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For diversity for nascar with regularly name to lead the way. Jill was the best candidate. And that's why we chose her female. Pioneer i don't really think about mark caroline. Prn's garage pass. You heard you could save big when you bundle home and auto progressive so you went online to check it out but then you saw a link for a survey about which type of brand you are and now you're on question. Seventeen barely scratching the surface of your bread identity. You always thought of yourself as a brioche of pumpernickel yes they said it was easy to save money bundling with progressive but they forgot about the rest of the internet progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates and other insurance discount available states or situations. Did you know that you can take. Prn with you anywhere. That's right by downloading the free. Pr and mobile app. You can listen to all of our live race broadcast anywhere. You'll also have easy access to all of our award. Winning studio shows all the latest racing information at your fingertips with a pr n. Mobile app available now in the apple app store and google play. Somehow a rumor got started. Martin true ex junior going to retire before the beginning of the upcoming season. But according to joe gibbs racing the former champion is under contract for twenty twenty one and a spokesperson for true x said. There is no truth to the story in naming nass car senior. Vp jill gregory as the new executive vice president and general manager of cinema raceway speedway motorsports president and ceo. Mark smith is breaking new ground for us in naming a woman to run one of america's premier race tracks smith said however her hiring had nothing to do with gender. We had a lot of people raise their hand for this job. We had some phenomenal candidates to interview and shoes from jill was the best candidate hands down for the job. And that's why we chose her. You know i think her insight as female. I'm sure has been beneficial to her. But like i said i think she's just hands down. The best candidate having led nascar's marketing communications broadcasting diversity and digital programs gregory is now looking forward to a new and my a female pioneer. I don't really think about that from day. To day is want to do the best job i can and let the results speak for themselves. That said i think over the past several years taking an interest in building more female leadership and opportunities something that i am interested in and feel like as an opportunity but that would be with the same lens building up female talent so they are the best candidate for an open. Job as marcus mentioned we want to help. Extend the life of your vehicle and cemex micro louver into the fuel oil where it uses the fluids to reach internal parks as it soaks into battle zemach disperses harmful carbon buildup to help improve performance reduce emissions extend engine life and increase fuel. Mileage buys cemex today at z dot com or your local auto parts store front row motorsports as locked in their driver lineup. For twenty twenty one michael mcdowell race one of their two full-time cup cars for the fourth consecutive year and in the other one rookie anthony. Alfredo connecticut native that ran nineteen xfinity race races last season for richard childress. Alfredo takes over the number thirty eight vacated by john hunter nemechek who left to take a truck ride with kyle busch now for the daytona five hundred. David ragan will drive a third front row ford using the number thirty six. Dr garage pass brought to you by progressive making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance.

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