorite guests. He is man who is general manager of Your San Francisco Forty niners back here on the rich Eisen show John Lynch. How are you John Lynch? I'm doing all right rich <hes> yeah. It's it's <hes> you know this time of year is always exciting one and we're certainly filled with excitement and <hes> excited about our prospects prospects <hes> you know but <hes> but there's life to rich and the and I think everybody knows that you know we woke woke to sobering news of of what happened in our community Gilroy so heavy hearts here <hes> in the midst of a lot of excitement excitement but our our our our team kyle did a great job addressing our team this morning just to to keep these people in your hearts and your minds and <hes> you know have you hearts in our community with what happened in the horrific tragedy in in Gilroy yeah well well said John I believe believe it has been confirmed. A six year old boy lost his life at the garlic festival that was being held there Aguirre six years old which is absurd and so so coach address this with the team team today you say hey we're going to do a moment of silence out here before practice and he you know you just you always want to over communicate to your players and these players are are people as well and and they all have it on their hearts and so <hes> I think how does a tremendous job of that and and you know it's just right before I got on with you Bob Lang our our public great relations director. <hes> you know show me a picture of of the father of the six year old and there he is Jimmy G. Jersey you know and so it's just the Lincoln <hes> but but you know I think what what people forget is that that we're all people we all have families and so <hes> everybody's heart is heavy <hes> today throughout the nation but particularly here in our community long glad you said something about that. John Lynch San Francisco Forty Niners G._M.. Joining me here on on the show you you mentioned Jimmy G.. Let's go let's go to a right here. <hes> any worse the where. What are you seeing? What are you what are you? What are you noticing John? He's doing outstanding <hes> his recovery has been <hes> just exemplary. <hes> you know I I have found over my years as a player around tremendous athletes that <hes> you know they're really special athletes that gifted guys tend to heal quicker as well and Jimmy certainly did that and and you have to give him a lot of credit with the vigor he attacked his rehab with <hes> he did a really nice job and and so I think <hes> you know knock on wood. He's done a tremendous job. That's far there's been no restrictions thus far in the first couple of days of <hes> training camp <hes> today we put pads on so these are all steps that he'll have to take <hes> but he's doing a really nice job and I think he and our coaching staff did a nice job. He's a guy we all know needs to play football. <hes> you know any quarterback you talked to <hes> you can talk it. You can put it on a board you can watch film and that's all great but you have to play it and so our challenge last year was how do we try to simulate him playing because he hasn't had a ton of game action <hes> without him plan and the answer is you can't ever do that but we needed to do the best job possible an so kyle and his staff were incredibly creative coming up with ways to do that and Jimmy really embrace that and so here we are and and <hes> excited to have him back have we talked to him about getting out of bounds John. Have we done that that that discussion has been had on all levels and I think a lot of that go walk. Let me through how that conversation actually was. It is simple as me. Just laying it out there like did you do that. I mean what I left it to Kyle because I I you know I felt like at a certain point <hes> number number number one <hes> I guess it is I you know I guess that could cross crossover into my job but I let the coaches do the coaching. I think Kyle said it rather emphatically it's part of what you love about Jimmy <hes> and that's why his teammates all have is back. He's a tremendous teammate <hes> but there is a point where <hes> <hes> Egypt gotta be smart and <hes> and <hes> I think that point has been hammered home and and we <hes> we look forward to seeing that happen right now. Let's talk about some other guys <hes> who missed some time last year due to injury and that includes your top choice he's in the draft <hes> Nick Bosa. How how is he looking now John? I mean look the extraordinary okay throughout our offseason. He did have a little hiccup with the little pammy <hes> stranded in the O._T.. As but he's come back and we're managing him <hes> making sure that it's percents <hes> but <hes> and building him back into the action but from day one <hes> you know he he was doing at this level what we anticipated that he would do what he always did in college and that's when he's on the field he wins and <hes> whether it's the run game the passing game he's a very complete and polished football player and <hes>. I think the thing <hes> that <hes> you know that's always nice when you when you expect. Expect something from a guy like that and then he comes out and doesn't and he's got a lot of work to do <hes> he knows that but <hes> I think the thing we're really proud of him and expect it as well as that he'd be. <hes> he'd be welcomed by his teammates and and I think that's the thing that <hes> we heard from the teammates at Ohio state and it has quickly happened here guys really enjoy him and the person that he is as well and so we're we're really happy about that next doing a tremendous job. Why are you going to bring up how much you want in college to John? Why gotta you know I'm I'm talking personally and as a team but I remember rose bowl practice is actually something where I nick Bosa a happened fortuitously to show up? We were down watching Ohio state. They've got obviously a ton of talent and Adam Peters our vice president player personnel was with me and nick happened to be there and the first time he had been around his team and Atta mass we often do it was some of the some of the toughest guys you played against in your college career and he looked like Kinda dead panted atom and said I don't you know I don't know how much film you watched me in college but I didn't lose many Russia's. It was just straight up and I said he's right. He's he's got a point yeah. How quickly did you put his name? In <hes> after CONNEMARA was selected pretty quickly by that point we were very convicted they were there. It was a tough choice. There was another <hes> defensive linemen Quinton Williams he was an extraordinary any player and and you know we had them both as dominant football players and really had an equal great <hes> our team needed an edge <hes> edge presence aside from on the other side of D Ford is the guy we traded for very productive player air and I think those two are gonna add a ton and so he just fit for us and <hes> ended in in very quickly demand. I mean it's amazing isn't it that that one team chooses what they hope to be who they hope to be their quarterback of the future leaving the guy who you hope to put that quarterback of the future on his behind every single time you face them. It's amazing how the draft can work like that. Jonah is not really is it really. Is You know I think we were convicted. Regardless of of WHO <hes> Arizona took unless that guy was nick boatswain and there was some intrigue there but we had a feeling that it was going to be tyler and <hes> it's a it's a great challenge. You know you look in our division. Now you've got off. You Got Russell Wilson then you've got cuyler who's WHO's WHO's coming in here and <hes> could make some football in the N._F._C. West no doubt about a John Lynch general manager of the forty niners and a button you push last year. I liked a lot when you when you take somebody who's been trying to get on the field and prove that he is an every down back act that you can depend upon him on first second and perhaps third down that you WanNa give that guy the opportunity Jerick McKinnon I thought that him and Jimmy G. and then obviously you didn't even get a single snap out of McKinnon last year. How is he's on pup right now? Are we going to Z. Him. You think I'm here soon <hes> you know we kind of shut him down for a week at a flare up as often happens in these A._C._l.. Recovery's said has had a really nice recovery. <hes> I think you know people he he's ahead of Jimmie me and in terms of when the injury happened and people are saying well why is Jimmy on the field and and he is and I think the nature of the position running back <hes> those legs better be right. It's very reactive you've got to really put your foot in the ground and cut and such and so we've been extra extra diligent and <hes> patient allowing Jerick to have that time and then he did have a little flare up here at the end <hes> you know we kind of put him <hes> in a program where he he just he rested for a week then we'll wrap them back up and I think you know in the second you know at the end of the first week of August we anticipate adding Jerick back on the field you put him in a backfield with you know Kevin Coleman Matt Brita and we feel like we have a ton of options along with us. Check our fullback so <hes> you know <hes> we feel real good about that position and really excited about having a guy we we really were had counting on last year and unfortunately never got the chance to get him on the field but jerk will be a big part of us John Lynch forty-nine g._M.. Here on the rich Eisen show okay <hes> were you in favor the change for replay to include pass interference offensive and defensive pass interference is somebody who obviously played a position <hes> as you did and now you're in the position that you are in right now did you were you in favor you know to to be honest and this is kind of a week answer but had mixed emotions because I you know you watch something like that which happened in New Orleans and <hes> and of course you you don't want that to ever happen again but I also knew from having been around this league sometimes when you do something like this you open up Pandora's box and where does it stop and what are the unintended consequences and I think this is a big material change and <hes> you know everybody sitting here now it. It's the way it is thinking okay. How's this going to play out and <hes> you know Howard? Coach is GonNa save you know the you know so that at the right time they can go you know throw that flag and I it's going to be really interesting now the good thing from experiences. I think you've seen it over the years. I've seen it over the years. There's typically something like this. You think it's going to be a huge deal and it doesn't typically play out to be that fundamental change. I'm hoping that's the case and I'm open it can help <hes> prevent a situation but <hes> I think only time will tell and we're all sitting back can still trying to figure out exactly what this means. Yeah the unintended consequence of what it looks like to me John is going to be <hes> when you open up replay to review something than anything that's allowed to be reviewed gets reviewed and and and fans thought let's put this in here to avoid another N._F._C. Championship game from happening. That's cool but when suddenly you know they're looking at twelve men on the field and then the play later on it's not twelve men on the fields the place Dans is called but we he noticed looking at the all twenty two somebody pushed off and and then suddenly you're like wh where did this pass interference play comment to to bearing what happened here and and that's the unintended consequence certainly certainly if it happens in the fourth quarter of a game. It's going to drive some people nut so I'm wondering you know what what what will happen then. That's my issue so am I and I've been privy to a lot of these meetings and <hes> I think okay you know the league. I appreciate the honesty but I'm Kinda like well. We better figure this out because I've heard a lot of different versions of what it is. I've heard hey this is only to prevent something like what happened in New Orleans but the standard ruling replays exactly what you've said once the open that everything's under review so but I I am hoping that some version of something that is obvious you know Kyle Shanahan. I think has a great description. He happened to you know being Kabo when that's when that N._F._C. Championship was being played and and he said you know I was with <hes> at a restaurant bar and all the people in Mexico who had no idea of the rules of football they knew that that wasn't right like it should be something that obvious and that should be overturn but <hes> you know they ticky tack stuff. Let's leave that alone and let's just play. Do you have a conversation with Kyle about what his standard is going to be to throw the flag or I mean is there like we're having a lot of those conversations and he is with his staff and you know I think <hes>. <hes> you know that's going to be part of this strategy and <hes> you know I think that's <hes> that's going to be fun to see play out and so <hes> you know and and I think again going back to experience you never really know and and I think oftentimes we build it up this. This is GONNA be a huge change in football <hes> and then it really isn't and so. I'm hopeful that that's the case in that. It really is for the for those <hes> few circumstances that are really materially changed the game but I just I don't have the answer on that all right now but we'll take off the suit and put the business card away. What would John Lynch? The Pro Bowl player thought about this as a defensive guy probably thought it was garbage. Yeah the one thing I figured out early I remember Herm Edwards Sandwich Berg you know because I could I could be you know the back judge is a safety. You were back there with them a lot and he used to say if you just nice to that guy back there if you call him eh imagine if you went back there and these guys are getting yelled at can call all kinds of say hello. How's your family and you say their name? I rich how you doing. How's your family? You have no idea how long that would go and it took me about until year four or five and took herm Edwards. We're just tell me and I I use the rest and they usually treated me really well back. There fewer minutes left with John Lynch here on the rich Eisen show okay speaking of family. What do you think it's going to be like on Saturday when Pat Bolan gets enshrined in the pro football hall of same <hes>? I think it's GonNa be a tremendous in you know I think everybody's only wishes that pat could be here <hes> to experience it. He was a tremendous owner. <hes> you know I I got to play in Denver for four years and Pat was really the the impetus for that happening. <hes> you know I I <hes> you know used to run up to them skiing. I wasn't supposed to be skiing but I always did and I used to see him up in Beaver Creek and we started having conversations about perhaps some day joining the Broncos and that that it <hes> ended up with me being there and him telling me I no longer could ski and so is that right yeah. He's awesome. You waited till I signed my contract and today it's been great seeing up in the mountains all these years by the way you no longer allowed uh-huh off the skis <hes> but he was great because Ritchie gave you every resource that you needed <hes> to win. He was always around but he let people do their jobs and you know he was unique owner. We we do a college which pool <hes> Greek the Stephen Who's actually presenting him the longtime trainer in Denver would pick five or six guys every year every Thursday we'd be in Greeks Office and the College Pool and Mr Bolan was part of that and took some time for me to get you know because you're owner being they're talking trash to you about your picks and then he loved if you'd fire right back at it and then he's just a tremendous owner the winning speaks for itself and long overdue and and he along with <hes> mile teammate Champ Bailey who <hes> I knew he'd it'd be a first ballot. They got that one right and really happy for those guys along with the entire class. What Made Champs Oh good John? <hes> <hes> jeans had a great team pool right he yeah there's guys at this level. You're playing with this the greatest athlete but there are the Barry Sanders Dionne San <hes> Dion Sanders the Champ Bailey's that are just a little bit different and <hes> you know champ was a guy who and then on top of that mixed this incredible athleticism that was <hes> you know like a high forty two guy <hes> forty three inch vertical leap <hes> with an incredible will be great and <hes> you know I remember when I first really started respecting Champ Bailey as a football player I was in the pro bowl and typically in the pro bowl. People didn't didn't like hitting particularly cornerbacks and guys that even would during the season and I remember champ mix it up there when I was on the same team with him and say man I could play with this guy and eventually I got that Ed Opportunity. He's just he could do anything asked he could've played offense and played it. At a high level. <hes> had he been given the opportunity in the N._F._l.. Just one of those superior athletes in a tremendous <hes> competitor as well by and just to wrap the subject you as somebody who worked and T._V.. For Awhile to before taking this Gig that you currently have with the niners <hes> probably knows pat bone was beyond influential in the television side of things for the N._F._l.. And without question N._F._l.. N._F._L. Network would never have existed if it wasn't for Pat Bolan Yeah <hes> on all those committees and <hes> there's certain people that you know Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft we hear about all the time pat you didn't hear about as much but you talk to people within the League and they talk about his imprint on this league in the success that that we're having as a league pet pet <hes> Boland's imprint is all over this league and and that's <hes> that's really cool because he's a very he he was a great man as well in terrific owner cools the perfect word for him in it. Yeah it is that's what he was shades. Either some sort of leather or for certain times depending on the decade I mean John You are first rate Class Class Act. You're going to be in that room with them. As well one day <hes> that is that's going to happen and <hes> I appreciate it in the interim you just joining the show as much as you have. Thanks rich I appreciate it. Let's chat again soon. That's at John Lynch Forty niners. If you WANNA follow the general manager of the forty niners on on on twitter. I honestly don't know what to make team. Kyle Shanahan can dial up all sorts of evil. They stay healthy. Jimmy G. does his Jimmy G. thing that he's usually does when he's playing. I like the Canon man memory memory with the with the Vikings a couple years ago. I'm pretty high on kill this year. I think you're gonNA have a Maharashtra. We yeah and you know Bosa you mentioned de Ford's name I mean I know the the last time you heard A._B._C.'s at one who jumped offsides in the A._F._C. Champs. You forgot that they acquired them right. He was a franchise tagged type player so exciting. I Dunno tough division exciting. We'll see our poll question. Your phone calls when we come back here on the show before Frank Reich <hes> of the <hes> of the Indianapolis Colts joins us here on the rich Eisen show. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting warning. This podcast certainly couldn't do this. Show without either of you and I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help don't make this show possible so thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show stay tuned for sixty seconds of A._B._C. News headlines Right after this podcast. Welcome welcome back to the rich Eisen show. Our poll question is brought to you by our friends at man versus food on cooking channel Christopher. What is the poll question on our show I got did you see what Bucky Brooks said over the weekend yeah he he? tweeted out <hes> he tweeted out an article. I clicked on it yeah article top five quarterbacks and he's he doesn't understand why Aaron Rodgers doesn't get criticism or it gets too much praise or something like that yeah he was <hes> he was referencing an article in which a fifty five of <hes> front office people across the week at Air Rogers number one ranked quarterback in the N._F._l.. And bucky says if you look at his production of the last four seasons he can't understand how that's even close doesn't have Aaron Rogers and his top five heading into the twenty nineteen seats. Okay Stop Five Mahomes Philip Rivers drew brees. Tom Brady Russell Wilson Okay so my question is which quarterback least deserves to be in the top. Five of what of quarterbacks fell okay. We're GONNA put Patrick Mahomes on their. Everyone feels like he's number one overall. I think he finishes in last place. We'll put the two old guys drew brees Tom Brady and then we'll put someone in there. That bucky fields is not a top five player but everyone else feels is air rods. I'd like to <hes> reverse engineer this. If I may okay <hes> you wouldn't put Pat Mahomes top-five why because he's only once yeah most most quarterbacks especially rookies regress in their second year okay because you could put rivers there. You want to put the three old guys rivers is an old guy but much is four guys. Aaron Rodgers will be thirty six now. I know that that's what I meant okay. I'm putting everything so I mean 'cause I mean things universally toys. There's recency bias and also it's no bias though he's yeah he's great. Did you see the twenty twenty I don't WanNa say who because I don't WanNa unless he wouldn't mind but <hes> a friend who we know who frequents quince the barbecues at the house okay. He has a flip phone still got it okay <hes>. He says that he can blind like he knows how to text by not even looking at his hand like he puts the phone in his left. hand the t nine yeah when when you when you get the to spell out t you need to hit that seven three times he could do that. No he says it's like a no look pass so I said so. You're the Mahomes of no look flip phone texting okay. He said yes so like now. Pat Mahomes is now in other words bringing this up because he's now the <hes> shorthand for no look right passing right right that and he can also throw deep balls. Andy can torch you with his legs and he can. I think Pat Mahomes is a top five quarterback in the N._F._l.. You would not agree with that. I'm not saying I don't agree. That's why I'm saying I hang on. I want to see more. I want to see it again. Got It okay so rivers breeze Brady Rodgers correct. That's what we're going with. Okay at richeisenshow on twitter vote right now. Did you see <hes>. Did you see would John Harbaugh had to say this this weekend. When Brian Billick brought up on the air with him <hes> brought up the fact that Cam Newton ran the ball over one hundred fifty times a season or something like that yeah? Did you see that yeah so Cam Newton's career high for a single season rushing attempts as one hundred thirty nine okay and <hes> harbaugh laughter take the over and why isn't that not what they're trying to do this year Lamar Jackson's on the show on Thursday can't wait to chat with him and <hes> the ideas. I thought he's GonNa my my ideal for was he's going to he's going to light it up like he's going to be better at throwing the ball that he is just like any young quarterback may be regressing on certain occasions just because more often the not that's what happens but he could be part of that special group that for which that doesn't really happen mostly and he's only going to improve which means run less throw more which is why why I'm high on the Ravens. Hopefully John's saying take the over. That's a lot running. That's a lot of running and that's a lot of hits that he shouldn't be taking. You know who everyone's really hi on and Brown's Camp Right now is that it's not Odell Not Baker. It's not everybody that you might think off the top of your head. It's myles Garrett. That guy is a first variety pass rushing beast. They have week one the browns tenant yeah Tennessee. I know I know I'm I be genuinely concerned about Mark Mariota's health. I know I know last Charles Davis about this <hes> coming up in the next hour <hes> Frank Reich as well. We'll be here on the rich Eisen. Show of the Indianapolis Colts the head coach. Nobody's talking about them. Only they only they only destroyed Houston and one in dunning them and only got to the second of the playoffs when everybody thought Andrew lucked arm is GonNa fall off. That's all so lots to talk about with Frank <hes> just to let you know Liverpool summer. Tour is in full effect. You can watch the UEFA EPA Champions League winners match versus Leone Live this Wednesday at two eastern time you can stream it on p._r.. Lot also stay up to date with liberals twenty four seven channel Zee TV coming soon to be our live eight four four zero four riches and the number to dial. If you're on hold stay on hold we will take your phone calls as well Jeff Passan <hes> join us at the top of hour number three to give us the latest on the baseball trade deadline and what the mets are up to. Nobody knows hopefully jeff can enlighten that's coming up still one hour in the books prepare to get stunned. Steve Austin show is back and better than ever and I've been kicking his ass kicked out of the piledriver you assigned to go home with new exciting episodes featuring tales from his new life unbelievable believable past interviews and talks to pro wrestling pals you name it Steve's on it. Your cameras download new episodes of the Steve Austin show every week on apple podcasts and podcasts one A._p.. News is sponsored by A._D._T.. Real real protection is professionally installed smart home security backed by twenty four seven monitoring our team will help you customize a system for your home including video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart locks and lights that could be controlled from the A._D._t.. APP or the sound of your voice you can even help keep your loved one safe on the go with location sharing driving activity alerts at an emergency S._O._S. button through the A._D._T.. Go APP that's A._D._T.. Real Protection Dance INEX- in Afghanistan. I'm Ed Donahue with an A._p.. News Minute U._S.. Central Command says two U._S. soldiers were killed in Afghanistan U._S.. Officials tell the A._p.. An Afghan soldier killed him. They also say the Afghan soldier was wounded and is in custody in Gilroy California. The gunman at the Gilroy garlic festival has been identified identified as Santino William Logan Police Chief Scott Smith. He says he had an assault rifle was purchased legally in the state of Nevada on July the night of this year and the chief credited police responding.

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