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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jeanine herbst. There are just two weeks to go until the Iowa caucuses and on Tuesday. The impeachment trial of president trump trump begins in the senate that means several presidential candidates will return to Washington as NPR's Juana Summers reports. Those candidates are making a final push on the ground MINNESOTA MINNESOTA senator. Amy Klobuchar is one of four senators running for president she spoke about the way Republicans. Who Control the Senate are approaching the trial at a form and Moines Wayne if Republicans block witnesses closure says it's like giving president trump a crown and sceptre and last time I checked? Our country was founded on the idea that we were breaking off from a monarchy and we didn't want to have a king president. Trump's trial will keep closure in the other senators away from Iowa for much of that final stretch before the February third caucuses leaving them to make their closing arguments to voters now Juana summers NPR News Des Moines. I ALWA- in Hawaii. The state's governor says to police officers were shot and killed in a shooting in Honolulu. No arrests have been made local media reports. The officers were responding responding to an assault call when they encountered a man with a gun. Who opened fire governor David Ige as as the entire state mourns the loss of those officers a fire broke out at a nearby by home which spread to others nearby? That and it's not clear if that's connected to the shooting at least one. Democratic lawmaker in Virginia says he will skip tomorrow's meeting of the General Assembly. The state's governor has declared a temporary state of emergency as Richmond prepares for thousands of gun rights supporters to rally in the capital Roberto Roldan with member station. VPN Ashmore Democratic delegate. Lee Carter of Manassas says he'll be working from a remote location instead of coming to the state capital Carter says he's received death threats from members the right wing militias that are expected to attend. Monday's rally and you know a lot of numbers of those armed. Groups have disgust in very explicit detail. All housing want artery. Carter says he's been tied to conspiracy theories that have circulated in recent weeks warning mask gun confiscations a spokesperson for the House. Democrats in Virginia would not comment on whether other representatives are avoiding the capital tomorrow for NPR news. I'm Roberta royalty in Richmond Global. You leaders met in Berlin today reaching an agreement to immediately stop military support for warring factions in Libya. UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez among them. I cannot stress enough. The summit's conclusion that there is no military solution to the conflict in Libya fall. Participants have mentioned several sometimes even those involved in the conflict itself. Meanwhile as today's agreement was being hashed out militia fighters shut down a major oil pipeline. Drastically reducing Libya's oil output you're listening to. NPR news from Washington. It was navy will name an aircraft carrier after World War. Two Hero Doris Miller. And here's Laurel Walmsley reports the first time the navy has so honored and African American sailor and enlisted man when he was twenty. Two Doris Miller was a mess attendant on the USS West. Virginia as it was bombed by Japanese warplanes at Pearl Harbor in nineteen forty one at the time he and other black sailors were consigned tasks like cooking swabbing decks and shining officers shoes but as the ship came under attack Miller carried his wounded comrades to safety and then began firing a machine gun at the enemy planes overhead. Even though he'd never been trained on it Miller was awarded the Navy Cross and died in nineteen nineteen forty-three when the naval ship. He was on was torpedoed in the Pacific. The navy's acting secretary says that by naming the aircraft carrier for Miller the branch honors the contributions of all it's enlisted members past and present of every race gender religion and background Laurel Walmsley. NPR News Washington at the weekend. Box Office bad boys as for life. Starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence took the top spot with fifty nine million dollars estimated ticket sales. The Sony Pictures Action packed. Buddy comedy is the third installment in the franchise. After a seventeen year hiatus in second place the fantasy adventure film do little with twenty two million dollars the world war one film nineteen seventeen. Eighteen fell to third spot with twenty two million dollars this weekend. The San Menendez directed film has already racked up a Golden Globe for Best Director Drama Film and an Award for theatrical motion picture at the Producers Guild Awards. I'm Janine herbst and you're listening to N._P._R.. News from Washington.

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