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Amelia Earhart Pt. 2


toons all along the little speck of land in Avian Refuge in the midst of the Roiling Pacific Ocean they screeched on the sand and saying Howland island was full of Birdsong Frigate Birds Turns and Bubis saying they're cawing clicking there and she was never going to arrive is convinced that the full story this week we're going to examine some of the alternative explanations theory number one Amelia you know bodies and no scraps of the plane were found by the enormous search party the official explanation is that the plane crashed straight and Fred flew into Japanese controlled territory when they couldn't locate howland island the Japanese took them prisoner and then either Amos missing persons in history who last week we followed her final ambitious flight a global circumnavigation had she completed Aland Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean Amelia earhart her copilot Fred Noonan and her Lockheed Electra plane all disappeared his but she was actually spying on them for the United States then when World War Two ended she came home to the US and started a new record breaking aviator tricks who became a symbol of American adventure innovation and Feminism and that was all before she became one of the most but aside from the birds singing on its roof it was quiet instill no one disturbed the little kitchen or living room. no-one shifted Welcome to conspiracy theories apar- cast original every Wednesday we dig into the complicated stories be let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoy today's episode and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream conspiracy theories for free on spotify just open the APP and type conspiracy theories in the search bar at Park cast were grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love into the Pacific thanks to a lack of fuel and Amelia Fred and their plane all sank to the bottom of the ocean but not everyone it Amelia would have been the first woman in history to do so but she didn't complete it on July second nineteen thirty seven somewhere near cute the pair or forced Amelia to work as one of the infamous Tokyo Rose's theory number to Amelia was taken prisoner by the Japanese Michael and curious don't get us wrong sometimes the official version is the truth sometimes it's not you can find episodes of conspiracy theory at Niko Munroe island one of the Phoenix islands three hundred fifty miles southwest of Howland island this argument suggests happening across those waters back in Nineteen thirty seven this was relevant since the United States was starting to face some tensions with its neighbor across the vast expanse in the Pacific Ocean covers more than thirty percent of the earth's surface it's larger than the land mass of all the continents can bind they crash landed onto the Niko Muraro coral reef and lived out their final days on the tiny island the tidily made a bad the house was already for Amelia earhart the most famous aviatronics in the world but she wasn't which means it's very hard for anyone nation even one as powerful and well resourced as the United States to know everything that's the world's most controversial events and search for the truth on Carter Roy and I'm only Brandenburg neither of us are conspiracy theorists side we are open-minded skept I way to help us as to leave a five star review wherever you're listening it really does help this is our second and final episode on Amelia Earhart the iconic on July second nineteen thirty seven when Amelia earhart disappeared she her navigator Fred Noonan and their Lockheed Electra the plane vanished during their flight from lay New Guinea to Howland island two thousand five hundred fifty six miles away the official explain in Japan World War Two was still two years off in the attack on Pearl Harbor even further away but on July seven Anna this ultimately in nineteen forty led Japan to form an alliance with Germany and the Axis powers that's a quick rundown of some very complicated international politics but what matters here is that these explosive tensions were already brewing in the South Pacific nation for their disappearance put forward by the navy after an extensive manhunt was that Amelia and Fred drowned after their plane crashed and saints six months rumors were circulating that the United States had used its massive Erhard rescue mission as an excuse to fly over the Japanese man life Irene Bowling searing number three the most popular and convincing of our three theories argues that Amelia and Fred landed strongly opposed on the invasion led President Franklin Roosevelt to impose sanctions on Japan men deprived of the resources it needed to fight it's war in China length one thousand nine hundred eighty seven less than a week after Amelia earhart disappeared Japan invaded China a move which the United States dated Marshall Islands and search of forbidden military installations but it was a nineteen forty-three propaganda film and according to its plot for global circumnavigation was a spy mission for the United States ultimately the Amelia Character Vanishes Inc but considering the socio political landscape at the time it's no surprise that some Americans began to speculate about a possible Japanese involved which brings us to our first theory Amelia was captured by the Japanese and was either forced to work as a so called Tokyo. US These ideas would prove surprisingly trenchant and are the launch point for several of the most popular theories about Amelia's disappearance sky. The biography actually starts by calling the idea of Japanese capture the great rumor and attributes it largely to the influence worth checking out the lead after listening to recording after recording however George determined that none of these voices were his wives at the knees might have been involved the film was clearly about Amelia earhart and Fred Noonan although it gave the famous aviator tricks enter navigator different names East a few years later called flight for freedom that really launched speculation about what exactly happened to Amelia earhart and how the ready almost two decades later however the capture and kill theory introduced a much more comprehensive narrative of how Amelia might have ended arose held in captivity or killed the Tokyo Rose Theory was one of the earlier versions of the theory and a bit of a floater meant in Amelia's disappearance additionally there were those who suspected the big effort to locate Amelia's covering something else up within and several soldiers claim they had heard Amelia earhart's voice broadcasting Japanese propaganda across the South Pacific during the war they could never arose and often speculated about the identity of the women behind the voices the game was a welcome distraction from the harsh realities of somewhere into the Pacific this was not a fact based historical film it was released in the midst of World War Two and all the Japanese Karen in her by the Japanese after landing in the Marshall Islands far closer to Howland then Siobhan although still over nine hundred miles off elliot disappeared Josephine Blanco Akiyama was an eleven year old child back in one thousand nine thirty seven but she vividly remembered a plane landing on the island in the midst of a hot July two Caucasian pilots one female and one male or taken into custody by the Japanese country picked up the story but it had several major problems one it was based on the testimony of a single child reported thor's are painted as darkly uniformly evil but it was a relative hit earning one point five million dollars by January nineteen forty four are and thanks to its success it popularized two ideas one that Amelia was captured by the Japanese and to that Amelia was a spy for the years after the fact children's memories are highly suggestive and two there was a practical issue Siobhan two thousand ask distinctive mid Atlantic lilt they claimed soldiers gave the english-speaking broadcasters of these propaganda programs the collective name of he's she remembered they were then shot by a firing squad in the woods Josephine remembered the sound journalists at papers around groner citing testimony from multiple other Saipan islanders argued that earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan were taken prison sure it's not closely tied to any clear narrative of how Amelia ended up in Japanese hands on the rumor spread in the aftermath of World War Two route only then they transported by ship to Saipan where they died in captivity rather than being executed groner also brings up Fred's tendency to drink and suggests that navigation issues may have stemmed from the fact that he was drunk during the flight this time does the man with the highest steak and finding her it seems unlikely that he would have passed up even the slightest chance that it might be Amelia on the other end of that record is in nicely with the mysterious personnel problems Amelia reported during the trip but there's little evidence to support it while there are reports four but a few of these soldiers became so convinced that the voice they heard was Amelia earhart that even George Putnam Amelia's husband decided it was fred have been recovered inside pan or the Marshall Islands it seems more likely they've sunk somewhere in the enormous stretches of the Pacific Ocean surrounding I on every bit of ocean much less the shadowy depths of the water in addition several experienced pilots have pointed out that be a preponderance of unsolved questions plagues the entire capturing kill theory and Japanese military records from this time period show no record fix another book entitled the search for Amelia Earhart by CBS correspondent Fred groner address these issues and became a bestseller we now and then she was to experience to hazard a long challenging flight with a drunk navigator a similar lack of concrete evidence and Howland the navy was tasked with searching for the lost aeronautics across an expanse with the surface area of Texas it was impossible eastern Amelia's final transmissions to the Tasca she seems to have been at least relatively close to howland when she stopped transmitting in shop in Japanese hands the theory gain traction and detail in one thousand nine hundred sixty biography of Amelia titled Daughter of the Fred were flying even if they crash landed on the water closer to Howland in made it into their raft it's unlikely they would have floated that far Amelia earhart herself coming up we explore the possibility that Emilia not only live through her disappearance years before earhart's disappearance and the metal scrap doesn't add any definitive evidence to theory it's still arrest almost entirely that Fred could at times be a heavy drinker there was no indication that he ever drank on the job plus while Amelia certainly enjoyed a risk of these issues haven't stopped folks from advocating for the capture and kill theory since the nineteen sixties one of the most compelling addition villains it's hosted by my friend Alistair from con artists Alastair what can you tell us about it and congrats thanks I'm incredibly excited about it a plane on it I'll some theorists claim the plane is air hearts another new piece of evidence is a metal scrap that could possibly be a part of it's Carter and I am thrilled to announce another new fantastic park cast original called creation for real villains we'll tell the true story if that dunk deeds and explain what drove them to evil you'll hear episodes on characters Fred and Amelia being picked up in the South Pacific or held prisoner much less executed I know bones or personal effects belonging to Amelia on witness testimony recorded in Groner's book and as other researchers have found on returning to Saipan and the Marshall Islands most residence villains give it to listen and follow villains for free on spotify and any way you listen to podcasts thank you the fact that this whole theory originated out of an anti-japanese propaganda film helps explain its popularity without lending it any credit now back to the story Amelia earhart turned navigator Fred Noonan and her Lockheed Electra plane disappeared on July second seven hundred fifty one miles away from howland island was way off Amelia and Fred's course how could they possibly have ended up there in nineteen sixty early but we don't see much convincing evidence for this theory our next theory however puts forward the most compelling piece of evidence there is every Friday villains focuses on a different real or fictional bad guy for fictional villains we'll discuss the social influences that led to the characters awesome flight for freedom but then it launches into eye witness testimony from a native of Saipan one of the Marshall Islands controlled by the Japanese win ability amidst World War Two many Americans were looking for reasons to hate the Japanese and this theory gave them one bought from argues that Amelia was taken prisoner by Japanese just like our previous theory but in this case she wasn't just an unlucky adventure she was definitely low on fuel while the Marshall Islands are closer to Howland then Saipan is it still highly unlikely that a million Fred could've made eighteen thirty seven somewhere near Howland island in the Pacific Ocean the official explanation was that the plane crashed into the water and Amelia and Fred drowned you caught up in an international conflict she was a part of the US Japanese conflict herself working as a spy and but she came back to America to live in New Jersey under an assumed identity finally ready to retire from her life as a spy but almost immediately alternative theories started to emerge many of these centered on the idea that Amelia and Fred were taken prisoner by the Japanese tonight why Amelia and Fred wherever there it may be that for whatever reason owners witnesses simply told the eager journalist what he wanted to hear likes Don Vito Corleone and no country for old men's Anton sugar as well as real life villains like the ice man Richard Kuklinski and the get there with their low fuel levels the Marshall Islands are about nine hundred fifty miles away from howland which is more than four hours journey at the speed Amelia US based on research by former Air Force Major Joseph Jervis titled Amelia Earhart lives that developed the idea into a full fledged is an can trace their roots to one World War Two era propaganda film flight for freedom and our second theory is no different this theory double circumnavigation he comes to this conclusion by examining her route why choose to stop on Howland island when there were the story came in the form of a photo from the National Archives it depicts the harbor of one of the Marshall Islands and a barge with were performing their rescue mission they would also have the opportunity to do some pre war reconnaissance on the Marshall Islands but the excursion went wrong speculation and a playful game of connect the dots but there's more to this particular theory class argues that the worry according to Class Amelia was recruited by the United States government to spy on the Japanese during her throughout World War Two as hostages here class echoes one of the earlier theories he claims that Amelia likely worked as Tokyo rose he point she didn't die in the war that followed her capture she was eventually repatriated to the US and given a new identity in an early version of the witness protection co Ed killer Ed Kemper along the way we'll hug light the psychological political and emotional factors that spawned both real and fictional all though publicly he denied that he had made that identification then the Japanese tried to use their prisoner of war to blackmail President Roosevelt up unease had amelia broadcast as Tokyo rose not simply to have another propaganda broadcaster but rather as a means of proving to the US intelligence service that they had her in hand George her husband was responsible for giving the US positive identification of the boys into a more favourable peace deal at the end of Hostilities but Roosevelt refused to be swayed in part because to do so would be to publicly reveal oh that Amelia was still alive because to do so would mean revealing their own espionage activities so in America class argues that starting point the theory grew into its own story we give it a three out of ten because of the eyewitness accounts which are difficult to discredit entire the Japanese intercepted Amelia's messages to the I. Tasca and shot down the Lockheed Electra taking Amelia and Fred prisoner from the Amelia assumed a new name and began a new quiet life but the most shocking part of the whole story is that class named sorry we have witnessed testimony bolstering up to theorists claims and again it's the only thing separating the theory from pure imaginative is out that only one woman was tried and convicted of being the Tokyo rose when it's clear there were multiple women doing the job as in our previous her more established roots nearby so that she would have a chance to spy on the Japanese but her role wasn't exactly took elect information herself secretly repatriated her to the US Fred he suggests was dead by this point but the US government was loath to reveal all other league to it let's move on to the postwar period class argued that in nineteen forty-five US forces liberated Amelia in program flight for freedom might be the genesis of this spy idea but it was in nineteen seventy book by former military pilot Joe class she was meant to get lost in the area near the Japanese ruled Marshall Islands so that the US would have an excuse to come rescuer while the the fact that some of the Siobhan locals referred to an American spy who was briefly held prisoner on their island as Tokyo Rosa he also points a secret American espionage activities this argument while fascinating is pure speculation but don't throw out the whole theory just yet there's a whole gauge unsuspecting they were spies and knowing the value of the famous Amelia earhart they took their prisoners to sign pan and then Japan where they were from the craggy rocks some of them perched on a few man made wooden structures that clustered the islands westside amongst these was a small house Erhart's plane found on one of the Marshall Islands but the photo was published in a nineteen thirty five Japanese travelogue two years a specific woman as his repatriated Amelia Irene Bolan hugged New Jersey class was apparently completely convinced instead Irene was actually Amelia he believed Joseph Jervis when he said that he saw her at a social event in nineteen sixty five and knew it had to be Amelia she looked just like her or an older version of her anyway plus he had reported that Irene was wearing decorations that had been present spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts camelias Irene upper lip is straight across the top whereas Amelia's has a distinct dip in the center Irene is missing the mole help evoke the women's similarities there features actually have some notable differences Irene knows is larger and our nostrils more flavor leaf rank insignia and enamel miniature red white and blue ribbon signifying the distinguished flying cross but in reality eighteen seventy irene was furious and flatly denied all his claims stating I am not a mysterious woman I am not Amelia Earhart Assez major justifications for his argument was the physical resemblance between Irene and Amelia right next two thousand three book offers a computerized this is nonsense. Irene called classes book a poorly documented hoax and proceeded to file a one point five million dollar lawsuit against it and housewife the parties eventually reached a private settlement and the book was pulled from the market but much to Irene's chagrin class boarded no distinguished flying cross is visible and Amelia never actually received the major's insignia that Irene was wearing the decoration based on a photograph that Joseph Jervis himself took it the event it appears Irene is wearing one round medallion like the one Erhard was ever gave up his claims when she died he attempted to get fingerprints from her corpse although his request was denied it's argument hinges on a slithering foundation of fanciful codes anagrams leading but unanswered questions and hints home one of Melia really went to the links of changing her appearance was surgery why wouldn't she change your appearance more extensively to avoid exactly the situation or to be more accurate he found an absence of information which he interpreted as mysterious but when class published his book and nine my next book light classes is based on speculation and personal testimony or to quote Time Magazine's review of the class book books including one as recently as two thousand three Amelia earhart survived by Rowland C. Reineck retired US Air Force colonel but is publisher McGraw Hill She's submitted a lengthy affidavit with hirsute refuting the theory and explaining that she was twice married amateur flyer she found herself in with Jervis it seems that class was simply taken with his impression of the two women similarities and ran with it how we give this I do look remarkably similar but a closer examination reveals that while matching clothing hair and jewelry in the two photos just age progression image of a million at age seventy-five placing it side by side with a photograph of Irene at age seventy four the photograph entire wild theory a one out of ten well it's certainly imaginative and does work with tons of different pieces of information the evidence are far from the long and short of classes argument however he delved into Irene's life story uncovering mysterious absence of information on the lower left hand side of Amelia's face and the gap between her to frontier with on these are all changes which surgery could easily make but if the theory has outlasted both bowling who died in nineteen eighty-two in class who died in two thousand sixteen and has been kept alive by numerous other it just doesn't add up such an extravagantly expensive theory would demand just as extravagant evidence to back it up but theories like these tend to persist is all about material proof including bones and it has nothing to do with Japanese American relations hit so can based in the public imagination even after they've been clearly debunked especially since there's no obvious answer to the mystery Emilia's disappear wincing that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it carried all our hopes coming up for instance simply to famous and surprising for some people to accept as an accident but our last theory takes a very different approach this one we dive into the castaway theory which is dug up a fair number of artifacts to support its claims now back to the story expansive and extremely speculative theory that Amelia earhart had been captured by the Japanese repatriated to the US in store uh since the early days after her disappearance there was speculation that Amelia earhart may have been a spy a theory given form and detail by the nineteen or he had encountered Amelia earhart on Long Island in Nineteen forty-three Joel Class inspired by ervices story wove a complicated forty-three film flight for freedom in the nineteen seventies the idea was given new life by the theories of one Joseph Jervis a former air force major who was added a new life as Irene Fulham in New Jersey but there's little to support his argument from motive to practicalities and Irene's vehemence in denial of the whole thing certainly doesn't help its case the theory has lived on into the new millennia but today it's far outstripped in popularity by a very different hypothesis which brings us to our final theory Amelia and Fred crash landed at Niko Moreau island the theory can trace its roots back to the early days of the disappearance during the search and rescue mission radio undetected fifty seven signals that could have come from Amelia's Lockheed Electra of those fifty seven it got bearings on six four hundred and five miles south west of Howland island for some perspective on distances here that's far closer than the nine hundred fifty miles to the Marshall Islands we're still far from enough to confirm that the elector was at the South Phoenix islands still the USS Colorado was dispatched to investigate ship along with its three float planes made a search of the cluster of islands and according to the official report a search pilots saw and of those six four clustered around the South Phoenix Islands. That's certainly a high enough number to be intriguing but the number into other leads but what makes that report of recent habitation so interesting is that the island has been uninhabited for forty years signs of recent habitation there they didn't see any people in nobody wave them down so the search team left and the navy turned its attention. This thread was picked up in Nineteen eighty-eight by Rick Gillespie a charter pilot aviation accident investigator and founder of the Non Ending on July Thirteenth Gillespie theorized that Amelia and Fred might have landed on the flat coral reefs surrounding Prophet the International Group for historic aircraft recovery or tiger guerrillas was intrigued by the possibility that Emilian Fred having missed Jalan island might have aimed for the British controlled South Phoenix silence there were those reports of the radio signals four of them total search parties report of recent habitation was especially interesting to Glaspie and then there was his analysis of the Radio Information Amelia's last one of the islands then around the thirteenth their plane was swept away was ties before the navy search party got to them. The original indicates that the plane was flying on northwest to southeast navigational line presumably the one that bisected howland island so when Amelia and Fred last transmitted they would either flown northwest or southeast on the line to find howland to the north west of Howland is open ocean six thousand two hundred ten kilocycles we are now running north and south line of position one five seven dash three three seven is transmission to the Tasca stated we are on the line of position one five seven dash three three seven will repeat this message on for thousands of miles but if they flew to the south they would eventually reached the Phoenix Islands and specifically the island like a zipper shards of American made bottles and a jar matching the ones used by an American freckle ointment company during the nineteen thirties fascinating fines over the years some of these are general American goods that Amelia and Fred might have had on board their plane all it the organization has become largely dedicated to spreading the word of Amelia's crash landing on the reeves of the small island and it's made some here's an evidence that Amelia and Fred had been there since then tiger has run a dozen expeditions to Nico Muraro or Nico as the US Coast Guardsmen there throughout World War Two but there are some surprising finds that seemed to have a more telling relationship to Amelia and fred that's now called Nickel Moreau these speculations launched the first of tigers trips to Neekam Monroe in nineteen eighty nine to search for clues but these could just as easily have been left by Gilbert as natives who lived on the island from nineteen thirty six into the nineteen sixties or the a few problems with tigers analysis first of all the president of the company that manufactured the shoe described it as a unisex item meaning that it could have been a man's shoe but even more telling Amelia's sister and two surviving pairs of shoes all indicate during her flight and noted that it's a woman's size nine which they determined from photos of Amelia was more or less or shoe size but there are uh-huh these bones were discovered on the island back in nineteen forty the first medical officer determined that the bones that she wore a woman's size six the shoe couldn't have been hers bought were not done sifting through tigers evidence yet there are still the bone truck then there's the shoe or rather the less soul and heel of a shoe tiger has identified it as kind of Oxford Amelia Ward thirty five years old and either European or half caste after that examination the bones vanished no one has seen them since belong to a Polynesian male but a second doctor Dr DPW Hood Lewis of the Central Medical School in Fiji reexamined although tiger has done its best to find them because tiger is sure that the bones belonged to Amelia earhart between nineteen ninety eight and some are metal fragments which seemed to be airplane parts but none of these parts have ever been definitively match to Amelia's Laki two thousand eighteen three different analysis of the examination results have given differing opinions of the bones the first says they are actually more likely and even in nineteen forty doctor who was not trained in modern forensic anthropology would have been unlikely to mistake a slender woman for a stock and measured the bones in nineteen forty one he concluded there were the remains of a five foot five point five inch male between forty five to fifty the main subject that garnered tigers interest it's a small smudged the left sticking up out of the water which Tiger insists is the law female than male the next claims there is no reason to doubt the original analysis and the bones are most likely those of a middle aged European Lockett Electra Tiger concluded that based on its rivet patterns it might have been a patch used to repair damage to the plane but all analyses were either correct or incorrect speculation about Amelia's own measurements based on photographs doc ID Electra's landing gear this photograph drummed up a new round of support for Tiger and it's pases it even caught the attention but never fear tiger has another piece of evidence a slim scrap of aluminum while this piece of aluminum is thinner than the metal used your head run aground years before the northwest corner of the island and the young officer snapped a picture of it but it's not the photos you five out of ten because it does have some reasonable speculation behind it and it seems logically possible but the problem is Dr Robert Ballard the famed ocean explorer who discovered the underwater remains of the titanic Doctor Ballard with funding from the national clain that plane wasn't Amelia's but there's one more piece of evidence and our cable photograph this photo was taken in Gi male but the two thousand eighteen assessment compared heartless as measurements with photograph of Amelia and counterclaimed that the bones were almost certainly Amelia air got a team of experts disagreed including engineers and workman who helped build earhart's airplane while the aluminum likely came from thing it's unlikely tiger and its supporters will give up hope but is that hope warranted well probably not we give this theory the result of Ballard's search may help to put an end to this theory one way or another but unfortunately the odds of that are lower than one white hope Nico Moreau is tiny top of an enormous underwater mountain. So there's no guarantee that Ballard we'll see everything down in the Stober one thousand nine hundred eighty seven by Eric Bevington a British colonial officer. Let's just three months after earhart disappeared a British freighter offcourse it's also not to tigers credit that their entire raison d'etre is based on one foregone conclusion going in graphics society departed for Nick Moreau on August seventh two thousand eighteen to run a high tech underwater search for the remains of Amelia's plane there's no hard proof and the odd still seem higher that Amelia crash somewhere closer to Howland island not three hundred fifty miles the results of the search will be released on October Twentieth Television Program filmed by National Geographic. This is exciting news be kept alive however much the truth needs to be stretched to make that happen so for all the fascinating and out tigers journey shows just how widely this theory has been accepted but the amounts of money that news outlets pay to get in on the story depths around its shores fragments of the Lockheed Electra could easily get hidden away and dark nooks and crannies so if Ballard doesn't find anything heart as far as Tigar is concerned this is all the proof it needs it takes the assessment as evidence that Amelia died a Nikko Moore Amelia earhart but regardless for the explorers to get their adventure kick the possibility that Amelia crashed at Niko Moreau needs to ability in the search itself so like our lost heroin you will all carry our hopes the fact that Clinton held a press conference in our documentary about one of the trips to the island. ABC TV sent a three person documentary crew on another trip the independent innovations expeditions to Nick Moreau and in fact plenty more money floods into the organization from its own members who are passionate about the cause of finding oh still the debate can't ever be finalized because it's all based on speculation speculation that Hood Mrs Measurements and visual screen actors not just Ballard and National Geographic in nineteen ninety-seven the discovery channel paid fifty thousand dollars to make a one joining arguably a better way to go than a slow devastating death on a tiny uninhabited island. The aviators took off from lay New Guinea Landon conspiracy theories we're sticking with the crash and Sink Theory Amelia and Fred likely died a clear cut quick death by drowning was the confusion about the frequencies between the Lockheed Electra and the I. Tasca while Amelia apparently got word that the I. Tasca was planning to Navy and Coastguard Amelia and Fred would have made it to howland but then there was the issue with the radio receptor it blew a fuse back in casts another shadow of doubt over the whole operation it's Tigers financial interest to keep the theory alive all the money seems to go back into the Oregon any investigation with a single outcome in mind as a clearly biased approach they may be finding evidence because they're looking for it rather than approaching game all the way to the bottom of the Pacific Aska was sending her but the Intrigue Likely Ends Their Poor Communication and technical trouble brought down one of the best pilots in television network paid three hundred thousand dollars for meteorites on two thousand one expedition and in two thousand twelve then secretary of State Development of the search where the mind open to all possibilities but tiger has come to garner the support and funding of a wide variety of well respected means Australia seems to have broken again lay and likely malfunction wants more midflight since Amelia never received many messages the it and along the course of their flight several pieces of human error led them to Miss Howland island and run out of fuel in the middle of the endless Pacific of allowed the plane and boat to make contact perhaps if a pilot instead of Amelia's publisher husband had been in charge of making arrangements with the it explores the psychological political and emotional factors that spawned both real and fictional villains follow villains for free on wanted to Amelia specifically a medallion that was presented to Erhard by President Hoover in nineteen thirty two a miniature majors gold you use different frequencies than she that issue clearly was not resolved adequately perhaps better clear communication from the outset they don't forget to check out Alastair's new show villains all

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