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Coming up podcast. Eleven hundred ninety. We hit from you your sister. This week's question of the week stick around and at the end of the show will say big thanks to all about patriots forces as well are exact producers and above. Well good morning good afternoon or good evening wherever you're listening in the world. Welcome three being used. Daily sunday fifteenth of august question of the week answers right now and so many of them. Perhaps i don't know not looked back. I could be the busiest one we've ever done. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on this. And i love it. It's always nice when we We strike gold with question of the week some weeks. It's less busy one. The misjudge the question a bit but this way we were asking you on a scale of one to ten where environment fits in because honestly when i bought my e v i was more about everything else and i like i intellectually. I knew about the benefits to the environment of driving an electric car. And i felt good about that but it wasn't the reason that i was on a mission to buy one thought i'd survey you the most important of this podcast as the listeners. You keep it going without you. It's just me talking into a microphone to myself. So i thought i'd sell the audience. Well we start with. Brendan now brendan hutchins. Says the environment has been ten at ten reason since i wanted an e. v. years ago now with how freaking cool they are. I'd say a nine out of ten. Not because the environment is any less of a reason but because the other cool aspects probably ten percent of what. I want one like. I'm charging cheaper less maintenance high-tech luxury instant talk all freaking awesome and would make me want to navy over a fossil cobbler alone but the environment is just too important for it not to be the biggest reason by fast as brendan rajiv. Close friend of this podcast. Rajiv narayan says for me. The environment is walls a solid seven. For why i initially got into vs not just the devastating impacts of climate change as discussed by the ip report. That's we did on the podcast a few days ago but also the health impacts. There's a recent study published by harvard school of public health showing that almost one in five deaths worldwide a jew to fossil fuel particulates infants are particularly susceptible as we pointed out many times on this podcast as well but in addition to the above fossil fuel subsidies adjust out of hand. There was nobody. There was an imf study showing the five point two trillion. Us dollars are being. Spent globally to subsidize the fossil fuel industry. That's six and a half percent of the global gdp just giving benefits free money. Subsidies incentives to the fossil fuel industry in the us alone six hundred and forty nine billion. So which is more than we spend on the defense budget just subsidizing. Fossil fuel companies. The worldwide opportunity is staggering. You're absolutely right. And the subsidies that we give to the fossil fuel industry as rajiv correctly points out but the money we spend fixing those problems. now. I know that I wouldn't i know exactly what rajiv does. But he works in the health industry and so Certainly in some not. Hey we have a public health system. I mean don't get me wrong. We pay for our paycheck but we have a free healthcare system The point of when you need it and but there are certain places the obviously you know the. Us has a healthcare system. That's makes money out of people being sick but we will not healthcare system to make less money because we want a sick people. If that makes sense. So i think of explain myself well enough. We don't have to spend that money any insurance money fixing the problem is we've created so edward partenia per pertinent. Sorry says my main interest in issues is intelligence and rationality is a species. I want human beings to be intelligent understand that we must get one hundred percent renewable future. Not because it's good or bad just because it's beautiful in this sense burning any fuel on nikolay deposits is not an option however however clean it can be even if we found our way to clean up nuclear fission. I wouldn't pursue it as long as that would be an over. A massive accounted earth with little or no space for wildlife the intelligent and our option. He says it's a long lasting renewable society that uses sunlight. His needed energy and electrical energy is used to drive a v. So the environment for him as a ten out of ten absolutely. That's what he says. Scott berger again previous contributes to question of the week and scott has a fantastic onset like you. He says. I was i drawn to these because i had a chance to drive one. Leon was smitten. I'm a penny buys. Cows first and foremost for performance and fun says scott. After an osa day in a fit five hundred eighty he was sold and with a testimonial s experience under his belts as well since then range and prices came down to buy the kea narrow. Ev a major pass. The calculus was a fifty mile. Round trip commute spending so much money on fuel. The slaves a lot of money by charging off peak. He lives in an area in the northern. Us seeing its worst drought in more than thirty years climate aspects are increasingly nearing. The top of my list says scott. We are in a climate emergency with that said. I've also been writing e-bikes as much as possible for simple errands walking to pick up my kids from daycare. Scott you my new hair. Because that's exactly what i need to do. I drive to go get supplies or sometimes i should walk But an e bike is the perfect solution because honestly like once. The time i've found mccarthy's got in the car. Know you buckle up you go to the shop and then you got to spend some time parking and then honestly jumping on e bike just going around the corner because it's for me. It's about half a mile just walking. But i don't if i'm in a hurry i drive. That's awful and i want to do what you say scott much more. I don't to me by. But maybe we should build one. And i can tell that story on the channel or something like by the bates rather than just buy one off the shelf that that would be easy. Scott says in summary number one cost of operation to environment three fun four reliability five tech and six the stress free driving david allen says it was always about the environment for him from the stop. My wife and i planned to transition to. Ev solar geothermal over the course of a decade we started in two thousand fourteen swapping out hyundai elantra for a nissan leaf. Then we swapped out to the sentra. The nissan sentra for volt. When you move to a single story house which had a a south facing roof we installed so let than in three phases over four years next. The vote was traded for model three. Our gas consumption dropped from drops to zero and the last step will be replaced. Our guest furnace with a ground source heat. Pump all of the fun and savings of the icing on the cake. Says david yeah. I've gone update to my story as well i. I won't go into the details now. But i'll tell you on the podcast. Maybe over the next few days or something so our new boiler arrives in two weeks satellite twenty eighth so that is solar thermal so we having solar thermal for the hot water and we're having a peavey to charge the electric car. No storage yet. i know heat pump. But that's you know that's on the plan with saving working hard and you know we. We want to do the best we. We don't need to be off great but we want to do the best we possibly can. We live in the middle of a town. But we want to do the best we possibly can. And we're fortunate that we have the ability to gather there and the money and stick it in the savings and you know we can do that but let you probably on the podcast over the next few days with what's happening in you know shay. Tv news daily next allen. North gut says my ranking for environmental reasons as a ten out of ten because of my understanding of the climate crisis. I realized i must drive a navy and a bolt immediately after release and now a model. Three jacob goldman from kansas says on a scale of one to ten for me. The environment is number one as a motivator. So i guess yeah i guess he goes one or ten. I was thinking ten would be high but he says the number one so i think maybe he's doing one is high icees but maybe it's a one. Anyway that's what striking doug vowels says. I wish i could say ten but almost a probably a night with a few guilty points in there for the cool tech. Two years later i still believe. Electric cars are way better than the gas predescessors. I'm coming to realize that improving components of a broken system. It's just not enough causes still paul. The massive resource consumption lifestyle. That's killing us and the planet. So i'm happy to see increased numbers of electric cars solar farms. But it's not going to be enough. We have a full system problem and there's little recognition over it an urgency to fix it says rodwell says interesting question of the week when he bought his leaf back in two thousand sixteen. The environment's environmental benefit was know. It was like a nice to have like a two hour ten but like everyone else. When i started my journey i learned while a kilowatt hour was. Yeah me too and i knew what one was but i never knew the significance. I i used to give me two readings. All you know to If they if they were out so if we out when they came to read the meter. So i'd call up and say well this is how many kilowatt hours we use a new. What one was. I just didn't ever have a reason to think about how many we used. But when you get any you really do fast forward five years. I drive a tesla long range as my main car. So one hundred percent driving electric one hundred percent renewable energy from octopus energy and we are looking to install solar and battery an air source heat pump to remove guests from out of our home to be co two neutral. Yeah i'd love an sos. Heat pump raj absolutely. Would i don't know. I researched prices by having as far as asking for people to come around and quote because gas boiler. They still pretty new. It was in the house when we bought it a couple of years ago. They really want to decommission a working gas boiler and that will just go to landfill probably but then again every time we use it. We're using guests. And so you know should we either way. I think it's going to be about eight to twelve thousand pounds. And that's not even on the table for us because of the peavy going in and the war walser but one day and he said welcome bit harder. Thrifty more podcasts. So he says. I was a two. Now i'm a ten lovely all right. Well halfway stick around. We've got more of your answers to question of the week coming soon. Samhan saad says currently about seven ten when he first go into as appropriate to ten. I fell in love with the idea of a eve as being economical fun. Simple to maintain a not complicated. I was convinced that it was good for the planet because all of the negative news like burning coal etc. Because this podcast and because of podcasts like evening news daily he's been educated and he knows the truth county not in a financial position to buy an ebay but the goal. These working is buying one nice work. Sam yeah we took a long time to buy. I when i was making this will have my twitter account Before we own levy. Like i was into eve as i was talking about them. But i didn't drive myself. We would just saving saving saving. You know working working working to try and put some money in the bank account and in the end we did i i second would never obviously would never go back. Volkswagen id four is his car he wants to try and get hold of one naipaul kennel canal one end to els kennel. Yes yorkshire. Av club. Paul says my. I was in two thousand seventeen and the environment was a solid ten out of ten. Oh no no. It was ten. Sorry it was ten. I was cost number. One is a yorkshireman of course cost was going to be number one but now he says it's now a number two because still leads the white malcolm foul says. I'm a ten in buying an ebay for environmental reasons. I i drove in two thousand nineteen. But i don't think i would have bought one if they haven't been better for the environment as it was by far the more expensive car and most expensive car i've ever bought says malcolm having said that i am saving far more in running costs than i anticipated. My little petrol. Hatchback was costing me ten pence a mile in petrol which i thought was cheap but by charging die renault zoe overnight at five pence per kilowatt hour. Making use of the free charges at tesco ever already does help. If you know in the uk that step catch every little helps and it does right you pop india shopping for now and boom plug in free. Lucky tesco's on point. And he says he. Saving fifteen hundred pounds. A year in fuel costs eric lawson from northwest oregon on a scale of one ten on environment when i purchased the our in spring as reasons were he was tied of stopping at gas stations. Having zippy fun car to drive lots of other reasons and at the bottom of the list the environment and that was probably the same as me. Robert grace says my answer the same as yours. I bought navy to learn about the tech with protecting the environment. You know second place distant second place now. i'm much more interested. Says robot in low carbon emissions. Am i feel guilty. When i drive. All right in a fossil gobbling vehicle My attitude has changed markedly. I'm in exactly the same boat. The rub christopher j miller i research for two years before buying a low cost twenty fifth jamieson leaf and have driven it now for two years. My opinion hasn't changed over those four years. How important is the environment as a factor. He says it's a to like to our ten acknowledged. The benefits of driving and not emitting exhaust fumes. By wasn't the major reason for why he bought it and continues to drive an navy. And i think there's also a bit of environmental shaming the goes on and like you know i think if you reasons like the environment isn't a reason fee. I think sometimes you other people judge you and that's almost wrong. You know you. You'll reasons for driving the like. When i first bought one when my reasons has changed over time and when i became a parent it changed. Of course i think much more about future generations Brian hickson said. I'm a strong seven out of ten. I bought my ideal last month. But it's been in the garish for three of those four weeks because of controller failures. Oh no brian. obvi- so heartbreaking. Oh no on. Defoe's a lovely karma. You're going to be driving this soon. I bought the cop because i'm concerned about the environment. Ona move away from fossil fuels and into cleantech in general upgraded. The house to with a heat pump have solar on the way. I'm also a bit of a gadget. Fiend i like the whole idea of moving to new tech however it didn't take me long to get used to paying very little to charge my car and given this i've had three ice replacements for the car while in the guarantee i have to say it stinging the petrol pumps i guess it would actually was talking to a friend of mine recently and you know she does live in the countryside and so trips to take those at the school and then after her job and then again at the end of the day and she'd like fifty or sixty quid a week in petrol on little. Cheer son darrow. And i'm like. Oh just get any in charge. I even i and i was educating her on little cars like the leaf and things like In the zoe and things like that. So hail tons. E says i go into the holy v movement initially because of the tech slash geeky aspects however only bought my in december and it was off the reading and listening to podcasts about eve. As and the impact on the environment is better than my. Mg zet s. which is a fuel guzzler on a scale of one to ten. I'd probably about five. They say the financial benefits weights it heavily as did the enjoyment of driving navy. Chris from denver says my wife. And i have ordered a model y long range and i would say the current state of the climates and it's bleak future says chris in denver has influenced our purchase greatly. It's a nine out of ten. We live in denver which was recently rated as the most polluted city in the world last week due to the fires in the west the elevation and all of the combustion vehicles that for work he drives for hours every day sitting in his car for extended periods of time to emails and prepare to the side that he's for the site visit that he's doing. I try my best to not let the car idol but with how hot it's been getting is difficult. I feel awful for but it'll be a great day when we have a model wine and those worries and our longer thing a cheaper v. would probably work for us but long trips back to our hometown of normal illinois a best suited to tesla it will be our vehicle until we can afford another review in the future. Maybe now one onc- wow. Wow oh my goodness me. That'd be an amazing vehicle. Tesla is an amazing vehicle. Very very envious of the. I'd love a model y long range rare wheel drive. They just need to make one in the right hand. Drive please mr. Musk and i'll end off a one of those ali. Magenta lost one then says my previous car which according to some sources. There's no such thing as gave me a mild taste of electric driving. And he wanted more on a scale of one to ten the environment school zero as the reason to go. Ev he says anoma bad person. You know absolutely you are not. You don't have to love the environment to drive a navy. You can love the environment and driving ebay. It's would be crazy for everybody. Who drives an av to be as passionate as other people about the environment new on that scale wherever you want to be my friend. Thank you to him. Everybody who podcast. Who sent the podcast an email in the last week. It has been a busy one as you can say. I love dedicating a sunday. Show just to your bit of the show. I really love that. let's let's keep going. I say that. I'll contradict myself immediately and say there's no question of the week this week. can't think of anything that really is burning and so why force it like. There's nothing is really on my mind this week. So hey we'll just take a break for a week and it'll be back next sunday if that's okay right. Let's do patriot. 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