The Mud Butt Room


Oh I got I'm in. I'm in the most angry mood right now. You don't even so am I. What's wrong with you other than the obvious obvious? Yes it was wrong with you other than the obvious. What's the obvious? I mean you got some props brand some grabs we give. Obviously it's GonNa take me a solid five minutes to talk about my problems. So let's hear yours I Okay so we just got back from Mexico and Yeah you looked hand thank you. I feel tapes and so I was making the cool Dean Angler video with my drone and I've got this new are told you last week. I got this new MAC book Pro Ana to keep giving me this error message that the mother fucking videos are still in the camera. It was when I have to read up. Do the whole thing. And it's not that big of a deal. We'll work on all morning. Well guess what I've been doing all morning long astor's been shitting all over the place you know what for ones. It's not my dog. Well if I didn't know better I would think that I am. I am. I'm dog sitting for trace which I'm deeply regretting reading. And I'm pretty sure. His Dog Nanak got into some fricking sugar-free Harrow. gummy bears. Because I've been eating John Correa for the past twenty four hours. Oh no watery massive. The dog weighs a hundred and forty pounds. It's it's massive poos. It's runny poos. He's ruined to rugs that I've had to pull by myself. Take all the furniture off the rugs and dragged him outside because they smell smell so bad and then last night I guess he had diarrhea again in the mud room where everybody sleeps. 'cause I woke up this morning to to diarrhea just all over everything in my bedroom mud but room. I'm not kidding. Like IDA throw out two or three dog beds blankets like like he just shit on everything even ship my dyson but I was able to clean that shit on the thing that cleans shit yeah. That's some fucking next level villain chef. That's what I've been doing. All Yours is much worse minds just frustrating. It's like what is going on here. You know. Oh annoyed we're GONNA figure it out. Have you start twenty nine. Oh have you called trace and was like hey by the way yeah and he feels really bad added like new Nukus never ever partied in the house. Ever and I'm like well. He is now and you need to come home at. He's like oh I can't come home. I got US music. I think I'm going to stay a couple extra weeks and I'm like no. No no no no no no no no no no. I'm not sure what's going to happen but I am going to go crazy. That's one the thing I do know I will say you're just like the dog sitting bitch of the Cyrus family I know. But here's the thing I have owned a dog for a long time. I'd adviser before it had Astra and I know what it's like to need to travel and have such a hard time finding someone to watch your dog. That's like reliable and not charged. New like like a ZILLION dollars a day to come stay like it's so tough and I just feel so bad because I've been there that I just offer and then I always regret it all right. Well this is supposed to be a fun and positive place so we need to cleanse ourselves of the negative. You know okay. Did you WANNA start the show. I feel like we started the show with some some negativity that we can. Now kind of get into the real show with some positivity that all right that was the shortest shortest Chitchat cold open we have ever done. Because we'RE GONNA turn around for you guys. I promise I don't know I don't know what's going to. Maybe you're GonNa get you know because the whole podcast walk ask is kind of learning about our crazy lives. Well you know what buckle your seatbelts boys and girls because this is angry wells in brandy episode eighty four the mud but ruled. Let's go pro tip. Yeah only just get one dog and don't ever offered hurt. Take anyone else's dog into your home ever. That's my protect. I like it. I like that Okay so Mir you adding here turn Bros. in hose you're listening to your favorite thing podcast with wells and Brandy A. It's officially the New Year. I mean we'd put out a New Year's episode but we actually recorded it beforehand so this is really the new year same me app you are in Washington. DC Spin the VINYLS Scrap vinyls but yet scratching the needles on the ones and twos and threes. Night was I have. I have a really great story a great New Year Story. You're it all right. This is a lighten the mood probably. It's actually it could have been. It could have been a dark thing. Okay let me just start from getting thankfully this didn't happen to me but So I travel with My Buddy Aj EMC's for me as I DJ DJ. Because I hate talking on the Mike. And he's really at work in the crowd my buddy. Aj was with me and are really good friends. Derek actually lives in La but he flew out to do nears with us and and then my friend Carson was with me and My set was from like midnight to one thirty which was really cool because I got to do the countdown ring. Everybody and play for an hour and a half and then in one thirty and I'm like bedtime because that's me and so I go upstairs or you know better than ever. We totally go. We go to sleep. Would probably that eight hour sleep is great. Wake up the next morning and text the boys and I'm like hey guys up and they're like you're not gonna believe what happened to us and I was like white light and so they're Derek was told me the story and he was like all right so there was this girl in the crowd that was like flirting with Aj from stage like all night long and I was a guidance zero zero shock and he was like. Okay well this girl he was like so when you guys left we went back out there because somebody else. Dj after me. And they brought this girl like up to the stage age or whatever and I was a great mistake number one and then they were like and then since you guys went upstairs we brought her back to the green rooms. Nobody was in it and we were hanging out with what we hang in. The green room have a drink. Listen to some music we speaker in there and they were like we weren't in the green room more than two minutes and this girl passes out. She still drunk like incoherent. They can't wake her up and they're like what we do and they're like call somebody and Derek's like we can't call somebody. We are to adult black. c'mon with a passed out drunk white girl and this looks bad this looks really bad and AJ's like I don't know what to do so they get her outside the carrier basically basically outside trying to wake her up. Get her out main hallway but like the trek from the Green Room like this danger to the actual hotel rooms like Kinda Long. Somehow they get hitter to like the elevator area and they get out of her that. She's on the eleventh floor. Which is actually the same floor? We were all on so they get up to the eleventh floor. And they're like walking down. The hallway turned fair room. She's in and miraculously they find her group of friends. They're all going to their room and they're like oh like what. What what do you guys do in? And the guys were like freaked out. They were going to think like they drug this girl that this sketchy was going down and they were like. Oh my God please take her like she's not okay. Take her to her room like help her the end they said the girls like poking her and stuff and they were like. She's good she goes. You guys know she can't and and the girls just left their friend with Deragon Ajay and just left and they were like well. We don't know what to do. As they brought the girl out of their room she fell asleep. They had two beds in their room. She fell asleep at the foot of one of the beds or whatever and then. Aj slept in that bed. I guess and Derek slept in the bed. I guess we'll just let her sleep and then she can wake up and leave Steve. I guess so they wake up. She was cuddling Derek. When he woke up he was so freaked uncomfortable that he just ignored it which is totally what I just ignore it? And he was like look like eventually she's GonNa wake up and just leave and so he waits for her to leave and when she finally leaves they get up get out of bed and and find that she had pissed the bed and AJ's bed which is why she moved to Derrick spent. That's how drug she was. She actually pissed herself. I didn't know that was a thing. Have you ever been so drunk. He peed on your cell. We were talking about this in Mexico. Actually I've slept walked so drunk that I really wouldn't peed on the wall. That's pretty bad deal and I remember how they always say like never wake up asleep Walker. Yeah and it was the only time it's ever happened. My ex girlfriend woke me up and I I was so. You're feeling a lot of emotions because one year like in a different world right and then all of a sudden you get sucked back into reality then you realize Oh my God. I'm pissing on my wall right now and so then you're embarrassed but you're also scared because you like what's been happening and I almost freakin lost. It I was like well. That's what happened to me so it is possible. That is nuts nuts. Well that's what happened to the boys. I feel really bad for them but at the same time I'm like that's what you get for free in a girl that you don't know on stage And I feel bad for the girl girl because her friends just didn't care and left her. The whole thing was just insane but not just goes to show. Yeah I mean you go to these kinds of parties and it's like you get ten free drinks. Take it in an inconclusive hotel like you gotTa Watch your liquor. Like don't get so drunk. I mean just crate Z. So that was. That was my kind of New Year's everybody it was just blackout. That's funny that's good and you made some money. I did a little bit of money. Had Fun with my friends got to go to Washington. DC which is one of my favorite cities visit. So yeah yeah well I was in. Mexico was a wonderful time. We went with a couple of couples so that was nice. I was making making some mental notes of Mexico this time around so I've got some things about Mexico that we need to get into. Okay okay we we're staying close to Plateau Carmen and we were going to a Mayan ruin was cobo which is dope by the way. And it's a last Mayan ruin that you could walk up the pyramid pyramid because they're and they're about to shut that down because it's a gigantic liabilities. Hundreds of people climbing up the sheer face. rockwall basically trying to get the top stop but if you make up the topic well this is really cool so we were driving over there and we stopped at a gas station to get some stacks. You know. I'm not just talking about Mexican snacks Real Quick Mexicans have no regard for your butthole at all when it comes snacks. Because there's only snack act flavors that will light your balloon not up a million degrees. It's all flaming Hot Takis and citrus. Line live with how Benigno Fire Cheetos and Doritos with actual dynamite on them. It's all Surat. I was looking guys. have a normal like cool ranch. No Crueler Anson's NEOM yeah. They dislike loves spicy and I applaud Them they've the Mexican people have somehow evolved away that there colon is impenetrable that that trump is. They cannot really really bro. Yeah well what is the word. It's made of steel indestructible that they have indestructible bottles over there Still sounds wrong but it does. It's true it's the truth. I have so much respect for it. All right The other thing I know is on the way over to the Mayan ruin and Sidney Tate. There was is probably between forty seven thousand and five thousand little shops selling hammocks and dream catchers. Who's WHO's buying all these fucking dream catchers over there who's buying a hammock and being like you know what I WANNA do? I WANNA fly with this thing fucking later this week this giant piece of wood. What in all this yarn we're going back to Cincinnati guys? Know why would you. Are you selling that no sitting in that Shit and then those everywhere they have those at tourist places in South Africa. No yeah totally. So many dream catchers. They're catching so many dreams in Mexico. Why do you hate dreams? But the catch the bad dream though I know I know but when we were flying back we were behind a couple who she was definitely from New Jersey. 'cause way too Tan and well you know what I'm talking about and the guy was having a care it was not a it was not a one piece. It was a two piece Hanoch set and he was having to put it through the x-ray machine and I was like they're going to have a meltdown about this button havoc. You know it's going to happen like you know. He's mcduck this habit like and why are we bringing this back to Secaucus right now. You knew it was about two weeks and we'd only just gotten through the X-ray you could. Tally was fuming. It was so funny where we are staying. There was a beach cabanas right. And there's one bathroom by the beach bar that you could go and mute news right. It was basically the bathroom for. I don't know maybe fifty people who were like hanging out on the beach going back to like my thought about like Mexican stores only so now sell snacks that just absolute light your butthole up you know. Then then you also have like Ms Montezuma's revenge you know and there's also Tequila which we we all know what that does. I went into that bathroom like the first day and I was like this Mexican beach. Bathroom has a horror story to tell you know like if if that bathroom could talk. It's like the brave little toaster of Mexico. You know Michael. Think about the things that have happened in that. I don't think I want to hear any of the stories as bad as tell. Can you imagine near the scene. I came into this morning and the mud room. I don't WanNa know anything about. Oh my God you know. I'd imagine like the bathroom at like an AA meeting and just like smoking a cigarette in like you guys. Don't know what I've seen anyways but it was really wonderful. We Like the place that we go to and it was a good like couples trip. I'm excited for Reinhard to move here because then you can be kind of in the fold old of the couple of trips but yeah a couple of trips it's a more evolved way to travel But then it devolves very quickly quickly because Mexico has a lot of Keila Yeah Yeah it was great and then. A New Year's New Year's Eve was I got so drunk on New Year's Day like I was like I don't know how make midnight yell like it's me talk and so we all sit down and out like looking at my watch. What am I talking about is looking? Yeah my phone and it was ten thirty now. Okay I can make any make an hour and a half years you better make an hour and a half to kiss me on midnight and then you can leave you know and I was like okay. I can took us and then like I like an hour later. I looked at my phone analysis. It's it's ten thirty two like I couldn't get past ten thirty two save my it was just like and then like two hours went by and I went and danced and sang and met people I looked at my phone. It was ten thirty three. I was like what am I think. As long as you get to midnight on the East Coast and watch the ball drop or whatever normally then. You're like okay I did it I made it yeah. We were on east coast time technical anywhere. I wanted to say this. 'cause this is gonNA come out against the day after it happens right. This is out on Wednesday. Maneuver thing is that I'm the host of the BACHELOR RECAP ON. Good Morning America now and again. So you've officially made it when you're on. Good Morning America. Yeah Rub elbows and hobnobbing with Michael Strahan Raihan. Yeah he's the man. When does that start? Technically well I guess. Gosh the bachelor premiers on Monday Are you excited. I am excited about the bachelor. I I love Pete benefited pipe. Eat Fans and splash season and I actually know one of the girls on the show which one I'm with her sister Should I I guess it's okay if I say it a They've released the girls. The why is it weird. If vice say it's not right. I should ask her. Can I say I know you It's okay it's Kelly Flanagan. I'll ask her later in Connecticut it out if not with her sister Pamela. She rescues news horses and rehabs him to be Polo ponies which is really cool her. Name's Pamela Flanagan. Not on the shot. My friend her sister Kelly. Her sister Kelly is on the show. There's another other Nashville girl on there. I think Ames Hannah sloughs sloughs. We'll this goes on a national girl. She's a Chicago okay. I got friends everywhere. ORWELL's friends in low places and high places and snowy places and like okay. Let me ask you this question about the bachelor. This is just brutal but do you WanNa Fuck Peter. No I have a boyfriend I know like as a woman. There's no right answer here except no without me getting in trouble. We'll like us. Okay here's the thing I feel like. Everyone wants to Bang Tyler Tyler Moore sex-abuse but yeah we're like like even like Colton by mail or the giant baby because he did cry but like if you meet him I mean Jesus man that guy's huge you know I understand the sex appeal that Nick Vale you no okay. I'm GONNA get it. He's pretty shredded. And but I would not fuck Dick by Al.. Alright then higgins six five okay so this is what I was GonNa compared to to me. I've never met Peter in real life so we'll take with a grain of salt but to me. He's he's a very Ben Higgins Bachelor where Ben is like such to Nice good guy and he's handsome but it's not like he has this overwhelming sex appeal by any means he looked seems a little bit nerdy. But he's but he's cute. That's that's kind of how I feel. Peter is it's like he's not like he doesn't like exert sexual energy when he walks into the room. Do you really want that as your husband. I feel like it's better to go for like the Nice handsome guy. Yeah and the guy that just like exudes sex appeal so all say tyler. Tyler is actually also really nice but yes. He's very nice. Do you remember when everyone wanted the other. Peter Peter to be the bachelor and then he wasn't and then it was already and everyone's like what y all the girls like where I actually came from other guy I don't know I think there's a pardon. There's a part of me that's like there's a bunch of chicks. There is a bunch of women there that are like. Oh it's it's not tyler tyler can I really. He did pete a solid by saying that they fucked in the windmill. More than once twice three times or something I think for whatever that Congress doesn't Y- you changed everything for him. Yeah I think everybody that watches the bachelor saw him differently after that hundred. Yup You're right. All of a sudden became a Coxswain. You know hopefully yeah. You're right you're right okay so I I was just asking the question because I was like I wonder if people are. I've been seeing the promos on the phone on my phone of of like what. What did you do when you found Peter? The girls being like. Oh I just started crying I figured out okay but if you found data's tyler what would you have done you know like But you're right you're one hundred percent right the the windmill just don't even know what you WanNa call that sexcapades yeah j yes solid she. NFL and it looks like she's coming back for some seconds or yeah they make. It seem seem like that though. Don't they hurt. Some things person thinks. Well I'm excited to watch. I think Pete seems like a good guy. It's fun that I know somebody on there so I'm excited about it if I am in town. I'm not chairman. Be In town or not yet but hometown. I'M GONNA have a couple of friends over. Watch the premier live tweeted tweeted. Get back on my leg tweet game and all that. So yeah that's exciting well super pumped to watch you and good morning America. That's really exciting. Will Not be thought about. Is that so I think the idea is that is that we're going to have people that got kicked off the night before on the show with me. So that's I'm going to get to meet all all these people and then invite him on our podcast. This is all just one scheduling ploy. That's perfect brand day. What's up you know? My favorite things is that look cool is a Jackie school gym trying to trick trick people into thinking. I'm cool and one easy way to make yourself look cooler than you really are dope ass glasses from Warri Parker. Have you taken the The Quiz on Lori Parker Dot Com. Yet you know what I haven't but I already own pair for Parker glasses so I'm already looking. Well what was I went and took the quiz earlier today. Okay and I love it okay. So here's what I asked you. What types of you know like glasses shape you like? What kind of colors do you like tortoiseshell or black or wire Frames Ashley all kinds of stuff. 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I'm here to tell you exactly what people have already told me. It does get better about midway through the season like it starts to pick up some cool like twists and turns start happening that you don't really expect and the series is so so so good at the end until like the last three minutes. Oh think they botched the last three minutes and they added it in. I know what they're doing here. The last three minutes are to segue into a season three but I just feel like they could have done it better if they hit either ended the Episode before the stay tried to do a segue it would have been awesome or if they had just figured out a different segway. I don't love what they did at the very end interesting Ohka. It's worth watching because there are some twists and turns that you don't really see coming and it does get it does get much more interesting and more dynamic as You keep watching so I say watch you season two. I watch probably half of it while we were in Mexico and I was like once again disagree with Brandy. 'cause I like this. Yeah it definitely got better and then I also watched. It's not new. I think it came out. In September so says Google it was just like scrolling through net flicks and came across his movie trailer. That I hadn't seen for Netflix film called fractured dear. Watch that I don't know who's in it Sam Worthington. I like this too because to tell me about it. It was so disturbing that I had to then start watching the first season of Friday night lights. It's afterwards so that I didn't have nightmares. I need something like happy and feel you feel good to watch afterward cleanse for net flex. I'm not kidding I had. It was scary so the psychological thriller. Which I I love these kinds of movies And I was. It was like that and Sam Worthington really sold me on. It came out on October eleventh into saw the date Okay so premise. So Sam Worthington plays guy named Ray and they are on him and his wife and daughter that are on a road trip and somewhere like on this road trip they stop at a arrest stop and they end he. It's snowing and stuff and and they get out of the car. The wife that goes into the gas station and then ray gets out of the car with his daughter water and he's like doing something in the car and when he turns around. There's this dog growling at his daughter and she's like on the edge of this like like wall. That obviously like has a huge drop on the backside ride and something happens where this dog. She's so scared of his dog and his dog growls and whatever and she falls and he jumps after and they land on the ground and and like they're all hurt everyone's her and so they rush. They get in the car and rushed to the yard because the girl has like a broken arm his head's bleeding. It's like a whole thing and they they rushed to this your car and from the minute he gets there like it. Seems like sketchy stuff is going down in this like he. He sees somebody like hand cash to an ambulance and give them like a human organ organ box. You know what I mean like. He's freaked and so this whole time as they check in like things are asking weird questions and he's like so sketched by this hospital and then all of a sudden not in like the his daughter and wife Gaw for like a C.. T. Scan or something and he waits in the lobby he falls asleep wakes up hours later. And they're saying that there is. There is no daughter that he checked in alone. They don't know what he's talking about and they make him seeming nuts. Anyway there's twists turns. It's very good. It kind of reminded minded me in a weird way. It doesn't sound like anything similar but just kind of the way. The movie played out. air-minded me of that movie identity. John cusack that came out like early two thousands or something something. Yeah Yeah we're just don't know what to believe because they're showing you different things and people are sending the Asia's nuts. I thought it was really good right fractions. Mary have you heard about the witcher yet. I've been wanting to watch it okay. So we got a couple of episodes in. If you haven't heard about this. The lead need is Henry cavill. He was superman for the past. Five zero men movies so like big guy in this one he plays basically basically a witch or a witcher. That is a monster hunter. And he's well. I'll just read it. A mutilated monster. Hunter struggles to find his place. Least New Orleans which people are improved more wicked than the beasts. The witcher played by Henry. cavill looks exactly like Lego Las us from Lord of the Rings. He's got like white long hair and to Yeah he's a kind of a bad ass monster hunter and and it's pretty cool. I gotta say check again. It's pretty good okay. Yeah we were watching it. In the beginning I was like I was like the acting very good good in this and then the people that we thought were bad. Die Media Oh okay they are. They're gone and then they're like the first fight senior. WHOA WHOA WHOA? What is this like this? This guy's obviously very good at fight scenes being Superman And then the Bessul effects are really really good. WanNa kill off the too bad actors that everyone was great. So Oh wow okay I haven't WanNa see that. Check it out. I haven't seen the show yet. I'm not yet. Guess what I saw a preview for yesterday today as I was scrolling. So our buddy ozark mark us telling us about his show the outsider yes kingdom that we're the outsider the outsider. He didn't tell us that it's a frequent. Hbo Series Hbo Netflix. Because it's a Stephen King novel I know but like I assume news networks I guess because it was like him and Jason Bateman and he was like a lot of that same crew he has he has stepped up to the HBO Series Level Super Excited for him. The trailers out. It looks awesome. Looks Scary. Can't wait wait for it to come out and then it comes out in a couple of weeks I will say that. That book is is scary. There are some Stephen King novels around. It's kind of like hokey but it to yet. I can't watch it a terrifies me so like we watch on the plane last night and by the way I loved it. Don't get me wrong here. But the but there's a little bit of like silliness to it. You know like the monsters that he creates. You're like there's a seventeen foot tall woman with huge saggy tits running around naked like Stephen King. What are you doing that night? When you're right in that you know Klecko happening here? Yeah I will say that was really really good like I. I really liked it too. Okay well it looks like I'm going to have to wait for Reinhard to get here to watch this this out CIDER. They outside Series with because it does look very scary super pumped about for mark. It looks really good. Bench yeah okay. So I'm doing so much traveling just this month because I'm filming an episode of GMA every single week. So I'm stuck on planes going back and forth Camila which means I'm bored which means I'm looking for a fun way to pass the time while engaging membrane and enjoying breathtaking visuals and gripping storylines and the game that I've been playing while I've been flying back and forth from New York is best fiends again. Loves this game is where I want you tell us about a well. So best fees is a casual game. Anyone can play but it's made for adults you spend as much or as little time as you'd like in the game but he was right now. I've been playing so much while while I fly like you know how your phone tells you how long you been like looking at your phone each week. And you're like God Yup. I'm an idiot. You know now that in playing best fees. I don't feel so bad about it because it's a fun game and it's stimulating brainwaves. Right so I don't feel like such a millennial loser. Yeah well that's great you you know Reinhardt loves to play this game so you guys should play each other. 'cause I'm pretty sure that you can play your friends and family and compete against them and stuff like that. Sounds pretty cool for sure. So engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters trust me with over a hundred million downloads. This five star rated mobile puzzle game is a must. I play download. Best means free on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends without the are so best fiends F. I.. I E N D S. That's it do it also reinhart. You're going down Bro. I don't know he's A. He's like a dedicated Gamer. It's a little scary is pretty good doing a bunch of traveling once again brand die. Because I don't know I just our lives at at this point and we gotta talk about our favorite will travel to thrush NGOs toothbrush in general the quip toothbrush for real. 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If I do try to time my teeth brushing I just lose track and then I probably don't brush as long as normal with quip. I don't have that problem because it does it for me. The Quip floss dispenser comes with premark. String ws just enough so that you get enough floss us but you're not wasting any honestly. They've thought of everything. Now join over three million healthy mouths and get quip today. Starting at twenty five bucks. which is it's crazy and if you've got to get quip dot com slash Y. F.? T. Right now. You'll get your first refill free. That's get quip dot com slash Y.. F. T. spelled spelled G. E. T. Q. U. IP dot com slash Y. F.. T. Quip the good habits company. Clean teeth do you ever use reminders on your phone now. No you don't feel like Hey Siri remind me to ousting right now. It's doing it right now. No no no no don't they don't. This is why I don't use. This are usually like a good bit right and I I use force to say like Hey Siri. He set a timer for ten minutes. Like when I'm cooking something while you're under utilizing her and I I think so. So how many so used a lot and I definitely do it when I'm drunk when I think I've got like good bits or a funny things and also to remind me like don't forget to do you know the cinema. Mr So sometimes. I wake up in the morning hung over and I'll look and I'll get a reminder for something and I'm like I don't know what I what that was you know like what was going through my mind and the one that I got the other day was remind me to do the Ham. Let remind me to fuck a ham. Like what is this he said. Don't forget to do the Ham and I was like I don't know what that means. And then I started thinking what fi died abruptly and tragically tragically and the cops found that reminder and the last thing that that I could have done was to make love to a ham sandwich or something I would definitely question it but also like maybe not. Yeah SORTA believable. Maybe yeah I don't know not. Yeah so it took me a while because I didn't fly for a very long time. I finally finished that book. I mentioned I'd started called every last live by Mary. macaca really really good. I enjoyed it. It's kind of similar to you. I I really enjoyed the book up until the very freaking end end like the whole book. I'm like I don't know what to believe. I don't know who's doing saying this. What's going on? I don't know which is so great and the very it was very anticlimactic. Like at the very end was kind of a letdown. Still worth the read because like for most of the book it was really good but like I just wanted a little bit better of an ending. Yeah what's it called again. It's called every last lie And I I already talked about it before but it. It's about a woman whose husband dies in a car accident like all the forensic say he was speeding. Didn't put on the brakes. Like maybe it was suicide but he has daughter in the car and so it was just like what he really tried to kill himself with his the eight year old daughter in the car. That's weird and then like there's all these like clues to to make the wife thing that somebody was like after him or random off the road and she's convinced and everyone thinks she's not nervous so you kind of go back and forth the whole time and a lot of the book is written from his perspective before the crash and you find out he was keeping a lot of things from Her so then you do suspect foul play like it was a good story I wanted. I wanted a better ending right into it Jodi music. I was so excited needed for Justin Bieber to put out a new song. Finally and it's just like it sounds cool and when you turn it on. You're like us is a jam. And then he started listening to lyrics. And you're like oh I don't know about this lyrically are saw about. It seems a little sexual towards Haley is sexual. I guess but not like they weren't like great eight. I don't know just seemed a little weird. It just wasn't great. It wasn't as I wasn't what I was expecting. Eggs expecting greatness from him having making us wait this long. What was the word last week that you are free to that? Were spelled one way and had two meanings. Close enclose L.. Yeah so someone Message does about another one. Okay what is it. I'm GONNA spell it and see which way you say it. I R. E. S. U. M. E. resume resume. Yeah that's annoying. That's a good one funny. That's a good one. That is a good one. My Buddy Daniel Ellsworth in Daniel's Great Lakes which we've played music from him before he has a new project called dark minds and I'm really a happy foreman proud of him because his new the new song everything is on the new apple commercial which bonkers by the way so I guess go listen now that but I'm really liking the other single a release called get up and I wanted to play like a little bit of that. Sounds call this dark mind dark minds as one word song called. Give up on Y.. F. T. V. Laugh this To the the bottom stealing and good workout song you know one of the yeah Come it gives you some inspiration so yeah anyways check it out dark minds. The everything song is the on the new apple commercial. But that's a song called get up there like lots of check it. Oh that's cool you know. I know we think it's funny to read people's negative reviews of on on itunes. But I I get I get so many. DMZ from listeners. That have nice things to say. I think we should start reading some every now and then discuss like I don't know it's it's it's just like really cool. I met a couple of Y of two tiers at New Year's Eve like Belgium and be like why did you hear about your show. I love getting the meet them in person and stuff and it's just really cool to think about like how many people actually listen to the podcast and I don't know it just makes really good like I like doing this podcast. I love hanging out with you every week. Can I love getting to just talk and share things but it makes it just means so much more when I guess just like this. Oh this one's from Lisa Thorn shout out to Lisa. I'm GonNa Right back also on instagram. But Monitor your message. Because I thought it was so sweet said Hi Brandy I never. DM people but wanted to thank you for bringing a smile to my face on a weekly basis. I love your podcast. Odd cast so much and it brings joy to my stressful day. I work as therapist for high risk teens. And it's so nice to look forward to laughing along with y'all after a hard day. Thank you guys for being genuine in an awesome. No not sweet. All that's no. I got one right here from Liley Liley subject line undamaged wells five stars dammit. Wells the frigging Turtleneck is really make a comeback. Great podcast wait. Who who did you pose John Krasinski wearing the title? I said it was Derek and like everyone was like your exact outfits. No hurry stories. You and everything was ever. That's Johnston skin. I'm like yeah I don't look at the joke. That's the JOE anyways. Hey by the way to. I used my new year. Same Me Post with wearing Sarah's face on my underwear and her chicken cutlets on my chest was funny or not. Yeah I commented and told you that at first glance it looks like you would shaved. I was like what is he doing ended. I looked at is zoomed and see but at first I was really concerned man. He got real drunk. So the family that were not pumped about that picture. And I'll really donald like I don't I really don't understand you know like first of all the fact that there's underwear we're of Sarala holding onto my Jong Hilarious to me sterckele anyway so I thought it was funny okay. Good thanks my family. Is We think things are funny though. Yeah that probably aren't too. Also you really know me like that's totally my personality to like. Do Weird Shit you know. Yeah absolutely how great was the first shop of you In my family portrait. So good so good so good. I'm sorry Billy Ray got kicked out but you know what them's the breaks no we. We actually kicked him out of those photos. He was never in them. I saw someone kill. You kicked out billy ray for wealth they we put you over him but that the end of the phone she. My mom was like all right. Now what some with just me and my kids. Yeah you're like Oh no daddy was like now. We're and then at the end we were like. Oh we actually like these. The best by the way I saw your dad posted a picture of his new demo out and it's like his demo recording soundboard. The near your mom's like you need to get an iphone because it's the greatest. No I go I don't understand fuses. Just someone buy it for him and do it he he what we he has one. He has an iphone and IPAD. He doesn't use and in like he still uses the blackberry. And somehow they I don't know if they like stocked up because they knew they would stop making them he has like backup blackberries because he knows he can't get one anymore like he is. He's committed he's insane he's got just in case blackberries yes blackberries. I fucked respect for that right there. I do Kinda Miss. B B M. I I loved I really did and the track ball is like a little kid. I had a real fancy white blackberry at. I mean I kind of do miss him. I know it's probably more shit for me to clean up at the point. Go clean up some diarrhea real quick. What is my life? You're like what's that movie. That's like where they Bai Xue. Yeah we bought it. It's called. We bought a zoo fucking super creative. Title Guys I've Accumulated Zoo. Yeah go go lay out some. Hey for your goats in your donkeys and pick up some diarrhea and would laugh. I actually do have to go down there and clean installs because it's raining and everyone's inside. Oh Man two thousand twenty shaping up Banger rural brand I why is it. Unlike online December thirty first were always like occupy. weeper next year is going to be still freakin great. And then like the first couple of days of the new year like same thing exactly same shit new decade. Yup that's true okay. Well Michelle Love You love. You love you guys they go okay okay. Okay give me then Ok woke me.

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