Superbowl 2020 & XFL Preview


Welcome to the NFL talking heads fantasy football show here. I'm your host Jeff Carrier Seth Lol Yes it feels good to be back. It is your host Jeff Kerr he is set low. We are the NFL talking talking heads fantasy football podcast in the offseason set Bene- few weeks and so we have released an episode. Figured this is any as good time as any other super bowl is this weekend we're going to be highlighting. Our Super Bowl. Picks doing a little bit of preview in the Super Bowl. Some of our thoughts and we're gonNA cover a little bit of XFL stuff not really sure what. There is a breakdown but just kind of intrigued. That we have another league with Seth. You know a lot of names that we're familiar with none that are obviously very attractive but not needless to say if anyone had extremely good fantasy season or still needs more fantasy honesty I guess there's the XFL to potentially consider so set going to talk a little bit about that for anyone who is just tuning in for possibly the first time or hasn't checked in a while we will be around this off season so than I do play in Dynasty League. So if you need some analysis assists in the off season dynasty rookie drafts. We'll be here covering that. All offseason set. Let's get right into it. It's a super bowl will give me your you know. GimMe here's your number on one to ten on what's all right. We're looking for here. You Know Me. I'm so great with the my word usage but I'm thinking of like flashy exciting type of game right not that you think it's GonNa be close but when you think of like Tennessee versus Jacksonville. That's boring is not flashy doesn't sound fun. What how does this game stack up on on the flashy fund affair one through ten? I think this is. This is the best match up possible and we can disagree on. I you mean in terms of like in the final four correct correct. What Baltimore Yeah I think easily and top because a lot of people were saying Green Bay was the sexiest matchup mahomes Rogers? I just disagree. Because I don't think in Green Bay was overrated all year long. And I think Casey you know destroys always green bay in that matchup. Casey is much better version of green bay. Aaron Rodgers all right I just think San Fran I liked his match because you have San Fran ran with the defense and you have Casey with a high powered offense and this is the first time we've seen Green San Fran make this league. There are new team. Green Bay is yesterday's Day's news. We've seen Green Bay in the playoffs for years. So you know San Fran is the new the new face and you got PAT mahomes. WHO's on the come up in the the Super Bowl I so I think from from the standpoint of the exciting matchup and they didn't play during the regular season as well so I I like that? It's like that as well all right. Well just like a two old bickering couple here. We're right at it right where we picked off from the regular season. Seth has decided decided to not answer my question and then answer a different question. That didn't even ask. I didn't ask if it was the best combination of the final four teams. I'm I'm just saying in general if you could use all thirty two teams and a combination of whatever would have been the best barring conference if you thought that Seattle versus this is Pat Mahomes would have been the best with Tom Brady versus someone else would have been the best in a whole scale of ten being the best possible outcome of thirty two teams. Yes I think this is the I think I think this was the best. The only other one would be close. 'cause I San Fran was is consistently feeling into the season yes well bull or even before this started. We didn't know San Fran was going to be this juggernaut that they are today but it was. It was pretty clear after the first few weeks of the season San Fran from start to finish was the best team in the NFC. I want to see the best team. I want the best against the best and with the trouble. The New England has NC Baltimore San. Fran would close if they hadn't already played during the regular season. Listen to me. I'm not as interested in seeing a rematch. I WanNa see something I haven't seen before and I like the idea of how people all right so all right so I guess. I got more clarity clarity as I all right. So is that a ten. Then if that's the best possible matches at ten I mean this is a down I mean you tell me a better match up I can tell from the sound of it. You don't like my answer but who who do you. Who would you say? Well it's the match up. Give me a better one. No I think you made a good point. I thought at first you were like well out of the I thought you were thinking in the conference title teams and I wanted you to take a step back and be like if I had a dream scenario knowing how oh well these teams are playing out in dream scenario. You know maybe it was this person in this in this team but no it sounds like if you could hand selected the teams you know eight weeks ago this would to bend the match up so I think Baltimore. KCBI great matchup but they play the same conference so and with how bad New England was you know they were like a tale of two. Half is the season for New England and the problem with teams like Seattle and Green Bay. is they have great quarterbacks but the rest of teams aren't great Seattle's defense was bad Green Bay's defense was bad. They just seemed like flawed team. So I think this is the closest thing we have to two very very very good teams with with not many flaws laws. So that's why the match. I think it's a good match up. I think if I could have chose I think I would still went with green bay or why though this is why I don't give her. The people say this and I get the whole Rogers mahomes but to me. I don't think Roger's could keep up with homes. I know anything. I think you're right. Yeah I think you're right. I think the only reason I select San Fran is that it would be a better game but that's not really the topic of conversation station in reality. Green Bay could play so bad that it just turns into an ugly game but Casey's defense is not really like San Frans- in terms of a close close. Good game this is a much better match up in Green Bay but I. There's no way I can put even with San Fran being the best team in the League league all year maybe in both conferences most certainly in the NFC Probably in both conferences all year. I it you can't tell me that. They're that enjoyable to watch like that. Enjoyable I mean Jimmy Garoppolo through what one pass in the second half last two weeks ago in the conference drew one past dude. Yeah Sam Franken beat teams a bunch of different ways and I did. I've always felt this way. Oh San Fran. They can be super boring but Baluch who look at the two two teams. They play Green Bay Minnesota. Green Bay didn't even try in. Green Bay does lay down and died. So I don't really blame San Fran. They did what they had to do to be. Green Bay. Green Bay could not to stop the run to save their lives. So San Fran just ran the ROCK MINNESOTA That was kind of ugly game too. But I think Sam France capable in playing a more exciting citing brand of football like we saw against the New Orleans saints when they went to New Orleans and making him as a massive shootout. I I also Love The coaching style. Shanahan like I feel this through part of one of the reasons why I like San Fran. This game is I think they have the massive advantage at head coach. I think Kyle Shanahan is going to be creative. And I think we're going to see whether it's a trick play or onsite cake fake punt where we're going to see something in this game That's exciting this unpredictable component to due to San Frans- offense and they're not gonna Jimmy. Garoppolo is not gonNA throw for four hundred yards. Probably but I think they're. I think their offense offense is a little bit more explosive than people. Give it credit for. It's not yes. They run a lot and we'll talk about that a little bit But they're not like the the Tennessee. Titans just run downhill. You know. Hand the Rock. They run a bunch of different ways. They use deebo Samuel in these reverses. They use three different running backs which we always talk about how it annoys us but they run all the time but it still feels like they're they're not boring running running team. If that makes any sense I don't know they can play boring but I. I'm expecting this to be exciting. I'm expecting to be a very watchable. Exciting game all right. So let's let's get down to it then. Let's go ahead and make our predictions for the Super Bowl. God knows I feel like I'm going to be wrong. It definitely does feel like one of those tossup type of games seth. Let us know where you're going. I'm going to San Fran for a couple of reasons one Well first of all. I'm not really worry about Jimmy G.. Everybody says Oh we're G he's he's GonNa have a bad game you can't hang with mahomes. He doesn't need to not worry about Jimmy. I think you'll have a good game Coaching it is. I like San Fran Love Cow Shan I think they have the advantage there like I just mentioned second. They're going to be too much for Casey on. I think San Fran is the second team in the NFL in rushing yards only behind Baltimore. who had Lamar Lamar Jackson breaking all sorts of records? So you combine the fact San Fran runs the rock better than any team in the NFL. And Casey who is a bottom ten team and just about every single stat in terms of rush defense they were the second can worse than the NFL in average yards per carry their seventh in the NFL in total rushing yards allowed. It's obvious the way you be. Kansas City is on the ground their their defense really turned it on the second half the season in terms of their man-to-man defense and I think San Frans- matchup for them because of that so I think they're going going to run on Casey. I think they're going to control the clock and I think they'll make enough plays on defense To win the game so I'm expecting it to be a you know somewhere in the in the realm of a twenty four to twenty twenty four twenty three type game I agree with if you own the points for sure so a write in line there. I think that you know but I'm GonNa go with Kansas City and Pat Mahomes only because because of Pat Mahomes. I think anyone who chooses Kansas City. That's going to be their primary and really only really good reason because as you as you do you know you know put it put it very nicely was the couch. And he has a significantly better coach than any read. Even though he's a much younger coach he's a lot more creative he. He seems to make a lot less. Mistakes boneheaded mistake so I definitely agree the air if anything any read is a negative live to Pat Mahomes. I mean you. Don't start off down twenty four nothing against Houston and don't blame Porsche. A portion of that on the coach but at the end of the day. I'm going with the quarterback. I think most of these super bowls are one with the quarterback. And don't get me wrong. There's plenty of you know. Underdog ask type of Jimmy. Jesus capable quarterback. I agree with you there. Mahomes is Pat Mahomes. Thing Pat Pat. Mahomes this is Pat Mahomes as eh very accurate statement. But the other thing to note that I don't think a lot of people are paying enough attention to is that the kids. These defense has been playing in well. they've been playing a lot better more recently. They stopped the they thought the Derrick Henry train in they were the only only wants to do it. You know the the great defenses of New England in New England and in Baltimore didn't even come close to stopping Derrick Henry yet. Kansas City did so I I I think that's getting a little overlooked in if they can get Samphran outta their running game. I don't I'm not saying they can. But the clearly they stopped. Derrick Henry Henry you know I think they had the same capability of slowing down San Frans- offensive run game the same way that San Fran has has the same ability of slowing down Pat. mahomes which is which would make a close game edge to the quarterback. Yeah I think it's a little different different them gearing up stopping Derrick Henry when they knew all they had to do was stop. Derrick Henry whereas San Fran uses a lot of misdirection. They use multiple play. They got they do it more creatively the the most team. So I think it's Har- them to stop San Fran running the ball and I think like you mentioned the last two games. They got down big early. If that happens against San Fran. They're not coming back like he. San Fran is a different beast. This is in Tennessee. This isn't Houston. San Fran is to to well coached. They got a good defense. The waistband friends able to run the ball making timely plays in the passing game. You have I I just I. I don't think Casey can play with fire again against San Fran. They can knock it down by multiple scores early. I did is. They can't do that again so I think it'll be interesting to see how they come out. I also I also think that the way the the case in games like this like super bowl when there's a lot of like the jitters and there's a lot of Whatever you WANNA call it a lot of It's a big moment. These these defenses in running teams. Come out better early on then. These finesse passing teams like Casey. So if one all of these teams is going to get off to a slow start I would guess it would be the the chiefs the way they play. You know the the way. The game is the Super Bowl. I think these teams like San Fran. Dan It's more conducive to how they play in getting off to a good start combined without with the fact that Casey has trouble getting off to good starts anyways I I think it's GONNA be really crucial for the chiefs to get off to a good start in this game in the first quarter. I think it's GonNa be absolutely absolutely massive. Yeah I mean I think you're you're you're right that it's more conducive for Start Samphran also doesn't want to playing from behind so they better get off to a good start. This is the Super Bowl so these both of these teams are really good. We saw Kansas City. Who I don't they will have asthma? Success Against San Fran if they're in a similar position but we saw them them in the fourth quarter with an anti re team call five six seven eight runs practically in a row completely due Sunday. Only nine never seen any redo in my entire life. It feels like you know so. Kansas City has the ability to be. If any any re- doesn't screw it up any re- doesn't fumble the issue. There are the situation. They have the ability to run AMBI more balanced than they've ever a ban it just any read sometimes call game like that and I'm also I'm also really interested to see interested to see how Casey's receivers and their and their weapons to against San Fran because they just play Tennessee and Houston pretty soft defenses. I mean Tennessee was a solid defense. Houston extremely soft. They haven't played a team. Like like San Fran all season really And you got. Somebody got the tyreek Hill. The Sammy Watkins. The MECO Harman's the demarcus guests Robinson's through a little more finesse players. Fast shifty I think they're toughness is going to be tested. I like San Fran a lot in this game and the line opened at one and a half. I don't know what it is right now. You can probably look that up. I think I think that San Fran is the is the play here. Yeah well I I mean not only do they have a very capable quarterback they also have the defense so along with my statement of a lot of times. You do see the Best S. quarterback winning. There's a lot of times that really defenses will overcome offenses in the Super Bowl. So we saw that last year when the pats played the rams and that's the most clearest one most relevant one of recency so any other any other thoughts with the Super Bowl Seth you know you know maybe some any other thoughts capture the two thousand nine hundred season. I'm excited to see PAT. Mahomes was potentially win. He's type of person where it seems like he could win. Six or bowls people won't hate him versus like a Tom Brady for whatever reason I I. I don't know why say that but it's impossible not to love that guy. Yeah I think this is one of the least hype Super Bowls in in the last few years. It doesn't seem like there's as as much hype. Maybe it's because I live in New England and the Patriots have been a super bowl just about every year For the last few years but it seems like the Super Bowl is kind of flying under the radar and actually think that has a lot of good like what you said Pam homes in the Super Bowl which is awesome. I mean you watch Pat Mahomes in not love him. He's he's the best player pretty much sports sports to watch right now and then you have cal. I think there's GonNa be a played. I think there's GonNa be some sort of trick. Play like the onside kick in the Saints Colt Super Bowl forget what year that was or The phillies special some version of that. Where there's GonNa be a trick play and I I think the in the aftermath this game this games over the one of the big stories of the game is going to be how well Jimmy Garoppolo played? I think people are absolutely sleeping on Jimmy. Garoppolo I think that Jimmy Garoppolo will win suppo. MVP and San Fran is GonNa win. And and I'm just looking. I think it's GonNa be a great. I think it's going to be one of the better games You definitely better than last. This year's that's for sure. Yeah and on a non super bowl nope since there's been a few weeks we've recorded. But just the factor of Pam homes being in the in the super bowl having his first chance to win it at his young age. It's hard to get there and that was the first comment. I kind of made out loud to several double different people. Who were the Baltimore fans sports fans when it came to mark Jackson? It's like Lamar Jackson in Baltimore in a prime position to make the super bowl this year and no one could stop them for several months and then you know obviously they had a disappointing loss Austin the playoffs and that just goes to show how difficult it can be to make the playoffs and the Super Bowl. I mean so this is going to be a big one for Padma homeless because when you look at it on on the surface and say well he could be here next year. You could be here the afterwards but in reality. It's not that easy so it's also when you look at the rest of the AFC AFC. I'll I'll look at it like he's he's in a great spot to be in the running the ball every single year for the next like tiny I mean look at the AFC AFC with what happened in a wing. It looks like there at the end of their of their run in the only other team that that looks somewhat promising is Baltimore and yeah I think you and I both are in agreement that the you know in the off season teams are really gonNa Study Lamar Jackson. I think they're gonNA play him differently next year. I don't think Lamar Jackson has this kind of I don't think he's going to be able to to single Hanley Kerry Baltimore. There's going to be less margin for error for Lamar Jackson moving forward. And where are the other like you know Brady Brady had peyton manning you know Ben Rothlisberger I. I don't see the the obstacles they're going to be impact mahomes way outside of maybe Lamar on Jackson. Baltimore but you look around the AFC. I don't know where that rival is coming from. Yeah no you're you're absolutely right it. There really isn't much. There's other than Lamar Jackson at this current moment. Maybe Joe Borough in Cincinnati if that actually materializes into anything You know maybe to Shawn Shawn Watson. We're the only other only I mean if a bunch of teams that are cute like bought Buffalo's Cute Josh Allen there Tennessee team San Diego's is in New England situation like there are rivers back there so yeah Houston acute category too. Just because it's like a poorly run franchise poorly coached poorly coach. They're giving Bill Brian more and more power as he keeps trading away more and more picks and then I'm sick and tired of people using excuses under Shawn Watson his sacking the amount of sacks that guy takes takes times. He doesn't come big. I understand he was the most clutch quarterback in college. But this is the pros. We need to move on. He's he's. He's a good quarterback to really good quarterback and maybe some people will get some you just saying that but let's face facts. He's he needs to be performing better than he is in obviously would be helpful better coach. But let's talk a little bit seth about the you about the XFL. I'm going to rip off some rule changes here. I think that's one way maybe just kind of to see what we could. Maybe possibly expect potential changes in this league. I know it's going to be hard to gauge. How much you're GonNa Watch not watch but just what your let me ask you this? If you could have an this is going to start after the Super Bowl one week after super bowl so it kind of seems like we have football fatigue for the most part I know we kinda get back really quickly. We get like football stamina back really quickly but for myself Gulf. I'm okay with getting my Sundays back in having a life on one day of the week so I have a little bit of football for us. We do podcasts and we have to do everything that involves that so for me. It's tough to jump into another another league. But what would be best case scenario that you you think would be really good and ideal for the fact that there's another football professional leagues starting and I know it's hard to kind of quantify it because there's there's you know there's not too professional basketball leagues. There's not to professional hockey or baseball leagues. There's only one so it's hard to quantify but we'll be maybe best case scenario in your is to make this thing work and satisfy everyone involved in yourself. I mean obviously has entertaining. I it's not GonNa it's not gonNA rival the NFL. I don't think they're going to be able to compete with the NFL. I think it just has to be good TV. I mean I I mean how I feel about these other leagues and the XFL. I I just. I'm probably not going to be watching too much of it. I might check it out and it's really going to have to grab my attention the first time I watch it because there's so many other options I mean you have the. NFL is basically you know it's almost like a year round thing when you get the NFL draft the postseason the Super Bowl I'm a big basketball fan. I watch basketball. Oh yeah like. Netflix has a ton of options. That like this really has to be entertaining four. I I think the one thing that I would take from the or we'll be reason for turning into the. XFL is like if they have players you know like just off top my head like the the Johnny Manziel is the Cabernet T-boz and then get some of these players that didn't pan can out in the NFL but are high profile names or if this could be something where the it has to be recognizable names. I think that's the the biggest thing if there's players that you don't know it it's GonNa be tough to get people to tune in. I think that's what it comes. Down to. The game play can be exciting but ultimately family just like. If I'm if I'm watching a movie I want to watch a movie. That has somebody as an actor or actress that I that I know right or like a TV show. There has to be somebody that in the show or in the movie that that I I WANNA see. There has to be players. That are recognizable like I think was at Cartel Jones. That's former Ohio. State quarterback is is in the XFL. My I have that right there is a is a few I think that is the key to the XFL. They gotta get these players. That cleared aren't good enough the NFL like Johnny Manziel people. You know these players that people wanna see like the Tim Tebow Colin Kaepernick. He's polarizing figures and sports sports. They have to find a way to get them to play. So I think that's the biggest thing I think that's going to be definitely. Ah I think your analogy with the TV. Shows or movies is great with the actors. Now do we all love certain of you know. TV shows without the best actors of course but a lot of times you you hear about it through other people or becomes a trendy so obviously the qualities to be good for that to kind of happen someone could rise rise up who. We didn't know that we could get attached to. I know Cartel Jones was in there. I don't know a lot of people that really even create any really excitement including including cartel Jones. Of course you know Landry. Jones is in their Trent Richardson. You know those those types of people know nothing nothing exciting ally Rogers receiver on one of these teams. Yeah nothing onto the rosters right now. Look at the the court actually teams CBS K.. Nothing exciting right now. Of course and it's always going to be probably treated like a developmental. Tokyo league I mean I think one of the key areas that the expo could really potentially excel with player development or player you know attractiveness is getting those people out of college after their freshman or sophomore year. That can't go into the NFL. And I believe they have a rule where they can. They don't have to be three years out of out of high school. I that's that's an NFL rule. I don't think the NFL has that rule. So of course you someone would have to be paid a good amount of money. So there's a financial incentive there like Trevor Lawrence is not going to just leave Clemson for you know five hundred thousand dollars dollars. That probably is not enough money. But if you got offered you know ten or fifteen million for one year instead of playing a clemson now now we're cooking and I don't know what point you get you get to that point but in trouble Lawrence is one example. There's several people who go back to college because they have to. Because the you know aren't three years out of high school and I would almost like there to be like the extra affiliated with the NFL where you know these teams in the NFL. NFL could have you know essentially be like a minor league system or in the NBA. They had the The New England patriots. The Dallas cowboys are whoever could have their their affiliate team where you can have the rights of some of these players so you can see how they play you can bring them up from the XFL XFL roster onto the NFL roster. I think the XFL is my help is see what it means for coaches like do. NFL teams look to the XFL for the next you know under the radar. Coaching Higher Because I I don't think there's there's going to be like I don't think these players in the XFL the best players in the XFL are really gonNA raise too many eyebrows and get too many NFL opportunities. Because you know no you have plenty of the best players are going to come out of the draft you know in college but can the NFL looked at the XFL in terms of coaches. And find these you you know like Jay Jay Gruden came from the arena. Football League right Are there going to be teams that they look at the XFL and look at the best teams and say okay. There's a coach we're gonNA bring it. He's going to be a coordinator mean who knows. Yeah no absolutely Let's go over. Some of these rule changes ages. Give me a thumbs up thumbs down in terms of some of these changes. Let's talk about some of the kicking changes first and foremost so the kick offs offs essentially go to the thirty five yard line if it goes out of bounds or goes out of the end zone. And there's some things on here on how they line up and when they move or I'm not gonNA go into the minutia of that it's going to incentivize basically the return team to actually return the ball. Otherwise they get at the you know incentivise. The kicking team to make sure that it's returnable ball. Otherwise Return Team starts at thirty five yard line and then then I'll go with the pump one real quick just because you're both on kicking the punt is essentially you know I'm kind of reading this. There might be some other scenarios here but if you punt the ball where it goes out of bounds inside the teams thirty five yard line and goes out of bounds or out of the end zone. It's called what they're calling a major touchback and actually goes all the way out to the thirty five yard line so what they're trying to do is incentivize is going forward on down instead of this field position. Game of pinning people inside the ten yard line so your thoughts on those two rule changes. I Love Them. I like them both. I like the kicking one because one of my pet peeves in the. NFL is they've really tried to take kick returns. Earns completely out of the game for you know player health reasons or whatever and it's annoying because you see this buildup for one play that we know what's going to happen. The ball's coming to the twenty five yard kicked out the back of the endzone. Why is place the ball the twenty five yard line? Let's get the first play underway. It's just like a complete wasted play so I liked that better and you dome. You don't mean anything that encourages player teams to be more aggressive Gopher on fourth down as being one of the things you can do if you're aggressive. I'm always a fan of that. Okay and do then we have the extra point and because it see what you think here definitely quite different. There's no kicking an extra point you have to go for a one two or three point play and they're either done at a two yard line for one point five yard line for two points or ten yard line for three points. I did this. I love this because number one I extra point is completely pointless. It's just like the kickoff. It's a wasted play. I know they made it a little bit harder now so you do see. Some teams missed the extra point point whenever his annoys me. Because it seems fluky is like how can you not make the extra point if they make it. I'm just like okay. Great extra point so this involves in you know you have some conservative coaches. They'll say let's just the Cisco for the one point from from from the From what yard line is that again. The two is from the five year. The one point from the one point is from the two yard line nine and two points from the five and then and then threes ten. Yeah so I would. I would just like to see you know how many teams are actually going to go go for three points from the ten yard line. I it adds more strategy. And then if you're if you're down I it it obviously makes it easier for for comebacks as well. Well because you can score a touchdown tack on an extra three points. If you need the points in your at a deficit so I like that. I like it a lot to me right now. Teams never really see more teams over to now. They backed up the extra point a little bit. But it's still you don't you don't see teams for two very often in three points is is a is a game changer. Once you get that extra point I think I just be curious to see how many teams would be aggressive enough to go see how often teams would go for three. My guess is from the ten be too difficult unless you really really needed it. But I I mean between the one in the two and just having the ability to three you have a lot of creativity you have more strategy. I mean the. NFL has trouble enough filling going out. Thirty two qualified head coaches. So I can't imagine another set of a a coach's with when it comes down to strategy but that's what it's going to encourage courage though is be more creative create more creative plays when it comes from the two five or ten yard line so I like that a lot and the other thing that it does to though is like if your team and I'll use Arizona Zona for example how many times we see Arizona settle for a field goal inside the five yard line because they couldn't get in the end zone it when you have the option get one two or three three instead of just this. You know a seven points of the extra point or eight. With a two point conversion it's going to incentivize teams to pass up the field goal. So if I'm a team and I'm inside the twenty yard line and his fourth and two. I might not kick the field goal now because I might think to myself. Hey I'm just GONNA go for here on fourth down because I want to get the touchdown because then I can. I had the chance to get an additional three points on top of that so I think this would incentivize teams to to pay to pass is up just going for the field goal selling for the field goal and going for the bigger prize touchdown in the extra three points. I think this would be you know key in just changing aging that type of coaching behavior. Wherever you want to call it? So anything that makes the takes the makes teams coach culture play more aggressively. I'm all for Because they're going to be a lot of teams. We've seen this year that they went for like like Baltimore went for a ton on fourth down. Right they went for like almost all the time and fourth down there a lot of teams that go for two point conversions. A Lot. I think there would be teams. That would say whatever the analytic say. Let's go for three points. You know so I like it. I like that one a lot. This one is probably my favorite. I'm so curious to see if you think here. A double forward pass is allowed. So let me kind of give you a example of this. So you can intro one forward pass a lot of times when you see these trick plays in the NFL. You have to throw it behind the quarterback right so like someone's a quarter you you know June element with throw these sometimes a lot but he has a step back behind Tom Brady and execute that from behind it kind of gives the play tip tips your hand a little little bit. You can still do some other stuff and it's still creative and whatnot. But where he can't do is the running back. Can't be in shock gun or something like that. Take a pitch run out to the side as a bad example. But he can't catch a swing pass moving forward and dense. They'll throw it as as long as he's behind. The line of scrimmage all this has happened. Behind the line of scrimmage but the point is it doesn't you don't have to keep going backwards. Throw a backwards pass before forward award one so you could throw too so you can throw yup call it call it a call it a little flat running back pass where you still throwing it. Forward forward closer. To the line of scrimmage if you're in shotgun and then you can be in shock done you know about five yards. Behind the line of scrimmage and then the running back academic has the ability to keep running or wide receiver. Whoever it is yeah and then throw it again? Yeah I mean the key thing is it's it's behind the line of scrimmage I I think this is a great great will change because there. There's no reason why. If you're behind the line of scrimmage you shouldn't be able to throw the ball if you're behind lines image even catch the ball moon for or your behind line of scrimmage you should be able to throw it and this will be yet another thing that coaches could see keeping their bag of tricks. You'd see this as to be tougher for defenses to to to react to because you know you see New England run those plays with the Amendola or atom throwing the ball. And they're they have to be really really well-designed because a lot of times if you do that play once you see the receivers step back. That's a dead giveaway that they're going to be throwing the ball. You see this running backs when the the running back gets gets a pass and they like back up you can. It's a big indicator that they're going to throw the ball so this will just be a little harder for for defense. Is the the plan against to react to. And you'd see a lot of big plays because of this because it would just take awhile for defenses to adjust and you'd see you know defenders defenders rush the football and somebody streaking downfield. I think this would result in some big plays here and there okay. He's he's like big gimmicky rule. Changes these are very common sense. Practical rule changes that the NFL should should strongly consider center right. I know they're not they're not trying to change it into a gimmicky thing whereas like add. This doesn't this doesn't seem like football anymore. It's it's you know their whole thing thing was we're going to listen to what fans want and then go from there so these seem to make a Lotta sense wrapping up with time stuff here. I'm I'm trying to read through this as as kind of you know reading it off. But they're going to have instead of a forty second play clock that basically starts when the play ends ends what they're going to have a twenty five second play clock that starts wants to ball is spotted so you know first of all they they had to spot the ball. Then it's twenty five seconds versus forty five seconds after the last play one thing. I'm thinking there that I kind of like this one. It's shorter right but but to but to everyone gets the same time. Wants the balls place because how many times you see a pile of people someone's holding someone down now you try to run the two minute warning at the end of the game and someone's kind of doing something a little little sketchy on the field and your time is running while before the ball has has been spotted. Yeah I I like it. Ain't that also allows a lot of spikes right like you can run up to the the the clock so this is similar to to college right where or maybe. I'm thinking college once. The team wants to get a first down in college. Always the clock stops right until the ball is placed I don't know colleges. They also have a after the two minute warning in each chaff on the on plays at end in inbounds. The clock will stop Until until the ball has been spotted in five seconds run off the play clock so the clock will stop basically inside two minute warning and I think that's similar to college correct. I think so. I'm not the only animal call is when he when he had a first down. The clock stops its tops. The clock I don't know if that's after two minutes or if that's the the whole game but I mean I'm I'm fine that will change isn't like a big deal to me either way I I like it. I mean I I don't know why the NFL it's going to take the XFL L. pushing the NFL to implement some of these rule changes themselves and there are a lot of it kind of makes you think how many different tweaks the NFL l.. Could make that would be good though. It actually make a pretty big difference. The clock one. I I like it. I don't think it moves the needle as much for me as the The extra point one two three extra point options the the kickoffs the more. I think what you're going to see here though is in. Here's another one. One is the outside of the two minute warning. We're inside two minute warning. The ball is going to the the time is GONNA stop. That's going allow teams to have a better chance at kind of coming back with the clock stopping in those final two minutes outside of that however the the opposite happens where it's more of a be mindful of time the clock continues running even on incompletions and out out of bounds plays so that kind of keeps the motion of the game going. Yeah Yep I mean hey supply I yeah I like it and I think that covers most things there's some re replay rules in in Five commonsense roles one foot inbounds. Yeah go back and forth and that I do Kinda like the whole I mean I go back and forth because he sees some of these places I think we're so conditioned to watch the NFL endless holy. It's not a catch. They both eat in. You Watch College. And there are some the great catches and I'm like. Wow what's the the one foot rule because like that's a great catch and just because he didn't get two feet in like you'd like to see that be a catch and then uh of the Times the at one foot in it's like okay. He didn't it's almost like a kind of a gimmicky. Catch you know I think if they had the one foot rule it would be much this whole is the inbound inbound the whole replay. Thing would be much easier because all you're looking for is did he get one foot in bounds. How many times you see somebody catch the ball Paul and they drag the second foot and you can't tell if they're dragging it or not and it's it's much harder to to determine so I think I lean towards liking the one foot inbound rule like they have in college? I think I leaned towards a two foot actually I. I don't know why I think it's I don't think it really matters neither way. Just just set the rule and just follow the rule and then everyone can play by the same rules But being that it's more difficult. I always kind of liked that it was like a more. You had to be a little bit better than college. You get the two feet in that type of mentality Or what about. If you just had on touchdown catches which is used to get one foot in. I mean even something like even something like that would be better. Where okay? Maybe we won't one foot inbound catches all all the way up and down the field but if you if you make a great touchdown catch and you only get one foot in bounds like that should suffice. Yeah the last one I mean some of these are even less relevant than this but I guess it's kind of a point this out you know they're going to have a dedicated balls plotting official. WHO solely responsible for quickly spotting the ball in getting to the next play where the NFL has seven official system? We note with no single official. I could care less kind of care less but at the same time it's also like well. Why do they use seven people to do this job or why not add another person if the goal was to speed up the game? I don't know I don't know what to expect. I don't think that these people are players are good right because they couldn't make it to the NFL. And God knows there's a lot of people that hang around the NFL that shouldn't be playing. More are are bench riders. But but I'm definitely curious to see if it could actually be somewhat entertaining. We love football so much. And I'm never really been a big proponent of college football so are these people the some of these people are the cream of the crop of college and I always say that if if Clemson Played Alabama and Lsu and Ohio State and Michigan every single week and you made you know a power. A Europe League in England. If you made the Premier League in College I love this idea where you take off the top OP twenty five thirty. Whatever teams of the United States? They play each other the worst ones go out right. They drop off of the Premier the League for college and the big ones. Go Up what you get is you get all the good people playing all the good people and I get that. That's not gonNA happen whatever but if what we're doing here is taking these. These guys were really really good in college. Not Good enough for NFL. And I get to watch more call. It's you know Michigan Verses Oregon Win or Iowa or Lsu. I I don't watch college but usually these bigger teams put together some pretty good games. Yeah I like that rule to the concept at least I think that and plus you have these teams that just suck year after year. Then then okay then you don't get to be in the league like it's reserved for teams actually are trying to piece for someone that likes the NBA all the tanking NBA teams do like. I've always been a fan Dan of of that model I got. I got a real change for you. How about how about this one and this goes back to the whole team settling for field goals? We'll say inside the twenty twenty yard line so if you're and you could say maybe inside the ten is better but whatever what if you're inside the ten yard line and you electric electic field goal on fourth down. You're GONNA feel if you missed the field goal. It's negative three points so this would encourage teams to say okay. Why don't we put on our big boy pants and try and get the touchdown? We're near the red area instead of settling for this field goal like pansies. When if we miss this field goal in our idiot kicker Mrs this field goal we get negative three points? And it's a six point swing. Well I think I'd like it better if it was like negative one or something like that. I like like native native three. I mean southern. They do too. Yeah the only thing that you would do you would just you know 'cause everyone to go for it on fourth down and the the next thing you know you just you now you have a dry. That started the seven yard line and the team moves it to the fifty and then they can't go all ninety the three yards to finish it off. I mean three would be too much but I like the concept involves more Shatti anything that can involve more creativity and strategy tragic. I'm always afford. Yeah like there's there's a price as like if you WANNA be boring. His field goal here. Then there's going to be a price if you miss it. There's there's at least some sort of risk to it other than you. Just you know not getting three points you get your and get the negative one point will be big as NFC team miss tied. It's let's say it's fourteen and fourteen and they're like well we just WANNA get the lead right. You know fascinating when that be you miss it. Now you're behind by one point. Yeah I like the idea of something simple like one point because it could still be catastrophic. I mean it's still a four point swing. Yeah of course. Only Seth would call pudding points adding points to a scoreboard boring. Of course you know only you would accomplish that. Well well if if it was through its by by way of kicking a field goal. I think that is pretty so you don't think it's boring. If a team is on the five yard line and it's it's you know it's it's fourth and goal and instead of going for the touchdown you like. I guess it depends on the situation. If you are down by two points you phil goal especially it was the fourth quarter if it's tied to kick the field goal but it's like a lot of times teams will be down by multiple scores and they'll still kick the field goal and I don't I don't know I I would like I would like for teams if they elected. Field Goal and kicker misses it to get some sort of negative. I don't know I think it would just add a little bit bit extra shy. Play it safe here and kick the field goal or should I just go for. I don't know I think Glen for four thousand always exciting it is always more exciting than quote unquote game. The points it is and again I can only imagine with these really stellar brilliant coaches who can barely handle all time out and challenges in the. NFL what they would do with all these different rule concepts and their head would explode the amount of decisions they would have to make But but that's different discussion. Yeah McKee Magic Jason Garrett navigating his way through all these all these rules who who wish honestly do as a separate episode where we just come up with our own our own rules our own little changes which probably be riveting to listen to I'm sure super exciting. Yeah real quick. Set since we talk about the coaches. The coaching changes quickly. WRAP UP WITH A. Let's call it a hiring during grade and I don't know you tell me if you wanna put this on a scale or not because I don't really know who wasn't available but Josh mcdaniels sales did do an interview as far as I'm aware so it seemed pretty lacklustre this year in terms of the hires. But let's go ahead and let's give sets hiring grades of the off-season and let's first start off with. Let's see here. I want to end with both the giants and Carolina who were the other two teams at hire people is so bad I can remember all right. So Cleveland hired Kevin Stansky okay. We'll start with with that one. Yeah I I I'm GonNa go by surprise you I'm GonNa go see plus slash B minus. Why can't you just give me one answer? That's not give me I'll I'll go minus because I is this on a scales is why well I mean. He's not Freddie Kitchens so it looks like it'll be a clear upgrade now. He hasn't really proven anything in Minnesota lead to believe vet like he's he's this great offensive. Mind I'm also wondering why you're calling him that he's not pretty kitchen would make you think that well the difference is we know Freddie. Kitchens is bad. We don't know Kevin's fancies bad so I'm said C.. Plus like that might be more like. I don't know maybe a little too. There's also a complete unknown ed like those better than hiring retreads. So sorry about it I'M GONNA GO B minus but if we want around down to see plus I wish I would have no problem all right. We'll stick with the be plus for you I mean B- minds it's called nuance is called nuance. Okay it's not it's not always black and white All right all right. Let's head over to Dallas. Let's go ahead and head over to Dallas in the Mike McCarthy higher. It's the exact opposite. You just about retreads yet. This this is this is a C. minus and it's it's you know this is a borderline d. Plus they told me to say I'M GONNA say see minus not to to annoy now see minus because for a couple reasons I I hate the re. The retread hires Mike McCarthy earthy win the there. It's you can't teach an old dog new tricks. We know what Mike McCarthy is now maybe he brings a little bit more stability more consistency. But I don't know it seems like like Green Bay was was pretty inconsistent considering they had the best quarterback in the planet arguably in Aaron Rodgers so considering that his green bay teams were fairly early inconsistent But the big thing with with the Mike McCarthy higher that didn't like is I it's Dallas. You're supposedly America's team right. They should have been able to hire anybody anybody from the college level anybody any coordinator. They wanted like hiring. Mike McCarthy seemed like a lazy higher. I don't know how else to describe private so for that reason. I think he's still an upgrade or jason gear. I think it's a marginal upgrade but I think it's an upgrade so for that reason I would give him a C minus Because let's face it. It's kind of hard to hire somebody that you would say is worse than Jason Gharib But I'm going to say see minus. Yeah it didn't Super Bowl and that's the only reason that it's keeping easing upgrade the Garrett anyone super bowl that's the only reason he's clinging onto the letter grade. Okay so we got C. minus honest. Yeah this one was tough to swallow and a big surprise to your point. DALLAS BEING DALLAS. You're expecting something bigger. I mean even Mark Davis in his bowl. Oh cut drag Jon Gruden out of the booth which no one else can do. It doesn't matter about money because what's different giving someone sixty million versus one hundred millions forty million people. It's nothing but one person gotten. I'm not saying John Gruden's the best. I'm just saying that's going out and getting someone right like Mike McCarthy losses job in a high school kid just took over and got the number two seed and with thirteen and three into the NFC the conference championship game. The Jerry Jones Watch the NFL season this year. Because it doesn't seem like it moving on let's go with this not. There's one clear worst one. I thing down last. Let's go with Carolina Panthers and Matt Rule so I mean let me start by saying I know absolutely nothing about Matt rule because I don't really watch college football but in the track right it's a mixed track record when you win. Teams go to the college level to hire head coaches I'M GONNA go see plus I mean I'm GonNa go see plus because we don't really know much about him he certainly hasn't really proven a ton of the college level And I don't know how big an upgrade he is to Ron Rivera. I don't think it's a downgrade again again. I always favor the unknown. When it comes to these coaches? Because if he if he ends up being terrible they can just fire him and get somebody new like you know I so I'm always a fan ran into of taking a chance So but I'M GONNA I'm GonNa go see plus I think that's a good letter grade I think that's a good review analysis again and I don't know much about Matt rule either but I get it. He may have all a talented. Everyone else does but did he win his conference championship. I I don't didn't hear too much about Baylor aft until after. I heard that this guy you know got hired and this is someone who's oblivious college so I get it. He did good good the last two years but I don't know how many times we've tried someone out in college to jump straight to the pros and heads had success. It's going to be pretty slim pickings but but to your point. Let's be a little aggressive. Let's try something more creative and aggressive so I'll give them credit for that anything anything last on that no I I. I don't really read too much into. I don't care what his offense is in the in the in college because I feel like you know the these especially in the big twelve. No one plays defense. These games are always high scoring like. I don't know how how well that's going to necessarily translate just that alone. But but if he's if he's a good offensive mind and he's going to bring a new philosophy Carolina's kind of a fresher Culture Fresher coaching style. And that it can't hurt so that's why I'd see plus I'm always like In the Brian Floor is higher for Miami. Like I like these hires. Because you you don't know to expect they bring and his energy there's like a little bit swagger they bring to the table which like Mike McCarthy is an old tired like these these retread options. I this is can't stand with the PAT Shurmur higher the year for the giants like and I know we'll get to the giants at the end of this list. I'm guessing so who who your next well I. I'm I'm pretty sure there's only four. Write this off season so we have the giants and maybe surprise me we spit. It's enough is enough is enough yeah I mean. New England was new. England was bad. Terrible offensively this year. And it's not the Higher Josh mcdaniels which would be which at this point would be a questionable higher if they hire Josh mcdaniels. I'd say you know what he's had. Tom Brady his whole career. He build at the last second going to Indianapolis which is which is a little bit of a testament to his character. independ- ability and then he terrible shown by Josh mcdaniels year So I think it's it's safe to it's fair air to question. Is Josh mcdaniels really that good. And oh by the way. When I'm talking about Josh mcdaniels we're talking about this wide receivers coach for New England and I know oh he when he coached special teams to I? Well health care. He just started coaching wide receivers. That's the part that people don't even realize that he was originally feeling and last year was a special teams coordinator that turned into a a wide receivers coach when Chat O'Shea left with Brian. flurries this. So here's the wires. He was coach this year. Correct yes okay in their terroirs. Here's were terrible I I you get it. It's unfair to really hang that on his like hanging around his neck completely but at the same time it's not like you can use the Patriots y receivers as an example of why he he into a good job. Maybe you can't blame him entirely but he didn't make a huge impact clearly so I'm going to say f until that one was terrible because along along with the along with Dallas. You're the frigging giants. You are the freaking. You know New York football giants and you hired this guy who's got one year experience of coaching wide receivers. I mean that's the reason why I say it was this year because it's to me. It's more degrading. He had one year doing that. I know I it. It should be easier to the giants. Kinda like douse should be there in. During the New York market they should should be able to have a good history in. Let's face it they have saquon Barkley. You have your stud running back. Daniel Jones has saw rookie year. And you have Evan Ingram Sterling shammy sterling shepherd You mean like you have good much better offense to weapons and a lot of teams with a record like that that are in search of head coach have so they were in a prime position to find a head coach big maximize the town. They have at least on the offensive side of the ball and and they make a they make a higher. That's like extremely questionable. Yeah I on. Every level imaginable. Didn't like it's one thing when you have to pay Matt rule to come out of an extremely a good comfortable situation Baylor that he can succeed in for the foreseeable future. But you have. This guy was a special teams coordinator Hill. Leave for an extra sure penny. Why do you need to give him seven years? Sixty million I understand. They're billionaires have all the money to throw around the world but it to me it's just like put it as an f minus minus ernest. Because it's even more of a poor decision when you give a guy who's extremely questionable in terms of how much skill In coaching that he has then you have to give him the super long big contract on top of it. It'd be wondering if you'd like to know what this up and comer I like him. We're going to go ahead heading. Give them a two year five million per year ten million. Because that's going to you know ten times. His annual salary you dislike gave this guy stock from apple from nineteen seventy nine and got to cash it in an instant I mean are they crazy. Yeah I don't know why there's No why teams never trade for head coaches. I mean if your team if you're gonNA hire bums if you're gonNA hire these either either complete like I if you're gonNA hire these these bums these absolute scrubs like John Judge Is John Judge. Joe I John I think Joe Judge Okay I used to. I used to one of my former boss's name was John G get a mixed up So I mean why why does it seem trade for Mike like Mike. Tomlin like offer Pittsburgh or trade for my Tomlin. You know why doesn't a team I mean Sean. mcvay would be untouchable but like like peak herro for example like what why it wouldn't be exciting if you saw teams trae like draft picks or players or whatever for these coaches you know teams that for whatever we like the giants they cannot take coach. Three Egli at at before Shurmur was the coach for for Green Bay. The Mike McClure McCarthy. Coaching tree is absolutely killing it. By the way yeah no I completely agree. I mean the the last trade for head coach I remember in probably goes I mean and from being new in New England is when the Patriots traded for Bill Bell Check and they give Franken think first rounder. That would be cool. That'd be interesting For sure you like Mike Vrabel you telling me. The giants couldn't peel away. Mike variable from sweet Tennessee who still has a questionable quarterback situation that would be a likely candidate to pay Tennessee. An arm and a leg for in I don't know you know that'd be one name all right anyways good conversation exciting stuff. Hopefully it's a good super bowl we will check into the XFL you see what the hell happens there and we'll be back this off season breakdown some rookies Until then we're the NFL talking heads. Thanks for listening. Aw thanks so much for listening to this episode of the NFL Talking Heads Fantasy football podcast. Show try saying that. Three times. Your host Jeff carrier and Seth while we'll catch the next time.

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