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Good morning and welcome to morning, Joe. It is Friday may third along with Joe William me, we have MSNBC contributor, Mike, barnicle, branding expert and political commentator gender. Donny toy. Donny is alleged. He's also the host of a new MSNBC show. Night politics. This is so tomorrow night at eight pm children tell you dads when they wake up. Yeah. Right. Because they little too much to drink last night. Let them know. Yeah. Like international council of funk songs, if you watch Donny Deutsch Deutsches political show. Yeah. You will lose inches from your waistline. And also it reverses after three viewings male pattern. Baldness don't wanna watch this show. It will change your life. It will improve your backhand. Red Sox do not give up three run lowly Whitesands night. Then I'm just concerned women to your little branding factory and came up with the title Saturday night politics, while it's great like city rollers. Well, you here's the reason why number one tell me where to go, and it gives the show it's politics. And this is the first I think of fischel boring. Joe spin off if you guys are all in the family, the jeffersons, you know, I mean this, but. Politics is not tell me where to go. It does go. No. It's it's it's before we got mayor Pete on the first show, and we yeah, we Lind's everything kind of what's happening in the week strategically what is this being going forward into action I sought out with every show countdown to the presidential election. Going to have a lot of also interesting non-political people talking politics, I have my friend. Steve Madden runs. A multibillion dollar who actually twenty years ago at the prison. I put him in Michael Cohen together for him to kind of help Mike O through this. We'll talk about that. I can't watch the show. We're going to watch the show have to do the whole thing. Three. I actually might watch it barnacle, Michelle. Barnicle showed up to help. It's going to be there, by the way, what one correction correction, we we actually have had a spinoff already CSI new Canaan. On fox. But it was. So we've got Republican strategist and MSNBC political analyst Susan bell Percy. Oh, she is already said that for variety of reasons, she refuses to ever appear. Donny Deutsch is different. Yeah. All right. That's being for the right reason. Also, former chief of staff to the d triple c of former director of strategic communications for Hillary Clinton's two thousand sixteen presidential campaign Adrian Elrod, and she will have to make that decision on her own, Donnie and MSNBC Donny personnel. LA? As you know, as you know, Willie we back in back in ancient times. You would often have the gesture of the court right asong for the king. Sure. And I we did something yesterday for me. But we wanted. Nice nice. Thank you. Thought we wanted to know we wanted to take it of nights and make it even more special for Willie for Willie. Yeah. Here. It is. Really? Will. Really? Guys, have they? Teens once you put into that means the world to thank you so much. Was that right into the iphone this morning or how did you do that? Voice. No, very. Mosul about it. I really I can't really talk about it right now. But what I can talk about Willie. Is is I mean, Donald Trump who's Donald Trump has made so much fun of Beto has he he's well, some maybe somebody here Donald Trump is mocked and ridiculed Beto, let's face it. He's had a really really rough start to the campaign. Right. Look at this. Look, these polls right here came out. Head beating Donald Trump all the things that he said about the blue shirt, wear an arm waving hands all over the place standing on every car that he sent. On lunch counter better award, just absolutely flashing. Donald Trump by ten points. Fifty two to forty two Joe Biden up by six points. Fifty one to forty five Sanders up six points, fifty to forty four Harris four points, forty nine to forty five mayor Pete who have the country. Don't even know yet. Even he is beating Donald Trump forty seven forty four and Elizabeth Warren in a statistical tie with Donald Trump. That's right. Donald Trump the one that you've derided as poco Hanis and made fun of for the past several years, she's tied with you. But as you pill back the numbers Willie on a lot of these polls. One of the syncing was a coupon that came out and headed gender gap. That is just. Yep. Insurmountable. Thirty four percent of women only thirty four percent of women support. Donald Trump sixty two percent disapprove a nut. Good math. But I think that is close to twenty eight percent a gender gap of twenty eight percent that is remarkable. And if it stays that way, Donald Trump is going to get trounce. Yeah. That's even worse. If that held up Joe that's even worse than the Gabby had with Hillary Clinton among women think about that. For just a moment of women who could have been the first female, president of the United States. That's a terrible number. If you go back to that head to head poll. What's fascinating? It's. Yes. Beddoes beating the president by ten points, which is pretty astonishing. But Beddoes going to have to get to that race. And he's polling it for five six percent in his own primary. Joe Biden's whole arguments. So far has been to go directly to the president and say, I'm the one who can beat him. Well, that may be true. But it turns out there about. Seven other people who could make that case as well at this point in the race. Anyway. So I think Joe Biden is going to have to go on something more than just elected Bill. A lot of people do think he could beat him because it turns out at this moment in time. And yes, we're a long way out just about everybody running against Donald Trump could beat him on the democratic side. Adrian you look at those numbers as key player in the Democratic Party. What do you see? I president. He's in deep trouble. Joe? I mean, these numbers are terrible. This may before the election year in the off year, and he's in the mid forties. You never want to be in this position. If you're an incumbent, no matter if you're sitting in the White House, if you are in any other position in government in elected office. You never wanna be in the mid forties the stage of the game. So I I mean, these numbers are great and methodology, by the way of this. Polling was this particular poll was spot on. There was a wide swath of voters. There are some polls out there. I know that people are criticizing the methodology. But the methodology of this particular poll was spot on. If I was if I was Donald Trump if I was par scalp. I was part of his team. I would be very very nervous right now do and Susan for a lot of Trump supporters on talk radio on line in the our NC been whistling past the grave you're talking about how Donald Trump's opponents may be week to week. They're gonna end up winning any way Americans don't wanna be socialists swell. Even the guy that has been screaming for twenty years. It was social as a head by like five or six points right now. They if very interesting, they think that they can disqualify their opponents what they don't understand is that those thirty four percent of women that say they're going to vote for him. And the sixty two percent of the those those dumpers pretty locked down. They they've been consistently that way for sometime Donald Trump's going to have to do something different this time disqualifying opponent, which is what the pundits. I'll say. Yes wong? He's not gonna be able to do that in sufficient numbers. He's going to have to figure out how to grow his base something. He's never done before something that's going to be difficult, and that's his challenge over the next year. Well, hey, it's going to be very difficult challenge to meet because what we saw in twenty eight team where women were coming out to vote especially suburban women and African American women and they were coming out. And you saw the results in twenty eighteen that was just as much of that, Don. Donald Trump is it was for the Kennedy say we're supporting now, Donald Trump has basically limited him his strategy. He's not going to be able to grow his base much anymore. All he wants to do is basically suppress the other vote like he did last time, and he will go to that name calling. And hopefully that he will hope that people just won't turn out to vote and that his base will come out even stronger numbers than they didn't twenty sixteen. I don't see it being successful. But then again, I was wrong twenty sixteen Donnie just won't work that won't work because guess what Donald Trump kept saying drink, Mike coke. This is better than new coke drink it. It's the best thing you've ever had you drink this. It will it will. It will all the things that you're shows going to do it will make you better person. It will save America. And then you drink drink the cove and you find there's raccoon p. Good Morning, America. Joe, but you can't step back from that. And that's what he doesn't understand running a second time. Is four different than running the first time. So Donald Trump's going to be trying to point to everybody else out there. It doesn't work second round. Now reelection for a president is it is a referendum on that guy. Right there. Did you do a good job? Or do you need? Somebody else has he exhausted by his hatred has exhausted by bigotry has he exhausted? You by his tweets, do you really want to take a chance on another four years? I think people look at the coke the new flavored coke and say, you know, what? I'll just have some water. Joe, thanks for the tease for my show because we have a whole raccoon p segment on my shows thanking thank you for team. So I did it the the what we have to be kept. I the other thing that Trump doesn't have going from this when he's not running against Hillary Clinton. I mean that was that was the epicenter of the perfect storm for Trump. He ran against a candidate that just people pushed away. From the thing. The most important stat today is not even in that last scene in the first part of it as far as the thirty point gender gap with women because you're not overcoming that having said that I want the Democrats to be very very very very skeptical about that poll when I see pulled this Elizabeth Warren would be Trump to I don't believe that's true. Personally. I believe tomorrow the country went to the voted with. I don't know if that would happen. The worst thing Democrats can do and Willie's point is the right point eight. Wow. Everybody's gonna be running against Trump. What we don't have to do that now because any of us are going to be wrong. The message for everyone is still why we better than Trump. And this is I think a little bit of early head fake. And it's good news for Democrats. But to me, it's concerning news because the worst thing they can do at this point is in any way shape before feel confident. No, you know, the thing that pundits need to take note of everybody's everybody's upset and raised by what bar is doing what Trump's doing. He's. Eating away this getting away with that. We learned in two thousand eighteen the midterms historic midterms of biggest loss ever for the Republican party in terms of votes of big loss than the United States. You get you get away with nothing and Trump didn't get away with that then and he's not getting away with lying about the Muller report. Now bar is making things worse. His numbers have gone down already three hundred four points. Lowest ratings ever in the morning console. You're going to see after this performance by by bar on Capitol Hill. And I'm gonna see those numbers sagging, even more, Sal, I get that. I -gree with you. I also think we're in a new face where you can take nothing for granted right now. Because some things have have slipped by have happened. Have it started passing by before is without without any guardrails. But yesterday, we saw something from Nancy Pelosi who's been very measured measured about the concept of impeachment and. Teach -ment measured with the president. But a leader. But we saw something a little different. Little Nancy Pelosi the leader turning back into Nancy one hundred from Baltimore, very tough very concerned about the direction of this country. Take a listen to how she described the way bar performed when he was testifying on Capitol Hill. Speaker to these general commit a crime. To congress, and he lied to congress. Everybody else did that it would be considered a crime. Nobody is above the law. Not the president of the United States and not the attorney general being attorney general does not give you a bath to say, whatever you want. And it is the fact because you are the attorney general. So mike. I love that Nancy Pelosi just told the truth, right? There didn't say, well, we've had some people that you know, she said he lied. He did like he lied to congress. We've got at least one solid example of it that with any bus- would be thrown in jail. Correct. For perjury with all be in jail. Right. He may have lied to Chris van Holland. It just depends on how a grand jury would look at that. But, but we would still all be be sent at least two grand jury for saying what he said the cruise fan, Holland on a matter of the utmost public importance the undermining of the Justice Department's purpose for selecting a special counsel in the words of Robert Muller himself. So he has committed perjury. And I personally believe they should start looking into impeachment an impeachment inquiry. If the rule of law means anything at all, but I'm watching these pathetic hacks on the right? Some of whom used to have respectable careers. They turned themselves into nothing more than Trump in abors talking about how what bar did was correct. You look at him lying before congress and match up. What these pathetic acts are saying about bars, lying, and what they said about Bill Clinton's lying in nineteen ninety eight and nineteen ninety nine and suddenly they're sounding awful lot. Like, the man who said it depends on what you're meaning of is is they are engaging and legal Listrik semantic games. The likes of which William F. Buckley attacked Bill Clinton supporters for doing and nineteen ninety eight. Well, you know, there's a couple of things going on here. Joe that are of interest one is the we've been talking about now for over two years. How is it that so many people with pass qualifications past examples of character and leadership check all of that at the door and go into just total succumbing to Donald Trump? It's a mystery as to how many people who who know they will be tainted by Trump their association with them just dive into the tank from the other aspect of it is unwittingly unwittingly, but probably unwittingly would Bill bar has done. What the White House has done. What Emmett flood did yesterday with the release of a letter, which was a political document more. So than it was a legal document is that they keep this story going they keep it going. There's going to be more hearings is going to be months of hearings instead of instead of just sitting back and saying, okay. The thing is over. And responding with with candid truth, the attorney general chose to as you indicated. And as many of indicators Nancy Pelosi just indicate he lied repeatedly. He's going to commit this story going. I mean, this story is not going to go away for a long time now. Well, I actually think she's laid down a marker Adrian and Susan both rapid fire real quick. What's next for Democrats? When the speaker of the house says he lied, and that's a crime. I mean that seems to be a marker as to how to move forward. But what are they going to go ahead? No, look, I think she's made it very clear mak- based on her comments yesterday. What the path forward is. And we'll see if impeachment actually does take place at the very least there should be sensitive cincy resolution, but you know, if you take politics out of the equation, and you look at Congress's job, which is exercise oversight authority over the administration. It makes the Pat for much more clear, and if they're not any repercussions based on the way, the Trump administration is the end a little litany of issues, especially AG bar going in front of the committee yesterday or this week in live. Then what are we going to do? I mean, it's going to set a precedent for future leaders and feature ministration ficials that hey, we can get away with anything, and there's not going to be any sort of repercussion to follow up on. That is what are you going to do today speaker Pelosi because that's where we are. We're point where empty chairs and fried chicken is not going to cut it and say drink that you take away politics. You have a constitutional responsibility move. Fode with the impeachment hearings now to show Donald Trump that you are not going to be rolled over. That is where she is. Because eventually they're going to have to get to some form of hearing bring in Muller start, the hearings get it wrapped up and have a vote by the Senate by the end of the year, and then you can focus on twenty twenty because the strip trip and no strong action is I think really hurting their case guy. I don't see how speaker Pelosi can do anything but proceed to impeachment. She doesn't say the rightly she doesn't throw out casual statements like that and credit to Casey hunt for asking direct question. Nancy Pelosi thought about it said a crime was committed. If the speaker of the house is saying that that doesn't leave you much wiggle room going forward that was Mark. You know, I can't find you. At least two dozen Republicans saying during Bill Bill Clinton's impeachment that he is the top law enforcement officer in the land, and we cannot allow the top law enforcement officer. The land commit perjury. I agreed. I agreed. But I'll tell you what even more serious when you have the attorney general on the top lawyer in the land who is responsible for deciding who the federal government is going to indict and who they're not going to indict who they're going to investigate who are not going to investigate. He lied. Correct. Not to grand jury, but do co equal branch of government. I can think of few things that would undermine the credibility of the attorney general and the Justice department for which he works, then committing perjury in front of Americans while testifying to a co equal branch of government. It's his bad is lying before the United States. Precourt. I gotta say again I lot of. Mccray. Didn't like hearing me say this. I think you need to make take a pass on impeaching Donald Trump. I think at this point it's now a political battle between the legislative branch and the executive branch fight that out let the voters decide in this case, Mika I don't think that house has any choice. They have to impeach an attorney general who was caught on tape in front of the American people on April ninth lying under oath to congress committing perjury, which yes, even the age of Trump is still crying. Some mark. My words Nancy Pelosi laid down a marker yesterday that this is where it all stops. This is where they're going to push back. And we'll watch that play out other stories we're following this morning. The Senate yesterday failed to override President Trump's Vitale by partisan resolution, which would have ended all US military participation in Saudi Arabia's devastating. War in Yemen. The war has resulted in widespread civilian deaths, including tens of thousands of children and has caused catastrophic feminine a humanitarian crisis US involvement has not been expressly authorized by congress in a statement explaining his veto, the president said in part that the resolution is quote unnecessary dangerous attempt to weaken. My constant constitutional authority is the bipartisan Bill twice passed the Senate and the house passed the measure last month after passing a similar resolution in February. It was the first time a resolution to end military action under the War Powers Act of nineteen Seventy-three reached a president's desk. One of the victims of Tuesday's shooting at the university of North Carolina Charlotte campus is being praised as a hero Twenty-one year old Riley Howell, quote took the fight to the alleged gunman taking him quote off. His feet before campus. Police officers arrived ultimately giving his life to save others. According to the Charlotte Mecklenburg police chief care Putney hell and another student nineteen year old Ellis Parlier were both killed in the shooting. For other students were wounded the suspect was identified as a twenty two year old former student he has been charged with two counts of murder, four counts of attempted first degree murder as well. As four counts of assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill police said they have not determined a motive for the tech. Actor Peter make you known for playing the role of Chewbacca in Star Wars over a period. Spanning five decades has died according to his official Twitter account which shared the news yesterday. Make you passed away Tuesday in his North Texas home with his family by his side. The seven foot three Mayhew was the man behind the mask of to Bucko in the original Star Wars trilogy at the so three of the pre quells and the new trilogy in twenty thirteen. He fought his way back from being wheelchair-bound to stand tall and portrayed to Bucko. Once more in Star Wars, the force awakens may who had undergone spinal surgery into lie in an attempt to improve mobility. He was seventy four years old really said news. Very sad. News coming before, of course, release of the final saga of coming up nine coming out. I think this. Zimmer? But he always seems just a critical part of the entire Star Wars franchise. Yeah. And still ahead on morning Joe with got two great reporters with two important pieces. Michael Schmidt has new details in the New York Times about the FBI's efforts to investigate the Trump campaign and NBC's Heidi Priscilla on what could be a big liability for Bernie Sanders among the democratic base. Those conversations are just ahead. You're watching morning Joe. We'll be right back. Hi, it's Katy Tur want to keep up with MSNBC while you're on the go subscribe to the MSN be daily newsletter. You'll get the best of what you've missed during this unprecedented. Era of news, text MSNBC, two six six eight six six to subscribe. To better understand the Trump campaign's possible links to Russia the FBI in September two thousand sixteen sent an agent posing as a research assistant to meet with Trump aide in London. The New York Times reports that according to people familiar with the operation. The woman who was a government investigator reportedly set up a meeting to discuss foreign policy issues with then Trump campaign advisor, George popadopoulos and asked if the campaign was working with Russia. The operation did not kneeled any fruitful information, but F B I officials have defended the bureau's activities in the month before the election saying they were both legal and carefully considered under extrordinary circumstances. Those actions now are under scrutiny as part of an investigation by the Justice Department's inspector general could make the results public later this month. This new detail has become another political flashpoint among President Trump and his allies that law enforcement, agencies and. Intelligence officials spied on the Trump campaign to undermine his chances to win the FBI has denied that there's been any conspiracy against the Trump campaign. Joining us now is one of the co-authors of that report New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt, Mike, I want to get into some of the details of this piece because it is rich in those. But let me start with the central question. A lot of people's minds last night as I read it. And as they read it this morning. How was this not spying? Well, I guess it depends on your definition of spying, the Torney general sort of saying the other day that he has an expansive view of spying, including legal spying, in the way that if the government actually has the right to be doing it that spying is not he legal others, heavy different connotation of it and see it more nefarious -ly. What this was was the FBI felt that it needed to have is in years on the ground as it used a confidential informant to speak to to Trump campaign officials, and what they did was they install the woman with this professor in England who made these attempts to talk to these individuals, and the woman herself spoke to at least one of them what they showed to us was sort of how seriously the F B was taking the problem. How two lanes they were willing to go to to put a trained investigator someone that. At knew how to collect information knew how to collect evidence could testify at a trial putting them on the ground to be there to make sure that this informant didn't go off the rails. Now, if you're a Trump supporter, or if you're Trump himself you look at this new say see this shows that the bureau was out to get the campaign. But if you're the FBI, you would say, look, this is a good thing this prevented the operation from going awry and from going too far, and what did they suspect of George popadopoulos guy? Michael, AVI, seems you know, better than anyone has been in the center of all this Russia talk over the last couple of years. Why did they zero in on him? Will they hid learned from the Australians that popadopoulos head had conversations with an intermediary of 'bout the Russians having dirt having hacked emails on Hillary Clinton? And there was a lot of concern that the. Time about what the Russians were doing in general during the election. What was their hacking about was their election interference? And then they learn about this that this campaign official may know, something about what the Russians have a, you know, against the Democrats, and they're trying to figure out are there connections here or there ties here, and it was in that environment that they took the steps that they did to try and find out using these confidential informants using secret operation here to try and find out more about what was really going on was the Trump campaign coordinating with the Russians. Now, we know today after Bob Muller's investigation that there was not direct coordination between the campaign and Russia, but in the summer of twenty sixteen the FBI did not know that they just knew that there was a lot of smoke and that they needed to dive in and try and figure out what was going on. Okay. So Michael off of what your. Just said what you just explained in offer the piece in today's times. Is it fair to say that the core of this story? The core of this story is what was Russia up to with regards to the American electoral process rather than any one individual rather than Pepe dopoulos rather than the Trump campaign. The absolute bottom line core that drew the FBI into the story was Russian interference in American election. Correct. And you can stand today and say, well, why is it that the FBI did what they did? Why was it that they threw a confidential informant? We with this investigator on the ground at the campaign officials. The problem is is that in the summer twenty sixteen the FBI didn't know what it knows today. They just knew that. There was a lot going on. They knew that the Russians had done a lot of hacking. They knew that the Russians had great ambitions to train way in in the election. They saw these odd connections between Trump campaign officials. And Russia, and they said, well, what's really going on here? And they took a series of aggressive investigative steps. Now in hindsight. The Republicans and Trump supporters are going to go after them and say that these measures were to may have been too aggressive. The inspector general at the department of Justice is looking into this issue, and will hopefully give some clarity to and we'll sort of suss out. Okay. You know, these these measures were warranted, and these weren't, and then, you know, the folks on Capitol Hill, can do whatever they want with people ought to read the piece NY times dot com. There's so much detail in their Michael Smith a very busy week for you, my partner. I hope you can kick back on the sweater and have a cold drink. Thank you, Mike. I'm running for president because we must end the epidemic of gunfire in this country. We need to take on the NRA expand background checks and the gun show loophole and banned the sale and distribution up assault weapons. That is for Mont Senator Bernie Sanders. Current take on combating America's gun violence problem. But NBC news national political reporter Howdy pris-. Bella has been tracking his voting record that paints. Another a different picture. She joins us now with her new reporting on how Sanders past views on gun control could be a potential liability in twenty twenty. How do you tell us about it? That's right. Make Bernie is really the top pick for young Democrats. But he is being greeted skeptically by some of the most powerful leaders in one of the most powerful new constituencies in the democratic base, which is the gun safety advocates. NBC news has spoken exclusively with sandy Phillips. Who is the mother who lost her daughter Jessie twenty four year old daughter in the Aurora mass shooting, and she says that she is not forgiving Bernie Sanders for his two thousand five vote supported by the NRA that gave broad legal protections to. The gun industry. Mika listen to this. She was in her home moving out of her home because she says this law helped bankrupt her family because she had to pay the legal fees, not only her own legal fees, but the legal fees of the amunition producer that sold. Her daughter's killer four thousand rounds of armor, piercing ammunition over the internet without a background. Check now to be clear Sanders, ultimately did reverse his position on this law. But she says it wasn't until three days before the Iowa caucuses when he was backed up against the wall and was essentially forced into doing it. He was being attacked by Hillary Clinton about it. And she's just skeptical and she's not alone. I also spoke with Shannon, watts from moms demand action. They're just skeptical given the late conversion that this will really be a priority for him as president Adrian, these are the types of stories that boggled the mind given the epidemic of gun violence. We're seeing. Yeah. You're right nica. And I'm glad that Heidi and covered the story. This was something. This is an issue that we really focused on twenty sixteen especially when it came to white college white college educated suburban women because as we know gun safety, stronger gun laws are top of mind to a lot of these voters, and it was hard oftentimes to get not only the media. But also, you know, frankly, voters to really take this issue. Seriously question for Heidi is do you think this time is different? Do you think that Bernie Sanders now that in a field of potentially twenty twenty one candidates is an absolute top tier front runner. Do you think that this is an issue that will be taken more seriously in might have more of an impact on his standing in? The polls going forward do think there's more of an awareness Adrian, you know, this big begin the park land students in the marches. There's more of an awareness of the gun issue. But a lot of these young voters are not yet aware of Bernie Sanders record on the issue and again to go back. To this two thousand five law. There are many touch points here. Right. Because this is also behind what's been holding up the sandy hook lawsuit by the families in Newtown. Now, they've found a workaround through the Connecticut supreme court on this. But this is a very emotional issue. And you here folks like Dan gross from the Brady campaign on gun violence who say is this law that helped usher in a deadly era of gun violence. So to be fair to Bernie, he has ultimately reversed many of his positions on guns, but he's also left a very gray area here in terms of how hard he's going to advocate. I'll give an example Adrian there was a letter that went to Senator Lindsey Graham in the Senate that said, please take up the background check legislation that passed the house. This was historic. It was the first time in a generation that we have background check legislation. Every single Senator running for president signed that democratic Senator signed that except Sanders. So there is still evidence that he is not in their minds fully advocating as hard as he can't on this issue. And so he will be pressed on it for sure. You know, what's important about this week is that? A lot of people that don't follow this closely may believe that the NRA is still the king of the hill is far as contributions co. Of course, we're going to have a reporter who did it in depth. Look at just how bad the finances have been at the NRA for years now how the top three or four leaders in the Washington D C lobbying branch of actually possibly stolen or misdirected millions and millions of dollars from part working dues paying and are a members we're going to talk about that next week. But one of the impacts of this is that the NRA because of all the financial mismanagement by the Washington lobbyists that run the national organization they were outspent badly by the gun safety groups in the two thousand eighteen campaign, and they will likely be outspent again badly in twenty twenty by gun safety group. And so she's like this matter more than ever, especially, of course in the democratic primary. Heidi principal. Thank you so much. We'll be reading your new reporting at NBC, news dot com. My new podcast youth, Rosenberg is based on a simple premise thoughtful conversations with interesting people like Jim Komi, Lisa, Monaco, and pre Perot are each of them took an oath as I did to support defend the constitution of the United States the oath with Chuck Rosenberg. Listen for free where everybody get your podcast.

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