Apr 30, 2020


hello and welcome back to sword and skill daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Thursday April thirtieth coming up on certain skill daily the US Postal Service is offering a fifty thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of conviction in the murder of Indianapolis Milk. Here you're Angeles Summers. In Washington state a thirteen year old suspect in a deadly shooting reportedly told investigators he committed the crime just because he felt like it authorities are asking for the public's assistance in locating missing soldier. Vanessa Gideon who vanished from her post at Fort Hood army base in Texas finally an Arizona. Police say they have evidence that man and his stepdaughter who reported missing last week maybe to see all this and more coming up on sort and scale daily the United States Postal Service is offering a fifty thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the murder. Forty-five-year-old Angela Summers Angeles Summers in Indianapolis. Mail carrier was fatally shot while she was delivering mail on Denny Street in Indianapolis e side on Monday Indianapolis Metro Police Department received the call about person. Shot Dinnie street just before four. Pm On Monday. Andrew was taken to hospital where she later succumbed to her wounds. Angel was shot in the chest on her route outside of home that the post office had stopped delivering mail to do the problems with residences dogs. Paul Toms the President of the National Association of Letter Carriers Indianapolis Local Branch thirty nine told W I S H news aid quote. There's an issue with dogs at the residence and you give three letters and on the third one. We curtail the mail. The Post Office stopped delivering mail to the address. Two weeks earlier requiring the residents to pick up their mail themselves at the Post Office people who lived on Summers route described. There's always smiling and said that she brought dog treats for their pets. One of the residents Angeles Summers route. Aaron Oliver told news eight quote. We'd seen her basically every day that we've been living here. She would pet the dogs everything. She was a really nice person. Oliver was aware that his neighbors male had been curtailed quote but being shot by somebody because they couldn't get their mail. No I couldn't even think could happen. Any Annapolis Metro. Police arrested a suspect in the shooting just after ten pm on Tuesday the suspect's name is not been released. The United States Postal Service is offering a fifty thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case local branch president. Paul Tom's told NBC News. Twenty six quote. I want them caught and brought to justice. She was just doing your job like she's done every day. Since becoming a carrier I started in nineteen seventy three and this is the first death violence of any type of. We've had to an Indianapolis Post Officer. Why how could it happen? She was a wonderful wonderful person. The killing of a postal carrier in the white of duty maybe prosecuted as federal fence the Indianapolis Metro Police. Fbi and Postal Service or carrying out the investigation. Our next story takes us to Washington state the Seattle Times reports that a thirteen year old is suspected of shooting and killing thirty five year old son Ali Hassan on one hundred and fifty second street last Tuesday night. According to court documents the suspect told investigators that he committed the act because he was depressed and because he just felt like doing it. The police claim that the suspect whose name is being withheld due to his age sauce on walking along one hundred fifty second street and followed him for almost a block before pulling out a gun and shooting the victim in the back of the head. A song was shot as he walked near the Highland Performing Arts Center at about nine ten PM. A neighbor called nine one one according to Sergeant Ryan Abbott a spokesman for the King County Sheriff's office quote. The call was that they heard a gunshot and they saw someone lying on the ground. Emergency Medical Services transported the victim to harborview medical center where he sadly passed away his injuries two days later according to investigators the suspect fled the scene on foot running through an apartment complex to seek shelter at a friend's house per core documents. He knocked on the window and showed him the gun but scared when he heard sirens and ran away before his friend had time to Letterman. The friendly told police about this incident. Surveillance footage supplied key evidence to suspect the shooting as a captured. The suspect making his way from a transit center to the location shooting. Took place and then back according to Sergeant Abbott. There were able to follow the suspect from the Transit Center. All the way to where the victim was shot. Investigators learned that the suspect had been living with his former girlfriend. The owner of the residents told law enforcement that the suspect left the home on the morning of April twenty first and hadn't been seen since she added that her gun disappeared the same time as the suspect on Friday night. The suspect was arrested while walking around and written according to court documents during his police interview. The suspect quote admitted shooting the victim because he was depressed and felt like he didn't kill anyone he would just kill himself. And because he just felt like doing it sergeant. Abbott told K. I. M. News Twenty Nine. The Hassan was very likely ran. Victim Quote. It's really sad when you think about it. Just the entire picture. Somebody's life was taken a thirty five year old male and just the fact that the suspect is thirteen years old. It's very tragic tragic story. The victim never met this guy. DidN'T SAY ANYTHING TO HIM. Didn't even know it was coming. The suspect is being held at youth detention facility. He's not been charged because prosecutors are still deciding whether or not he will be charged as an adult. The next story comes from Texas. Authorities are searching for twenty year old soldier. Vanessa Qian who disappeared from her post at Fort Hood army base last Wednesday leaving all her personal belongings behind the United States. Army Criminal Investigation. Command is offering a fifteen thousand dollar reward for information leading to her whereabouts. Private First Class of Houston was last seen in the parking lot of her army barracks at around one PM on Wednesday April. Twenty second her car keys room key wallet and ID. Cards related discovered in the armory room where she had worked earlier that day. When Keane was last seen she was wearing Pale purple leggings. A black T. shirt and black shoes. The Austin American Statesman reported that Morgan Vanessa. Sister had a text conversation with her the night before she disappeared. Margaret told a statesman. She didn't notice anything. Amiss and the her sisters talked about our plan to buy a new car. Vanessa's old car was left behind the base a wide ranging search of the base and the nearby areas didn't yield any results. The circumstances around Jean's disappearance have given rise to rumors about possible foul play inside the base. Some of which attempt to link gains disappearance with the two dozen team death of another female soldier on the base on. March twenty ninth to nineteen thirty five year old specialist Erica. Atkinson was found unresponsive at her post. Atkinson Chaplain's assistant was taken to the Carl R Darnall Army Medical Center where she was pronounced dead at the time. The Army Criminal Investigation Command spokesman. Chris Gray said they were unable to rule out foul play completely encased quote. I can tell you that at this point in the investigation. We don't have any indication of foul play but haven't completely ruled out. It's not clear how the investigation into Atkinson's death preceded after the break police in Arizona have evidence that a man in his stepdaughter who were reported missing last week or likely dead did now for our final story of the day. Police in Chino Valley Arizona. Said they have evidence that David baton and his stepdaughter Lisa. Landry who were reported missing last week are thought to be seized. The third person reported missing baton. Landry Landry's boyfriend Mitchell. Ming's has been located and taken into custody in Iowa. Police considered a person of interest on the debts forty-five-year-old Baton twenty-eight-year-old Landry twenty-four-year-old Meetings. Were less on the afternoon of Sunny April nineteenth. They were reported missing three days later on Tuesday. The twenty-first on April twenty second officers searched Benz home and discovered evidence of foul play which led them to declare that the three had vanished. Under mysterious circumstances. Police alerted the public. That the three maybe driving landry's blue two thousand thirteen. Subaru Forester and warned people to stay away from the trio if they spotted them as they were considered armed and dangerous following up on the evidence discovered at the residence on April Twenty Fifth and Twenty. Sixth police conducted thorough search of the sides of highway eighty nine. No people or vehicles were discovered but the search did turn up baton and Landry cell phones. This week they announced they have evidence to indicate the battening landry dead however according to some outlets it remains unclear. If the evidence of death pertains the both of them are only one on Monday. April twenty seventh United States marshals arrested Mitchell meeks residents in Waterloo Iowa according to the Waterloo searfoss courier minx was arrested on outstanding warrants for parole violation. Which was filed on April? First MEEKS who moved to Arizona from Iowa was sentenced to more than two years in prison on a federal weapons possession charge stemming from a two thousand seventeen traffic stop in Waterloo. His supervised release was transferred to Arizona in October. Two Thousand Nineteen investigators from Chino Valley. County are traveling to Waterloo Iowa to question about the whereabouts Baton Landry authorities continue the search for baton and Landry. That's it for today's episode of Sword and Skill Daily. We'll see you back here tomorrow. And until then stay safe sort. Scale daily is an incongruity media. Production your host Ryan Williams Research and writing by Barack executive producer. Mike Day if you like the show subscribing Livas review if you bought the rights with Becker suggestions use the email address daily. It's WINDSCALE DOT com. Do you need something to listen to next. We'll check out this other show from cast media. Hi I'm Jacob Tula I'm Jamie BB and we're your host of circle stocking in each episode. We're going to bring you a new stalking case covering the INS and outs of each stocker. Their victims and their shoulders. You Know Weapon. What is is it a gun nine. She hated me so much. She found my stepmother Brendan her and then was caught. Making a plan to attack me with my stepmother he shows up to my gallery and he's wearing a space suit. He looks at me and he goes. You look like Jessica Rabbit Lou from the Fifth Element and then he looks very intensely and he goes and I'm GonNa Stock You. We hear about the cops not really do anything or not. Really caring about the crime stock. There's a lot of shame for the Predator. Who'd been stalking me for. Forty four years was starting to really interfere with my life and my freedom a lot more than he had been one of those random messages on my damn it was like. I'm coming and I'll see you on this date. I was responding to this and then it was like a verification of flake offset all of a sudden. I hear knock at the door so I opened the door. And there they fix. Put something gentleman standing in front of me with a backpack and he looks at me and he said. Are you Erin kind of panicked? Because this isn't Larry he followed me to my workplace and he grabbed me. Push man the dorm and was I. I'm block me. Unblock may be blocked me. I'm Jacob Tula. I'm Jamie be strictly talking mayors on January twenty third. We subscribe on Apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts and like God. This person will stop texting me. 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