May 3: Hear from Mark Miles and Doug Boles


Coast to coast in Canada across North America and around the globe on the worldwide web. This is race line on the race. Line Radio Network presented by Subaru and race line is driven by the twenty thousand Subaru Dell Racks and wrx. Sti The atypical sports cars by the Subaru. Vr's Ed the attainable sports car. That's fund drive and by General Tire anywhere is possible. It's a Subaru candidate presentation. Y'All your National Radio Motorsport Authority the race. Line Radio Network. I'm Eric Thomas host anchor working in the Home Studio William Weber. Our new supreme commander in Race Line Master Control. Welcome aboard the rain. Postman is directing Josh Santos handling our network this week. The very latest covert nineteen impact on schedules with a somewhat clearer picture on when we might get cars back on race tracks mark miles and Doug bowls indycar Indianapolis five hundred buses talk about building the five hundred mile race to August Nascar Racing Whiz. Alex Bowman says it's going to be weird racing without fans was a few more entries and comments with the Subaru race on e mail bag trivia contest in the race rap. News Ron fellows has a new very important gag and the Carolinas are grabbing the green flag so for race fans everywhere powerful sport powerful radio are twenty eighth year on the air across Canada. This is the race line radio network. Ivester Jeff Gordon Race. Lime radio returns a moment. Eric Thomas Price Line on the radio network latest news and opinion and here we go on the race line race. Wrap the latest schedule news around. Covert NINETEEN RESTRICTIONS FORMULA. One off the top June twenty eighth French pre now cancelled the first ten. Gp's of the season called off due to the C nineteen pandemic including of course the Canadian Grand Prix Montreal for tsn. Six hundred ninety the Austrian Grand Prix July fifth the new projected season start without fans and reduced team numbers to comply with health restrictions. The plan is for fifteen to eighteen. Gp's across Europe Asia and the Americas who for finishing in the Middle East starting in July and winding up in December initially. Gp's will be run minus fans hoping they will be allowed to lasers and compliance with local health rigs. They still have to work out. Though how teams will travel and operate in each country safely. What I do not here yet. What the drivers think in if they don't feel safe they won't go in this whole plan. Dissolves NASCAR pretty much the same boat? They want to be the first to jump back in with two races minus fans at Darlington. South Carolina may seventeenth on a somewhat shorter run the following. Wednesday night may the twentieth then back to back races at Charlotte. The COQ six hundred on Sunday may twenty fourth. At another Wednesday night may twenty-seventh additional racist penciled in Sunday thirty one at Martinsville Wednesday night June third bristle Sunday June seven at Atlanta and Sunday June fourteenth at Miami Homestead with Darlington Charlotte. It's a short two hour drive so teams don't have to fly plus you don't need lodging either. Nascar is developing as well a covert one thousand nine test for teams at anyone else that raises whenever the season resumes. Nascar might also limit. The number of people at tracks other possibilities could include shorter races and or no pitstops indycar staying while relatively quiet still want to start. June sixth. The Texas Toronto Windy For Sports. Net five ninety. The Fan is still down for July twelfth. They tell me nothing new update but they need a month to assemble the track at least restrictions on non emergency construction in Ontario could be lifted in time. But that's not a certainty some erasing highlights to mention NASCAR. I Alex Bowman one at virtual Talladega keeping the Hendrick. I racing winning streak alive like all drivers boom his anxious to race for real and admits it's GonNa be weird performing without fans in the stands yet going to be different without fans for sure obviously bander or why we do what we get to do. It's unfortunate that we're not going to be able to have fans there but at least we'll be able to put on a show for everybody at home watching and you know. Hopefully we get to do that soon. That'd be great. Yeah be careful how you say. Great Quebec's Raphael Quick for Kyle. Busch Motor sports in a virtual truck race at Gateway Saint Louis Third. Let's go on their race indycar. F One's land do Norris when the simulated go at CODA in Texas three CANETTI under. They're all former and recent race. Line radio guest. Dalton Keller finishing eighteenth James Hinchcliffe Nineteenth Robert Wickens at recent top. Five's wind up thirty second. F One. Their next run will be virtual Dutch. Grand Prix may the third. But with another Lind's return new to the schedule the laughter US another track on the simulator interesting to note that former two-time Indianapolis five hundred winner Nascar driver and current penske sports car guy and former race alarm radio guest one until you did the world of outlaws sprint car race. Eldora finishing seventeenth. He was fifteenth at Williams Grove. Pa I am loving this. I racing diversity and crossover. Here's some more NASCAR chip Ganassi racing making a wise choice picking former Nascar Cup champion two time Daytona five hundred winner and another former Roussillon radio. Guest Matt Kenseth to take over the number forty two chevy wants. The season resumes an ex Ford Man. Kenneth is not Driven Cup since twenty eighteen when he returned for a fifteen race. Stint at rose fenway chips saying quoting. I chose Kensit as our best chance to win. He's done Matt Thirty Nine Times plus brings something. Our sponsors need right now and that stability no baggage. He's a family man. A Daytona five hundred winner and a championship winner. End of quote former driver. Kyle Larson you. Recall was fired by Vanessa for using the n word during recent online NASCAR I raise indefinitely suspended by NASCAR until he takes sensitivity training. Here's better news. Nascar clearing forty two year old Ryan Newman to return to active duty. At Rose Fenway. Once the Cup Series Resumes Ryan scared the daylights out of us but survived that awful crash at the finish of the Daytona. Five hundred back in February. He spent less than two days in hospital a miracle. I still believe so more F. One weli voiced his displeasure loudly when they lowered the spending cap for next year. From one hundred and seventy five million per team to one hundred and forty million so Ferrari boss Mattia Benneteau must have hit the spin cycle. What one might shop at even lower to one hundred million realizing the financial loss of GP's being cancelled due to see nineteen more than staggering? But no no hinted for Ourika threaten to leave f one over the cap reduction. Something refuted by his team a day later that has Karpinski series report. Brought to you by general tire anywhere is possible once again there may seventeen season start at Canadian tire Motorsport Park. Toronto POSTPONED NASCAR CANADA'S NEXT scheduled. Try June sixth. At the former Cayuga speedway drag racing the NHRA the largest sanctioning body by members of the world wants to refire in June with fans in the stands and the pits phased in gradually. They're gonNA police this. I don't know but the. Nhra is scheduled to return June seventh. Gainesville Florida with gator nationals to conclude a nineteen events season if they can they'll run four consecutive weekends in Houston Bristol. Tennessee and Ohio. Been a week off in four more narrow the season working at the mid November the six race countdown to the Nhra Championship. Playoff has been canceled for this year. But Champs will be declared by guess what points the good old fashioned way. The rally news is a presentation of the Subaru. Wrx WRX STI World Rally Championship on. Hold of course during covert nineteen with. Portugal and Sardinia Postpone. Wrc says the series will resume in the summer with positive discussions with WRC stakeholders. Who are seeing the big picture. And that's good. The Canadian Rally Championship presented by Subaru next scheduled event rally Beta Schiller New Richmond Quebec June twenty-sixth faces in the pets track strip operators and promoters across our network was season starts delayed now into may. Just drop me a note. Let us know how you're doing if you have any news regarding your Operation Eric at race. Line radio DOT. Ca The best way to connect with me facebook and instagram race. Line Radio Network via twitter at race. Line I won't even charge you for the airtime. How's that for a deal race? Line Congrat- sincerely going to fellow Canadian Motorsport Hall of Famers Francois Moncia the promoter of the Indian Grand Prix Montreal and road racing legend Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Co owner. Promoter Ron fellows new. Asean or National Sporting Authority Reps for Canada for the FAA International Automobile Federation. This is the sanctioning body that controls Formula One and most international racing sanctions. Demonte is the new president fellows. Vp their primary task is to work to promote and advance. Canadian motorsport will get run on next week to add details wiggle guys very well-deserved at a longtime buddies and print partners at inside track motorsport checking in to offer some free reading during this pandemic later dishes of inside track and inside motorcycles are now available free as digital issues just go to their website inside track news dot com. And Scroll down to where you see the click here prompts and away you go as we stay inside to socially isolate. A free racing magazine is absolutely brilliant. And that's going to do it for this week on the race. Wrap your questions your opinions. Your comments on headlines in the news are always welcome to L. Let's hear from you as you continue to stay safe. Share your thoughts. Theories and ideas fellow gear. Heads across Canada could win the Grand Prize in our Subaru. Raisani MAILBAG TRIVIA CONTEST. That we play in a couple of minutes. All Right William. Let's work in another pitstop up next part. One of our telecast with Indycar Indianapolis five hundred bosses Mark Miles an gut bowls. This is line presented by Subaru for more Info News on wrx wrx STI and VR's Ed Click Subaru DOT CA. This is race line radio network. This is Matt Kenseth. Nearly Radio Radio Canada's National Radio Motorsport Authority. We are the race line radio network. The juggling the various racing sanctions we deal with around the Cova. Nineteen pandemic has been nothing short of mind-bending there are of course. Everyone is anxious to resume schedules and START SCHEDULES. Working around local and national health restrictions. To make sure all involve can get to work or get back to work with personal safety paramount biggest race in the sport the Indianapolis five hundred pushed ahead from twenty fourth to August twenty third the IAMs road course. She peed Iran as part of a doubleheader July fourth with NASCAR xfinity. So the details asked about in the recent teleconference with Indianapolis Motor speedway president. Doug balls at INDYCAR president and CEO Mark Miles together on race. Line radio looking at the calendar Looks like there was an opportunity to have any five hundred Labor Day weekend. What considerations went into To not having the race on that weekend and ultimately why it was put on this weekend there was on his mark I would say they're obviously several things That went into it. The first is just like we think our fans have their traditions family culture for what they do on Memorial Day weekend. I think there's a lot of that that happens on Labor Day weekend. And and so we thought was probably would give our fans more flexibility if we didn't pick the holiday weekend where they may may have their own traditions. And then you know the later you get into the summer period the more. They're going to be other major events. There's going to be more complications from schools other sports and so we just felt like this was the best place to land. Would dinette did. Nbc Want that Labor Day weekend or were they okay with where you guys ended. Up and B. C.'s. Ben Terrific in this In such an interesting position you know. Virtually everything that's been canceled. I I would say postpone is looking to move into the summer or third and fourth quarters and everything that they license that they broadcast is trying to get squeezed into a much shorter period of time. So they're really trying to work through a Gordian knot of sorts but they've been helpful in this. They're going to do some of the things. We're not gonNA talk about today to help us promote all this. The rest of the series will have a terrific terrific amount of NBC broadcast coverage in the rest of the year. And as I said they're going to the five hundred will have a significant broadcast window on race day. Both days of qualifying. We'll have a broadcast window and the Grand Prix will swell. So we're delighted with those results in working with NBC. Don't want to date myself. And I'M GONNA use the term Rubik's cube and there were so many moving pieces in all of this to get to work together with the stakeholders with the tracks that changed as with NBC. In a way how much of a Rubik's cube wasn't to figure it all out. I think there've been several keys. But the first was that our priority was to have the five hundred into put it at a time far enough out that we have every reason to believe that will be a safe time from the public's perspective in terms of public health and to give our fans time to plan so we can count on them to be here in August at that was key working with NASCAR's already talked about it. They were terrific and there was just no friction in that conversation. All it was about. How do we work together to make lemonade? Lemons Nbc has been terrific as Doug already said. All the all the promoters on the entity indycar series have been terrific. And as he said. I really want to shout out. Give a shout out to our friends at mid Ohio and gateway who really helped us But at the same time I think of put themselves in a position to be successful so on and on and on and I think we should also recognize the way that the INDYCAR series teams. The owners and the drivers and the whole paddock are coming together. Everybody's behind this Roger and J FRY conducted a conference call with team owners. Today it was It was terrific. This all positively. And everybody's moving forward trying to figure out how to help each other and also the We knew that Long Beach after making a valiant effort to try to find a later date in the year. Couldn't make it happen to that. Are Missing Barber in code or did you make any efforts over the efforts. Try to find them a later date. And what eventually was the reason why they couldn't you know. Be Part of this year schedule. In the in the best of circumstances the most most normal circumstances putting together a series calendar is difficult because you have to consider all all all the things that matter starting with local considerations. Can they find a time that works for their community the case? Along beach. I think frankly you know the end. Jim Really Hoping we find a time but he had that you wanted to find a date that brought a at least a couple series together and worked in their community. There is like one week on the calender. Could work for them. And it just didn't work In the case of Barbara I think they felt there in the middle of a region with Atlanta and Birmingham and they really just didn't have options as well. We have other major races. Nascar races in that region as everybody knows so either you know we we talk. We've spoken to countless times with those promoters and just could not find the time that worked and I think that they're disappointed but understand that and are kind of resigned to it and will immediately begin working on twenty twenty will there is part one. Doug Balls Mark Miles on the rescheduling of the one hundred fourth running of the Indianapolis five hundred and moving that to August another schedule indycar shuffling on race line radio part two comes up a little later in our second guest segment. Okay William. Let's fire off another pitstop right about here but still become the Subaru Race. Line e mail bag trivia contest. This is the race line radio network. This is one one story You're listening to raise line Radio Canada's National Radio Motorsport already the race line radio network. I'm Eric Thomas. Check out my Thomas Tales columns inside track motorsports news magazine. 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Pack to win at the qualify by answering the Subaru Trivia. Questions correctly in your email comments. You can handle that. The entry goes into the drum the winter drawn at random of the end of the Amtrak racing season. The qualifying question. Hang onto for a little while longer yet. What makes the Subaru? Technically unique among other Subaru models. Repeating the question. What makes the Subaru? Vr'S ED technically unique among other Subaru models. Okay US Eric at race line radio DOT CA to connect and enter the Trivia contest. And your chance to win the prize. Pack that's Eric at race. Line radio DOT. Ca Capital E. R. I K. Symbol at race. Line Radio One big word. Don't put a gap in their dot. Ca Eric race on radio DOT CA. Facebook and instagram will also work to connect race line radio network like one big word there And on twitter at e race. Line at E. T. Race line was now go to the mailbox and get some entries and Jeff Two thousand and four. That's his handle says. I was Rolling through Toronto last week. Et scanning am stations and came across your show on sports net. Five ninety the fan I regard to your trivia contests. What makes a Subaru Ers? Ed Unique among other Subaru models is a full standard transmission. Well it's not unique to other. Subaru models is other Subaru's common with Standard Transmissions Jeff. You can enter again. It's not the answer we're looking for because as I say. More than one model of Subaru comes with a standard or a stick a transmission. You can enter the contest again jeff as many times as you want. Jeff goes on to conclude. He says he grew up in. Saint Catharines like I did in the Niagara Peninsula. He moved to Kingston but he's back in Niagara after a health scare. Glad you're okay now. Jeff I like to blast. He says through. Am stations. Because I like to listen to talk shows. I'm applying to college. This fall for radio broadcasting. Wow hoping to start a new career in that Field Jeff on the Road Jeff. Two Thousand and four best of luck with that. Jeff Vierra you seem to be A Real Radio Hound and that's a good thing and good luck in your career switch and everything else into your traveling back and forth to Kingston from Niagara to visit your your daughters and Stay safe with that and we look forward to hearing from you again. You can enter the contest. Many times as he likes. Paul Anton Dearborn Heights Michigan. Never far away just about weekly with his entries. He's already WANNA price package and win another one. There ain't no rule in this contest that forbids that he listens Sunday Nights. Eight o'clock Faithfully on am eight hundred. C KLW. Windsor Ontario. The information station. Which of course covers most of the state of Michigan USA with this extreme covert nineteen spreading through Michigan? Who knows the June race at Michigan International? Speedway this is the NASCAR race will be conducted which was scheduled just two weeks after the canceled. Indycar DETROIT Grand Prix. Who knows what it'll be safe for folks to attend mass gatherings of fans at race tracks or other sporting events. And he's right with that and as far as Nascar at Michigan goes that was supposed to go June. The seventh postponed as far as we know are replaced by Atlanta. June seventh. At least tentatively tried to get back to real racetrack action close proximity to teams in. Charlotte is the reason why for that. I would have to think Paul because they wanna get tracks done. I are within close driving distance. Where most of the teams are located in Charlotte he says here's another entry the Trivia Question. T- What makes a Subaru? Technically unique from other Subaru models. The BIARD has unique six speed transmission. Well it has at six speed transmission. But that's not unique to the be ours ad because the wrx in the STI certainly has the same transmission looking for something a little simpler. Take another whack at Paul. You're more than welcome to do that. Your longtime listener on C. K. O. W. in Windsor. Paul Anton Dearborn Heights Michigan. Send us your contest entries or comment. Jericho Roselyne Radio Dot C. CONNECTED. Enter facebook and INSTAGRAM RACE. Line Radio Network and via twitter at Race Line Trivia questions to answer corruption the qualify to win the PAC. What makes a Subaru? Technically unique among other Subaru models. Let's break off another pitstop. William then park to with bowls and miles of the rescheduling of the Indianapolis five hundred. This is race line presented by Subaru for more on the B. Ours. Ed Sports good go to Subaru dot ca slash PR's. Ed this is the race Line Radio Network this Bobby Ray Hall and you're listening to race line Radio Canada's National Radio Motor Sport Authority are twenty eighth consecutive season on the air across Canada. We are the line radio network. Thanks for spending some time with us as we all work to stay safe and responsible in part one. Indianapolis Motor speedway and indy-500 President Doug Bulls at INDYCAR president and CEO Mark Miles in a recent teleconference detail. The schedule adjustments around the cove in nineteen pandemic as we get into. May We start thinking of course about the biggest race in our game. The Indianapolis five hundred anticipating a relaxing of health restrictions the one hundred and fourth edition of the brick yard. Classic has been pushed ahead August. Twenty third the road course. Run now a double header with an escort. Xfinity series on the fourth of July weekend Saint Petersburg supposed to be the season opener will now close the shortened season sometime in October. So here's part two of the teleconference with balls and miles on race. Line radio in this process of landing on the twenty third for five hundred Were you guys more so working side by side with the Landau now or is that more of a proposal where you got decided. This is where you guys were on to run it. And and they were able to accommodate. That wouldn't try to wait the influences. We're in close touch with Cambridge with. Ntt With really all of our sponsors and all these other stakeholders and there was really no pushback. Listen people in Japan people all over the World People. Running businesses and other organizations are confronted with these same the same challenges and in some senses the bigger the business As in the case with n t the more. This has had wide impact on them. So they were completely sympathetic And and supportive of this conclusion rather than than landing in that timeframe where The Olympics were in late. July early August was Moving a couple of weeks back from that essentially did I just really come down to wanting to have the five hundred far down. The schedule was as made sense to make sure that That this pandemic would hopefully be completely cleared up by then because it didn't seem like that there was that big open window where there was not going to be a whole lot going on at least initially with the Olympics. Having just been postponed I suppose that they is is sort of the key thing that in a sense while being in the summer giving our fans time to plan the further away from today the better I think that was that was a keen. Thank you I have one for mark and one for Doug I'll start with mark The the news about Saint Petersburg essentially being reinstated Just if you could just give us the overview on that When you think it might be able to happen What changed from when the mayor both said that it would be very very difficult because the record and takes weeks to reconstruct and why it makes sense now as a championship in our well. We've been in constant contact with our promoter at Green savary and with the mayor the mayor of of Saint Petersburg at least twice in the last Supposed three days and the one thing I'll say about him is he's an Indycar Fan. And he's a true believer in the value of the race at Saint Petersburg to his community and so once we I mean they just never gave up and they're making some some arrangements that make it more feasible logistically. I think they'll probably try to keep up some of their stands and and and not have to completely reset as I thought they might have had to and so I think that the key was their persistence and their appreciation for what it brings them. And I think it's you know it's it's just such a superb event for us to be in the south In Florida at the to start the year the season every year is something we really look forward to and have now for a long time in this case will be doing to end the year. And then we'll be back there again In March of twenty twenty one so so we think that's pretty special they are they're up for it is in terms of the date. Obviously what we said here is that we expect to run the Laguna Seca event in late. September so we gotta get back from the West Coast I expect that in finding a date with for Saint Petersburg. It's likely to be you know the beginning of October. Maybe even a little later in October out for Doug As far as the double header goes Nascar has yet to release their finalize resumption of schedule. Obviously THEY WANNA run thirty six races. So is there any concern on your part Or have you guys discussed the potential of math car. Maybe having the shift dates and they have to be Laker that could that affect the possibility of Nascar Indycar doubleheader on July fourth weekend. We we along with NASCAR are continuing to hope that We can begin racing at some point well before the July fourth weekend event here at the Indianapolis Motor speedway. We haven't talked about a contingency plan. If we get into a point where where we have to rethink the July fourth and July fifth weekends so at this point in time we along with I think the entire country can't wait to celebrate our country's birthday on July fourth and hopefully a lot of people will be doing here with us at the Indianapolis speedway. Yeah for for Marker Doug. How much had there been? Talk about a potential double header with Grand Prix in extending poor even cup Before this started. And do you think those conversations if they had already begun helped kind of make this more of a reality? That's really good question. I don't think we not like we had a plan in place. But it's something comes up Ben. Clear for a long time that both series under the right circumstances thought it could be a good thing for the sport and for each of our our series so the spirits of always been willing but this sort of just discredited the opportunity to say. Here's an here's an opportunity. Let's go for it and as has been said There wasn't much hesitation Just to check it cemetery ticket for extending race. Is that good now for both races or ticket. Prices Changing can go and do you have any also any idea beyond just the indycar race being first before the expanding grace any other details on how that Saturday might look so right. Now we're working through these schedule For that Saturday but we do know is that Saturday's GonNa GonNa host to amazing races with the NTT any car series and the Geomar Grand Prix. And then the pennzoil one fifty which we're excited about on its own because it's the first time we've had NASCAR cars on our road course so it's going to be that's going to be a fun. Packed AFTERNOON OF ACTIVITY. Final schedules yet to be completely determined But our customers will be able to bring their ticket that they add for the GM our Grand Prix and the ticket that they add for the Indianapolis five hundred and show up at the gate. And we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA go racing. Hey mark another Saint Pete question given the fact that it's the only one on the revised schedule. That doesn't have a date yet. How confident are you that you guys will be able to make everything work and it will be able to be rescheduled happen well. Our confidence comes from our discussions with the the mayor and the city administration in our promoter. I don't think they've ever you know given up on it. They've looked at it as they said they've made some logistical combinations to make it Easier to do than it might otherwise for for St. Course you know that. They WANNA tend to their knitting and make sure that they take care of their people right now. But we're talking about you know early October. For example. So it's a ways off and the expectation for everybody is that it will be time to go racing again and and they are eager to do that. That would be depending on the schedule. I to do any car races here in Saint Pete and and a five or six months stand. You'd be concerned at all kind of raises the tea for for for the fancier now you know actually. I think it builds momentum and it might be that the logistical accommodations that they're designing right now between a of the rescheduled race for March to save October could be extended from October to say March and And that could make it again. Sort of more feasible more efficient. And from all the indications I have race fans down. There would just be thrilled to have us back in there. in short order Sol. There's are two part Conference with bowls and miles detailing the strategy behind the rescheduling of the one hundred and Fourth Indianapolis five hundred to August on race. Line radio as we said in the race. Toronto for Sports Net five ninety-two fan is still slated for July. The Twelfth Construction and health restrictions allowing of course. Alright William. Let's wire in that final pitstop. Then we're back for the last line for next week's show blueprint and more this race line presented by Subaru powered by the heart pounding. Wrx Ti all things wrx Subaru dot ca slash wrx. This is a race line. Radio Network this is Jenson Button. And you're listening to race line Radio Eric. Thomas Race Line across Canada on the race. Line radio network white flag is signaling one more lap to go in this thing. So here's what we're lining up for you for next week. Very latest. Covert nineteen affects on our schedules as things in the states. Start to ease off a little fellow. Canadian Motorsport Hall of Famer. Ron Fellows is back with us with a new very very important job to describe. Vp of ASEAN Canada that reports so the FAA on the governing of the sport in this country plus even more entries and comments for the Subaru race. Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest when checkers Fi. We say goodbye you enormous race line. Thanks going up to mark miles doug bowls in Indianapolis Motor speedway and Indycar Media Alex Bowman and Nascar Media Big thanks to new Supreme Commander William Weber along with Lorraine postmark. Jerry Lui Yanga and Josh Santos for operations and production so from all of us race. Long Radio I'm Eric. Thomas reminding you to use your head to stop. The spread brings line coast to coast race. Line Radio Network presented by Subaru has been driven by the Subaru. Wrx WRX STI and VR'S AD. You can learn more at Subaru dot ca and by general tire anywhere is possible. Talk John Again next week. We will do it right here on race line radio.

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