COVID-19 Drives 40% Spike In Number Of People Needing Humanitarian Aid


You're listening to the news of this hour on africa business radio. The united nations in tuesday said the nineteen pandemic has fueled a forty percent increase in the number of people needing humanitarian assistance around the globe as it appealed for roughly thirty five billion dollars. Ten up many of those expected to be need next year. You an aid chief. Mark lowcock a said if anyone who will need humanitarian aid next year lived in one country. It would be the world's fifth nation. He added that the pandemic has wrecked conic. Across the most franchise countries lowcock said. They always aim to reach about two thirds of those in need because others for example. The red cross will try to meet the remaining gap. He said this year donnas gave a record seventeen billion dollars to fund jimena -tarian and operations and data show that aid to reach seventy percent of the people talkative and that was the knees this time on africa business radio. You can't continue to in life online at stopping you. Ww dot africa business radio dot com or via our mobile app. I am rachel gender. Thank you for listening.

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