240: Eloquii + Walmart, Chanel's Fashion Beach, LVMH Revives Jean Patou


Lisa and this is Karen. And this is hot fashion. Yes. Pa fashion. Back at it again with the white van. I still love that. I still love it. It's my favorite mean. But like, it's so it's like at least six months old, right? So come we still talk about it like that? I feel years old at this point. Yeah. I know I still love it damn Daniel dam you. It's so good. So now that we've taken you back in time machine. Hello. Hello, everybody. How's everyone doing today? Hello october. It's the best month of year. You really think? So. Yep. Give me a reasons. It's beautiful. There's pumpkins you could address up. There's leaves you put on cozy sweaters starts to get dark earlier. So you can go to sleep people are in better moods. Candy corn, candy, apples coffee with Creamer, genie more. I mean, I saw only like ten percent of those actually applied to my life. As a resident of this, sunshine state, although really are people better moods. When the days are getting shorter because that's what my seasonal de kicks in. Do you get seasonal de Lisa? Well, actually now that you. And while we're on this show. I am going hard into this dating thing. I am getting some seasonal D. And I'm about to get the other. Hopefully the first seasonal can counteract its coughing season. Bitches even though I'm in Florida, and we're still sweating to death. I'm like baby with me. We can't do better than that cold open. It's perfectly. No, we didn't plan those DJ oaks. But but here we are. Guys wanna talk about fashion news because I can't help that. We gotta we gotta move on before. I start saying that we're actually going to have to remove please, you can keep going anytime can't be that open with their escapades escapades. That's an amazing word. Ask him. My ask opinions. And then later will catch up on my stories dick, you wanna paid WalMart bought eloquently? What is happening happened? Like what six hours before we taped this show, and God our inbox exploded blew up. Oh my gosh. How exciting and how unexpected WalMart eloquent? I don't know if this is a good move or not. But this is where we are. It is exciting. It's exciting either way because there's excitement in the inbox. Could you please stop? I'll agree as a plus size store. That is fantastic. It's a beautiful retailer. We don't know how much they paid for the company, but it has been thrown about that was one hundred million dollars. I don't know if that's been confirmed yet as of our recording. But it was a lot of money. Eloquent employs will continue to be based in New York and Ohio and several of their executives will join WalMart's e commerce team Alec we it was founded in two thousand eleven by the limited it relaunched and twenty fourteen as an independent brand and has been killing it ever since WalMart is just adding to its collection. Like, these are kind of collectible dolls of some sort. They have had some interesting purchases recently, including bonobos, mud cloth. Mod closet knocked me on my. But when I bought that one I should have been ready Lisa, I should've known. But I didn't what do you think of this purchase? Do you think? It's a good move for WalMart. Is it a good move for consumers hugely good move for WalMart because having that sort of plus sized cachet? I mean, eloquent is such a beautiful brand that has such a devoted. Customer base that are they it's going to do really well for them. And I think a lot of people were up in arms like no, they're taking away the thing I love, but they took away Mark cloth to and it's really hard to tell you go on the Mark lofts site that there's difference. You know, it's really hard to tell that WalMart owns Mata cloth. If you look at the catalog if you look at the website for Mont cloth. Yeah. This is what seems to be happening quite a bit. The back end will change but not the front end. I had my doubts when they first bought Ma cloth earn. But that's exactly what is happening with for Saatchi. That's what they're saying is going to happen is like, yeah. So cores will own the back end. But we're going to still remain a luxury brand will say if that happens, but and theory, right? This is the new way of working, which is you guys do your thing. But you do. Well, you're pay stubs just gonna come from somebody different. Right. Exactly. The thing. I do really enjoy about this is that it's like every teen movie re round the corner, and your enemies Danang against your locker. And like every time. Amazon comes around the corner Walmer is leaning up against its locker being like, hey, I've been saving Adam scrimping took all those rollbacks. Put them into another thing. I bought where's your lunch money? I will see what study hall. Exactly what happened in the retail high school where WalMart kind of looks like Bruce Springsteen or something that's who he is at retail. Hi, oh my God. Like the eighty year old guy who's playing nineteen year old. Yes. Or like should be playing a seventeen year old. And it's like this guy looks like. Haggard and here he is playing a hassle. It's it's like when Channing Stockard Channing who was going to say Channing Tatum. It's like Channing played Rizzo in grease, and she was fantastic. But you're like not seventeen. Did you get held back dozen times? I mean, you're gorgeous, but not seventeen Channing Tatum. However, what is he in the retail high school? He's a jock the jock. Who secretly he's the who secretly goes to like ballet class. He's Under Armour. So. Yeah. Under armor. He's under armor. I'm loving this analogy. This. It's retail than Stockard Channing and Channing Tatum show up and the best high school ever. And I don't think this is going to get picked up by the networks, but. We tell. To go watch to all the boys. I've loved before again just to just to settle my heart, my beating heart. Okay, we need to stop being about that. That's what's going on. Yeah. That's what's going on. Stop emailing me. Thank you. We got. We got it. We heard you were all on top of it. I went to one meeting, and I came back y'all we're up my inbox. I work at a retail news outlet. I did a breaking story about this today. We on it. I mean, look, we appreciate when you let us know about stuff that you've heard on the news. But when you all do it at once it's a little timid eating. Coordinate. You could spread it out as a class. That'd be great here retail high. Yeah. Yeah. What do you wanna talk about next? Can we talk? Can we talk about the beach? Yes, please. Oh my God. I got on my beach, please. Okay. Karn has like real stuff to tell you about this. I'm gonna tell you how this went down today when I was at my desk at work. I saw Robin givens Instagram these pictures of a beach, and I'm like, she's at Paris fashion week. What the hell's is beat turns out Chanel constructed a beach complete with sand and lapping water and a wall that looks like the back edge of the Truman show, it just it looks like the the horizon, but it's just a backdrop rate, and I was like shit. Wait a minute didn't Chanel build a boat for its last show. Yes. Yes. It did. And then I went on Pasha buckeyes dot com and searched boat, and I was right. And then I like my mind isn't. So cartels about it. That's what happened they built a beach. It was incredible. And it was beautiful and it had sand the models walked on the amd. That's one thing. I liked about the show is that the models are walking on the sand barefoot, and they held their shoes in their hands, which I thought was such a cute detail because you're still showing the product, but when you're on the beach. That's what you do. I love it you hold them in your hands. Let's talk about the close a little bit. Because the beginning of the show what you are seeing was the tweed skirt suits, which are so classic Chanel, but they were the eighties style with the exaggerated boxy shoulder. They were really large navien happened to look at one of the slides when I was looking at it. And he said is that woman wearing her moms close, that's how big jackets are. But even though there there's eighties edge to them. They were just so beautifully. Done. Yeah. The colors were just exquisite. I mean, this is classic Chanel looks. Yeah. I just looked at it. And I was like, oh, yeah. That's no. That's one hundred percent Chanel just had some hats thrown in. Let's talk about their action to their beach a little bit more this past June Schnell launched the cocoa beach collection and twenty six stores. It was a limited edition line. So this beach thing has been playing out for a little while also they just bought a company that does swimwear. Oh, right. What's it called or labar Brown? It's a luxury swimwear line. So this beach theme has been going on for a while. But they're building a brand that's extending beyond it, which is kinda cool. I like it as a person who hangs out at the beach lot. I'm into it like I can afford it. But I'm into it. And Carlaw grefell has this. He's such an amazing designer not an amazing human. He's an amazing designer and part of a wonders if he should have been theater at some point where he just builds these backdrops in these sets that are beyond anyone's imagination is fantastic. I would just love to be at the table. When the scenery kernel of an idea just pops into this whole thing, right? I wanna I wanna see the budget spreadsheets. I wanna see the storyboarding for this. I would love to be at that table. It was such delightful surprise after the how do we say shit? Joe hot gos- Huck us a certain other show, please tell us selene what happened. So selene had a runway show. It was a surprise to many people because of the looks that came down the runway. How do you SLA, man? It was his first show under the label, and he just decided to make everything look like Saint in the wrong where he used to work. He was like, yeah. I know that I'm not at YSL anymore. But you know, what I'm gonna do here. Why SOL so people had a lot of issues with him showing this particular look down the runway under the selene name. And remember he's the person that took the accent off the selene name he rebranded when he was at YES L, he rebranded. So it was Saint Laurent while he was there the show itself. What did you think of some of the looks Lisa? It just seems so out of character for selene. I mean, when I think of selene, I just think of these really lovely clean lines that just was not reflected in this collection. There are some serious Phoebe Filo people who are very upset right now because she left and with her left this design aesthetic that she had a particular audience buying her clothing. And now that's gone, right? He erased that look, but he did also digitally. He took an raced all the social media photos that she had about her collection. And so there is a racing of a line. But my question is if you join a fashion house, do you think a designer is beholden to that label or his or her own aesthetic? I think if you join a label you're beholden to the label because all these people have had their own lines. Right. And then they either. Have a dull thing where they have their line, and the brand that they're with or they leave their label and go with the one that they're working for right? So if you go to label that's not yours, especially one that has a heritage of anything over ten years. Basically like, you are behold into the archives. You're beholden to that vision to that that aesthetic I think, yeah, it's like taking a fulltime job yet. It's your work and your spin on it, but it has to fill that company's mission. Why don't they just give him his own line? That was a question that was repeated over and over in a bunch of analysis of the runway show. Why isn't he given his own brand if he's just going to do whatever he wants anyway. Right. Like, why do you even leave Saint Laurent? If you're going to like, look Phoebe was probably disliked. Do an anger shots tequila. I don't know if Phoebe drinks teller said that, but like it, none of it makes sense doesn't make sense. Did he fall and hit his head as a collection by itself, though? Even if it was outside of Saint Laurent, I thought it was just tired. It wasn't horrendous. I think it was just tired we've seen this before. Do you think it's just that you, and I are tired of fashion weeks fashioned month is no because I get excited about runway shows in general there were few this past fashion week that I genuinely excited about that's true. I don't know. I think there's some saturation right now that I feel like we do this every other month we have a runway show for every brand. And it's just it's a lot of pressure especially for someone who is flipping from one brand to another in a pretty quick succession. Maybe it's the machine that's the problem. Not SLA main. That's a deep thought lease. Asia rage against the fashioned machine. That's deep. You're right. I mean, it is a machine and it's going way too fast. You are. Right. So I don't know thoughts. Everybody had some opinions of this week. It was a nice distraction from the other news that was going on. Who you hit me in the sauce spot? Right. There are girl. But it was nice to see everybody getting off fired up about close that was fun. Like, you can do that. Anytime you can blow up my inbox about that any time just bought fashion. Edgy dot com. Surprised are saying you this. Yes. Maybe after this week. We'll stop talking about fashion weeks for like a week. Do you want to get all of our business about Amazon? Yeah, let's do it. So Amazon opened a new store because if there is one thing we needed it's another Amazon concept I or it is called Amazon four-star like number four stars. Like a review it opened in the SoHo section of New York last week. It's got four thousand square feet of space and every single item has a four star rating or above regardless of whether it's an Amazon brand product. Or it's another brand. The only other way items can be included in the store if they don't have a four star rating or above are if it's an Amazon top seller or it's new and trending on the site CNN visited the store and reported that a section called trending around New York City showcases products popular in the city, the assortment was quote, unquote, all over the map. Featuring the book crazy rich, Asians bottles of guerrilla superglue and a cast iron Skillet which funny it looks just like my Amazon cart. Anyway. Amazon says it has a process to make sure the reviews displayed for items appearing in the store are legitimate. Because as you walk by things there are a little cards that have some of the reviews highlighted on them. But Amazon did not say what that process is to make sure those reviews are legit. The items have digital price tags for each item. They can change throughout the day based on the price on Amazon dot com. And some items are cheaper if you have an Amazon prime membership other items sold in the store include toys books kitchen, gadgets games in consumer electronics. New items will be brought in every week according to Amazon and along with the Amazon go grocery format that it's testing out in a couple of different cities coming up after launching in Seattle Amazon is up to eighteen brick and mortar bookstores KARN. What what is this? This is Brooke stone in different packaging. Remember, Brooke stone? That's now going into bankruptcy. Gadget store that had bunch of crap that was fun to look at. But no one ever bought. It's that it's the same concept with a different name. Here's my question. New yorkers. This is for you. So if you're saying, I'm at my office in Manhattan, or whatever, and I need something say like mushoo breaks or something I've got a couple options, I can go to like the nearest grocery store, and like see if they have what I need to per quick-fix Arkan, let go to the Dwayne Reed or of the CBS to see if they have a quick fix, right? Like super glue. Is that what you're talking about? Yeah. Maybe maybe something, you know, something happens that I need to run out to a store to get a thing. Right. It's it's not a plan purchase. It's a that's an emerge. Maybe there's a bathroom beyond nearby. I'm lucky. I I might know the Amazon four-star store is down the street, but how gonna know week to week what it has to know. Whether there's a consistent selection of stuff, Greg question. Like, okay. So it had gorilla glue this week is it going to have gorilla glue in a month. Maybe it has to do with thinking about it as a novelty store, we don't need more of that. I agree. And if we have a novelty store, can I get some like, mom and pop to open Amazon. This was the plan, right? Dr everybody out of business and then create stores. This is the most annoying thing. This is just noxious. Yeah. I mean, it's a kitschy store. I don't really know what to think of it beyond that other than this is why all retails closing. So there can be room for this. I don't get it. Call a random shit dot com. You know, I still you know, I have a couple of weeks left before my Amazon prime runs out. And so I have just been ordering the most random shit because I can I'm using it up before it goes away. I'm very curious about this. How this goes for you? I bought a fin for a kayak and Kearns going to say, you have a Kaya do you? I have a loner kayak for which I lost the detachable thin in the ocean. And so I had to find a replacement, and so I ordered up on Amazon you have a loader kayak. Yeah. It's inflatable. It's in the back seat of my car right now. There's so many things about that sentence. I just don't understand. I know you're like who are you? And what have you become you want? Hear more news about Amazon. Always they just raised their minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour about them. Remember back to last episode. Would we said, oh, they got a raise? But was a couple of quarters and some lint. It was barely enough to get you a snack in the vending machine. Not even that like you'd have to burrow other people's raises in order to get a Snickers bar. Yeah. Do you have any lint? Spare lint today October second came out that Amazon is raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour across the board. This means part-time fulltime seasonal and temp workers. All get it. It goes into effect on November first all my God. Oh my God. That's why they open the four star store. There were like quick we got us on board games and some cast iron Skillet. So that we can afford these raises for these people they are going to make money through cast iron. They are the new plan. The big headline. Okay. So it's good. That people are getting fifteen dollars an hour. That's good. But the big news underneath this is that basis caved to pressure. He said, quote, we listened to our critics thought hard about what we wanted to do and decided that we wanted to lead where excited about this change and encourage our competitors and other large employers to join us Bernie. Anders who was very critical of Amazon in the past. Introduced September Bill that would tax corporations with five hundred more employees for the full amount that employees received in government assistance benefits because as it turns out Amazon ranks among the top companies and many states whose workers are enrolled and snap and snap as supplemental nutrition assistance program the old name for it was food stamps. So he introduced this Bill that said, hey, if you have a bunch of employees that have to apply for it. You have to pay for it as a company, and after that Amazon said, maybe we should raise the minimum wage. Never thought I hear Bernie Sanders is naming the show what he said was this too. It's a big, quote what Mr. basis has done today is not only enormously important for Amazon's hundreds of thousands of employees. It could. Well, be I think it will be a shot heard around the world your move WalMart. Welcome back. Retail high target target. I think has some people at fifty dollars an hour. Target has the highest starting rates for retail workers. Yeah. Of the major chains. Also one thing that I thought about that. I don't think a lot of people are thinking about yet is independent retailers. All of this is going to pressure people to up their minimum wage, which is probably good. But it's going to come out and other ways of how we're going to have to make up for that income. If you have a large corporation, your CEO could just get paid less. Maybe that's how it could work. I mean, don't make such a shocking suggestion here car, and we can't take away their nice things. They're seventeen yachts. Oh, man. I only have one yacht. It's an inflatable in the back of my car. You'll live and girl living my vessel. I'm a vessel loaner borrower. I just like that you have a mode of transportation in a mode of transportation man watch. Should I get up bike rack on that thing too? Vital names onto from prime runs out. Anyway. So I don't really care. What Bernie Sanders is saying or not to be honest with you. It doesn't really matter to me one way or the other except that quote was a pretty hefty quote. That's why brought them up. And because he was part of the reason that issue got pushed he wasn't the beginning of the end of it, but him introducing this Bill was something. Yeah. There's been a lot of pressure from lot of different sides. And look it's not like just basis woke up and had a change of heart like Scrooge style. Right. Like, this is Ben something that's been discussed at Amazon for longtime. Hey, we'll take it when we can get it. But if it's been discussed for a long time to thing that I just don't understand how for one week to the next you go from everybody gets fifty five cents raise to everybody gets fifteen dollars an hour. That's a big jump in one week. That's a great question that I have no idea how to answer because I think you're right. They have had to have been thinking about this minimum. Wage for a while. Do you think they were rolling out these according to thirty five cent raises to see if there was going to be like a mass revolt by the workers mad be interesting? I don't know. I just don't understand the way they played this hand. I don't. Yeah. There's not much that makes sense right now. Amazon worker should be getting this. Yeah. Glad for that. Yeah. Drama before we talk about NAFTA is so we talk about some other depressing stuff. Let's talk about the we customs because it's Tober, and I need to ruin the seasonal excitement that car and has shared. No. Here's some backstory. Yes karn. Yes. He end of that. This is going to be people are bitches story. Isn't it? Bitches isn't the word. I would use in this particular case, but like people are racially insensitive. Oh, please make them a heart her. Okay. The Dietz yet. Okay. Backstory on September. Twentieth. Online retailer Yan de which is where is to try to buy lingerie when I was twenty regrets. Yes. Andy pulled a costume that it was selling that was called brave red Maton after backlash that it represented rape. And oppression of women rather than empowerment because it was obviously costume designed after the red capes in the popular signal book and TV show the Handmaid's to what do they call it again? Brave red maiden okay KARN. This isn't even the problem. This is the backstory so hold on. Okay. Onto your gripes fast forward to all of our long painful lives when women like are asking retailers like Gandhi. Why you gotta sell those costumes at objectify native American women because they took this Handmaid's tale Qassem off the shelves, but Gandhi party city and spirit. Halloween, also, costumes that are called sexy. Indian or sexy poke Hanis haven't we progressed at all I'd like to remind you that it is the year of our Lord twenty and eighteen. Unsexy versions of all these costumes are available for men, women and children alike. So your whole family can be totally insensitive and terrible. More than eight thousand people have signed a change dot org petition asking Gandhi to remove. It's sexy Indian collection, the hashtag cancel Yandi is being used on Twitter, and a small group of protesters has even gone to the Andy headquarters in Phoenix to be like, hey, excuse me. Could you not vox dot com? Spoke with some of the indigenous people at the core of the various protest actions. Danny Miller of Saint Paul Minnesota started the hashtag, cancel Andy. Because she said that she is Dakota ancestry. And she said that howling thanksgiving are really difficult times for indigenous people because of how they're represented during these occasions, she said that like this is a year round thing. Right. That native Americans are dehumanized as mascots at parties with racist themes, but it's especially painful. In the fall season. When there are so many of these costumes, and then representations at thanksgiving time Miller said that the costumes intersect with clone. Eliza imperialism and array Scher the indigenous peoples face on a global level and she called Yankees decision to jahnke the maiden costumes, while keeping the sexy Indian costumes hypocrisy. Here's the part that like I can't believe we didn't talk about this last year because this mex- quote is so fucking shocking to me. Vox wrote that last year Yandi executives told cosmopolitan that the company had made one hundred fifty thousand dollars on its native American line, one of its most popular it had no plans to scrap the costumes unless quote, it gets to the point where there is I guess significant demonstrations, or it gets to a point of contentiousness that maybe along the lines of the black lives matter movement, unquote. And that is a quote from Jeff Wotton now Andy's co-ceo you please tell Jeff the Aminat be an costume and turn him into a toad. Jeff the fuck Andy did not respond to requests for comment from vox about the current petition to pull the costumes probably because they learned from last time that Jeff spoke out on this just show up. Jeff, Jeff Jeffrey. Yeah. Gay men, it's twenty teen. And we still have these costumes can everyone just pick a Paul patrol character to be this Halloween and everything will be fine. Everyone just be be a chase be a rebel be a Marshall. Everyone be patrol. I can get behind that. I can't believe we still have to do these stories. I just can't. Like, if more people would just be a sexy hot dog, if you want to be something sexy. We wouldn't have this problem. If you're gonna make something sexy. Do it with something that is inherently unsexy? I guess hotdogs. Well, speaking of that seasonal d be a sexy chicken, a sexy chicken, you can be it can be sexy tape. Dispenser care. Get creative. Bitches don't go on yet. And by the stupid shit. It's offensive. You don't make light of someone's Angeles, tree and spiritual practices. It's really simple. You can be the flying nun. But like, that's that's about it. That's about it. When it comes to the religious stuff. That's about it. Paw patrol. I'm gonna tell you something fun about Holloway into lift your spirits just a little bit. I'm listening. Our report came out a couple of weeks ago about how lean spending it's supposed to hit nine billion dollars this year. And some of the specifics are so freaking funny. They have a breakdown of some costumes, and it says that two point two million people would go as Batman and one point nine million people are going to dress up as their favorite Star Wars character. Wow, that's delightful. I think they used they had some statistics about how much you spend on candy to. It's just insane. Yeah. Isn't it like the average family's like seventy eight dollars on candy so much money on candy that I can get behind. Oh, people are going to spend two point six billion dollars on candy. That's amazing. Damn damn y'all better. Floss question about Halloween and me this is about me. So I'm at the point where like I've had so many ideas about how the I'm feeling. Analysis process. I don't know what to do, and I'm going to a really cool Halloween dance party. And so like, I can't just like roll up looking like me. Right. So if you all could send some ideas that you think would be good for me that involve a lot of articles of clothing, I might already have around my house, that'd be cool. I think this calls for a Twitter poll Twitter poll or an Instagram. You do. Yes. Or knows. I should do. Now. I should do an Instagram fill in the blank. Yes. That's how you're going to solve it. Hold on. I'm writing this down. So that I don't forget to do. After this episode comes out because I'm like, I'm at the point where I'm like, should I be Lara Croft again because I have all the stuff for that costume, my favorite make at home costume is smarty pants. We put smarties all over your pants, and it's a pun. But then if you get hungry, you can eat your pants. Oh, man. And like you can you can give them to people. Yes. E- cost you. It's great make friends starter. Maybe get some seasonal de that way. She wants some of these candies off my pants Sepah. Just went right off the rail just off one round like. Fell off. I'll talk about more things. I completely unrelated news birkenstock is opening its first store in the United States. Oh, okay. Hippies. Rejoice. It's opening in SoHo and York City, probably right next door to the Amazon four-star New York City is going to turn into an amazingly weird resale wonderland more than it is already you've been able to buy birkenstocks in the US for over fifty years. But they've never had a standalone store. This is the first time that it's happening. They have stores and other areas, I think the have over forty different parts of the world, but they just have held off on opening one in the United States. They will sell shoes socks bags and belts along with their new skin care line. What's their skin care line? Ask them, you know questions. I do not know anything beyond that one line. It is insane. An amazing. I can't wait to see it. I was surprised they had belts in the told me about the skin care. Now. This is why brought it to the show. It's not necessarily because all excited about them. Opening up a brick and mortar the thing that I would like everybody. To keep in mind is that they did not play ball with Amazon two years ago. That and twenty sixteen they decided that they were not going to sell on the platform because Amazon was having too many problems with counterfeits they pulled the product they pulled and said, no third party sellers. If you see at their party seller, it's not from us because we're not even on the platform anymore. And people are wondering how they were going to do as a company by making that decision and they're doing just fine. Okay. They know their audience. They are okay. I'm into it. And they're not even just okay. They're expanding new ways they're on their own path. The giant without the giant. Speaking of another giant LVMH Louis Vuitton Hennessy is resurrecting. The gene pets ho brand. After more than thirty quiet, quite almost secretive years. John pets was one of the most influential Katori as in Paris in the nineteen twenties often known as a rival of cook. Oh chanel. It was best explained over at the fashion law that the late designer is known for radicalizing the flapper look in the thirties by lengthening, the skirt. He designed sportswear for women and invented knitted, swimwear and the tennis Kirk. Ooh, pretty legendary here when patio died in nineteen thirty six of Riecke designers took over including Karl Lagerfeld. John Paul got ta and Christian la- Kwa, but Petros label has been dormant since nineteen eighty-seven. So last year Sydney toll Donna chair and CEO of LVMH fashion group was named chair of the John toe board which still existed and then last month. It was revealed that LVMH is putting considerable person power and cash behind the pats label because they did a stealth acquisition over the summer and bought the thing who snicker snicker so LVMH now owns the name, the intellectual property and. The archives for John. Oh my gosh. That's amazing. Yeah. The revamped line is expected to debut next year. Hold onto your hats. I wonder if they're going to the archives and do align based on the archives. God, I hope so that would be so exciting. This is really cool because I think if there's any big conglomerate that can do it and do it. Well, it's going to be it's going to be LVMH. They have the resources. They also have the talent. They have the checkbook that could back it up. LVMH offered me a job at probably ticket. Do you think discounts on champion? Sure. Yes. They have a company store where you can go and buy stuff it's called LVMH four star. And you can walk in. No, I don't know. We'll just take your paycheck and deposited directly into this cash. Register and goodbye, we gotta we gotta talk about NAFTA everyone. It's talk about NAFTA NAFTA NAFTA. But it's not NAFTA. Thus the headline great headline. That's all the clicks. Nafta stands for the North American Free trade agreement. It was an agreement that happened in the nineteen ninety s between Mexico the United States and Canada that mid to lower tariffs between the three nations. So that happened in the nineteen ninety s then this week happened. This. It's called the United States Mexico Canada agreement or U S M C A. Doesn't doesn't have a ring to it as? Assumpta? Why are we fashioned people follow the stories because Mexico is a big export of peril to trying to see what was going to happen to that apparel. And that supply chain between the three countries congress still needs to ratify it and the three countries need to actually sign it. And they're expected to do so by November. But the big thing of note is that the textile supply chain is going to remain intact business beneficial to Mexico's garment industry, and the national retail federation said that they approved of this. It's a good move. I know is that my boyfriend Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was like a great day for Canada. I was like. Yeah. I don't know if it's good or not. I mean, the bigger implications with this is really with automative industry where we're not exactly expense on that. So and Kearns just like regretting that she walked in the most she just wants to backtrack and be like an let's talk about this next week. You know? So some people are like this is good. I want to see how it plays out. I still don't know how I feel about what happened with NAFTA to be honest with you. I don't part of me thinks that good things came out of it. And part of me is like that's how we got fast fashion. That's how we got into this mess. Right. It's a mixed back. I just glad that we came to some sort of agreement. I don't care if it's under a new name, if our three countries are somewhat working together that makes me happy have friends somewhere this point. It's also it's just repackaged. It's put it for sale on Amazon four-star. Yeah. It's like with anything with the government right now. Like, I have to hold it arm's length and look at it with my eyes half closed for a little while. Because if I react immediately with my first reaction is going to be anger. And so, you know, I just got a set it aside for a minute look at some pictures of kittens, and maybe come back to later and see that there may be some good things that come about. Because of that, I feel more hopeful than I did when it was just a number of weeks ago when you were and I were talking about how the US was thinking about making its own deal with Mexico and a separate deal with Canada that shit was gonna be messy. And so at least the three countries are making one deal to get there. Yeah. We are connected to them. I am hopeful. That's the end of fashion is moving onto listed letters. Oh, yes. Oh kay. This. First letter is from Selena who wrote in about an article she read on hype beast about these simplification of fashion logos to basically plain old Texan boring shit. Which is my words not hers. We're thinking for Barry Balenciaga selene the Saint Laurent logo all those. And she says hi ladies thought, you might find this interesting in the realm of fashion, branding and identity working as a professional graphic designer. I find this idea one I struggle to agree with or not that the heritage of the brand is being diminished by eliminating the characteristic qualities of the founders original logo. This sterilizing of the logo allows the new creative directors to use the rebranded label and their own identity to become synonymous as one I get like, creative directors would wanna make sure they align their own personal identity to wherever they work consistent, personal branding makes sense. But at the expense of a racing. Other particularly the founder of a label. Seems ill advised to me I will say working in the digital realm. That simplified logos are all rage in every industry. Just look at Starbucks when they removed the logo tight from the branding and just started using them army logo alone. There's a reason for this. It's more legible and flexible to every size and dimension of screen or other outlets. I'm just not sure if removing accent off the in selene served any purpose other than for the ego of the new creative director, it was already legible and a fairly flexible logo to use on most outputs anyways curious to hear your thoughts on this topic. I have a feeling this trend will continue to occur Selena. I think you're correct that we are seeing a trend with this song, Sarah sort of oversimplified logo. I think that's gonna is waxing. It will Wayne. Yeah. Let's the thing. When all this happens at the same time it dates it fifteen years from now, we're gonna look back and be like that. It was so 2017 twenty eighteen dates that because everything goes through cycles, I'm kind of fuddy-duddy at I like the idea of staying with the logo for the long term for the most part, or let's just not change it just because somebody thinks about it. I think things have to evolve. And there's room for play. What happens is if the logo change is like with the liens, the accident is off you'll be able to know the designers work by what the logo looks like which may be as the point. So again, twenty years from now, you can look back and be like did it have an accident or not I know about how date the object because it's the stamp of their particular designer the selene one I think is the one that set people over the edge because it was one small change with a huge announcement. Very true. That's a great way to put it. Yeah. Selena. Thank you for that note. I am always fascinated by what raft designers think when they write in me to write in. Yeah. Okay. This next one is from anonymous who says hi KARN. Lisa. I wanna start off by saying. I love the podcast, and it's always been one of my favorites. Currently I'm in need of some style advice. And I hope you can both help me out. I've gone from a size to to a size twelve after having my some three years ago for longtime. I kept telling myself, I would lose the weight. However, I've gone through major surgery about ten months ago, and my son will soon be getting a corrective surgery for a birth defect. He has I had a heart to heart with myself when I found out about the surgeries and officially gave up on feeling bad about not being back in my old clothes, I realized I was a working newly separated mom and trying to shame or hide myself into the background wasted too much of my energy and time my size. Is will never be as important as my son or my health. Now, the things are nearly back to normal. I've decided to embrace my body and start from scratch hurry for having boobs in a booty. Now, this whole time I had called the clothes that fit me. My temporary close in reality. These clothes of never fit me. Well, we're either given to me my family members or by bottom clearance at forever twenty one because I never thought I would stay at this wait long enough to release spend on anything that felt or fit better. I'm finally ready to invest in a capsule wardrobe, but I don't know where to start. I don't even know what my personal style is anymore. I'm quickly approaching thirty and live in the Silicon Valley, my work clothes and casual clothes are one in the same as I don't have to get dressed up for work knowing this what should a capsule wardrobe look like for me, why should I splurge on? And what should I save on? Should I buy a little out of time or most things in one weekend trip? I don't have a strict budget. But I wonder what I should expect to pay for quality pieces sites. Along one any advice? You have for me is greatly appreciated. Thank you both. I am so excited for you. Because you are about to have a lot of fun. Ooh. This is I understand that the challenge of going into this shopping trip. But at the same time, I'm really excited for this listener like this is this is cool and back in my styling days your story. I heard it repeated with clients a lot of version of it meeting. I was once once is now I'm another I'm starting over. So what do I do? So you're not alone. You're I'm really really happy to that. You let go of that shame that you're talking about. Thank god. I'm so excited for you. You're at a great place to have a wonderful adventure now because you're kind of starting from scratch you start from building one piece of advice. I would give you is not to do your entire wardrobe buying all one trip same because if you do your wardrobe is gonna be dated because it's all going to look like came from the same season the same year. So you need to buy some clothes that that do the job and that do it right away. So you. Have something that you can wear to work that you feel comfortable in that you'd feel happy in. But you don't want to go and just blow a ton of money right now. So one thing I would recommend that you sign up for a subscription box service. You were going gonna have so much fun because you're starting to you like you said it's not just about getting the correct size. It's really about rediscovering who you are a particular way and asked to do with style. And so a subscription box service means that you will try on a bunch of different stuff where bunch of different stuff. But if you make a mistake, you haven't invested hundreds of dollars into a piece you've borrowed it, and you can return it. But if you find something that you really like you can keep it and pay for it with your American dollars. It'll give you some chances to play and start to discover what you actually like I've more advice, but I'm going to turn it over to Lisa now. I think that's a great idea because the thing with this shopping adventure is that if you don't spread it out, you're gonna get so frustrated. Because you're going to try something on and say, oh, it doesn't say. Well, it looks horrible. It's terrible. And then it's just going to it's going to be like a boiling pot of water that you left on the stove too long. It's just like boiling over you're just gonna get frustrated. So you have to spread it out for your own sanity. But the way you do that can be up to you like maybe you need some basics to like get you through the next couple of weeks. And so maybe you go to Macy's and by like black pants and like find bare black pants and a sweater. Right. And so you have like something to start with and then you can start building by doing subscription boxes or doing, you know. Trying one of the ecommerce companies that does the try before you buy box where they put together something for you. Or you can select items child at home like Amazon wardrobe. So I think that is a really good tip. I also would say to do some thinking whether it's on Pinterest or just flipping through magazines. But like what you really wanna be wearing every day because maybe you have stuff that you fall back on all the time. Like, what's the statistic that we only wear like twenty percent of what's in our closet, or whatever. So like really think about what you're wearing now. And even if those items don't fit or flatter think about like what you wanna be wearing. I I wanna work pants all the time. Right. So I do I keep looking at skirts when I'm shopping like just think think about it think about it sensibly, and like don't try to run away from where you're naturally drifting too. If you wanna get specific about items, I think getting a pair of jeans and a dark wash a v neck sweater. If you wanna start. With black because we'll go with everything then go into different colors later on a blazer that fits really, well, and a white t shirt and black pants. That's another one that you mentioned. I think is good. It's very simple. But what you'll do is you'll start to build from that. So start very simple and expand. Yeah. And in terms of price, it really depends on your budget. I mean, if you do something like stitch fix you're going to be looking at probably forty eight to eight for everything that comes in that box. I feel like is the the typical for them. If you're looking at some dressier stuff, you might be looking at one hundred two hundred dollars a piece it depends on where you shop. There's a wide range of what you can consider quality. And so I think the most important thing is going to be to experiment with different brands and see what really stands out to you because you'll you'll know quality when you see it an easy way to determine if it's worth the price is turned the garment inside out look at the stitching if the stitching is a mess by according. Early mini like if you turn it inside out and the stitching is impeccable. It's really beautifully done. It's even because not a bunch strings hanging everywhere. And it's a piece that you really like a hundred dollars. It's probably worth one hundred dollars. But if you turn it inside out, and it's priced two hundred dollars free could fall apart on you don't buy it, get monocle and look closely. Yeah. You don't have to be an expert at sewing. You can see it could determine it. Yeah. Bring agrees. That's the end of our listener letters if this week you wanna get in touch with us, if you wanna send us a letter, you can go to pop fashion podcast dot com. You can find on Twitter at just pop fashion. You could go to Instagram and find us at pop fashion podcast. Lisa. What is your one good thing this week? It's one of my favorite times of the year. Not because it's Tober pumpkin spice seasonal d all my God. Sabrina sabrina. Why are you on the table right now? I can't I can't talk. She's a black cat crossing path. She's like a lot over here shoulder. You can stay. So it's one of my favorite times of year as I was saying and that is the start of recreational shuffleboard season. If you are new to the show, you may just be learning that I play on shelf aboard wreck league on Wednesday nights in the fall. And in the winter and in the spring, and is some of my favorite nights like my favorite night of the week shuffleboard night. Because while I am terrible at shuffleboard. I am good at standing around, and drinking, and it isn't activity where if you have a beer in one hand shuffleboard Q in the other. You can't be touching your phone. And that's why I like it because it gets me outside and some of the best Florida weather all year with people who are really fun playing a sport. That is so different from anything. You see on TV and it's just so enjoyable it is my happy place and don't laugh because it's like when I was twenty two playing kickball and at thirty two I am playing shuffleboard. And I just I'm so excited that the season is back. I'm excited for you. That's in so fun punk. You'll thank you. Thank you. It's full. We won one out of six last week. So we're starting strong. Real strong. What's your one thing? My one thing this week is our listeners, Stephen. Because I was on the website. I was doing research about the selene show and everybody's hot dos on that. And I went on hype beast, and I saw his face because a long run down article about the show they picked out his quote from Twitter and put it in their article. It made me so happy to find. So stephen. Stevens been listening to the show for a long time since like early on. And we've been conversations both Leeson I together and separately. Just because he's just an awesome person. And we've been following his career and his writing about fashion. It was just really great to do research on fashion and see somebody that we know talking about fashion. It was so much fun. That is so delightful. I always love when I run across them when I know on those roundups, and it doesn't happen a lot just so you know, you can see some of his fantastic fashion. Writing on runway court of opinion, the web address is runway court of opinion dot WordPress dot com, and you could see all his amazing selene coverage and what he thinks feels about it. So I was so happy I saw his name and I saw his face, and I started like jumping up and down. It's such a win. I just want. Everybody to have winds. I'm so excited. Always do is win. No matter what except for shuffleboard games. But you still win because you're still having fun, right? Stephen. Steve. Now, the show has a Stephen that. I can just yell about. You guys take care of yourselves this week until next time. That he. Yeah. Hey brianna. Hey, what are you doing? Bringing. Do you have to say nothing? Do. That's the thing. You come up here. You get stage fright. After Bella runs up.

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