Jordan Davis


Give yourself a little moment of happy. With the day brightening thirst, quenching, mango, dragon fruits, starbucks for freshers, beverage with tropical vibes served over ice. Of Sunshine download the starbucks APP to order ahead. Twenty seven club is a podcast about famous musicians who died prematurely in sometimes mysteriously at the age twenty seven. This podcast is hosted by me. Jake Brennan Creator and host of the award, winning music and true crime podcast disgrace. SEASON, two features, twelve episodes of life and death of Jim Morrison of the doors, and the twenty seven club contains adult content and explicit language. You can listen to the twenty seven club on the iheartradio, apple, podcasts or wherever you getting podcasts. This is a wells cast with wells, atoms, I, heart radio podcast. TIME TIME Is Might be, the morning might wake up. Joe. Throughout Crisanto Sir and say you know it podcast. Maybe you're late night. Probably pretty wasted cocked on a bottle of blackberry brandy, and you know what podcast time I don't know, maybe your day podcasters, or maybe you just stumbled upon this podcast, and you're like what the Hell is this well? It's the podcast where I talk to David people and I find out what the hell they came. Came from so basically that's that's basically it's whatever time of the day it is for. You welcome in else cast for me. It's like mid day what day of the week no clue? 'CAUSE QUARANTINE! We're in a time flux, but I think it's in the middle of the week. I could be wrong. I have no idea at all excited about today's show. I gotta be honest with you. Got A new share. It's too squeaky is too squeaky odd so cool, but it's way, too. Excited about today's show. We're going back to Nash. Where I got my star knows a couple of weeks ago. We had hunter Hayes in the show, and we're going to kind of stay in the same of that country music star. We're talking to a man who actually grew up in Louisiana much like hunter. Hayes moved Nashville around two thousand, twelve. Which I think is a little bit after Hunter Hayes, but close lots change for him. Since Then Meant Two Thousand Twenty ACM best new male artist of the year nominee since moving to music. Music City signed a record deal with MCI national. Racking up over a billion streams of his debut album home state to in the country, playing for fans, and not in three consecutive number ones with the platinum certified. Single you up, which is a song basically about a do, that's like. Hey, if you ever dump your girl, GonNa. Be hanging around. Also take it from me and most recently slow dance and parking lot which we've all done alone. They're drunk or maybe it's just me. Whatever he's well held a song writer. He's got a brand new EP out now they're excited to have on the wells cast today. 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Here's the deal everybody's board, so let's tackle boredom together by having some fun. Apart download best fiends today for free on the apple APP store or Google play. That is friends without the are fiennes. Jordan Davis. That beard is looking mighty fine. My friend quarantine looks good on you. Apparently, thanks, man yeah, Dude! It's been. That's been one less thing that I've seen. Everybody's going like the quarantine. Mustaches and stuff and. I have a different haven't had doing. I've been working for longer than just the quarantines of Yes bingo. Good. Yeah, you got the everyone's imposter to you. Everyone this this is ask. Your in like game, seven of the Stanley Cup finals right now, though this would be a killer playoff whenever the press had their big playoff run the last couple of years ago. I was definitely fitting in in Nashville with the hockey playoffs year I did the Corentin beard the for the first half of it that first month in. For me I grow facial hair like a fourteen year old Hispanic boy, so it didn't look good, and we had to shave that puppy off, but it's good to see a man. Thank you so much for coming on the walls cast I, do appreciate it. Graham of course -gratulations on this on the self titled. EP Drop in Man. Thank you Sam, I'm so excited heavy songs out You know to have a new project out it's been. Over two years feels like ten Since you know, we've had like a full body workout, but I am and it's it's. It's six hundred. I'm really proud of unhappy. They're out in. The world is a scary thing to drop music right now with these with time. We're living in the inability to tour behind it. I think with me. It's been it has been just so long that like I wasn't a wasn't that nervous? I knew my fans like were long overdue for some new music, so yet cannot like took away the. Anxiety of it, but it is, it is Weird I. Think that it'll be weird like put this music out now, because like now you don't have that like you said there's no tore. Anything is just you're just releasing music out there and hoping that people like it and there's in the. Target that we're aiming for to hopefully get back on the road. Who knows when, but it is just a just a crazy time right now and music in general is the idea to come out with the long play later, or are you just dropping the EP the what we're going to have a whole album probably in October, so this is just of. Did something that when we realized we'RE GONNA. Have you know we saw touring? Was Kinda of open the air. We can dispute this in in getting it out. Glad we did because a guy can gone another couple months without you know no touring no new music. Nethon at a felt like I had Ramallah am I. Really Doing Music. Earn we. Are GonNA come with a full project probably around October. What makes you most excited about this record in comparison to your pass releases I? Think just Canada the growth of it. One of my favorite things is. When I was fans of people to be able to see Canada growth through their records. You know always. Point the air churches one like as I feel like just evolved so much from those early records to worries that now and with me the last couple of years some of these songs that I wrote my first album were before I even admit my wife. Now you know I, have a six month old daughter, Amanda, just a totally different you roun- personally in I don't know. Did you just a just? I think growth is a songwriter as well in there in. Some hoping that that people are seeing seen me grow up a little bit. Lord knows I needed to so. But like the lag time on records coming out is long like I was reading some interview with billy, and she was like I wrote that when I was seventeen I'm the complete. Like nineteen but like. Completely. Cleaned like different chapter of my life. Is this already like past self of you? Even though it's out now, it doesn't feel as long ago. As, like supposed like some of that, some of the songs off a home state where I was like goodness. Gracious like that's that that song feels which some of them were Bob six years old Wesley, now I, wrote in two, thousand, thirteen, two, thousand fourteen, then they just kinda stuck with. Each round of going in and cutting. Scientists continued to make the cut in now they don't i. don't feel so so distant from. You know the Charleston Chevy's are detours or Kuni Moore's. It still feels like it's it. It still kind of me right now was looking at your numbers, and they are absolutely bonkers over a billion spins streams, and whatever when you kind of compile it all together, which is. Just astronomical as a guy who worked in radio for twelve years to get that much traction is so hard to do is one of those things that like. Is that your new norm? That's what you expect to happen going forward. Is there a song that is going to have a hundred and seventy? One million streams on this self titled Record while nomads crazy. I hope so. It because I am a fan of like. I'm still to this day, a fan of records like listening to entire project so like. You know of the and like you, said the billion street. The that's like one of my favorite accomplishments i. have because it is the whole thing is whole home state project you know being streamed billion times is pretty wild. It's not just singles. It's the made that ways leaving New Orleans in in songs that we play now in shows. And it gives just the reaction just as much reaction as slow rancher parking lot. Take it from me, so you know in. We put a lot of work into to the writing in in just the whole flow of the project so to see. The whole project will not just. A single song it doesn't. It just feels great bomb excited to have you on the show. If anyone told you what the idea for this podcast is, but I'm kind of fascinated with. Origin stories and how people got to wear the are. You, know obviously. Someone who has over a billion streams Alana. People know who you are, but then they might not know how you got to that point. Allow people listening to this show one I four encouragement, or just a little bit of inspiration, and whatever the hell they do, so I was wondering. If you have a couple of minutes to talk about how Jordan Davis got to be well, the man that I'm talking to right now. Where did you come from? Man I. WanNa. Raise Shreveport Louisiana to a very musical family. My uncle was a songwriter who actually still lives in Nashville. Still write songs you know. My Dad rode around the house and mom's Piano Church, so like music was something that is from day. One like I couldn't get away from went to school. Actually Study Environmental Science. Was I'm doing nothing with now, but no was big on us going to school and get a degree in my brother actually. I moved to Nashville. You know he's still writes song it don't take it from me a lot of other a lot of new stuff coming out in October lot of stuff on the P countries you're just one of those things that I always say I was around it so much that I never realized how much I loved it, which is weird to say, but it's just like I never thought of it as as it being a potential career, it was. was just something that was a huge part of my life. Something I loved out wrote. Songs is like for fun or going through something outright, but it wasn't until I graduated from Lsu in two thousand twelve. Get a job with a buddy of mine that up environmental company in Baton Rouge I remember one day I was late to work I kinda got in trouble, and he calls me into his office is look man like you know you're not ecology more this this is the real world. Is realize like you can't do that like you know you can't. You gotTA show up on time. And he asked me that men are happy here and I was like. I mean yeah I, like it. You know he's What do you love doing? What are you passionate about? Not The amount. Pass the amusing songwriting that day. He told me that we need to move to Nashville I. Needed songwriter a timeout single Didn't have any money which was great, because like you know wouldn't like ahead to break this lease month to month at the spot I was at in. Mainland three. Within three weeks. I was had my apartment packed up in route to Nashville so very long story short the. Kind of a whim one day. I WANNA. Say with him, but it was just. It took him Kinda. Give me that kick of like. Hey, man! If you're not super happy here, you're young. You'll do your passer, Matt. Go find something you love. That was songwriting in new Nashville's. It was where I needed veep. Did you just turn a story about getting fired into an inspirational? Follow Your Dreams Story. I wish. It wasn't a fire. A US is definitely a scolded, but. It was definitely I. It wasn't a firing, but yet somewhat well. Yeah I guess I did. I lived in national for twelve years. I did radio there, and all my friends were musicians, and there's nothing more beautiful and more true than the saying that all writers and musicians are beautifully delusional and I love the. You're able to make that story you know. He told me to follow my dreams well I heard you got fired, but hey man. However you WANNA cut it up so. I I so. Long Story Short I mean we're GonNa long story long, so you grew up in Shreveport? Louisiana you Kinda hinted at like I didn't think that I was GONNA. Fall in love with country, which makes me assume that growing up you were into other types of music was Cajun. Was it blues? Was it folk was it? What was it that you were really drawn to back then? Man I was. Monday was a massive fan of songwriters like do I was. Heavy into Jim Crow She John. Prime Down Williams Kris Kristofferson. Like all those you know. Some of the great songwriters ever live. But you know he was in control of the music. We're in the car, so we didn't have a choice that we listen to. Whatever Dad wanted. Listen to and. So very early on. It was those guys. Which I'm I'm happy for because. I mean such a strong base of of some of the best best songwriters ever live. You know from early on I'm getting a strong dose of that to where you know. Then I grow up and. Get an IPOD. I'm from that generation so I have thousands of songs at the spin of my own little pod Nanno you know and I could listen to whatever I want to listen to. And I did not fell in love with like arm. Be Like I'm a huge rush. I'm still a huge fan. southern rock and roll like the Black Crowes and huge wrap GAK from. Louisiana Little Wayne was like my my dude and But it was this huge melting pot of. Of just so many different influences in in John Ras that. That I enjoy listening to I didn't think of it as like. Obama, country, guy or I'm just stay. Alike rap music arm be music It was just like liked it. Listened to it in, I'm still that way you know today. I feel like if if the music's good. I don't necessarily look at the genre of it. I'm demand that that song moves me up. Feel something when I hear. It's on, we keep listening to. It's funny at hundred as on a couple of weeks ago, and he's also a Louisiana boy and. It makes total sense to me because I mean Louisiana. Just is a melting pot. It's just so many different types of Arts and culture and people and food like everything there is a million different things, and so it makes sense that a lot of musicians there are obviously huge cage inner blues, Fulcher, you know bluegrass or country like it. Just kind of all is everything so yeah, it makes a whole lot of sense to me You ADD Lsu. I went to Ole. Miss so I, mean you know it's fine? Whatever Congratulations this year. Dude. I've had some good times in Oxford. Good raises. The I've had some good times factors. If I could go back in, do college over again I would have gone to omit. I'm being dead serious. My brother tells this story. He says he's two years older name. He went on like a visit to old miss, and so it gets over there, and he's there for the weekend. And he said he goes and sits down in the date in some Dane I think he was looking at some engineering them. Told me goes the. Jacob Review are coming here because you heard. omiss has the prettiest coeds in all the country that is true and you will fail out. I think the Dean told me the exact same thing, but. It just took me five years to graduate, so it's fine. Suck. When you grow up in this kind of like. The Partridge, family, Louisiana version, style, house, or everyone is a musician. Everyone is talented. Are you all gathering around like the weekends in without guitars and trading licks and stuff like? How did that work growing up? You know my dad would play songs at night. He play like Oh, Johnny, cash songs or he would. He would make up these just Cana. Dump sauce for a slight go to bed or like. My sister would say something and he would candidates. Rip On this, you know whatever My mom was always practicing piano. So, we would sit around and sing with her, but it was just kind of like it was. There was always music being placed. My mom always had something playing so that whenever go to friends house and they wouldn't be music. I would be like Listen to music all the time. Out, really, that's weird like why don't y'all do that when it was, it was just a just something that was always is always there. You get into Louisiana State University you go to Baton Rouge from Shreveport? which isn't too far of a drive right, Nah. Three three hours three. Now you're studying this major. You know parents that the exact same thing was like you know you need to study something, so you can have a job. That's paying for school for. Are you like paying the bills by bartending? And like playing music? College never never had like a music gig never played. Never. You know I bartended at Flemings Steak House, but never never get into playing live until I moved Nashville. Out Do I was in. Nola. was writing songs, but but see when I moved to Nashville. It wasn't for the record deal wasn't for rang wasn't sure that it was just a rights. Record my songs like? Molecules a song writer I wanted to be Deci Markle, saying just wanting to publishing deal. That's it like. That was my goal like Ma. Indo all goal when I moved to town, and I signed a record deal with only playing one full band show. Like at PROMESSI. Hand on the good Lord's book. One time I played. With a full ban in Alabama, I came back and. and was offered a record deal. They knew I was green. They knew that it wasn't like like blown away, but they were willing to. Willing to candidate can learn women. But yeah it was I was just I never like that. That was just something in A. I kind of had this backwards. Look on the Nashville is thought you moved to town. He wrote songs. If somebody heard, your song wanted to make a record on me. That's how you get the record so when I when I first came to Nashville. And people were asking. Hey, are you doing artist? Thing? I don't even know what that meant I was like. I don't know I'm just a songwriter and I bet okay, so I kept getting overlooked on like all these publishing deals out wasn't involved in do I. Remember one time I went to talk to this kind of. The guy that. When I moved to town, he was kind of like that mentor for me. In Kinda told him one day like. China frustrated. I was like man. As see all these other people getting publishing deals. And I'm getting overlooked. and. Like I feel like I'm writing better songs in them. and. He told me yet, but they WANNA. Be Artist they won't. Record deals. In House out. Yeah, everybody keeps asking me that and. Like what what does that mean in his? You know they WANNA THEY WANNA record deal that when I'm putting out tour better today. Ends like if I say I want to do that, will it help me get a publishing? Do and he was like probably. So from that day on House like I'm an artist. But? Yeah, that's how now's about. I that was the first time I considered myself an artist. I'm blown away that your boss in Louisiana was like. Yeah, you should go to Nashville even though you've never played a live Gig. You should totally do that. This seems like right there. I told him I'd played like songs around. We were hanging out like Sophia had like a fire like head people over one night. I would play the guitar. Play some songs that I was working on. but in an odd told them all like hey, I don't WanNa. Do you know I don't want all the To write songs get 'em pitch. He had heard me play insane so. It wasn't like a like a new thing that he was just like Oh. Yeah, man! Go Up there and figure it out. Yet definitely was it was definitely a backwards way of of getting a record deal. Do you think that that mentality? In a weird way was able to help you in your career, because you not to do like a bachelor reference, but it's such like a you're there for the right reasons thing like you're there for you. WanNa create music you love the craft, and the creation of it and great, if I get a tour behind it, but really I want to create something and people seeing the authenticity of the musician in you. Know do a hundred percent like i. mean you hit it right on the head I think that's why early on I was still right. I was writing sounds the way I wanted to write him the saint about stuff that I wanted to sing about I wasn't artist. I was going for that I just didn't know what at the time and I think it took a little while to. I guess kind of catch up to what I really needed to be doing. As say that I fell into it backwards that say that I never knew I. WanNa do it. It was just one of those things where I knew that I wanted to make music that meant something to me and I was hoping that in some way somebody else would here in maybe they would get it. Network can allow me to play shows like acoustic shows, riders, rounds, or do like these cool little things that I love doing at the time. It kinda puts his chip on my shoulder when everybody was kinda getting I was getting overlooked, and I was feeling that I was doing things just as good, if not better than some of the other. People in that were getting these deals. So just count me dig my heels in more and be like man. This is this is how WANNA write songs. This is what. I'm either. GonNa make a million maker. I'm not, but like I'm not changing the way I write I'm not doing anything different than what I moved to town to do. And that's really when it when everything switched, I got introduced universal by a pitch meeting for. Can't even remember who was, but there was two songs one of the sodas in a parking lot. It was getting pitched. Dardis past on all the songs, but I got an email from anr universal. Saying. Hey, we want to have a meeting with you and I was still like why Why they want to meet with me and that was the first meeting where a hayward fan of what you do fan of the way you write songs in your voice. Can we talk to you about coming in and possibly senator deal? And at first I was like scared to death. You know going back to talking to a bunch of great people around me. Decide look man. This is the way you write. Music is came to town, and this is going to allow you to keep doing that, so go take the meeting. You'll see with that to say. Thank God I did so. Is this meeting for the publishing deal or for the record deal? This is for the record deal. Okay? It was within three months of the public and the record. Do I mean it was like boom I gone at four years four and a half years nothing. In almost like. Just overnight. It was that fast with both and what were you doing those four years while you were trying to obtain those deals at found this this bar out in Donelson out west the Easter town called. ellendale is not there anymore. It was right by the airport. I was the like Monday Wednesday Friday out work. A double on Sunday I got to make my schedule. Just me and this other bartenders is a small family owned spot. It was awesome because if I had a big right coming up that week. I can just swap with the bartender. Enacted had the whole day to right in that have to worry about going into work, but. Yemen, it was four years of what I would wake up. I would try to ride from tend to tend three somewhere in there. And then I would head out to the to the bar is for work at three thirty four. Worked about one in discount on. WASHROOMS repeat. For the first almost five years of being town, even when Osama publishing do I was still a spoiler. Publicy deals don't pay a ton of money, but. Still got a GIG for a little bit even after Osama publishing do. All right, so you're slaying drinks. You're writing and Co writing in your off time. Are you going around and playing like losers and Bluebird, are you? Are you doing that kind of whole thing? Writers around listening room. That kind of stuff I was doing listening room at. Get the play Bluebird not long after Santa Publishing. Males mostly just like rounds in town. You remember tap tap. TAP over in bellcore. Yeah, way my I thought I was playing around at. So just kinda anywhere in town like my buddy would call me. You know I have a friend. Call me and said Hey do head spot opened up at around. Can you come over here and play three or four songs? And then whenever it got Tom to can start doing the band thing I was too nervous to play in town so I would book. Book! These light no-name bars in North Alabama or Mississippi and I will go down there and play for like a hundred bucks you know, spin six hundred bucks getting my van and everybody down there, but like I knew I had to get better at it as I do not know I looked so uncomfortable stage, so that was the early on lab music row. Working from home. Conference calls. You're still on John with everything. We have going on right now. It's never been more important to sleep. We need quality. Sleep is a natural immune booster. Only the sleep number three sixty smart bet your movements automatically adjusts your covered and support on both sides your sleep number setting so all those other things we're doing to stay healthy and happy well. They'll work better tip and now during the lowest prices of the season, the Queen Sleep number three sixty four smart bet is only twelve ninety nine save four hundred dollars, only for a limited time to learn more. GO TO SLEEPNUMBER DOT COM. twenty-seven club a podcast about famous musicians who died prematurely in sometimes mysteriously the age of twenty seven. This new serialized podcast is hosted by Ichi Brennan Creator and host of the award winning music true crime podcast disgraced. By new show covers the lives and sometimes mysterious deaths of famous musicians who died at the too soon age twenty seven season two features. Jim Morrison of the doors, an artist who short career earned fast and refuse to fade away. Jim lived the life of fantasy in a life that was fascinating, highly dramatic in filled with great music and wild exploits, just like Jimi Hendrix the subject of season, one of the twenty seven club, and just like Kurt Cobaine, Janice Joplin the grateful dead's pig pen Robert Johnson amy wine. House in the rolling stones. Brian Jones all of whom will be covered in future seasons of the twenty seven club. Season to the twenty seven club podcast on Jim Morrison like all seasons of the twenty seven club contains adult content and explicit language. You can listen to the twenty seven club on the iheartradio. APP APPLE PODCASTS or wherever you get your podcast. This might be wrong, but I read something of like the way you got signed. Was Your at some party? And you play the song You are too drunk, so didn't Kinda kill it. Can you tell that story? All right, so we just detours hours. Riding is about the time we wrote detours off the EP. My Buddy Day terminal has has a spot east a town over office river this river, so we went over there and we were fishing all day in office, looking for publishing, he was signed to a company, called Ole at the time, and when I was out there. Dave told me that he's. He asked me that. Hey, man, have you sign a publishing deal yet? Now's like now Ma'am still looking. and. He's I will do my publishers coming out here today, so you should. Talk to you can get a meeting. I had a good buzz going on in that room and I was like Man i? Wish I would have known that like you know Kaz. If we have a fire I would probably start playing until are better than that insurance. That's exactly what happened, so we built a fire were hanging out in days. Like pay been. You know who ended up together first time. He's a hey, man. This is a my buddy Jordan. He just moved to town looking for pups Jordan play some songs, so they hand me guitar and I am just tank in. In light can't remember anything. Start Butcher in my songs in the felt terrible, and even Dave Kinda felt bad baddies man. I should have thought about that because we're hanging out fishing having beer all day and the next morning. I'm like driving into town in my brother is kind of beat me up on as I. Do you had a chance last night that I play some songs in his date you it. and. But Luckily Ben Simmons emails a Hey, man, you know. I realized the other night it was. It was kind of weird situation, so that like two days after that he had me into his office, and that's how I got that meeting by screwing those songs up so bad it let him. Do Oh God. That would give me so much anxiety that. Don't I? Know I always every time I show that story I bet you. Don't follow that route. Because also like I'm a I'm a terrible singer, and like have serviceable guitar player, but I've been that party so many times, and then handed the guitar so many times and got like halfway through blackboard. I'm like I. Remember the lyrics. Yeah Dude it's a scary. Like I didn't sleep at all that night I remember just being like dude because I mean like I said I was. Four years into town so like every meeting I was putting so much pressure on myself down to like. Did you get a? You GotTa make this work? Make this work to I. beat myself up so much because I mean. It was at that time where I was Kinda like. A ad put a two year. Limit on me moving town because I moved to town later. Now's twenty. Six twenty seven. And And I was just in here I am for years and I had another opportunity that kind of blew it. I was almost to the point where I was like dude. Donnie go back Louisiana. Get A job. Come up, buddy up you now. The man didn't work out. You got a job. I burned four years of my life because you suggested this new. Job. Why don't you just Barbie likes? You have a lot of great songs, but I I think singles Yup is is my favorite one. Just because I'm engaged now, but it's a song. A lot of guys can relate to. It's like hey, man. If this ever goes to shit, yeah, I want to be here, you know. Absolutely. That's exactly what that is. Where the song come from I wrote down Steven Dale Jones just Niba, in Justin, had just gotten engaged, and he said that a friend of his they were somewhere in midtown I thought the losers, red, or somewhere, and one of them said you're smart in never single her up and just put it in his phone and silver sitting Enron. injustice anything to like You're smart. Never single her up, and I was like that's kind of cool like it sounds cool. I've never heard it put like that, so we start writing this song about having this amazing girl that you never wanNA single era in. We've got about halfway through about an hour into writing that and I was like is. This is boring man like? Like I. Don't think this is the way we need to do it and I was like, but if we switched it because I don't know about Y'all, but I've been in a situation where I've seen a girl that was taken, but always talked to myself. I do that would be such a better boyfriend when she has. In both bow. Just Stephen Derelict do me. Do man up in here. In like a media like flipped it in the song like. Came within an hour I always say as I can remember so many times in college. Just being like God man if that girl wasn't Dayton that clown. Be Such a better boyfriend, yeah! That's one of my still one of my favorite song to play out. Loud your married now. Does, your wife like to hear that song we played. Is that weird thing? MMA. She doesn't mind singles you up. There's a few other ones. That she's not too big on. Take it from me being one of them. That's about you know ex. In N. also like going round is another one that she's not crazy about Carr's. That's about another another girl, so yeah, but she she answering was the up at all huge songs, so she's like well. Hey, as long as it keeps getting played, yeah! That one paid for the West, wing of the House. That would. Be Her Amazon You remember the first time you heard yourself on the radio I. Do like it was yesterday I was in Houston Texas. We were in a sprouts parking lot and I was down with my set my radio Rhett. We were sitting out there in our member. Thinking this is one of my first first weekends out with her. and. She's awesome she. In world will you're sitting in this parking lot waiting to go somewhere because she knew it was coming up and. I remember thinking like. Why don't we just got like? We could see the House that we were going to like. Why don't we just go over there and like walk in? The All we're not supposed to be there till Bob and I was like like four minutes like. We had that way and sure enough. It came on after before before you seats. By. Carrie Underwood's alike Carrie Underwood, wrapping up. The DJ comes on. He starts talking and then I hear that I lick open licked singles you up and I remember just being like Whoa. What is that and she's filming the whole time? And then it breaks into my song and did I. Lose it I up saying a bunch of bad word, so we couldn't post his amount. Kill me! She's selling bad as it gets. anti-sheep probably thinks. I have a kid. She probably thinks I. Still, haven't you know, does anybody? Use like supersonic bad is at dropped I dropped a few bad words I can use. It was dude. You never forget that that I especially I moved into town and like that being. Such a a goal of mine that when sticks with you for longtime. How do your parents feel about your success? Now? Were they like thousand inevitability, or are they blown away? Where how do they take it i? Think they're just is probably just a shocked as I was. The I'm where I'm at you know just because you know like you said man I never never did. Show thing so when they come and see me now you know when I was out on tour. Old Rascal, flatts playing these huge. Either hockey arenas. AMPHITHEATRES you know we're open up for these economic bans like the flats I think it's just. It's just crazy for them to see that in NBA like. What, where did this come from their super surprised, super happy in event, super supportive of just a move to national in general now after moving to town I realized that that wasn't always. The case with people's parents says Mansa tough business like and. Neo No parent wants to see their kid embark on something that that most of the time doesn't work out the way that they they cannot see it, but man parents are great, have been nothing but supportive It's been awesome. Your son writer at heart, which is evident in like how well songs are doing, but you. You went to this town to have other people. Cut your songs. Who would you love to have? Play one of your songs that hasn't. Hasn't yet. Oh, man! If you were to call me and tell me I got like a pair. Churches kept on your song. That'd be like holy smokes. They don't massive Brad Paisley Fan. That's why like this thing. When the pandemic kit we're slated, go towards this summer and that had to go away and and you know I don't think it's GonNa work out to get back out the next year so You know that's like now kind of heartbreaking. On the tired record is. One one of my favorite records of all time. So yeah like Church Paisley Sang in one of my songs would be be pretty wild, pretty poor critical. What songwriters would you love to cover on one of your records? Tom Douglas Casey bettered. It's crazy in and I'm sure you've probably heard a lot of to, but there so many songs in town. That have never been released have never been recorded. That all there is is a demo in its. You know some of the best that have ever been written. And I feel like Casey Tom or two that. Just had this. rolodex of uncut songs that are amazing are actually talking this morning I wrote. A Song Hillary, Lindsey and Jesse Frazier. That's on this EP in Hillary. Singing on the track and she just saw her voice is just so amazing. I want to just be like Hillary go in. Get twelve demos. And just record, and just put them out like just picked I twelve. And I guarantee you. It's like it would end up being like a grammy, award, winning record, but It just so many talented writers town. So many amazing songs that I hope get her, but unfortunately the sad thing is probably a lot of. Won't but yeah. My two favorites Casey Better Tom Douglas the new EP self titled Jordan Davis is out now. Almost maybes has been the single that was released has been out for good bit. If people are only familiar with that first single, what can they expect from the rest of the record? Man I'm all about the even with home. State like balance is such. A big is such a big thing with me with my albums. I, an amazing producer in pottage Vanni we worked really hard at having songs that feel good and they're fun to play. Laugh is that's a huge thing of what we do, so you have the songs like sandwich you up, almost maybe take it from me. But but also the balance of of the songwriting with detours in Church Chevy leaving New Orleans you know I hope it hits, you is I. Hope It. There's as much in. It is his home state, but it's just me this next chapter in this next. Of growth of me as a person you know is a new dad is husband. just a little, a little more a little deeper look in the in the maze. Person in growth is in Arctic, says well. I want to be respectful of your time, so I won't let you go before I do. Can we do some rapid fire questions with Jordan Davis absolutely all right here. We go I one therapy stopping. Sausage biggest mentor who might go my grandfather's both Oh. What were they? Do you godly man? Hard workers blue-collar dudes? They were everything man. Just a I love both of those guys a lot. Who is the first kiss Gurney militia in eighth grade? What late late I kiss to man. As pretty good I think. I guess that's why I really don't like you. Don't camp. Those like picks in fifth grade like spin the bottle, though so yeah Alicia, oh my Gosh I'm blanking on this thing probably good. Probably we'll just go to Lisa. The listening to this being like that mother. Doesn't. Both the first concert. You ever went to John Anderson back in Shreveport at the Strand Theatre. John Anderson I guess is probably early nineties, ninety four or something like that. What was your first car? Nineteen sixty nine jeep wagoneer, the wagon ear. Did it have the fake wood molding on the side or they started making net in seventy? I was last sixteen hours last year that it was just aluminum or Whatever medal citing all the way round, but breaks were iffy at best. There's a leak in the gas tank so that whenever I got to school as smelled like gasoline for. It was terrible. Horrible car. Cool but Hogar got unleashes still kissed. You Man. That's amazing. Who would you call to bail you out of jail? The see there'd be a lot of there'd be a lot of people, so call my brother. He would bail me out, but if you want to be like a like somebody like a famous person, jail out, Call Jake. Jake would get out of jail. Did you not asking questions because he brought out their. Posters on your wall growing up I did we had I? mean you know huge Lsu band? So? We had like Kevin Faulk all those like early Lsu Gas, Josh Booty Saints Fans through like Bob Rare Cajun cannon. Yeah just like Louisiana's sports, cats, and do you have a nickname? Do stick figure why stick together. Has Been shortened to stick now so like. I'm a pretty tall guy in my freshman year high school. I was probably six three a buck forty. And But I was out pretty good baseball. So the first practice I was like the skinniest cat out there, and there is a senior that when we run in the basis. Apparently when I was running. WHO's at skinny cat? And they're like I, don't know some restaurant in light duty looks like stick figure out. Do The stock. I still people still intrigued work it got it got so well received. My mom still caused me. while. The mom lean to do it, too, yeah. Jordan Davis thanks so much for being on the wells cast The new self titled EP is out now. Go listen to it wherever you listen to music. If people want to support you and your music, where should they go get your music? Gee, I, don't know I now like this stream it I know everybody's moving into a streaming world. Yeah me, spotify Apple Music Amazon. Buy On you to around attendance. You have at it. We know come to show I mean that's that's like my mama thing is like. You know obviously listening to music, but like we have a blast man like we're we. I feel like I've got one of the best bands in the business and we put a lot of work into our show, so. If you want to support us. Come out to show a promise, you is GonNa be a good town by the record at the merge table with a t shirt. You you go. Is there anything that I didn't ask you that you wanted to promote I? Think that's it. Mandate appreciate. You have me on dude and talking about the EP dude. I'm a famine, so love what you're doing in. Hopefully, we'll get to talk again soon. Yeah, at some point that'd be back in Nashville. Thank you so much man. Your story is crazy and funny and inspiring, and yeah. Everyone out there. Go check out the new, EP. Self titled Jordan Davis Dude. Thanks so much man, awesome wells percent letterman. Stay safe out there. You, too. Bye I love that. I love that I mean there are the people who are famous who are hell bent and determined to be famous, and then there are people out there that all they set out to do was make something great. Make something beautiful. That's what he that's all. He wanted right. He's a songwriter. He wanted to be a song writer. He wanted to write beautiful music that other people could go on tour with and put on their records, and then someone was like. This guy is six three good looking big beard needs to be a front man and I feel terrible for doing the thing that I did which was like the. The bachelor, wrong reasons thing right reasons thing, but it's true. He got into the music industry for the right reasons because he wanted to make good music. It wasn't about having a tour bus and groupies and giant mansion in Beverly Hills Anyway Super Cool. Dude really really interesting story again. The new single is almost maybes. The new EP self titled Jordan Davis No. Wonder this one just kill. But he. Hasn't even looked till act wall team. But. I can't help. It can't take. As awful. Have all been there right? That was cool episode. If you liked it, go rate and review on the APP doors. Let stuff and yeah going to hit me up. Can Wells cast at iheartradio Dot Com? 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