A Picky Lover (ep 54.)


Welcome welcome to fantasy theater. I'm your host Joe Bell. I'm still here. I'm happy to be here happy to be back on the food's gone feels like and with me unlimited endurance he does probably he might do eighteen podcasts at this point. I don't know he's always on podcast. A few underground pods don't really put out there a lot of hobbies. A lot of interest need someone to talk about them yeah. I'm glad you're here to Joe Bell. What a week. It's been a lot of stuff fab stuff avid football. I watched I watch awesome football. No Yeah you did. You did semi text me about football but I just seen it on twitter just reacting to something no no. That's why a little What did you see Labus. Saints Texans go and I saw a little bit of another game two on Sunday. It's actually put up yeah because win. went to get some Mexican food at the bar and just watched it. No it was it. was you guys yeah we will. CBS Baby. Maybe we destroy them zero bell. I wasn't seeing that when I watched. I guess things I saw things. Change took absurd outer but this this isn't a football partner with your real friends by the way we need a we need like a semi colon name for this one like fantasy theater the Joe Bell Experience. They go featuring Joe Bell. Yeah Yeah Fancy Fancy theater unplugged unplugged no theater. No No. I liked advice. Life coaches like that yeah in life coach just really what we are by our top. Those are subjects were a blueprint for functioning life and a fulfilling life yeah yeah like that. You know you won't hate yourself at the end of the day. That's what we do for people yeah like if you mix are two lives together like went right in the middle. You'd probably be pretty happy and you might be. I don't know there's a lot we don't share. I tell you what I have to really during football season the rest of my life just takes a hit about this before this lose focus. There's only so much you can. I really invest in a really do everything just takes a downturn relationships. Relationships nations ships again other interests health work. My phone goes off all every minute checking them. So what do I do to fix that. Joe Bell that crippling dependence on football as a source of off fulfillment. I mean your problem. Is You problems. Not on Sunday is not now. Sundays Sundays reserved US one day. Your problem is the other days the phone I was researching. Hey Joe put a defense then Dan Right. This is your daily reminder to defend ca barely. I'm barely looking at my defense. That's your problem. That's how you got to that's. That's the stuff you gotta slowdown but you need it. You need to win a title one more hard hard year. Maybe the chip then then we'll be off my shoulder now. Take it as hard must be like just relax. Share the titans of maybe going to be good baby good. They're going to be good and I could just enjoy that. That'll come crashing down. I just wanted to last just wanted to last few. What's the next week we play. The Indianapolis Colts coming into town in Nashville. You WanNa go to tighten scam. I'M GONNA go see him. Pled Saints December twenty second. You're there already got your ticket all right joy it yeah. They have a a lot of fun yeah. I'm definitely going to go see him. Play the Saints Yeah Joe Bell The just the the rest of the day is got to do something with them. I realize that you know last year during in football season. It was my first year football season where I was married well. My wife at the time was in school so she was always doing schoolwork when I was watching like the Monday night and Thursday night Sunday night games this year that you don't have anything else so she said in the living room. She's a forty hour or worker right. She's Times relaxing relaxing time. It's not relaxing watching me. Watch football say the trick. She thought she was going to be a big time fan. I mean she is she does enjoy the game that she gets really into the Titans Games. No I love her and she loves that she's and she definitely supports my football watching habits but there was a moment during that Texan Saints game that you watched or she'd gotten done with bath and she came in and she was like listening to Audio Book Genus Attorney Forces came in and she was like we just on the second floor. He didn't quite take a bath with three quarters. You tried on second quarter the SEGARRA this is the first game tonight sweetie the the week then the game was in London or something no just on the West Coast Way West Coast. The ten started like nine thirty eastern. Yeah yeah well yeah. No one stays up for that not where we live house asleep by halftime job. You told me that you went on a a a word trick. Does that will never work. Trent little bit of a were trip. Did you have to get into it. I get it you work with big secretive company. You do a lot of things in the shadows understand again can't get into it but did you enjoy yourself. What you go down south down Gulfport Gulfport Gulfport Report Mississippi mich- Michigan Shipping. Hey Go yeah had had some good food. Good seafood great lot of fish mixed with some like shrimp on top of it with sauces a lot of different types of that. That's great man I can't. I can't tell what I it was good though also doing gambling down there. I know you begin. No I actually wanted to the night before I came back. I was like you know how many times uh-huh begun here by myself going there. I mean thirty bucks tired after dinner and so Ed's eight thirty third was that also I mean what could in who knows that happens you love. I just I honestly I assume your phone is not with you. If I text you very rarely is like I don't know that's a good thing. Don't try and no one should try and contact contact me. Your best chance is to contact amy and hope it gets back to me. I did that. I did that recently. We had dinner this past weekend. They'll do very pleasant very pleasant. Yeah it was nice. It was Nice I have. They another story about how incompetent I am with manly. Thanks which it's a real winner for us. Yeah you know I locked my door forever head. We have the maintenance guy come out at Dylan. What I did that was fun. Those great maybe focus play the podcast part like this is the best way to learn about the well he saw the Titan stuff in my house and he was a steelers fan apparently as he was on that train but I I recently to my wife's car. You're to get her tires for low. you know when I go to a place like that. I'm just at their mercy. You know if they they could like literally not looking my car. They can just come up and be like I know exactly what you need and be like. It sounds right to me I can't I can't fight back at all. No no yeah. I don't think the axles exactly where you say okay grenades at a double check. I got another that got none of it so whatever they say goes yeah. What are those questions. I thought he was trying to talk me. He was like does she drive on the highway along. Woah no man driving on missing with that question. No only gravel roads or dizzy drive on the highway a lot. I don't know how we right now person. What what is the reason for that question. Everyone drives on the highway all the time. I don't know man now. The only thing is like like okay so it was it like does he like the difference between highway is like interstate in like town. I don't I don't know us. Usually he's like you know you're. GonNa put more wear per mile on a tie on a car and I- tires and brakes and stuff if you're stopping all the time so like like in the city. You know it's harder. Fifty Miles on the city is harder on car fifty miles on highway that may but I don't know why they would have asked in this situation nation but we live in a city. GonNa be gone sitting yeah but I mean you know if you commute to Commute Eldorado everyday eh all my miles are highway miles. Okay all right okay I don't. I don't know man this will. I don't like mechanics a lot Sara. Yes we're main. I get it I get it. You know you craft. I don't know what I'm doing. You probably Ali look down on me that I'm not doing this myself. Stay say just just hold my hand please. This is thing like if you try and do something yourself there like one. That's my job my job so I get paid to do sir you sell the you sell stuff. I fixed cars. I need you to run a social media. I'll contact Spencer. You leave the door knobs which out to me is is better to interface with mechanics when you don't have anything than when you know like just enough really because I went to mechanic like once and I'd ask people work and everyone at the plan I work. They all know about cars L. working all the cards all the time so amy's Carlo issue so that I ask Skim to do this this and this so I'd go the mechanic and he says Hey we need to do this so I'm saying well. Did you check this this and that and the look he gave me is a Scott Thinki- at I thought he was gonNA. Throw my keys Strand Street now. I don't need to check this. I know what it is. Okay all right cool. We're at their mercy man. They got my car. Yeah you know I don't want to hold my car. Hostage knew that for the highway. I got some advice for you. Joe Bill job a few weeks ago. We had a contract negotiations on the air we did we we. We air our dirty laundry so to speak me and you. I don't even remember that time is so so far in the past like a different phase in my life. Well we all right. We've had dinner. Dr Since then pizza together we did we did in one of my one of the people that train across it some eating the pizza and you just knew I was gonNA throw it in the trash I did. I didn't eat anymore tells license more. He completely changed. I said straighter. I'm taking my friends runs out for pizza. They wanted to come here. He's fat. He's you know they don't cross fit right but US I order salad. They already took it back. I think it's completely change ten. Stop Flexing your shoulders a little bit wrong with this guy. It was really weird when knocked out twenty pushups atop the pizza there. Oh yeah as I called for but anyway I thought you know. I don't know if you've been fallen day. Antonio Brown's Saga. I saw some stuff I saw highlight as well highlight would go to highlight. I one thing you're skimming through the news and it's there yeah what's that called does not a highlight. I know that the headline am I. GonNa get involved well. I'm not talking about that. That's what Tom Brady said too when they asked him about it he he said what doesn't involve doesn't involve me yeah next question. Alabel Chicken Brady's press conference. I really do really do one for border was like do you have anything to say about the Antonio Brown situation and Brady said no and then someone had a follow up Antonio Brown question Jason and Brady said. Did you not hear the I. I want that one day one day. I just WANNA be in a job where I get to talk to the media. please. Please let me ask me questions I'd be I'd be the most fun sports interview ever coming up there the podium that'd be a t shirt my bucket no way no way no way trying to relax there. What do they do that. They just like it just handing leverage over to the media people. I want to press you. You're in control fancy clothes for other people every time they're enough for. You don't pretend like they're comfortable. DOPER did stop it. Stop Anyway. I was GONNA say before this last Antonio Brown incident then we won't bring that up. Let's say you should take took it. A page out of his book should have just showed up crazy stuff to get out of fantasy there. I was in that for a long time. I do like ten episodes of just complete. You should have brought a big package eminem that just as we're recording. You're throwing ah face just one after the other real slow. Let me go one day. They complained about the Mike more in this thing. I try complained a lot about my seeing situation. That wasn't really the thing you gotta go after the engineer yeah you gotta go to the House. were at like Jo built. I'm not come back. That's done Joe Bell. I feel like we don't have anything to say. It's like that. I don't know what's going on. What happened this week. We didn't even segments while I was gone. Yeah quinto in episodes moly Masic Kamali GonNa go to Colorado and a wedding so many times. You should actually listen to that episode. Joe Bill May Dallas here. You may enjoy it I was here for I heard the whole thing. You should relieve your the whole think not just the you know. Maybe there's a director's cut. Cut Hiding out there somewhere. We'll get one day. Maybe that's what we should do for this show. This director's cuts director Scott of old stuff. You WanNA get edgier. Yes get edgier nuts. Tonight might get edge you. Let's change our names and then get edgier yet. Caleb can change voice is a little bit. I'll be honest with you. You know we're doing football podcast. You weren't part of it this week this past week but the our engineer we're used a different different song than the fancy theater song and I was like you know what doesn't sound right to me. I think the football show. Oh needs that song. Oh my tea not agree. No don't this show should keep that one. Now I mean I don't know about face. Theatre was born in the fantasy football world that saugus synonymous with Berry says and fetes. Let's Bet Caleb should make the decision. He knows the music the most he knows the themes he does okay. We'll let it may be the theme music for this this show. I don't know it'd have random noises something bats. I Dunno like throw in Fort Down. Sink yeah something like that but with rhythm we could record me throwing the EMINEM's at your head that noise. That'd be the base beat. Redo the Fort Stuff. I mean we come up with jingle every like two weeks. Yeah no you you do so many jingles main to commend you on that. Thank so you just pull them off the top of your head. Why don't we have an award show. Let's suit awards. Oh my gosh yes next week next facet here award so to come up with awards. We have to do five hours okay. I've awards we can do that. We'll prepare yeah next week will be better one of my friends. unfortunately met my other friend. The clemson game the only friend that listens to the show. Oh yeah and so now there's another friend who knows about it and he takes me yeah a couple of days and Melissa. My first ups owed haven't heard word. He's you should ask him. Let's go budget Joe. You should tell your friends about fancy theater. Come on man no come on man. No my life is segmented. I've said this before four. I have a I have a partner or your character. I have a brain portion as committed to Clemson people. I've got the rest of the people I've got my Eldorado work. People got amy. I've got my dogs and then I have this rusting strangers and I don't want any of that that stuff mixing if I can because I'm different and all of them. Okay stay completely. My psyche is split fifty fifty different ways so what part is on this pod the pod part. Oh there's Bod pod part for us. I'm glad you could create another space just for this. I'll tell you what man were steps. We've had a lot worse heavy. We've we've had a bunch worse. I can't even remember maybe that's a good sign. Yeah I mean it always trump better than you think yeah device part talk about the pizza door. What else can we do. Oh I do have if you see this. Show is coming together. If you ought to be if you ain't watching what we do in the shadows yeah to be what we do in the shadows. I believe it comes on. FX But I saw the first season on Hulu it is from the world of my one of my favorite comedy movies of all time. It's called what we do in in the shadow. Have you seen it nope you. You've seen it. It's like legit like it might be. My number one comedy. I'm not sure what put up there with the right now those other one with the Vampires Zampa yeah. I've seen it shown me yeah. Oh did. I make you watch okay. Well this good yeah yes fantastic but anyway they made a show like like within that world with other vampires same style. I if you haven't seen the movie I recommend watching the movie first thing getting into the show. I love the humor. It's incredibly funny funny. you know. I haven't found like a show recently. That's like multiple seasons long going season-by-season with certain things so if you got recommendation or anything Joe I'm all ears on shows shows. No not really no sorry. I think my shows from you or their Anna. Yeah man you've said before that you're not interested if I made that. You've made that clear. I watch Amanda Maistre. Yeah Yeah Castle the venue baby now yeah now. That's that that was the one a lot of different types of people can enjoy very well done show. I gotTa make a part of my brain for the anime keyboards they academia but that's so you're talking about this much right now my here academia my hero academia condemning very good anime drag Abbasi. That's what I'm going to smash. Bros evident played Banjo Kazoo. I know that's really disappointing. You foot on the floor with happy so happy now. You don't even play them. Well you go to Gulfport and hang out with the elite of the world and Gulfport Yeah I it's like I don't have time for Video Games James. I'm thinking about spending thirty dollars. I The casino. I don't know what booze morphed into. I don't know sometimes when I stop stuff. It's like gone like I still love smash rose. You still want to play it but it's like my routines broken. I was planning it every day. You're cold Turkey gap. I definitely am yeah. I can see that I'm sure you broke up with somebody like that once. It's it's like no. You didn't get the memo I can't you see that I might not connected to you anymore. Like it's just the next day after fourth date. You're like now yeah. I didn't do too much breaking up but maybe in the different life yeah now. I didn't get too much experience with the knee breaking up with people thing because you're you're picky you bet yeah. I've I've dated a lot of people joe. Bell picky lover. This is such a good episode Sir so good see this is what I've always strived for on the show and we've talked about it. In previous episodes fancy real fancy theater heads will know when we were trying tried to approach zero listeners right and it was our post postseason post postseason. That's an award postseason was getting an award for sure lawnmower and more show probably Mo- the Mowing Messiah should've named it I remember. He told me that the fact that I'm another episode what was the name of it so I can go back and listen to it. was something bad. I don't know oh no because I was the only ones I've had to write the title of and it was just like Spencer Zahn show it was bad. I'm gonNA though there's there's another local podcast. 'cause I half the show we were talking about this. Monroe podcast and then we went into mowing Masai of too many words. There's there's another local podcast to me words. You need something. That's GONNA fit in their in their little dashboard when they pulled up in their car. That's what you need. It's what I do. I like to consolidate the whole idea theme of the episode and a two or three words and I do a good job at McGraw. I didn't say I didn't have I just said another local podcasts. It didn't say that there's no problem too many. Was There Pronoun an article of right and are there you know everything over there like clearly by highway you meant death and are glad he has been doing a Lotta signs. Yeah this episode I liked when he was playing video. Games have listening to us. Isn't that called an arbiter of art yeah wrong. No you try to play mechanic this guy. I don't know say anything bobble later busted. How much does it cost sir. I can only do that with you and spelling spelling so rated. Nothing's more of Readiness Belen except for life itself. We're not that precious. I got news for you. We're not how how can you possibly think you're that important yeah seriously someone die. We all go. Let's go happen to everyone but me but me I'm immortal. We've also talked about that. Yeah you're more immortality plans immortality yeah see I come back every so often. You know that line you either die a hero. You live long enough to see yourself become a villain. I've been Villanova but then I just leave when I come back like one hundred years later going to be the hero again. I've tried out many different gimmicks many different names. The identity I'm going by right now for my Superhero is Jack Free Bird Classic. Go with a classic but I can z. like you never been able to pick a good name. I'd love being the reason you have to keep coming back at that some loser gimmicks. I remember Slap Lab Jack. Sammy is power was he. Just is power was he just produce syrup or flannel and user both good things they are good things but but he never knew which one was coming so sometimes you just get flannel shirts all over your Flap Jacks Hari. I can't control it but I had the power to change change it but I was like no. I got stick to the Gimmick right yeah. You got to live that life. You Learn Nass Three Life Times before sure you keep switching from your Gimme. No one even knows what you do. Another thing I've learned is when I make a mistake because I'm immortal. It's just always other people's problems. The League a mistake doc is their fault. Basically I'm immortal. There is no quits from me. I just leave the humans with their with their mess. Mike I may have accidentally made. This thing called black play. I'm taking off. I'm GONNA be going to the seventeen hundreds some uh some ships to sail be. I'm sure you'll you'll figure it out. They'll anybody touching lou by touching Mike. You'll be fine. You'll be fine. I got the pancake story worst episode ever. I gotta go. I gotTa thus pancakes what are called Surp- Foster pancakes and Atas Foster Bananas Foster. here is my journey to. Eat Bananas Foster pancakes today. Please share start off. I'm driving down the road and image POPs in my head is the cracker barrel Syrup Syrup that they warm up. It just popped in my head and I can't get it out like I didn't even I couldn't even see the road. Wow so you know I'm like looking for cracker barrel. I find one fifteen minutes out of the way but I can't get the image out of my head so my I'll just do it. You gotta go I go to the cracker barrel and they have all of their equipment in the parking lot and I don't know what happened. There's a lady in the in the driveway and I was driving up and she she was like standing up and I I could tell that she was going to tell me like hey reclosed. All of our stuff is in the parking lot and there's no cars here so I just whipped around was very upset set and then so I was like okay well. I'll go the place that was twenty minutes out of the way I go there. Same thing Greco brought a business. This isn't that cracker. Barrel is another place no but the same. They took all their stuff out of place. Maybe this whole city had his asbestos will you were in South Mississippi Yeah. There's no maybe some plague by big slap slap Jake Samuels around no subjects Emme was there. You could have got through yeah but then I finally ended up at a nice diner. I got some pancakes. I gotTa Bananas Fosters. I I would watch the recording of you eating alone in a booth I do. It is probably funny. I have a lot of weird like ah motions and then when the waitress comes like they always sneak up on me and I kinda like normally I can look at other people and I see see their their expressions are changing and I know I'm about to be surprised by the waitress so I can prepare but when I'm by myself. I don't have that yeah so they just come up boy. Oh boy we are a barrel of laughs. Today this is this is slice of wife podcast yeah not every day is funny. It's not sorry it's not why do our listeners expect anything different like we're just trying to be honest with ourselves and try and give you something so. I'm glad huge glad you're here. We're not we don't have to perform for you. What would you have named last week's episode episode. I don't remember what last week was about Oh. Scientology was spencer my mother too long. That would have been so much content. I should have broke up the content from last week. We should go to the center yeah. Let's find one. I don't think it's allowed in Louisiana immediately. Every babs church around would be like. We gotta start a petition again in our turf. We should watch registered stones as well. I do watch that great things well. Let's put this all horse out of her misery when he say I think we got another ten minutes. Okay you know we need to be they are the war show got me into this. We need to go find good segments of other episodes and then we need to continue them them on this episode so he play it and then moving onto a different topic. 'cause you know before meat on the bone before are we had so much guitar content but we had get through the encyclopedia. Britannica segment we did. We had advice advice columns. We had story our weekend house our week. We had other stuff several wires talk about so we'd have time to really deep dive says what I WanNa do I wanNA take a one minute clip and then deep dive it for whole episode. Can you work on that. Let me know when it's ready. calebs going to get the clips and he'll pick a random clip and then we'll do it. We're doing the award show yeah. It's good you gotta come with awards that means. You're going to have to like listen. Listen to other episodes but I'm I'm the one getting word. We need like to get a committee of listeners. Make awards done when you get to all your friends those Guys Cup guys guys. Sir My friends Louis. Hey guys hey awards. What do you think what do you think should we. In response response. Well look forward to next screw. We continue to screw most AWW uh-huh.

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