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hello and welcome to the ANDROID Central Podcast for Thursday October tenth two thousand nineteen it is five days away from the made by Google Event and joining me this week Andrew Martin Nick Enhancer Houston Goma cognis without it happening it's I got one by I think just buying a pixel three I got one in the mail like six weeks later and then I went to some events to do with my bank so something well what else is new Dang shots fired early on gotTa do it all right let's start nothing to do with tech and they gave out a pick a Google home mini at the end because Google was a sponsor of that event eight since two thousand and seventeen and Google gives these away like I don't know like pills like he the the larger devices later so it's funny is that I have four or five or google minis and three of them I got without realizing that I was getting them because they just give them away through signing up for other services so I got one by being spotify premium member that's that's fair okay let's actually start there because why not so today ninety five Google leaked the official name of the new nests on phone parts I okay I feel like lesser is appropriate not because they're like worse products I just think that by like interest level most people left to reveal injure what do you mean I have I have no idea what we're expecting next have you been on the Internet do you know they have the Internet on computers now yeah it's finally it feels in many ways like it's already happened let's be honest to as well as we'll get to that there's some things about doing that while doing it on your guitar as long as you don't mind being six days late we could probably do that home mini or the Google home mini to it'll just be called the nest mini it's probably going to be very minor update from a product that hasn't received an I I like the non phone parts let's not call lesser let's let's talk about the non do they interesting if it didn't happen on a guitar had doesn't know anything about it yet you know regulatory so weird the thing just showed up over the last two years everywhere you go and obviously this is Google's the two for forty or they're twenty five bucks or you get one for free when you just like look at Pixel they just they hand them out every I really wanted to that sounds terrible that sounds awesome actually I think you should do it and film yourself writing a story but Andrew as you found you know when you went to Seattle to Amazon's event a couple of weeks ago Amazon has like ten different versions of that dot now aware which is kind of the whole point of these things just like the echo dot just get as many of them out in the world and hope that people will then you buy more of them are by everybody everywhere there ordered the I think the original price is actually fifty dollars which is saying to think about now because they're used so I mean where do you WanNa start doing a start with Pixel first and then go to the lesser of the products or do you WanNa start with the lesser of the products and then work away Dan something that you just plug into the wall and I didn't think that I would now I'm just now thinking about this the Oh dot with clock is stealthily the Best Update they've done to that product adding that little dot matrix clock to it because and I I major competitor to the to the echo dot and you know the echo dot is a it's a pretty it's a pretty reliable speaker now have the echo flex like you said they're just plugs straight into the wall as well weird so I mean what else could this have two different or not showing up on Tuesday for the nest the nest home mini to or whatever you know but yeah that's fair and leaked but hey if it has the clock I will applaud it but if it if it doesn't then it's like okay Amazon plus one point on top of the fact that they that's kind of annoying but we don't really know what it looks like we haven't seen any leaks of the actual product yet it it feels like that would be something that would be expos that sue the ghoul many which was supposed to have these touch controls and they ended up disabling them later because there is such a disaster and on top of that it it doesn't have any other interface other than audio and I would now I'm like you know this nest mini probably should have one of these little dot matrix clocks on it and it's not going to long guitar like did you have like translation so I've got I've got this mini mapped guitar I could probably map out like each fret to be different key on the keyboard across the top and things like that but the the way that the touch interacted with the fabric on the Khomeini meant that it was just activated just like you could do play pause or you could use that to activate it rather than saying the phrase and then you could move the volume up and down by sliding blaring slightly skeptical of these things recording them all the time and so they had to push software updates that turned off almost all the touch function it out of the box would be a good start for the nest many that was such an embarrassment honestly it was the I mean it's it's easy to forget now because it's been stew so the Google mini right when it came out you used to be able to tap it different numbers of times on the top to control things it was a big big release right it was the Google home was one hundred and thirty bucks this was going to be fifty dollars super accessible feature before it even ships perhaps winning why don't you remind people if they don't remember exactly what happened with that so it us all the time and so it was recording all the time and people didn't realize it at first and you know that's kind of a bad thing to do two years but that was such a disaster for Google at the time it was the company's Second Smart Speaker needs to work out of the box and it'll be a better product so go google also let's talk briefly about how everything's a nest products and why and even before it reaches consumers I mean this was a this was a shipping products like they had to release a day one patch to remove functionality you've got two assistant speakers so here's here's the interesting thing right this is between the original home in the how many like the touch controls are so much cooler and you know look you know better looking than the kind of clunky button associated from the from the home mini like it shouldn't be broken from the beginning yeah among just don't don't have to shut off an entire ready right because this was discovered during the review period yeah when ours I got Leo's the first person who discovered it and the the interesting thing there as well was analogy except for now I think you can still tap on the sides for the volume and yet that site that all the time that's hilarious so yeah maybe making the product work as intended this is a very simple product and I think Google understands that the next generation of of its speaker lineup needs to be focused on hearing rumors of a refreshed Google home or a Google home Max it's just the mini but then they're all kind of still in this continuum of is on an echo yeah and you're like well it's really cool you can slide your finger across and then it just didn't work at all and so yeah I mean whatever this has just why is what we were just talking about before we started so it's the nest many but the served as well I don't see them releasing a new standard Google home because if they if they did it would just be nearly the same a good sounding speaker you're probably going to be okay spending a bit more money like a Sonos or something we'll know even even like Amazon nowhere near as quick as a smartphone I think it's totally fine because I still get a ton of us out of my home minis all the time I mean same yes but that was already kind of a weird name as you know as it was but this transition period is going to be real awkward because we're not display and then we still sell the Google home if you want something that is just a speaker at it's still sounds great like I use it all the time it's turn everything anyway but this is really Yeah I know my phone is listening to me okay quiet you prices a nest hub and while the nest hub doesn't have a great speaker I think they probably have a lot of data show that if you want Greens because it's Google and they need to show you information right so the next hub Max received rave reviews the nests hub has been in a well run an will be a google assistant speaker so it's kind of two for one in that it it encourages you to keep them out rather than kind of St actually them away as you typically would with Mesh routers even though no matter how nice you make it look it's still a router so you would presumably get better that considering that you know these are going to be presumably expensive just like most Mesh routers are so how do you try to player even though it's not the best sounding just because it's really simple it's really easy you just kind of leave it in a room and you don't really think about it I mean the other thing too is that there's the the the the Google Max if you want like a really big boomy speaker we have the nest hub Mac if you want a decent sounding speaker that's also a really good smell you could easily see Amazon doing this with Eero and what they already do with their oh goodness all of the different echoes but the echoes really what's what's interesting is you know Google has been pushing Google assistant into the living room through WIFI coverage and each one of them would kind of listen in which is similar to the Amazon approach and you could easily Amazon doing this considering they're just putting Alexi the weird or learn and potentially more interesting I suppose just from like a this is actually a new kind of rumor that there's going to be a new Google WIFI which will be essentially a built in Google home speaker or at least not yet who have the router pretty central so it's interesting that Google would add this functionality knowing there may be overlap you know how do you try to justify the the size and the design of it also include all this assistant stuff like how good a speaker can be when it's supposed to be a router I I don't think it needs to be a good speaker I just think it's another avenue for Google assistant in in rooms that may not have it previous is the exception here because it just throws everything at the wall sees what sticks but you know Google is probably being a bit more conservative and being like okay well we have as possible so you you would kind of just think okay this is just gonNA put Google assistant in in more places and hopefully it wouldn't double up product but the rumor points to a Mesh Wifi systems you'll have several of these things you know hopefully two or three and then each one you much with your existing array of Google assistant speakers says the problem now it's going to be like their speakers and Google homes and you don't off Google assistant doesn't really compete on that same level yet so the other thing that Amazon did with the euro was brought the price down Amazon's already strong pitch for how you used these devices between all the rooms like obviously Google assistant speed Alexa Echo dot in particular the question is like where's the priority it obviously has to be a router I in a well performing router at is in for me that's in my living room I would assume most people have the same thing although some do stash their routers in their basements and whatnot but most houses I've been at through Android TV for awhile so this this May just become an instance where you might have two or even three Google assistant speakers dealers you've got like four or five of them have just started giving them to my friends but the one or two that do have sitting around like that's my default music the existing one and if so how did they make it better what's what's the avenue there aside from assistant like I don't know it sounds yet living room because most people's main routers are in near there either where there are cable comes in or where they're fiber node I can do a room grouping and they can do this new thing where you can hand off your audio stream between different rooms now but google doesn't really have the same I don't know for sure I mean that's either way just sounds weird it sounds a lot already sounds kind of weird with the nest hub math compete with Google Wifi or whatever it's called you wonder like Google isn't going to be supporting Wifi six at least it it does the job so maybe they're not in a rush to replace a three year old products and it does speak to the fact that the replacement cycles for this category is Oh and all the others like net gear and teepee link and all the other Mesh router solutions have done a great job but at the same time and make that move yeah I don't know I I love I love the idea of improving Wi fi in homes and I think Google and era you know the euro pro was like a three hundred ninety nine dollar products the euro mash which launched last week was is now a two hundred ninety nine dollars product we like you know you need to install tomato because you know you just want to eat as much power from your single router access adding that much the euro taps out at like three hundred and fifty megabits but I think the more important thing about things Google Wifi is that they I don't support at least the rooms don't indicate that so is this going to be a premium like three three ninety nine refresh or is it just GonNa replace type of pitch that Amazon does with they really play up their room to room calling and the intercom system and the drop in and all that sort of stuff yeah and it it definitely points to a little more of what Amazon's doing and trying to get the voice assistant in as many places that's the interesting thing because Google Wifi came out at this this premium point kind of win Mesh Wifi was moving into just the but to call them but the the real cool stuff happens with what is Google going to do to compete with consumer space and then Google price dropped to now you get them for ninety or one hundred dollars a piece in their their relatives there's still so much market out there for people that still have the single router like sure it's not a WTI fifty four necessarily about the speeds or anything it's also like it's really simple to set up for anybody that you basically just plug in straight from the expensive again and how can you justify that I'm not sure if this each of the nodes is a now Google assistant speaker thing is really enough to make somebody and getting them onto mesh is the same pitches it was three years ago when the first Google Wifi came out it's just now it's going it's like I have I know this is a is a good problem to have it I've gigabit at home through fiber to the to the node no messed routers come close Stan that they can have way better internet in their homes or Internet access in their homes from a Mesh router system and so adding some kind of a does the Mesh router ecosystems evolve from here do you add features vertically on top of it like what Google and Google is planning on doing by introducing assistant but they don't need that to gain like gain market the market is still just like there for getting people the pain point of having to like dig into your settings to set up your router right like the days of like the link this eleven g league cheap they're the same price as the new cheaper Eros do they go back up all of a sudden to one hundred and fifty dollars a piece and they're kind of with stable coverage throughout how throughout their home d- absolutely I know our our colleague Joe Wearing he lives in an apartment the rest of the nest brand because not like market penetration for Mesh Systems is not high AAC my concern is like it has to eventually evolve to keep up with home internet speeds but at the same time most people don't have gigabit they just want stable band I'm like Wi fi is actually really hard and it's for a lot of people who have access to to higher speed reliable Internet connection so yeah I anyway I'm excited about the future I don't think this is going to be the solution better than the surface ear buds well that's that's a pretty low bar The big thing that I pointed out in my little preview after really I be a fresh version and I don't think they like sure they're not the they may not have a huge pitch for improved speeds or having Wifi six with three hundred second and it's like that sucks if you don't have a choice all you want is just decent Wifi with a or do you just make it a better mesh system Google can't help itself it has to add features to its products that people may or may not need and I'm worried simple more like consumer e- feature makes more you know can can make more of a difference than talking about speeds coverage yeah exactly I guess that's my reggie row router anymore it's probably something provided by their Internet provider or you know something like that they have whatever best buy eighty dollars special router and his possible God you don't need to you don't need to worry about that it's equivalent of like you don't need your phone anymore because it just works now we're looking for they're not going to be wired at least we have to assume that they're going to be Wireless right they have to be true wireless ear buds and hopefully they look liked the original pixel buds but they were you know they they just made critical basic mistakes in trying to do cool stuff that that's going to happen here will part of it is also just getting a fresh product in their case with their new name to fit lex where comcast took over from like they bought the contract over from what was the other one and more time talking about it than we than they probably will all right let's move on let's talk what else okay so we talked about the many we talked about the router and it just totally commoditised now every headphone has a Google assistant button right so you don't need that also the implementation on that you can't for for me though like you said this is not going to be the this will probably be the least exciting part of the Google event yeah they may not even talk about it we once you activate Google assistant on your headphones on android you can't you have to at least allow it to give Notification Ping's when you get a notification two very niche categories I if you if you look back at the Pixel Buds the marketing around that was fast windows with power points using their voice like it's a very specific market they're going for those people Daniel Renault right with the design with the little adjustable loop that was really cool they ended up having this cord behind them and in trying to do the Google assistant stuff and the life transit then why would you buy them over you know something like galaxy buds or any of the other already google I don't know I don't think so not not well that happened probably not they'll try to come up with some cool feature in charge two hundred dollars I mean at the same time though like if they just make them good headphones like yeah that'd be great nation of focusing on that they kind of waste on the case being too big and not very practical like I just hope that the pixel buds it was the first with on board Google assistant which could be easily activated by holding your finger you know holding your finger onto the right ear bud you can't turn it off completely you actually have to physically disabled Google assistant on the headphones so it's real it's like it's just a bit too is probably aren't going to work well anyway just make them a good pair of headphones I and don't have a bunch of compromises that would be pretty pretty fantastic two will just focus on being like good wireless headphones and not try to do like stupid google features because those this bud's if these are ear buds for people who love office you know you WANNA DO WANNA present windows nick you're right it was the first in fast was awesome fast pair the first headphones with fast pair which eventually came to every Google assistant powered pair of headphones. Our hair is an unfair yet but it's darn close we're almost there it's happening duck gift I think is appropriately now in your in your face but like in your ear about talking about like to see those features are so basic and kind of frustrating for somebody for something like had not not for ear buds I mean Microsoft is even doubling down on the fact that they don't expect a lot of people to buy the surface you from the bottom and it's like it's pretty much set up right there for you through an APP with like a really simple you I totally India no that's what I'm saying it's they've solved they've sold let's do Pixel Buds really quickly yeah let's talk about them we don't think it starts at spectrum yet so you went from having like unlimited bandwidth to two hundred gigabits a month to two hundred gigabytes a month able to it I would totally use the the pixel buds again even the original ones if they just re even with the cord if they just re released I am with better touch controls and a smaller charging case like those are the things that matter the basics the other thing was ver I like the fact that Apple Google and Microsoft are all competing in the headphones space now because they understand that assistance plus years equals profit right it's easy to talk to your assistant if the headphone is just in your ear that's worse than they claimed it would be that I don't think anybody had time for it so that's that that is that I esty we're having a fabric year folks like everything that year was fabric the Google classroom pants uncomfortable and they're gonNA cost one hundred and eighty bucks I just got a pair of the Onkar sound core liberty to pros wireless ear buds yeah although that that is an interesting point because the thing about the pixel buds the original ones was we were like wow these are one hundred sixty great and if it works even better but it doesn't work all the time Google has to do better because they didn't all right fine okay so before we go to Pixel four let's talk pixelbook go we don't know a lot about this yet other than it will be a smaller presumably cheaper version and they're one hundred hundred and fifty dollars they're incredible they're amazing like all of these companies are releasing really really good installer wireless earbud so they could really come around with the sequel that could justify the price in the way that last generation could cause the next pair of Pixel Buds will have a hands free Google assistant so you only have to touch them to activate it you'll just be able to say ag and it'll just work cool but how the okay it has to all come in addition to fixing the the base problems it does add other horrible they're terrible one thing that nine to five Google found was that fancy design pixelbook and the tried to harding of lately failed convertible pixel slate right dollars that's really expensive and also they had problems but we've kind of been a climatize the idea of one hundred fifty a echo buds are one hundred thirty dollars. The upcoming jobber elite seventy-five tease which are arguably going to be the best true wireless ear buds ever met right and in the last two in the intervening two years the true wireless earbud category has exploded like the Galaxy Buds are one hundred thirty dollars the region of the Pixel Book and it's going to be way more it's going to split the difference between a the high end really so the Pixel Book was nine ninety nine when it launched that was the entry level skew the pixel slate was what like I realized we spent too long on the Pixel Buds already know I I look I'm a huge fan of it headphones like I I love talking headphones I could talk headphones forever aid and I put my stake in the ground and actually say that because I think they will be there they have tiny case they're going to be super you too sensitive as you said the case was garbage it was way too big and you had to like you at the loop the cord around the talk like calling it the Pixel book go makes it implies based on the nomenclature that it's a less expensive more it was it was a really be like it was hugely disappointing I really wanted to like the Pixel Buds and actually tried them again I was writing editorial last week Oh really I tried to get something that launches for example at five ninety nine you know clear separation between it and the Pixelbook pixelbook thirty eight hundred fifty it was overpriced so what's your take on this I mean if it's the pixel book is not a big laptop it's not a heavy reports point to a thirteen point three inch four K. display metal body and options for a range of processors from an until three up to a core I seven four ninety nine but that's skew never actually launched or five ninety nine yeah so five ninety nine was the way it was the thing plus the keyboard which was like another hundred audible version of the pixelbook doesn't it it it does and I mean it's not a very inventive name but it kind of gets the point across if this ends up being that would be a great price range for this thing okay yeah I I think the Pixelbook I just think they want to reclaim some of the the the goodwill from its laps off line years ago and it speaks to how well Google built it in the first place and how well they've maintained chrome os throughout those two years so because the chromebook pixel was great both generations were awesome the pixelbook still I think one of the best laptops ever made like ever made crime wherever you want to call it would be really good that means that in when you look at maybe higher configurations of the Bunch of Ram and I seven like the top pixelbook go still tops out you know one hundred dollars underneath the starting pixelbook something Asia Kate which put a kink in it by design so there was always a kink in the cable and the case was fabric it was too what's interesting is like a four K. display it can't be five ninety nine computer on a fourcade maybe the market wasn't really accustomed to that yet and then there was the universal translation feature which was so much do because the original book was Super Nice but a lot of people once you get into the forefinger rain it's like you know even people that exactly and the the Pixel slate did theoretically have a low starting price but it was trash and the one that made Daniel that the pixel book is still a modern Nice machine good they don't have to replace that this concealed underneath it absolutely yes so the original leak from nine to five Google who has just been killing it right I just WanNa say they have done an amazing job this season display I think they'll have to they'll have to come out with like a attend ADP display for the entry level skew and go up to a four K.. Yeah I mean especially it was just it has not it is not their lowered in value in my eyes since it was released AAC chromebooks it gets a little difficult to justify over a windows or laptop for close to the same money at that point in the that came with the Pixel slate so the Pixel sleigh was trash but the display was not the display was amazing hardware in general was yeah it was it's running an MP three Oh yeah big time I think as long as they keep every model or are these most models under a thousand dollars that's that's really all they need get reasonable was like a thousand plus dollars or about a thousand dollars so they need something that actually provides a little bit of value and I agree with that disgust and but it really did nail that keyboard part and that's I think some of that was why we and leaks season and they said that there will be a sort of all of the models will have a thirteen point three inch display but the entry levels will have a ten eighty p resolution and the more powerful ones will have a four K. display all with the molecular display branding board situation that's every other tablet relies on it just doesn't work the same like the Pixel see us so many issues that are that are well that infinitely adjustable hinged it's part of the tablet I don't like the whole triangle shaped little flip out keyboard attachment setup the way that the Pixie did I think yeah the whole I think Microsoft is the closest because it has would legitimately even if it ran android I would legitimately use the Pixel see again the even the same hardware with just a new processor more ram the the that form factor is perfect yeah nobody has nailed the whole lake the keyboard off the last fifteen minutes before they land and having a tablet of the exact same size is somehow okay I'm like I could be getting the experience was so bad much like the Pixie actually but I the one thing I missing here with the Pixel go pixelbook go is like man I wish I would put a little bit of focus on making some kind of decent tablet again just because like I've been in the market for some sort of tablet with a good key serie specifically for flights we do all this traveling and you get on a plane they won't let you use your laptop no matter what size it is for the first fifteen minutes before the so form factor sure but the issue here is that this the tablets like Microsoft's tablets are just as useless as the pixel slate tablets stuff with it I would venture to say the experience wouldn't be too dissimilar to using any other laptop any other chromebook you're running android or running chrome Os. I don't care I don't care my God you guys are the worst I would actually Convertible form factor really really well and Google has to fall back on well we made really good laptops and so we'll we'll just keep making they would try something cool again especially in in light of Microsoft's coming out I mean we haven't mentioned the the surface pro xander using windows ten x a- totally I don't think they're necessarily great tablets they're just they're great laptops ninety five percent of the time some friends in the industry who revisited the pixel slate after six months or so reported that it had improved in terms of performance so excited about the Pixel slate girls like oh they're trying to do convertible things again but they're going to try it again with the chrome os in the hardware looks really nice and then like Daniel said it was just the experience that was garbage you know though I keep hoping that even though the Pixel slate was really bad I really wish that they writing down or just do whatever on a tablet you release the Pixel see do it just just do it google I want I would I love the Excellency hard the Keyboard with it and I don't know if that's fair it's also something that Google has to face with the software part I mean it is being very seacraft on the on the pixel sleet everybody was like this is great police Oh true but the surface pro series everybody assumes that you're just gonNA be without a keyboard attachment like windows ten is still not optimized for touch and there's they even acknowledged that by announcing the by losing hair sucks I I didn't realize how much I cared about that until I actually started losing it and I and that's again not too dissimilar to windows ten so I don't know if Microsoft's tablets are just held to a different standard but everybody but it still wasn't where Google probably wanted it but you know if your docking it most of the time with keyboard and you're not really really doing much years and years ago there weren't a lot of things that you could do now that's different you can use keeps it's the easiest and most affordable ways all right let's go to Pixel for will I will take a break because somebody's got to pay for this conversation and then we'll come back maintain the hair you have and in some cases help grow some of it back starting with keeps is really easy all you do is you sign up a takes about agnostic about okay you're just gonNA use this as a laptop because like the whole APP ecosystems with with Android APPs on chrome is so bad still that we'll we'll talk pixel for bareback this episode of the Android Central Podcast is brought to you by keeps so obviously five minutes on their website you answer a few questions and you snap some may be embarrassing photos of your hair or lack thereof then a licensed physician and then the other five percent like tablet in a pinch when you donate the keyboard so I I wonder like are we have some oh three so I haven't used a tablet like a two and one for years so if you do listen if you're listening to this and you do use a surface to keep the hair you have so keeps his really really smart it uses FDA approved products that zero or any other two in one and you actually use windows ten in tablet mode let us know podcast injured central we'd love to hear from you purpose pro seven for like they're continuing to do this sort of thing like we don't even talk about the dual screen stuff they're continuing to just nail this we'll review your information and recommend the right treatment for you and then ship it to your door every three months keeps offers generic versions dot com slash ACP and you get a free month of treatment keeps dot com slash ACP keeps hair today for one month at no charge you can go to keep stock com slash ACP that's K. E. E. P. S. is an ugly or version of the iphone eleven pro TV h fire that is that is the thing that that that you could say it's worth noticing too similar tablet space it's when you put it in the tablet form factor it is when the Pixel slate dropped the ball I guess so like fine but it's also like it I think more than anything it just looks like the Pixel like it looks like the hair tomorrow all right hats you haven't spoken enough on this episode so what are you looking forward to most about the pixel for while actually like even when you look at it in real life yeah I mean it's better in person but it's still I don't love the look of it at all oh no I am definitely looking forward to seeing what they do with the cameras just because that's always the pixels thing and that's you know I'm a Viagra for that sort of thing to the only two FDA approved hair loss products out there so some of you may have already tried them before but I promise you've never gotten them for this price key I would love to see exactly what the camera improvements do in the real world but other than that I mean you know I'm just because that's how keeps wants to keep you they want you to try these products yourself so if you're interested in trying keeps clean their their designs now it's got a big old squirrel on the back I think the eleven pro is definitely the least good-looking iphone that scene ups is between ten dollars and thirty five dollars a month depending on which solutions you go for but you can now get your first month free I'm glad that they're still putting a focus on smaller phones even though you know the Pixel four exile I'm sure is going to be still the the better phone with a better battery life you did simple designs I mean yeah you're right the same criticism has been leveled at Apple for what ten years now to keep up fine you can hope you say what what am I looking forward to not what do I really wish Google would just get get right for once oh fine all three it looks like the Pixel two xl like it just never looked particularly groundbreaking you know they're just well excellent oh I'm going to be disappointed so I really just I just hope that the the four xl has decent battery life because I know there's no chance that the four will all Andrew what about you what's what's most tantalizing about the pixel for I would I would love to be excited about this small pixel but I just know to get the basics right on the thing and that's that stinks that that's where we're at or a tempers my experts so those are the kind of things that you don't really know until you've used it for longer and I just fully don't expect the battery life to stand up at all mike the the face unlock and things like that so there hasn't been a pixel launch that was bug free I want to say better battery life but we both we all know that's not happening so I'm going to mostly just say you say it it's fine on the on the three and three xl I mean it was it was it was fine they were Samsung panels there they were fine they were sure there were that's the good news that Google has done a ton of work on android ten so we know that Andrew Ten is pretty stable we'll just needs to nail the launch they just need to get a phone out the door that doesn't have show-stopping bugs the good news is Pixel three we know that Andrew ten is up in the most mature update so I mostly just keeping my my sights set on the the four xl and like I spoke about I think a few episodes ago I just want Google and you know all the camera features I just wanted to be able to like function properly without dropping APPS and without needing be charged in the middle of the day era but I'm I'm looking forward to the regular pixel for even though I don't love the design at all why not me on the on the software part is I just I just don't get excited about the Google assistant stuff on the phone we just expect you to use it as a laptop anyway yeah I mean listen like the last time actually does consistently used surface was with the surface lots of feedback from from developers but somehow when Google releases a phone the bugs really just manifests you know period like the first one had problems the second one everybody was talking about the terrible display on the xl the third one everybody was talking about the fact that you couldn't take a photo with it without it crashing or and also you saw it was still kinda bad what sorry the display was still kinda bad Aku was released ever so an I've had no issues really with with the the software the Beta program was long they had oh is seems to be a thing on on each pixel they just do a different type of assistant thing and it's just never appealed to me and they're going to do it again on the pixel four on the small ones so it's like okay already resigning to the fact that I have to carry the big one now please just work properly so I can then enjoy I point to in every launch is the point right so yeah I guess on a on a very low level like and I'm not sure if I'm in the minority or what but there was this leak about a lift to listen thing coming in the Pixel force you loan away by that but that is something that at best demos well and does not actually hold weight in the real world so it's it's also another one of those things unlock your phone so there's there's a lot of things that could go wrong there but as we know they've been using contractors to get as much facial data as this kind of thing for me either yeah I don't know I mean there are a lot of variables here like Google is introducing a brand new way to symbol in controversial situations so hopefully it works we've seen leaked like they're trying to do something different and you're like man I I really like you just put a bigger battery in it and then just didn't talk to me about not touching the screen at the Asians for all of the extra features they're going to talk about with the touch free gestures and the face unlock and so many ways that the you know like the seventies great but a little boring but then even with that being the case and like having this foldable display all kinds of yeah the sound was okay but you accidentally played in pause your music by removing them because the all the time the touch controls it's like it's coming from inside the phone like it doesn't matter if previous versions have had issues with software the hardware just seems to self destruct the interesting thing for marketing videos of how it works it seems like it's going to be as seamless as face ID which is encouraging that's great yeah you Google assistant all the time for like checking the weather really simple stuff like that so I appreciate some kind of quick hardware shortcut but it's it's definitely not like a like a constant you it really does change the way you use your phone yeah switching from the one seven t over to the galaxy full for the last week it's like the full is such a cool phone find myself talking to my phone at all just like I'd never used the the squeeze for assistant on the Pixel three and that you know as soon as you pick up the phone it's it's listening and you don't have to you know I it's just ready to go at all times and I just don't Arab that way more than the the the touch lists gestures which I just could not care less about I I would love to be ready to the IPHONES and everybody says yes finally make it thicker make it heavier we we're okay with it Google doesn't seem to be thinking the

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