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The Fake Housewife Of Orange County


This is the American greet podcast presented by CNBC. I'm Stacy Keach in this episode of American greed. The the numbers don't add up for this captivating countenance. She's convincing. She's charming. She's confident and she's chaotic. And you say oh. That's just lizzy eighty social climber Lizzy moulder appears to have it all money. She had money to spend on anything and everything she wanted. Stuttered the average home in this area. I would say about five million dollars and friends. We were close. Family trusted her whole heartedly but an upscale Laguna beach. Each looks can be deceiving. Welcome to the Orange County dream. A real housewife is willing to steal for Cindy that I believe he was my friend was screwing screwing US intentionally. Even if it means swindling her best friend there's no justification for what she did. She's just a horrible person in orange. County California is a surf side in paradise with its endless sunshine golden beaches and extravagant wells. It boasts a lifestyle of luxury that borders on fantasy. Elizabeth moulders. Orange County dream begins here in this stately house in the hills of Laguna beach but moulders Orange County dream will become a nightmare man for her closest friends twenty-eight-year-old Lizzy as she's known around lagoon them as an accounting practice that caters to small business owners with big dreams Wine Distributor J. Avery is referred to Lizzie by a trusted friend. My friend told me lizzy. She's great. Personality is a hard worker. Her and she'll get done. What needs to be done for your business? J Mitch Lizzy at her Home Office and is immediately. Impressed was a house in Laguna on the hill overlooking the ocean. And I thought wow this is pretty amazing. She must be pretty good at what she does. She had an office set up with multiple screens screens over books and and projections. Degree was framed on the wall from Pepperdine left thinking that having someone with her energy and our backgrounds the best move I can make to help build my company. Jay Is the founder of Jack. Why even though the Wine Label launched on two years earlier J. Has a vision for his booty company? I WanNa go big then. Why just being California United States I wanna be all over the world and Jay is willing to risk his own money to make it happen? My family that comes from the beard business. My dream was go out on my own with Jack. Wanted to Cla my own money up No investor one hundred percent line but as Jay's business starts to grow his personal life threatens everything they got married young at twenty five And it wasn't the healthiest relationship and then I had a bunch of surgeries five five and two years And Got Addicted to prescription pain medication. It was how I got through the day. Jay Confides in lizzy whose who's younger brother is also struggling with drug abuse until tragedy strikes. I got a phone call from Liz. In the morning that her brother had ambassador from a heroin overdose and we add a moment to where she was crying and upset and she told me I better not do that to her. Heating being lizards advice. J. Checked himself into a treatment center and one person was there for him through it all while I was in treatment lizzy and I talk daily sometimes multiple times a day. The world's Jay has so much faith in modern that violent recovering. He he names his trusted confidante chief. Financial Officer of Jacqueline's told Lizzie one getting healthy mentally and physically That I'm going going to need your help. I just gave her access. To all the financials to the bank account to writing checks I gave her signing authority. I mean I gave her everything. And it. Pays off off with Lizzie. Steady hand guiding the company production ticks up twenty five percent. Things go so smoothly that moulder retains retains control of accounts even after j finishes treatment and just two months later. A big opportunity comes calling. Lizzie came to me and with a amazing business opportunity with a company based out of China that invest in a small wineries and help them grow symptom samples and and within a month of the samples arriving there. She got a phone call saying they were interested in investing into Jack Wines. The investors are called wine trust and j immediately gets on the phone with their CEO. Brench terrorism very Nice Guy Kinda soft-spoken very direct connection. The connection is everywhere to help us grow. Our brand burn. Harrison asked me questions about Louisiana. What she's like? I told them that you know. She's amazing she's a bright young superstar star Ren says the wine trust will consider investing two million dollars in. DJ's business but first he wants to sample more winds mine's Wednesday got involved to be had to buy samples and they'll samples need a bottles in the samples needed. I mean I'd say a couple of hundred percent it over a period of six months once they got involved. And finally Jay's investment pays dividends as the wine trust comes back act with the news J. was hoping to hear they love the name they love the label. They love the wine and they wanted to give us a chance to invest in Austin grow us into a global brand. It was Kinda dream come true after a year of emails and phone calls. Jay Arranges justifying meet the investors person to seal the deal. Brent Harrison will travel to Seattle to meet Jay and Lizzy will faithfully B. J. side. But just us before he set to fly. Jay Receives a worrying message from Brent about five hours before I supposed to board the flight. I got an email from Britain Harrison to do a background check which I'd already done previously shouldn't have to take another one this soon? Jay got a personal background. Check months ago to prove he's in good standing to have a liquor license but Brandt is now requesting the J. A.. New background check on impossibly short. I notice Jay immediately calls Lizzie to find a solution. She said listen. I'll go up there. I'll meet with them. Said no I wanted meet these people that I've talking to for the last year she then got upset with me civil. You'RE GONNA make us look bad if you go up there and be with them. Off or fares fares are taking care of Soviet verbal argument hung up and I just had a bad feeling. It just didn't make sense and then shortly. After that I got an email hill for Brent saying that the investor meeting cancelled A. He could make I knew at that point. All of this wasn't real and I not a big crier but I cried ride. I was upset. I I was heartbroken. Marlow washed everything that I went through and she went on a mission. MARLA IS J's new wife life. The former model met j after he finished we have. She's long been skeptical of Lizzie but said nothing. I didn't WanNa tell Jay. Because is she had already lost so much we had this one friend loft. That was supporting him and being there for him and giving them hope I can take that away from with taste hope now shuttered Marla opens Jack. Winds Bank records and sees huge sums of money have been sent directly to Lizzie. He set her text and basically told her she didn't tell everything. And send us all the information that we needed that I would never ask to the wall. They never takes you back lizzy. moulder fuel J. Avery's dream of success and genuinely trusted. Her is much as I. Prior prior trusted anybody at that point my life and then burned to the ground now jay's wife Marla is taking matters into our own hands she reviews Jack Winds Bank records and find numerous checks written to Lizzie mauled. Her one printers much is eighteen. Thousand Dollars I just. They took it upon myself to go. After and do everything I possibly could to get justice MARLA printout three years of of emails text messages and bank statements feve and find suspicious invoices lizzy sent to Jay the invoices date back to win. Jay entered entered Rehab leading. Marta believe that while Lizzie was begging Jay to get clean she was also robbing him blind. Marta thinks she has enough proof to take their case to the police. Hey was thinking that I officially nailed losing to the walk as I'm leaving the police station for the end of my shift in Walk Savory with Barbara I hear Jay say I need to speak with the fraud. Detective I noticed He was holding a cardboard box full of files and I just. I looked at the box I looked at my watch. I looked at him and I said let's talk. Detective Jordan Moroccan is the fraud. Detective Laguna Beach. Police Leash Department. He started the conversation off by saying I'm a recovering addict. And then he introduced us to Marlon. Then it comes out that she's former playboy loyd playmate I said okay so I've got a recovering drug addict and a former playboy playmate and a box of files but once Jay and Marla tell their story. They quickly win over. Detective Moroccans Trust. Jay was sitting across from me and he was saying I've lost it all financially sleet. But I'm sober but I can't let this die. I have to hold this person accountable. You try not to get personally involved breath but at that point I was invested when Marna handover her box of paperwork detective Baraki discovers a roadmap to the fraud Marla had meticulously identified text messages emails. Bank statements she had highlighted different wire. Transfers it was was at that time that I realized I have a case. Detective Iraqians starts to Unpick moulders crime. Lindsey scheme was simply a check fraud Brodsky. She was robbing Peter to pay Paul. Paul was herself Lizzie. Repeatedly sends fake invoices for Jacqueline Expenses When you're marks money to pay bills lizzy transfers it to her personal bank account then covers tracks with fraudulent receipts showing the expenses expenses have been paid? But before you check your Milwaukee and get finishes investigation the case takes a twist. I'm walking out the door. Five o'clock and I hear I need to speak with the fraud detective. Same with J I look at my watch. Look Gentlemen at the counter and I introduced myself as a fraud detective. And he is clearly distraught and he begins to tell me the story about how his wife. She's an accountant and she's been stealing money from small businesses throughout Orange County. It wasn't until about five minutes into the interview that I said. What's your wife's name? And he says Lizzy molder in the detective bureau we call the Fukushima because it was like everything just exploded in the simplest version of the story I say tell me more. Liz's Zee's husband Jesse shares list of her clients and detective. Moroccan immediately gets in touch with their businesses every single one of them. Sad bad not lizzy anyone lizzy and a couple of them. Hung up on him and my response to all of them was take a look. Okay Your Bank statements. Call me tomorrow by the next day. I had seven people that had called me. Detective Moroccan fines. That many of these clients also happen to be her closest friends. They would say I had her in my house. She was at my kid's birthday party. She was at my wedding. I can't believe she do this. The only thing in this case that was consistent was that Lizzie used her charm to gain their trust it. All sounds painfully familiar to j avery. I was relieved to find out that I wasn't the only goal jackass and Orange County to fall for for this detective Jordan. Moroccans case against Lizzy. Mulder takes a dramatic turn. When he gets a tip? From an unexpected source lizzy zone husband. Jesse mold earners been so rock by Lucy's actions before telling detective Moroccan about her fraud. He alerted learned some of the victims himself. Lawrence Geisha is one friend. Who Jesse called my first thought was she got in a car accident and like something was bad in jets? Especially when Jesse said Lauren's sitting down. And then when I heard next responding lizzy has been embezzling from you and from others. And that's like that's when in everything I don't know if it's came together fell apart. I don't know which one it is years before. She became one of Lucy's marks Lauren Her friend She's fun. She has a lot of charisma to likes to laugh. It's an attractive personality to be any near someone that's confident in their skin and has a good time so it was easy to. Lauren was also Lucy's hairdresser dresser with their friend in her chair. noren would tell dizzy about her dream to one day own a salon then in two thousand fourteen lauren and her business partner. Your Geneva Burke are offered a chance to franchise the luxury salon. They've been managing lauren. I were like what are you kidding. Me I mean this is a dream salon. Now we have the opportunity to own it of course but they need a CPA to help them set up the business. Naturally Lauren heads to the home of her good friend Lizzie. GENEVA NY dribbling and get out of the car like damn like this. Is this awesome like where. She lives. His incredible she made sure that we knew that her credentials were very high. SCH- graduated with honors from Pepperdine Nine and she passed it on the first time. She just said you know you need somebody you can trust. You can't afford me but that's okay. I'll take care. It is despite being a high dollar. CPA moulder offers to barter. Her Services Lizzy will handle the salons bookkeeping and taxes and in exchange change. Her family will get free treatments at the Salon as he made sure that we knew how lucky we were to have her in our lives. And we felt it. Lizzie tells Lauren and Geneva to keep their hairdressers and client's happy leave the rest to her everything that was happening. You're asking her her permission if we could do it but with the understanding of she knows where we are financially as their business relationship grew so did lizzy and Lauren's Lynch friendship with Lauren. Bright Lizzy to her wedding busy shocks her friend with a lavish President Xi gifted as five grand in wine. I was actually Jack Wines and just thought that was so generous or like man we are just really lucky to have her in our lives but at the salone issues arising a few months after opening the salon is locked out of their online payroll system. moulder sets up the payroll on a different platform. But come pay day. No Oh money arrives. We told our staff yes. Direct deposits. you're going to get your money on Thursday so on Friday when they didn't get their money the night before for they were already in a bad mood. moulder explains direct deposit is pending approval so she manually complicates and cuts checks for all forty forty five of the salons employees. Let's he would rush into the salon with her bags. Drop the bags and start issuing these manual checks. You know just just in time to save the day and she did and we were grateful. I got so lucky to have you two weeks later. It's payday again. This time Lizzie. Zia sure's them. By forwarding. A confirmation that direct deposit is on its way but the exact same thing occurs now checks would arrive and we would have to manually right out. Forty some odd checks every two weeks for a period of about four months it was chaos. It was absolute chaos every two awakes. Then one day but the salon full of clients the lights go out the clients or making comments. You know not all who didn't pay the bill. Lauren and Geneva immediately. Call busy so I. I called Lizzie in said. Like what the heck our earl actress cities out. What went you know what happened? I thought we were on auto-pay. That's ridiculous we are not opaque. She's like I'm going to call them right now. A few minutes later Geneva receives a call. Oh from an eight hundred number on the other line is a woman who says she is from Southern California Edison the Electric Company and she said I understand that you have just hydroelectricity shut off. I said Yeah what's going on. I thought we were on auto-pay she goes. Yes ma'am you're on auto pay We believe that this has been a fraudulent tim situation and sure enough less than an hour later the lights flick on. But I told Lauren. I'm still a a little like weirded out by the way that that call went. It seemed really muffled. It seemed like it was being placed at a call center and say China or something Geneva check our caller. ID and Google's the eight hundred number. The number matches southern California Edison's corporate office but Geneva still can't shake the feeling something is off so it's things like that started to happen. It just really became very fishy. Only one year after taking over the Salon Lurid and Geneva find that despite working hard and having strong revenue their finances are running. I started looking at her thinking. There's something not right. It came to a point where you know Geneva said like let's get through this and let's find somebody else and I said okay. But before or Lauren can part ways with Lizzie. She gets the call from her husband on the phone. Jesse Mulder Tells Lauren to review their bank statements for any checks written to income tax experiments and Lauren and Geneva eventually find eighty two these checks totaling more than two hundred ninety thousand dollars. Scam began when when the salons payroll platform stopped working. It turns out that she was prolonging this process behind our backs to create more chaos in order to accomplish what she ended up accomplishing the salon previously used their payroll system to calculate their income tax REX withholdings. But now moulder has access to this money. We would ask Lizzy so the taxes are being recorded right and she goes. Oh yeah they're going to go on the next payroll. Don't worry it's totally fine lizzy. Write checks made payable to income tax payments. Lauren and Geneva Neva are told these checks are being sent to the IRS. But in fact Lizzy has opened a bank account under the same name and the checks are going directly to her. She was my friend and trusted what she was discussing with us. She always seemed to have our best interests in mind so I never questioned one day. After receiving Jesse's phone call roar and makes a call of her own detective Moroccan in addition to Lauren and Geneva Salon and detective Milwaukee and finds a travel agency and a nearby Pelosi studio that mulder victimize these businesses have one thing in common they. They are all run by women who believe they are good friends with Lizzie. who better to work with then Lizzie? moulder she's a woman. She's as an entrepreneur. She's a pillar of the community and when the going got tough for them and they got stressed out she would remind them that she was there to save the day and so she had all all these people really in her pocket. I absolutely think that Lizzie preyed upon my kindness kind nature. She just really focused on the relationship and I think that made me feel good except she. She capitalized on my weakness in plastic surgery Arabian horses and ocean view real estate. Don't come cheap. See Moldy friends. Discover where their money is going. lizzy wanted to finance the Orange County dream with their luxury yacht. Sun drenched beaches and lavish lifestyle Orange County residents and have a reputation for living the good life but affording the good life doesn't come easy. I think the driving force behind this entire fraudulent scheme was Lizzie. Wanted to finance the Orange County dream detective Jordan Moroccan has identified for small businesses. Who believe Lizzy Moulder is embezzling embezzling from them? If you look at these victims are all very attractive. People and there's A. There's a small part of me. That Lizzie was jealous. While the businesses struggle to make ends meet Lizzie. Her husband and their two children are living a high end lifestyle on the victims dime time. There is an enormous amount of pressure because it seems like everyone is trying to one up each other lizzy moulder was an ugly duckling at a room full of beautiful people and I think it's a big reason why she spent some of that money on plastic surgery. Long considered a hub for fashion and beauty. Orange Orange County has also become known as a makeover Mecca due to the numerous cosmetic surgery options available Dr Rem Moulavi of Laguna Beach which is a well established. Plastic surgeon in the area. Everybody wants fitted right so You know Sometimes plastic surgery can help you get get there. According to court records molder received numerous plastic surgeries including common procedure in Orange County called and the mommy makeover. The Mommy makeover is intended for MOMS. And you're trying to reverse the time all the weight gain and the stretching ching of their bellies and increased fat in their breasts and then the sagging but for a full mommy makeover. You're looking at anywhere from fifteen into forty thousand dollars. Darker Mugabe's most consistent Clientele armonk they make up eighty percent of all the patients he sees looking better. Brings you more confidence and I think it helps you be more successful and look life a shirt right. You've got to make the best of it for moulder. The makeover is extensive extensive. Her friend. Jen Rodriguez says she never knew busy. Scale of transformation until the day she finds an old photo hidden in Lucy's When I went upstairs I saw her picture of Lucy and Jessie on their wedding day and I was taken away because I it could not believe how unrecognizable she was? I hate to say it. But she wasn't blond and one hundred and ten pounds. She was busy and I I think no matter how hard she tried she could never fit in that mold and possibly. That's what fed the need to steal more and more and more to have more work done. Aw beyond her body work. Lucy's most expensive habit is horseback riding. She regularly shared photos. Such as these with your friends. Tommy she was doing these events three day events and those are thousands of dollars in forty is thousands of dollars. The busy owns two Arabian horses. From elite bloodline uses them to compete in endurance competitions Deanna Jones. Reynoso is a fellow endurance writer who lives upstate in Northern California endurance riding is similar to marathon running joining. You have twenty four hours to get one hundred miles done. Arabian horses are the best suited for endurance. Because they had to survive in the wild in the desert made them fit. DNS Horse named Big Dog. Uh Isn't Arabian stallion from story. Bloodline Deanna has become a top ten writer on big dogs back in two thousand thirteen deanna. The has to so big dogs brother named Gandhi. And the GAL five in name Lizzy molder call made from southern California instead she would like to come up and take a look at him Deanna. So's daddy two Moldovan for seven thousand dollars and lizzy posts a video of Dan A and B. on social media to market a nutritional supplement for horses. Deanna suspects that Lizzie is more interested in the status of owning a top top or than actually writing. I have seen pictures of Dandy in Jacuzzis that lizzie would share on facebook with name. I can't even guess. How much did it could cost to do that? Kind of thing with a horse way out of my realm but no status symbol means more lizzy than her beautiful house in Laguna V.. She opened a flaw in the multi-million dollar price tag even to friends who yeah lizzy would make comments that would say. I can't believe you makes a little. How do you survive on so little? I can't believe you we still rent. Oh my God. You're in your thirties. You're still renting. Felt like to me. She was telling me Look Jen. I'm so successful. I'm so establish bliss but I just thought in my head Lizzy Lizzy moulder dominates her victims to accomplish your crime under home to users the the same tactics with her husband while Lizzie works as a high earning. CPA Jesse is a parking valet. Lucy life to impress upon the people that she was the the breadwinner. She's the one that paid for everything Jesse either from being beaten down for so many years or just what's his personality analogy just rolled with it. Journ Rodriguez and her husband go on a double date with missy. And Jesse were. They witnessed their relationship up. Close Jesse arrives at the restaurant late an angry because his ATM card has been declined. He accuses Lizzie of forgetting to deposit money into his account. Jesse Jesse was livid. He was pissed and she brought in the case. Where well if you're so angry about it go get a job calmed down God? You're fine and made them look stupid but an early two thousand sixteen Jesse does something for himself. After years working as Valet Jesse achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a firefighter. When Jesse comes to detective Moroccan? It's because he's worried lizzy actions could put his job at risk. You're given what's called the probationary period and usually a year and during that year you you can be terminated or like go without cause Jesse explains he was in Lizzy Home Office when he notices some Mail on her desk from American Oregon Express it addressed to one of his friends who has also client when Jesse checks inside the envelope. He finds a credit card. Bill for tens tens of thousands of dollars growing suspicious. Jesse Opens Lizzy Laptop and find her bank account for income tax payments. But that's not all he discovers and at the same time he learns. She's been having an affair. While Jesse is combing through the Home Office. His lizzy is on the road with a new friend. A cowboy named Jolo lizzy thinks so highly of Joe. He's been sending her friends photos of their rights together. I mean it really does sound like you know your thunder from Down Under Vegas and Magic Mike and Joe Love Joe. Love is a a fixture in the Orange County horse community where he runs a business transporting horses. There had been rumors that Lucy was having an affair with someone and then we started putting the dots that possibly someone was. Joe Love. I saw his name come up on her phone when she picked up. She was always a little giggly Also know that she likes attention. Lizzie and Joe would later deny having an affair but the two become close business partners for several months. They've spent their weekends together. Northern California laying plans for new business. They've launched called love livestock whereas with the other victims. She used her charms mother and his wife and as an entrepreneur with Joe Love. She did the oldest trick in the book she flirted with Moulder. Sir Persuades Joe to purchase twenty six thousand dollars worth of cattle embryos hires a retailer to take them on a helicopter tour of Napa Valley. So they can buy property for their new livestock. Business Lizzy is with Joe on the way back from northern California when she receives a fateful eight full call from Jesse she begs Jesse to let her come home and explain but as Lizzie racist back to Orange County her phone starts buzzing Jesse she has called her friends and clients and they want to know what's going on that there's some damaging rumors going around to you and she said that she had to get home. Tom Because Jesse was freaking out but moulder never does make it home that night instead lizzy ends up here at mission hospital where according according to detective Moroccan checks under the Behavioral Health Wing. I think the real reason why Lizzie moulder checked into a mental hospital. His because she was trying to lay the groundwork for some sort of insanity defense she knew that the walls were closing in on her. She was caught and after her voluntary. Ellen Terry Seventy two hours stame this he makes another surprising visit case seemed to always Explode as I was leaving to meet meet with Detective Munro Qian. It's the end of a very long day packed up my stuff. And I'm walking out the door and then walks lizzy moulder. And and she says she wants to talk to me and provide a statement. Here's investigation isn't complete but Baraki and wants to seize his chance to lockdown moulders story. Show the quick thinking detective improvisers. So what I did is I created some boxes some some phony files and I wrote the name moulder on the outside nine during the interview. She kept looking behind me at the boxes. I think she thought that one I had were bank. Record's real estate files and all of the things that I eventually learned during the course of this investigation with the evidence seemingly stacked against her lizzy argues that she's the victim. According to Lizzie the one hundred eighty five thousand in Donner's from Jack Wines. Was a reward for Lizzie. Doing all the work You me he said you need you. Would while molder tries to rationalize her crimes for body language betrays her with Lindsey. I would ask her question and she would shift in her chair and sometimes she would cross her arms. Look down Sometimes she would get emotional. She was putting on a very amateur performance. Formats and detective isn't buying it. Especially as Lizzie recounts her devotion to Jay Abraham they say. You don't want him to Lizzie. Put her head down. Started to cry and I looked at her very closely and I noticed that there were no tears coming out unswayed. Detective Moroccan soon has moulder on her the heels throughout the interview. Just let her talk and I let her dig herself into an even deeper hole and then I exposed her for the liar that she it's the one he's not a certified public accountant in her degree. From prestigious Pepperdine University is a sham and the moulders don't own their beautiful house in Laguna Beach which they rented the biggest surprise. Is that while running her fake accounting practice moulder there has been holding down a full time job selling fertilizer for an agricultural company or as detective. Moroccan puts it so Lizzie. MOULDER is full. All of crap. She said when j Marley Abra first visit detective Moroccan. They have no idea it is only his. The second day is a detective. This is what a lot of detectives refer to career case. I was a fraud detective for all of today's detective. Detective Moroccan is dealing with multiple victims and more than one million dollars in fraud so he pitches the case federal prosecutors. IRS Special Agent Tames. Kim immediately signs are moulders. Most damaging fraud is her income tax payments scheme but in a stroke of irony visit never were reported her stolen income as a tax cut. And you would think you you need to report all your business. Income tax returns but Lizzie. Didn't I said Hey. Declare charge is tax. Fried special agent. Kim takes the case to assistant. US Attorney Scott Tinley. Who was motivated to prosecute prosecute bulger after hearing the victims gut wrenching stories? You hear in fraud cases a lot about conman people who gain the confidence of their victims. And that's what she did. Literally a victim saying lizzy was my best friend and it makes you a little more motivated on the case because you feel like these are people who a truly been victimized at their core not just in their bank account with a each victim lizzy customizes her scheme to target her clients vulnerabilities hundred abilities they were preyed upon. They were preyed upon by somebody who they thought was their friend who they could trust and it could have happened. Anybody and investigators discovered a common thread in Lucy's con. The victims all suspect she had an accomplice. oftentimes keep these fraud froth alive to keep them going. You need an accomplice to help you to validate that. The fraudster is not stealing. They're working in your favor. In the case of Elizabeth is a bit she didn't have an accomplice. She created them in addition to creating numerous fake email accounts. moulder creates fake Personas Lizzy Z.. Owns phone software that allows her to disguise her voice and change the number that appears on people's caller. ID actually impersonate nate. Somebody on the phone takes kind of extra level of Chutzpah which is not something you see. In many case in fact I've never seen it done In a fraud case over the years moulder impersonates the electric company the Payroll Service the bank. They are S. And yes even brand Harrison person idea that the brain Harrison I was talking to my phone wasn't a man when I found out it was poop. Software it was like something out of movie I could extinct in. No people were capable of this kind of stuff and especially her Beijing overwhelming evidence against her Lizzie. moulder pleads guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of tax fraud on October sixteenth. Two thousand seventeen. She sentenced to sixty three months in federal prison prison and is ordered to pay restitution for more than one point. Five million dollars. While the victims celebrate lizzy sits stone face through through it all she was completely emotionless. It was shocking or maybe it was all the talk she had lizzy moulder declined. American ingred request to speak with her. Joe Love scene by dizzy side in this photo she shared with their friends is never accused by law. Enforcement of being involved. Lucy's fraud ultimately. Joe Loses all the money he has invested in their livestock business. The victims of this cold hearted manipulator later are still left picking up the pieces of their lives. Many of their businesses are shuttered and they all suffered profound financial losses. Meanwhile Lizzie is Orange County dream and behind bars. My hope is that the victims. At least I you can sleep at night. Knowing that Lizzie. moulder is being held accountable. She's a convicted felon. But I don't think Lizzie Evergreen. I think the only time Lizzie Z.. As ever felt morse is when she's alone at night and her little cell in federal prison. Thanks for listening to the American. Read podcast presented by C._N._B._C.. I'm Stacy Keach.

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