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This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like xfinity x. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make wifi simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply live from n._p._r. News in washington. I'm jeanine herbst. President trump is naming joseph maguire. The acting director of national intelligence n._p._r.'s franco or donetsk has more joseph maguire is currently the director of national counterterrorism center. President trump touted maguire's credentials that include a long career in the the u._s. Navy and studying at harvard university president trump tweeted that mcguire has commanded at every level including the navy special warfare command the naming of mcguire there was made easier by the announced departure of the deputy director sue gordon who experts say should have been elevated to acting director trump had originally planned to name john radcliffe cliff a loyal supporter as acting deny but that fell apart amid questions about his resume mcguire will start in his new role on august fifteenth franko geico or donas n._p._r. News the whitehouse. Some funerals have already been held for the victims of the two mesh shootings last weekend in el paso texas and dayton ohio hieaux that left thirty one people dead and more are scheduled in the coming days in souda juarez mexico. A funeral was held today for fifty-seven-year-old enrolled elsa mendoza vilamoura an elementary school teacher who was killed in the walmart shooting in el paso. She was one of the eight mexicans who died in that shooting. It was congressman. Congressman and democratic presidential hopeful beto rourke was they're offering his condolences. Meanwhile congress's calling on the owner of h to come and testify this after a young man used that website to spread a hate manifesto then opened fire at walmart and el paso and peers earthy shahani has more in a letter that house committee on homeland security recited eight chance track record in five months three different mass shooters in new zealand than pow california than el paso also allegedly posted white supremacy screens on eight chan a founder of the online message board who's since left called for it to be shut down an internet service provider ryder dropped eight chan as a customer describing it as a cesspool of hate. The issue at hand is if eight under the guise of free speech is empowering violent. Extremism stream ism in a video posted earlier this week h. An owner jim watkins said his company takes a firm stand in helping law enforcement and within minutes of the shootings in el paso as well as dayton. Now hieaux eight chan was working with the f._b._i. R._t. shahani n._p._r. News hundreds of the nearly seven hundred workers who were detained by immigration agents is at seven plants in mississippi yesterday have been released and will receive orders to appear before an immigration judge is officials say summer released on humanitarian grounds including parents parents with young children at home three hundred seventy seven remain in custody and our at attention facilities in louisiana and mississippi. It's not clear whether the employers employers will face charges wall street higher by the closing bell the dow up three hundred seventy one points. You're listening to n._p._r. News a new climate report from the united nations shows people need to change the way they eat grow food and manage forests to avoid making the world hotter and hungrier angrier in the future. The report says a warming climate and poor land usage are making food more expensive and scares and less nutritious. The federal government says u._s. Airlines cannot limit individual breeds of service animals. The department of transportation says airline employees camp are any animal consider a safety threat but they can ban entire breeds from member station w. a. b. in atlanta jimbo reports that means delta airlines has to reverse its policy eighty. The atlanta-based carrier banned pit bulls as emotional support animals more than a year ago american united and southwest instituted similar limitations but the d._o._t.'s final statement says airlines face enforcement action if they categorically refuse to transport a service animal based on breed or species. These airlines can keep any animal from boarding a plane. They feel as threat the d._o._t. Clarified it will give priority to complaints over commonly recognised serve his animals specifically dogs cats and miniature horses in a statement delta said it is still reviewing the d._o._t.'s guidance for n._p._r. News <music>. I'm jim breweries in atlanta. Asia markets are trading higher at this hour the nikkei in japan up more than a half percent the hang sang and hong kong up nearly a half percent oil prices were higher by the close up two point eight percent end the day at fifty two dollars fifty cents a barrel. This is n._p._r.

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