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You're listening to the winning literary show off the shelf books. Talk radio life with hosting these turning author of the book long. Walk up porsche. Love over me. Spiral love has many faces and rosettes. Great hope syrup your dial and get ready for a blast of feature author interviews four one one on book festivals. And so much more ready. Let's go. I believe that the only courage anybody ever need is the courage to follow your own dreams. I say that again. Yeah i believe that the only courage anybody ever need is the courage to follow your own dreams. And that's a quote from oprah winfrey and we kicking it all this november two seventy you guys. I first saturday in november. This year is below and blowing blowing by. I wanna welcome. I always like the pause and think although your listeners who've been with us for sixteen years here on off-the-shelf thank you. Thank you thank you. It's a beautiful saturday. Where i am on the east coast and also if this is too many answer off the just like what. Am i going to do this morning. Maybe cleaning out and you wanna entertain yourself with an awesome author interviews. I just want to let you know you are listening to the winning book. Radio show off the shelf and we have a wonderful author on deck for you and be. I'm excited to introduce her to you. But before i do. I keep asking you guys. How good mystery sleuth. Are you if you love miss. Three f you value that is a soul mate relationship and there are these friends. These five friends who are fend for life after they need college. There's also a murder mystery. Shrouding raymond who the star of love pour over me and one of his friends. Would you do if you started to see the finger. Something criminal point will want to best friends. I mean it's easy to say it before it happened with. 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When jerry is a native of arizona. She's a wife mother and a woman who dreamed about writing romance novels for twenty years. Ooh that ties into the quote. I didn't even know that. Quote saggy. And i believe that the only carriage anybody ever need is the courage to follow your dreams. She dreamed about writing romance novels for twenty years. She went and did a job. She has been interviewed in several media. Outlets including writer's life magazine. I love romance blog and the authors show. Jerry is also also the author of the book mason gray and we're going to dig into mason's grade this morning on off the shelf. Please check jerry out online. Her name is spelled by the way g. e. r. i in case you surgeon forum on google g. e. r. i g. o. Dwi and so jerry. Please check out. You can go over there even now z. Listened to her on off the shelf this morning and her website is jerry myers. Goodwin dot com g. r. i. m. y. e. r. s. g. o. o. d. w. i n. Dot com g. e. r. i. m. y. e. r. s. g. o. o. d. w. i n. dot com. We absolutely honor to have jerry goodwin with us here this morning. I hope i'm picking up the right my good morning jerry. Walk them off the shelf. Good morning denise. How are you this morning. I am doing fabulous this morning. Am doing awesomely blessed. And how are you on this morning. I am fabulous as well excited to have a conversation today. Okay okay you sound ready happy to have you on. This morning is absolutely a pleasure. Having you on off the shelf and i just want to let us know when they come on the first three or four questions. I asked every single guest when i thought it off the shelf. Sixteen years ago. I would just go right into the questions and i got emails from listeners. And they said no. No no no stop doing that. Give us a little back story on a guest and then go into the questions so jerry. Can you tell off the shelf listeners. Where you grew up and what life was like for you growing up okay. Well first of all I just want to let you all know that it's my the pronunciation of my name is jury and when you look at looks like jerry. There's an accent mark and everybody does it If i don't know it just my parents gave me this unusual name and But anyway i just wanted to say it's jury and hey everybody out there I was born in phoenix. Arizona and lived there until i was about eleven years old and my parents moved this to press not prescott prescott arizona Where i lived most of my life and raised three children and recently two years ago moved to area or valley to be exact. So that's a little background there but other hot details would you like these and are you is. Are you an only child or did you have siblings when you grew up. Yes yes. I have An older brother a younger sister and a step sister and step brother. Okay so it was. They were five of us. Five of you. I think is good. Well only child you get you. I when i think of somebody only child. Your parents are generally center on. They can give more of their attention. But when you have siblings you got people to bounce stuff off of and Just play with. And and it's i i think it's for me. I mean sport five of us. So i love your on up with siblings but i think the only challenge privileges as well. So when you were a kid your. What did you want to be when you grew up. What did you dream about being when you were a kid. I dreamt about being a singer. Enemy musician oh my dream. And it's been my dream my whole life sometimes our at our live a turn in different directions Did you pursue that at any point did you did you. Did you do anything in. Did you try to put out a record or do you have any no. I didn't It was something that In elementary school. I started playing piano and saxophone and i was very involved in a band and choir and i just fell in love with it and i ll up performing. I guess i'm kind of a ham. I'm not shy about getting up there on the first one on the dance floor. The last one to get off but You know went through some. I we moved to prescott and Is trying to fit into a a new school and make new friends. And of course the boys came around and got boy crazy and i just didn't pursue it anymore and it's honestly is one of my biggest regrets big regret it real time there still time you might be with your books or some. Maybe one of your books turns into a movie. You can see like one of the songs on the on the on the soundtrack or what so you wanna music you got into it then and everything and you tell in love with it. Who or what is your to. Who or what inspired you to pursue writing. What birthday love for books. My mother she. She read romance novels She would get up early in the morning the rest of us up so she squeezed in some reading time. I'm like i said i wasn't when i was younger. I wasn't i wasn't into reading books. I liked music. Everything was sick. And then as i got older into my late teens and twenties she just she just wanted to read these books so bad because i think she wanted to have a little mother daughter book club going. You know so. I started started to pass me off her books and start reading them and i fell in love i was hooked and then i was reading one right after the other after the other and one day i thought i have ideas in my head. My head really goes off to the fantasizing place more so Yeah just her passing that on to me. And then i fell in love with it and then i wanted to write it. And how were you jury when when you do you want it to be a writer. Would you like a little. Oh no no. I did not tell us about twenty eight years old. Oh between about twenty eight interesting. So what is it about romance. Novels that appeals to you is an and for those type of books. You and your mom were reading romance. Yes she would branch out into the mystery but mostly i only ever read a romance. I do like some of the self-help dramas but But yeah and what i love about the romance is i love being in love and i love the passionate chemistry between people. I'm just drawn to it all of it. The the passion and even the conflict and how they get through it. It's it's my thing. So now we're going to talk about mason's gray where did the inspiration you set. Your mind goes off and when you're in your writing so the ideals you get for books where did the inspiration for mason's gray come from And actually before you answer that. I wanted to ask you this question so you had all these ideas reading these books. Which are momma. She's passing books on. Is this your first written novel or is this just your first published novel because some writers write a low the novels and then they might say now. they're not really ready and then they finally published one. Is this your first novel that you wrote. Yes it is okay. Where did the inspiration for mason gray come from it actually came from a dream and a lotta my ideal a lot of my ideas. Come from dreams. And i've literally learned to wake up from one. I have a pad of paper and a pen right. Bye-bye nights down. So i can jot it down because i don't want to you know. Sometimes we wake up in. The dream is vivid but after a few hours we lose some of that. Now i write it down but it came from a dream so well let me ask you. Is it related to any real life experience. Most of our dreams. I write my dream but most of our dreams. Even if they don't seem to be about us they are about us. So is it is it and you don't have to go into detail but is it any way connected to something you were experiencing and your personal life when you look back on the dream not no not no not the dream. The dream plays the fantasy part of the book but the other parts of the story. The plot of the story is very much the military similar to experiences that i was feeling and going through. And i it's very relatable. I know that a lot of people can relate to morgan gray and what she was feeling and going through and trying to accomplish. Okay now being that masons gray. And i love that title as up with great first novel. Be that is your first. You've read for us. You have passion for music. How far off the shelf listening. Who are where you once were. They they might be thinking about writing a book but they haven't done what you've done. Be that it's your first novel. Can you tell our listeners. How easy or challenging. It was to actually and you said if from a dream to actually write your very first novel well. There really hasn't been anything easy about this entire process. Although i will say that in the big picture of things the writing was easy part compared to other things one of the things one of the first time. I sat down to try to actually write a book. I had nowhere. I had no idea where to start. I just sort of stared at the computer screen. Just as dumbfounded look on my face and then i ended up taking a three day crash course at the community college in prescott yavapai community college and it was on Writing and publishing. And it was the best thing i could've done The instructor tom paul fox. He didn't amazing job. Just getting right down to the important details to help you get started and it worked magically the second time that i took a whack at writing mason's gray it was like night and day i just took off did you so you want. You took a class that you work with did you work with any riders critique groups etc to help you so you had no experience even so you just sat down and started. I think it's and it's the thing is really smart that you took the class but for our for our listeners. I'm going back to my early days. I'm trying to this last question before we start talking about you now with the help. I like to offer tips and advice to our listeners in interviews that they can use their own lives. So you took this. You took the class that you started. They teach you to use outlined is used character skirts. How did you get the ideal for listening again to write a novel onto the paper. Is that what you were taught to do right. Outlined a very detailed outline and this start writing the book yes. It was recommended to do that. And i did that. And i think that is huge but also. He taught us how to be descriptive. And how that's you know. You want the reader to be able to feel like they're that person or they're in that place there in that moment so they have to be able to visualize it so he had a practice writing paragraphs very descriptive paragraphs. And then we would all critique each other of how could have sounded better or different and it really it really clicked into my head for some reason. I just picked it up very quickly and it made all the difference in the world so just little things like that. But they're important details very important details and it is very important for the reader to feel and experience the story and writing writing. Is you never get to where you're perfect it. Just life teaches you things and you cheap learning how to get better and better and better as a writer all that shit now. We come down to the nuggets nuggets. Introduce all this shelf listeners. To brody maze and california like. Oh my gosh He is first and foremost. So he's he's a rock star he's a rock icon. So he's well known but he is alluring. He has beautiful dreamy. green is He's also career driven successful which can make him A bit uptight. Kind of stuffy. He's very focused. It's always work work work. He's not looking for love and romance. He finds it to be Just pointless with his line of work that it just it. It doesn't work out so he's shut the door to it He he's hot cup with brody. My brody myself. how how old. How old is he. You know a lot of rockstars. They started their careers in the teens and twenties but they can go for years and decades. How old is he. and when we're thinking about rockstar. is he like I'm i'm thinking. What i what. Time period of stowaway set in. And how old is brody and when you say rockstar. You like what i'm thinking. He's not a rock star but like justin bieber or elvis presley when he was super hot. Who how how how much of a rockstar box sizes guy. He's the ultimate rockstar. And it's set in current times but Morgan gray and brody mason are. They're middle aged people so they're in their late forties. I guess i think that. I don't know there's different ideas of what middle middle ages But they're in their late forties but it's setting how long you've been around for awhile since like his twenties early twenties or younger. Let me ask you this. you're listening. He's never he's never fallen in love. You said he's sworn at all he's never found fell in love and then work out and now he's like i'm doing it again exactly. He he tried tried to. You know to be the dedicated partner loyal faithful and that that career with constant women being around it's not conducive to to relationships and you know partners. Don't feel very secure in that relationship with him. There's always that insecurity because all these other women are always around. And that's part of the Rock and roll lifestyle. So so i. I'm still i do. His parents or his parents married most of us. Even a rock star or or real popular actor actress. One one if a relationship. I if we could have it. You see people go in and out of the even celebrities go in and out of long-term relationships eight years ten years they they want us to work even if it's challenging if he s he really sincerely and i don't want you to get a store way but his is hit a point where he really sincerely believes he will just fail at a relationship with anybody i believe so and i think that's why he's so Focused and obsessive about his career because it keeps him from being susceptible to really falling for someone. Well let me ask you this. You said you had a dream and this question. I was going to ask you but would you like involved in a relationship with a celebrity or you love music where you yourself and then this dream pain from that experience you have to say who was if case No it's not based on a the dream didn't come from actual experience. I think it's just more of a you know would my passion for music and particular bands or musicians A particular band that i follow and love I i. I don't know i guess i don't really know why which just and i actually. I had the same dream several times. It wasn't just the one game. And i had the same same premise of the dream. Same person Several times. I know how to write about this because it keeps showing up That yeah when dream world. That is very interesting. Introduced us to morgan gray. You sat in the. They're in their forties. What is morgan gray like. What is morgan. great. Doing tell us about morgan. Morgan is a woman who once again. She's in her late forties. She's suffered loss and tragedy. She starts to face another uncomfortable. Life transition that forces her to take a look at her life. How she's living at and what she wants to do differently. She died in digs into those dreams that she wanted to take on in an earlier life and never did really feeling like she needed to refocus and protect your heart from the changes that are to come. She's a devoted mother. She sets off on this adventure. Not looking for love. Not thinking of that in any way shape or form just wanted to take on a new journey and Take on some some goals that have always been in her mind and what does she do for a living. What's her career. Well she you know. I don't really talk on her past too much. It's more about today and moving forward what she does so she had always wanted to be a photographer. So that's what she does not to do so relieved. The discussion in the book about her past is house. She was devoted to her children and their for them and raise them and then before before we go too far. I wanted to ask you this before. The show is over. I would love for you to read a little bit of mason's gray if you can if not then you can't but if you could just let me know and then i'll paul somewhere and you can treat the listeners to a an exit from mason's gray But before that how old so mortgages in her forties and how long has she been an empty nester. She's a been a devoted mother. She's raised her kids. And this is a time and a lot of people's lives. And i've heard mothers say this is a very can be very scary time Particularly women who your whole life is your children your whole life and then when they especially if you're a raise them as a single parent but even women who are married say this is a very difficult time. Then you are gone your whole life is your children and now they're gone and it's like okay. Now what do i do. It's almost it's like retirement. Maybe even harder there your whole life and now the don't know how many more and all the time you voted for your kid. Maybe going into the school sporting events whatever they were involved in that or whatever and biz they were involved in guiding them just even going to entertainment out terresa out to eat with Or whatever they would go to with you. That's all going on. So how long has he been in an empty nester. When mason's great story kicks off it's very fresh. It's very fresh probably and probably not definitely not even a year into it definitely not very fresh. And that's why she said. I gotta do this because this hurts and i don't know what i'm gonna do if i don't find purpose. Wow you know. And that's almost like a little bit of not a warning but a tip to us as mothers is and you. Don't you never know what's going to happen. Oh my god you never some mentioned You you never know what's gonna happen so it's like when you're raising your kids a now. People have is have a hobby. Do something else that you're not just working if you work outside the home and or being married and raising your kids so it's not it won't be such a punch in the gut when they do do leave Can you introduce us first of all. Can you treat us to an expert. there's always out okay Before before you do that can you introduce us to some of the other books other major and minor characters who help push the story for. Yes so there's morgan's three adult children who really add a lot of flair to the story because they're in the midst of all this watching their mom make these huge. You know these big life changes and then not only that but he meets unlikely man and it dives into how their emotions and their reactions to it and their protection to her for her their concern for her there with her the whole way through it so they play a huge role and out a lot of flair to the story and then my other favorite supporting character is jackson. He's the drummer of the band. And he is just. He's flipping hilarious. He's goofball needs the opposite of brody because he's just happy and funny and goofy all the time but he's really good for brody because brody so uptight that that he even came out you know. He gets them to cut loose Lot of entertainment jackson. You wouldn't think that brody would be tight. I go rockstar did he. Did he start out that way. It's like you know when you think rockstar you think the most open minded fluid flexible person. Well if you think about it though the he's missing out on so much because he's shut the store right he's missing out on love and passion and sex and we'll make not sex because he can have all the way all the snow. That'd be hard to do right. So i have to correct that. He can do as much of that once. But you know there's a lot that he's shut out of his life so i mean that can make a person just if you're you know maybe he's just not really happy because all he does is work. That's that's all he has in his life is his career and it's not that he's not good at it and it's not that he doesn't love it but because he's shut off everything else you know that matters and make more get the warm fuzzies. He's missing out on the warm fuzzies. Okay this does morgan. So her choose are there are no longer living at home. They're gonna they're they're either in college or beyond college and she packs up and we how long so she's she's already a year into empty nester and then she makes other major move. How long does she lived in this house and she just says i'm does she sell the house and she just packs up and that is a huge major change. He just introduced another major change into her life. Yeah right so. It's very emotional. Because she sells the house that that The kids that she raised their kids in and rents the beach house for the summer to to do this photography. The beach is her epicenter. Wow oh my god at the center for everything and i'll leave it at that I am shocked that she just sells her house. Does she moved. She moved far away to the beach house. And just it's just kind of amazing that she just wow in the house. He raised their kids. And i guess she's really picking up roots now. Her her husband her partner transitions eight years earlier. Issue truly maddie. Is she really ready for another relationship a lot of times. We think we think i'm ready to move on. I'm ready and then we get another relationship and we're a couple of months and we're like ooh from issue really ready will you would think after eight years of avoiding it so to speak and just focusing on being there for her children you would think she's be ready for it but She really you know. Meeting brody really catches her off guard and once again it's emotional because there is a struggle definitely a struggle and understandably so so she's a widow. I'm a lot of confusion. You know A lot going on. He's never been married. he's never been married. He doesn't have kids and she has kids. They're very protective of her. I it just so it was it. He's the ultimate rockstar. Is does morgan. If he's at much of a rockstar she obviously knows who this guy is is. She was to see him but some people are like real famous would. So let's say you don't somebody the famous actor but you like i don't watch movies many movies so i don't know about that. Guy is is the she knows is has. She followed his career before they meet. She definitely knows who he is but their initial running with each other it. She knew she knew him from somewhere. But it wasn't until a little bit later that she goes. Oh my gosh you know. I just realized that was and He does the son so he had a relationship and he has an adult son just to throw that in there so he does have a t has a child okay. So that's part of the story is where his son plays a role in it all citizens getting juicy and i'm thinking from wanting say like maybe they had known each other way way back but i'm not gonna ask that will it gives us soaraway if you tell us how they met It might yeah. Okay maybe i don't even know. Tell too much. I don't want people to miss out on reading. No no no absolutely now. We want people to get this mason's grade now. How can kind of this a little bit because this could actually be something to wear at. Somebody's appetite. I gotta get this story. I gotta read nicest grade. How similar or opposite. Or morgan and brody. Oh they i would say they're very opposite he she is. She's very mellow Well if you think about it. Her life is completely different than his. Their worlds are legally separate from one. Another so i think. That's what i mean by their completely different their lifestyles are completely different. He is has a lot more edge. Definitely edgier you know speaks with gruff and aggressiveness. And she's just your all american muslim bouncing around lives in life surviving and things like that not occur to people who you think. We'll get to get the more you talk about the mall. i think i'm imagining him completely. Wrong i'm seeing this. Free spirited go to the beach go surfing hanging out in his twenties just hanging loose going to parties. And he the more the more you he's sounding more like a corporate executive rockstar kind of more structured Not so free spirited. He's coming across that way to me now. he he's. he's the leader of the band. He's the one that you know. Leads them on their path in totally focused on the career side of his life. That's it he's lot he needs. He needs to be more free spirited and this is something that morgan has the ability to pull pull out of him if time allows and. I'm sure he must reading jerry on that image so last question before you treat us with a last question before you treat us with an expert. Then i have other questions of follow that up with is there an element of suspense mystery and masons gray and i think you already answered. That question is so without giving a story away but to make people more intrigued. Could you give us a peek into that mystery. If there is an element of suspense or mystery in the story there is definitely an elements of suspense. It reaches a height. That goes whoa. Oh holy cow. But i don't want to say any more than that. I only there okay. So can you give us a reading of from mason's great. I can let a little short and sweet but i really like this part here. Morgan put her camera to work clicking away effortlessly she'd been lost in concentration oblivious to the seabreeze blowing her white dress up like a sale. The sun began to work against her as it made. Its way behind the ocean wall. Leaving her without the light she needed to continue finding the perfect spot and nestle into the sand. She sat down to take advantage of her surroundings. And all the inspiration they contributed. She thought of her kids and how much she wished they were there to share this experience with her tears began to stream down her face. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so free and completely in control of her life. She's here she's and when this when this happens she's just gotten to the beach home. It sounds okay. So she's reflected yes reflecting and it gets very emotional so she can't remember the last time she felt so free is that why would she. Why would she say that is it. Because it's interesting that she was meeting completely in control of her life so free to do to free to her for her to go after her dreams and follow through. She's in the driver's seat now. One hundred percent in control in the driver's seat. She can do what she wants into still but herself and she's still not sure what that is. He's she loves photography so she's going after that. So miss the brody. He is like scare the commitment. He's like he's got a son but he's you know i'm not. I'm not in getting involved in any more relationships. I'm sticking with my career. I'm going after my music and then you know it's pretty amazing. Also this guy's been. He's in his late middle late forties and he's been a rock icon for twenty years. That's eight must be a phenomenally. 'cause that's rare you even if you had the the top top top top of your field. You can stay strong but most people. There's a follow after ten fifteen years. You can still really be up there but you probably won't be the hottest thing going. I is is rare. It's so hard to maintain that in in the arts. It's whether it's Novelists might be able to but I from what. I see a musicians. Singers actors is hard to stay at razor hot beyond ten years. Really really hard so i mean he must really be doing something right but so he he's. He's he's at the top of his pink. He's afraid of commitment. And here comes ms morgan and sees looking for. He thinks he's got his whole life figured out. It sounds like he's just totally in his music and she's trying to figure out what she should do next so they they mean we know they hook up mason gray hard is how hard is it for. Morgan pertain brody. Even if can't he's been living like this for a long time. It was never her intent to name him or change him in any way adapting to life style. That's definitely something. That's a challenge. But expecting him to change or him expecting her to change. That's not happening. We are who we are. We're going to be honest with each other. Were too old for games and a bunch of the s. We're gonna be comfortable with who we are and and be together. We wanna be together or we're just not we're just not so there is no changing retaining. Anyone it's accepting. Gosh you know this mason's gray is getting more interesting because how many people really. And i guess a lotta people do it. But they don't verbally come to some or written agreement that okay if you sleep with other people. I'm cool with it. Just don't put it all in my face. I just almost amazing use. A woman was married. She kids by yourself. You know she's got the ability to put head down. Be dedicated be committed. This is very interesting dynamic. She's just gonna roll with it Does he does he break her heart and you. You don't have to say how does but does he break her heart. Is this like a warm doesn't sound like a warm and fuzzy romance where it's like all over. Well he doesn't change and she's up for that she she really really is okay with him living rockstar life for real for real. It's more about When you enjoy being with someone then you you spend time with that person and you don't get into the heavy you want to be together. You'd be together. I think it's very evidence that i'm you know i'm morgan's not looking for marriage. He's not looking for marriage. We can enjoy each other and spend time together and we don't have to worry about all the other stuff heavy stuff. Let's just be ourselves and be together but yes ultimately there's heartbreak there's misunderstanding whether deliberate or under liberate. It happens so mason's gray far off the shelf listeners. Who are they're like. You know that people who are avid romance readers. I mean the latest romance novel comes out boom. They've gotta get it. They just love romance from from from from movies. You see on tv on lifetime hallmark. People just love row. Romance i think is one of the top selling cameras. Actually so is made right. We know that we know this mystery. And here and jerry not telling us what it is but there's a mystery in here is mason's gray is this a romance that people who believe in magical romance where things just magically go right in the end. Is this a book where they would just be so satisfied. Or is this more of a suspense romance Romance thriller type of story. I would say more romance novel with a suspenseful it. it's not. It's not mystery. Romantic suspense and i felt like my readers would be happy in the end and it was interesting. Some of the reviews that i've read said that they that they enjoy the book. They just wanted there to be more. So i thought that was interesting. It's not that they weren't satisfied but that they didn't want it to end. They wanted to keep going and then she goes that. Don't that's awesome review. How long is mason's gray. And and so it takes place in today's time periods. She is just. She sold her home the home she raised the kids in. She's moved to a rented a beach home home. A brody is i guess. He's on the road touring and somehow they they they so the story starts and let's say whatever period how many months or years from the start of the book to the end take place and covered in mason spray less than a year close to a year but a little shy of the year so it really is into her change they meet and what happens within the month following it just gets right down to it and how long is it. Is it like two hundred two hundred pages to fifty. It is let me take a look here so it is actually considered a the vela so it's at a little just shy of two hundred words. I'm sorry they just not i. That would be a phenomenal novel to me. That is two hundred. I say if you over forty thousand word novel that sounds like a novel to me. But you know it's good. Readers would say. They wanted more of the story. What are some other with some other feedback. You've been getting from readers beyond they wanted more of the story which i think is a compliment. That you've received on mason's a lotta people have loved that the main characters are people in that are middle aged people they. They had a lot of response to that. They were so happy he thought it was refreshing. That that morgan and brody were in their late forties and weren't these perfect twenty year olds you know or twenty base. Yeah and Several people commented on the kids involvement. And how they loved that that part of it that part of the story and and the relationship in there with between the mom and the kids are there every everybody everybody's been so kind With their reviews. And i'm so appreciative. Are there plans to write a sequel. Since you've been hearing the feedback from readers. They want more the story. Is there more that can happen. Between brody and morgan that you could write you maybe okay. So first question. We had planned to make this just a stand alone book when you first standalone so now that you're getting this feedback because series book fell bay. Well is there now. They're ideals circling and your mind to turn this into a series. Yes i've had a lot of people not only in the reviews but personally asked me would you please. You need to write a sequel to mason's great and it just touched me so deeply that how can i not you know. How can i not i. If the if the readers want it and they're into it then then all right. Let's do it you you see you get your. This is a thing. I'm trying to remember when this took off the series books it used to be anthologies one way to get your name out there. There's an author get in an anthology with some bestselling authors and get your name in their book and everybody promoting market the book and then put like a link to your website to your story or something that was one way it is still an effective way to get your name out there especially as a new arthur and another way that came along later when i first started i published my book portion ninety eight series books. I didn't hear so much about them and dollars. These i was hearing about not so much. Series books now is how a lot of authors become full-time nobelists. And they just put pumping them out. Some put a new novel out once a month. Some puts three four books out of the year. And i've heard some right to say it took them a couple of years to get there but they are. They are making six figures. Just offer book fails but they have a ton of books like thirty or more books. But that's that's a good way a series then the reader. Just keep wanna know. What's happening with morgan. Her kids and what's happening with brody and his son and his band and they just keep buying more and more of the books. So that's more you writing on that necks that next The next book in the series. Now i've started my outline on it. I actually have my. I actually have a book. That's about to be published in the next week or two. It's going to go live so my did write the second book. It's not related to masons great. It's about to be published. It's called reflections at mirror pond. But just come up with some great titles. Oh my good that can you. Can you tell us about reflections at you said mayor pond. Can you tell us. Give us a little inside. Glimpse into that. Well it's completely different than mason's gray. It's a lot more sentimental. It's really the story of three. That grew up together. It it focuses. The epicenter is mirror pond where they grew up where they spent a lot of time together focuses on their relationship as children but then it moves forward into their relationship as adults and it. It's just. I cried several times when i wrote it it Hear you get the most of them. Now oh my goodness is this. A mystery is this. Is this a bit of mystery and here to it's It will all the books. I ride are going to be romance so it always will be romance and i kind of don't like to say too much because i liked the readers to you know. Be in the moment of what's happening before knowing too much in advance. Is that okay for me to kind of leave it like that. Oh no i think. That's good but i can tell you Sometimes when you without giving the story away when you tell talk about the book enough where you don't hide too much. It actually a bills intrigue in the reader and makes them want to know more about this story. I i. I find that because if you don't sometimes if you keep too much back you have to build that intrigue and overtime i you you you you learn what to give away to build that intrigue so you give them enough not hold too much but enough so there is enough intriguing to say you know. I wanna know what's going to happen in this story that shared as we come down to like the last six seven minutes today show. Can you share a three to four steps that you take jury that you've found to be effective at getting the word out about your book Well actually that's you. Were asking me earlier about what was easier challenging. That's part of the challenge is knowing how to promote and market the book and honestly. I don't know that. I can say i'm still trying to figure it out. I do the social media. I reach out to my community for book signing events. And really the the. The one thing that i really recommend is for people who want to write to really do your research during the process on how to effectively publish self-published promote and market your book. I sort of just dove in and started writing and then had published. I didn't spend enough time. Learning about all the other things. And i'm paying the price now. Because i really don't know what to do. I'm just trying to do best. That i can so. I don't want that to be discouraging. I wanted to be encouraging and that really learn about this process. So that you're not like me and feeling kind of law to where you know that this could be a really great thing you just gotta figure out how to to to open the doors and be successful in the end like i hit a sometimes hit a lot of walls and sometimes it's discouraging but i keep finding ways to get around and over them good for you and it is. It is a tough road and the self publishing. When i publish it was like You gotta punched in the face. Librarians editors bookstores. Nobody would touch touch book so i just hustle hustle hustle and now we know what the working from home. The virtual but amazon wasn't even around when i started. I think they if they were. They would jess launching. So it was even that you try to get your books in barnes and noble and borders and local bookstores but some of the ways for for you jury into our our listeners. i got a hold of gabby press. I went to the library re reference. And i don't know how beneficial is now. But they have like magazines newspapers radio stations. And there i got me excel spreadsheet and i still use an excel spreadsheet today and. I still do this today. But i started reaching out to radio stations that i thought had the listeners who would buy my books. I told them the benefits to the listeners of me being on the show and i ta ti tired to a real life event news event even though you've novel My first book was about a woman dealing with breast cancer. And i was doing radio interviews left right up down in and out over the whole that and now they have I think it's called radio guest list. You can get on there. They have a book you can get on that amazon. I wanna say radio against this. They have a book for dollars in all these different online radio stations looking for gas. Some of them get a lot of listeners. Some of the shows don't get as many listeners. but like with off. The shelf goes into the archives. As long as i keep off the shelf going people come in and listen to the show. They can listen today. They can listen to week. People come in next month. They come in next year and you get more and more traction and i'm constantly promoting shows. I'm promoting show weeks after the shows have occurred. But so that's that's another way I think it's radio guest list again. They have on amazon. You can buy nine dollars directory. They put a new one out every year. Gabby presses another place You when i started out press releases is to do press releases and they get picked up. I'm not sure how much you get out of a press. Release blogging and and and I'm in blogger. But i don't know how much that leads the book sales. But i definitely get a lot of visitors. I probably get like thousand visitors to My blog a day. So that's another way to action Book book book bob. Bleier read the I'm just giving are kinda of tips looking for international places in other countries. Were you can promote your book. I go to okada books. That's an african bookstore You can do kindle. Book promos amazon sponsored as bogging books. See i've had buried success with bargain book see Some people would think is all gang books. But i'm just giving you a bunch of tips here their prices where you can go and then you watch your budget. 'cause you know everybody a flip add to you watch your budget and then i tweet your books. I think is complete your books. Were co. let her last name. But she's causing me various like thirty dollars a month and then they just shoot all those tweets out. So i don't have to do that Schedulers like who sweet beats. The print has a scheduler for like five or six dollars a month. There's so many different ways because schedule you're supposed to media post. I still go into social media. Radio radio interviews offline online. You could try. Press releases blogging. I definitely recommend that people do blogging. And then those other sites that i gave you over. I'm sure you continue to grow your career. Can you tell us we running out of time out of time. Can you tell us where our listeners can. Get copies of mason's gray yes well probably. The best place to go is my website. Jury myers goodwin dot com and right on the front page. There's a by now and just click on it and you'll shoot your right to the amazon site. You can go on amazon if you want to. But my website is fabulous. There you go there you go us as we have been blessed. Blessed to have on. This jury myers good. Went in her website is g. G isn't good. She is a great g. r. i. m. y. e. r. s. g. o. d. w. i n. Dot com. If you came in on the show midstream. Like i always say you guys in late into the show. You were busy this morning. He came in later. No ways no ways when the show finishes streaming you can go back and listen to it and its entirety archive and keep up with ms jury. When she's working on a second book in the series got a new book coming out and just a few weeks or days or weeks keep up with her please is she takes off. You can say. I was there with jury at the beginning and you have to be. Her support are now to be able to say that so her website bookmark her website. Go get a copy of mason's great by jury g. e. r. i. Good win jury. When the show finishes streaming i'll send you email to share your supporters and as always always keeps promoting and marketing. The shows for weeks and weeks and weeks. Thank you to all of our listeners. Who tune into off the shelf today. Please appointments jury. Jury g. r. I g. o. O. d. w. i. In an remember you are awesome. You are amazing your fabulous create an awesome day for yourself jury. I'll shoot you an email when the show finishes streaming thank you thank you thank you bye for now. Bye bye thank. You have a great day.

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