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We all have something to say. Things bloodstains in the comfort through written by. Judy may hit on Emma. A friend of mine told me. This story of Had Soul hunting the building where she work. My friend works for the Daily Tribune. Her office occupies the nine and the last floor for building along Decarlo several years ago when they first moved into the building my friend and her fellow employees were warned about working late in the building because of supposedly strange Erie goings on particularly in the conference room of their floor. According to them the elevate or a quick all type that move at the snail space would often act up whenever someone was working late in the building. Sometimes it would stop. But when the door spokesman there would be no one there to get in some light inside the vestibule with flicker on and off sometimes there would be sound of a woman sobbing and crying for help balloon. No our view. Please help me have mercy on me. They also warned newsmen that weird occurrences happening in the conference room on the ninth floor like faucets being turned on by themselves. Jeter at first. The newsmen shrug off. This deals as a regular ghost stories associated with buildings but several days later he began experiencing strange things. Swell many of them needed until the newspaper is put the bed. Eleven o'clock every night so a lot of them stay in the office quite leap as a result many of them have experienced the weird occurrences in the building one day. The whole newsroom was shaken by a blood curdling screams coming from the conference room dropping everything. Everyone rushed over to the bathroom. And they're one of the proofreaders. Stood speechless in front of the Mirror. With a look of horror blustered face. The proof reader pointed silently to the mirror. Blood was splattered all over the mirror. All of a sudden the faucets turning themselves on everybody fled the bathroom. Did the safety of the newsroom where they heard leap with the paper to bed so they could go all home after that. Nobody wanted to go to the conference room alone after few weeks of that the strange manifestation transferred to the office suite wheelchairs with turn on their own computers would switch on and off late at night and late nights. Staffers would sometimes here the Clicky clack of keyboards although no one was working on them then they heard that one of the guards in the building actually resigned because he was an apparition he claimed. He saw the distorted bloody face of a woman when he was doing his rounds. After months of fear some of the employees contracted spirit questors to help them get the rule of the weird sightings but the editor in chief did not want to believe they're ghost stories and refused to cooperate. I know calico yen. That's nonsense just concentrate and your jobs. She said mom along peace of mind. Nick data bowel latter. Nasa be is only our own peace of mind especially when we worked late at night one of the proofreaders said so they proceeded with the session spirit. Questors called the spirit of the women whose bloody face the guard into resigning. After contacting the woman he proceeded to probe what's happened to her according to the spirit questors like watching everything on television or the silver screen. The woman gave a vivid scenario of what had transpired in the past. The building was once a condominium and among the occupants of the building was the woman and her husband the woman a beautiful mysterious was a battered wife. Her husband would slap her around drug her across the floor for the slightest infractions of his rules and he would give heating her until she was bruised and bloodied about an hour. Muna by Mona. Please have mercy step already. She would bleed over and over again to no avail. It seemed as though her husband derive great pleasure from seeing her suffer one day her husband came home and shouted for her to come out of the bedroom when she came slap her hard across the right cheek. The force of the blow pushed her the ground. Nuba but moss in a while. What did you hit me for? The woman cried indignantly. Her husband didn't speak instead. He drug her from the Living Room to the Conference Room. By the hair and deal. Her skull bled there. She was hit again and again. Finally he slammed her head into the bathtub. Spitting her skull wide open and killing her on the spot blood spurted over the bathroom on the wolves on the floor and the bathtub on the Bathroom Mirror. The woman died not knowing why her husband was punishing her. The questors ask the woman what they could do to alleviate her pain. She said she was looking for a Koran. The slamming Bible. The building has been renovated a long time ago. They were not sure where to look for a grun- nor who to ask about it because of this her anguish so continues to haunt the building pleading with unsuspecting workers to have her and leaving bloodstains and comfort through a chatter. As far as I know she east still there.

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