Spelled F. I. D. U. C. I A. R. Y. Fiduciary is an adjective that means of relating to or involving a confidence or trust Merriam Webster's word of the day four October twenty second. Today's word is fiduciary such as held or founded in trust or confidence holding in trust or depending on public confidence for value or currency the key element of insider trading is not the information it is the fiduciary relationship breached when an insider uses that information fiducia very relationships often concern money but the word fiduciary does not in and of itself suggest financial matters rather fiduciary applies to any situation in which one person justifiably places confidence and trust in someone else and seeks that person's help or advice and some matter you are in need of an adverb the words are all faithful to their origin the Latin word feeder which means to trust with your word of the day Peter Sokolow Ski Visit Merriam Webster Dot Com today for definitions wordplay and trending word look the attorney client relationship is a fiduciary one for example because the client trusts the attorney to act in the best interest of the client at all times. Here's the word used in a sentence from the street dot com by Eric read this is an essential piece of insider trading that many people get wrong. I do Sherry can also be used as a noun for the person who acts and do -ciary capacity and fiduciary early and fiduciary can be called upon.

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