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S7: April Fooled: Rosie Ruiz Pt. 1


The year nineteen eighty the Boston. Marathon winner was Rosie Ruiz. That is until eight days later when Rees was stripped of her title. Enjoy these captivating episodes on the life and lies of Rosie Ruiz from podcast series. Sports criminals. If you'd like to hear more shocking stories from the world of sports make sure to subscribe to sports criminals. New Episodes Premiere every Thursday. Listen free on spotify or wherever you get your podcast on the morning of April twenty first nineteen eighty the eighty fourth annual Boston. Marathon began in Hopkinton Massachusetts over five thousand runners in nearly half. A million spectators gathered for the big race about two hours. After the marathon began the first runners began to finish. The first was as expected. The number one male runner in the World Bill Rodgers as he crossed the finish line. Rogers won his third straight Boston marathon with a time of two hours. Twelve minutes and eleven seconds twenty minutes later the first woman approached the finish line fans stood up expecting to see famed Canadian. Writer Jacqueline Gero. Instead they saw an unknown runner that not even the most obsessive running expert recognized it was Rosie Ruiz a twenty six year old administrative assistant from New York running in her second ever marathon. Res Looked exhausted her arms flailing wildly as if she was swimming her way to the finish line when RUIZ CROSSED FINISH LINE. The led timer listed her time as two hours. Thirty one minutes and fifty six seconds. She hadn't just won the race. She also set the fastest women's marathon time in American history. Ruis grimace and smiled. As she finished the race she had seemingly accomplished impossible coming out of nowhere to win. The most celebrated long distance running event in the world. But it was all a lie. Rosie Ruiz hadn't set a record time. She hadn't even run the race. Welcome to sports criminals a podcast original every week. We dive into the dark side of sports history and look at athletes who not only broke the law but broke the rules and covenants of their sport. We'll also uncover how their actions impacted the history of the sport they played. I'm Tim Johnson. And I'm Carter Roy. You can find episodes of sports criminals and all of their podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream. Sports criminals for free on spotify. Just open the APP anti sports criminals in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love but no our doing reach out on facebook and Instagram. At podcast in twitter at podcast network. Today we're discussing Rosie Ruis. Who came out of nowhere to win the Nineteen Eighty Boston Marathon? Only for it to be revealed later that she won the race by cheating this week will explore Ruiz's beginnings and how? She lied to win the Boston. Marathon next week will cover the fallout of the marathon. And how has life changed afterwards? Rosie Ruiz early life is shrouded in mystery. What's known as that? She was born in Havana Cuba on June. Twenty First Nineteen fifty three when she was eight years old she and her mother moved to Miami Florida. Miami felt like an entirely new and alien world to younger. We's she was overwhelmed and isolated living a new country and city surrounded by a language. She didn't speak. She started running both as a way to escape her anxiety in as a way to come to terms with her new surroundings sometime later she was separated from her mother and sent to Hollywood Florida to live with her aunts and uncles again. She took to running to cope. She began running cross country in high school but had to stop when she suffered a knee injury that required surgery even running. The one thing she clung to was taken away from her. After high school she left Florida to study music at Wayne. State College Nebraska. It was another new world for her but she learned to adapt when year into her college career. Ruiz's life was thrown for a loop. When she was involved in a serious car crash. She suffered a blow to the head and the accident. It left her with. Chronic severe headaches and occasional blackouts these lingered far longer than could be explained by the crash so in late nineteen seventy-three. She flew back to Miami where doctors could examiner after a battery of tests. They found the cause of her headaches. A tumor the size of Tangerine embedded in her skull shockingly. The doctors told her that the tumor had been there since she was born. At Twenty Years Old Ruis underwent brain surgery to remove the mass. Luckily the growth turned out to be benign in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven after graduating from college. Ruiz's decided not to return to Miami instead. She threw herself into yet another new city. The Big Apple and this point relieves was comfortable with constant moves in new surroundings and even liked it. She moved into a high rise apartment near Times Square with two roommates and got a job as an administrative assistant for a metal trading company but shortly after she moved to New York. She had her first brush with the law in late. Nineteen seventy seven release. Allegedly stole credit cards from an acquaintances apartment and racked up fifteen hundred dollars in false charges the acquaintance lodged a complaint with the NYPD but Ruis paid restitution and the charges were dropped compounding. Her legal issues were continuing health issues. In September of Nineteen Seventy Eight. Reza's doctors discovered a small defect inner skull leftover from the first brain surgery. She needed another operation. So a plastic plate could be inserted in her skull throughout her life. Ruiz had turned to running to cope with her problems. So in February nineteen seventy nine when she finally felt physically well enough twenty four year old Rosie Ruiz. Once again began running she managed to log a hundred miles a week either running through central park or by training on an exercise bike in her apartment. After a few months of running ruis decided she was ready to put herself to test. She wanted to run a marathon. A marathon is a grueling long distance. Run of twenty six miles and three hundred eighty five yards. It takes its name. Inspiration from the legend. Filipi these who in four ninety. Bc ran from the battle of marathon to the city of Athens to announce the Greeks victory over the Persians. The distance between those two points about twenty six miles became the basis of the modern marathon. The sport was invented for the first Olympic Games in April eighteen. Ninety six in Athens Greece by the Mid Twentieth Century completing a marathon had become one of the most prestigious feats an athlete could accomplish and Rosie. Ruis wanted to prove herself an accomplished athlete. It was a huge jump for her while she had been taking running seriously. Rees was not an experience. Long distance runner. She'd likely never run anything close to marathon length but she was determined to try. Ruis tried to fill out an application for the New York marathon but discovered that the deadline had passed. She contacted the marathon's organizers and ask for special dispensation claiming she was dying of brain cancer convinced by her story. The marathon's organizers allowed her to turn in the application late on the application Ruis listed her expected finishing time as just over four hours about average for a marathon and a very respectable time for a first time runner on the morning of October twenty. First Nineteen seventy-nine Ruis arrived at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island to compete in the New York City Marathon. It was the largest New York marathon since the event's inception in nineteen seventy with eleven thousand five hundred thirty three runners including forty six hundred first timers like res. An estimated crowd of two point. Five million spectators gathered along the race route to cheer the runners on her. We checked in at Fort. Wadsworth received a number and took her place waiting among the massive crowd of runners at nine. Am The starting cannon fired. The race was on to give herself an out. Ruis asked her roommate to meet her eight miles into the race to check if she wanted to drop out. Whenever we reached the mile mark she looked up and saw her roommate waving in her from the crowd. Ruis shook her head telling her roommate that she felt good and was going to finish. She was not going to quit somewhere near the ten mile. Mark near Nineteenth Street in Brooklyn or we had a change of heart either due to injury or due to exhaustion. She walked off the course and left the race. That didn't mean she had given up on her goal of finishing however far from it she had just decided to take a little shortcut. Ruiz's descended into the subway system and got onto the one train going North into Manhattan. She took a seat and kept her head down trying not to draw any attention to herself with thousands of people participating in the New York Marathon. It wouldn't have seemed that unusual to see a runner on the train. After a few stops release felt more comfortable and struck up a conversation with a woman named Susan Morrow was sitting next to her as it turned out the two of them were going to the same place. The marathon's finish line in central park. Ruiz told Moro that she twisted her ankle at the ten mile mark of the marathon but wanted to cheer on the other runners at the end of the race. Moral was headed to see her friend. Cross the finish line ruis and her new friend off the subway at Columbus Circle and made their way into central park. Ruis was noticeably limping and would occasionally on moral shoulders. They pushed through the crowd in police barricades to get to the finish line as they made their way through. The crowd. Ruis grabbed a can of juice and poured it. Over her head moreover. I thought that was odd but reason that it was a quirky runners. Habit when the two of them reached the final barricade. Ruiz declared herself and injured runner and was helped into the medical tent. Then are we told the medical staff at the marathon that she'd already completed the race. They credited her a time of two hours. Fifty six minutes and twenty nine seconds ranking her at twenty third place among all women that time also qualified her for the Boston Marathon. One of the most famous and celebrated running events in the world after briefly receiving treatment on her ankle. Ruis emerged from the medical tent and found Moro. They exchanged contact information. Andrew we suggested the two could have lunch the next week then. Res Disappeared into the crowd as loved everything about the marathon the thrill of the races beginning the camaraderie with other runners and the victory of finishing the only part she didn't like was having to actually run all twenty six miles but she had seemingly found a way around that when she returned to work. The following Monday release received a hero's welcome. Her coworkers were shocked and impressed by her achievement and Ruiz soaked in the attention. Her boss who also happen to be. A runner was particularly impressed after finding out that her time qualified her for the Boston marathon he generously offered to pay for wiest trip to compete in April her. We graciously accepted but despite her supposed successes all is not well for Rosie Ries in the days and weeks following her surprisingly strong finish in the New York Marathon. She began to feel increasingly nervous. Her fraudulent act hadn't just impressed her roommates and friends. It had also created expectations among her co workers and her boss now had to be met. She couldn't risk letting them all down even worse if she performed badly in Boston she'd risked revealing that her New York marathon finish was ally so she trained with the intention of running the full race in addition to wanting to prove herself rees also knew that her cheat in Newark wasn't guaranteed to work in Boston which was a more prestigious race with greater media. Attention and scrutiny in the five months between the New York marathon in the Boston Marathon. Ruis ran as much as she could. Outside of work as the race approached in the spring of nineteen eighty however ruis likely knew she wasn't ready the truth was she wouldn't be able to legitimately come close to the two hours fifty six minutes. She supposedly accomplished in New York and it was even more likely that she wouldn't be able to finish the race at all but she couldn't quit. She had to see it through on April twentieth. Nineteen eighty the night before the marathon ruis called her mother in Miami. She asked her mother to pray for her and said that she needed to win. Her mother applied that she always prayed for her. The next morning we left her hotel and walked to the starting area of the Nineteen Eighty Boston. Marathon it would be the most consequential day of her entire life. When we come back Rosie Ruis takes on the Boston marathon now. Back to the story as twenty six year old Rosie. Ruiz stepped up to the starting line of the Nineteen Eighty Boston Marathon. She felt a huge amount of pressure to perform. Not only did she feel the personal pressure to replicate her supposedly great finish in the nineteen seventy nine New York marathon but she also felt as though she was carrying the burden of the women who came before her. She couldn't let herself do significantly worse in Boston. Let alone fail to finish and risk revealing that. Her performance in New York was ally too much was at stake her reputation her job and possibly even the reputation of women's long distance running the Boston. Marathon was one of the first races established after the eighteen ninety six Olympics and was first held one year later on April nineteenth eighteen ninety seven quickly established itself as one of the most respected and celebrated running events in the world and remains today the world's oldest annual marathon when marathons I began. They were only open to male runners and it took nearly seventy five years for the Boston Marathon to be open to women in one thousand nine hundred sixty six twenty four year old. Roberta Gibbs submitted an application for the Boston marathon but was rejected by the race director. Who stated that women were physiologically incapable of running long distances? Gabe refused to accept that instead. She took a bus from San Diego to Boston and hid in the bushes as the race started. After a few moments and wearing a bulky sweater she surreptitiously jumped into the crowd of runners within a few minutes. The runners around realized that give was a woman and gave her their support. After they told Gibbs that they wouldn't let the race organizers. Throw her out give took offer sweatshirt and revealed her gender by the end of the marathon. She was a celebrity. The Governor of Massachusetts arrived to shake her hand as she crossed the finish line. Still the race refused to allow women but give at inspired them to run it anyway. The next year twenty nine year old Katherine Switzer registered as a male to get a number and penny then finished the race. Despite a race officials attempt to physically remove her from the race. Thanks to the efforts of women like give and Switzer the amateur Athletic Union finally permitted women to running marathons in nineteen seventy two that year. Eight women started the race and all finished by the time. Rosie Ruis arrived in Boston in one thousand nine hundred eighty. The number of women running had risen to four hundred fifty six still a fraction compared to the five thousand male runners when Rosie. Ruiz woke up on the morning of April. Twenty first nineteen eighty. She may have intended on running the race legitimately despite her lies about finishing the New York Marathon. She might have still been conflicted about doing the same in Boston and may have wanted to prove to herself that she could run the entire race but cheating was always an option. The weather was warm that morning when Rosie Ruiz left her hotel. She took the train to the suburb of. Hopkinton where she meant. Four hundred and fifty five other women and over five thousand men at the starting line of the marathon. She received the official number W fifty signifying that. She was the fiftieth ranked woman in the race. Thanks to her supposed finish in New York Jacqueline Guiraud. A Canadian runner was the favourite to win the women's race. She'd won the national capital Marathon in Ottawa. The year before and many of the spectators in Boston that day were there to see. If Garo could win another Garros stiffest competition was with American Patti. Lyons who came in second in the New York Marathon. Twenty six year old Rosie. Ruiz was not on anyone's radar despite her high rank and her strong finish in New York but ruis was there to win and was willing to do whatever it took to achieve first place. The starting gun was fired. Fans cheered as Rosy Ruis and a five thousand other runners set off on the twenty six mile journey to shoulder in a massive swarm. It wasn't long before her legs and feet began to tire. Her breathing became more labored as deep down understood that Oliver Training hadn't truly prepared her for a full marathon. She was never going to finish all twenty six miles not long into the race. Ruis had a momentous decision to make. She could admit her own shortcomings and quit but she thought about the consequences. She might face what would happen if her boss who paid for her to run in the Boston. Marathon found out that she hadn't even made it half way. The other option was to cheat. Sheet already gotten away with New York and she believes she could easily get away with it again so she made her decision. She turned an abruptly. Jog off the race route. Just like she had in New York for we took a short cut after exiting. The race release found a quiet place to wait for an hour staying as far away from views. She could when enough time has passed to make her finishing time believable. She made her way to the nearest train station and took the hour long train. Ride to Kenmore Square and Boston. Ruiz was more careful than she'd been in New York. She kept to herself and didn't strike up a conversation with anyone as she boarded the Green Line train. The train was crowded and Ruiz's hard pounded as it crawled toward Boston. Desperately hoping that no one would make eye contact and ask her about the marathon number on her shirt. No one did ruis made it to Boston without being noticed when Rees reached her destination she left the train headed for the finish line slipping through the busy crowd or we started running as she approached the race just over two hours after the race began rosie. Ruiz emerged from the crowd of cheering spectators and seamlessly merged with the marathon runners. She glanced behind her then to her left and right none of the spectators nor any of the other runners seemed to recognize that anything was amiss however elise had rejoined the race far ahead of any other female runners. It's possible that she simply missed judged jump into the marathon however it's also possible that like she told her mother she felt as though she needed to win and tried her best to do exactly that after jumping onto the course ruis reportedly ran the last mile of the race. She built up enough sweat to look convincing enough to most spectators and the enthusiastic crowd cheered her on as she stumbled past the finish line. Exactly two hours thirty one minutes and fifty six seconds after the race began rosie. Ries had fought her way through car. Crashes Brain surgeries and numerous personal problems to win the most prestigious running event in the world. It was no longer Rosie Ruis Administrative Assistant. She was now. We re we's Boston marathon champion. After crossing the finish line released put on a good show and played the part of a marathon runner exhausted looking. She nearly collapsed into the arms of two police officers. Photographers and TV. Cameramen focused their lenses. On the victorious. Ruis as she limped with the officers help away from the finish line. Other runners congratulated breweries. She passed which she acknowledged with a smile. Ruis made it to the victory stand where race officials congratulated her placed a laurel wreath on her head suddenly energetic ruis wave to the crowd and beamed taking in all of the attention. She had gotten away with her lie. Rosie Ruiz had become in the blink of an eye a famed marathon champion. Three minutes after Rosie Ruiz finished Jacqueline Guru across the finish line and was met with a polite cheer from the crowd. Caro- immediately noticed that the cheers weren't as loud as she expected. She looked up to the winter. Stand and saw Rosie release with a wreath and a metal and was confused. She had senior we's at any point in the entire race. Garo finished with a time of two hours. Thirty four minutes. Twenty eight seconds a new personal best but there was no fanfare or Laurel wreath for her. No Prize for second place. Ruis had beaten the women's record by nearly three minutes on the Victory Stage Rosie. Ruiz took her place alongside men's winner. Bill Rogers Rogers took one look at release and furrowed his brow. He expected to be standing alongside. Jacqueline Guerrero the first words Rogers said to Ruiz were simply. Who Are you? As Ruis innocently introduced herself Rogers took a closer look at her and quickly realized that something was fishy or we was wearing a thick shirt with sleeves. Despite the fact that all elite long distance runners preferred thin sleeveless shirts even stranger. There were no sweat stains on her uniform. She didn't seem nearly as exhausted as Rogers knew she would be after finishing a marathon on top of all that we simply didn't physically look like she was in shape to be a marathon runner however it was too late to stop the celebrations Massachusetts Governor. Edward King shook ruis and Rogers hands as he awarded them their medals and congratulated them on their victories as the two winners stood together on the podium. Rogers made small talk with Ruis. He asked her what her splits were and was met with a blank stare or we didn't know that splits were. Jerez time divided into smaller parts. That confirmed it for Rogers. She definitely hadn't run the race. Rogers the race organizers and members of the press. We're beginning to realize what had happened but ruis for the moment was victorious. She was on top of the world down in the crowd. Bill Rodgers brother. Charlie watched and begin to feel physically. Ill He also realized Ruiz's didn't look like a marathon runner and that there must have been a mistake as the medal ceremony concluded. Charlie set off to find a race official to tell them off his suspicions within five minutes of ruas victory. The organizers of the marathon knew something had gone terribly wrong when we come back Rosie. Ruiz faces serious questions about her shocking marathon. Victory now back to the story on April Twenty First Nineteen Eighty Twenty six year old administrative assistant rosie. Ruiz came out of nowhere to win the Boston Marathon. It was a great story an amateur runner with only one other race to her name. Who beat the odds to win the marathon? It seemed too good to be true because it was rosie. Ruiz hadn't run the marathon at all. She had cheated. Suspicions started to mount immediately after we cross the Finish Line. It started with a male winner. Bill Rodgers. Who could sense that we hadn't run twenty six miles a few minutes? After Ruis was given her medal. She was pulled into a television interview with Catherine Switzer who had run the marathon in nineteen sixty seven by registering as a man. Switzer introduced release to the as the winner of the marathon in possibly a new American women's running record holder. First Switzer asked Ruis. How many marathons she'd run before. Ruis responded that this was her second after the New York marathon only a few months before with a time of two hours and fifty. Six minutes. Switzer asked what is attributed her twenty minute improvement to between pauses to sneeze and cough. We simply said she didn't know like bill. Rogers Switzer began to feel doubt so. She tried to dig deeper. She asked if she'd been training with a lot of heavy intervals. Workouts designed to increase speed res laughing replied that she didn't even know what intervals were. Switzer's unease was evident in her expression when she ended the interview noting that rees was a mystery woman who seemingly evaded all of the marathons checkpoints on her way to victory by the time. The two winners were brought in front of a group of reporters for a news conference. The confusion over releases out of nowhere. Victory had turned into suspicion. Reporters followed Switzer's lead and peppered Ruis with questions Ruiz's answer is left the reporters more skeptical than they'd been before she said she'd only been running long distances for a year and a half didn't have a coach or advisor and didn't know what time splits were to explain why she didn't seem tired after running an entire marathon. Ruiz said she'd gotten up with a lot of energy that morning. When asked how it was possible that no other female runner had spotted her during the race. She offered three explanations I. She had paid herself off of the men seconds. She was so new to the sport that no one knew who she was and finally her short hair must've made the other runners assumes he was male. The reporters were now certain that something was wrong with Rosie Res Inter victory by the time the final marathon runner crossed the finish line. Just over an hour. After Ruiz's finish rumors and speculation were spreading rapidly. Adding fuel to the fire were comments from Jacqueline Gero and Patty Lions stating that. Neither of them saw any woman pass them during the race. After the press conference Bill Rodgers went right to the Boston Marathon. Race director will clooney and told him that there was no way. Ruis had run the race. Clooney knew he had to handle the situation carefully he was concerned about the effect of cheating. Scandal might have on the reputation of the Boston Marathon. A few hours after the race cloney met with Rosie Ruiz at her hotel so she could tell her side of the story where we brought along her friends. Steve Merrick the president of a running club. She joined the week before the marathon. Who claimed he could vouch for? Release Ruis defiantly maintained that she ran the whole race and won it fair and square merrick backed up Ruiz's story as much as he could specifically noting that he saw her at the starting line in Hopkinton however neither Merrick. Not anyone else saw release at any other point in the race. Clooney left the hotel that night unsure of the truth. Ruiz was convincing. But so as Rogers. Only one thing was clear the Boston. Marathon was now embroiled in a major controversy and it was up to Clooney and the Boston Athletic Association to find out what really happened while. Clooney began investigating the marathon winners. Victory Lap continued normally early the next morning on April Twenty Second Nineteen Eighty Rosie. Ruiz and Bill Rodgers were brought to the set of local. Tv show called good day live to be interviewed about their wins. Rogers uneasiness about her. We had overtaken his own personal satisfaction about winning the race. He wasn't just concerned. That Jacqueline Guerrero had been cheated out of a medal. Like we'll clooney. He was worried about the effect. A scandal like this might have on the sport a whole before going onto the set. Rogers pulled Ruis aside and privately delivered a stern warning. He told her that if anything had gone wrong during the marathon she needed to admit it as soon as possible ruis hesitated. Tears appeared at the corners of her eyes for a split second. Rogers believed that we was going to confess instead. Released shook her head and crying. Repeatedly stated that she'd won legitimately Rogers decided to let it go for the moment and the two went ahead with the TV appearance by the time of their TV interview. The whispers about release at grown ladder and suspicion escalated the TV host citing an article written by a running expert in the New York. Post asked both Ruis Ann Rogers about the reported belief that her improvement from the New York. Marathon to Boston was physically impossible. Rogers answered diplomatically. Saying that while improvement is possible. He couldn't conceive of a twenty minute improvement. He then said that Ruis would need to resolve. These questions. Ruis herself remained quiet outside the TV studio. The controversy only mounted that morning race director will cloney announced that he had opened an investigation into the allegations against Roe zero. We's it wouldn't be an easy or straightforward task to determine whether Rosie Ruiz cheated the Boston. Marathon didn't record the times of every individual runner as they reached one of the races. Numerous checkpoints instead. The marathon only recorded the numbers of the first one hundred runners at each checkpoint since the first one hundred runners were all male. None of the women's times were recorded at any checkpoint. Instead of relying on checkpoint evidence Clooney would need to closely review recordings of the TV broadcast an eye witness testimony a team of experts including Katherine Switzer reviewed three sets video from the race and couldn't identify Rosie Ruiz on any of them nor could they find her. We is on one of the informal lists of the top five women runners at any point in the race as the scrutiny intensified Rosie. Ruiz returned home to New York City but she couldn't escape the controversy. The press was beginning to hound. Her now explicitly questioning the validity of her victory. The questions only got louder as the story grew into a nationwide scandal. The concerns led the New York marathon to open their own investigation into releases. Twenty third place finish reporters dug into Rosie Ruiz. His life story traveling to Miami and Nebraska searching for clues. They didn't find much. Though classmates. At Wayne State College did remember that. Ruiz was an avid jogger. Her we sought refuge in her apartment from the constant media. Attention but dog had reporters still followed some even resorted sneaking past the building security guards to go directly to release his door eventually released into roommates abandoned the apartment and move somewhere secret their release hunker down and try to ride out the storm with the constant media attention and the looming threat of disqualification release felt as though she were living in a nightmare throughout every interaction with a roommate's friends or reporters who manage to track down. Ruiz never wavered. She stuck to her story. She had run the entire race. Meanwhile investigations continued in both Boston in New York to determine if she was lying in Boston officials and reporters interviewed the runners finished next to none of them saw her during the race in New York officials reviewed videotape of every runner. That crossed the finish line and couldn't find Ruis. None of the mounting circumstantial evidence was enough. However for Boston. Marathon director will clooney to disqualify. Rosie ries with so much attention on the marathon and the investigation. He felt as though he needed proof beyond the shadow of a doubt he needed something. More concrete like clear eyewitness testimony. John Faulkner Harvard Senior was jogging by the marathon with his hand on April twenty. First as they went past the crowd at Kenmore Square they witnessed a woman in a yellow shirt running. Strangely through the crowd she entered the race in its final mile. Faulkner didn't think much of it at the time assuming that someone would stop her or realized she jumped into the race. The next morning faulkner opened his copy of the Boston Globe and saw photograph of Rosie Ruiz on the front page announcing her as the winner of the marathon. It was the same woman he saw jump into the race. Faulkner initially didn't want to involve himself but after cajoling from his roommates he finally agreed to call the Boston Globe. And tell a reporter what he'd seen. Meanwhile in New York another eyewitness reached out. Susan Moro the woman who had befriended released during the New York. Marathon was watching the news when report about the Boston. Marathon came on. Moro immediately recognized the marathon winner as the same woman. She'd met on the subway as the news. Report continued covering the controversy. Around Louise's finish Moro began to feel nervous. She didn't know what to do. After some deliberation moral decided to contact the New York Times the next day on Wednesday April twenty third. The Boston Globe published John faulkners eyewitness account early that morning reporters. A news vans arrived at Harvard eager to interview him that night. The New York Marathon director told reporters that he didn't believe Ruis could even run one mile at the pace. She claimed to have run an entire marathon with evidence against her mounting Rosie. Ruiz called a press conference the next day. Her only ally. Steve Merrick stood beside her and warned reporters ahead of time that he'd end the press conference if it turned into a carnival. Susan Morrow attended the press conference at the invitation of New York Times reporter. The reporter asked Mario if Ruis was the woman she'd seen riding the subway during the New York. Marathon more said without question. It was the same woman as cameras snapped. Rosie Ruis stood in front of a skeptical crowd of reporters. Despite Merrick's warning the reporters were noisy and hostile given the published accounts of John Faulkner. Many of the reporters expected release to confess admit that she cheated and end the entire controversy instead with a slight smirk on her face. Rosie Ruis once again. Insisted that she'd run the race moreover. She blamed the media for the controversy claiming their coverage was unfair and that any unknown runner. Who won the marathon would be subjected to the same scrutiny and skepticism that she was although Ruis continued to vociferously deny the allegations of cheating. The tide was already turning against her and it wouldn't be long before her entire house of cards came tumbling down. Thanks again for listening to sports criminals. We'll be back next week with part two. Rosie ruas story. We'll see how her story eventually crumbled and how her life was affected after the truth was revealed. You can find all episodes of sports criminals and all other park has originals for free on spotify. Not only spotify already. Have all your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all your favorite podcast originals like sports criminals for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream sports criminals on spotify just open the APP tap browse and type sports criminals in the search bar. And don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see next time. Sports Criminals was created by Max Cutler. And as a podcast studios original it is executive produced by Max Cutler Sound Design by Stephen Davies with production assistance by Ron Shapiro in Carleen Madden. This episode of Sports Criminals was written by Ryan Lee with writing assistance by Abigail Cannon and stars. Tim Johnson and Carter Roy.

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