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Jay-Z & JBros, Billie Eilish's Clapback + Hailey Bieber's Vogue Shoot


<music> what's up. Everyone eats chicks in the office giving you that friday. What is this. What is this intro just move peter. I don't need a guy what's up everyone. Am i doing this right all right. You're doing it the same way you always do. It definitely just keeping all this in no no try again. He wants to hear this okay <music>. What's up everyone. It takes six in the office with rian friend. We are giving you that friday energy on a monday you special kind of monday yeah. It's labor day. It's guys are not doing anything. Thank you anything at all. Just relaxing whether you're going back to school soon you know college. College just started back again. <hes> whether you're just off from work in and you're excited you got that four day week. Yes the end of summer guys. This is it we gotta soak it in really just enjoy your last. It's over. It's over so fast. I it really did go fast but now september starts and that's my favorite month. I love september loved. The fall's football season got football friends ends back. It's all good stuff. I'm just along for the ride. You know my boyfriend hank. He's always watching football during this time friend. She's always i was watching football watching football. Just watching football sounds fun yeah. It's going to be great. I actually really do enjoy this time of year especially the work. It's a great time of the year here it is. It is everybody kind of gets back in the swing of things 'cause end of august. It's so dead. I mean i i would never ever ever say that. We put together a bad podcast for this one. Suck just kidding no no no now but as far as you know topics things that are going on it. Slow it slow it slow but we're going to entertain the fuck out of have you for the next ten or so minutes mostly because that we're talking about the show is brought to the jonas brothers but i wanna rewind for a little bit. I want to take it back from the beginning of our week. Give people that friday energy. They deserve today because the topics are low. Thanks for the thanks to the memories. Do injection do nothing long lactation for august. Let's figure it out. Let's do some stop. Let's see some drama. Let's do some make up something well. You know what summer's summer's ending so we got the summer flings coming to an end should be happening soon. The clock is ticking. These couples should really start breaking up pretty soon. Oh man oh man oh man. I take that back. That's bad that's bad okay. Well anyways ticket back a little bit. We've had quite a week friend. We've been out <hes> just not monday. We went out tuesday. Wednesday thursday drank every single night franschhoek shots which he doesn't usually do. I was so impressed with few thank you our our friend. Bread is leaving our friend brett asleep yeah so did we talk about this no we didn't we podcast we did. I think on wednesday monday anyway. We've been on this farewell to brett tour basically every night. There's drinks jenner. There's razors more drinks than we got end up another other barge shots. It's yes oh by the way shadow to sean again. I'll just say the name of the bar because i was so happy when he said this to me yeah shadow to sean sean at gem saloon. He told me last night that somebody was listening to this podcast and said to him sean. They talked about and he was so happy about it and i'm so happy about. I may know what the irish said you did. I'm not going to be able to do it again but boy did. I crush it last night. He's try now. He's he's by far the best best bartender i've ever met yet. He's a great guy great guy. I'm like i said irish so he's got great accent <hes> yup so it's good stuff so we were drinking their feud a few times and i gotta say fran yup question for you yup. Are you impressed with how now i'm handling myself after drinking this week i am thank you. I really am you are like going through some good a twenty two year olds motions and whatever's your. I don't know if you're a health issues are i wouldn't say they're gone but it's i think some new stuff is helping you out. Honestly i haven't thrown one drinking throwing up not really hung over yeah. It's fantastic. That's awesome great for me. We are hung over but a different kind of hung over different kind. It's a jonas hangover. The jonas tell you is real it israel because their concerts are just such a high such a high such a high. I really thought i was not going to go out after that. Joe is rather concert sir who is just so much. God damn fun that i was like oh god go out now. What am i supposed to do. Go home go to bed. It was such a high and i was so high and i just uh-huh honest honest can't confirm rea- pulled through on for the eta go going the other yeah i took those and the people are saying this is just rumors on a different universe but it little piece. I'm just saying yeah. I had a great time. I'm looking at let me tell you this the jar some of the john's brother shows in my life have been like some of the best times i've ever had being being able to throw alcohol into the mix. Now just adds an entirely different ellum into going to these shows. It's amazing seizing top notch topnotch rat massive square garden. We were out before avenue. Got some beers at the garden. Wanna talk about this. <hes> saw some people commenting on your instagram about the straw in your beer yep. I could not be a bigger advocate for the strawberry especially a massive square garden. It just hits different friend. They put the straw. If you live you live and it's just people you drink faster. When you drink through a straw man i owe people. I can't drink a beer to a straw but he says who says because we're standing on rule. Oh shut out iowa. Stop talking over there. I understand it is unwritten rule but but rule rules are meant to be broken friend rules and i meant to be broken market down august thirtieth with france are meant to be broken really really stop myself for a senate. Don't knock the straw beer till you try at sporting events concerts. It's great because z. Hey like bumping into people. They're spilling their beer all over you. It's because they out no limit on it sloshing around there dancing and or or your dancing and you're spilling it on yourself yeah not when you have sh- copier yep you're so right fran you tell them on top of the drinking. We were also very very close to some famous may be the most famous people ever so in j._c. right. Let's just run through from the beginning. We walk and m._s._g. Like eight thirtyish dirtyish were ready to go b._b. Is finishing the second half of her set for nine bb wreksa. I we walked in as soon as she was just on stays. Drop it low hello and dance us with their data. She looks sexy joke so good really put us in the mood yep turnaround when carlos with were there squad 'cause where are seats were on the floor. We were closer to the bat to the b stage. The jones brothers have two stages at their show. They played the front stage in the back for closer the beast east age <hes> and then like normally. It's a smaller v._i._p. Section but i guess for m._s._g. All stars came out. I mean we saw so the whole one. Whole side of the b bar was v._i._p. I think it was all very elite humans when he singing to bb. We go again more drinks. We come back draws brothers or coming on we turn around everybody's coming out jay z sophie turner owner thomas rhett it was out of control priyanka around his mom mama jonas papagiannis danielle alina the kids. It was just i was phenomenal. I sophia friends could not stop staring at them. I know which by the way sophian priyanka did not speak. Are there what i also think that i don't know bronco was there with her. Mom soviet seemed like she was there with her friends but yeah they were on the. I didn't see them interact once and like like we said we we really kept in a higher but it was it was so easy watching because when you turn around when the jars were actually on the b stage they were directly in front of us. How do you not watch sophie. When joe is saying hesitate possible. It was more than just a concert. It was an experience experience. It was an experience and i say this was your first look. We've seen them before will like smaller venue but this was your first stop on a tour happiest. Visit begins joins buyers. How how would you say the show was an. I think that the jonas brothers genuinely put on the best performances i've ever seen first of all i said this after the the private concert that was like half a set they didn't really do it was like that was unreal. Now don't there's a common denominator here and it said i took it out before that show and i took it out before the show but i will say that this was size. Ask also fucking amazing and then i'm thinking to myself. We got penn state next week now and we're like no idea what happened idea to <music> me if i can even walk out of m._s._g. And i was like really excited for penn state because i can't can't wait. I can't believe how much fun we're going to have again because it was just it was such a great night and sophie looked amazing. Brianca looked amazing. They look they're having a great time. Like we said gee was there. I mean j._d. And jay z stayed the entire entire time. He was bopping his head to every song. Every song jason easy was is unbelievable. I wrote down in my notes all the celebs. We spotted just in case i forgot yeah. Oh i didn't say so so soviet priyanka jay z. winnie thomas rhett d._n._c. was their coal. They were dr phil dr phil. Was there forgot john phil. Dr phil has a hilarious. Just he got the extreme expression the entire show like he sat there stone cold. I hope he enjoyed himself elf. He looked like he did but it looked like jay. Z android himself a little bit more than dr phil yeah yeah fun fact because i did not realize this. I don't know if people know this are. Maybe i'm just an idiot. Jordan mcgraw opens up for <hes> the jones brothers. He's the first opening act and his b._b. Sarah hyland has a song with him. They performed at m._s._g. Less we missed it. That's that's okay. Seren wells were there didn't see wells however toward mcgraw's dr phil sought. I didn't know that absolutely no interesting interesting. He's just they're all there. They all must be spending so much time with dr phil. That's awesome. That's great for them. They look like they were having a good time. No matter are what they sounded amazed. They had the jonas brothers are just stop befriends. It's up. There is a point in the show. Where are they take shots with people at the bar and they took their shots in knicks talking in just talking about how great is back at m._s._g. And till the story about how kevin the last time they performed at m._s._g. Afterwards kevin asked him like do think this is going to be the last time we're here and boy did i. I just lose it. Fran did i just started and you have to put the picture i buy saga crying right here right now thinking about it and it was so beautiful they did another round shots because they made a joke saying that kevin fakes the first shots so they were like we're doing another. One's kevin actually has to take a shot <hes> yeah it was just can't put it into words really we just did but yeah. I know i know but like yeah. How many times can i say. It was so amazing be no more words to describe. How wild why guys wildlife joss wild experience. I truly had an outer body right body experience last night. I'm not kidding like i was on another level the jonas brothers and when we went out after i just kept that mood from the others has carried it with me throughout the night. I woke up with like fried rice. All over. I went to mcdonald's mcdonald's. I was dancing at this barak like alone. At one point is bumping yeah yeah bumping and we did hit a moment where we try to do the tick tock tansu and in the par though nana and oh my god we were so bad we were terrible nana. Let's never do that again. So bad had that people came up to us to tell us how bad we were doing what the song wasn't on oh. That's probably why we were trying to do it to other songs. It just didn't worry friend kelly posted on her story and watching that back this morning who's paying fi- skip through 'cause. I couldn't even watch it back. We also had this one guy who even just connect our foot on the one we couldn't and i it explains why we were really fucked up and this one guy kept insisting we went to law school together guys area reading right and then he tried to say it wasn't a line he walked right up to rea- and he said do we go to las togethers like look so familiar buddy. I didn't even go to school. We both looked at him and we just went like laws. Are you awa- school heard it was unreal and he kept he was that in guys but i was like look buddy. You didn't go to law school with her and then he was like no. I swear this isn't a line the guy really she really looks like so. Many i went to laws like okay but you did not her and he tried to talk and then oh and then he goes. I you know i keep saying we didn't go to law school together. But can i just talk to you for minute. I'm like no no. I'm good. I'm trying to dan. Leave me alone. I'm trying to the tick tock into fran here. It was unbelievable. We didn't go to law school. What an evening if that is a sign of what is to come app pens leave. The drawers rather show a penn state to go right into champs. Oh plus. We've got a great itinerary from that girl. We met at the bar before the show. Oh shoutout to that girl as she told does everything we need to do. Her energy was fantastic fantastic fantastic. It was honestly like i'm so rubbed off on me. I'm so excited every like i remember it pickles winter right. I'm gonna write it down yeah when we when we get when we get home at home i keep i keep saying when i get home home. I've said it like five times. Yeah like you're not going home like we were going to get lunch and was like i'll show you when we get home at home. We're walking back to the uh guys. Also is i want to mention because this wasn't this wasn't mentioned on the podcast because it was after but we had the barstool happy hour this week and fran couldn't make it because it was iran's fiftieth birthday shout out to her yeah and <hes> i had posted on my instagram a few pictures with people people from the happy hour with franco she wasn't there. There were people commenting very concerned because you weren't in any of these pictures. Just wanna let everyone know we're still good and then when i posted the jonas brothers gel and that was a good comment is very funny. Oh thank you i will give credit where credit is due. That was i did laugh. Follow <music> off on instagram. It was a good one all right all right folks. Should we get into the tax sleaze. It's very on brand. Are you all okay. I love that so i was going to the jonas brothers concert in toronto fucking love. The job rose anyways. I was talking after my best friend about it and how stokely were finally see. Our first loves lot. Live jump start over. I depend attention. Are you kidding me. Okay go go again. Go slower. You're talking really fast. Sorry sorry sorry. I had to burp so i'm trying okay okay. Did you is that has that feeling past. No okay okay all right. We'll talk slope okay well so i i was going to the jonas brothers concert in toronto fucking love. The job rose anyway. I was talking to my best friend about it and how stoked we finally to see our. I loves live after so many years. We were chatting about how hot they all are and how much we love their wives except for priyanka because we ship friend with nick. My friend friend asked me what i'd be wearing to the concert my response. I'm wearing bright orange so the chance arises that nick wants to cheat on his wife and inappropriately touched me after the show. I'll i'll be an easy target to point out in the crowd when i didn't get a response for several minutes from her. I thought hm wonder why since we're so deep in this conversation i went back into our chat out to see that. I actually didn't send her the message. I then got a text from my mom saying i always wanted you to be the innocent child but if you're going to be doing anything like that mine is well with nick jonas gopher. It love that so on brand wow that is such a good one yeah. It was very on brands. That was the first one i read it. Solid solid is so funny. My friend declare who i've mentioned are multiple times my mother's day one and she she said the other day like at her mom texas really cute started chores mothers podcast and clara. Mom france pocket has is basically yes podcast. It's jonas builder slash bachelor slur bachelorette podcast look when the jaundice brothers have all these shows in in this area at the same time you're going all you're going on tour more with them. It's <hes> yeah. People in the office are like so. What number was this one friend. How many times have you seen them in the last three weeks four yeah it's sad but not sad. I actually love it and is amazing. We're going next week so yeah by the way guys if you if you don't love this podcast that's fine fine but on wednesday after the jonas brothers and everything we're recording our podcast live from the car drunk guy like two a._m. So that's that's gonna be a really good one yeah yeah that'd be like the after the people's choice like something like that. All i think it's going to be even worse sanad because we are going to be legit wasted but also it's going to be amazed i was not. I was not that drunk leaving the people's choice awards. No i feel like i am really going going to be drunk. I was drunk off of <hes> just people's choice awards and i wasn't drunk off of alcohol the vibe of i'm saying i'm going to be drug off champs and actually physically drop right and and people think that we have done this podcast drunk before noonan. Oh no nothing like we're going to be yeah yeah. It's nice going to really hit different. I'll take honestly we're about to have a little light on guests because <hes> it's just slow slow slow. Celebrities are doing nothing so our next few podcasts are about to show us brothers and probably bachelor in paradise and i love it. I love it friend so the labor day weekend. Everyone drunk with happiness. I just saw your body. Go into drug. It's just my favorite things. I see it all right well. Let's get into. Let's get into the topics. Let's yeah let's do that. We got haley. Bieber's vogue schouten lindsey lowe hans new new song zanex billy irish pissed at germany's nylon mag and <hes> we got another miley liam broady josie update guys so let's get into it starting enough with haley bieber's vogue shoot his mixed up to show so you just thanks buying tickets can be complicated implicated and confusing but there is a simpler way to buy with c. 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I know what you're saying. Yes yes s._e._m. Them sort of yes interesting but haley <hes> recreated a bunch of iconic princess. Diana looks and and they are awesome. It is really awesome. Yeah such a good spread. I always love when she does like. I actually see her doing some good modeling because she's a model. She's actually working yeah. She does work. You think that her and justin bieber dislike float around the earth right. That's what i envision. I i mean that's kind of what they've been doing. For the last year. Yeah i guess so but leave awesome shoots together and she's done different seven. Obviously she has all different different kinds of campaigns but stuff. We've seen gina. She does bare minerals and all stuff like that buses volvo. This is vote peres and they are very very chic. Photographs air spot on she looks so great she posted them on her instagram and she said all credit and spoke to the amazingly beautiful and unconsciously stylish princess diana who i've looked for style inspiration for as long as i can remember so lots of like sweatshirts with bike shorts and sneakers she did the classic where she wore the big suit jacket with the hat and the cowboy boots and the jeans <hes> posed with like a sweatshirt with the big glasses and the big earrings dog. They're just they're pretty epic. I gotta see and they're all very spot on very cool. Yeah i think a lot of i think a lot of people responded positively to this people were tweeting like like the shoot was so sophisticated and spot on with the inspiring princess diana best shoot. I've ever seen hailey on. I i saw people being like i didn't unlike haley until these pictures yeah so good for haley yeah. That's that's what they said. In the daily mail article they put one tweet that was i was never a fan of hebrew until will now. She is absolutely killing each and every photo serving that princess diana vibe yeah. You know it's a really good shoot when you have articles written about it because these models do shoots it's every day raising on instagram but when you have all these articles that say wow twitter's obsessed with haley baldwin's princess diana's shoe and you know there's so many the articles about it then you know you did something right right yeah and i mean people are going to love and people are gonna hate it. People hated to do they. Oh yeah. I didn't see that why they hate it because they're like oh. She's not princess diana. They don't think she's famous enough to portray people. I feel like you don't really want like a really famous. It's offensive because diana's on a different level to be impersonated by a b minus model. That's what somebody who has it is so we're also approaching the twenty second anniversary of her death so they were like well. Yeah i mean i'm sure that was on purpose on unbuilt paris's part to have this come out obviously at that time but people were also saying that that is insensitive <hes> well will. I feel like that's a reach. Look is she was. I'm sure she was approached to do this. <hes> shoot and she accepted it and paris. I would say i guess she crushed at. She looks beautiful so good for her. Yeah good for haley proud of her. Yeah doing some good work out there for free. Take we all know the frustration bottles on bottles piling up in your bathroom each one falsely promising miracle solution that only kind signed of work but what if there was just one shampoo and one conditioner that can truly do it all well. There is with function of beauty function beauty u._d. Addresses all of your hair needs not just one most drugstore brands only address. 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Our listeners will receive twenty percent off their first order to redeem had to function beauty dot com slash chicks and take their hair profile profile quiz go to function of beauty dot com slash chicks to get twenty percents off your custom formula. Lindsay lohan released a new song okay. This new songs called xanax xanax. Hey can we play yet noah in the <hes> if you in the article i sent you in that. They have a sound bite of the song now this time listening to it you gotta go two minutes in to the sound bite and then it plays because it's like three minutes long or something and around the two minutes it starts. They premiered it this radio station i think in please hold the phone this radio station in in dubai. I think it was yes. The virgin radio dubai premiered it not the whole song just thirty seconds of the clip on the chris fade fade show. Do you have the clip notes so there's only thirty seconds out of it. There's only thirty seconds out but do you not do you see like there's there's like the whole clip is three minutes thirteen seconds long worship. It's in the it's in the article all that i provided in the sheet for the fact that you're okay. I try stay away from you. Bye bye town that i by the nine freezing came the air. How many people i can't hear you. I flip. I honestly was kind of feeling that a little bit in the beginning toward the end kind of lost me but yeah i mean that song it kind of is relatable. You were you listening to. We're the lyrics. I heard the lyrics. I and i could not dot to me but i'm saying like if it was written twos annex you know what i'm saying like. He played again like she didn't do it like the weekend did words like super super subtle when he was telling ya coke in his song wrong. What song was it again can't feel my face yeah. It was really dot com person in this town that i the only reason not gain the many people i can't hear your and that's it yes at the beginning part. I'm like was this written to that x. right like she. She's like you're the only person i need but that person is that she should have been like she didn't loop it together right. I'm saying like the weekend can't feel faces literally really about coq yet but when you first hear that song he's not using that at all so you really think it's about a person and that he can't feel his face until you realize the actual message. This is behind it right. That's not what lindsay lohan did here. She straight up was like yo zanex. I love you. I need you you make me feel good which maybe not a great mess yeah. I think we're gonna need to hear obviously the whole song. This was just clip because when you read the lyrics which is just. Would you like to sit next to me. When you kiss me. I can't breathe. I try to stay away from you but you get me high only person in this town that i like guess i can take one more trip for the night just for the night now the the d._j. Was like it's about anxiety and pressure and just taking care of yourself <hes> and that's the message of the song so i guess we're going to listen to the whole thing because it seems depressing. It does seem a little depressing like i'm getting a glimpse comes into lindsey lowe hands life and it seems like she was maybe relying on xanax a little bit right. I guess i can take one more trip for the night like i just don't do that. Maybe don't take that extra trip for the night. <hes> maybe stay home that night. However catchy beat it is it is like something i feel like if arianna guerande put out. It's a good beat now for sure. I've ever heard yeah definitely. I'll say that i was honestly when i saw lindsey was back in the the studio. I did not know what to expect at all no especially when you hear that the song is called zanex <hes>. You really don't know what to expect now. The song will be coming out very very soon. Whatever that means you your reaches. The charts no final answer. No no so you know. I'm not bad uh-huh. Thank you that on the the billy eyelash called out nylon magazine in germany yes because they used her cover without her permission which i just don't get how that happens or why people do that right. It's a very weird situation because nylon on germany. Did this basically like digital spread. It's like they did a cover. I different cover stars for their new issue which is on digital prodigies so billy island was one of the three cover stars stars for this series. They wrote this whole caption on the instagram. The interview different people but none of them were. We're billy bush and so i it's hard to describe but she's a robot like they. She is a fully she. She has no hair like she's just turned her into a very robust. Obviously they want digital. Ask whatever but it's her her face very much her face just have any clue. It's like a chest up kind of <hes> and billy commented commented on the nylon germany instagram post saying what the fuck is this shit one. I was never approached by nylon about this piece whatsoever. I did not know what was happening nor did anyone on my team to this is not even real picture of me. I had absolutely no creative input three. You're gonna make a picture of a shirtless list. That's not real at seventeen and make it the cover even if the picture was supposed to look like some robot version of me i did not consent in any way four and we're gonna remove all my fucking hair boo boo to you and the middle finger emoji. I love how one of the points was. You're going to remove all my hair. Yeah i mean i if ever magazine was going to make me the cover without knowing and they just made me ball. That'd be like at least fucking air cover. My hair is one of my most important things to me yeah and if you just took that away i'd be really pissed like i get you get the idea in the theme but obviously like. You said she had no input right. Oh creative input it all. She didn't even nose was happening. I think it's fucked up because first of all if you're going to be the cover on a magazine whether it's the robot version and she can say whatever it is you should you. You should know about it. You know what i mean. You are billy eyeless. You're very well known figure now yeah. You should be told about this yeah. I i would assume she could sue but i dunno and nylander. They had such a weird response back to her. They wrote to you and your fans for this cover. It was never our intention to create a look that is confusing or insulting billy bush it was only ever our intention to honour billy's impact and her work by creating this avatar which is part of a cover series highlighting the power of digital prodigy artists. This avatar is a piece of three d. Artwork rated indebted to her achievements and the positive effect she has had on millions around the globe including us. That doesn't really answer any of concerns that she has anything i are. They going to take it down. You think that's like the it's no b. It's been out for two days posted this on instagram two days ago. She commented allowed to sue but today's sure sure. I'm not really sure because it's not really hurt her but it is hurricanes are so i don't actually artwork exactly like they're making in their own right so but putting her name the cover and every i don't know it's just bizarre look like she did like a a full feature in the magazine like look like they either interviewed her. Whatever and she was not included in this at all and it makes it look like she posed for. These pictures sure right now. It's probably the same with the other ones as well. I'm assuming i didn't see the other covers but there is one of lisa and lenna which are i believe. I think they're famous germany 'cause i don't know who they are so they and they've only really stats. That's their second one that they've posted of their second cover artists a cover stars for this digital prodigies series. The whole thing drops on friday friday. It says on their instagram so i'm not sure who the loss there's gotta be. I'm assuming one other person so oh but they featured a bunch like eight eight different people and then they only put three on a cover interviewed. They did interview some of them. Oh so there's not bill yeah that's so weird that that's so pizarro to me yeah because even in <hes> even in the post that is billy's cover they wrote what's more and then they tagged madeline patches in it she she actually do an interview. Yeah i think so because it's her taco bell and <hes> this girl stephanie who's taco bell. I it's <hes> band an artist musician. Also i also don't know who that is but just saying it because their name is on here. It says they those three talk transcending the jesse vibe in what encapsulates the struggles of growing up so they made it seem like those three they actually did interviews with. I would think so. That's weird that they did this whole thing billion. She didn't actually do an interview but they actually do. Have some interviews interested. They put on the cover interesting by nylon. Yes weird weird to do there obviously just looking for it to sell because billy islands just hot right now and they were just like fuck it. We're just gonna put billy. I wish on this yeah butting billy. I feel like exactly what they tilly. I wish i feel like he's not somebody to mess with now. Especially she's seventeen years old not at all and we know billy has no problem clapping back at people. Oh no not at all like i just comment like what what is this shit and then they if i was going to be so scared and just delete everything i'd be like cancel cancel yeah yes soon as billy. You said something to us. I would delete my entire instagram cancel. Just cancel everything job yeah. It would be so tough yeah. That's it moving on in getting off not the same it seems to. Let's talk talk about the holidays i know i know you're all probably thinking that's crazy. It's september. Why are we talking about the holidays but trust me. 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On august thirtieth i'm incredibly proud of the work everyone did on. It was an absolute honor to work. My friend emory cohen again. One of my favorite actors of bubba blah blah blah honestly don't need to read the whole thing he just thanking people and then he said blood sweat and tears were shed ed for from all who were involved independent filmmaking is always a tough thing to pull off and i just want to thank all the hardworking people who helped make it happen so yeah. That's it obviously all the comments about miley. Oh man this guy can't even go on instagram this one i would just really i feel like because i would really just no. It's probably not but i would just turn the comments off you know yeah. I don't even know how he keeps them on but also he probably we just isn't even posting this. He'd probably somebody else posting it hopefully because it would be miserable. I don't understand how celebrities do it. Sometimes like. We think social media is bad. I can't even imagine them. I know post gay can't go online at all here in this ship together with miley miley liam forever. I don't think that's happening happening. I don't think so mylan kitten. They look pretty strong. <hes> happy as can be leave together all like everywhere the everywhere with her mom with her with mile eastbound. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I i would really like a breakdown of their friendship. Pre this time because i really had no idea that they were friends but it seems like they've been friends for a long time. It seems like liam broady marleen eileen caitlyn. We're all friends because they all live now and then killing and miley just got together. Was it a was it. Oh my god when we all hang out as a group. Our sexual tension is so high yeah. I have no idea what was outstanding like. How long were they friend. How do you go from being friends to ooh hooking up now. That's i think that is a pretty sometimes that happens. No not i know but i'm saying like in a group of like with your husband's. Sometimes that happens. I'm just saying they were all four. Were hanging out together and they're together yeah. It's just a wild a wild ride but i'm happy for them because they look really happy they do and i'm sure they find comfort in each other right now. Obviously you know what it's like. They're both going through something similar and brody's very happy with josie trust me they are. They're very happy together. He called her his girlfriend. Aren't there like i think last last time i heard they were not official official but i think things have changed and i don't know it seems like a really he uttered. The words girlfriend like came out of his mouth yeah girlfriend. You just had a wife bro. Okay okay fine brody jenner time yeah well you know once. I really put together his whole family like my. This guy really hasn't seen a successful full relationship yeah. When i went down the line linda thompson elvis david foster caitlyn jenner. He just posted a very cute video on his instagram. I'm of brandon. Brandon was once married before no. I know that's oh brandon. Look so happy right now. His is a girlfriend or new. I don't know i think it's new wife. Did they get married. I don't have no. I i think it's his girlfriend are having twins and it was like this very cute videos. Everybody's so so happy. They're telling all their loved ones that they're having twins <hes> but you know let's not forget that brand leo are like so in favour our couple goals for quite some time so we're on the kardashians. It was all branding leia. They're the normal ones in the valley yeah and that one didn't work out. He wanted to work. Which is why i am saying. Brody jenner doesn't see you buy failed relationships every single. I hate brody. Please don't be listening to this right now. Nobody dad yeah. It's it's really sad to see but hopefully there's. Nobody really to be a good example. No damn what a bad bad note to end on all right. Well wraps a damn thing up just getting. I don't want that to be out now. Noah now. I keep going to do a southern accent. Dan all right that i read you access at all right and you do the can't do it. Our guys all right all right all right. They're upset podcast. That is the end of today's episode. Everybody have a wonderful labor day weekend and we'll be back on thursday with more. The jonas brothers content drunk as a skunk yep. See ya boroughs compound and get the dauphin again when we i used to be said but that was all before the stream just came on they come <music> <music>. They <music> you don't have to had his auburn is don on those words i come has been saying <music> and <music> <music> <music> and once again we just want to thank all of our sponsors from today's episode sewed scekic function of beauty and candid. 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