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Brandon League out in May Forever Reign Beal G Day four of training earning camp is in the books how you doing brother Mike <hes> the season is back on after being canceled the last time I talked to you so that's very good news. <hes> Latte that you know Carson wentz looked better you bounce back today. We'll get into that but just the fact that you know he's on the rebound. The season is back on <hes>. I think it's fair to say Super Bowl. I agree and it's a good thing we're not being reactionary. Either these these takes I've taken a while to kind of formulate and kind of it's good that we're back in the race for the Super Bowl before beginning to it. I just want to put out some quick programming renting notes here earlier today on fireside chats fourteen. You'll see that's in the feet. I talked with Derek class in a football outsiders. He wrote the Eagles Chapter for the two thousand Nineteen Football Almanac for them so dig into the past in project the future for the Eagles in that one tomorrow I am recording boarding with the Squirrelly Benjamin Sollac for the second installment of our I on the enemy rams edition. Also I'm supposed to be talked with Evan. Silva established the run DOT COM while have fresh press conferences coming for you as well as Doug Peterson and Carson Wentz were at the podium today so a ridiculous amount of content for here on this feed and if you aren't subscribed yet smashed the subscribe button Lee Five Stars Right a fund review whatever you want to do and make sure you're following B._G._N.. Underscore radio on twitter to keep up-to-date with the bevy of shows that were releasing thing as we ramp up towards the two thousand nineteen season and part of that ramp up is our coverage of the eagles training camp and that's what we're here to do today. Bill Gee I on the dock. It has to be the budding connection between Carson Wentz and the returning to hi Sean Jackson. I feel like we talked about it a lot but there's a reason for that number one. It's new and it's also incredibly exciting and each day it feels like they're building better and better chemistry. Tell me about what you saw today. From those two year really encouraging to see Carson winds destroyed Jackson getting on the same page especially after we talked about those struggles in Saturday's practice especially with the deep ball being going back to the spring practices. I feel like Carson into Sean like one of the things we're talking about here on B._G._N.. Radio was the fact that already already in such a short amount of time. They're really already on the same page and they did connect on some deep attempts in the spring but <hes> they were again. There were some issues on this past Saturday that you'd seen Carson Overthrowing Sean Twice so Oh very nice to see them yet on the same page today you had carson making some really good throws <hes> to Sean is clearly not losing any speed even though he's GonNa be thirty three this season I mean there was a play Mike where Carson does hits Sean on short little screen and showing block and there's just open field in front of him and a touchdown like how's it going to be a touchdown. WHO's GONNA catch him from behind? The answer is nobody so that's really cool to see <hes> those two guys already getting connected to the thing deep <hes> there is an issue that today still at Carson did throw a pick to resume douglas it was a one-handed pick on overthrown good play by him when it give him credit but also you know clearly and overthrow Oh by Carson. That's something we've been talking about monitoring this off season. I feel like those two still. Maybe you know not around the same page. Fully I think in the intermediate passing game and underneath even that's how good that seems to be the timing there seems to be good with Sean and Carson Wentz deep passing game just like it's not exactly where you went to be in this. Not You know pushing the panic button right now because they're still all camp and preseason kind of work on that and as I've said like literally every episode this off season this is is their first full off-season were actually being able to practice with each other so you would hope that Hannah helps but overall I thought it was just good for Carson to kind of bounce back and even at the interception he had early in practice so not so you know having this bad practice practice Kinda on Saturday in making that mistake early today but then like being locked in after that and bouncing back to not letting it ruin the whole day for him just an encouraging sign for me yeah and that's a good note on Alshon. It'll be great you know with Sean getting all the hype for being the deep threat that he is. He's going to command some over the top attention and you can't always have to deep safeties. alshon Jeffery is going to get some favorable matchup so it'll be great if they can get on the same page and get that chemistry going as well. It'll be big for the offense and looking at how winstead overall Paul it's good to get the perspective from those on the outside looking in Dan Orlovsky was there and said quote at the Eagles Training Camp Practice Carson wentz is putting on Dane Clinic of anticipation and ball placement and touch and zip in all the things things that pertain to flat out dealing in all caps dealing all cap so unquote there so big day for Carson after an up and down day on Saturday which is exactly what you WanNa see from the franchise quarterback at look speaking of bounceback days you also wrote that Nelson stepped up his game today. What did you think about his performance and how is that wide receiver group shaping up yet Nelson just kind of uncomfortable in the in the slot which is nice to see <hes> he definitely Sidney Jones and of automatics and basically whoever there they were <unk> throwing in there at the nickel position <hes> so that was nice to see? I think that's one thing Carson did well to today which is surprising and his his even as biggest critics will give you that he can hanky can work. The middle of the field may be too sometimes but that was definitely in area that he was locked locked in today whether it was findings ECKERD's Dallas Qatar or notably Nelson Adler again who didn't do so on Saturday kind of bounceback today <hes> just encouraging to see and really you know when we talk about this whole thing about like are there too many mouths to feed discarding enviable distribute the ball evenly so it's keeping everyone happy <hes> these kind of talking points. I thought that's what he did today. He spread the ball around. Obviously he was finding Sean over and over but I mean who can blame him. If it's going to be wide open down the field you want him taking those <hes> those shots when they're they're <hes> so overall. Just you know pretty encouraging to see the offense humming looking in sync for the most part and I don't think it's just like simply bad defense to like it just seemed like good offensive execution for the most as far as excellent and looking at this wide receiver group. We haven't talked much about Mac Holland sincere kind of returned to reality like I think I heard someone say might have been like Bobo for somebody like that saying he needs to hold up like a newspaper with the date on it when he's there but based on what you've seen so far from Mac and look at still early obviously but do you think Holland's is a lock for wide receiver five or could he be challenged by another. Maybe somebody like Braxton and there's so many weapons on challenge. I'm telling you myself the wide receiver five things so let's see aisle Jeffrey Sean jackson-nelson Adler Check Check J._R. segue missing anybody. Who's WHO's going to make this roster? I think he's going to be mad collins as your number five assuming eat healthy and now the latest on Collins is that he did not practice. Disc today on Monday <hes> which isn't great because he you know having that injury history for so long before this point Doug Peterson said it was not related to the Groin which I guess is a good thing mccollum apparently in the locker room said that you should be back in a day or two <unk> I take that with a grain of salt because Macondo said that he thought he should be ready for the week one opening game against the Falcons last year and then he was placed on injured reserve and didn't play the whole season and it really didn't start practicing until training camp so I'm not saying he's a liar. I'm just saying I don't really know what to believe for sure and how much you can take what he says at face value so I'm hopeful I hope to see Mac on's back soon and when he has been out there I don't you know it's not like overly impressive in the sense of like he's making news highlight plays all the time but he's a good like he's catching the ball. When it's thrown on him he looks like healthy and fast? He's been on the field so I definitely think he makes this team as a fifth receiver especially because he has that background for being a special teams Demon Kinda contributor guy whatever you WanNa call it special teams as so I think the fact that that you know he has that going for him really helps me yesterday healthy. You know that's the big thing that's I guess the only kind of reason why he wouldn't be on the team is just can't stay healthy Wrexham Miller actually had his best day of literally the entire offseason today because I know a couple times but other than that he's been invisible so I just I can't see it and he's practicing like third fourth string so he's he seems to be way down the depth chart the other guys to watch for that kind of you know Maybe v six receiver spot or Charles Johnson who is obviously obviously a veteran guy and has experienced the A._F._c. all-time leading receiver <hes> had a better spring. I would say camp so far haven't noticed him as much <hes> than shopping Gibson who dropped a routine pass today's hands and still an issue and then you have a guy like Greg Ward who was getting some first team reps spot. I really don't think you know Nestle be much of a thing so I don't even know if they keep six. They meant just keep five and in Mac I would say is probably going to be that guy yeah a lot of guys hanging around that have hung around for a while on the outside side looking in right now with all the talent at this wide receiver position so wide receiver five is still something to look at here hopefully Mac and get back healthy going back to the guys that are dealing to the wide receivers. Let's go back to the quarterbacks for a second here. Nate Saalfeld Clayton Thorson Cody Kessler. How did the trio of backups look today because from what I heard Thorson had like one of the worst passes in camp history not saying something that was doing Kamsky who said that I believe in I mean Clayton? Thorson just hasn't had off season Mike again. I think of that one O._T.. Recap I did with you literally the first day I was like oh <hes> didn't look so bad that was easily his best day and that wasn't even like overly great. It was just like okay. He didn't totally suck that day but he's been and dad since today I just remembered to passes that went towards the sideline where the ball was extremely overthrown receiver didn't have a chance to make a play in bounds and vase early wobbling in the air to I wonder if that's something eagles do with the with their quarterbacks quarterbacks in terms of mechanics because I remember Carson really having a wobbly throw as a rookie early on his career so I don't know if that's related or what but Clayton Thorson definitely throwing a wobbly ball right now in the throw that Jimmy was talking about was basically arm punt like he just he threw it in <unk> pot because there's enough time for everyone to like get like face forward you know like towards like back towards the line of scrimmage in wait for the ball to get there so just really really not good from him. I would say <hes> Cody Kessler who didn't look good in the spring practices in fairness to him. You know he only signed with the team. I think a week or so before O._T.. As we didn't have a ton of time to get into the playbook before he really got the reps live <hes> he's looked okay. I think he's looked better than Clayton Thorson. I would almost describe the situation as like I'm thinking Mike they're gonNa keep Clayton Thorson on the team. I'm hoping they do on just in the sense of like you took this guy with a fifth round. Pick when you only five picks so right. You'd better be this like developmental project at that point but I think if it was a situation God forbid or Carson Wentz went down for extended period of time in Southfield is your starter. I don't think they while we'll see how they feel me personally. I don't feel like uncomfortable with Clayton. Thorson is the number to that point. I think they would resign cody Kessler and make him the two and Thorson the gist there the point of that all that being like. I don't think there's anyway Thorson sees the field. This series to seems like way way not ready for that. Yeah I was GonNa ask you about that. Thorson was like my least favorite pick of all of them having done. The pre-draft work on 'em Kessler has starting experience in the N._F._l.. Whether he's great bad average or otherwise that's more than Thorson has right now so I was going to ask you know. Do you think Thorson gets objected to the practice squad because each day it seems safer and safer in regards to the possibility of him not being poached which isn't a good thing but it's a thing yeah I think I guess I would feel like no one's going to go after Kessler hard <hes> so like again you could Kinda keep on the roster in like if there was an injury and you had to resign Kessler I think you could <hes> I don't think they would want to expose Thorson to possibility of some other team trying to just take a shot on him in the case of them cutting putting him just because they've already invested this resource in they seemingly have some kind of vision for him. Although <hes> as you guys you in Ben have said here on E._S._p._N.. Radio and myself like I don't think any of us were fans of that. Pick not even just from a like N. evaluation side but awfully a process side. It's like what's the upside year like. The best case outcome is that he can be like an okay backup. I guess behind Carson Wentz next year. If seinfeld leaves in free agency right is that even a guarantee like what fell doesn't get ah what he wants in terms of like at least compete for a starting job so I don't know does not looking like awesome pick right now. Let's stay with the offense for one more and kind of I guess I that I read that. Mile Sanders was getting some work as a returner today. He was US <hes> kick returner now he did some of that at Penn State. I believe thirty eight career returns over his three seasons there with the nittany lions not really a great returner in that regard that humid like twenty point one yards cards particular turn so I don't think he'd some dynamic weapon there but he was getting looks along with some of the other like Boston Scott or Donald Humphry those kind of running backs. I'm sure corey come. It could get some looks there. He Esley the main guy once he gets healthy. In the regular season the Mile Sanders no I will switch Mike to the Backfield <hes> the much more exciting use mile sanders because when you see mile sanders run like he is so clearly a different kind of running back in the in the sense of this guy has sixty nece explosiveness explosiveness and he just don't see that same kind of like dynamic ability from any of the other eagles running backs leaky is very unique in that regard on you. Can you can see like you can watch play before the play. Let's say you didn't even know who running back was so you just have to play in based on how the play goes and how the run goes like okay. That's Mile Sanders just because it's that's like what he has. You know he's been mixing it the first team I still think Jordan Howard is getting most of the looks there and that's probably not an accident and I still think that's how it's GonNa go especially at least early on in the season with Jordan Howard kind of being that one a in the rotation whereas sanders were of the one be so I kind of think that's where it's at right now so that is encouraging to hear about Mile Sanders definitely a different type of back than than Jordan Howard Howard in terms of explosiveness Burstyn and lateral agility and all those things so hopefully he's able to make his stamp on this team sooner than later so that's the offense aside of the ball. We're going to get to the defensive side of the ball after the break here on B._G._N.. Radio we'll be right back. Baseball truly it is awful. I'm phillies writer. Justin clue join me every week along with John Stolnis Liz Rozier and Dr Trevor Strunk as we discussed all the ways the phillies have hurt us on our podcast hidden season as well as historical anecdotes anecdotes and rar emotional ramblings on our other shows continued success and the dirty inning subscribe to the good fight and you'll get conversations with insiders analysis of breaking news and stats stat stats together. We'll survive whatever baseball can throw at us and we are back on B._G._N.. Radio episodes sixty seven brought to you by this nation bleeding green nation Michael kissed here with Brandon League out who had boots on the ground at the novacare complex. We already covered the offense. Let's switch it to the defensive side of the ball. It will go front to back starting with players on the interior of the defense. You wrote that Timmy Jernigan is looking healthy and Hassan ridgway the former colts player that the eagles traded forward during the draft made a splash play house the depth shaking out in the teeth of this defense yeah really good really encouraging to see Tammy Jernigan healthy. He's obviously getting some or all. The looks with the first team given that Fletcher Kocsis than doing <unk> team drills yet so a good to see during against that explosiveness now really fired Jordan backfield today to tackle Jordan Howard who you know so what you will about Jordan Howard but he's a big dude like he's strong. He's physical us over to me Jernigan to take him down in the backfield like that isn't dislike the easiest thing in the world certainly he's taking down boss Scott Donald Humphry good job by Tammy Jernigan to do that and also love the energy that he brings again <hes> taunting the offense in dancing after making that play there are rambunctious grip. I love it they are I love that like I was talking about that. With vinny Saturday's it is podcast they just they played with a lot of energy and I think there's something to be said for that. I think he kinda like they play. They have fun. Basically you want your guys having fun. That's good to see any <unk> with ridgway. He's kind of been getting some Gas Little Bit from the coaching staff. I know Jim Schwartz has mentioned him like at least twice now. Eagles obviously had some kind of I for him in the sense that they traded to pick for him. It was a very late seventh round pick but still you know like they went out and actively pursued him so they have some kind of interest. I definitely think he's on on on the on the bubble for sure if he's making the roster hundred percent but I think he goes WANNA be deep obviously at that defensive tackle and really at defensive end to they WANNA be deep on the defensive line so there there's certainly not going to be averse to keeping extra guys at those spots in ridgway could be one of those guys who Kinda sneaks on and get some time in the defensive end rotation might even be out playoff euro trayvon hester not not sure but I don't think that's impossible. Yan Ridgway was a guy that Indianapolis like but but he just couldn't crack the rotation there and he's only twenty four years old and I was going to ask you if you were to write the fifty three men roster prediction right now if he would be honored out but it sounds like he's firmly on the bubble sets a situation monitor in terms of who makes it out of that that backup group there as a follow up. Are there any other notes from either the interior or the edge players were speaking about here that happened today at training camp. The new Stephen Means Joe Oestmann himself like when I saw him today definitely be <hes> Jordan my Lada who was playing right tackle during eleven on eleven next next moved to get inside on my ladder in for some pressure on Saad failed I would say he got there in time for the quote. Unquote Stack obviously no contact with quarterback in these kind of drills but he got there in good time. Oestmann also had a nice tackle for no gain in run defense so so he's been active <hes> again a guy who probably in my opinion doesn't really make the roster <hes> and even if he does what you're like fifth defensive end but I think he can be very valuable at least like a practice player for the Eagles Guy who gives a lot of effort in practice right this is not gonNa make things easy for the offensive line and hopefully they can kind of appreciate that like the Eagles did with Steve means you know who would go hard as hell against the offensive line in practice Elaine Johnson would say like he would appreciate that because it would give him <hes> it would push him basically in it would give him good looks <hes> depending on the matchup they would go against Stephen mean to try to replicate the pass rusher that the eagles were going to face in ocean was kind of that guy last year so you can kind of see why he gets some Buzz in the coaching staff likes him. He can kind of do some things I also saw. Dejean Hall <unk> absolutely dislike obliterate Ryan Bates who's playing left tackle <hes> he he put him on the ground basically right after the ball is snapped so that's Kinda you know I think Bates Ben talked about. That's a guy that he goes consider drafting. They like him <hes> he might be better suited for some kind of interior role definite yet but the eagles are trying him out offensive tackle left tackle specifically for now. There are some struggles out there so I will say that yeah. They is definitely a guy that you WANNA kick in but he does have experience experience as a tackle so even if it's bad you know they liked that that versatility will give you something a little bit <hes> moral on that offensive line. I really liked the matchup between Joel's men and my lot because Oh spin while not like the most craziest athlete very technically sound down type player going against a green guy like my Lotte who's progress. Were obviously going to be tracking through all of this and let's go to linebacker position will go to the second piece of the three different levels of the defense. I had a buddy of mine. That's connected to the Stanford. Program asked me about Joey Alfieri's chances to make the roster so we'll ask that here and all throwing the Wisconsin Linebacker T._J.. Edwards the undrafted guy who impressed during rookie minicamp you think either of these guys got a chance bill considering the depth at linebacker right now. I would say l.. Fury no chance a home. I would say Edwards like he's. He's Kinda I would if I had to make my roster today probably leave him off but I think he's like in the bubble conversation. I mean yields gave him. The most guaranteed money out of all their undrafted free agent signings signings thought that T._J.. Edwards could get drafted so you know it's not like he's just coming out of absolutely nowhere awesome good things from him. In the spring <hes> saw him being physical today and really since the pads have gone on so I've seen some nice things from him mm-hmm. I don't think it's not necessarily to be on the roster just yet but hey like Paulos hurt you know we we know the Eljay for topic thing is a consideration to be had the Edward really steps up you know he can. He can make his case. I think at the very released he's going to be on the practice squad and there's a path to him. Potentially especially of injuries happen at that position where he might be able to sneak onto the roster. I would say the biggest thing right now. Mike Linebacker is the play of our own favorite. Favorite Kamu grew day hill <hes> you know he's already talked about this with you but he's he stepped up in my opinion in a significant way I think right now it's really looking like like he's going to be that second. Linebacker behind Nigel Bill Bratton in terms of snaps played. You know we know the eagles really only used to linebackers for the most part I think comedy is going to be that guy right now and so being here for him because he's going into contract year so this is a really big opportunity for him to have a nice season and he might price himself out. <hes> the eagles rains. Unfortunately I would be very unfortunate to me. I would love to keep calm around but you know kinda him involving from not only this special teams leader in obviously he was the special teams captain last year and he's led the team in special teams tackles over the past couple seasons now kind of becoming honest contributor more significant fixture on defense and really interesting because when you're looking at this roster may be more so from outside perspective for like a you're not paying attention to the common thing you're thinking Zac. Brown is going to be that guy hi to see reputation. I mean you have Doug Farrar saying he's like one of the top ten linebackers in the league like he wrote a post about that earlier this off season like so we had Derek class into earlier today from football outsiders saying that he was one of the best linebackers in the league last year as well so. The perception outside of Philadelphia backgrounds definitely getting the starting snaps but Komo has the coverage skills the athleticism and all that stuff he puts together. I really do think he has a shot to be a three down linebacker for the Eagles yes so I don't think Brown will never play at all. I think it's almost more of like ease this team's Michael Hendrix in that whole have some kind of role and he might even make some splash plays and it'll be like the Kendricks thing like wisely playing more in part of the answer to that I think would be that first of all like ten. Dixie doesn't really call a defense. He's never done that in his career and the other thing is that like for splashy as he can be might be a thing where the coaching staff thinks he's not always the most assignment sound player in a player they can kind of trust to be in the right spot always so <hes> that's kind of where I'm putting wouldn't that right now now to be clear Brenham not practicing background is on the field in base but you know this team is not going to be in base most of the time yeah and as a commutes reuther that's fantastic news everything we discovered there. He's making me look smart. All right third level of the defense. The secondary was like already tuft Sir Project in terms of what the starting nickle package would look like a nickel being essentially the eagles base defense really that hasn't become any easier in the last couple of days with the signing of cornerback Orlando scandic the Longtime Dallas quarter who spent last year with the chiefs his longtime nickel corner but last year was outside with the chiefs. I said this on twitter and I'm wondering your take on it. Will I have my criticisms of Schwartz. I don't think he gets enough enough credit inside of Philadelphia for his willingness to adapt and experiment and I really believe that this May bear itself out with the cornerback this year in the regular season with several players having inside outside versatility training the firmly in the mix. Thanks for a matchup and situational roles. I guess the best way to put this is an and I don't expect this to be like an every down type thing but are we headed towards more specialization with this cornerback position headed into the season where it's less about ingrained starters and more about playing lying matchups in situations because that's Kinda feel that I'm getting with how the rotation has worked this camp while they searched for permanent answers there. I think that's a good assessment. Mike because I think you can think of the same way in offense like you can say that you're not necessarily you're going to play D._J.. Whiteside you know in this huge role every week there might be a game where he gets more a lot more playing time or or more playing time than others or same thing with the running backs like maybe is a certain week where you're feeling better about having a more physical running back in Jordan Howard as opposed to a flashy guy <hes> like Mile Sanders so I think that can apply to the defense too. I think the might not always get thought about that way but I think that makes a lot of sense and I think when you look at a gym shorts defense and you look at his philosophy on things <hes> he's talking about how and the way he really puts things into action executes things like he wants more defensive backs on the field ideally him you know bigger linebackers. That's why you see the eagles place almost nickel and dime and why Corey Graham was on this team for for way too long so so they're gonNA want more defensive backs on the field and if the options that's part of the thing like that. They're running out Atlanta right now. That seems pretty passable right. In terms of Sidney Jones looking good Vantera Mannix. We know what he can do and Rassoul Douglas so I think has had a very good off season in picking right up where he left off in the regular season in the playoffs even last year when he was playing well and that's not even factoring in Ronald Darby who when he's playing at his best I think is is a very good cornerback in even even if you don't like if you like this team things that you know they paid him for a reason that's the Ben's on the jail mills in the in the mix as well so and for all his faults and you definitely have some we know he's really getting the red zone like the numbers bear that out <hes> <hes> yeah so. I definitely think that's possible they kinda mix master. These guys figure things out and that's part of what the offseason is for like Kinda playing with different lineups in the eagles did that again today where for the most part it was maddox on the outside and Russell Douglas on the outside with Sidney Jones in the slot they went to a base rep where it was Sidney Jones and Russell Douglas as you're outside Cornish definitely mixing and matching things and I think they're trying to see what works best absolutely anything else on the defensive side of the baller just in general from your observations from the day today before we get Outta here. If a scandal the second team nickel defense <hes> the Craven Leblanc injury you know that's kind of interesting to me in the sense of so many parallels with mills right you never know what to <hes> to think because yet deal mills last year in week against the Jaguars reportedly suffered a quote unquote foot sprain and he was quote unquote week to week and ultimately ducts big yet and Doug's week which typically isn't a good thing because Richard Writers also week to week in the preseason after the second preseason game in <unk> come back to like halfway through the regular season so going back to the mills strap thing though like same terminology week-to-week both foot sprain apparently in terms of reports Doug Peterson didn't officially say what it was he won't because he's not gonNA divulge. Is that now so it's kind of weird to me when I when I see these reports that like craven could be back for week one like okay maybe but looking at the history of what happened with steel mills and I get the different players they're different people. The extent of the injury could be different but like it's just. I don't think we should just assume one hundred percent that craven. We'll be ready for week. One especially with the eagles you know going out not only claiming ounce ground on waivers who's just can't body but still like the they did. Not you know something sparked them to both get quarterback back your body and then also go out and get Orlando scandal who you you have to look at it from his perspective like did he really come here to Philly just to eat up reps in training because he worked out with the Vikings as well as we know that happened yeah so you know what I mean like what he come if it was just like you've no chance of making the team like I don't think so you have to sell him in order to sign him to get him to agree. You have to be like well. You know there. There is a chance for you to make this roster so <hes> these going to have that opportunity opportunity if strap is going to be hurt here and miss some time <hes> which wouldn't be ideal. I think the situation is that were into skin does not make the team because I think he's kind of just cooked for the most part at this point like I just don't think it's an ideal situation means wearing along snappers number right now might ask the Jersey number analytics on forty five for a quarterback when you think about I mean that's terrible. I mean he should be cut immediately like how can wear along snappers number I mean does he does even position. He's playing. He might he might think he is the long long snapper so kind of concerning but yeah just that'll be kind of interesting to monitor to see does Orlando scandic actually make this team. The cell will be following that throughout the week. When is the next day off for my own own sanity and schedule here what is it Friday is that that were because Hashtag no days off year inclination and B._G._N.? Radio but yes so they'll have all Friday so they practice again Tuesday morning nine fifteen it'll be another full practice and then Wednesday seems like you kind of shorter day might be a ten ten ten end day and then Thursday of another practice and I imagine one of these next three days we might see them go lies because they're gonNA live at some point here. Maybe they'll be right before that Barack on Friday so that'll be something to definitely watch out for as well and as always we'll have of coverage of it here on Megyn radio and bleeding gunnison dot com. Make sure you keep tuned to those that's going to do it for B._J.. Radio episodes sixty seven like bill. We've got a full week ahead of us. We're rolling right into the preseason men. The first preseason game is August. I The hall of fame game is so very close real football action coming your way very soon. Make sure you keep it here on B._G._N.. Radio and we'll get your next time. Hey there podcast Powell's. I'm John Stolnis. The host of the Phillies pod hidden season one of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from S._p.. Nation look the baseball season is one hundred.

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