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This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like xfinity x. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make wifi simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply live from n._p._r. News in washington. I'm shay stevens. Hurricane doreen continues to hammer the carolinas with wind and high and heavy rain. It is situated about thirty five miles southeast of wilmington as n._p._r.'s joel rose report story is threatening low-lying north carolina towns that separate major flooding last year the news river splashes over its banks in new bern north carolina ominous sign for a town that saw major flooding from hurricane florence a few blocks away gene kaufman is out walking his dog during a break in the rain. He says florence damaged a lot of properties here including his house. We had seven feet of water in our street down the road here. We're told us not going to be that bad so we're staying during his expected to bring heavy rain and dangerous storm surges urges to much of eastern north carolina joel rose n._p._r. News newborn hurricane doreen death toll in the northern bahamas has risen again to at least thirty prime prime minister hubert says that number is expected to rise as emergency crews access more areas minutes describes this destruction that dorian caused on hard hit grand and bahama and advocate islands what is best completely destroyed boats are on the land. I it's mind boggling yeah. You never seen before ministers in addition to finding shelter for displaced residents. His government wants to transfer hundreds so students from schools that have been destroyed streudel to less damaged areas federal officials have removed a basketball hoop installed on the mexico side of the border fence citing concerns that it might be used to eight illegal crossings from member station k. j. z. z. murphy would house has more as a part of his golden. That's project new york based artist jeremy jon kaplan installed about thirty goal old died basketball nets across no gala nor in august in collaboration with city officials. He also installed a hoop backboard net on the south side of the border fence. There are ideas to who <hes> reconceptualise and shift the narrative as much as we can to really point out the humanity and the community that exists in both sides now u._s. Report a patrol says it has removed the hoop in coordination with mexican officials. According to a spokesman agency was concerned. The hoop could be used to eight illegal crossings and possibly lead to injuries the u._s. What's government installed concertina wire on the same section starting last fall for n._p._r. News i'm murphy woodhouse in animal c._e._o. The treasury department has unveiled a housing reform plan on that includes privatizing fannie mae and freddie mac the plan would make the mortgage finance companies privately owned but government sponsored again profits would be used to build capital to protect them from future losses fannie and freddie received one hundred and eighty seven billion dollars in government bailouts after nearly collapsing during the great recession they've since repaid the money in return to profitability together fannie and freddie guarantee roughly half of all u._s. home loans. You're listening to n._p._r. News a palestinian official has said good riddance to u._s. Middle east envoy jason green blat who's been key figure in peace talks as naomi's ebel off off reports greenbelt is leaving the white house palestinian official hanan ashrawi said the quote no palestinian sorry to see green black go. He announced his departure on thursday. He worked for president trump's son-in-law jared kushner in trying to devise in israel palestinian peace plan. They have been working on it for years. Palestinians palestinians cut off official contact with the trump administration after it recognized israel's claim to jerusalem as its capital. They said the move showed u._s. Bias toward israel ashrawi slammed green bat as an israeli apologised and said that no palestinian saw him as a peace broker or an envoy. Meanwhile israeli prime minister drew. Benjamin netanyahu thanked green blat in a statement. The prime minister said he appreciated green blasts. Quote dedicated work on behalf of security and peace for n._p._r. News i'm naomi's of lav intel vive hong kong leader carrie. Lam says her her government and not the leaders on mainland china made the decision to withdraw an extradition edition bill that sparked over three months of protests lamb says she hopes that that decision and other measures will provide an important basis to open dialogue on ways to resolve all the political crisis there. She's also reiterated her position that the government cannot surrender to some other protesters demands such as releasing detainees without charging them asia market shares are higher following gains on wall street. The dow surged three hundred seventy two points. I'm shay stevens n._p._r. News in washington.

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