Hour 1 - We have a winner for the sad Padres photo bounty, we talk about Desean Jackson and college football


The White Glove guys? Previously on Darren Smith Show. Are you muted properly. Because now we've been unneeded at times and people have heard things that going on in my life and in your life and now this radio show is on the air, but there's zoom press conference with Kirby. I won't even tell you what was going on. As Zoom press conference was beginning describing in great detail, a dermatologist doctor appointment that I had earlier today at the show, a specific area of my body to Marty, and that may have been on the summum. I'm not quite clear. I don't know. Darren Smith Show. Is the one that brings us back soon. AM radio. Wants more. Now here's Darren. On xtra thirteen sixty. All right. Hey, they're gradings to you. It is a Thursday the ninth day of July for two thousand and twenty I am Darren Smith you are listening to extra thirteen sixty over on the AM side on the FM side, a couple of different options for you. One of three point three FM certain parts of the county. 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DOT COM, already of course will bail on this show whenever it's convenient for her i. always like to see where she's booked guests so that we can see what time Padre press conferences are happening I'm told today it's. It's going to be at about two PM, so we'll look forward to some more content coming your way. Sports SD, DOT COM, smart speaker, Siri and Alexa. They know how to start streaming us. They don't just alert you. Amazon delivers packages, but they are there to start streaming. All you have to do is ask three our show today. This is show number sixty, eight plus six, which I believe is seventy four complete programs now seventy four programs out of the IHEART studios here from the wind cave today for show number sixty. Good afternoon to you mortar well. Martha what's going on? Are. We doing today two o'clock to get it right, oh. What a coincidence! I A coincidence. The MARDI searched high and low for our guest today in Book Scott Bear in the two PM spots, so she could bounce from this show and listen to what sort of exciting commentary today we'll dare and I do believe I do believe the player today an slot will be. We'll Myers Oh. Yes, by all means, listen, if will. showed up at a time where there was no gas. We would say that is more important. It's very rare that I would say some good I would I would say that we'll Myers deserves your attention today even more so than mine even more so than perhaps the audience I would agree. Will Myers says things. He is not afraid he doesn't shy away from the questions, and of course here we have brand new questions to ask. We'll meyers this year such as so well. Where are you going to play? So will what do you think about aging? Will what do you think about perhaps playing some first base because we're not gonNA have a lot of time to figure this out with regards to Eric hosmer hitting lefty since it's only sixty game sprint. What do you think that? There's a lot to ask what's going on with your hair. How you feel in these days, is everything okay? What's going on? We heard some troubling stuff out of last season. Will sure I'm GonNa Guess that will? Myers will show up there and with a backwards at. My prediction for today, so we will have no chance to go ahead and ask her out on any hairstyles or anything else. He will be wearing a backwards hat and I will say a shirt with sleeves. I could see that. Yeah I. Don't know wheels big on the sleeveless shirt now unlike everybody else's appeared. Do you have questions ready for? We'll Myers. Might I want to you I know you hate when I do the you do this on the air because you'd think that somebody's GonNa Listen. Just take it and run with it right or re ask the question. Why don't you text it to me? Okay go ahead. Ask him how he is approaching the glove situation this season since he is notable for the fact that he doesn't swing with batting glove right I wonder if there's anything that might change in that regard purely out of safety now I. Don't want anything to go wrong here. I know we'll hasn't exactly been the will that. The padres thought they were getting well. This is the first year that that that twenty million was supposed to kick in. That's yeah, so on a pro rated basis will will be making a lot less I'm certainly not going to be the one to do the math certainly not real time. But I wonder if he's given any consideration whatsoever to changing his routine of batting gloves again I know this is an exciting stuff, and you guys can sit and talk about whatever you're talking about. I know that I don't always find that to be interesting. Whatever it is two guys talk about what's the question again? Batting gloves I. Mean we'll. because. retouching and I know they're different protocols for who doesn't doesn't touch a bat, and who doesn't touch certain things and I'd be lying if I said that I was following along, and I knew that all the rules I had them committed I don't. But I just I wonder if that subject has come up because he's very very notable for that that he doesn't like the batting glove now it's interesting because we know wills also Golfer and I know he wears a golf glove. I just wonder if something in that regard, we'll change. Anyhow it's not the most important thing, certainly, not gonNA, stop the presses two o'clock today. If you're, don't ask that question. About what I would ask if I were in that setting I think I would take that approach. Just like the other day I gave you a question for Fernando. Totti's junior and I don't know that the question I know that you were all that satisfied with the question and the answer, but yes anyway. But I think you do a great job. You don't need me telling you and you don't need anybody else telling you to ask so. Do you know what you're ready to to ask? Well, yes. It's about positions right? Not to tell you new manager. Is there any manager? Names Jay's tangle. That's right to teach you guys. How does J. Tumbler get by with Brazilian Jujitsu? Since we knew that that about Jay's Tingler in addition to managing many games on his mind, he also was a devotee of Brazilian Jujitsu as a matter of fact, we had a very good conversation. With Jay single during the winter meetings. And I was so interested in what he had to say about Brazilian Jujitsu started looking up places to go. Take Brazilian Jujitsu including place not too far from here less than a mile away and I said to myself you know I. Think I'm GonNa, look into that and they had a week free and I was ready to pull the trigger on it, and then not too far afterwards we started dealing with other stuff and I don't know what the status of Brazilian Jujitsu is I'm just guessing probably interrupted practices I'm guessing he probably has his own thing. Has Anybody asked Jason what he's doing now and the absence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Perhaps you finds room to listen. If you would like me to Darren J singler has zoom at one o'clock. We just happened to have a guest there. I could I could tune in if you want me to and I could ask that question. So a lot of Jim Russell, This is Jim. Questions interesting because listen. We've all seen these press conferences, and honestly most of us can predict what the questions and answers are. Hey, how's it going? Who's really impressed you? Know again the originality isn't exactly where you would go to a press conference. If you were searching for originality, you wouldn't find it. There I've got it for today. No, sometimes with these kind of questions, though it's a big swing and a miss sometimes can fall flat right, but if you're willing to to explore especially if you ask the question and you're muted. I feel like I feel stupid. You can't ask the question again, yeah! Long as you don't ask, who is favorite, comedian is then we'll be good to go ripe. Tommy Fam- believe still in quarantine. We believe is still in quarantine and not yet with the club although. Yeah getting into the social media to adult. There are some of these image I. Don't know where they all came from whoever speaking of images and social media we gotta give a shout out today in our first segment of the program. To at t underscore seven one three P.. At underscore seven one three P. now. I don't know that this person wants his information out there for public consumption I don't know that person doesn't, but I didn't ask for permission and I know he doesn't have his full name there. His name is Parker. I'll leave it at that. Parker who must have been listening sometime over the last couple of days because he snapped just an epic couple of pictures from the park, the park of extra thirteen sixty padre insider and Union Tribune Padres beat reporter Kevin Spacey. In the park at the park sitting on the Grassy knoll binoculars at the ready both hands up there with his is wearing a checkered button down shirt, pair of blue slacks that appeared to be Lululemon, but I didn't confirm that, so I'm not sure that that's right. Maybe they were doctors that could be dockers thought they looked like Lulu. Lemons, but thinking that it's. Probably dockers he had some patterned. Socks appear to be sketchers on his feet, and we've got the shot that we were looking for so parker as I. Ju- earlier today. A thank you. We thank you for this picture. I will tell you that really haven't spent much time talking about anything else. Amongst the three of us from Jim more to me. We've spent a lot of time talking about these pictures that you took yesterday from the park at the park of an exiled member of the Media Kevin Spacey who was told that he could not watch interest quad games that he had to vacate out of the press box. Think, that was gonNA. Stop the ACE Ma'am. Techno. Eastman. Part of the park got himself would appear to be a bath mat. And sat on a bath mat with a pair of binoculars. How does a little note pad and sat and peered in as to what was happening on the field of PETCO Park was able to report for the Union Tribune what it was that he saw although he issued one of the great disclaimers, reminding everybody that he couldn't see half of the field, and he was using binoculars, and these are squad games, which aren't even as interesting Spring Training Games. I thought it was a very very good passive. Aggressive protest I. Think Kevin would deny that. This was a passive aggressive protests, but I know what I read into it, and that's what I read between the lines that Kevin was saying Oh. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA kick the media out right? You'RE NOT GONNA. Let us report on your product not GonNa. Let us do our jobs while you have this type of ballpark where I can go, sit right over there where I could live in one of these buildings and I could see right in as to what it is, you're going to do, so. He wouldn't come out. He was very kind yesterday on the loose cannons. He's been very kind on social media. Just making the most of it I'll really hard to me. I think this bittersweet I'm GonNa miss the Grassy Knoll. Come on! What happened is the king of passive, aggressive behavior, and that was some passive, aggressive protesting. That's what I believe. Kevin will say no, he'll join the show tomorrow, but I believe what I believe. You believe that I just said I. Don't believe any the words coming out of his mouth. How about that? That was passive aggressive. Type protesting for macy who. His column yesterday saying it's a tad bittersweet to learn that these. COM ON. This is the tenth bullet point of his ten bullet point story. It was a tad bittersweet to learn that these games will begin to be more easily viewed padres general manager Ha. prowler said earlier. Wednesday that interest squads will be open to the media beginning next week. Really it also appears that the Games will be streamed online as the teams marketing arm has been hopeful of and pressing for. Alas I will miss the Grassy knoll. More, sarcasm right. What else can it be here? Here's again. It's so passive aggressive. What Chefs Kiss Kevin I'm giving you credit. You'RE NOT GONNA. Take it I'm already telling the audience. You're going to deny this tomorrow, but I know what I know, and you know what I know and we're just GONNA. Leave it at that. Do you think that color has a framed picture of AC and Scanlan as well in his office saying? mission. Accomplished, look at them I got into the Needham either out there in the park at the park. This can't quit us. This is what I reduced the San Diego. Meteo tail. Meanwhile, the other reporters went home and cracked open cold. Bernie Wilson like seven beers in by the time Kevin, as he got the doctors up there to his eyeballs, but that's party Wilson. You know that's the way Bernie role so different strokes for different folks here, but back to the point we thank parker at t underscore seven when three P.. If you've missed it the money shot, we've all tweeted the picture. Now it's hilarious and that Bob Scanlan is in the background. In multiple positions by the way I mean there's one where Bob is just laying flat. He appears to have some sort of fruit as an apple. Is that plum? We're not quite sure. Maybe mid NAP could be mid NAP. He's got a snapple there, so you can tell he's in for. The long haul seems to have brought some sort of beach towel, so he's prepared. Prepared and then another picture emerged today from Parker at underscore seven one three P. in which both Kevin Spacey N. Bob Scanlan. Had the binoculars up to there is Kevin appears focused ace man right there on the field of play. Scan on that. Sure what's going on, I really don't I think he's looking for the the Savannah Sparrow as he's now part of the. Society here in San Diego and these guys are just doing some birdwatching. So. Again I know that the segment sounds absurd. I know. Some of you have said Hey, can we move on other stuff? That's important. Yes, it is absurd, so is the decision that these guys couldn't be allowed in there during an intra squad game, so you combat absurdity with absurdity. Do you think forced Aj prowler to go ahead and change his mind again. This is not on the media. Relations doubt this is the GM so great Russian yeah. Who who who got problems listen? You can't treat them like this. You can't do this to AC. These, we're seeing sad pictures. The radio station put a bounty on him. Do, this? My Gosh I don't know I don't know I don't know what the point. The pivot point was here I. don't but this was. This whole experience is been done and unnecessary on our behalf. There's no doubt about it. It's been a little passive aggressive I totally believe that as you said you don't believe anything that the guy is saying printing and would dumb and unnecessary other teams streaming. This stuff is something's being streamed right now in this day and age when you have social media and you could just stream it on instagram astros yeah. Anyhow, all's well that ends while I believe that that is the phrase like all things in life we move on. This was not the end of the world. This wasn't a big deal. Just was sort of silly, and we love reveling in the absurdity of situations like this nobody rebels in the absurdity of a situation quite like this show, I always will believe that nobody will will take it the way we take it and take it to those extremes, but thank you to Parker now. The real question is here amongst the show. What are we going to end Parker 'cause? Listen, it's been a while. It's been since March. We'll come up and it sounds like it's going to be at least until August. Look into something based on an internal email that I am at some liberty to discuss. It sounds like we're not going to be back at least until April inside of the IHEART. August excuse me it starts with an A. August starts. At least August if I read correctly here, and perhaps even a little bit longer depending on circumstances, so we've been seeing you guys again maybe. I don't think I think. Safe with your catered lunch all by yourself for a little bit longer got shrimp Jambalaya. Amazing Of course it was now so that's good. But it feels like things are happening. You know it does. I was just thinking about this before the start of the show today I, mean it does. It feels like things are happening and I know that this isn't normalcy. Well. We're getting closer to baseball. There's still a million question marks. I watch major league soccer. And maybe this is just my own perspective here. Because this morning I was on a call where Sandiego loyal and we were talking about some things with San. Diego loyal because we never really had a chance to make the announcement that we wanted to make before the pandemic and. We probably still need a little bit of time, but there was going to be. Part of programming that I was involved with, and I never really got a chance to to make that announcement because we were like. At the beginning of the pandemic. But they're getting set to play. They will play the opening match. The United Soccer Leagues returned to play now. We watched a little bit of Mos last night. I didn't watch it all. I watched some I watched some of the prematch. I don't know that you call it a ceremony. But some of the tribute, some of the return to play the players on the knees, the different teams that came out there as to fist and Gosh I didn't know that that was coming, but they were wearing different shirts with different messaging from black lives matter to antiracism lie I. Mean it just you know. I thought that there was some powerful scenes from it. The match itself whatever we know that when sports zoom is Mark Medina told us yesterday about the NBA. We're going to get some bad why we're just GONNA get bad play. It wasn't. This is not the the highest brand our level professional soccer that you could find in the world, and so I think it would be expected that every league SORTA struggled right out of the gates including major league soccer last night. I think US will struggle up coming this weekend, but it does. It just feels like there's a little bit more out there in the air as it relates to. What's happening in the sports universe just feels like we're getting. As opposed to a couple of months where it was just a simple shrug of the shoulders, and maybe who knows maybe it will maybe it, won't we? We don't know for sure that any of this stuff is actually going to happen. It can be completed, but we think it's going to start you. Mentioned MLS started the St loyal loyalty US cells to return, and then yesterday baseball is doing its thing and then yesterday last couple days and today we've seen footage of the different NBA teams arriving to Orlando preparing for their quarantine. Orlando Magic practice today, but we're seeing footage of NBA players arriving in Orlando in full gear, their masks on and pictures of food, so we feel like at the very least we think it's going to start. We know how effective it's going to be. Once it start, but you can. Tunnels you can see it, and maybe some of this is is just for me, because because I actually I've made mentioned to this. And we talked a little bit about this with Kevin Harlan who was just who is just tremendous for us last week and when I say that we in this industry live our lives based on a sports schedule I mean like literally. We live our lives based on a sort sports. Oh! I've had to cancel events I couldn't go to weddings I mean. My wedding was planned. Specifically based on the sports calendar which show I. Don't know that my wife truly understood until I said well look. The Astros are in the world series in the rockies. You know so anyway. And that that that's the way we love what you sign up for it I. Know for a lot of listeners out there, but like well. Our lives are around radio shows and I'm a season ticket holder. But at least for the most part you guys can bow out of some of that stuff. I've always said I would especially when we had an NFL team here, I Kim missed one of these games. I can miss a couple of baseball games. I can't miss these NFL Games. And I for the most part. Don't feel comfortable, missing and NFL. Sunday because there's so much to talk about on Monday right, so you know our lives really really do whether you're somebody. Who is this kind of business where you cover a little bit of everything or whether you're somebody WHO's working with the team and for me? It's been that way you and I had been like I've been in this business for. Seventeen seventeen years okay, and that's how long. Everything, that you do even my like when we try to plan that one family vacation and went to Hawaii the whole family in two, thousand and fourteen. It took me for ever to say okay. These are the dates like can go ahead and do it and I I did like during the week of the market has to be before training camp, and it can't be during before the trade deadline all this stuff, and so it was like in July like during the. All Star Week like everything that I've done is planned for for years for my life has been around on sports calendar, and again maybe again. This is my perspective, but you know I had to tell Leah today that you know this is what I have to do on Saturday. Because lawyers coming back, they're playing at one o'clock again and we've never really brought this up because we did sort of a soft launch for digital streaming show pre-game, impose a warden and myself and we didn't announce it. It, because we just wanted to make sure if there were any kinks, we wanted to work it out I. But that was our plan for entire season. Obviously season interrupted so now I'm back on schedule. My life is now back to being on a schedule. Where this Saturday. We will have streaming show, I, really starting at twelve thirty for a one PM kickoff, and then we will have streaming post game show as well and I'll share the details over the span of the afternoon and then. Then next week when they return home. That's going to be a different element. Because we not only will be doing the streaming show, but we will be doing the streaming show from on site. Oh, which is! To start at least a start, start USD. Next Sunday against Ellie Galaxy to this week in there on the road in Salt Lake City. Real monarchs, so we were. That was part of the plan all along that Jordan now we're. GonNa do pre and post half hour streaming show. And we just did it the first match and some tuned in in some sort of civil. What is this I? Don't understand what you do. That was the plan and now we're back on plans so now. It's like well. Hey, this Saturday guess what I got things to. Do you know for the first time in months? Because again some of the stuff you say well I'm going to watch him. Nobody hears relying on me to watch the Bundesliga or watch law Liga or watch the premier league. Right I maybe our podcast listeners, but for the purposes of the show, not so much. And most of you could say well. I'll take Aleve it. But, now we're back in action back based on a sports schedule. Knock on wood for some period of time starting this Saturday so. We're going to. We're going to be out there. At stone, brewing and Liberty Station with really which show is not a watch party type situation now they're open for business because they serve food and they have a massive outdoors. Massive. That place is so perfectly equipped. That's great. Yeah, so again I would invite you not on st loyals, behalf right, but for lunch, and we will be out there doing our very cool yet to be named or Unnamed pre-game show. Unnamed postgame. No for that Darren. It's only been five and a half years, but yes and we'll give you all the information if you WANNA. Tune in and want to watch it, but yeah, that's why I feel like. There's some normalcy here because I'm back. Oh, good schedule! Where I've say hey Saturday. Count me out whatever were thinking of doing between ten thirtyish and four o'clock. Housecleaning chores on duty I mean you're on pause? Maybe really that's why I started cleaning the counters. Sweep today see. Some of that today, some small little bit a little bit. A little bit better because you're going to press conferences again. Your life is being dictated by these all important zoom press conference. Again. People are watching. These people want it sure seriously I. Know I always joke about the stuff and people do understand the humor, but I people want it. I'm sure people were watching. The numbers, but I'm sure the people are watching this. People want someone. So you're getting you get a soccer bag. The podcast and the show, pre and post show I've got some press conferences whether the runs zoomed hit, perhaps will hit an actual intra squad game so a little bit of bounce for the Derek Fisher. And then then we have Jim. Who's going to be sitting there in his shorts? Doing nothing nineteen. Yeah. Twenty plus what Jim does. So we're all back we're getting back? He does he works on his jokes? I I think that Jim Shirtless in. Working on his joke delivery. That's what happens. Joke was driven shorts. Coming your way a little skill for what goodness takes skill. You're the man we got. You covered there. Buddy all right back after this. It's actually. Three three. Right Waiting for Richard, Burger to tell me what coming up a little later on the loose cannons, but we'll have to be in suspense here for a little while exit thirteen sixty and I heart radio want you to win a membership to Kenny the Jet Smith's virtual basketball camp the jet academy you could win a one week membership with access to virtual training sessions with NBA. NBA Players Plus An exclusive Zoom coaching session with Kenny Smith and special guests just download open our free iheart radio. APP LISTEN TO HIP hop workout radio for your chance to win was sent a picture via direct message by Jim Russell comes from twitter account. Courage Kuna Kandal I'm not sure how to say that exactly. All I can say wow. All I can say is how I really feel like we've done our best work of the pandemic, and it's all because of one of our listeners Parker. Who took a picture of scan? And Kevin AC. The artist's name I know. It's called a Sunday afternoon in the park or something like that. There's a very very famous painting. Which I actually saw with my own eyes last summer when I went to Chicago to see my cousin graduate from law school, we went to an art museum. He was dating an artist at the time, and she brought us in and we got to see this picture. This is the picture for those of you who've seen the movie Ferris Buehler's Day off which feels like it's on Marty's TV listings every other afternoon. Yes, the picture where they're cutting school. They go into the art museum same. Art Museum this pictures hanging in Chicago. If you go to the gift store there is. Is Like coasters the way you have decorated your home? come up with the beaches. My happy spot had to place Darren. Same thing then you can buy, you could by cutting boards with this image. You can buy posters. You can buy framed pictures. You can buy you name it. T shirts rolling pins. Somebody I don't know how the stuff is done I wish I was more tech savvy, but somebody has taken the images of Kevin Zimbabwe scanlon and embedded in this very very famous painting that you might remember if for no other reason than it was featured in Ferris Bueller. Really look for it to. You got to look for Mardi I. Think I'm not sure seen the mole, did we? Five minutes took Mardi five minutes. It became one of those those Those tricky I think for your eyes have to get out of. Where's Waldo Kinda? There's a wears ACN aware scanlon to it with the two of them so again. Parker I'm very very glad that you're getting all the POCO photo credits on this because you deserve it for taking these pictures yesterday, but Kevin is I. Don't WanNa Spoil where it is. Let's just let other people try to find it, and if you need a break in a departure from your day, please go find it. Somebody believe. His name is Sam took. Took Kevin and put them in that very famous picture of a bunch of fans up on the bluffs over by normal heights, looking in the QUALCOMM stadium I thought that was very funny. This is not going to go anywhere. And that's the best part about it is all summer long now watch. Somebody has an evaporating batting average. Here's Kevin Bob Scanlan looking for this player's bad. I just imagine that this is GonNa. Be with us. The SORTA is taking over twenty twenty over pot. This is going to be the same. The image of twenty twenty. This should be on next year's media guide. This should be if they make like a special I'm I'm sure the padres producing media, guides and spring training, but if they did like a pandemic version for the sixty game sprint, Darren this image that I think would would be suitable. Again that's call a Sunday afternoon in the park or something like that Sundays in the park or something along those lines, and you remember like the cameras kept zooming in in in Ferris, Buehler's Day off to the point where it sort of looked like a what's in the background or one of the Spanish soccer matches so however. I wish I was smart. Enough I wish I knew how to do that. I could probably teach myself in three minutes, but man that takes a some creativity so well done again now. We got a really really helped. Poke around here because this picture is just fantastic. Some had yesterday or the day before via the text line. Somebody had had sent in a question that I didn't take accusatory I. Didn't take it as accusatory. And maybe it's just because I like giving people the benefit of the doubt and I like to think that I advocate. For Communication and conversation, not just affirmation conflict in life, and I know on social media. Sometimes, it seems like it's one or the other. It's either. Hey, I'm going to gravitate towards conflict or I'm going to gravitate towards affirmation. Sometimes it's a little bit of both I struggle to find times where there's actual sincere conversation happening on twitter where you say well. Hey, let's discuss this and let's think about this. And can we talk about why I feel this way, and you can talk about why you feel that way and it just I've sort of given up. I. Don't really have a lot of hope that that's what that platform is there for any longer and I would. facebook into that. I. Don't know where we go for that I. Don't know where we go for actual conversation where you can say well. I don't understand what you're. Your point is and you say well I. Don't understand your point, you say well. Why don't we talk about it? But somebody the other day and I thought again. Sincere question was how come we're not seen anywhere near the level of vitriol and criticism towards to Sean Jackson s that we saw towards drew brees and I don't know that we gave a satisfactory answer on that now. Listen I think that there was one person who I've seen. WHO said it better than anybody? Did you see what Michael Wilbon? Said yesterday on pardon the interruption well. I can't say it any better than. Than this so I will let Michael Wilpon. Let you all here Michael Wilbon, and then we can have our own conversation afterwards. This comes from pardon. The interruption yesterday afternoon about about hold on about to Sean Jackson, but more so about Steven Jackson, who, if you would've told me a couple of days ago I I I didn't imagine that I would be different Jackson. Who would take the heat off of the other Jackson but now Stephen Jackson who's become made like. UNFAMILIAR WITH WHY WE'RE BRINGING HIM UP. I mean he became a powerful voice after the murder of George. Floyd they were, they were childhood friends. He was there in Minnesota if rallies when he became, he became an important voice nationally on sports, forms and CNN when it came to racial racial injustice for absolutely, and you know I don't get Sean Jackson I. Don't understand mindset under any circumstances where you go, you know that Hitler Guy. He might have had a point. I mean. What an just doesn't make any sense. And for whatever reason Stephen Jackson has just decided to defend him, and then didn't back away. SORTA doubled down on it Michael Wilbon yesterday I thought really really put it well specifically about Steven Jackson. Well, my thoughts are pretty simple about this frank. This is not tolerable and. I'm never if ever in favor of when somebody's on an active roster of suspension or fine firing them no ridicule public ridicule. You're going to undermine everything Stephen. Jackson said so eloquently on behalf. Try Black lives matter. He is no credibility now he's undermined his own previous good work with this garbage in garbage, and so I know Stephen Jackson I like him and if I was sitting with him, now have worked with them. I would say Stephen Stop Your Rock. You're not speaking any truth. You're going to have to become more familiar with the truth via history, and so let's read some Rita together. This is insane. You are ruining. I'm. Just ruining weeks of actually trying to appeal to people on one level, and then bringing your own bigotry and prejudice in at a time where no one can afford to see that no one can afford to have it to entertain it. Stop it and I don't know if he has people around him. Who will do that or not frank? And that was Michael Wilbon yesterday and again specific Stephen Jackson I can't say it any better than that I can't imagine i. don't think he's been employed by ESPN. I was disappointed that we didn't get a chance to chat with Stephen Jackson I on radio and Miami because I find him to be a really really interesting in a compelling figure. Somebody who's usually keeping. Keeping it real, but I just this is. He's lost everybody and I think we'll. Bond says it well. You are undermining everything that has been done here over the last couple of weeks, and I felt like that was part of why you didn't see and didn't hear the level of criticism aimed at the Sean Jackson, not that it's any better worse, less offensive. It's an opportunity to educate, but it did feel like so many people who were part of the movement part of a hoping and demanding change in this country felt like they were undermined in this would be distracting from whatever progress had been made, and I think. We'll really put that well. He's absolutely right. You cannot talk if you're Steven Jackson. You cannot possibly preach, and by the way correct and accurate message about black lives matter about racial injustice about the number of of murders of innocent of of. Of Black people who've been murdered and and their lives have not been accountable for you can't do that and then talk about hatred against towards Jewish people and hatred and anti-semitism and racial injustice and violence. It's one thing to go ahead and say it's one thing to have your head in San not have any idea why black players were kneeling okay for the national anthem wasn't against the flag. You understand what they're protesting. It's one thing to be ignorant about Adolf Hitler I. It's not even possible to be live right now and not know the eagles committed. It's not even possible to understand the hatred that he represented. That's what I don't get from Stephen. Jackson, or to Sean, Jackson it's it's insane at a time like this I'm willing to give some benefit of the doubt ignorance. And I am, too. Need to be educated, you need to be educated about certain things. You and I had a conversation about when it was that we had our first black teachers in our own lives, right? That was an important question and one that I spend a lot of time. Thinking about I can understand I can I can give you some benefit of the doubt when it comes to ignorance. Not Hitler. You're right. That's not understanding Jewish culture or Or the Jewish faith, not everybody grew up around Jewish people, frankly, and I think there's a lot of places in this country that didn't have the level of exposure that I have to your point. You're a thousand percent right? Even a fictionalized Adolf Hitler quote, which is exactly what it was, you gotTa. Know better than that and I. Don't know that I'm one who wants I didn't want drew. BREES suspended. Want drew brees sanctioned. Deal with the wrath of the people who are in this league, and I think that that's the probably aim for Sean. Jackson Jackson doing is so out there that will bond set is so spot on. is undermining undoing everything that he did? He did a lot of over the line. He did a lot of good. And it's frustrating. You could hear the frustration and we'll bonds voice, and everybody should be frustrated by that. Not just you'll have to be black in America to feel frustrated by what Stephen Jackson's doing, so I don't know where he goes from here on that, but man and I feel it. I heard it and I felt it was. Saying like Gosh. What are you doing? Stop it! Stop it! You cannot carry on like this. You are damaging all the progress that has been done, and he's a thousand percent spot on again. I reserve a little bit of room. For deshaun Jackson to learn from this, but the other guy I. Just don't get it. We'll take time out. We'll be back after this thirty. Three on the canons, the very latest out of college football, and the NBA plus Allen Sleep, whose Lakers talk will join US coming up at three thirty. We get going to three on extra thirteen, sixty and FM one regret. All right just learned. It will be Jim. Russell and John Shaffer loose cans today, starting at three PM, and since John Shaffer determine the talk. A little bit of College Football Jim. You should take very very close notes with what's happening. At the top of the Hour Ian fitzsimmons ESPN IS GONNA. Join US so we're GONNA. Talk a little bit about college football. You know that you can actually wager on which leagues which conferences are going to bow out I. Really Yeah, that's actually become something. You can wager on now again. Bats they're usually just sort of silly and for engagement and Athens's for I can't imagine anybody who's actually wagering on this by will there be an B. season? Yes, is even even odd, so you bet one hundred. You win one hundred Noah minus one forty. That's not. A those aren't steep odds, their minus one forty. Will any F. B. Game be canceled or postponed? Yes, minus eight hundred so one eight. Odd, so yes, what they're telling you is. The money indicates that Games will be canceled. Games will be postponed. I think that's pretty much a lock. I F. B., S. conference to postpone fall football. I'll just give give them to you in the order, although everybody here can guess the first conference or the favorite. To Postpone Fall Football, right, we can all guess which conference it will be of the five power five conferences. We can sort of guess which one is considered the favourite to cancel or postpone fall football correct. It's the PAC twelve. We also know which one is considered the longest shot of cancelling or postponing fall football. Don't we correct? It'll be the SEC. Yes, you are what your reputation sorta suggests. You are the PAC twelve while they don't care about football. Football, out there or you know those are a lot of university colleges were we might have a vaccine or cure. Come from a pack twelve school, but they suck at football, so whatever whereas the SEC doesn't care, and the is just does matter. They're just going to charge and move forward, and they're gonNA play, and if the entire world is burning around Bryant Denny Stadium then, so be it. They're still going to have some college football because SEC SEC. And you can't live without it down there because it really is become a sense of identity football in the south. There's great think pieces out there about why college football so important in the south, and some of it believe it or not as tied to the civil war, because this is what creates identity. And they are identified with having a passion and having an addiction to the sport. Unlike any place else now I think they're a great college football fans here in San Diego, and in the PAC twelve and some of the other conferences, but you know the sec especially, if you like tear down most of their monuments. Boy So there. You might have a little and you're going to. MESS WITH THEIR NASCAR. Who knows what to expect when it comes to their college football? But. Yes, you cannot wage. You're on this sort of stuff so he. Coming up after the top of the hour and we will talk to him. About where we're going from here and what we're sort of what we should expect because we saw the NFL I mean. NFL's got some protocols out there. NFL is telling you that we're going to be playing in front of fourteen thousand people and they're telling you that well. You can't swap jerseys at the end of these games and make sure after sixty minutes of tackling each other and special teams and colliding with. With one another for sixty minutes. You can't shake hands after the good luck NFL Felli. At least that's the one league that has a little bit of time to go ahead, and we're going to kinks, and as they observe, the other leagues would return the action, but yeah it just beginning all these all this chat we've had about baseball in College Danielle NFL is. GonNa have some pretty big hiccups ahead as well. That's all of us you. I do I mean they're going to have their equivalent of the line going down like we've had happened to us a half a dozen times, which has actually been really really good. If you think about it, I know it's not perfect by working at home for seventy four consecutive programs, and for sixteen straight weeks like. It's pretty good. This is our sixteen week anniversary I do believe today I believe we did the show for the first time sixteen. Thursdays Ago Days, it feels like yesterday. It's a Thursday July ninth. Mortgage very upset. They have pushed back. I'm good. Okay! Well you got to be there. We need content Neil. Tweeden? Adt Com professor seven to five Sunday afternoon on the island of Now I believe it's French. Would it be Legrand Hot Day Jat? I'm used to saying the J. and H. if I'm reading languages because of the Spanish influence here, Lebron Jot Day hot day. I don't know that's the name of the painting, so thank you very much to kneel. Art History is not my strong suit. I will tell you that I don't know what my strong suit is. I know it's not art history. Though so thank you very much, Neil. It's probably broadcasting a little bit of wine as secondary subject. Thank you for. That's the name of the painting. Sunday, afternoon on the island Legrand Hot Day Jot Day. What would you say J. Eighteen? French. I have no idea I'm so sorry. Jim didn't went to art school. I would say hot day. Yeah I wouldn't jotted that there'd be. laskey and Fitzsimmons next. Saturday seventy eight.

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