NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019) Review


Are you looking for an upgrade in the living room while Ron Richards from all about android did a review of the new nvidia shield pro TV pretty hot hardware coming up taxed. This is this episode of hands on tech is brought to you by. I fix it. visit fix dot com slash hot to get ten dollars. There's often your next fifty six so I recently went against my own advice recently. Advice that I give it on this show. I've mentioned here and there in the past couple of months I've been having some issues. The crown cast you know from the day. They launched chrome cast. I've been a supporter of it. I think it's great technology. Recently there have been Two the things that have been Making me sour on chrome cast as a concept one is and I don't know if this is something wrong with my router my Wifi or whatever but it would disconnect enact constantly like I like HP HBO now and it could be probably now thirty minutes into HBO now disconnected. Get the error message and then I need to I. I need to relaunch the APP. I need to reset the crown. Cast this whole thing Youtube TV sometimes drops off. The connection just goes away right And that's really frustrating. It's annoying especially when you're in the middle of like an hour long show Secondly as aforementioned a thirteen feet away I've got two twins sleeping in the other room and now The need to quickly put something on the. TV is apparent. And my wife who has a very very outdated iphone and refuses is to install APPs on it. She actually uses everything on the web on the browser which I find fascinating like facebook and at that. She's on she very limited abuse and I keep telling her to download I'm Lou to TV and download this you hit the crown cast icon just refuses to do it. She chrome cast from her laptop from the chrome browser and with two screaming. Twins as you can't do that so out of necessity I said you know I'm GonNa finally pony up and get an nvidia shield. 'cause I've heard just such great things about it so this is September are and then in September. We heard the rumors that the new invidia shield line was going to be announced an so previously. My advice was if you need something just by. What's out there? There's always going that'd be a new product is always going to be whatever But then I looked at the Nvidia Shield and the life cycle of that last device. And it's it had been out there for a while right Jason at this point years and so the fact that there was rumors of a new device coming. Like I'M GONNA wait. I'M GONNA stick it out and sure enough late October we. I saw the leak And then In October twenty eighth invidia finally announced the new shield. TV Pro and the Shield TV which is the shield L.. TV's actually a very neat Concept it's like a little cylinder that that you just plug it in like in line behind your behind your TV to your TV and then to Ethernet cable. But I'm a pro so I've got the NVIDIA shield pro and sure enough. I got it and it is right here and so I've had about a week with it and so I wanted to share with the all my my reactions or what my thoughts on it My first immediate thought is that all the pictures on the website on the box show the remote and the device. It's like next to each other and I just thought that was photoshop. I didn't realize that this device was literally like the size of almost the size of my next seven tablet back in the day Eh. Xactly what I thought of this and I Apologize For my light. He can't see like there's the subtle bevill and there's the Green Line there and all that stuff but it is a tiny device and which is great because I have a limited amount of space and so it fits in my current home entertainment system. I didn't even have a problem finding it so immediately. Just from a physical standpoint it it It was great on the back of the device. We've got two USB. I think three dotto ports yes one HD two DOTTO Gigabit it gave it either net which is great because on Gigabit gigabit coming into my router. So I've got a very very high data speeds And then power plug that is it Those are all this stuff in the back. That's pretty much all I need inside in the guts of this of this baby. We got the video processor as two hundred fifty peacecorps. GPS In three gig ram twenty five percent faster than the previous edition. Had I should. I should just Just specify x one plus which is kind of like the updated. Take Racks. It's one and it's got sixteen gigastorage in here and you can expand that if you want using those USB ports to to an external hard drive view on. I mentioned Gigabit Ethernet. It also got eighty two eleven wi fi. But I'm not using fight because I believe in Ethernet when you plug it in your devices especially for media you should It's also got Bluetooth. Five that oh it's got chrome cast installed and then it's got a whole bunch of awesome stuff to support if you are home theater enthusiasts. It's got four K.. HD ARE DELETION ASIAN HDR nature ten a upscaling from seven. Twenty P and ten. Eighty P two four K. Thirty frames per second and has got all the dolby digital digital plastic Salihu at most x around Hd. My and what I love about it is running android. TV entered not nine zero pie. I haven't had an injury ATV device since the Google TV which I don't even think metal warrants it android device so yeah so picked it up yup got it installed and literally after maybe an hour. I turned to my wife and I'm like I'm so glad we did this. It has been it. There's been a transformative experience. I'm I've been a cord cutter since two thousand seven right so I've constantly been changing what my approach is and how I do things and things like that I it's funny Jason. When I told you I got the shield you said Oh installed plex on it installed plex media server? I already have a plex media server running Mac mini right so while I could use the shield is sixteen gig of storage and expandable hard-drive to move plex over to all that I'm a Mac mini with all media on their connected to the Gigabit Ethernet and this in the heat gigabit Ethernet. It works so smoothly. It's amazing it's awesome. Yeah Andrew TV I glance at it I actually was. There's a little I was underwhelmed but not in a bad way I guess in my head I built it up to be this kind of you know You Know Nirvana Nirvana of TV experience. It's just android on a TV. That's all it is. You're limited by the absence valuable. The Google play store. Luckily there wasn't any regular. TV APPs on my phone that currently using chrome cast for that word in there so everything has a enter a TV version I have a lot as a court. You know again cord cutter use. There's a lot of them So immediately installed. TV and still Hulu installed didn't need to is on Netflix. Because it comes with it and it's got the most got a netflix button. Now how do you feel about that. Dedicated a netflix button. That will always be there. It's fine here. That's a good time to talk about the remote. Here's a remote Nicholas Button is fine. We're not really a netflix household. We watched some stuff on Affleck's live and die by net flicks but there has been a lot of humor with my wife where she's asking me she's going So I'm sorry. how L- Netflix? On this. So I go go just you press the button and so but this the new triangular remote saw a design is interesting. I mean it. Just it's an interesting way to sit on the table. All right. Yeah you know. It's still funny. You say that flow because that's literally what my wife calls it so she'll topola road on the buttons are backlit and motion You know the the motion sensors. They're they're really good. They're they're nice. The weird thing is is that the the back button and the home button are a left Arrow and zero and so that took some teaching my wife. Okay if you want to get back to the main thing hit zero zero and she was like wondering I just hit home cool because it's not a home button so this should be and as okay. You're probably right but It's it's a circle. It's got only playstation But but she's been able to navigate it with no problem. I still need to port the volume buttons to control the TV. I got the two remote thing going on there but all in all it's been great it's been a real positive experience Everything that we've watched run smoothly. I haven't had a single show. Interrupted like chrome cast and for the APPS UPS that I didn't install an Android TV like I was watching my cousins. My cousins of wedding videography for and he did a trailer for my brother-in-law for his wedding video and it came out of India. Yeah when I have on my phone and chrome cast in it to the shield and it just worked the same way. It was great. It was just an seamless. This episode of hands on tech is brought to you by fix it. If you've got a cracked screen gene or bad battery in your phone I fix it makes it easy to fix your IOS or android device yourself with their all in one fix kits in the kit. You get the part and end tools backed by an industry leading warranty and step by step instructions with amazing photos and videos to show you how it's done. They even have kits for the tiny devices. This is like the Apple Watch visit fix dot com slash hot to get ten dollars off your next fifty six. That's fix it dot com slash hot. I will say that the upscaling I did notice a difference when I was watching watchman on. HBO The other night. It did look a little crisper than the chrome cast Over WIFI on the APP. Not Not scientific there. I'm not gonNA compare. I can't I can't back that up with data. I don't have a four K.. TV I just have thirty two inch physio but it looked better for some the reason and I don't know if I'm just in love with Android TV for thinking it look better but It was great you know they had TV. You're able to install your own apps you can pick your favorites is at the top of the UI. So all the ones US right there and easy to get to. It's also a cool thing where it's dipping into each eappen suggesting the next thing you watch which is really cool so currently right now. It's telling me the next episode of Sesame Street Classic. That'll be watching tomorrow morning with the babies which is great but that's also really cool because it's bubbling recommendations dacians from Youtube and stuff like that straight from the home screen so I don't necessarily need to go into the YouTube APP to get to the next video I wanNA watch I don't know man I'm converted I think This is probably something I long overdue. And it's one hundred ninety nine dollars and I gotta tell you it's worth honestly it's worth every penny. It was transformative in my experience variance. I went to buy on October twenty eighth and I couldn't get it kept on going out of stock Amazon. One of my buddies at work got it from best buy and his still hasn't shift yet. I just happened to be on Amazon at like five in the morning because again babies and I snacked one when they I guess they restocked and so I was lucky. Seems to be a hot commodity But all this is great if you if you're a if you're a home entertainment F- fo- person if you've got a plex over or a great sponsor the network here love plex It works great with that that you've got a lot of options for storing on the device or installing the hard drive. So you don't need an external computer for it to work with Yeah I don't know this is a I totally understand where everyone's coming about the love from Nvidia Shield so I give this totally two thumbs up and I I I. I'm doubtful ever go back. That's a big recommendation mendacious from Ron on the new nvidia shield. TV Pro. I should also mention like the standard or the old version of the shield. TV is a really great emulation. Asian console it does it does a really good job of emulating a certain consuls. That are actually really hard to emulate. So that's something to look into if that If that's something that appeals heels to you and also updates Obviously invidia based on the previous version of this hardware can be trusted trusted on supporting their hardware wailing. We're very with them. We're used to in the ANDROID space. INVIDIA has done a really great job supporting the old hardware. I envisioned that they will do the same I N That they'll do the same type of support with this They've they've certainly built up a lot of goodwill among their users People love their nvidia shield. TV's I I hope they do because I have had two of the original regional nvidia shields and I was excited to hear that roms going to talk about the new one because wondering I was wondering do I upgrade or not yeah. I probably won't the biggest reason I mike is this crappy remote. It's not it's it's. It's like a Hershey bar. Not a total run really bad it is Dow it's it's bad and the shields. The old shields have injured eight point one. I know one of mine. Just got an update today. So they're not running nine or anything like that or the shield is probably the most underrated streaming device ever made. It's probably like one of the best android devices ever make quite honestly so I'm glad to hear that Ron's join join it. It really is at at this point. And I didn't use the first shield but I I've seen it in use and things like that but at this rate this product is is is is a solid alad candidate for the Android Hall of fame. I think yeah I just think for what it's doing for the TV experience. And I agree with you Kevin. It is underrated and I'm surprised that more people aren't I mean. Hopefully they are clearly. I mean immediate. Keep supporting it. But I mean I'm going to recommend this. Everyone I can. WHO's considering a different option for their home theater Because it really lives up it really lives up to the hype and you know and you guys can attest. I don't buy into hype. I guess I do buy a dive but anyway I depend but when it comes the TV. I very specific things that you know. Yeah and so you know the fact that it plugged and played my plex while there's there's an alteration for you well I'm GonNa play. I flex without even you know without even thinking about it I just logged in boom. Everything's there the new way to log it. I was like Oh. I've got all my passwords but now with Andrew. TV You just you you go if you have the APP installed. The APP goes Oh. Did you just log on Android TV ago. Yes and then you don't need to enter your password it's amazing like the to see the the Ui. I and the user experience evolve android TV from where it was when I first got involved Google TV to where it is now really makes me Kinda back on the Android TV bandwagon. I wish Google would do more to support it. And I know people have it pre installed in their. TV's and might might use it or might not use it or whatever. But I think it's it's it's actually really solid. The voice search works great. I told my wife I think when you have the baby's type stuff in search for youtube just say you know a sesame street and it will do it so Really really he up with all the hottest Tech News and gadgets visit twit DOT TV there. You'll be able to find and subscribe. All our tech show's. Thanks for watching hands on.

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