Matt Rhule is head coach of the Carolina Panthers


Google who is the coach of the Carolina Panthers Role is head coach of the Carolina. Panthers Damn writing is Google Jason Talk Soon. Hello Welcome to the inaugural twenty twenty. Keep sounding podcast coming right off. The News of the panthers finally hiring a new head coach. After how many years of Ron Rivera here we are. It's twenty twenty. It's a new year. It's a new US John. How are you doing this evening? I'm fabulous Brian rates. How're you I would say that I rule right now I was one I was thinking if there is a lady ed in there but yeah 'cause I rule Brad how are you? I'm great good good so I guess to really. There's no the real way to enter this without talking about the new head coach. We just found out about. Obviously Ron Rivera was fired. At the end of the season we are talking. Talked about that in our last podcast and we took a little hiatus. Because I think we all kind of leaders are sanity for the holidays and it wasn't like it was any different with will greer in there with instead of Kyle Allen like the panthers still suck they still there. Rush Defense still sucked. Coaching still sucked at mad. At Ron wasn't awesome here settled pick. Anybody would have listened to podcasts over the last like four weeks of the season just because it was the exact same thing every week and it was meaningless and it was extra meaningless because every knowing L. A.. Coaching Staff is going to be gone. So it's not like there's like. Oh let's see what kind of like young guys are to build off of because the main ones like yeah. I mean the only thing that we could have talked about positive would have been Christian. McCaffrey J. Mortgage and yeah. Yeah that's pretty much all we've talked about. Yeah Yeah and I know that there have been times in our in our times as the podcast where we've been a little repetitive. Headed of talking about things but it literally would have been no different from week to week because the panthers run defense suck. They couldn't do anything other than get the ball to Christian. McCaffrey their quarterbacks ex-workers and so it is to the colts because we gave up to punt return touchdowns. Yeah that was a new one. We could've bitched about that for a while but I apologize because if you did want to listen to US pitch about the panthers I I do apologize but it got to a point. Wait where we message each other and be like. Hey we want to do podcasts. And just wouldn't work out schedule wise and even that. I don't think any of US really willing to push our schedules for seeing our loved ones friends and family talk about. How much Kyle Allen Sucks each week? So we'll talk about. How much will greer sucks to different? That's true but it's it's a new year. It's a new US and the panthers went into the off season. They interviewed a ton of candidates. It was actually kind of Nice to see them be a little little reserved with how they went about things. They interviewed Mike. McCarthy several times interviewed Eric Enemy. Several Times I don't know how many times times they interviewed rule. I missed one once yet. One just life changing interview with Flo throw funny. You say that went to his house. Like that's servers Jerry Jones. Yeah Yeah I'm not GonNa make a sexual Tom So I will say that I remember. I saw reading somewhere that David tepper decided halfway through the interview that he was going to hire role yes. He told the local media that today that he in the middle of the interview it went from a job interview interview to a planning session. On how to recruit coaches and medical staff and training staff than analysts and and etcetera era and it became it was no longer a job interview. It was as he called a planning session and that he knew halfway through that that's who he wanted on it that he went from being a candidate to the candidate within however many hours they were. They're not GONNA make sex. Joke connects you. Okay I can understand why though because here in like the little snippets that popped up on twitter since this news broke. Merrill sounds exactly. Is that like what David tepper would create if you could go on a lab and create his ideal head coach. Yes he's got the he's all about toughness and he's got that old school like gritty mentality. But he's all about analytics as much as I hate that. We're all about using like height weight. Speed be athletic measurements to find prospects that might be under the radar. He's about sports science and development. And all this stuff that like it's like NBA coaches talk about a kind of use that analogy earlier today in the comments section but NFL thing. And I think one thing that encouraged me about the using measurements and stuff. It's not it's not necessarily that. They're going to say well this. This guy ran a four point three five forty and instead of four point three eight forty. We're GONNA draft him. He did one. He mentioned one thing that there was a guy when he was at Baylor that they all the other schools that were trying to recruit him wanted him to play offense Ab- line and they looked at his measurements and his his speed. And all that and they were like you know this guy would be perfect as a defensive Lineman so they recruited him and put put him on defense and he was one of their better players. So it's Kinda like at deal where you know. The combine has a guy that's slated as a a cornerback. But Matt Rule looks at him. He looks at his measurements. And says you know this guy would be much better as a safety so less draft him as a safety You know it's not necessarily just looking at like what has measurements Asia or it's looking at that. Plus what would he be better suited at playing even if it's not what he has played in the past or is supposed to play. I don't think bring that correctly but I going to say it's Kinda add onto that is like there's a difference between what like draft twitter and people do where they're like. This forty yard dash is unacceptable or acceptable or example. Yeah Yeah Yeah had one bedroom where there is. There is value in looking at athleticism as total attribute all of the drills in their totality. You just bad athlete that that's a problem. You have everything else. You can mess Roussin Golden as the easy example and and and that's where the this stuff comes in where if you have a certain measurements that profile better for different positions or whatever or to be used a certain certain way the seahawks are doing with decay metcalf yes. Three cone drill was terrible. Well then don't put him in a position to have to use that. Just take on the outside of the former on the nine routes and let him dominate corners. I mean and that's what he does you know. Throw the FE two from the twenty yard line. Fine I mean it's you don't have to excel at every drill to be draftable draft twitter. I guess to outline what Brad Johner getting into here for any of the people here who listen who aren't super keen on the draft or what goes into it essentially what it sounds like Carolina has gone after finally is someone who it takes the NFL athletes that are in in college and looks at what they could translate to in the NFL rather than what they can be right now. which is something that is an old school mindset of drafting because most of the time nowadays athletes who come out of college not nearly as ready as they would have been for the NFL back in the day not just because the NFL's more athletic not because it's not just because the NFL is more offensive driven now because there's just a lot more shit people can do these nowadays holidays so and I'm GonNa go ahead and tell you now when you're if you're listening to this when when you're in the draft process don't even think about falling in love with prospects unless there? Brian Burns you know especially after about the second or third round. We're going to draft some crazy. We asked people that you never would have thought. And at first you're going to be like But it's it's not GonNa be ah like Edmund. Could Bela like somebody you've never heard of but we're going to draft like a really fast linebacker from you know North West Illinois Illinois tech or something and you're gonNA at first you're gonNA be like who in the hell is that guy but just let it play out give it a chance and let it. Let's see what the results are before we get mad. I think a lot of the stuff he says it's tied into basketball again. Sorry don't follow basketball but the Hornets new New head coach is in the second year. James Borrego I see a lot of parallels in the things. They say not terms of like instilling a culture and and then using a certain and methodology to to grow players and like melda system around the talents of their players. And if anybody does if he has no position the Hornets majorly over achieving this year with much young players that are rapidly getting better. They can't inc right. There's there's there's good and bad in that but I I think that's kind of what. The optimistic outlook on on rule is is that guys are gonNA come in here and there's GonNa be a system and they're all going to buy because he seems to be really good getting the kids to buy an hopefully that translates to older adults and those plug into the system will be used in a way that bets vis their ability as opposed goes to having a rigid system in place and trying to plug in players there whether it fits their talent or not. Yeah the good news is is. You're not gonNA see Eric Reed covering wide receivers like Micheal Thomas deep down the field anymore. Because you know he can't really do that The Good News is that Colin Jones. We'll probably get a shot at running back after do that. You know up because I mean I'm sure he saw the fake punt. I'm sure he saw how he fought for that yards on the job. I mean come on the athletes. Exactly he wants speed. And what does Colin Jones have. He has speed that's always got but he's got aspect but you know there. There is a fear that his his tactics and his methods will not work with grown men who have millions of dollars and that it. It only works with impressionable college kids but there is also the thought that if they're winning it doesn't matter and he signed a seven year contract so he's going to get a couple of years years to rebuild from the ground up like David Tepper said he wants Matt Rule to be like Chuck Knoll was for the steelers where F even after he leaves. We continue being a winning franchise so I don't think he's GonNa get fired if the panthers go six and ten next exchanger probably why he turned down. The the Cleveland interview that allegedly offered him an interview and he turned it now so I do remember him saying that before the whole process even started that he wasn't GonNa really like jumped the to the NFL the perfect opportunity presented itself and end despite the National Media Ranking The the head coaching vacancies and being L. Carolina's like number three. I mean this is a a good place to be for a new head coach especially when we have. We have elite talent on both sides and it Cam Newton comes back healthy. We have even more elite talent. We have the number seven. Picking the draft We have we have the richest owner in the league. WHO's willing to invest? I mean he's putting in his own money where his mouth is the fact that I did before. I don't want to forget about this but when I heard that temper wanted to bring along the sports science division because of rule or like four rule to come in I was like this guy's committed to the students see eye on things which is exactly which is really refreshing and I'm sure John is over there like cream and his pants right now from the analytic side of it I like analytics to science is cool cool. I think I think we have a chance to be unique in that regard dealing with before in the Mail on our team practicing in a ballroom because it was raining. It could historically lead to a top offense with like a historically worse rush defense this year. But you know it's fine. Yeah but we could in fifty one to forty nine. That still a win. That's true and that's fun and it's Fallen Bring College College football to the NFL. I'm into that one thing about about David tepper while we're talking about him and his investment. I don't understand people who were mad about how much he's paying that I've seen that criticism online on twitter on CSSR and other play. I don't understand it because number one one. You're not paying a dime. It's not our money we don't we don't have to pay number two. It doesn't count against the salary cap. It's not not GonNa Affect Complex. It's not GonNa Affect Free Agency. It's not gonNA affect any of that. David tepper could give that rule three billion dollars if he wanted to do. There's no rules against paying coaches. You can pay them whatever you want however long you want I mean the raiders gave Jon Gruden a ten year one hundred million dollar our contract. That's perfectly fine you know. There's there's no rule against it so we didn't break a rule no pun intended there legitimately. No we got we got. We got a rule. We we don't pay for it out of pocket. I don't think he's going to raise ticket prices to cover the cost cost. He might but probably not until we're winning so he can justify it by winning. And it's David peppers money. And he spent seventy million of his nine billion dollars in reserves so all he cares about is investing in it to to to make to make this a winning program. And it's like it. It's like you spending an extra five dollars at starbucks tomorrow. I mean that's that's it's the scale we're talking about here and it's probably not even that great. It's more like you spending an extra dollar seventy five at starbucks tomorrow. So if you're only complaint is how much money involved don't worry about it because it doesn't affect us. It doesn't affect anyone and I've heard or seen the complaint complaint that will it sets a new market for head coaches who cares you know unless until coaches salaries become part of the salary cap. It doesn't don't matter. It's whatever owner is willing to pay whatever amount and if David peppers willing to pay seventy million dollars potentially seventy million dollars dollars over seven years. That doesn't mean that Jimmy has lem is willing to do that. That doesn't mean that Jeffrey Lurie is willing to do that in Philadelphia. That doesn't mean the Mars are willing to do that. That doesn't mean Robert Kraft is willing to do that. That just means that David Tepper is willing to do it. So who cares. There's no reason in as a fan to care about what the coaches salaries even if it does raise the market price of coaches like one. We have a coach. We are right. That doesn't affect US right now. And if it affects down the line again it doesn't matter because it doesn't for the same reasons it doesn't matter now. The only way the only way it matters is twofold if is if a it becomes part of the salary our cap which will never happen the owners will never let it happen or be if David tepper runs out of money like that's the only and we have to foot the bill like that's the only thing that ever could matter who cares how much money he makes. I agree. I mean it's just stupid. The stupid thing to even be angry about yeah. I'm angry about other stuff like he's never been an NFL head coach. He only won at Baylor Temple. Big Deal things like that. Fine go for it. But don't be mad about his salary. I want to get back on a couple of things about that rule in to answer something you said earlier about the criticism are the hesitancy about Dunin college work in the NFL. I think that's a lazy like complain. I guess are lazy. Knock against him. Because it's just like like a automatically can't use the same methods on. I can see that for guys like Jim. Harbaugh for Nick Types. That are really hard on their guys and a really you know run into the ground demand respect all that stuff. But if it's like the Ron Rivera for example he does works with adults and would work with college. Kids and Matt Seems to be more better. Davos yeah sorry I'm I'm Jillian. Weinberger hosted the impact podcast from. Vox about how powerful people affect the rest of us this season. We're looking at the big ideas from all the people running for president. In Two thousand twenty hip this opioid crisis head on public option. move away from fossil fuel energy efficiency and it's GonNa be a Great Wall that is going work. A lot of those ideas have actually been tried before like that. Wall trump wants to build the gallon. Arizona has had one on its border for decades breath. I don't understand why individual people have a right to have a fence and yet a country can't and Senator Warren's proposal to the OPIOID crisis it's based on what we did to fight the AIDS epidemic. We would like to name it the Ryan White Care Act and the green new deal. Germany tried something similar in two thousand. This solution this season on the impact. We have those stories. How the big ideas from twenty me? Twenty candidates worked or didn't work and other places or at other times. These are the stories that will help us understand what might happen if these proposals else get rolled out here in the next four years. Subscribe to the impact on Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP to get new episodes now the other main my only concern right now honestly it and I think rule is going to be fine. I don't think we're going to win the super bowl this year but I think that the process is going to provide results that we're going to be happy happy with. I think we're GONNA see improvement and it's not going to be stale which is probably the best part about this in the staleness. staleness that we've been through for the last three or four years. I mean it takes a lot out of your ability to care about watching the panthers like I have not given a shit about watching the panthers play football since the Super Bowl and some of that is because of injuries and players being important players players being hurt but a lot of that is. Because it's just like I'm watching the same movie over and over again and it's a shitty movie and nobody wants. I like watching like Avatar. The last heir bender on repeat like. Nobody wants to do that. Because it's Shitty and I I feel like there's there's GonNa be a change and we may go three and thirteen this year but I feel like it'll be more entertaining of a product and I care now you know I I said this on Ceus are two yesterday and I've only been doing this for the last three or four years because I get paid to do so that's been the only motivating factor I've had I haven't been into into it so to speak but right now I am. And that's that's a positive thing you know. I reserve the right to change my mind when we lose the first preseason game you know twenty one to three or whatever but for right now you know be happy. Happy be excited. You can be cautiously optimistic or pessimistic. That's fine but there's no reason to outright hate this like there's there's no reason for that. Yeah there's boundless possibility right now this isn't this isn't the same Ron Rivera product. They've been laying out for a long time This is David. Tappers attempt to move the franchise forward healthy skepticism make sense hating it right now. I mean you might've wanted somebody else's the off as the head coach but in the end they were GonNa go in a new direction. It was going to be somebody that was they were kind of. I'M NOT GONNA say swinging for the fences for but it was gonna be somebody where you're translating forward. It's not where you're taking somebody were. They were successful in the past in the NFL and hoping they can replicate that. This is happening. I never thought like really thought we were going to hire somebody like Mike McCarthy Carthy or Marvin Lewis or I did Joe Jason Garrett. I was scared that he would actually when he interviewed Mike McCarthy twice but when David Tepper said that he wanted someone young and forward thinking. I knew that that pretty much ruled out. Guys like Mike McCarthy now I will not lie I I was afraid that he was GonNa do it but I met. Rule isn't even the guy I wanted. At least he wasn't first on my list. He was second on my list. I wanted Eric B enemy and you know I'm fine with not hiring eric the enemy but I do think he deserves to be a head coach and I hope that someone one hires him. But I'm not gonNA knock this higher too much until I have more information because like we don't even know who the coordinators are yet. He hasn't even. He hasn't even hired his staff yet. That's a good segue Brian by the way Bill Bill. Vote seems to think that it's going to be. It's very exciting staffer. He's excited about it or he's acting like he's excited about it. I have reservations about that. But yeah yeah we'll see I mean mm-hmm so looking at the staff obviously offensive coordinator while they could go in and get guy like Jason Garrett for example in the end it doesn't really matter because Jason Garrett is apparently being hard by the giants by the way busy after they just to be offensive coordinator or talk about the giants along with with Washington about when is like the pay. There's hired heard Matt rule and then it was like immediately was like. Oh yeah well. We didn't want him anyway. We wanted to this other higher. Who can we hire now? Oh the Patriots. Wide receivers coach. Come on down go ahead John Tell us about it. It was pretty much it. I bring it up the they like. It seems 'cause everybody especially in the New York media was like yes. The Wind Matt rule gets hired as the giants head coach. This is what's going to happen and this is what he's going to bring to the table not in and the best part about it is is apparently when David tepper offered him the contract he called the giants and Said Hey David tepper just offered me this contract. All you have to do is give me the exact same contract Andrei and I will work for you instead and they told him no. He didn't say you need to do better than this. This at a year at ten million dollars give me vice president of whatever no he said I want the exact same deal from you and I'll take the job with you instead. And they said No. And then they hired the Patriots Wide Receiver Slash special teams coach and allegedly Jason Garrett. My favorite thing about it is how fast like it was like. It was supposed to be the guy all along and then it took them. What like two hours after the reports came out to be like nope Joe Judge? That's a guy in our guy. Who is that Matt Rule Guy? We didn't want him and it's I don't know maybe just because I'm conditioned into root against the giants and Dave gettleman and stuff but it seemed like a panic or like a saving face like if we have to hurry up and announce guy fast fast or else it's going to make it look like we already had somebody else in mind anyway so it doesn't look like we missed out. Yeah Anyway Anyway. We're going to talk about the staff or who he has wanted on the staff. I think we should because it's important Brian I know you want a certain defensive coordinator that a lot a lot of people on CSSR and a lot of panthers fans do not want for reasons. I will never understand but I want. I Want Wade Phillips. Because he's not want Wade Phillips there apparently Phillips which it doesn't make sense to me why they wouldn't like you just hired. I heard a head coach. Who is like new to the NFL? Essentially as a head coach I know he's had experienced all over as positions coach but he is a new head head coach. The offense coordinator in all likelihood is going to be somebody else who's young without a lot of experience So why wouldn't can you bring in a guy to be or defensive coordinator who has head coaching experience. Who doesn't want anything else out of the defensive coordinator and who beat the shit out of your team for years ago in the in the Super Bowl and cost you? What would have been one of the best seasons of all time just like what come on? Now I'd be fine orient or like pounding the table for anything but if we highway Phillips I'll probably be like go. I'm excited about this. I agree with Brian Ryan. I Want Wade Phillips if we're going to stay with the three four defensive alignment and get the most out of Brian Burns that we spent a first round round draft. Pick on White Phillips is perfect for that I don't understand why you don't want Phillips. Just because he was was the defensive coordinator during the Super Bowl that we lost that sounds like bitterness and sore loser as he coached the bad game. Yeah as if he's he. He's the reason they won the game. Like if Wade Phillips were our defensive coordinator we would have won the super bowl that year. also also if anyone other than Ron Rivera Warr head coach we might have still had a shot because we could have adjusted to what he was doing. Maybe McDermott area But you know Wade. Phillips is a respected name in the NFL. He knows what he's doing he has. He's a great defensive coordinator. He's a Shitty head coach and he knows that he's the North Turner of defense like he knows he's a terrible head coach But he's a good coordinator and I think that he would be a good higher Speculation is that Matt rule is going to bring Phil Snow with him from Baylor Taylor. I wouldn't hate that either. I would not prefer it just because he's never done it in in the NFL. Yes Baylor's defense was good if you compare pair it to the rest of their conference in the big twelve and John. I think you shared this earlier today. They average what was in one thousand nine points a game yet allowed nineteen points a game which is else there. Total in which it's good for. It's very good for the big twelve and also like somewhere. It was not like elite but it was a top twenty ish twenty five and the Guy Giving up nineteen points in a game in the big twelve is like the two thousand Ravens level defense. Yeah because I mean those big twelve twelve scores are like fifty one to fifty eight like frequently and you know I. I don't think it would be the worst higher like it's not. It's not like bringing an Eric Washington or keeping Eric Washington. So I think I would prefer somebody like Wade Phillips but I wouldn't be mad if fills no. I think I could get on board with a full all snow if they brought in someone to be like a positional or assistant head coach who was a former defensive coordinator like yeah like Steve Wills can come back and coach the secondary Mary again. I mean I know I know people are going to hate. People are GonNa hate this suggestion but like if they if they kept Perry fuel on for example. I don't think they would do that because it would be awkward. No we we should do that at I hate that. Yeah but like I think. What's it's lost on people and something that the panthers actually did this past off season was they brought in guys with former head? Coaching experience now. Granted they already have Ron Rivera. So it wasn't like these guys are GonNa change their philosophies that much but when you have a younger guy who isn't experienced with this you bring in guys who who you can take some of that that Stress off of where you can you know. Move responsibilities lease around where he doesn't have to focus as much on being the the Ron Rivera of the of the entire staff where he can focus on what he's good at. It makes sense to bring in guys who are positional coaches elsewhere. Who have that experience the NFL Higher Defensive Coordinator? And you're probably gonNA laugh at this. Until until I tell you why Marvin Lewis wouldn't hate that. Marvin Lewis was the Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator from nineteen eighteen. Ninety six to two thousand one. He just couldn't leave the bengals to shit but he was never. He's not a head coach coach. Yeah he was never horrible for them now. He can see north with the bengals more than once. He went to the playoffs. Like eight or nine times times. Yes he lost in the first round every time but that's the way life goes sometimes They went to the playoffs five years in a row. He did this in Cincinnati by the way Which is in the same division is Pittsburgh and Baltimore? That's an accomplishment and Cleveland. Don't forget about them. Well well they were competing for the playoffs but you know don't ever hate on Hoyer the destroyer the that is right but I think Marvin Louis be a good defensive coordinator currently a special advisor for her Arizona State and I I mean he's not working in the NFL right now so yeah I just worry that a guy like that is like it's like I have preferred to see David tepper throw like a million years ago. I would prefer to see David. tepper take the so. Do you guys remember when David was talking about Prior to firing Ron Rivera. WHO's talking about bringing in like a ton of different people and and like letting them all work together when it came to like scouting where it was like a bunch of different names in the room to talk about things and come to conclusions together? I almost kind Kinda Wanna see him bring in like a younger defensive coordinator like him be like the face like this is the order. This is the panthers defensive coordinator Google Guy but bring in like an assistant like a veteran dude. And they essentially be co defensive coordinators for a guy like Matt rule where. It's not like he's going to be coaching. The defense so filled with marvelous windows specialists exactly the defensive with regional manager or Wade Phillips or fill snow and Steve Steve Wilks or you get the point but I feel snow. Will you behind that. I can anybody for Monitor's coaching tree here anymore. We need they get all of that out here but how much. How much is I don't want to get on with this? But how much is Steve. Wilks you you know what I guess he was there with. Ron and San Diego is the bombs that doesn't it meant. Yeah you're right okay. Well Yeah I mean. I think that I am really really excited to see what they do with the defensive coordinator hunt because I liked how I liked how they did the head. Coaching and I feel like rule is going to bring that same way of going about things and I think the David temporal be involved there too so I feel like we're going to see several stories of people getting interviewed where it's not gonna be like. Oh this guy by default is coming in like you know when Ron Rivera went to Washington brought in every fucking coordinator ever had so out. Yeah we could. We talk about that. I want to talk about that thing. At the giants in the end watch Rod- Very Safran. His the failed last couple year Carolina. Coordinators what what panthers. It does matter. I don't know who it would be though. I mean I don't well it's that it's Sean Ryan. Yeah the line. Health coach lead the Lions quarterbacks coach. He was also new. New York's wide receivers coach in Odell Beckham Junior's rookie year. And he was the Texans quarterbacks coach into Shawn Watson's rookie year song resume and so strong resume and he didn't stick around longer though Well he you old he would left. mcadoo got fired. He left he leading your got fired. And then I don't know why he went from they tax ends to the lions but he might have gotten like an extra promotion or whatever. The ones do better quarterback Shawn Watson. Maybe that maybe. That's that is patently shirt. But Okay I WANNA on forty minutes into the show where it's very appropriate. But I think in general it looks like candidates resumes in their current positions when deciding whether or not they'll be good in a new position and it doesn't make any sense like people are talking about like when we were interviewing the enemy where it's like. Oh this is how much of the offense is his. It doesn't really matter matter. 'CAUSE we're not hiring us to be an offensive coordinator to be a head coach. It's a different job in Andy. Reid said he's he's ready to be a head coach. Andy Reid is is one of the probably four best head. Coach is currently employed in the league and a top ten coach. The last twenty five years he knows talking about and it hurts me. Say them because I hate Andy Reid. But he knows what he's talking about and then like with The guy from Detroit that I can't remember his name but it's like his resumes good but then it's like oh but he's at the lions lions offense wasn't good that you this year. Our backup quarterbacks weren't good and it's like but he's we're I'm not asking him to come in here and quarterbacks better asking him to come in here and like run an offense like the best way without actually having them in in that current job or anything else like that the best way to get a feel for how good they'll be their job is to sit down and talk to them and interview ask about their philosophy. We don't really guessing. Yeah exactly we're we're we're guessing based on their past production which which honestly Ryan does have the fact that Matthew Stafford was pretty fucking good this year before he got hurt so he was having a career year hurt. I mean he he. He's Kinda like like Andy. Reed's coaching tree. It seems like wherever he goes. He's successful and I think if you you can be successful in more than one place. Then you're probably successful like there's a chance that you're pretty good at what you do. That's the only unreal counterpoint. There is to John's point which is correct. I'm not going to say the wrong John but the the only thing you can look at outside of like sitting down with them and talking with them is how productive. They've been at the job. They were given where they work directly responsible or indirectly responsible for two of the greatest this rookie seasons. We've seen in the last fifteen years. Yup with O B J and into Shawn Watson. So I mean it's it wouldn't be the worst higher now certainly not an honestly an upgraded offensive coordinator is somebody who doesn't call a power trap on first and ten on the first play of the game every God damn time plus sometimes you have to remember the two that some of the best offensive coordinators. Come from places where you wouldn't expect them to. I guess like a good example. ZAMPA Byron left which for the buccaneers yet. Another good example His name is escaping me but the cowboys offense coordinator from this past season Calvin more. Yeah Kellyn more like those. Were just two guys who were really worth a whole lot like it kind of becomes your all your head coaches ability to scout talent at that point and I wouldn't be surprised for him to see him higher like I. I don't know Jimmy Clausen to be his offense coordinator like as much as everyone would probably be like what the fuck with that. Belykh a former quarterback to work with the offensive offensive coordinator or I should say a head coach. Who has an offense background? I wouldn't hate that. You Imagine Jimmy Clausen Being Cam Newton's offensive coordinator. Just imagine those two shitting shitting on the sideline thing ever Cam. Newton is ridiculous hat with Jimmy Clausen in like coaching outfit. Likes going over. Plays on a fucking tablet like my God. I would pay money to see that. That would be great. I mean a bit. It would work. They would. I mean he fits the profile of the guys. Brian's named of like washed up quarterbacks that were like not to do I mean those you can't do teach and he could not do remember sued each just because those quarterbacks were bad doesn't mean they don't understand the game is is nine thousand six hundred ten. The best coaches are the ones that were either mediocre or bad as players. Yeah because there's like an element of you had to overcome overcome like athletic limits not limitations but disadvantages compared to competition. And you could rely on story like Steve Kerr was is a three point specialist literally the only thing he can do. He's a good coach. Michael Jordan would be a terrible coach because it tell them as just go out there and dominate this. Go Be Michael Jordan. Just go do it. I have about hard fun. Random bit we can end the show with unless you wanted to discuss anything else. John Wants to talk about the Washington and giants hires because we deserve to ridicule them. Let's hired I. I know he hired today or yesterday. He's hired Scott Turner as offensive coordinator which was funniest shit. He hired John Mattes. Go and Ryan Enver million too because we did such a good job staying healthy having a god. I'm telling you I said this in our threat I'm saying the podcast to you can market down are injured quote unquote injury. Luck is going to get better. Hopefully the very least we stop having. The recurrence of injuries is that we had seemed to be plagued by. I swear I genuinely believed that Ryan for millions. Method of treating injuries was beat. The shit out of them while they in a hospital bed he also hired a gym hustler or wide receivers coach from the panthers so that actually kind of bums me out because he was seen he seemed to be getting the best out of some of our wideouts been. Jacobs is going up there as well. No Ben Jacobs. Wow Oh wow. He's on Becker coach. Steve Russ is going up there every assistant that he added. Jeff Ron's just basically being like fuck you tapper. My staff was fine. Yeah exactly what he's doing like. Yeah Probably Higher Richard Rodgers as yet. No I mean it's understood that he's going to get a job. There is just a matter the upset of of the decade if Richard Richard Rogers and my favorite thing is he's probably GonNa wait until he only has one spot left. It's going to be something random as hell like nothing offensive line assistant or some shit. I have nothing to do with what Richard Rogers is. Good at which is Tiger Rodgers. I will be the equipment specialist for the Washington reacted because Richard Rogers was was Rivera's teammate. At Tau and he i WanNa say he was tied in. That would make sense of some as a tight end. I'M GONNA look it up to be not a hundred percent on that sure. Let's see do find it funny. Though that Ron is bringing everybody over and being like we're we're going to be successful here guys. This is our new thing. Second Times the Charm Yup. We went to the playoffs. Four times and Carolina. We know what we're doing. We sure do. We're going nor that one of those times as the losing record because that makes missile sound worse. We're also going to ignore the fact that he had cam. Newton and Luke keithly for both of those years to players of which Washington does not have the caliber. Rav at all they do. Not that said they could trade for Lou quickly. So let's see that. Would that would suck real talk. They did yeah just for fun. We don't want you anymore. Older Washington has leuke. cleon Josh Norman as stalwarts in that defense brings back captain model and Julius Peppers this is Thomas Davis goes there. Kurt Coleman goes there. Oh that's a good one. I I was actually I was wrong. He played defensive offensive back at cal. Unpleasant side explains why he was the defensive backs coach but he's he's also been a special teams coordinator he's been and he was the special teams coordinator because he he handled two of the five laterals on that play. A man is out on the field. He was one of the. I think he was the lateral. Just before the touchdown and that's apparently according according to Ron Rivera. That's all he needs to know that. That Richard Rodgers is a coach for life a coaching stalwart. He's he has been with the Panthers for eight years. Damn it. I hate Richard Rogers. I'm sorry he seems seems like a nice guy but I hate him so much like he doesn't even have like Brenton Bersin or Colin Jones level of like hate for me at least like Brenton Bersin and Colin Jones had their shining moments at times but he just always had horrible unit problems happen he just got relegated to something else instead of being fired like come on now we should all be so lucky that when we fail it are just it moved to a new job yep five or fail is social media coordinator you bet your ass instead. Brad's going to move me to senior writer on Sundays. Yeah Yeah exactly. Yeah so I did have a fun little exercise that wanted to do just for shits and giggles because of the way there are conversations conversations. Went if you could pick two former. Panthers weren't really back good at their jobs to be coaches for the next regime. Who would they be? You want on offense and defense got Sean Gauldin for defensive coordinator. That's a fresh one. All right I'll take a player that was bad but then making a coach. Yeah player. That was bad. That could be a coach like as we were talking about like Jimmy Clausen being the offense coordinator for the panthers. Something like that along those lines. More Serious Colin Colin. Jones would probably be a good coach. I think he'd be an excellent special. Teams Coordinator Yeah. I mean he had a Loris Horia than West Horton you. You're not wrong. You're not wrong wrong. That's a spicy. Take though there are people who think or he's actually I mean he's got a new study right if he's hanging around without being very good player he's not terrible he's just not good five. Four fumbles the one year. He's like the fifty third guy on the roster like he's he's not terrible but there are better better players than him on the team. I have like five four. Fumbles that one year so you know he has a job for life might take. Would Be Cameron Artis Payne as running back coach. Why because he had been here for so long? Well we don't even know if he's bad or good. We never really got a good look at him. That's true that's my offensive. One Brenton Bersin wide wide receivers coach. I take the obvious one but that is correct. Correct Answer Yeah John. Anybody and said Orton on offense. Yeah I duNno Chris Manhertz Team Jacobs and immediately go from player to coaching position. You were just playing at Jericho Khatri very go. This is a good exercise. He actually is a the podcast is yes. He is But a good exercise for future show of the fifty three men on the roster who is going to not be here next year like who the you know. There's obviously the untouchables like Christian McCaffrey. Luke Kuechley Cam a probably Jones. Yeah Colin John's but like Curtis Samuel. Dj More. Brian Burns those guys. But who are the guys that probably the wrong guys like like Chris Manhertz for example or the Andrew White or Reggie Boffon a fun. Actually I think I think Reggie get something out of Reggie Bonifant. Yeah no I I said that ingested because I know we like to talk shit on Reggie Bonifant on but I actually think. He's kind of locked and loaded as McCaffrey like primary backup in what he does responsibility wise and I think there's a chance that McCaffrey won't get eight hundred carries next year. That's show lastly heartache. So my last guy was nate Sallie for defensive back coach way away. People who don't even know who in the hell let is limited to players under like Ron Rivera like recently you never know when a guy might have a second coming saw now. The exception not the rule manner me so many ponds. It's probably going to get old. It's GonNa get real old real quick. Imagine in the next month or so it probably will. There's only so much I'm going to try. and not use them as much until the season starts. But I'm I'm just GONNA call him warn you guys now. Headlines are going to be puns when we win. It's going to be all over the Vikings or whatever. I'm just GonNa go ahead and tell you now. I'm not seriously the his first win. You have to like contractually you like panthers rule the day yes or something. I am not sorry. I'm telling you now but I'm GonNa try not to Overdo overdo them me now the season because I don't want it to get old the best. I know I know that's not gonNA happen. It's it's going to happen at what because things get old on. ceus are very quickly anyway. The best thing you can do is when the Panthers Open the two thousand twenty not. NFL playoffs with first round. By when you open up that how you can watch the game. You say how you can watch the game as the panthers. Welcome up the open or open the welcome Mat against that team and very around the panthers rule the south well. I think we've done enough with this podcast. I think the sky is not falling. Nope just because we didn't hire your guy doesn't mean the world is coming to an end. It's going to be okay okay. And if it's not then David tepper will fire him. Yup and we'll start over. That's just you when you take risks. Sometimes offense what happens but scared money. Don't make money nope. We have certainly not ruled out a sudden firing the end of the year. So I I absolutely doubt unless rule comes out in like murder Sir per or some shit but I they are takes a piss on the San Mill statue or something you know. I don't think I don't think he's going to get fired. I mean even unless we go oh and sixteen and you know. I don't think Freddie Kitchens level kitchens level incompetent. I don't think draw draw to win. We played the look like a football team. Yeah I don't think you'll get fired before like year three. I I think at least get three years. Now it's fair. I think that temper will give him plenty of times his dude now. So 'cause I mean I know people don't want to admit it or talk about but this is a rebuilding project now with Cam Newton Brad. It's not as a serious of a rebuild as some teams but it is a rebuild. Yes we'll see. We didn't really get into the whole cam. Newton thing yeah. I think that's a good thing to talk about in the coming weeks once. They decided there the rest of their coaching staff. I think there's there's no reason to talk about Cam until we have more information. So but thank you for tuning in to the twenty twenty inaugural keep sounding podcasts. Where we got to talk about Matt rule becoming the head coach for the Carolina Panthers? There should be plenty more to come along. I'm not sure when the next one will be because it's the off season and the off-season kind of sucks but hopefully in the next week or two we'll have some time to talk with you guys but from all of us here at the keep sounding podcast. This is Brab. John and Brian Myself and have a good start to your year and should be a fun time watching the panthers. By their next coaches dig is keeps the football for the touchdown I took it in his tongue. CAPES in shouldering takes it for the second McCaffrey. Jonathan Stewart that. He's zoom for a touchdown that's intercepted by the US. More you know gets a road win in New England.

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