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The PewterCast, Live - The Gronk Edition


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You know I got to put a mask on to go. Buy Cigarettes like that's it. That must make exiling a little hard. Buy Cigarettes not smoke success. There you go so yeah I mean. Is this what it feels like to get national respect league respect national respect Just having people talk about you I don't know because I told my wife today and the very first thing she said is wow Florida. Really is the place people go to retire. I was like Bay but it's funny because it's true this is why we don't talk exactly shot and go to work now but Yeah so in case anyone missed the news and if you're listening to this I don't know why you would because it's even on our logo for the show. Bay buccaneers signed Rob Gronkowski. Signed him traded for him traded for his rights. A man who was did they have to negotiate with. Vince McMahon at all. Get him out of his. Wwe contract or something like Maybe they might have stepped in but I think Greg's layers took care that he had to do something right. What do you mean he definitely had to? What are you talking about? Well he had to get out of his contract with. Wwe Yeah Yeah. So he definitely had to talk. Vincent man or having lawyers talk to them but I don't know if lake. Nfl Lawyers got involved. Their lawyers got involved or patriots. Large got all. I wouldn't put it past them but I doubt it. I don't know it's I didn't think this was gonNA happen. Like no way. No shape no form. There was no way in my mind that Rob Gronkowski was coming to the Tampa Bay buccaneers. And he was coming out of retirement. Titleholder fell at whatever last wrestlemainia? Whatever the heck it was He's jumping off ladders and piles of people. You know it's like okay. There's Gronk being rock and he's just going to enjoy his life going on booze cruises and and and you know play-acting I mean it was a perfect job for him. It's demand child job. Oh Yeah it was definitely the what's Rob Gronkowski GonNa do? When he gets out of football go in the WWE was like number one two or three on the list and it had the best sides in Vegas Right Really. Did it really did? And that's what he did somehow. He was convinced coerced asked. I don't know to come out of retirement and come back and play for Tom. Brady with Tom Brady in in in Tampa Bay with the buccaneers joining Mike. Evans Chris Godwin Cambrai Oj. Howard maybe. I'm sure we're going to get into that here in just a minute and a top five defense out of last year. That's all returning. I mean I mean ran a like I know. I kind of teased about it last year. But this year we go into the ship we go into the ship and the ships in our house just curse it. It's like it's almost as embarrassing as like you know how you get barest of like your parents like in high school nine tenth grade like you really embarrassed by twelfth grade. You've kind of a church bit. You realize that everyone's parents are dork. So okay well like you're just getting too high school like you know everyone's so much older than you and and you know and your dad wants to kiss on the cheek on your first day and you're like what do you do that. That's how I feel. I'm just like Oh man like I cannot be associated with you and you do that. Yeah well too bad. You are and one day you'll mature. Ren is I think the lesson the lesson that I pulled out of that is one day you'll mature and realize that everybody's Co host works. I think it's it's it's a. It's way too late for me. Read listen man. We've got we've got quite a show on decade and here in just a few minutes. We're an open the phone lines. We'll let people call in. We'll let people actually join us here in the chat if they choose to do that And we'll try to limit the double dipping for anybody who wants to call in and talk to us. Share your thoughts on really anything having to do with his ample Bay buccaneers but specifically this whole Rob Gronkowski in. Where does that? What what does this change for the draft if anything what does this mean for Jay Howard Cam break? What does this mean for the offense going forward? I I gotTa tell you though ran who I think. The biggest pressure is on right now in Tampa Bay as far as the the buccaneers. Assuming they're going to get to play this year. Is the defense okay? I thought you were gonNA say something. Captain Fear No cheerleaders. No I think it's on the defense. Yeah they have to. You know this is something we talked about it. Feel free when you know when. Open the phone lines. If you WANNA talk draft or talk a couple of better past pods feel free to bring that up as well You know we talked about that with Scott Smith. When is particularly brought up cornerback? It's like they're They're putting a lot of faith into their three corners You know slash starters because you know most team during nickel eighty seventy seventy five percent of the time That have a grand total of four years. Nfl experience combined between the three of right. So you know we saw this with Mike Smith defense. We all got excited. I've stupidly said that Mike Smith was the best region. Pickup wasn't a free agent pickup But going back and looking on it you know these guys are actually playing defense and you look at the two Thousand Fifteen Mike Smith defense. It was it was extremely extremely timely. Turnovers right now Keith Tandy. Three-game ending interceptions in that. Five Game Win streak like that's you can't really live and die by. Oh we're just going to get the ball when they're driving down to try to win the game. We'll just take it away like. That's just the way to build a defensive plan. there's I can eventually crumble. So and then you know two thousand sixteen roll around in it crumbled right interface. Let's not relive that particular memory ship? Go into the ship. Maturity is happening right here before is ladies and gentlemen right here before as well down time on the time line continent breaks up ren matures. There you go there you go. I love it. I love it well before we go any further. I do want to give a quick shout out to everybody who is joining us. Live at YouTube dot com slash. Podcast you guys are awesome. Thanks for joining us in sooner actually able to simulcast to youtube and facebook. I'm told so that'd be Kinda cool and maybe even triple cast out to something like twitter. Something that and get it. These shows out there and more more than one platform at a time so that should be pretty cool Mandarin. I know I know tons of of our podcast friends out. There have been going crazy tonight. Everybody's recording in emergency podcast. And we're doing it. The report put out emergency podcast. That's big those guys. Don't do that. Those guys actually do something. They don't have to do that set. That's right right. And Hey listen shutout pew report our Guy Scott Reynolds who was on the show this week. That is at the top of your podcast feed Right below this particular episode when it when it loads So that was a great conversation by the way was Scott. We've had Had A couple of conversation. Yeah yeah a couple. Couple of great feedbacks from that so You guys make sure you go check that out if you have not yet but ran up before we opened up the phone lines man. I'll give you a chance Tell us how you heard the news. What your thoughts are on the news with Greg and and specifically I think the thing that it really comes back to is Oj. Howard that's GonNa be the thing. We'll probably Bounce back and forth with so I'll give not before we opened up the phone lines here share. Thanks well I was watching. Espn for the second time. This year. the first time would have been A day of when you actually could signed free agents and you know it was becoming more and more abundantly clear that Brady was coming to the buccaneers so I watched that whole day and they are actually doing a live mock drafts You know with their local beat reporters and they were going down. The list no trades but I you know I thought it would be interesting to watch and then you get to get Kuyper and and always that guy's name. It's not Charles Davis it's Anyway there's another guy on there and they gave their Opinions on on each pick and we get one pick away from the buccaneers and schefter comes on and talks about breaking news A couple of pictures of buccaneers. He comes on and he's like. Hey the Bucks Patriots were talking like Oh well. That's big news the draft and then right before gentlemen got to come on it broke and so that's how I found out and I immediately went to twitter and people that had it for a few minutes already on there and everybody was talking about it like I was more hyped for this than I was the Brady one because I knew Brady was coming. I just kept waiting for it. You know And since this the rumors had been out there you've heard people say well they're not going away but no one would go on record because they couldn't get anybody else on record right so they just sort of talk out like we did like hank come in like first off. You know. He's a patriot. You know if he wants to play. He's a patriot. We gotta do a trade and you know. We'll the patriots do that for us. I don't know so it went from okay. They're interested to boom. Is there within like fifteen minutes? I like I like I had to go for a jog. Man I gotta go I gotta go for a ride. Share was sleeping because Kobe has totally flipped her sleeping or her habits. Like she's up. You know sons down. She's up the sun's up. She's asleep and So Yeah I had to get out of the House Man Like I. I was Super Jack and the best part about it. And I'm sure we'll talk about this at least for me is that the bucks didn't give up OJ Yeah like what I saw it break. I was like okay. So that's what they do with. Oj Howard. They give the Patriots to the guy with two years left on his rookie deal and we get gronk intimate with Brady to do this win. Now you know push you know maybe. Oj Howard eventually becomes rock And gronk being older gronk now and banged up injuring Gronk. Now at e- could have a debate about really who's a better player right now But when you put Tom Brady into the mix like there's no bike to chemistry issues are over a training. You don't have to have as he's got he's got his candidate like at Cambridge security blanket. Right he's got his guy man so like we can sort of hit the ground running right away and then keeping Oj. Howard plus getting back. A draft pick seventh. Four it to give up a fourth rounder and GRONK could we get to keep? Oj Howard if you believe he's OJ Howard rumors which are being traded exhaust trading block. And I believe you know there's a lot of smoke there. Sure if the bucks want to move up from this is something we talked about. Scott Reynolds audit the bucks from fourteen. And make sure they get their guy. Instead of giving up a third round pick they they could use. Oj Howard it's a chipotle or at the or they get their tackle. Maybe one fall soon. Which I think is and it's near the bottom of the first round and other running backs are taken and they really want to get their guy like out of the five. They have the one they really want. The most you know he'll be he thinks will be signed a second contract with the team. If everything works out you can use. Oj Howard instead of getting up before third you get back to the first round and that guy and a five year deal so I think that was a really important piece and then saying all of that if OJ Howard doesn't get traded. Oh man we've got OJ. Our our Ed Gras and Break Godwin Heavens and Roggio and whoever else whoever that running back is in the second round that we're gonNA draft right and it goes back to what you said like it's up to the defense now Yeah I really think it is up to the evens. I'll tell you my my main thought on Oj Howard and this mostly just comes from all on the team as closely as we followed them here over the last five years and observing. What happens when we get into situations that are somewhat similar to this? Is they'll they'll use. Oj Howard as a chip like like you said if they if they can get something for them but they're not just trying to push them off. They're not just gonNA going to send him off like no. We really legitimately could see our tight end room being RONCO. Jay Howard Cambay Antonio Claire and sorry. Tanner Hudson like that legitimately could be our our tight end room this year Now having grunk makes giving up an OJ Howard a little bit easier. It think Jason Light would be dumb to not at least shop them around and see what people will give him. I mean if somebody will give them something worth taking sure but I say that about all players. Everyone has a price but think of this figure though of the of the tight end room being OJ. Howard Cameron Braid Anthony Clare. And or Tanner Hudson or mcelroy. Rank is a wide receiver because of his all the way he's lost and they play him in the slot. Play like you could have lost a lot of way. Has any you can come to any new England game in GRONK SPLIT OUT. Why like they put him in a wide receiver position. And you can't you know it's it's the class what we've always said about. Oj Howard Rock. Act actually does it. He's too big for. Corners is too fast for linebackers. He's too big into faster saints so you put him anywhere so I wouldn't be surprised that they sort of use Gronk as a as a high point type of receiver not so much you know stretching the field but across the Middle High Point Guy at traffic guy named You know he might be in the wide receiver room and and not be counted on to block as much and and get his body. Beat up as much which which would be something because he is also a blocking guy like I think I saw irony. He's a very very good block right. I saw IRA point out like hey. They just got an upgrade to the run game with Gronk now to with as much as he blocks everybody so it could be something but wren. We'll continue this conversation. But why don't we go to open up? The phone lines for anyone who wants to call in that number is eight six four seven to nine bucks. That's eight six. Four seven to nine two eight two seven and guess. What not only can you do that? You can join us here on the feed at YouTube dot com. You'll actually join us here in the video chat. Let me drop that in over for the for the people who are joining us there. Live as well to you guys can can join us over there but you guys just call us and we will take that phone. Call eight six four seven to nine bucks. It's eight six four seven to nine two eight two seven. It's an interesting concept run pushing out to the wide receiver room. Yeah I mean I get your point Would you would it be fair? To say doesn't really matter where you put them in the Hormone would it be fair to say? It doesn't really matter where you put him on the roster like they'll play them wherever they're gonNA play him. It doesn't matter like those old formulas keep four tight ends and six wide receivers right. Maybe we have five tight ends but you know the other one is gronk over. Yeah no I get that because you know they split Oj. Howard oh no. I didn't say why they played. Oj Howard in the slot. If they'd Cambrian the sought they're always not right next to the tackle or a half step back. Off The line of scrimmage next the tackle I get that but I just think that you know I it something at least to think about our kick around for this pod is that when they break off and position groups. I could see gronk going in the room with Evans and Godwit sure not going in with Howard and brave ren we got somebody who wants to join us here in the Stream. Let me try to get him in over here to talk to us. We've got Eric wanting to join us in three two one theory as Eric. What's going on buddy? What's up man? You know hug go when I go in here. Man You know how your buddy what's up? What'S UP MAN. We got GRONK. What's your thoughts man? When I was when I was of actually on in the bathroom on twitter. Did you watch your phone afterwards? Eric what's up? Hey look no man. There's not a person listening to this. I hadn't been dropping a dues plan on twitter. It's all right man go ahead. What's news actually a hurt himself near her to be a first round pick Pick no no no. No no no can't be true. I wound Fritz. That could happen. Oh No no no. No no no because because they wanted to because the pictures wanted to write. We're going to happen but look at this talk. Who who do you think the book to starting to target in this you? You think it'd be gone Howard or break who be the starting tight end this week. One single tight end set. One guy out there. It's going to be drunk and I say that sort of I talked about at the beginning because of the comfort -bility You know out there are going to be not. Ota's training camp might be just two weeks long You know just to get these guys sort of in shape and let everyone get to know everybody. Shake each other's hands okay. Yeah heard you were on the team. That's great okay. Let's go play football games account. So that's that's where I think it's going to happen but something also I go ahead about Howard Engel who have Evans on one side governor decide to tighten? Yeah and I like what Rin was just pointing out of. You know it really could be gronk moving out there. Is that third wide receiver. And then imagine that got Evans Gronk. I'm sorry you got Evans. Godwin grunk Bray and OJ. Howard all out there in a two tight end set off five hundred at the same time. That'd be awesome. That'd be mazed and I I mean it'd be scared who who stopped at often. I you know. Here's the thing. Yeah here's the thing. Here's the thing I'm I can't say that because I saw a lot of people say oh you're going to block going to block. I remember two years ago three years ago. Now I think it was when we were so we saw we had Mike Evans. We had this new kid Chris. God went on the block. We had deshaun Jackson we had who met. Oj Howard we had break so we're going to cover no it's going to be able to cover and what we go that you're five in eleven you know. Well they've figured out who to cover so I I'm excited by that number of weapons weapons for Winston. That's what it was then. I'm excited by that number of weapons. But you know I've been around the block man. I'm starting to feel like Rick. Stroud of been around long enough could happen. So yeah maybe something Eric anything else for US buddy. I think he's Eric. Can you hear us by Eric Cool? We'll get him out of here. All right thanks Eric Four chiming in sorry we lost you. There I kicked you out. You weren't talking to us but anyway. Hey listen guys phone lines open? You want to call in six four seven to nine bucks. That's eight six four seven to nine two eight two seven. A lot of new people joined us here just in the last couple of minutes on the pot on the youtube feed so wanNA say hello to everybody over there joining us and also I would like to give a shout out to those of you joining us on the podcast feed later as so many of you guys will do Craig. Kertzman print stopped that talk now now. Craig. That's our friend. Craig Vegas Craig. You'RE GONNA have to call and let me know what you're talking. Eight six four seven to nine bucks and we'll do that rent. I don't know what we were talking about. Four Eric Johnson but Doing a three wide receiver to tighten. But that'd be no back. You can only do like one tight end. But I've been having but having Howard Gronk Evans and Godwin is completely feasible. And then throw in like a throw roggio exciting enough but imagine throwing like a Clyde average layer or dobbins from the draft. It's like it's it's it's I don't know what to say. I just don't know what to say because you know you WANNA say like. It's unstoppable but also just what you talked about like. I remember two years ago saying the exact same thing the difference is is of course Tom Brady because he's not a turn the ball over and with those weapons you can't. I can't imagine we're going to be out of any game even if the you know even if the defense sort of reverts back to what they were the first half last year With that often the wheel keep up with them and not only will they be able to keep up with them. Tom Brady is not going to have those Turnovers in there to either get us more far behind the eight ball were. They might go for two or three scores like that. It's just we're GONNA be in every game but man like this is it just. It's such a weird feeling having a team that's like not billing for the future anymore right. Right Hey I've got double phone calls near but we've got one in right now Craig. I think you're calling in on the other line so I'm GONNA decline you. But who do we have on the line with US tonight? Jp from Texas JT from Texas Buddy. How you doing out there man? I'm doing great man have about well. Is this your first time calling into the show first time caller? I never catch on the podcast while I work. Well there you go man. I'm glad you finally got to join in. I am going to ask your out in Texas. How did you become a bucks? Fan Man Dude. I used to play football in high school and our our symbol was the book. It was blue. Pirate well I was in a defense. Come on when they were when they were winning Super Bowl back in the day and stuck with them and then later on my my running back from my high school team made the books practice squad for a little while. Who was that? Just made me stronger. Yeah who who was that Bread we call them. Bake bread bread geared Fred Garin. It was back in. Oh eight or nine enough with the practice squad back then to know. Those names just feels a little familiar but I can't. I can't say that I remember him but I told him he had to make the team so I could play on Madden. And he never did practice he was still in the NFL for for at least a little bit of a time. So wh what are your thoughts on this whole gronk situation at first? I didn't I wouldn't do thrilled about it but the more I think. Better THE MORE OPTIONS. He's got it was only fourth round. Pick you'RE NOT GONNA pick up anybody better in the draft in the fourth round then. Gronk Round pick. We didn't have never know what you'll get with that I I kinda I'm Kinda. I've been watching a little while and I'm I'm a little bit like L. Are the patterns and stuff and I've noticed over the years that Jason Light like the double did get his he he. He's done it year after year. He usually picks whatever position. He double-dip thing is he gonNA double dip in offensive line this year lady. Maybe one of the top four and then take another one in the third round. I think you know we will see because with that fourth round God and getting drunk it. It might sort of put a little bit of a damper on double dipping on the offensive. Line is used to call it. Jason Light would really would fix the icicle. It S Scott Reynolds has picked up on this off season and he says a flood. Zip position something you hear him. Say a Lotta Report you know. Years ago I'd say eat you know he really fixes the need or addresses the need But what can work in favor of double dipping on the offensive line? Especially if he clued the whole entire offensive line. If they're going to get a tackle okay but if you include like an Interior Offensive Lineman as double dipping than what really helps is this is the signing of Gronk because now that third wide receiver position that we've all been freaking out about is kind of like where are you going to play him. You Know Scotty Miller is good enough to play ten fifteen steps again. If he has to. So just in Watson you know So that third receiver spot with picking up a receiving threat like gronk still having Howard on the team. Still having braid on the team. Now if they trade bring then the third receiver position comes or excuse me trade Howard in the third ypres and comes back into play but yeah I mean I can even see him going to tackles and like getting one of the four or you know. They like Jones out of Houston enough where they consider big five and then in day three picking up sort of a guy they can work on for a couple years because as you know. After next year Donovan's Smith has no guaranteed money. If THEY WANNA flip wherever they at this year over to the left they'll have at least a year of a guy that they've been working on and then they threw three edgy the draft. They can still fill the holes along cross the line but the interior offensive line. I think the first backup is that Gabrielle Indianapolis. He can play both guard positions. You can play right tackle He really can't play. I don't think he can't play left. Tackle he just hasn't done it in the pros but getting another guy down the line to to fill in to be sort of like you know jack-of-all-trades down there is also a good idea because If say the you know. Donald Smith goes down and the rookie flips over the left. Hand Side And Hague's in two weeks later Donna Smith isn't back and Allie twists his ankle. We got you know if Hayes out there at right already plugged in it right. Tackle you know it starts to get a little thin so And I wouldn't be surprised. They double dip on the defensive line. If you include edge you know but right now honestly. I'm banging the drum for a quick for a a cornerback around three right now like I am scared to death if one of these kids don't take a step back or get injured and twisted ankle. You know you've got. Mj Suet Ryan Smith and I don't want to see either one of those guys in the field hat all this year the corner than I think we were saying to begin with before the before reagents ever started. Everybody wanted a veteran corner to come in ANYWAYS BRIAN. They may be waiting to after the draft to see how it goes and they may bring in a veteran corner after the fact to predict like. You're talking not harder because we don't we want our Guy Darden but the one that said being in somebody has an issue. The other thing I was wondering was was a bro. He's going to be bringing his contract from there Hurry ten million a year. I can't remember what are I can't remember where we're sitting on our salary cap now. Is that GonNa hurt it where we have to get rid. O De now now the where that leaves us. Is that when you when you were about thirteen? Seven somewhere around there you take gronk. We're not only at three seven so we don't actually have enough money to sign our our guys so the bucks are going to have to do something we don't have to treat OJ to get that money although that would help. We don't have to restructure or TRY TO GET GRONK INTO. A new contract. That could help if they get if they get it where you know where that helps. But we talked about this on our pod. We released this week ran you and I talked about it about how Mike Greenberg has done. Such a good job of structuring. All of these contracts that they have the flexibility of Mike Times last year to clear up some money they can redo alleys contract a little bit. They can redo a Redo. Brady's although I don't think they would But there's there's so many of these these little things that they can do which are going to clear up. You know a couple of million hair couple of million there and boom. They're golden and they're fine to get through with where they are and you know all of that really goes back to Mike Greenberg. Jason Light those guys up there in that office that they have put the bucks in such a flexible position with the salary cap that they don't have to although they could do. What kind of do what you're saying so you know. I'm not overly worried about that but yeah you're right earlier. Today I was listening to and yeah. Y'All y'all WanNa ever since they are pretty pretty good with how they handle it up there. haven't seen them go over too much and if they do they they they get it right back down to where it needs to be pretty quick. They're really good at it And I haven't heard if the first four round pick or the second round pick. Have you heard that? It's the second I think he was the comp that we got the complex okay. Didn't you basically a free? It was a free Gronk and we picked and we kept OJ Howard and we picked up a seventh. I'm pretty happy with it. It's not going longer. Thanks for the call tonight. Thanks so much and I hope we get to hear from you and the season as we do the -puter gas lives after the after the Games and stuff all right man. Y'All have a good extra to hit that a little little Hey listen you guys WANNA call in that? Phone line is open. Eight six four seven to nine bucks. That's eight six four seven to nine two aides to seven. I don't what do you think? Do you think they're just going to let Bronx contract rider? Are they going to try to do something? How long does he have left on that contract to you know just one year? So we're trading okay. So we're doing this for a one year deal so they may try to do something to get him in at least say to keep them along. Keep them around as long as Brady's move like you know they are really up against you know now. They don't have to get their salary cap underneath the number until like thank a week before the first game. Whatever that looks like this year it's going to be a little different than normal usually had like all training camp and all free season to sort of figure it out and as you you know you could have cut a higher Blair you know instead of just getting rid of practice squad guys or guys that had like the minimum contract you could have tossed out somebody like Andre Ellington. Like they signed him. They got rid of them. That really helped out right But you got to remember. They're going to try to restructure. They gotta give they gotTa Pick Her sky. What THEY WANNA pay? Chris Cowan this year now. That might not happen till halfway through the season. Kind of what happened with Mike Evans. You know they kept talking about. We'RE GONNA sign. We're GONNA that out of the blue like week five. It was like okay. We signed by Kevin say might look something like that but as far as what Jay talking about as a cornerback coming in you know what we as Scott and I thought you were going to talk about was not only how great you know Jason Mike Mike. Greenberg have been with the buccaneers contracts. But I asked Scott like who's that free agent at the no name that's GonNa come in and sort of show up this roster because they had the money for it like they had like six seven million dollars For that money you know obviously side ten but Gronk Stat Guy. So bring and now. A veteran quarterback is kind of off the table. You know unless things happen like Justin Evans doesn't make it and you know they. They release him or they trade. Oj To get some CAP. They're like I think the bucks are done like you might see no-name guys being signed to fill out the roster because only the top fifty one contracts count towards the salary Cap But bringing like a guy I saw someone in the chat asked me about Logan Ryan. Yeah I'd love to have him can't afford now not comment right. So I think we're kind of done and And we will get a little probably a little more money because these rookie deals Some of them are going to be higher. The first round of sunburn going to be low but they're going to displace some other players and and sort of knock it down so we don't. We don't really only have three million because with the difference between players are gonNA knock out and the and the replacing the contracts difference it. We really sort of have around five or six million. So we're we're we're right there right there again. I Trust Mike Greenberg. They figured they knew this. They had this figured out for they even called GRONK. The question is can we afford you know like I want a new airplane? Well can I FORD? It the first question you asked so. I'm not worried about it. I know it's going to be a topic. Around buccaneers twitter and and the draft for a very long time. Until you know something else comes up and you know we get distracted and go and and talk about something else in in buccaneers world but Expect a lot of contract talks and even people who aren't really familiar with going on to sort of trash the buccaneers. Oh they're so dumb then. They can't sign their draft picks now like they have till almost right up to the season to get into that cap and they'll do it right right. We've got somebody who would like to join us in here in the chat us. Let's go ahead and bring them over a friend of the show. We've talked to them before John. What's going on buddy? So he's doing really good work goodman. Hey Ran Chignon kanter progress. I was there too. Yeah Yeah I heard you call for me. I was very excited. I had to talk to somebody. So yeah this is interesting though Ah guys say the offense spinal one. Nfo or now most likely of most hyped offense something you would be mad of course a listen. Listen this is this is the bucks mo though right when the off season now we just got to translate it. Do the regular season you know. It's it's every off season. Go into it. I'm not going to get excited. I'm not going to get excited and dammit here I I'll I will say. This is the earliest. I've ever been excited. Oh yeah the lighting is going to be different from like twenty six team. When we Chris Baker in Tucson Jackson? Yeah and we all know that or no. Yeah the differences in the differences is. You're talking about two guys who between the two of them have won ten super bowls own. Assay is this. How many was Gronk with an radio? Six Br Gronk has three or four. I think three three. Yeah whatever it is. I don't care like that other team. But they're bringing it down here and you know I gotta say I think our guys over. The report talked about this on their kind of emergency pod. This is going to change the attitude of the team. You know and and honest I think gronk might have a bigger part than even brady will But it's going to infuse such a different vibe about this team this year and and I have no idea what to expect from this from this offense or as much as people wanna go. This is the way areas runs his offense and they wanna look at what he's done before in the past and bring that here and see how it's going to go and then you're going to inject Brady now you inject. Gronk and like I. I don't know I don't know it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun to watch for sixteen seventeen games this year. Hopefully we'll get about twenty or so you know talking about the draft though If we WANNA double dipping off that even if we WANNA trapped a guy around three we could draft a guy We could have dropped a guy named Ben Bar to a people. Say He's the next Alamar. Bend barreds yeah. I don't know a lot about him. But he's Steve to read the divisions I think the three school than in the shrine games stuff even if he didn't blow any nobody will pass them and people said he had had Ali. Maher pay like performance in stride games and stuff. Yeah that's exactly I was GonNa say you know He wasn't sure I gave. I know he's at this. I don't think shrank. He's at the senior bowl for sure what it was. Yeah so the senior bowl you know. Sort of like Alex captured. They'd bring these guys in to see if they can handle the big step up. A competition Bart seem seems to have done that Yeah if you WanNa go if you WANNA go double tackle that that's good and again that's sort of what this really good signing of Johannesburg is because Joe. Hey can play inside or outside so it doesn't handicap you in the draft to if you want to get a backup offensive lineman you don't have to go just tackle or or go just interior offensive line because Joe. Hey can play. Both if he's just an tear off of lyman than we're all talking about. We need a backup tackle with with. Hang on the team. We can take. Bpa As far as you know along the offensive line a guy to develop so another really smart move by the buccaneers and want an MBA. Bruce and wanting to be jason like thing to try to Guy De toothy three school offense this third one subject and live right there. It'd be his third one mother at its third one. Yeah it'd be a second one. He drafted But you know Jensen who you think. You have our pet and kappa drafted. Both those guys would be third one. Yeah Yeah but Jensen's A. D. to sky school guy too but he was developed though with the Ravens and stuff you know we say more but I'm just saying there before guys in our offensive line room that were D. Two guys that is cool though that what? What about this guy? And we didn't talk about it with Scott but he had him in his last mark the inside guide Lewis Yeah Damian. Lewis you. Yeah he was the guy. I drafted in my mock draft was. That's why I recognize the name as guy. Yeah he's someone in the third round early day three. You could look at if you're going there you know there's a couple other guys now my guy who. I've been on since the senior Bowl Cameron Clark from Charlotte It looks like a lot of people have pushed him into interior offensive line as guard. You know this guy is an absolute smaller supergrass He just is a little slow with his hands. Reset and what a Eyeso- At least at the shrine bowl was when the defender the speed rusher got to the apex. He would try to bury the guy and sort of scored out the top. But if he's playing guard doesn't have to worry about that anymore. So I'm going to be really interested to see where Cameron Clark go as a developmental alignment. Some people might like Miss Tackle. Right tackle left tackle. Some people might WANNA put him in his guard because of inexperienced. But you know if they brought that guy and You know drafted him like you know. I can proclaim myself the smartest man in the world and just logoff powered high powered offense. This is GonNa be by more demotes explosive authentic maybe in NFL history densely high offense is enough L. history. Sure I don't care when the result on the table and then we can say how good it was. The browns like what they do when they brought in Baker Mayfield Cream. Han You know and then. Ob J Jarvis Landry David and Joe coup and that's the thing that scares me and before that the eagles did it with chip Kelly. They put they had vic and Jackson. Brought a bunch of high powered guys. And they're Michael Vick and it's different when Tom Brady though. Yeah but I'm just saying like you're saying Cleveland tried to do it didn't work. I'm saying the eagles tried to do. It didn't work and you might be a little too young for this. But a suit. As Dan Snyder bought the redskins he tried it and didn't know I heard about Nano. I remember. They had the they had won the best. Nfl coaches you to never won the NFL championship. He's never won not remember that Kotei. He was one of the Great. That never actually won the super bowl. I remembered they run the coach. I don't remember. Are you talking about Marty Schottenheimer? Yeah they brought him Marty Schottenheimer Yeah. Yeah he's he's he's I love Marty Schottenheimer. And he's one of my favorite coaches simple though. So close yes. That's true but he brought the browns today championship two years in a row so and and then took the chargers through the. Yeah but you can save with the browns though they had freaking Freddie Kitchens. Yeah I don't I you know I don't WanNa talk about the Browns I don't I don't WanNa talk about pretty kitchens and you know I was just trying to get back to the point where where I don't WanNa come out and say this is going to be like the most prolific offense in the NFL. Because we've seen it tried with the browns fair. We've seen drive with the Eagles and fair. We've seen it try with the redskins back in the day on sale. Now you lose to. The big difference is Tom Brady and I agree with you. You know what if we're eight no and you know we're on we're somewhere in the realm of record pace when you call back for a one of our Peter Cast live. Is that what we're calling it? Now Brent Your Gas Live. A purdue cast live show. We'll have this conversation yeah true. Maybe maybe we can be the Patriots that go sixteen now but now no. We don't WanNa do that. We didn't when they won the Super Bowl. Knows don't do that when lose one game all right John we are. We're going to get out here. We're GonNa let somebody else give us a call in buddy but thank you so much For for everything you brought in the challenges and asked if You think they'll LEKA will go. I don't know I after the very last game I guess that was Atlanta game and the post game On the radio the post-game bucks a one of the people that that was on at Tom Cranky. He's or morning Six nine guy. He was like Olson's Outta here. Like four million's too much or whatever there were six million too much. I think I dislike laughed and migrate. No way no way. Like like what Abo- Allen signed for the Patriots like seven point. Two five wasn't really that much at eighty eight hundred start you know and you got goals through like six and a half or six point five or whatever you're paying. Golsen is of art like An. He does what the astronauts do and he keeps shutting. He doesn't complain like Golsen. I think is like the longest tenured book by Kim and David Keys at the end of his second contract and so talk about a guy who's been serviceable as a fourth round pick for the buccaneers. And I think he's GonNa have another really rock solid season man like he had he had some. He batted down some passive. He was among the leaders in that you know he was pretty close up there in a tackles for loss. You know no sex. Typical goals senior doesn't get into the quarterback but everything else he's rock solid at man like he can't move them that you know not like sewer via but he's really hard to move for someone his size and he's a guy that can you know they split a double team with with his speed and and and he's a lot stronger than people give him credit for so no. I think goals big big Part of their plans this year. Yeah I agree I agree and the other side just the little. Keep the defense together. That was that was bruce. Arians like number one mantra coming out of the season like higher than signed Jameis Winston higher than all this other stuff. Was He the defense together? And you know outside of NASA going away a was a was a rotational guy. They've done a pretty good job of that. So I I think when you start talking about a guy like Golsen you gotta start asking. Who are you going to replace them with? And it's not going to somebody. It's not going to be somebody as good as he is. It's going to be a guy you know it's going to be a an undrafted guy probably or it's going to have to pay more salaries not that last year only made like four million right and then it got bumped up. I think two and a half million. She's making like six point two five like you can't replace a starter along the defensive line for for that for that amount money you just can't do it. Actually somebody in the chat asked me Who Do I want for Cornerbacks in the draft be honest. This is something that just sort of popped in my head a couple of days ago like why am I not drafting? A cornerback So in the third where I'm looking I'm not too familiar with all the names yet But the kid out of Virginia Rice Hall I believe it is Tangible is off the charts like big locker room guy team leader like even in like everything you read about him. You know how we talk about Jeremy Corbyn phobic dump on them. We're going to tell her. What a great guy is how how good he is in the community. Yeah anytime I read about this hall kid people rave about what a good kid. He is And I think he'd be a lot higher on everyone's boards if he eel had like five or six games any hurt his foot So I guess so right now that would kind of be my dream Guy But what you WanNa do when you look if you want to do to mock draft between now and a couple days. He's gotta be over six feet and he's got a tackle and that's what you gotTA SORTA START WITH. If guys five nine five ten five eleven maybe but you know like the bigger the better. So that's why I like tall. He was like right at six foot. Six One There's a kid out of Iowa was looking at A. He was six one in a in a physical player. But you got it. That's what you gotta look for. If you've got these twitchy small Brent. Grimes OF FRIEND. Hargraves types. They're not gonNA draft because they told they showed us that right off the bat. You're one like we don't like our corners at all and we're GONNA fix it. And they went over and it when guys are all over six feet Just for the record while you're talking I was looking up. We'll gallstones contract. He's only to make four point seven five this year. Three point seven five last year and he'll go up to five point five next year before becoming a free agent so that was one year ahead. Yeah yeah been a buck Well this is his second contract and he had his first four years so I think he's going into this would be as eighth year. Eight ninth year year eight. Yeah oh no. I'm sorry six. No no no six really the only way to never mind. I'm sorry hold on. He was drafted in two thousand thirteen. So Yeah Fourteen fifteen sixteen eighteen nineteen twenty eight. This'll be as eighth season seven. He's pushing DOT com. Man is going and if he has like any anywhere closest season he had this last year and his salary only goes up to five point two. It'll be here next year. Yeah I want to address the the trump Williams thing though quick because I keep seeing that coming up in the chatroom Jabarin Chat Room. A lot of people have already pointed out the salaries just not going to work out with turn. Williams because he wants to be paid like a super top guy. He's what thirty something years old serious great guy. He's got a lot of lot of lot of good stuff behind him. However we have Donovan Smith through next year right. We have them this year. We have them through next year. We don't know how he's GonNa play here in these next couple in this next year. Or so if he works out great if not though they'll go get somebody else but I think the buccaneers are looking for a more long term situation. Trent Williams would not be a long term solution and not a cheap one and not a cheap one and so first of all. The money knocks out altogether. But I don't. I don't think that they're looking to to do that. And I think that. The buccaneers are probably higher on Donovan. Smith than just about anybody else's as far as like within the fandom you know everybody keeps wanting to replace Donovan Smith and the teams like. He's not that bad guys And I trust those guys to know what's out there to be able to make that assessment. I don't think they're just blowing smoke because of that. Yeah we'd like to have and fans would like to have you know an all pro pro bowler at every position. It Ain't GonNa Happen and if you did. You can't pay them all right. It only lasts one year because every time their contract run out they would be paid at the top of the market. And you can't pay everybody the top of the market. You know that so state about a little bit longer a little bit harder. Yeah be great to get. Trent was yeah. Be Great to get you know Logan Ryan. Yeah it'd be great to get that safety out of Batta Baltimore that everyone's talking about humphreys. I think it is Yeah I mean sure but now once census move has like all those guys were in play until today ten million dollars is now gone and the buccaneers have Gronkowski. Brady's got a security blanket. Ensures the offense goes off and running get a seventh round? Pick Forum only given up before their second fourth man Silk Hang Onto OJ Howard and as we keep talking about this offensive tackle. Whoever they're going to draft in the first round you mentioned earlier they could look to flip him they. I think our next tackle is going to be a guy we draft. That's what I'm saying. Our next left tackle tackles guy. We're GONNA draft because it'll be cheap for a while if they don't stick with Donald Smith. So that's that's just that's my thought of it. I'm not even saying that. That's what I think they should do although actually I do think that's what they should do. You know the only caveat to give to that. Is this whole win now thing? And if they don't think they can win with him but like I said I think the bucks were a lot higher on him than in others are. Yeah and it says in a chat you know we've been talking about the tackles tackles tackles like. I'm personally comfortable taking the guy at a Houston at fourteen. The other four right like I I was a big Lucas Ning guy at Tcu but but everyone's not mocking him any higher than a three. Because no one. I don't know if they know as medicals are really afraid or they don't know as medicals and with it being sort of you know the hit ball labor joint thing that too is going through and you know what ended Bo Jackson's career. It's scary injury so no one wants to take our first round flyer on him so but the question is what I'd be okay with taking kin law and then waiting to to get attack on the second well I would you know I'd much rather have you know. Make sure you get one of those four and again I will say it again. I stink like I'm like ninety five percent. Sure when tackling GONNA drop us like I just think they are If the bucks when tramp to make sure and get their guy of the four. I have no problem with that if they sit there at fourteen and it doesn't work out like I think it's GonNa work out or they think it's GonNa work out and Ken laws there. I don't think inlaws going to be there but Yeah I that'd be fine with that and then then you can use what we talked about earlier you can use the OJ Howard pick or chip to move up from the second round into the bottom of the first again and then go get Jones rogue get you know whoever your next guy is if it's if it's Isaiah Wilson I just really haven't looked into the sort of tier to tackle guys like Wilson and Prince Guy. Above all burn off Jackson. I I don't want oxygen at all at USC like he's totally off my board. Until maybe like the third round that I might not entertain taking him but then I'd probably like just for me. I just gamble on. You know name because it's not my team and I'm not going to get fired and if I'm wrong this matter over over Jackson. So there's lots of ways they could go but for me to like it's with. Scott Royal said You know on our last pod like just go get the guy like don't get cute. DoN'T TRY TO GET BRAND. Bartsch and slide him in as you're starting left tackle and get him two thirds. You can grab the best wide receiver in best running back. Wanted to you know your needs. You only got two then. You're just filling for depth right. Go get them and really only got one like you can go into the season with Roggio Andorra and a great last year though. I mean we don't worse right and we've done I mean but it's not gonNa fall apart and really when push comes to shove like hey can start week one right you know but to immediately impact the team right away to make them better right away. It's one of those big four tackles and then it's one of those five running backs and then see what you got. Who's left on the board in start filling in depth? I want corner interior events of line anywhere else on the offensive linebacker anywhere on the defensive line backup. I even looking at at a linebacker. I think Kevin Minter stepped in. It was great last year behind. Kevin Minter is Mr Glass Jackson. She should just walk around with his hair parted row. Funny with a clear came. The guy can't stay healthy and mentors not a spring chicken. I wouldn't mind getting linebacker. Safety's off my boy. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa cut you off there just because you are rambling but I have callers calling in on top of each other a actually. I had one on the line and our friend Craig and Vegas is on the line right now who I was trying to decline him but wound up cutting the other guy off. So I've got Craig in right now so craig I'll go ahead and take you and whoever was calling me just a moment ago. I apologise. That's my fault called me back after we're done here with Craig. Welcome back to the PODCAST. Buddy oh wait wait wait we gotta move him over there. You go into the show. Go AHEAD CRAIG. A good podcast with the guy who listen to. I was walking around. Is that all we can do? Quarantine we're doing but Luckily the a big question as it's got to be on everybody's mind right now is GONNA lose touch it in the right now. I think you're going up with him in package like listen. That's why Gronk up brought in. He's going to take Vida under his wing. He's going to train them. They'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA. They'RE GONNA RUN THE EAR on the goal line Roggio Gronk and and via the wing left wing body. Lapper beat Gronk now that'd be great. Can you know but that's going to be a play. I think at least once the season and my God. Can you imagine watching those guys? Like celebrate? After that particular touchdown that'd be fantastic. That'd be right that. Would that would be the price of admission worth it. Totally right there. For that moment. That'd be great register as my other question. Do they have to read out? Reach OUT CONVERT EMMANUEL. Like at the eighty-seven reinstated. No it's legates. Yeah Jordan Lego. He tweeted out Jordan leg. Tweeden IS I. I'll give it to you for a million bucks. I don't think he's doing Chris. Godman. I'll give it to them out of respect. Ya the cry smile. He also tweeted out after that. He's like I'm paraphrasing. Let's face at the end of the day. I'm going to be paying Gronk to take my number. Yeah well obviously. This is a great day again. I mean the only thing I hope right now. All of this country is going through. Please stay home because we gotta be able to watch this. Even person with all this is the best roster that we've all been a part of and quite some time since the Super Bowl team in the Super Bowl Tampa cre- see home for a little bit. Screw up the football season. Got Up up up. I mean I can't believe I mean. Put this roster now. I I know that people talk about an O'Brien with a weapon for Wynton all the different sugar. Tom Brady and I heard a couple people on other station than other Nasiriyah. Maybe the buck on a playoff. The Mike with the extra wildcard at the theme is not a playoff team. But I think the team rock the right now without injuries going into the NFC south where now you gotta be throwing the chance in the in the saint but at the ranger breeze at the end of last year that comes on the field beginning of this year. I like our chances even more. He did not have the ZIP on the ball after that injury he had in La and bridgewater got him through it. But I also think once they got the dead weight off at this roster. The defense took off. They brought back to front. There's no reason this team should not be a minimum of ten win team that they all take the lead of number twelve and number eighty seven. Can't help but love what's going on with this roster and I think the middle on Iran either dress them Would like to see golden brought back. I know eastbound dot a high demand but he played did play while last year. I like to see Demar back just the fact even tomorrow much. He deserves with all the years with that without a bad year to have a chance to plan a team that little a contender not get beat up for sixteen seventeen game and not have a chance to make this guy deserved to be on this roster can't beat that for death if he's willing to take cheap contract because one of the tackles goes down is not a bad guy to plug in there and maybe just maybe they. Clinton you could play a little bit down the stretch. I Yeah I I'm with you and I understand you know sort of us or Sentimentality towards Dotson. And I get it you know I was. I remember being crushed when the bucks finally made the playoffs when the NFC central Bakken who is a Chicago Green Bay Minnesota and US Detroit and Paul. Gruber broke his leg on the last in the last game and he never got the play a playoff game and that was his last year. Like I was crush. I'm like of all the people that gets to do. It is someone a standout left tackle. That never went to the pro bowl because he played us at your crappy team and no one gave him any accolades. But I just don't feel that way with that man and here's why because dot doesn't WanNa play left tackle and he can't be left tackle and that's the end of the story like I'll I I. I would love to do that for do I think is an excellent backup right tackle. Yes but if you're the swing tackle and active on Sundays you gotta be able to play both sides. You just have to now if you want to sign dot and keep them on the team in an active and and have him been active every week until someone gets hurt you have to activate them. I'm all for it. I'm one thousand percent but being the first guy off the bench as your swing tackle Sunday after Sunday after Sunday. I just can't get behind it. You know I I I want to but I but but I think it's just I think it's a dumb. I duNNO I. I'd like to see him on there. Maybe thinking inactive idol. Think he can't hurt. You're you're GONNA drop tackle this year. Obvious what they're going to do in the first round not a bad guy tutor. Someone you know is going to be new until league in new to that. Said he has been there for that long guy off of you've got a point. Here's the thing about Demar Dotson. Though right I fully convinced Demar. Dotson is one of those guys the. Nfl is going to have to retire him. You know what I mean like. He is not going to just up and retire like he'll he'll keep playing he. I don't care if he's got a if he's got a knee brace if he has to come out with a cane or a walker if if somebody a little play he'll play so the League is going to have to be like thank you for your services. The last thirty four years dot and It's time to go you know So I'm with ran on that. He can't be the he can't be the plan for the backup tackle and that backup. Tackle has to be a swing guy asked to be able to go both ways and may not want to and plus I think dot wants to start you know and I feel like He. He thinks there might be a spot for him out there somewhere. But you know I. I'm with you on the other side of that though Craig like I think he deserves it on a on a moral level. He's he's cashed every check. The buccaneers of ever wrote him. You know what I mean. -actly undrafted free. The Guy who have done well for going on traffic regions never even a year. And here's here's the thing Craig if he flips over and I don't know what it would be but if he became like Shelton quarrels kind of guy like a person who's around the organization kind of a buccaneer for life type situation. That wouldn't be a bad spot either but you know as far as playing we'll see that's one of those decisions for me. I'll just trust the coaches with it. I'll I'll leave it up to those guys just if you think he can come in and play our role you on that. If it's time to say goodbye I understand and I'll amend that for you a little bit. Well I shouldn't say all amend it for me what branches said like. It's not that Dotson you know that he's going to keep playing really say can't play anymore. Dawson will keep playing as long as you keep paying like. That's the type of player he is and I'm not saying he's selfish or bad or mean or he doesn't do it right to do. Where is that a pro's pro dots and understands it? It's a job and I can only do for so long and it's good money so if you pay him five hundred thousand dollars to sit the bench datsuns going to take that five hundred thousand dollars and sit on the bench. The big smile on his face right all. He won't League minimum forms over mill. Still go ahead Craig. Sorry by two more question number. One will jump in Evan. Be In uniform week one and number two. We're going to get a live show Thursday and Friday just an Evans. Maybe and I think I think back Brett season one season two. I don't want to answer that so I'm going to change the question now. No no because here's my thing. I think I think that just an Evans. First of all he's been a bubble guy he's like he's like the if they're six wide receivers. He's like number six. We're talking about the safety. I'm thinking Justin Watson. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I was thinking just in Watson I'm GONNA shut up. Now go ahead buddy. I think he's going to be there. That is more like I'm Gonna. Throw this in the category. How you feel about Dotson. That's how I feel about Evans. I'm drank you. Hope it into existence so anytime you asked me this question no matter how much. I feel that it's not going to happen. I'm going to tell you it's and I think I just think it is. I think he's too young and I. I don't think the injury was bad enough. I think he just didn't want to have the surgery by the time he finally did like it was just too late. He waited too long Anyone at to heal naturally. I think it's going to be. I WANNA say fine but I kill at least. I think he's going to be back. I think it'd be uniform week. One are we going to get wide? I do not know we've talked about this a little bit. You know Thursday night. I said that I said weakest go live after it. We're talking like one o'clock in the morning. Two o'clock in the morning by we really haven't sort of figured it out yet but there will be some type of draft reach out on Friday. I'm with it but you know but I'm with you I can I? You know I. It was my idea and bread said well. You know that's like three in the morning and I'm like Oh yeah you're right so we're still talking about it. You were supposed to be at the Joe Bucks Fan Party livestream there and that fell through and then we are a little late up thinking of other things. We tried a couple of other things. Those things fell through at the last minute. So there's lots of outlets out there covering the draft live. I've got a personal family thing that that is going to keep me out at least probably for the first night or to Bring that up every appreciate the discussion ren but I'll throw that out there. You might say this. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw ren hooking up on on a a couple of our friends that are out there one or two or whatever that looks like. So we'll I'll I'll leave that ten but as far as that. I I do think ran. We probably can go ahead and say with certainty on Sunday night. During our normal instant CASS. Time you're cast live time. We'll pro will probably go ahead and open up the phone lines again and have another one of these post draft. Yes we will have some type of draft wrap up show less than twenty four hours after the day three is over minimum absolute minimum but like Brennan Luda to a lot of things. We're sort of up in the air and I will and I'm GonNa say now Wes O'Connor on the go on with Louis Kansas. Exactly what I'm doing since bread has a family issue they invited us to come on Are Things fell through? I'm going on with Sammer and stank and chicken breast and Whoever else they have coming on and I'm going to be there the whole time you know. I told Sam I said you know like I really wish want to hang out and talk football bucks football with somebody and Mike. I'll come on for ten minutes. I'll stay at like you know. Stay the whole time. He said he's it broke. Come and hang the whole time. He's like you know we're doing a dry run tomorrow. So that's where the Peter Casts will be represented during day one of the drafts For that eighteen hour however long it takes. I will be there so if you're interested in what I have to say and Some other some other really die hard Shan such as someone like brand or light crag or like any of you in the chatter. That's called tonight raw like-minded that's that's where I'll be a Thursday night. Yeah are you guys be able to talk of the draft as in here? We had some big big clan area. A couple data rooftop at a at a hotel book out for all bands. We had a lot of stuff going on but we'll catch it in twenty twenty two so that the draft come back to Vegas but everybody stay home and watch this juggernaut way in the fall. Go back and enjoy the evening. Thanks Craig you have a great man. Thanks Greg Craig in Vegas. The man who gave us the official Peter Cast drinking game so yeah that no one plays. Yeah. It's all right. It's all right. I've actually carry it over to other podcasts. As well like I'll slide it in Oslo Ashwell to and it's my own personal for anyone for any pewter cast listener that knows like I. Hopefully you guys pick up on it and smile a little bit but outside of that. Little Easter Egg. It is it is it really is So anyway can't get this We got one more caller coming. And this is GonNa be our final call of the night you're on the line with Brent and ran or the instant gas who do we have here. This is Chris from. Va At safety crash. Oh Rob so sorry. I'm so sorry. Render ran one of the funniest things I saw was after we released this last pod. Somebody said Hey. I got a brand new brand new mock draft for rent and every single person was a sixty. Yeah now they're up to date green but I've been good man just as he still. You know have to work through this whole pandemic what. He's trying to be safe virus but when you talked about you wanted to get a cornerback. Like round three. What are some names that you would like out there because I really been like? I haven't really been impressed. Cornerback class unless you know like the guy like right off the movie there but no glad need a Thrill Bolton Jeffrey Okuda I really don't eat cornerback class. So just what are your thoughts on that right? You know and I'm right there with you and a little bit earlier in the pot to an acid in the chat and I and I and I answered it and that was the guy that I named was Bryce Hall was the Guy There and this is what I said because this is something been saying for like the past. Few days is about wait a minute. What about cornerback? Yeah I went into your offense of Lyman. Yeah one interior defensive linemen. Yeah I WANNA back. I'm like Oh my God corner like we need a backup corner so I haven't done a lot of research on you know these day. Three guys Or END OF DAY. Two guys But bryce hall was somebody I looked at and There was a cornerback from Iowa who who I looked at and what I just told you know. The listeners was When you're going to look and you're doing a mock draft and kind of seeing. Who's there at the third round or maybe the fourth round Anybody that sets five ten or shorter. Knock him out. Anybody that can't tackle knock him out you gotta it's gotTa be a physical guy. It's got to be a bigger guy. It doesn't have to be a long speed guy because you can play in slot because SNB Andina an Carlton. Davis are all especially those guys can both play slot. Now they're gonNA keep Carlton outside but if what gets hurt whoever's playing slot Cambodians outside and this day three or late day to prospect can side and it nickel and not have to play as much and that's sort of where my thinking is. I mean in a Pinch Ryan still there in a pinch. Mj Stewart's so they're in a pinch. Mazzy Wilkins is still there. I just want to get some more people in there because I don't mind upgrading. Any of those guys anybody. That's starting I think needs an upgrade in the cornerback position. So you know I I kind of feel stupid here. I'm saying cornerback. Cornerback cornerback you. 'cause like okay. Who and I like that. I don't know but it's just. It's something that I definitely will know by Thursday. I'll have a handful of guys that I could talk about intelligently that I like that you know if I was the bucks and need matched up with EPA corner. These are some of the guys. I hope they would go after. And even after the draft burner unsurprised as Logan Ryan is even still out there. But even you think after the traffic filthy an offensive option or do you think it will come down a lot. I don't know I mean everyone's price comes out after the draft. You know everyone's does because then becomes a buyer's market But I just don't know moves will have to be made to bring in Logan Ryan what I don't see happening with somebody low logan right. Would it be an upgrade yet but it'd be upgraded starter? Now you got diener. Smp Sit on the bench and why they played great. Once the lights came on during Hargraves last like you saw the draft. I know you did. Because you're a superfan. They had that redraft of last year's draft and three bucks went in the first round. You know obviously obviously white went but SM Biegel drafted in the first round and Jimmy Dean Guy Drafted in the first round. So why would you want to replace one of those guys? You know they're not gonNA place. Carlton Davis I. I get it but you gotTa let you gotTa Roll with these guys. They're doing their job. They're cheap Logan Ryan is not. He's better but he's not plus we don't have any like we don't have any room left. Someone would have to go. That has a nice healthy salary to get Logan Ryan in here and I'm not willing to make that sacrifice. I just remember last year. You know draft after a round. Do Room was going crazy with. Why the bucks beat over greedy Williams and you know like year. I didn't really questioning. Might you know. They want what they want new coaching staff. So we'll see goes and no eventually. They proved US right. Because some time you know but hopefully we don't beanie regression in that group And there's a player. I'm kind of intrigued and I'd have to look up his measurable but I think he's only on her back and that's Nev Whole Court at UCF. I don't know you know for all the research I've done. I don't think he has the ability to play off night but I'm with you there. They need to get New People. Invite and Versatile I appreciate your time and then you guys are running late. Let You. Thanks for taking my call. You got man. Thanks so much for calling in buddy buddy all right. I like him so much better when he calls on twitter kind of like Jamie WanNa one no well. Yeah but I definitely don't get nearly as Matt Chris. I do with James Right Right. I WANNA kill that guy last night but not Chris James Woman. Chris is a longtime friend of the show. He really is as we've had tons and tons and tons of great conversations with him so say this for the listeners. In the in the chat. Almasy met seven one seven. Sorry Chris Cooper name. Oh there you go see. I don't speak millennial. But it's not just have a capital in the middle. I'M GONNA mess this up. Oj Muga from Iowa's quarterback. I'm talking about O. J. E. M. U. D. I A. He's like six one. A big physical guys got good ball skills He's not got great deep speed. And does it sort of Flip hips well. I guess the way to put it on the hips. You know. He sorta loses receivers in the break spot but if you put him in the middle of the field and give them the cushion that he that he asked to have an a slot position He's big enough to sort of manhandle these guys and get them off their routes. Once they get you know. The little short across the middle break in breakout like he. He's he's got the size that can really cause problems for those guys trying to trying to get away from him in the slot. So that was another guy looked at like I said Thursday night on loose cannons I'll I'll have I'll have at least three or four guys probably more mom that I want the bucks to look at it. Cornerback all right well. Why don't we go ahead kind of turned the corner on tonight's episode Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady are Tampa. Bay buccaneers going into the twenty twenty season. Who would have thought ran not me not me not us. I mean good night so told me this like a week after the season's over at least for the bucks a bit like no I got Howard. I got Winston like screw. You know up until we signed brady or a couple days before we signed Brady. We were like rather not. I'd rather die and then like with Gronk. It was like no. That's not happening. Should it just did like until it did? You're like oh my that's actually happening so fun. Times Fun Times and Listen. I just want to echo. What Craig in Vegas said man? Everybody stay healthy so we can have some football season this year but ran. Listen once they thanks to everybody who joined us over in the chat room at YouTube dot com slash podcast. Listen you never know when we're going to go live usually off season? It's when something big happens. We will be back after the draft Sunday night for sure we will open this. Backup to phone lines you guys call and talk about everything that the buccaneers dead. Over the weekend mix join ran at the loose cannons Draft Party. I think is what they're calling it. Their virtual draft party. Yeah IT'LL BE A. They have their own youtube channel. He just opened it up. You know so search. You know Loose at at loose cannons on twitter and the Youtube channel or just I think the easiest way to do it since the channel. I don't think she has any videos up. So maybe a little hard to find on you. Do Right now but check twitter. The link will be everywhere the day of the draft. It won't be any probe all tweeted out. So you know if you're looking for me or looking for You know just go ahead and Click on my time. Nobile inker and for for whatever it's worth the loose cannons podcast. I really like what salmon those guys are doing over there with the content. They're putting together. It's if we had Pudi ran for rookie podcast of the year. Because there's all there's tons of new podcasts. That pop up every year. They would have gotten my vote for rookie podcast of the year for last year. So other really good. I'm glad to have you Representing US over there. So with that though in the meantime Ren why don't you tell the folks where they can find you out there on the Internet? This place do find me on twitter AT RANDOM CHECKS ORIENT. Underscored THE XT. I've always support if you guys want to take that Colonel BIOS. Bb Now if you guys want to get in touch with me you can find me at Allen. Live across all the social media's and the show is after cast on twitter and on facebook at Youtube also at the Peter Cast. You guys can check us out over there Click Subscribe Click. The bell icon to be notified whenever we go live. And we'll of course be doing this all throughout the season as well to until next time guys. That's GonNa do it for us. The bucks draft is coming up in like twenty four hours or maybe thirty six whatever it is go bucks any Gronk to. Dt Carol Basket.

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