Best Of Channel 85 Week 4 - Token On Barstool Breakfast, Dave Recaps Unboxing, & More


all barstools. Sports will be relocating to Manhattan. We want to take it to the world. But we're trying to take the site. Prank conquer thing Internet barstool takes over the Sirius. Xm Airways what real real minor things club the scumbag you queue America the gallon shelter dictates reversal here. I believe we're funnier. Smarter better than everybody else. Who's dealing stick on the Internet by the for the common man? Four stowaways on back to borrow STU breakfast. We have large. We Have Newman's ski and PAT and beloved CEO. Eric Gardenias and a half going on. Erica. What's up I miss? You guys man you're making headlines even from the living room the new the new podcast Tokyo Pretty much talking about everything you do five days a week for only ten minutes a day It's amazing we wanna I talk about the state of Barstool man the captainship. How's everything going on? You're in it's good. I mean it's a slog. I think I'm really happy with all the content. I think the way you guys are attacking things I think Dave on boxing. Big Cats were racing. Mardi strong pinball's like the imagination that comes out of are still is I think are the single best thing about us. And so so proud about that mobbing. The content on caught up in it I think compared to everybody else. You know the sports media companies are running reruns or just basically. Just take stuff off shelves. The digital media companies are running like more corona virus articles or asking people to fund them or laying off employees. So I feel like we're still pretty vibrant and I think we are making our own fun which I think is really hard to do like I have a lot of It's hard to find something to talk about. What news cycles Kinda Darmon or depressing? So they'll really get about that you know. I sent an email last week. Like we're not immune to what's happening in business so you know it's GonNa be a tough quarter a couple of quarters for us. The advertisers are starting to go back or pretty aggressively. Putting PULLING BACK. The economy's pretty shaky. So Am I on Matt But I'm hopeful I'm hopeful we get through this in the next month month and a half. I'm excited for us to get back to the office. I think it's going to be this explosion when everybody gets back together again. Probably some good ways in some ways. I'm hoping for it. I can't wait for it. Erica with the advertises. I was Kinda wondering. Is there like a new crop? 'cause we got the sheet for people don't know this little bit behind the curtain. We get a sheet of who have is prospects. We have Israel advertisers who haven't secondary appetizers in stuff and it's a considerable she and it's gotten bigger since I started years. Ago is be sort of written on a post it now. It's this big sheet. So the quality of people who are doing the the the ad reads slight ups all that stuff we switching our lane now away from the Pepsi's of the world and trying to go to the The private mask makers of the world type ship. Yeah if you look at. There's a couple of things we're doing. Which is one. We've been very fortunate in that. We've seen a big growth in our content in a big growth in across all of our business and including our business and part of that growth has been driven by big fortune. Five hundred companies. Who are doing big ad deals and their long-term in there they take a long time to sell in close and then they're deeply integrated and it's It's a high end product right like it's a High Falutin products and we've been lucky to do very well in that business what's happening now. Is that those guys which are entirely dependent on consumer spending are pulling back and what you're seeing is that there's a couple categories that are growing alcohol is growing substantially guys. I'm like I'm living forever. I think alcohol's growing performance brands are using this time to steal share. So if you look at you look at the finance category you look at the coffee category. You look at homegoods categories like you name it it. Basically the performance companies are looking to steal share right now from the big guys and doing you know very small tactical Roi driven deals. So that's why the sheet is getting very long because we're basically very insistent that if a sales person here was making five calls a day and taking somebody out to lunch in developing a big strategic relationship at sales people used to be doing now unlike get on the fucking phone and calls me trading large. It's like how many calls you make him today on the desk. I told these guys before he got on that. I if I got an email from gas yesterday telling me that I needed to tweet. A bit Margaret twisted history. Outta whether fuck you guys. I really don't care but it seems like now you have enough time to do a little bit of a deep dive metrics on what's mix profitable in social media. Being the biggest live with my hands up saying that twisted history of drop downs. Like to tweet today or something and you send it out to me and I was like. Oh Shit get on Like sometimes switch not no excuses but we switched instagram. That's dry be out or something else. You can get pretty granular with us in our performances through our reviews and compensation yeah like. It's you know I'm actually. I don't enjoy this time like I don't find this pleasant. I find it very uncomfortable. I don't like it but what I will say about it is. We've had champagne problems as a company for the last four years. Basically like we've had problems of growth and right now we're experiencing different types of problems which is like. Hey where's the money coming in? What's productivity like? What's everyone doing every single day? So what I'm spending. A lot of time on is thinking about Sorry mom was. Yeah so what what? The problems we're having right now are is. How many dollars are we bringing into the door? Are we are? We focused on growing the brands and delivering on the performance. Metrics in front of us when you look at podcast right now. I'd casts are commuting medium and nobody's commuting anymore so the podcast industry get crushed. I think it will come back but people are move. Look at yourselves. Like you're watching more net flicks. You're spending more time in front of a desktop or your laptop. You're spending more time watching longer form content or Internet content on big screens. You're spending more time on instagram than you used to be on twitter so everything changing and right now. I need to be dairy adopted to that. I think that's what big companies are struggling with is. They don't know how to they can't move the ship that fast or the the way that they're built isn't designed to move that fast we are designed to. That's ask what we gotta do it so I don't know if that answered your question does does go on for you Erica. You said like a few times you feel. I think that it's like your job to almost protect content from what's going on the business side with the way things are going now. You Find Yourself Mixing Business and content more not so much like putting pressure on the content people but just you feel it's important to make them aware hundred percent like I used to try to keep like salespeople away from the content people are not always. I think that it's always better. If the content people can come up with ideas I think the pressures of sales in changing ourselves by virtue of what an advertiser wants is something. I've always tried to avoid. But now like look at revenues everyone's business audiences everyone's business like we the right things to hold our position and grow over time and so as a result you know like I have. I'm having probably can conversations a week where it's like all right. Here's the deal. Were down percent. What are we doing to grow? What's the angle we're GONNA GO AFTER? How are you moving to video? How do you think about integrating a brand of this nature What are you making for Merch all that kind of stuff? Adding your podcasts. At an element to your day. 'cause obviously you're you're on emails on your phone so much but you do that anyways like how adding creating content yourself changed how you go about. Your Day. It's actually a token the token has been a good experience. One is that I am now seeing things the way you guys see them. Like when an address comes in and the copies like so fucking convoluted or what is this brought up? Don't even know how to explain this like that happened to me. Yesterday I did. Do An ad read like eighteen times because I'm like I just I literally can all these words out of my out that makes note wants so one just having to see the process the way you guys see it has been really good for me. to it's given me like a firsthand look at our system of like how do we do? How do how? What's the car wash look likes? I really liked that ended. The third thing is look like I'm used to connecting in talking to people all day long and I. I really miss that. I think there's something very isolating about the time where I mean. We're basically on house arrest. Let's be honest like every Route which sucks. I felt like if I had to. I'm a person that's better when I'm busy. I don't do well. I have like a lot of downtime or a lot of free time and tend to not be. I'm better if I'm very busy. Side was looking for things to fill my day and then I was also feeling like I was reaching out to everyone at barstool which was like eventually like going to be kind of inefficient providers. Like my really gonNA send two hundred fifty emails a week like why? Don't I just record one thing for twenty minutes and then if people WANNA listen to it? They can't if they don't they don't want they don't have to Is there anything? Scares you about being quarantined? Like obviously there's no data time When we get out of this thing but we all know like a big part of Barshop drives off is fell draft coming up and then you have. Nba Season in Baseball Golf. We kinda we ride those currents right. We got a lot of those investors there anything later down the road. We should be from your standpoint from contest. Endpoint guys like us. Because we're a little different because we don't really always to drink and being dead and being hip and being funny it'd be it all like we don't have the you know the foreplay wave or or not you're not. Our time of the season actually is coming up for us because we are outdoors barbecue drinking of you know kind of the Wacky dudes is anything from your standpoint. We should be aware of Scares you from That if we if we're still in this thing come August Man. You guys may want to maybe make adjustment now. I mean I think you got any care exactly right. I think people love breakfast mostly because of the relationship. And the the dichotomy of all of you guys like you guys all hanging out with chains on and barbecues and popping champagne and cooking food in New Jersey is like that's timeless virus. That can kill that so no I worry about it just in that will sports comeback. And what is this fall? Look like we do. A lot of touring we. We're we've moved into the live events business like you of your Golf Tournament GonNa Happen. We're going to be comfortable going. What is what's second of be like so I think those are the things I worry about for breakfast. I don't I don't worry about any of that really. I think the the questions I have for Breakfast Star. Like how does the relationship evolve? How your cast of characters continue to deepen and grow out you? Continue to give people the escapes that they're looking for a way to start their day How do you become essential in that? In a time. Where like the days are all melding together were begins and nothing really ends so I mean those are the questions but I don't worry about that for you guys know what about stock central. We passed a black cat underneath. The ladder just broke Linda with this time that people. So there's a time for people to get creative time for people to get desperate right like I was just getting on instagram every night and drink before bed and telling dirty jokes just on my instagram live. Nothing to do this thing. Because I like dirty jokes rallies ever drink and making people who don't like dirty jokes angry iconic sounds like a great use of time and I think that it'd be okay just to bring some is it doesn't waste time is five minutes. I'll be in bed problem shirts but on you so between the difference between being creative and being desperate. I just want to do that this that. What are people coming up to like lackey? Shed like right. Listen Erica at were lost and I'm going to be racing snails and new Matt like something not working and you're just type in your right away now so I think we have. I think our our talent is our single biggest. Like I've put us up against anybody in terms of weird shit and we can do all day whether it's like dirty jokes before bed or ten balls and do a Gumbo machine. Whatever I think the only content that I think is not I wouldn't even use the word desperate but like derivative stuff like if we have three guys racing turtles and one guy wants to race reptiles. I'm like we already have three turtle racing showers. Let's focus on that. I don't think anyone else has a dirty joke show large. I think you'RE GONNA START. Opening my mail live a lot of. It's just like Chinese a Oh no. I think that's what I love like David. Day trading the stock market. That's what he's into. It's authentic you know hard. My take is making horse races and talking about whatever you guys are doing your thing so I don't think any I love that. I think we should keep doing that. The thing I don't think we should do is create creek duplicate content. A One soda. Now your home you quarantine house the mom life where the kids driving you nuts. Because we're all dads like me. Me and brandon our first hand kind of witnessing the miracle of MOMS and that's why we hide in our business. We don't talk to our wives that we we. Yeah we just probably you know me and the wife probably made magic sack probably a week ago in late. She's like need to lose weight like she's she's killing me. You're right now. She's like listen. I got the kid I need you to fuck it working yourself. A major lights are still on From this from your standpoint from the mom life hasn't changed kids like mom. We need you out the house. Who usually running the show. Yeah no I think the first thing you guys have a I mean you're lucky in that babies are. They're so hard they also don't do that much. Like like the people with the three year olds in the four year olds where. I just wouldn't be like my brains out. I think it's actually been great. I feel really good. I've not been home this many nights or slept in my own bed this many times in probably twenty years ago. I actually feel like a little bit sad about it because I feel like I really like. I like my kids like I'm like they're fun. We hope you do Now not always but like just getting to see so much of them has been fun like so. I feel actually really great for that. Everybody's kind of got to pull together and everyone needs their time in their space and I'm at the accommodating but You know I'll be happy when this is over but I will. I don't think I will ever get talking to Dan yesterday like I. I don't think I'll ever get this time back like this the NFL like anyone. Who has kids saying that's like whether your kids who are home from college or you've got newborns. We got some in the middle. Like you're just there's never gonNA probably not hopefully not gonna be another time like this where you're all together for this type of period by grow. There's some really good things like that. Yeah I was a my main thing when the baby was born was like being able to come out. How much going to be around. Because who is gonNA podcast off the ground and I'd be going into work and we see a lot and now that I'm here. I'll be careful what you wish for because I'm able to. Are you going to help now or says I come Outta here? She's like Oh daddy's here he gets really a diaper exactly. But how is how is having a puppy? That's a different. That's the work. We have a very whiny puppy. He's just like very he's great. He's chewing everything. You just like whimpers all the time. What's his name to be great? You can be yes and they love each other so bats finger so it's just a gong show. I mean you guys now large now. It's just the shit show. It's just the puppies are a lot worse than kids. I don't like puppies. I love dogs at like babies. I like it's like I'm gonNA sweet spot with fifteen twelve content. That's not bad. The kind of on autopilot do podfather once a week with clam and it just looks like life victim in doubt guide working as a third year olds and they come in. You know like during the show. It's it's awesome but us. We talked about all the time Eric. We try to stay positive on one of these like we had John Taffer on the show. Tap was telling us how this is never ending like restaurants or changing forever. Thirty percent less seating in restaurants forever Dinner's going to have to go to pod Cedeno Two at a time socially distant enough INEX- might change the face of business and society and all that and that was the first time we'd heard that from somebody who wasn't carrying a sandwich outside of Penn station and to not want to believe that or don't believe that so in this gets back to normal. What's the first I cancel the trip to the Bahamas last week? I have to take my fucking gets the Bahamas issue. I think you're going to do on the fucking when the blanket is lifted are able to go about a business. One hundred percent I have to. I'm socio indication right now so I'm I also will be going on. Dykes but look I to an optimist. I do think everything changes all the time. Do you know what I mean like. Yeah restaurants are going to have disposable men news and like for a while like is it gonNA take us eighteen months to get back to to a volume that we use to have sure but like eighteen months in the grand scheme of our lives in the world is like You you can do that do you like I. I also just think human nature is human nature. The first thing I'm GONNA do is go to a bar. I cannot wait to like go to work and then go meet someone for a drink. Like cannot wait. So that's what I'm GonNa do but and that's what. I think. A lot of people are going to be like that. It's like small things like that like I'm a girl. You guys won't get this like I can't wait to get my millstone. I just can't wait to get my Nielsen like I can't wait for haircut. Not like a dragon lady right now. Yeah before we let you get out of here. I want to talk about the podcast. Talk about some of talk about the feedback. You've been getting a positive half have to believe it's been all positive as any negative hasn't been any pushback about the podcasts. At all no not yet. I don't think we're big enough yet for and I think we're in a weird time where the the blue checkmark brigade has other things to rail about Besides cast but that will come. It's been fun. It's been great. The reactions been great. One Guy told me that it was the first thing. He listened to outside of after his dissecting which was appreciative was large large at Dick comment that he had to be on a bunch of conference calls after the second news. I was like yeah. Yeah here but it's been great. Look like I've just been trying to be positive than real about what I'm going through and what we're going through and I think hopefully if anybody can get ten minutes a day the just listening to somebody else who's gone through something similar to down my always feel that helps a little bit so the feedbacks been really great and hopefully people like it and then we find a way to keep you on it. What about what about guests? I had A couple of guests on so I had kate ahead bars located on. She was fabulous at big cat. On yesterday I had my friend Karen Kahn who runs a company called fund women's which will raise Basically venture capital. I've got Paul. Rebel is coming up this week. I have a woman working a doctor. Who's working in Mental Health? Right now coming up so it should be interesting. We'll see how it goes I. I'm still learning. Aren't really know how to do podcasts. I'm still kind of figuring out how it works but it's been fun. I'm I'm grateful that I did. It keeps going once we get out of this thing. I don't know it depends if you're going to be pretty busy. I am going to be busy so it's only ten minutes and I've gotten it down to. I'm not spending more than probably twenty five minutes on it a day. But that's Adam busy in going to travel and so we'll see we'll see I'd like to keep doing something over I think it supports since you you run our lives and we are so I have you on our world. I WanNa give you the platform to talk to the people Kinda give some positive words before we let you go. I just think we got this I think it's a very strange. A pandemic is a strange disturbing phenomenon. I think this is a weird time that you know. I'm as a child of the eighties so I'm a sucker for any. Vh One show about what life was like in the eighties. The you know the kids of twenty twenty whatever you what would you call these people? What do you call them now? I don't know that it's back on this. Just laugh like somebody had tweet last week of like this. You know in in twenty forty or twenty six. Whatever the year is you know the future president of the United States is going to be raised by like a home schooling. Mother drinks all the time like poet. Humor that comes from the. I think it's a good time to kind of get back to basics like like I feel like personally I'm getting like I haven't worked out regularly pretty much since I was in college. I'm now working out a lot like being with your family can be really grade. I think watching content can be really great so there's not horrible things. There are some good things that are coming out of this and then I think you can just ignore the anxiety. The uncertainty creates and feel certain. Abou a bright future. Good feature for you. I think you will get that good future awesome. Well thank you for being with us. Thank you for giving us a time. Thanks for having me. 'cause also we're going to take a break down star CEO Eric. 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You should consider what is suitable for your particular circumstances and strongly consider seeking advice from your own financial or investment advisor any investment in any security is subject to a number of risks and that discussion on any security in this broadcast will not identify or describe all or in some cases any relevant risk factors. Some of the stocks dumped it on this broadcast have a low market capitalization and limited public float. Those stocks are subject to Morris than stocks have larger companies including greater volatility lower liquidity and less publicly available information. You should be aware of the real risk of loss in following any strategy or investment discussing this broadcast including the acquisition of any security. You got when old when you when you are looking at stocks thirteen. You've markets are down about two percent today and Davis having a good day. David you want to give us an update right off the bat. Smoking Candy Cigarette Nasal Hood. It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood. Won't you be mine? I needed a day large in its early. I'm stopping you right off the bat I turn on the market at nine thirty and I saw all little head fake bump in shake shack today and I almost called in sick as it goes up today. This Yuri actually do it right away but I watched the stock and all of a sudden. I saw forty-five handle on it and I'll say they find a cure corona virus in a fucking onion ring or something. Yeah I mean everyone was telling me last night. Futures Down futures down the market didn't open that down now it's been slumping and I have decisions decisions decisions decisions as we speak. I'm up about four hundred and eighteen grand on the day. I held all my stuff and I just made my first trade I sold. I had like ten thousand shares of Boeing. I sold some of at one. Forty eight and at that one forty eight now one forty seven. So it's what you do because I still don't hold on a second. I'm I'm just going to jump in just because you're so used to playing stuff from the from the long side you're covering your buying back to seven doesn't get fucked up so you short. You Trim your Boeing a little bit. I know so you just bought back or covered some stock around one forty eight. The stock is down four dollars today and I mean you wrote this thing on the short side. He took a ton of pain. You kept a short position and you've been covering buying the stock back on down today. So that's the first one. That you've covered Boeing. Yeah I still have six thousand five hundred shares of it so my market values about a million bucks my biggest market value by far as Lululemon. I have about five million dollars of that. This is all shorted. I and then I have two million of Nike and two million of shake shack. All shorted. I'm up about two hundred grand on shake shack today about one. Twenty five on. Lulu. I'm up about fifty eight on Nike. So it's a good day but the question now is do I buy back and get out? It'd be about a four hundred grand profit. That's huge gets me like I'm still down about six hundred if I just got out right now. A Trim about a one point two deficit in half in one day. I still think we're going down. I've been on the phone. I've been talking to my people large. I still think we're in for a bloodbath of a week. I think Boeing will be down around one forty one thirty. I think Lulu is a one one ninety one eighty nine. I think Nike or eighty and I think shake shack will be around thirty five. So you just gotTa Grit because it's so easy to get out right now large. It's so it's like dead out reevaluate come back tomorrow. But I'm not holding okay. You're holding now remember last week. We're saying this doesn't make any fucking sense. These things are going up in our face and we're not getting the good news that we wanted. It seemed like today. We're starting to get some good news but listen. Europe Europe is closed. We know you're close day. After Easter they stretch it out a little bit Asia did whatever the fuck did. I don't really care but so we got the OPEC cut. Some people said that it's not enough. Opec agreed to cut nine point. Six seven million barrels a day in May and June and people said it wasn't enough and then we won't get another step to the table again until June But still we got an OPEC. Cut the biggest one ever. We got trump saying that we might get back to work as I You know people are starting to say the right thing but earnings starts tomorrow in earnest sitting J. P. Morgan's a I kick it off tomorrow. So we're going to get our first. Glimpse and earnings are a history lesson. It's what happened you know in the months beforehand but we're also going to get like some forward guidance and I think that's what's spooking the market today and why we have the Dow's down five hundred sixty points. A LOT OF THAT IS CAT TRACTOR. By the way. Told the guy who Recommended cat tractor on Friday to call back. I don't know if you remember. We talked to hurt. I've already explained and I'll explain it again for those. Since we're on the radio they put my holdings up which Pistol Pete really fucked me with that one as you know large I am buying and selling shorting I should say on this day. Trade quickly like these aren't long-term holdings these are. I'm going to do this by trade shit once we're back to work. I'm done with us out and I go back my long-term Holdings which don't touch I've once talking and this is it's pen and it's not what I got in the deal. I bought pen with more penstock with my own money that just sits there and I'm holding it. Millions of it. And if Penn came to me today and said Hey Dave will liquidate everything you have at the price point. You got it at. Which was when we did the deal around twenty-six bucks or something and the deal was will liquidate you all cash but you can never own penstock again. I would say I don't want that deal. That's how confident I am. Pen will go way above once. It's done so I can't be longer than Penn. I'm buying and selling in lumps. I like I either. M shorting everything or buying. I'm not doing one of the other. And they put the thing up in these trolls. Try to make it look like some high of inside information on Penn which I absolutely do not. I have no idea what's going on and I'm just doing price points like. Oh this is dishonest. So that Pete. Fuck me so hard because my but it's not dishonest and I've said it before anybody WHO's trying to portray like I don't have faith in pen or I'm not the biggest basically shareholder one. I'm in this for the long haul with them. Anybody was portraying anything. Differently really should be murdered large and that without any any sense of sarcasm. Because they know what I'm doing if you listen to this show to portray portray it. Any other way is so dishonest that I should take one of those weapons I've been given and I should cut your artery out in and feed it to your best friend and then cut his audrey out right. Very and very few financial shows will have A A murder being plotted out in the first ten minutes. But we'll do that with people who touch on that and it is. It does go to show that you would say that you kind of become slave ebbs and flows you oversee a stock and you'd think that it hits whether you're right or wrong. I mean we know that you take the paid. You don't take a lot of advice and you take the pain on your own lap but right. Now I'm looking. I sold that Boeing at one forty as down and I I mean I cost myself more money. They're just I just I just I mean don't resort it. I'm short it okay. I'll be six this market. This market is going backwards in the streets. That's the eleven streets large I feel terrible. Prevalence 401K's right now. That's the eleven o'clock the fact that stuck centralized markets markets. Go Crazy at eleven twenty six on this show so I feel terrible for everybody. Yeah this apparent tell ya so when you start to you start to get to a point where these things look attractive to cover to buy back getting there. We're we're slowly getting there and stuff so I'm Gonna I'm GonNa take shake shack just for example if that's okay with you Just because I think you'd mentioned a thirty five dollar level so shake I'd mentioned people was at forty five dollars right after the opening it's now around forty one. I don't have done amick quotes. But it's around forty one. Twenty-one you're saying thirty five right just got so this is just who wants to lay the nuts on the table right now because I could get out at a very good profit today. Yes and shake shack as recently as April third traded as low as thirty three nineteen Joe. What you're asking for is NOT UNCHARTED TERRITORY. Or some sort of this is just something that happened a couple of weeks ago so it was in the thirty to thirty eight range since. Glenn put me onto this latest. Ron came out of nowhere So that one you see and it's it's not your biggest money position but you biggest share position I'd seen him this morning. It's you pick your share a position so it's one that you can't fuck around with like people hit we just hit the lows across the board and it's even from that little five minutes ago it's coming back like I think shake shack was in the forties. Lulu was at one ninety seven. Ba was now they're all they're all sort of like. I just went from up half a million to up four hundred in since that college education speech right. Have you given any thought to what you had alluded to on Friday when you said this turn in this one from a trading session to a street? Remember that where the everybody who's ever on a striped suit. They're still pulling the buttons back there. They the pinstripe suits and the mismatch callers down on Wall Street. Nara engine shops. Here's the thing. They thought they'd scare me out because bleeding pretty quick and it's like how many guys have the guts the internal fortitude to be like. I'm GonNa just hold through this even though I'm losing so much everyday in this is a bad comeback for me right now in the last couple of minutes but I tell you I stick with I just stick with the plan to stick with the plan and we also said that when you do start to engage you might reengage with fake positions just to fuck with people a little bit. Ridden there and and so. That's something I wanNA keep in mind. Eight three three eight five is the number to call in if you call in on that I'll try to repeat the questions so the stream can hear it. Otherwise Stream is unable to hear the series callers Still for some reason But eighty three eight five stole. We do have a couple of people on the line. So I'm going to pick somebody up just to get just to get an idea across the Across the board right away and I'll go with. Who's waiting the longest and that's going to be Joe from Florida Joe from Florida? You're going to be on stock central Joe from Florida. What's up guys? Let's make some money this week. Everything's going down fuck everyone's 401K's which short shit out of this market. I mean I'm already. I'm already pretty sure now. I'm already I don't for no reason. They're pumping they pump pal. It's making that money print or go off. That's the only leaving going up but it's going it's crashing right back down. We're GONNA hit all time lows. I think in this next couple of weeks caller. It wanted shock me. Call her and I'd hate to see it. I'd hate to see the look you know. Look you know some people bet the under some people bet the over power works but what what the Fed does it'd be like you bet the under a minute half time. They introduced a five point line. Like I mean they're just trying to inflate points but it's not happening. There's no good news coming out and right now. I'm short in live nation in Rick live nation. Obviously no one's going to be going to show what sound what's the what's the ticker on live nation. L. Y. Z. L. Y. Is the ticker on. Only I fall right call. So he's so he said live nation. Which is the concert. Venue today pointed out he also mentioned wreck which I believe is Rick's cabaret from what I understand. That's a strip club so people will be back. They don't care about germs but I think are going to be soup for a long time. And how are you going to have social distancing requirements at a pack concerts? I'm telling you down at least thirty let me do I. I write it down to thirty goes back with the forty. I ride it back down to thirty and by the way star trading options. I'm telling you man if you're a gambler you like options because all it does is. It adds a time a ticking time limit to win you have to get out of position. You can flip it whenever you want. It doesn't have you don't have to wait until the expiration date in your. The payoff is so much bigger. If you buy an expiring option on live nation put option that expires. I don't know a couple of weeks from now at a thirty strike price. You could triple your money. It I'm GonNa cut you off right there. He's looking into Trading options joe is giving David Idea of how to trade some options particularly in the fact that he thinks that live nation is going to thirty. He said that he also didn't like Rick's cabaret I think we've mentioned on this before Dave that you you. And I both grouped people who go to cruises on cruises and people who go to strip clubs are the two sectors of society that will take a chance to go back on cruises and go back on strip clubs if they give them a couple of vouchers on either a cruise or strip club. People going back so we'll we'll sell Rick's cabaret but he was saying that live nation so market is Israeli somewhat while Ron here but we're still long term thinking that this correction. Listen you're not you're not wishing the market goes down. You're just feeling that the markets go down okay sake. Wish wish that goes down so you didn't. When you said you felt bad about the college we feel terrible. I feel terrible. I if I was that caller that was a good call and he brings up the live. Nation like people social distancing. It's a larger point because people forget we may be gradually allowed to reenter society. Just take a random place like I don't know Burger like shake shack. They may not be able to cram a million people in line. They may not be able to cram million people in restaurants. They may be at twenty percent capacity so random stock like shake shack random random victim. Yes they might not be able to have the capacity instead so live nation Which we somehow tied right back in the shake shack should be going lower. So you'd call out of Florida. I think Joe from Florida. I'll I'll pick somebody else up. We never really spoke about Microsoft. But I don't know if it's one that's on your on your Watson. I know I know quite a deal. Bill Gates understood Mike from New Jersey. I WanNa talk about Microsoft. What's up you know? This is really a place lay earned. Those are coming out from Microsoft at the end of the month. down today. The market is think. It's got some room to run. I like buying Microsoft alongside now. It's shorting soon all the security risk coming out Zoom had it's wrong. I think he should resume nearby. Microsoft on the long side. And I think you're you're making enough money to go out and buy some other bullshit stocks after that. So it's a patriot. Almost even though. They're not apples to apples stretching the imagination. You're just giving us both sides. It what you're going long is Microsoft and you shorting Zoom Zoom has had its ron and Microsoft is poised to trade higher. It's down one and a half percent today but you think just with broader market weakness. That's up to. Maybe you're going to start to think into doing dave like if you have something we're GonNa be long and short you're going to have. Hey I believe in AAA. I hate shake shack embarrassed. Nothing like with the way trading. Believing in a company for me has nothing to do with like. I'm just looking at the numbers where I think. Somebody's outrun their number. Because I'm not keeping any of this account long-term right right so this is it. I mean this is supposed to be a day trading account this is one of the tenets was that you wanted to kind of be flat is where it's at you've decided was. I wasn't flat where it's at a couple of nights and I ended up on the wrong side in really the only way to make maybe not the only way but one of the ways seems like to make huge gains or losses is by risking the overnight like I today is the opposite of what has happened to me for the last week when I wake up. I blink and I'm down to fifty today. I woke up blink. I was up almost as lit my on fire. That wouldn't be good. Yeah can we get? Cut Your finger off the air. They didn't it. Yeah it it's pretty vicious a couple of days old. They're pretty cut. It's tough place to have it too. Tough Yeah I. In hindsight I was I was under the influence of A. We'd Brownie in right before I took the knife out. I put like some cream on my hands so slippery. It was not the Combo that you look for during it on boxing. Yeah no you normally don't WanNa be lubricated around. A sharp objects will still getting a lot of weapons. By the way Dave. That seems to be everything. I'm I'm pretty. I don't want any more things sent to me like somebody this morning. Tried to send me a chair and they wanted me to go sign for the chair. It's not signing for anything like you can't go down signed. Can we schedule delivery no? I'm getting five gazillion patches. They can't leave it. I'm not taking it right and then have you figured out anything with the draft. A car volunteered and he may get called in here tomorrow. Is that what you look for? Volunteers I mean. Volunteers are always good. I will say Karimun spider have done wonders there. My outlook on their lives here. Barstool a lot of work and abby. See an uptick bright here. I feel like I'm it's like you have a spotlight on. Its reflecting off the glasses a little bit. But it's not like we could see your screen or anything so if this if this market continues stay down like two and a half percent. It was down six hundred points when we started this. It's now down five hundred and fifty. I'm just looking at the Dow in back me Are we going to flats where it's at or we all idea? It's GONNA be a game time decision. I think it's going to go down more. What's up and then one of my final questions before I take another call. Dave is if something like shake shack was to get to that thirty five limit or if Nike I think. Nike said was an eighty dollar limit. We kind of felt like that's where the support was right. If you do cover your stock buy back is it. Then what are you going to enter it into longside? Like let's say you sure. Twenty five thousand Nike Your Coverage. Me Five you'll buy another twenty five then you watch it okay. Yes sticking to our levels are are support and resistance levels I'm going to pick up somebody in bowing to see if they have anything. Incremental say Sean New Jersey. What he got. Are you doing Dave? How are you good So less day I picked up some calls from Boeing Know You shorted them. I've been watching them all morning with the market drop and they've been holding a hundred and fifty as market price End of the week. I have one forty seven. Yes dropping him. But that's thinking with your break it up a caller you your typical guy. Yeah everything's going right as the plane's going down yeah this this really not a chance his unless it. I know it doesn't take a of Advice but there's no shot he's taking advice if you call it in on cricket mobile. I'm GonNa talk to Dom in Arizona on J. P. Morgan Dominates Buddy. Hey guys good. My right hand on J. P. Morgan They started the earning season tomorrow. Jamie Dimon released a letter to shareholders. Ten days ago was not positive. And today it's off almost Four percent three point seven percent wanted to get your comment I will. So they're all off I. I'm just looking at the financials just flashed up on the screen on the TV behind me. They're all off about that about three and a half percent or so or a lot of the big cap ones at least so this would be a huge gamble for Dave to take Trading J. P. Morgan in front of earnings on Tuesday just because we haven't had any big stocks report will certainly no big financial stocks report since the since the pandemic it started so i? I think there's too much fucking questions around how this thing's GonNa react what they're gonNA say about lowered guidance. Whether or not people will be like. Wow they lowered guidance. But it's not as much as we thought they were GONNA lower I don't understand banks reporting at all to be totally honest. Okay so yeah so bags reporting their earnings she talking about. Yeah like what what like? Yeah no I don't get it right. J. J. P. Morgan is such a global Thing so it's all there Trading desk which reports and earnings Whether or not they made any money commission business what they've made off of loaning money mortgages and all that stuff since it's such a big structure any place where a bank other than being one of those ones that has tellers with checking in and And savings any any place where you can make money in the Financial Field J. P. Morgan does it so quarterly report. How well they did and escorted. They're just GONNA do okay. But it's all about the next quarter and that reports tomorrow morning and I think that it's kind of scary business if this guy said. Hey we'll take a flyer and by a little bit of J. P. Morgan I think Jamie Diamond Does a very good job on the conference call. I just think that EPI way too fucking risky for a DVD global. Yeah I'm not going to get involved in it. Yeah no I would definitely. What do you think's going to happen with it? I mean here's the thing with the earnings. Obviously people are expecting bad earnings. So are they did it. All relative is going to be worse than what people think or is it a little better. That's GONNA dictate a lot right right so this this next this next quarter will probably be affected by earnings more so than the quarter that they're reporting so the only positive that I can say about. Earnings is that like every analyst who has a buy rating on J. P. Morgan and if J. P. Morgan comes out tomorrow and the report shit earnings but they give okay Guidance every analyst has a buy rating on and we'll have to justify their by rating or lower it's a holder sell re jigger their target prices. You're they'll have to comment. They'll have to give some sort of prognostication where they think it's going and then all that is data points that people can actually grab onto which they haven't been able to grab onto anything for the past month because people have been relatively mum known said. Shit the past. So that is what started a little bit of this downtick for me was. I knew Lululemon had reports one day at the end and I bought it at two hundred in their reports earnings. Were very good. Beat beat the street as they like to say but the CEO was gave a dire warning like even that that we're going to be devastated in the United States in that 'cause even though they beat earnings his I guess as you call guidance in his depression caused the stock to tank now Nike the opposite Nike. Everyone said hey here come. The earnings. They had a pause about looking at it jumped at the time. I believe from one. Seventy four to one eighty or seventy four eighty right and so their next turning. Yeah so there should be some time in June so we have a little time before they they report again but that June quarter that they'll be reporting will really reflect a lot of shit that had gone on from the corona virus. So yeah it's it's tough to say what the Fuck Synagogue unexperienced. Because we haven't had anything like this ever. We haven't had people had to report earnings when you know sixteen million people who are out of work where oil is at this. You know depressed price. There's a shitload of stuff that's going to go in. But at least it's going to give people some data points to fuck with the put into their algorithms and then And that's that's the part that's GonNa give some sort of assurance that the market's going to go up or down long-term right now we're betting and by we. I mean you get your money your betting that the market is gonNA stay soft to lower For the foreseeable future next couple of days. And we're GONNA take advantage of prey on the panic. Yeah and also like to mention for all the pinstripes in the mismatch collars all these people talk. I'm the only Guy Wall Street doing this with my own money. It's easy to trade other people's money I can trade other people's money I can bet with other people's money do the all money. Put millions of your own on the line. Everyone I see that a lot. Oh this guy. He's anybody can make money with his first of all down but anyone can make money with as much money as USCA. We'll go make go. Make your own one hundred Mil and then go do it be my guest. I mean I told you I had a full head of hair and the whole deal before I started trading. Nice to you know dreaming about it every night but it was always somebody else's money so I couldn't imagine doing this. Where APPS so much of my own five million to be exact five point one million to be exact for you on the line So so it is what it is but yeah prey on the planet so people have been asking Dave just because I glanced over thing you being the sole proprietor of DDT g President CEO. What's your long term? Look what I mean we get. We get an idea of your earnings every day. Your long-term look at my long term outlook on this stock market wherein I wouldn't I think all stocks are going to be going down for the next month two months and then then I'd go long companies I believe in I believe in Lululemon. I believe in Nike. I believe shake shack. I believe in Penn those the stocks. I think they're all going to go down pen. Maybe different pen pen. Hit Penn may be at like rock bottom. Like I don't think you're gaming sector. We could stay away from because they're gonNA revisit like the four area where it was but the Lulus I told you I think Lulu is a by under one ninety. I think Nike's a by around like seventy nine. And I think Boeing at a hundred. You could see that to buy because I told you they're not going to let Boeing Phil. I mean trump said that. Yet you hear this in Boeing. Said they're slowly. Nothing matters like Boeing said. They're opening the Washington facility. So I mean but I don't think you buy long for another month. Maybe two months so obviously since g still not flowing off the tongue is not a publicly traded entity and not a place where we can handle other people's money few and again involved with Dave's ideas you just gotTa simply short Boeing Nike Lulu Shake Shack and wait for his levels to cover. Go long and we're going to bounce up and down off of that thing. That's that's the that's the guidance for daybyday traded global right. Now Yeah and we were experiencing a pretty big comeback here. Because I've lost about two hundred grand today the wrong way since this this show this show never INSA. It's eleven twenty six. I mean that's that's the fucked up thing all right so we're going to hit our first break. Dave can shuffle around his position to to on the break. We'LL BE RIGHT BACK. Stock Central Incomes balance. Don't look back stock central. It's Monday it's April thirteenth myself. And Dave eight hundred three eight five. Stool is the number to call in with any kind of ideas any kind of advice. Please don't ask questions because we have no fucking answers. Markets are down about two percent as acting a little bit better only down one percent staging a small rally here between eleven twelve o'clock but for the most part it's been down about two percent most of the day Davis Still Short He's doing very well today. And getting some of it back and seems to be holding onto his guns waiting for the stocks coming even longer. Your one more big dip one more big. Old Peru stayed one headline away. We're headline away from Berkeley Coronas. Been quiet trump. Just keep saying we're going to beat the silent me wear opening up. It's all been fairly positive. Yeah I think I think that's reported have been on the steady decline also including here in New York. Even though we're still the epicenter And the small percentage is probably right around your apartment because it tends to live on cardboard more than anyplace else. I think that's overrated. Yeah he thinks yeah and a and a now if you look around your apartment and I don't want you to do it. Obviously now the largest. It's my apartment. Disaster It's depressing. I'm living in squalor. And it sucks is is spider staying. The night at all now is just kind. They come over. They should be over. Actually I think around noon maybe die down. I thought today I thought my phone was a law Pakistan coming off the hook really would like I mean. It's one of the most watched. I'm a I'm in a catch twenty two because it's a very highly viewed thing we're getting. I don't know fifty thousand people watching for almost three hours straight insane celebrity guests as good content. But it's killing me on one hundred different levels like having nowhere to live breathe sleep stop and I mean. People can't put a price on the emotional effect. I'd seen it. You've lost fish to an apparent suicide. Mike and that is boll is just too much room suite a suite kill themselves physically cutting fingers off a lot of shit going on? We have any plans for all the shit that you take it in. We're going to do like auction. We had an email list of people whether like we could re gift it to either. Frontline people for Corona or people who needed help are just any reason really. We ought to think fifteen thousand emails cool so then. That's where we're going to take all this shit but all this stuff that you've gotten because there's so much good stuff. Yeah the other options to do like a supermarket sweep type situation. Where like you're a nurse or whoever he is ten minutes. Come and take whatever you want. Be Kinda cool and this the wine alone wine yeah. It's the only reason I'd I'd be tempted to get in there of wine. Lots of booze. Lots of coffee. Lots of protein right and only a man only needs one or two Samurai swords tops. Samurai swords yeah. You can pick guns. I have a lot of stuff massage. Guns are legitimate. They actually hurt. Yeah they're awesome but you it's a two man job you need somebody to do it right. Spider or career it. Yesterday I got a job for the rest of his life. He wants And then as far as as getting back to work with the With the actual office getting back into the office. Do you have any kind of inside line as a as a as a business owner. Do you get an update from the city of. New York's. Hey by the way we're trying to no I've heard nothing okay. So Flying Blind. We're going to be business as usual for the. I don't think we'll be back in the office till June. I think everything right now is lip. Service may may much like the Easter deadline. And that's also why I think the market crash again. I think they're going to reopen certain parts. You're going to see a spike. Or they're gonNA come up the testing in everyone's. GonNa fucking have it right and that'll be that'll be sobering that these numbers then will then start to go through the fucking roof. I mean the hopefully the recovery rates still remains very high ninety percent. Or something like that. But we'll just get so many goddamn confirmed cases of it. We didn't know that we're all either a symptomatic or just brushing off like a common cold like you may have done at the beginning of this three times. I think I beat it. Kevin faked that he had it in made a big to do about it. I had it. I just kept it to myself enough to avoid that day like Jim not coming in when we were the only people in the office knowing that I have a family knowing that advocate lawyer. I would've sued the balls off you I don't know if I if I didn't no I would still try to Let's Let's talk to nate from Hartford. Connecticut need from Hartford. Connecticut wants to talk about active. At I what's up guys. How you doing good math Quick Point today. You're talking about the Goldfish. He's killing his other goldfish because he's got it in a real fish tank goldfish if you know or only Equipped to swim in a very confined little area. He has a full sized tank. That's ready for real fish. So He's GonNa kill me honest caller I I. There's no. Group of people starting to infuriate me more than the the Monday morning Goldfish quarterbacks. I put fish in a small tank everyone to a big tank. Give him toys doesn't want toys his waters to cloudy. They want it clear I give them food. They don't want that much. I can't win with this. Goddamn fish. I'm more I'm more Dave. I'm more than you. I'm giving him a too big of a home. How is anybody of died from having too big of Oh? He lives in Tech Palatial Estate? You have you ever seen a goldfish in a real sized tank. I Dunno listed. I don't know I don't know if he'd have paid attention to it beforehand. But gentlemen made from Harford call about activision and immediately started. Give goldfish advice which I think you. You even have a not a tough time but an unpleasant experience with the I told you so Hindsight is twenty twenty financial twitter. The goldfish twitter could be even just as brutal quarterbacks. I've never he's got three toys in the tank is too nice. That's what that guy said. I'm going to kill Randolph. By spoiling and the other guy. Everyone's like the Albania Rainbow Shark. Fish like you killed them. You give them an I. You can't win large. You really can I want to go to Vancouver. I'm going to go up to Vancouver to have somebody talk about Alaska Airways as yes. I have a question of Vancouver caller you on the line. Yeah here. What'S UP Dave? Were you there when you guys tore down your city when the Bruins beat them in the Stanley Cup backyard was what was that all about. I don't know it. You know what honestly I think they set it up beforehand like if you look at it like the guy coming in with mass and all that shit and it was. It was predestined to happen. To be honest I was happy they lost. I'm I hate the cannot so the passion man. I hated them since day one. They're brutal they stunk. They don't deserve to win a cop so there's nothing to worry about in that sense all right just a question. So Boys I'm talking Alaska Airlines are you. Okay A. Okay. Alaska Air Yup. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Listen I played hockey in Alaska. That was airline that we used it as the best airline when it comes to quality not quantity because people are going to use the airlines again. Soon like there's no way that that's going to change the airlines are going under. There's no fucking issues with that. Alaska Airlines is the stock to buy in when it comes to short-term trading because people know that they're going to want the quality over quantity nobody wants to sit beside each other. Nobody wants to deal with all that garbage. So then Anthony's point is that everyone's GonNa try and buy an airline at some point. Somebody's going to try and buy an airline for the recovery when we think can go back because everyone says the first thing that happens when we get healthy. So we're going on a fucking trip. I just can't see you next year. So the skies the first one to call in and say if you're thinking about some of the bigger carries united's Delta's Americans don't Alaska. Alk Alaska Air Group is the one to buy it. Because you don't think they fly really east coast. Who Cares but honestly listen to me. I know that you're a big ten guy. Got That Eldorado. Resorts is another one. You need to look at. I know under the table potentially do it. There are about to buyout caesars. When it comes to June and they're going to skyrocket and what's The frigging I I was aware Deals not private like that's in the news. Because I've been told that before I actually had Caesar's I was on the remember about scissors. That's kind of why did that but it wasn't moving so I got rid of it. Yeah all right. Well have a good day. Boys Watch it fall watch it fall right. So that's the root against Mark Cuban keeping the door open on two thousand twenty bid there. He's talked. I Mark Cuban. I liked Cuban but his egos as big trump. Right so I mean. Do you think that helps that helps. In the potential you know in this day and age where we have a guy like trump as president in Cuban has a better chance in Biden Cuban would have a decent chance right. I mean he said all the right things after virus. Yeah Ego the size of a mountain. They're probably more similar than people. Give him credit for right so I don't know what his political platform as so I don't know exactly if he's got one of those like wild I assume he's not a redistribution of wealth guy but I think he's much more enticing than somebody like a like a Biden If we were to put somebody up against trump in two thousand twenty election but who knows I mean I? We had a Hollywood actor in with Reagan and we have a game show or basically reality show star with trump. Anybody can fucking be president. Eighty trump and Cuban fucking hate each other. Do they have you? Have you done anything with Cuban in the past we did the the shark tank thing? Okay and I mean personally nice guy or okay sky nice. Will you have your vote if he does run twenty twenty or is that something to personal view? Okay maybe endorses. Ddt G global. Get something to me at the opportunity by Barstool for like one hundred grand or something. Yeah Aria Aria. Minnesota is getting destroyed in the marketing. Wants to share a story. Okay all right what's up. You're on with socks. What's up guys debut? What's Up Bell? Motherfucking press big ball. That's what I'm saying. You guys see that same can sell. I think that should be your background with your face with the same with the big by the way it can always get where some forty percents down today. That got a couple of options. Going against me. I'm going against how presidents off. Sorry about that Oprah. Today's the only day of one even though this hour has not been a great our started hot. And it's all you have so much of this shake shake shake shack was down in the forties. And it's up to bucks since we've been on this call. I don't know what's happening. It's Glenn Never fucking on Shark and that's where on this. I'm never getting out another mode going in my life. Three in our swearing five out every seven words. Are you the reason? I picked you up is because the opposite of most callers call up. Say these against Dave today and he's taken a bath he's down forty percent and also he's the only person that is given the opportunity for us to know that you can also lose money trading options. He lost forty percent of his money today at has been doing it. Just trading options and call up saying that it's the answer for Dave You know sometimes it's not but he's still looking into them so you're GONNA kill. Even more sad was last week. I only started ten. Jeez okay I was up to eighteen was up to eighteen on the Boeing option. Now don't my trump's down to five GS and didn't everybody's talking options at options. I'd be down a GAZILLION dollars because I'm bound so my bosses would just be multiplied if I'm understanding options. Well I think I mentioned my picks and then go against to lose. You don't WanNa pay enough autumn. But Arias making a point that well he offered then towards the end of the call. People don't know to send dave his picks and say Dave could go against them He put ten grand market. Got It up to eighteen. Now he's down to five trading options so I think some people think that you'd be using options more as a hedge that you you know you buy a put versus a long position or something like that You seem to seem to want to buy and sell them or showed him and buying back. Whenever the wherever the hell you think that they're gonNA go And unless somebody kind of steps in and does it with you. I don't see a starting to do much options within the next couple of weeks you see that Dave. I'm not options options. Yeah I I mean I kind of got the feeling from it and Do keeps his holdings. I don't know if I want to pick up. I'm going to pick up a guy jake from Long Island. One Jake from Long Island what he wants to talk about Jake. Hey guys calling in about HP symbols H. P. Q. I've been shorting everything in the market. I'm going long on. Hp here for the next month. Two hundred fifty million people working in America eighty percent of and working from home right now. So that's one hundred. Twenty million working from home. Companies are letting these employees by desktop printers copiers And reimbursing the employees for them so if twenty percent of the key of the people working from home right now by a printer. That's twenty four. Million People. Buying a printer The biggest competitor of HP's Epson Japanese company. I think most companies want to buy American right now buying HP high-volume stock it's been volatile. I think it's right in Dave's wheelhouse curious to hear your thoughts on it so I'll jump in and just give a little summary Jake from Long Island called in with a Hewlett Packard. Old School name. Hp Q. IS THE SYMBOL. Um extremely liquid stock trading at fifteen fifty now down three percent today saying that a stock like this will do better whatever when working from home people buying computer components and then being able to write it off like US setting up a studio in the House and Barstools saying. Hey what are you guys need to get done? So he says HP Q. as opposed to its number one competitor. Being a Japanese company like Epson would be one that's poised to do well. During the corona virus and impossibly afterwards where we spoke about this Dave. If it's more cost effective people working from home while the fucker people are going to pay rents in the middle of New York City. I mean I know what's hurting now. Is the idea of the advertisers but if they come back when the viruses done. I'll tell you why you may think it's more effective but all of our people do the least amount to work possible when they're not in the office so I'm not not barstool guys. Yeah not partial. I think that there is a premium on being together and being able to shoot and being able to come up with stuff like they do on the fly. Borstal people are very good at it so I think Barstool is not one of those things but I think in general not in general but there are certain businesses that are finding that their employees are as productive to maybe more productive or if they're a little bit less productive it's offset by the amount of rent that they're not paying to keep them in some sort of office building in the middle of Manhattan Bar. So I think in most media companies are an exception because I think rhone being with Caleb makes them more More creative than those guys being apart that type of ship so anyway so this guy's close rallying this guy's HP P Q was his call for anyone who's Who's paying attention? It's Hewlett Packard so shake shack? Rallying are you. Are you tempted? Start to buy a little bit of stock here just to cover on route idiot because it's three dollars higher than it was before this program started. So we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. We're still holding on and as soon as we do cover one of these days. Is there a name that you're immediately looking to jump into that? People like you MasterCard. Off Your watchlist. That was one of those ones. I thought you were looking at pretty closely. What we're talking about okay. I thought there was one said written down that you had this one. Maybe maybe Clemmie So is there anyone that you look outside of the core bit a name? 's nobody has been able to talk to. You is going the wrong way right now. The market has been rallying off its lows. They see dow down four hundred forty five points down six hundred points at some point. We're talking about people not going to everybody. I'm almost doesn't seem what stocks I just go with the market minute just mainstream markets up minds up if its downs. Down the exception to the Boeing. Those crazy runs at fuck me but right now we're going to pick up a somebody else who got here. Got So many Argon. I think the name is Houston Argon. Can't I can't tell. What do you got on socks central? Hey guys appreciate it Large and I hope you guys are having a good day Talking about build a bear. Bb W Wanted to get your thoughts large and Portland. I don't know if your research and this as well but one of your thoughts on momentum investing so bb. W What do you mean? As far as momentum investing so this gentleman is talking about w bilberry all. I do workshop. This is one of the two dollars. Stock Trades about five hundred thousand shares day. Not sure if it does have the volume feed of push it around because you'd be buying fifty or one hundred thousand shares at a time So it's not one that I think that you can get into for example today. Stocks up twenty cents and that's up thirteen percent. You could push the stock up a dime trying to get into it on on one hundred thousand shares. So it's probably not one of those ones that you're going to fuck with plus. I don't think you ever build a bear workshops. to be honest isn't momentum. Investing all I do. That's that is feel so now. What do you mean what I think of it? All I do right. You'd mentioned momentum investing towards the towards the end. I don't know what the fuck was the point with that I'm GonNa pick guys can be Sean from New Jersey once spoke at. Byu MD. Sean what's up? You're on with US Central Dave from Jersey a C. You playing shake shack I see a lot of movement beyond me. I was wondering how you think about that. Who Owe beyond meat. What's what's Took her on that B. Y. N. D. and right. Now it's seventy three sixty three and has made a big jump today. It's been making big swings so I was thinking about getting calls on it. I saw that they wouldn't shake shack and a lot of the food. Industries are dumping right now so wondering how he felt. I do call options so I know he does long and short so I was wondering what he thought about beyond me. What do you think of this plant based meat replacement stuff? Dave what do what do you think the long term prospects for something like beyond me? Why anti human humans were born to eat meat right so this this is something. I don't think he's ever going to believe in Dave's not a fact. I like myself but I think fundamentally he thinks that somebody wants a fucking burger they probably going to go out and buy a A Burger Dave. Now I know I know. We're not up as much as when we first came in here but we still have some momentum coming in as far as being on the plus side we're holding onto them we're holding onto everything and there's a chance that we hold onto them overnight if we don't see the dip that we want today but if we can just get one more leg down we're going to be getting out of some of these things today uncover we need another dip. Yeah it's Yeah I just. This shows drives me crazy. I know all right. So that's it. That's IT for stock central. This episode is brought to you by magic spoon Syria. Look I've been eating a ton of cereal lately. I'm home every morning. I've been eating breakfast and cereal has become my go to breakfast food. Who Doesn't love cereal? But you know what I was getting tired of all the same old regular cereals that you see. I got sent some magic spoon. I have to tell you. It is by far the favorite cereal that I've been having recently. 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Spoon for sponsoring the PODCAST. Take out the papers and the those cast. You Ain't GonNa all right. We're live Brandon Walker Tommy Walker in the House. House to house at Rome built the actually built this house tarmac bare hands. Tommy you impressed. It's Friday we got Friday Energy Brandon. Thank you for coming. It's good to see it is good to see people. It's just good to get out in Iraq. I haven't seen the boys in a while. Yeah and we didn't even it was just you know same old same old like hey brandon. Good to see a man I would imagine. This is the first time you've seen anyone outside your family. Yes in what five weeks? It's weird because I have had plenty of interaction. I have six people in my house right. But they're the same six people over and over and over and over so this is absolutely pleasant. I'm probably not leaving when the show's over. Well you also got here a little too early. I also got here a little too early because we basically started talking. And what you you don't realize because you haven't been doing. The full two hours is without any sports. You cannot waste any breath when it comes to this show I show up. I think I've shown up sometimes like thirty seconds before we start enrolling is starting. I'd say what's up. How are you feeling and then we start because you can't waste you can't waste it. I could but I couldn't waste. I didn't know if the trip would be longer than it was. I put it in. The map was forty two minutes. It took me forty two minutes to get here. You are in a better safe than sorry situation. He wanted to get here on time but the problem is we already got huge nuggets of conversation like Tommy telling us his job he wanted and that was a beautiful job. Rush on Air Sam in my lifting weights talion found ten pounds. We hear from the glass though. It's all right. We'll have our downtown. And then and then and then say into the Mike all the jobs you want to talk about careers list of March his own mark right in the Mike. Yeah there you go. I want to work at borstal. Be a please be a soldier. It'd be a singer or be a fighter but he also we could slow down to start at Barstool once. Your Dad died. Okay so the Walker legacy lives on now I actually think Tommy listen again but slower because I think you can do all of these things at Barstool. Well I don't okay go ahead go. Listen you WANNA work at Barstool borstal. I want to be a place. I want to be a soldier. I want to be a fighter. I want to be. He doctor I want to be a singer. Okay so you can fight work at Barstool and saying well at Barced I. I don't think you can fight and work our Kanye. You referenced. Oh I see yeah sure. Okay so boom. We're done rowdy kids division. Yes no criterion have to grow up to make all the doctor your though that was a sneaky. Move cabalists how we're GONNA do that. That's a lot of school and I don't know if I'm going to be able to afford that either. So you'll be redone. Policy Policy pays far. Stole money to go ahead and get that medical degree. Yeah so and then we also have the news that we're opening America up again. Rony sentence that what is it. What's the actual acronym whoop whoop? Oh you a stinks already. I'm I'm off this because you need a good acronym like if we're GONNA if it's going to catch on you need something that people can just say to each other like. Hey we're practicing this opening up America again just seems like an added word for no reason. We don't need up. Opening AMERICA AGAIN WOULD BE CLEANER OPENING UP. Like it doesn't add anything the acronym. It doesn't make fun or to say it doesn't make it more grammatically correct opening up. America doesn't doesn't really do it for me. What about A. F. L. L. America? We know that doesn't af Atholl America. Fuck it. Let'S BE LEGENDS BEING THERE. I think we gotTA PICK THE WORD FIRST. And then do a backward name backroom. Afs America full send. America Merrill Service America Fuck it works go fuck it fuck you. Grandma's dead America. That was joking too. I think that the phase three is like calculate how much money you have cost the economy and like if there's a certain level it's gay. Your your grandmother is now worth that America. Fuck you grammy. Yeah that's good. Does that say what we're trying to say though or is that just that the grandparents might just take that to heart and they they might not get the message about as opening America? That might just be just how people live in this scenario. They're just going to die anyway. Right like what do you want boomers to be live or the market at the and it's not even it's not even the boomers. I think is pre boomers boomers parents. No it's it's boomers. Now boomers are old. Yeah but I wanNA say old I think over eighty. Okay but brewers are over radio. The boomers between guests. I don't know about you guys. This is totally side but now that we are like deep into the twenty first century. I really struggle with the years math when I'm like when I was born in nineteen sixty eight. It takes me a solid minute to figure out how old they have to start with how old I am right. I lost it was soon as we turned it the year. One thousand nine hundred thousand like all went out the window in terms of being able to do the quick math on age. The only people I could do it well with our like. I'll see a prospect who was born in ninety six and it'd be like ninety six. That was a couple years from the year. Two thousand two thousand. I can do that. Math but the sixties. I can't even do might near like if someone says I was born. Nineteen eighty that's three years asked me. I still couldn't be able to tell what you were. You born nine hundred ninety eight. I would be like yeah. I don't think sixty it could be a teenager. Yes that's that's struggling for all of our brains. What else we got cooking. I do feel the Friday energy in this room. Oh there's a lot of Friday and it feels good Tommy's doing swinging leg kicks. He's practicing he's gotTa make laws which Robbie Fox I'm GonNa give me Fox shoutouts Robbie Fox's one who gifted those I was just the Messenger and also like he's going to remember me not Robbie rest. Yeah and he's very excited about gloves and you didn't describe the play by play but he was just doing Ninja Kicks Knicks. There's a lot of Ninja training. Ninja training at all. Talk is his jump kick. It's not just like raise your leg into the air kicked. There's a jump with a kick paired with it. He's getting up to time he's getting up to. I thought was going to show US also. Oh Oh man Tommy. Oh my God. This is a person is done. He's also wondering shirt. That says Hashtag epic epic moves. This kick the shit out of an imaginary person. I'll tell you what Ron Ghosts in this house. Their own live here anymore. Opole Roger Down the hallway. Wait Brennan starting to get nervous. Okay I don't mind it okay Brandon Wardell. What else is going on? It's good to see you. It's good to like be face to face with you. I feel like the depression that you exude every single day. It didn't carry over a little bit in his. I'll say you're changing liberal. Talk feel like when I looked in his eyes a little dead Dennis Room but I do think that like overall. He doesn't look as bad as I thought he would. I think three hundred pounds would look a lot better on them. I think that you could get to three hundred pounds attainable. If this is all you are right now. Three HUNDRED POUNDS. Yuka where it without a break in the cameras. So you don't think it's GonNa look obscene. If I'm I think it will look. It won't look good but I don't your frame like if we were if we were head coaches right now right. If we were a training staff we would say. Hey Son your frame can hold three hundred up a little bit. Yeah like I. I wouldn't tell you don't want me to go up and I got a master's degree in kinesiology like I wouldn't tell you that you you can get to three hundred if you can't get three hundred you're built to hold it. There's a you got the hanger right. We got tight. You were tight in right. And we're going to put you on the offensive tackle in my view right exactly so I my question is how come you haven't gotten me 'cause I gotta find it. I gotta find it. I will find it. That will be on my list of things. I'm kind of. I don't know if you noticed. But I'm Kinda running the whole football program here got fearsome old Mike. I lost things played here. So Fiesta bowl tonight is going to go appointment. Television Mark Question about that is it could have been the national title game. Wha- what happened happened that games in the past. It's the ball is actually better than the national titles. The pressure's off. Yeah I think so. I think the pressure's off. I mean if you if you lose this you can't lose this game three loss on ranked UCONN team but like what a what a consolation prize if you get in the situation where all your seniors are looking ahead to the NFL draft. All they cared about was winning national championship. That's been taken away from them. It's hard to get up for Yukon. Okay one word for you know two tours for no one word for you uniforms. I have a great never before seen uniform Combo that I'm putting out to my. That's how you get guys to get pumped up for game. You give them fresh. That's the by an right that is the buy in. That is exactly the by. I've never unveiled these uniforms. I was in the lab this morning. I wasn't doing plays. That's the difference ballgame. I don't care about the place I care about. The uniform camera looking fresh. Are we talking about some kind of color? Rush Situation I'll just say I don't care. It's it's they're all white Younis with black helmets and the Stickers pop on the Black Helmet Man Desert Air uh-huh Damn so it must watch you better win that game or else you might not even get a head coaching position. If you don't win you should probably just stay at Florida state. I that is definitely on the table of like just staying Florida state but I do. I would like to be a head coach. I don't WanNA play defense. So that's really the the tug and pull here. Is there any better offensive coordinator position that you could get? That's true I could just go somewhere else as an offensive coordinator better life yet. Probably Not Harder Circuit I. I just don't know that given what Duggan's done in Tallahassee in three months I'm not sure they those two parties dug in and if she wanted to be together for no I would agree. I'd agree. He said some things about other players about his lack of Y His willingness to recruit right. So there's a lot of bridges that have already been burnt. Burnt him on the way in or you were burning them during the season. Yeah no actually. When I walked into Tallahassee I was literally I had a tale of fire there was just swaying back and forth. I'm to think of some kind of drinking game that I could play for your game tonight. I don't know if I drink. When there's a touchdown touchdown will be good but you from the way that you're talking about it. You better be hanging a ton of points on these guys tonight. I might put a guarantee out there that will see in a minute. I'm not sure why he's dropping but I might have put a guarantee for for certain Burger. Mount so yeah. There's going to be someone sent me those squares. That was pretty pretty cool. Like that's the best way to survive. This quarantine is like just like you have squares. You just use you know. Hang out with your friends and watch points go up at ten thirty nights a forty five minute game not a big investment and you know have a little fun with you could take a shot. Every time Doug's uses a different play in his playbook. So that'll be war would not get drunk. Yeah I'LL BE STONE COLD GAME. There's four there's four place there the others four point four pace there's the there's the HP wheel shark wheel. There's the angle there's the counter and then there's the fuck it. I'm just going to throw a deep play. The counter rose founders our favorite place. I mean the counter I run so perfectly. It's almost like very patient runner on the counter. You gotta find the whole and you gotta let it develop too because you have that counter step. And everybody's going one saying you gotta you would think defenses would have some idea that you think you can opener the counter with a dive. Nope they can't they can't they can't keep up with it all right so. Brennan check in with you checked in with me. Rhone. Let's check in with you. You did the first test run. Mock draft last night with Steven Shay. Please tell us how it went. It was fascinating I I will say. It was probably a stupid. Move to go up against the Dave's on boxing. I don't think that was the smartest thing that we've ever done scheduling wise. But the fact that I mean Stephen Chain I talk for like fifty minutes unstopped about the NFL draft. We just had so much knowledge coming out of our pores that might have been boring as fuck for people. People come to us for knowledge so for this draft show. We're going to need to ramp up the humor a little bit. We're GONNA need to ramp up the Wacky nece. Just being locked in with Stephen Che and serious mode is like being in the twilight zone. You can't you can't just sit in serious really is like Y. You have to find that balance like the perfect balance at par. Stool to me is Eighty percent jokes. And then if you can drop like twenty percent just random knowledge or not even knowledge but like a different perspective. That might be a little interesting. That's not an expert perspective by any means but at least it's something that's being said that might not be said by everyone else. That's pretty much the the perfect recipe if you flip it and you do like eighty percent serious twenty percents jokes. People like wait. This isn't what I'm we're not fucking idiots that thinking that we're going to compete with the NFL work or something with coverage. We're trying to be funny. We're trying to be a supplement to it. We're trying to be a second screen than that. You're watching on your phone. Sports arguments on Liquids College football show. The best moments are when we argue about like our beliefs in different teams. It's not it's not our ability to be to breakdown XS and OS and be like. Oh this team's looking great well minus your next as an Oak. What accident or have you never know. What's your choice? I'm a huge guy. Well XS and OS. Okay would you say it's XS and Os it? Would you say Jimmy? Joe's are XS and OS JOE's. But I can do okay. I can do the. Nfl draft is the Jimmy. Joe Show. I just started arguing with Gus Douglaston. Well no I'm just saying I. I know your football knowledge is fantastic. You know a lot about football. Now I don't know XS and Os you know. Well Yeah you don't have those but I also I think that this past year member we've had some discussions about Different motivational spots. I think I'm the motivational captain of the handicapping. I don't know Jimmy's and Joe's or as you know pretty. Though that like a holiday kids were after they win a big game or not. GonNa play as well the next week. Yes. That's pretty much all I know. You just know the feel of the game you. The situation that they're in I as a human would feel this way. Yes and that's why it's going that direction. Tommy play minecraft sneeze some as your good. Can they hear Tommy Can the producer? Whoever's on the board can you hear Tommy when he talks in the Mike Tommy talking to Mike? Real quick see seeing the ABC's again give us those ABC's as the Mike Tommy whispering. No that's definitely not going to work. Don't worry about it Did you hear him when he listed his favorite jobs? Okay all right. Cool all right. So so Tommy's Mike is working if he wants to hop back in Are we going to do draft next ye? I think so next week a lot of people want to do a football movie for sure and I think draft as the right one because it kind of a lot of people hate a lot of people like it. I really wanted to do the program. But I couldn't find it where people can find because the programs one of my favorite football program. Oh Shit about the program starring. Defense Shabelle Alvin Mack. There's so many there's so many everybody. The program is blue chips with the name of our magazine Wall Player. Steve Lattimer it's supposed to be about FSU it's What's his name? Who who's the main character came? You know the coach numbers name. But it's a James Caan claims on Bowden. No it's kind of like who? I don't remember who he followed I. He's one of those calm Guy Right. He's not like a outlandish like Pete Bell was he's just kind of like the figurehead of the program. James Caan I think I can't remember who we followed. We should definitely watch the program. I would watch the we've done. We did back to back basketball than we did back to back baseball so we can do back to back football. That's right could drafted though because we should do drafting next week. I think that that's fair because it's just so ridiculous. The Perfect Watch for us. But somehow it's like it's so ridiculous at like a comes around like it's not just it's not pure poppycock. It gets the the machinations around the draft pretty correct but the trades. He pulls off a ridiculous but at the same time they'll look at the first round picks gets them all back but look at the Ricky Williams trade. I mean the fact that he gets them all back but he also he gave up the he also gives it three second round picks. That's right yeah. So it's like I mean he he is. There is an element to the trades. Where it's just it is ridiculous but there's enough that is grounded in reality that you're not like what is going on here. Still still go ahead negotiate. Can we go wrong? Yes can I just say whatever breaks here? I'm just GONNA go ahead and I'm just GonNa go and give you one hundred and fifty dollars. Ooh I know wrong. Don't do that onto I as ruins representative and legal counsel. I'm GONNA say right now. If one thing breaks you have to give a hundred dollars. If two things break you have to get up to three hundred pounds. What Yeah Yeah. Yeah I will come and tell me whatever you want and I will cover the cost of what he breaks. Because I already said I'd give you fifteen hundred dollars so that money's gone so one hundred and fifty dollars that's breaking. There's what if he breaks the playstation. I'm trying the XBOX xbox one what if it's a one hundred dollars no matter what as insurer and insured against against everything here? What do you got Tommy? We got say you can break anything into the. Oh you're rolling. Mike singing the Mike. Dance wrong name. Hannah conversation good songwriter. You does this all day. I just us you support. This is my name saying that was good. Tommy good not good stuff man. What's that song? Call Tommy INSA SHY. Now is it. Is it your Tommy Walker original? Oh it's B. E. R. B. E. R. E. R. Beanie are the band your well He. He's not lying okay. There's a band called. B E R never heard of PR groups name is B. E. R. Do thanks for putting us onto that Jews lived. I am good new music and that song sounded really good. They they seem pretty cool. They do seem pretty cool. Their logo is a skeleton with some kind. Yay West glasses on. You know the key west shades that had like strikes slats them. That's that's their logo so I don't know if it's a new band if it's an old band but I like it it's new to me. There are old. Appreciate it and good fine. Tommy Good Poll Brandon. We did the Mount Rushmore of states. Today you think that's fair that in twelve twelve picks between me. Pf Tea and hang cake now did pick Mississippi second overall which I fought back at but would you say the Mississippi is in the bottom twelve. Okay so all right just relax. I'm very relaxed. I agree a question. I am objective measure. Yes there there are reasons to put Mississippi in the bottom where the Fateh state where the poorest state we have to leash education but say no more do the best minds. The best minds in Mississippi moved out of Mississippi. Well I would say the best minds and a lot of states. You don't live in the state that you know. I don't listen. Listen Ronan. State Rep listen. I defending Mississippi. Thank you gave me the listen. I said Elvis Oprah Jerry Rice Walter Payton Brett farve southern food catfish. There you go. That's good wait. Was that just a tourism commercial for that. Was The tax is. I texted brandon. I said hey listen. We're about to do this. I think Mississippi is GONNA get picked. So give me something. And I'll defend you and those I mean those are. That's a pretty strong backbone. Hank picked it was a believe Hank would be a little bit more diplomatic about also had reasons like he was like I went there and I had a bad time. Yeah but he won't with Kayla we've got contention with Caleb about this video they did I. Did you watch calebs documentary? Do and did you see how he very earnestly said not to make fun of you. He said we went to Starkville. And there was nothing to do. And the only way that we could make this like interesting at all was to do parody of it. He wasn't saying that. Because you were there to poke at you or to give you a gentle ribbing he was he was saying rapidly Brennan Walker existed. I facetime Caleb last night you did house doing facetime all the last night just to see how everybody was doing facing me who. I was talking to you guys today okay. So how's everyone doing giving us good? I called him right in the middle. He was doing a DJ session. So phones on music going and said I'm Jay. Right now call you back. I think he was just teaching at his house and he called me back and his brother went and call them catfish yesterday. So I got a picture of that and then I called Coley. He was doing mix tape. Okay and I talked to Nick and K B. They're always together. They're always together. They do live together. I think I don't know if they live together. I live right next to each other. I don't know how it works but I talked to nick and Gabi Youtube. I'm talking to Stephen J. I forgot to. Oh Wow Steven. Shay did not get talked to. Oh that was a roundhouse Combo. Get Him Tommy Let. Let's pick at the underlying scab here Stephen as been. I mean he's been starting to do with me for awhile he's got. He gave you some Gulf. The Gulf happened. Honestly you guys are going to have to settle it on this this draft show next week but you didn't give him a facetime. Well the reason I didn't was I did these face times at ten. Forty five and I feel like Stephen. She goes to bed at nine o'clock. Yeah he probably does. He's he's bettering himself right now. He's one of the only people everyone's got that on volume themselves as bettering that annoying friend. Who Right now like it's it is pretty much decided like everyone's GonNa come out of this looking fatter grocer haircut like I had to cut like a white the white hair out of my beard this morning. It's gross. There's definitely though every friend group has at one guy who's like I've just been crushing it man who they're not doing it silently. Herschel Walker workout. Every morning push up from the back of my hand ruining like learned French this after news. Text message groups about push ups. Yeah coding like all this stuff yeah unacceptable. Because they're using it as a tool to open up their own condescension. They're just yelled at to look down their nose and be like when I did with my time. Stephen share right now. He's definitely a date with my time. Hate ash right now. Dude Dell come back and have all. The shirts just fit in a little bit nicer. You know not me. Groans been doing push ups though still really. Yeah ascend to the two thousand push-up but we club. But I just have to stave off like I do every Saturday. I don't do it throughout the week. I just do it all at once. You have a Herculean what you're doing crazy man crazy tiny dab and doing push ups. Yes right away. You wouldn't lie about that. They're in lockstep. Tommy would never lie about that. I got their stories straight beforehand. Kids across the Brooklyn Bridge was like all right. Tommy here's the deal if telling these fellas that I've been doing thousand pushups every Saturday. So they ask. I'll give them every possible combination without you. Say Yes no questions asked us for you. Mess this up for him. Yeah if they try to get you away from me if they separate us you stay strong son. I've been seeing this coming. I WanNa ask you a question. We even the this lie. What do you think about this apartment? What do you think about? Ron's place a very nice nice. What's Nice about the entire apartment? All right he's very. I asked if I could have a dog. I said I might wind up with a dog in my life at some point. Connie told me that this apartments too nice for dog so yeah I mean look at it. I don't I don't know what to do. How do I how do I make it less nice? I don't know what my recourse is to be able to fit this retrofit. This for a dog. Break the glass all right if you if you want to talk to you. Come talk on the Mike when you guys were driving and you saw me walking. Stella Tommy just goes is. Let Me Guess Spell Dude. You got that for so actually. It's my other dog. Linda have never showed you. Let me get let me guess is one of his his main phrases legion. Great and whenever you walk in the room like let me guess. Put a shirt on yet. Let me guess. Hey you get. He gets his guesses right. Think about it so let me and then you can make you make your guests right away. I guess we're on. You're wearing a hat today. Yeah you're right Kinda nailed get up Thomas de Robing. He's got his underneath. What's underneath straight straight jobs? Look going on. It looks new. It's still has a creases either. It was perfectly folded or its brand new. No they haven't none of my kids have worn their good close in a month. Oh we've kept a good close. You didn't do like Easter. Doom did. But we didn't dress up for. Oh yeah dress up for the ongoing sport would you think Tom? He's GonNa wind up playing in later on in his life other than fighting fighting so he he has never expressed a desire to play baseball. Put him in t ball and baseball before but he never really wanted to play it too. You're part of the problem. But over the last dying over the last six months he's taking an interest in it and I get him outside and he just knocks shit out of baseball so I think he's starting to get into that final and I think he's going to have some Dinger's he can hit. Damn maybe we could see some Russian the mound videos too and that could get people excited about baseball. Oh Yeah Tommy. What he got hit from my neighbor's yard all the way over there. I didn't hate it all the way to my other neighbor's yard for that's pretty good was Four hundred exit velocity stat statuary. What I'm starting to lose knowledge about sports. Now what is it when seconds track no star Trek is the? This is sad though this is I've actually noticed a couple times where I try to say something sports related and I just don't have the word it's losing it we're exit velocity and they do angle launch angle but what is what they call it. Sports Tracks No sports sport track is is the contracts that cast stack has what I just said but I don't think it stack cast. There's gotta be something else. Let me on. This is killing me. This is actually going to kill me. I if I if I wanted on the record that if I do die because I can't think of this word I want it as counters corona of death. Okay Okay we'll put this word on your tombstone to DC. Don't even cool it. I'm GonNa just wait. I'm waiting till someone tweets at me. What is the word the? Espn uses to describe when they when they go inside the stat inside the Status Sport Science. But that's their segments gas you saying it's Stackhouse Stackhouse Stackhouse Act. That sounds too plain. Everyone is no. It's definitely there's some. They'll sit sit. There's another word there. There's another word there that you're not telling me they are casting the stat. But it's not. I don't think there's another word. Someone say the other adults? They the other word this sucks. This really sucks. I'm telling you I'm starting to lose my hip. What else so you don't even know what else you forgotten. You can't tell me what you've forgotten forgotten right now. I don't know what you don't know see right now. Right now. With Juicy Astra per month the baseball season all these things should be flooding. Should be like I should be making the joke like you know I do that. I'll be like the. Espn will tweet it out. And then I'll say actually my thing had it. We're just losing it slowly. We Will Be Basketball. It would be. Nba Playoffs right now. Just starting it'd be great so yes all the next gen action stack cast next year but next. Gen is a thing though. I don't know I think they're making it up. You know there's a thing us we're susceptible to be messed with though. We're just like old folks at In the memory ward. Who just have like Plato brains. You could tell him anything stack cast. I guess it is that cast that actually makes it even worse. I would rather be a roller that you remember right. I'd rather have been a word that I just couldn't remember. You're right in instead. It's a word that I remembered but I put it to something that it doesn't that was one of my worst showing street. That was a bad show. Next Gen is what people are all out of practice. This is not. This is not a good look. We're going to need spring training before we come back fully. At what point do you stop missing? Sports that's my fear. No because we have these fake sport when you play this fucking so I watch this game. I may allow core. I woke up this morning. I was so excited. Got A game tonight. I Watch football game and it is the most exciting part of my day so I am never going to start missing sports because I watched gusto Captain Games. It's an actual game. Yeah I I was getting mad at you. I was getting mad at me because at first I was like throw the ball and then and then you do it too much and the nights where there isn't sports. Is this same vacuum of like the night before like a finals game. Where it's like the lull and it's like more sports we gotta wait for next. I have observation. I just don't like watching old games that much. I do like watching a game every now and then but I don't like every night having to watch old game the game the first time as a unique experiment you can never get it back here. Is My issue with the old game watches. That are going on right now. I think that they're missing a timeframe that we should be watching more of so they do a lot of eat. I watch a lot of college basketball eighties during March madness. Obviously I'm a love. Mj docked late nineties bowls are coming up. I feel like we have. They don't do two thousand two thousand ten decade they had the Brett farve going two minutes over the packers playing the vikings with Brett farve tonight and I was like this is kind of cool because this is like a recent but not super reason you know what I mean like ten years ago or whatever it. Is that Mike where you could. Almost you can still kind of remember exactly where you were at that time. The biggest one they've shown was UC in Texas. I thought that's the one that got the most twitter play I want. I'LL WATCH EVERY TIME. Six six those five seasons in January or like give me the Oklahoma Boise state game. Oh I lost so much money on that game. I thought Oklahoma was GONNA kill them. That was a reason that re watching these games like the obviously there's something special about washing them the first time being in the amber of that moment but every game. You don't know that the game is going to be special as you're watching it and sometimes it's lost on you. How special that is. And you don't get the chance to watch it right back like the next day. You don't get that instant classic vibe you don't get you don't get to revisit rian joy it and that's what I like about these re watches especially with college teams where you can be like. That guy was on the right college football team when you look at old clemson team and data stack defense or no hieaux state team had like eight receivers that are in the NFL right now. Yeah Sas the Kinda Shit that gets me fired up. And it's like Oh. I can't believe that these guys were all playing together. I agree with you there. Seeing the college teams the old college teams and being like men that guy that guy that guy. That is pretty quiet. Watch the Miami Ohio State Game. The other day The National Championship game. And what two thousand one to two thousand two I always. I don't I don't like how that's the two thousand one season though right. That's what bothers I I. I hate that. I hate super bowls because you can never somebody says they should make January first right win like I don't know where you would end it. I don't know I don't know what the solution is but I'll tell you the solution. Actually baseball doesn't start till July one make July fourth the start of the New Year and you have the end of basketball like every sport which has changed the entire cylinder. We just don't START BASEBALL TILL JULY. Fourth all right and then every year years. July fourth now knew who I fourth New Year's and every sport is now contained into the years. We shouldn't be basing the years around the months. We should be basing our our sports season nice and tidy when we want to go back. Democ situation because if you ask me who won the nineteen eighty seven world series. I'll tell you immediately if you ask me. Who won the nineteen eighty-seven Super Bowl do math in my head? Because it'll go back right who who came seven super bowl was a niner's riskin niners. Had I think the best team in the in the NFL that you like you're okay? So when was the year that the Niner I was? Actually you know what I did. Today I went down a rabbit hole of watching. I don't know what it was if someone just tweeted and it was. I watched like a twenty minute clip about the fifteen in one. Vikings at loss. To the Falcons. Yeah time hadn't missed all year all time. And then and then Morton hit at the exact same spot into the same uprights. Yup Right afterwards. But that Falcons team was fourteen into that was like an incredible fast. Yeah but it was the dirty bird. Edible broke that. That biking seem broke the record for points scored did they at that point. Randy Moss Randy. Moss. Chris Carter was insane but it was randall. Cunningham Cunningham was he was he was just. This is pre Dante colpepper. Yes it was Robert Smith. This was ran on big comeback. Yeah one big comeback here and I was right. I mean having Randy Moss I guess is they did this thing at the end of it was so mean. They like Danny Green. Chris Carter and John Randall. Put out their hands and look at them and they're like no reason. There's no rings they John Randall. Put is big big. Big Old mid out and was like yeah. There's never going to be a ring on this trick them. I WANNA see how no no. They're like disconnect harder to show where you show us where you would put your super rules. Don't have fucked up. Yeah devastating. What a team. What are forgotten team. It's always fascinating that that's one of my. The thing I love about. Sports is like the best teams. That didn't win it. All in two thousand one mariners. Yeah and the the element of the plays into the Vikings especially in that one is that they make suppo bowl. I think if you make the Super Bowl. There's always a little bit of a different vibe about like if you get to the finals yeah is not lie yeah right it's like the Nineteen Patriots Trade Smith. Yeah right exactly you remember the teams get randy. Moss had to one loss seasons his lifetime. That's gotta be Never WanNa rent. Because does anyone else have to one loss seasons as a as a pro with the Patriots? Who knows it? That's that's something. He doesn't have the clutch gene. That's actually a fact. He does not have the question because he did drop. Touchdown Pass in the Vikings Falcons game that I re- walk and he really. Yes Tommy you good. Yes when they settled for field goal could've could've stepped on their throat. And you never think Randy. Moss show that to the mixed. Hey guys who are always talking. Shit on Jerry Rice. I don't like how much they talk. Share four Super Bowls Bahraini MAZDAS. You wouldn't take randy if you could draft all time in their prime wide receivers right this second year. Your number one pick wouldn't be Randy Moss. I I still think it'll be jerry rice and I was something else but if you look at Jerry Rice or stats against his peers. But I don't I still think that there's Randy Moss. I think that's a mouse was incredibly Jerry. Rice had to hall of fame quarterback store that's fine but Ramos had a great career slow. He had. What is Randall Cunningham Hall of Famer? He's not fuck but he's still heavy at Brady throw into him any culpepper. Who was no slaps at the time? I don't know what happened to them when they went to Miami. What does that was my favorite colpepper in? I didn't like it because it's the vikings but it always made me laugh because this fat guy I always root. That's the problem is like even if you hate it. Team if the ability MAS- Fat Guy. You kind of have colpepper. Is your size six five to do that? And I would just like Gosh dammit my boy with a dealer's choice. You can have either one of those. I just don't like that. They Talk Shit on Jerry Rice because of it like leaks Jerry. Rice still have been great even if Randy mosses better than him. That doesn't mean Jerry Rice fuck and Suck No. I agree with what you're saying. That's that's a thing that drives me nuts about the. Mj Lebron thing is that Lebron fans basically say like MJ. Played against fucking plumbers. Your what I mean like. It's it's crazy so I agree. GonNa look back and say that when they say see like Nicoli Yokich. It'd be like look at the guys playing against. What are you gotTa my wife? Just the texting me that she may be tipsy when I get home dairy gals enjoying life without Tommy. Oh so is Tommy. The song the Straw that stirs straight yes. Tommy is How Tommy acts that day determines how the day is. I liked that I liked that and then the other three are just kinda like Johnson. Baby CY scientists easy going. You think that they are like Tommy. Now is out there like all right. We're all just like do you think they're like sitting in like Tuxedos and eating your greatest manners of all time. There's like discussing the Leesburg Opera Company becomes. Tell me and be walk. Come back and it's just a tornado. Just like the ball of dirt that you see Charlie Brown and Grey poupon. I love the pinkies out. Plo Beethoven's fifth yes. Yes this is a you know. Aristocrats the Walker's Walker Socratic family All right let's take a break when we come back. We will get back in the AC. I wish we watched him Jerry Springer today just because we're all here we're having a great great no same for the second hour throat on in the background. We or maybe we'll just cruise for an old game or something for the second hour. I feel like it's GonNa be very weird not watching a movie the second hour. We're not moving in four days. Unbelievable maybe a bad precedent though. But we'll see now at draft day. We're GONNA WANNA milk. Oh Yeah Oh yeah all right. We'll be back after this back dollar band converse on the AC. What is it Thomas? Favorites Band dommage favorite group of Bon Jovi and his favorite songs. Wow good taste. Todd tried to get into it but he wouldn't do it he also likes the beach boys the beach boys. That's a good one bye Jovis a jersey. A Jersey Bang Jersey. Boy Is it real on Jovis a Jersey guy? I'm pretty sure you own a yeah. I think so. Yes he is. He likes Bon Jovi and the beach boys. He's forced Good Jersey and Kelly would came you plane Tommy Dot. Io DOT IO. That sounds intense. What are you doing that game people and you survive? But what about the his life? Yeah you're literally playing the game of life right now. Talk about some of the guns get in there. Tommy what's your favorite gun. And what are some other ones you like? What's your favorite gun? Popish the double shotgun best granddaddy of mall at us. I'm happy dead. I'm happy the time your best friends. Little Buckshot legos. Double-barreled smart. Yeah how long? It's going to talk about this trip. Oh for the next to the quarantine the utterly in the quarantine. This'll this'll be pretty much and he is the envy of other Walker kids. They were upset. This oh they were not happy. Dang so I have. I owe them both a trip or a promise or something you from. What kind of stuff would you? He's GonNa get to three hundred pounds valve something in the future. What kind of stuff like? What is it just like trips or like roller coaster ride? So they're jealousy got to drive into the city today. I think I think I'll drive a couple of them into the city. Yeah sickle address. It actually is the greatest drive around right now. Yeah it's so easy to get around the city around the entire perimeter of Manhattan. Fdr never slow down. Never slow down elite. They don't let you do that anymore. They don't let anybody do that. They're always slow and people down but there's cars moving and it's like there's people out there there's people on the streets we're satisfied with the status. Do you have something to say? Yeah we Tommy. Tommy thought of something you guys can do once you guys start the show in your your break go ahead. It's called dodger dare. It's when one of if you choose dodge if one of us is Dr Okay. Did you talk dodger? Dare I got you dodger? Dare if you dare like say wrong. You Dare my dad you would have you would if you will do. If he didn't do the dare you would have to do a dodge. And what's the doll? What is the Dodge Dodge? Something all right so like Rayman air you to gain three to get up three hundred pounds so now you have to dodge something. I can throw your head at some point in the rest of my head. No He's not allowed to. He's only allowed to throw it at your leg. What about if it's leg like a little higher you know like in the the man region to man the man plumps into whatever you want okay. Great Yeah I love that game. Three hundred pounds. I'm GonNa get you up. Yeah then I I officially get to throw something you do. You have scale room yeah I do. Let's let's see if we can get it out right now or wherever right now? Dow would be funny if you're like to ninety five right now and it was just like that easy for you. It's just you know. Shoot this weekend I I actually do think that you carry a pretty well that you'd be able to do it so you're fine. Brands can step on the on the scale. Right now. Tommy how much you weigh. Will you'll step on the scale. After Brennan's getting on the scale brandon ways Rhone give us an announcement to sixty eight point three. He called it to to the number sixty eight. He was wearing though fully clothed. And you also probably Brandon when he got here. What DOES TOMMY WAY? Tommy's you gotta stay on that thing. Tommy Okay Tommy's weighing in at fifty eight point two pounds bantamweight beast when when Brandon. Tommy got here. We're deciding when we're GONNA put the pizzas in in Princeton. Tommy and I had a mess load of Bacon. So we're not correct so you guys you guys are weighing in after you. We had a pack of Bacon this morning. So that's a good start. Did you get back and tell me? I don't know if you've got Bacon Sausage and Bacon every morning. Yeah I only knew about the Bacon. You guys have sausage sauces. I eat the Bacon so I have sometimes but we have a choice of bacon sausage every morning at the house. Do you like do you. Do you fill it out the night before. Like a room service hanging on your door. No I'm a bacon guy every day every single day. Yeah but the kids. The kids vacillate back and forth. I am a vassily. You're not losing words t-word I`Ma Sausage guy but if I had to choose between sausage and Bacon. I think they're both tremendous Sausage Guy Yeah Beta. My face sausage room for wrong to do what to do. What south on the way to slap himself in the leg greatly. I'M GONNA keep an eye on you. Guys appraiser oversold over Mike Evans tweeted. I ain't no homeless. Was that damn good? That's what we're doing right now. That's how I feel bad for the Good Morning. Football and people yeah. I feel bad for like the sports center popular vote. Yes okay that goes without saying that I have to say it. I feel bad for it. Really Sucks to the people that cover sports but don't really have a sense of humor and can't don't have a different year like what are they supposed to do. You guys can do you. Guys can dare us to. Also we have different gears where we invite a nine year old enemy fighter. I'm not sure that we could always gift into. That's the easy one to shift into. But if you have to like what? What is sportscenter have been doing. I haven't been watching so I don't know that's what I mean. I don't know I tuned into one. Scott van pelt show and he was like it was doing like a tribute to seniors which was nice but he just hit seems like they're in a tough spot right now. A lot of programming surprise. He hasn't done a Douglaston segment yet. Probably swear too much but yeah I would imagine that might becoming. Yeah if he if he actually he talked about one guy I wanna meet and he and he He commented on much stuff last week. Yeah in there. Yeah you pissed I little bit. Yeah I I'm pissed too much to eat. He took a shot of the city film shot. He challenged your entire. What did he say he said something about? First of all says he owns the city of Philadelphia. And that's just what reason patently not true really came after greedy did. Oh I missed. All this great did like a similar ball video the Mardi but he just did it way faster than Mardi did it. He did a better. He did it faster than Mardi did it. He was just way more talented and well rounded and marked took it personally. He thinks that he was the first person to do. Trick shot videos. And now he's he's trying to challenge not only gritty but the whole city of Philadelphia. Trying to welcome it. He's trying to exert ownership over trick. Shot videos that have been around since the Internet. Call that Carmel. After he just pretend that everything. That's going to actively in your flagging in theaters. They portnoy has claimed ownership over on boxing. Yeah although Dave so the way Dave's brain works and it's very fascinating and I actually. I'll say that he he's not totally wrong. He won't full outright say he invented something but he will oftentimes say he popular popularize something and a lot of times. He's right and I was like something was invented and then he made it popular. Do you get credit for being the inventor. A little bit. I think that there's also a tongue-in-cheek nece to it like putting on the side of a bus. We invented the Internet running. Everybody knows that you didn't invent the Internet but I think that with some of these Colonizers people come and just stick their flags and things. They genuinely believe that they are the first person to stumble upon fantasy. Drafting things or undocking videos or trick shot videos any of these yes right. Exactly and it's it's I don't know the ownership thing on the Internet kinda funny like that's why got in that little do to do with in. Carmel. Which is he apologized and I accept. He admitted he was wrong. But I was just GonNa say dodger dares a lot better concept truth or dare. Yeah I agree I dare you have to ask you. That's a much better. I'd rather much rather play a game where I can throw something very physical game as opposed to where I just get dodger. Dare Yeah here. There's a Mike. Dare you to think about it. Don't do it don't do. Oh my gosh on her. Should you get us all beat up? That's a that's a sign of a good fighter is someone who will get you beat up and he doesn't even have to break a sweat slapping my lab. He's got you slap in your arm. We're we're all beating ourselves up and timing just gets to sit there and his ivory tower and make chess moves so true you got us. Tommy dodger me now dare Tommy dodger dare. Okay side through bad press branding already. Oh He owes me one hundred fifty dollars. Yep Insurance Anyway. Yeah exactly. Yeah you do have to pay one hundred fifty dollars no matter what happens insurance apartment. Use user fee. It's just I mean if you want the insurance if you don't want the insurance then you're liable for anything that actually breaks at cost to add probably a jacked up price. What do you do? We'll do it? We're gonNA take a break. We'll come back. We'll we'll pick up with more dodger. Dare he's picking up this whole radio thing. He's getting a little to no. He's doing fine all right this energy. 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It's perfect because I literally just pressed published on a blog and I think it's a perfect topic for a little dog day Friday here on C. C. K. It's a little bit of everything it's a little baseball. It's a little answer the Internet and it's a lot of porn. Joe Buck just responded to the play by play offer. Did you guys keep up with that earlier this week? So Coley mic blog. This rocket this was two or three days ago and a website porn site offer. Joe Buck one million dollars to do live play-by-play play for its Cam. Shows and porn sites. Always do these like viral. Tem Sir Yeah. We'll offer you a million dollars. But it's really just in the in the news cycle and so Darren rebel tweeted it. And Joe Buck just about an hour ago. Quote tweeted it and said depending on the site they could just be handing back some of my money handing money back to me so I'll hold out for better offer and try to hold onto my day job but I gotta say I'm flattered which is such a good reply from Joe Buck and I am. I'm a team. Buckeye always have been. I hate the hate that he gets. I think that Yankee fans and all the other dumb fucking baseball fans who think that he is biased against their team is so utterly moronic like those people not realize that as they're saying that like the. Red Sox fans in the same exact game are saying the same exact thing. It's just that you don't like what the announcer points out the bad things that your team are doing. He's always equal opportunity hater when he comes to his broadcast. I hate the hate he gets. I think he's fantastic at what he does. And this right here is showing. This is the way to use the Internet. And that's why it's so funny that it's attached to a Darrin Rowsell tweet which is like the last thing you WanNa do on the Internet and the reason why everyone hates him Joe Buck putting on a masterclass of how to use it and how to get people like you. It's it's great and it also ties in to answer the Internet. One of our best answer. The Internet questions is if you could have person do play by play of you having sex. Who would it be so rocket on? This Dow Day. I want to ask the question to you. I WANNA get your thoughts on Joe Buck and his response here. Just let it out. I mean this is. This is an easy one for me. I would have been scully doing my sex tape because like I'm not that like entertaining when I'm having sex. So like I got filling and now rating and then he would like to tell a story about some time that he went fishing in nineteen sixty eight with like Bob Gibson and then half nets. Yeah I I you know. It's sex rockets. Sex's much like baseball. Everyone says in baseball. There's so much dead. Air and dead time with the announcer has to fill in the gaps. And make it entertaining well. That's probably like the rocket when you need a break switch positions baby year. Maybe you're cramping up. Who KNOWS VIN? Scully would be there to To just to paint that vivid picture like Bob Ross for you Kinda Slow Process. So like he'd have plenty of time to just tell an old story about Sandy Colfax and then by the time that will be ready to come. I what do you think first of all what do you think job do you like him. I Love Joe. Buck I I mean he's incredible for me like you know when you think of your your team's personal biggest moments like Joe Bucks voices all the one. You like Joe Buck. Has the voice like when Joe Buck is calling your teams baseball games. You know that it's a big game so right I've never like I didn't really understand that there was hatred for Joe Buck into like a couple of years ago like when he started doing. Pmt and then I was like I don't like I get like when when t when my fans like Castro's because people like baseball such a regional sport and all of the broadcasters that you listen to your broadcasters one hundred sixty two games and then like it is an adjustment to be like all right. Well I'm not going to hear my broadcasters now when the Games me the most like when I'm nervous and anxious and tense like I want the soothing sounds of my broadcasters and I'm not getting that so maybe that's part of it where it's like definitely not and not only that but also just the knowledge you know your your broadcasters know everything about your team and then these guys come in. I remember particularly the crew when when Turner started to get the broadcasting rights to baseball. What like ten ten? Whatever years ago those guys were like messing up names and they didn't know what they were talking about and like That was particularly brutal. Jesmyn Dozo it was. Twenty seventeen. Jess Mendoza was talking. About how travis shock and play a factor in the series. And he wasn't even on human right right. That kind of Shit is definitely part of it but I also they also all act like you know. He's got a personal axe to grind against their team and literally. If you if you go on twitter during Joe Buck Broadcast and you search. You know his name and certain terms you will see both teams saying the same exact thing during the game so like the whole idea that he's bias is just totally ridiculous. But I think that there's something like you said. Yeah you want to hear your team but like if you're in the playoffs and it is a big moment then you associated name and his voice with with the great times when you hear that here that. Mlb on Fox that the he's like I'm Joe Buck and it's just like Oh shit this is about even as a non. Even you know my my teams. They were fucking in it. But I'm always watching playoff games. Even I'm getting juiced up just thinking about the name and the sounds and everything that is associated with Joe Buck. He like people people like the hate things that like the more popular. They are the more they get and like. I think it's almost estimate. How Great Joe Buck Is. He gets as much as he does. Because obviously like I can't even say that Like football is joe box bread and butter but like I always associate him with with baseball because like in the world series is Joe. Buck like you can get Joe. Yeah Sunday I guess so. Yeah he's he's so good at both. I mean that's what people seem to forget. Like how good you have to be to be at that level of just one sport like coming. Harlan is another example to like if you get a guy that can call multiple sports the highest level that Joe. Buck is baseball and football. He's really fucking talented them saying that like I mean when you think Joe Buck Acu football I guess most people would in certainly you. Because you're I guess that makes sense and I really didn't even think about until you just right now rocket but I I think Joe. Balk has a baseball announcer which is probably wrong. But I mean maybe because like I definitely I definitely would say like as a massive football fan like I think football I but then immediately like dawned on me that he's also he also calls the world series. So that's what I'm saying like a guy that's calling to that level. He's not just calling like flat. Big Games in the middle of July right the biggest games of the year so yeah I think so and I know his father Jack. Buck was an iconic baseball broadcaster. I think in the world. Series like my. I you know if you say to me like Joe Buck Broadcasting. I think baseball which I know is probably in the minority. But I like I dude. He was doing the World Series at Twenty Six. That is crazy and blindness sure. I'm sure there's a little bit of nepotism involved like I said. His father was an iconic legend. But you're not getting put on that stage at that age unless you can unless you got the fucking goods at the time when I was pretty young back in ninety six when the Yankees were doing it but I I wasn't thinking about like when you're that age and you're listening you just assume that the broadcasters are like old they're just old to you you know what I mean. You're not thinking about what age so it didn't. It didn't dawn on me until I was much older. That like he was a young man then and like I think as much as I hate it. I think of that back at track at the wall. We are tied and he was like no good he was he was who's age. He's probably what fucking Martin emotions age you know. Bush was like. Hey guys I gotta go do the World Series Tonight Sinc-. It's like his his dad. Like of course like there's GonNa be a leg up if your parents are really good at what they do in the industry that you're also getting into but like that would give them a leg up to do some sort of broadcasting like some sort of level right there and then you get that right then you have to prove that your work the shit to be on that package like you definitely have an advantage and definitely could get a job before somebody else. But that doesn't mean that you're all of a sudden calling the world series. Shut today machination. The strangest thing to me is As cool as he is and he's definitely shown the world that on PMT in recent years. And I think he's had some like he he's he's if you're a fan of brock buyer. He was Brock Meyer. His appearances on that are fucking hilarious. And everything points to him being cool. And then there's stupid Randy Moss clip where he just has a fucking aneurysm over Randy Moss pretending to show his butt and it's just like so out of character and I never understood like where that like vehement hatred for that celebration came from but other than that all everything else points. The Joe Boxer is being like a coup last dude and I would hate to be right and I would hate to be like right now when when you you know if you were one of those fucking dumb Yankee fans or any of those high horse baseball fans who think that he is biased against your team. You're not allowed to laugh at that three today. Nope you had been talking shit about the wrong guy for too long and now you don't get to enjoy it when he's being cool. Who would you have to that was I was about to ask you? Joe Buckby your pick Well and also by the way this doesn't necessarily have to be a broadcaster allowed people pick Morgan Freeman or Martin Sheen or guys with just like iconic voices broadcasters since we're talking about Joe Buck it's your guy no no because I have. I have the mets broadcast team. Which is you're not gonNA know it. Unless you're a mets fan. And you watch us and Y but the Combo of Gary transcends just the mets Ron Darling Ron Ron Darling. When he when he was doing I don't know where he's at in recent years when He. I was doing the playoff broadcasting. Yeah that's also Gary Cohen is. Is the mets play by? Play Guy. Who Does it along with Ron Darling? So Gary Cohen Ron Darling Keith. Hernandez I think are the best trio in all of sports. When Ron started doing playoff baseball he I think he stumbled out of the gates a little bit and it kind of gave him a bad rep because he was just like. When you watch a mets mets game with him he so knowledgeable he's got so many good stories. He's like cerebral. He went to Stamford. I think he would have been like a fucking like doctor if he wasn't a baseball player. So he's he just brings is like very intelligent and articulate knowledgeable elements of the broadcast but his his national broadcast warrant the best and I think a lot of people. I remember Dave Hating on him and didn't like them and I feel like he's recently found his group a little bit in recent years. But if you watch them with the mets if I could get a mets broadcast of him doing me that would be clutch but I think I gotta go. I think I gotta go with Keith. Anna's he's more of a color guy he doesn't do play by play. But if I could get keith. Anandas commentary one way or another on me throwing down because it's not in a good way tells it like it is when when the mets are playing shitty when it's a boring game when it's when it's going into the fourteenth inning and it sucks and no one's playing well and everyone sloppy and nobody's putting on a good show he'll tell you so. I feel like I'm GonNa get an honest broadcast but it will certainly be a funny one with With with Mexican economy. So who would be your case The first one that comes to mind is burn lundquist and I feel like because he's so versatile right like he can do the master he can have that real quiet voice. Oh it's like it's like a slow sex kinda day like he's got the Augusta national voice. Yeah but then you can also ramp it up on the SEC on CBS and he can scream and yell and do the whole thing. So I feel like he would be my first pick and then Kevin. Harlan is up there too because he can do the same thing and Kevin. Harlan also interjects a lot of really funny stuff that you have to be paying attention to like you have to catch his dry humor and I feel like when you're commentating sex. Like that would be very entertaining. Like he would pick up on little tiny things that you wouldn't if you were just watching it. I WANNA see Kevin. Harlan broadcast on like some Some like some Ultra Electric Daisy Ecstasy. Sex where people are just going off fucking out a hundred miles an hour and Kevin. How's it going to be like? And she puts her leg up and she's been around now she's reverse cowgirl. Oh my God there's money just go in one thousand miles an hour trying to your old. Or that's what DOC. Emrick would be great to painting the picture with every fucking every adjective every verb imaginable. That man is a walking the source. I know Gus Johnson would be a huge one. He would be is excitement levels through the roof Mike Breen. If you're a local guy I guess he does he does is on. Abc now but bang and throws it down. Sends it in a lot of good stuff from Mike Breen. That sounds very sexual. There's a lot of great choices. Kevin Harlan can also called to sex session that once like we saw him do it with the NFL. This past season. He could just do it at the same time. So imagine and you get Kevin Harlan. Like just having like zoom sessions where he just calling multiple people having sex like a Kevin Harlan Gang. Bang where he's just talking about everyone in the room we'll get we'll get catherine the mail woman to call in. Kevin Harlan doing him in her her swinger friends. I mean the possibilities. Yes you have it like in quarantine those because you can't get everybody in the same room. What is Kevin Harlan? Had some sort of red zone channel. I'm like chatting type of thing where he could like like. He's like watching like six. Different couples have sex and he can choose which one he's compensating. I'd watch the hell out of that. I think that imagine a red zone for sex if you have like a big brother type show and actually tonight. Is the premiere of the news. Netflix show too hot to handle where everyone lives in a house. And you're not allowed to have sex. Have you seen this? It is so so it's it's it's like a big brother type of house and everyone is sexy. Everyone is hot and I think it's in the UK so everyone you know rocky now like chicks over in England are all like all the hot chicks kind of the same. They have like huge tits. No ASS and they're like that that That accent and they're just like a different type of sexy that's very seems to be very unique to Britain. They all look like that. They're living in a house. And the rule. Is that at the end of this experiment at the end of the show. Everybody walks home with a bit of money that they it's a big pot of money that's divvied up amongst all the contestants if you have sex with someone or. I believe it's like if you kiss if you touch does any sort of intimacy and interaction. The money gets lessens. The pot gets smaller so everyone else in the house probably hates you if you're the one who breaks the rules and has sex so I think it's going to be a very good experiment where it's like. How much do you really WanNa Bang that person do you do you? Do you WANNA lose your own money. Do you want an entire house of people to hate you because you laws their money? So I think there's going to be a lot on the line there. Although I don't think it's enough money I think they said something like one hundred thousand dollars and there's probably like twenty people so I'm thinking if I'm going to walk home with like five thousand bucks and if I have sex with someone I walk home with. Four thousand bucks probably just have sex to be honest but But I would watch the hell out of that if there was if it was really it was going down and then you have like an announcer. You had a red zone channel rocket where it's like. This session is about to wrap up over here. Let's move over to this bedroom. This guy is about to come. Let's move down the hallway to this bedroom weed out. We got it all in one big screen for you. I think I think we might be onto something there. I love to broadcast that. Actually I mean we probably we probably could we. We gotta get on the on the phone with the right people. Talk to porn hub. Talk to only fans. I don't know we could probably get a I think that'd be great at that that Reality Show like I can not have sex for like months like years yeah. I don't think I'd be good at it. I feel like if you get tossed in a house rocket. I think you're wrong. I don't think you're I think you're you're overestimating your abilities. And you're underestimating. The people who want a piece of the rocket. If you're in a house you're in the same. How does not like right? Now you're just sitting around fine you're gonna live in a mansion that is stocked with Booze and music and it's probably like designed to be like a fucking sex castle and there's a bunch of hot chicks and they're all banged up and they're like. Oh my God. Is that the rocket. Did you see him? He was playing rock paper. Scissors Christian Yelich Day. Oh my God i WanNa suck his deck and you're GONNA just say no they're like here's the thing bitches like they wanna fuck. They don't WanNa fuck the rocket. So like here's the other thing too if I'm on a TV show that's like nationally broadcasted like who's GonNa be watching that. If I'm on it right the kids so my God no no. I'm not going to be having premarital sex no so I mean you have to stay true to who you are and that's just who I am. No no no. No you're talking about talking about. Jared corrobos being broadcast this show would be featuring the rocket launch it and I think when the rockets on and the bright lights are on. I don't think you're going to be the CHUMP. Who's like no? I'm sorry on camera. You're GONNA have some sexy bitch throwing herself at you and you're going to say thanks but no thanks. I don't think so but I think I mean there's nothing but willpower like you want to know where I'm at right now. Is someone on this radio show because I almost I like swallowed some depth. And oh by what does that mean. What does that have to do with anything like you you? You're acting as if you'd be on this show and you'd be able to go back to your apartment and sit alone and watch baseball highlights and almost swallow your dip like you're going to be in a house that's made to have sex with a bunch of hot girls that wanted to have sex with you. I have a really hard time believing the rocket. And or jared Kravis would know. Millions of people are watching and not want to prove that he could actually have sex with a hot girl. I don't believe that if I mean I don I his thin Casey rockets got. Nothing approve. I because all I ever hear is about the kids and yeah. I don't think people know what the Rock Fox I think they know at the end. I actually think we're I think if the rockets if the rocket ever got hacked I think the haters would be furious. I don't know what to do the amount of people who hate on anything the beard the hair the baseball this that that I don't think they would know what to do if they saw what was going on behind. The rockets closed doors. Now trying to explain this last night You know someone's asking me. How do you deal with like hate online and I was like well? Here's the thing I I can't personally get upset by chirp that are simply untrue. And there's not a whole lot that you can say to me. That would be true though. It hurt my feelings. Well you know it's a matter of how much information people have. And when you only have a certain piece of the puzzle you have to know that you're you're missing out on some seriously vital information that would simply say. I just wait what who him her. How many times what and I don't think they would know what to do with themselves. But at the end of the day that's for me to know For them to think never happened. Wouldn't it be nice though? Would it be nice for at least a couple of people to go? Oh Shit you kidding me? Yeah I mean I like. I'm sure like like you said if I if I ever got hacked then like that's information that was stolen from me but I I won't offer that Information Kevin as your father said it's federal crime. Federal Crime folks so I just I think I think if you were on a show though it would be a different story. I'm actually very excited for this show. It's like it's almost like a reverse. Love is blind. Where it's like. We're throwing you into this this fuck castle and you can't touch each other. I think it's going to be a display of of just pure unadulterated hedonistic trash and I cannot wait. Sign me up for that. I need I need a little something although I was reading. The statistics are out on on quarantine behavior. We've been living in quarantine enough that people are starting to write articles about how Americans are are living. And you might want to sit down and brace yourself for this But people are there excessively eating. They're drinking they're smoking pot. They're playing video games and they're watching porn. I know I know shocking crazy when I saw this when I saw these articles coming out my first thought was exactly that. Can you believe that this is happening? And second of all what else. Everyone's supposed to be doing. Yeah well that's fucking asshole. Kief put up the blog and this dickhead. His name's Jeremy Haines. He said he tweeted out. And it went viral. If you don't come out of this quarantine with either one a new skill to starting what you've been putting off such as a new business three more knowledge which is just like what the fuck shut the fuck up Dick then. It's not that you ever lacked the time you lack the discipline and I mean that guy has got to be the biggest jack off in the whole fucking world. The bigger joke. I think the bigger Jakov is the person that guy. It's like one a one. B The bigger one is whoever wrote. The US should be wearing jeans in your own apartment from La Times. Did you see that I? I don't want her jeans. Casey what is that like? They're having a headline from the La Times today. That said. Stop wearing sweats when you're working from home and wear jeans or pants or whatever life and being adult like you're paid to be. I can't kid I started this fight Like Day two of quarantine and it wasn't even a fight. Actually it was a guy who said he said. I've worked from home for the past seven years. Let me try to offer you guys. Some help. And one of his things was showering and get dressed like you normally would and I said like fuck off with this like that's not true. We actually ended up having a shocking breaking news. It was just like an adult back and forth where it was like. I like to do things this way. You like to do. Things that way. It's okay we can both just do that but I think that's such trash. I think that like if you need to do that. Fine go ahead but the idea that you can't be productive if you're like laying around in your robe his fucking crazy. I used to grab my laptop. I would roll. I wouldn't even roll out of bed. I would roll over grandma laptop from my bedside table and I would start blogging and me and Keith built a fucking New York smut empire that way without ever getting out of bed without ever showering without ever putting on a suit. Because that just doesn't define like my motivation at all if it does you find so be it but to act like you have to do that. In order to be productive is so fucking stupid and right now to shame. People like don't just trying to survive. Get Out of here well to me like I said when we talked about this week. One of quarantined like I do like to get up and shower and try to look a little bit more like a human one because we have to be on camera so there is that element to it helps me feel like I'm being more productive. But the fact that people think that in order to be productive and or quote be an adult. You have to put on real pants. I refuse to put on real pants. I'm wearing yoga pants every day. I'm wearing sweat pants every day. What about wearing comfortable pants makes you not an adult? I don't wear pants period like I mean granted. I guess we're we're coming. I saw hank coach tweeted it and said I've been wearing sweatpants towards since two thousand thirteen or whatever I understand that we were coming from a different place but I'm still getting and and getting somewhat ready for the day and putting on a new pair of pants and I don't see anything wrong with that. Nobody should be able to shame anyone wondering buttons or slippers. I would actually argue that if you need to dress a certain way to be motivated and do work that you're the child you're telling me that your your clothing determines like how hard you do your job. I could I can. I'm going to blog my heart out in a in a in a suit on a blog my heart out wearing nothing. I mean that to me is is crazy. It's like there's no uniform. For success you can be Zuckerberg in your in your hoodie making billions. You can be like some chump who goes to work in a in a men's warehouse. Uis AND NOBODY SO FUCK. Outta here with that. Talk but the The stimulus check reports are are rolling in as well and so people are starting to get that money and we're finding out exactly what the twelve hundred dollars are being spent on so that's actually hit a break right here and when we come back. I'll explain to you. What people are spending their stimulus. Check on if it's actually working and what people are doing twelve hundred bucks and we're also going to hear from a fella named he will be in and so we can truly let the Dow is out here on a Friday. Get that blogger. Oh that could be a good one. Maybe we'll have a name that blogger. It's America's favorite new game and coming up after the break. We'll talk to him and we'll keep it moving here on a Friday afternoon. All right thank you welcome to the show. Barstool CHICAGO OUTTA here. Carlson Dave we got chief. It is Wednesday April fifteenth. Chief how are you gonNA start singling out because when I say opened up to the class someone doing nothing so I'm doing just fine? I feel like we're going to have some fireworks and beginning this show so much miss remembering of history between Dave and Karl here so I don't know when one of their is not fireworks like there's always something going on here. Dave per usuals fired up. He sums up with you lately. Fired up your ads I would say. Is that a word table at the edge of your share. Okay Dave you're irritable. Let's go nonstop. I don't poed okay. I try to. I try to get you okay. So here's here's the. Here's a conversation before. He hopped into Mike the clip of white SOx Dave Classic Gum Gate of Twenty fifteen fourteen. I want to say if you haven't seen it. I don't know what you're waiting for. It's one of the best clips ever. I don't even want to say Barcelona because it wasn't on that yeah it was. It was more from boss. Yeah I was just GonNa say that goes a dynamite. Dave is on a news program was broadcast out of Chicago. Hit a piece of Gum. There was like charred on the side of his lip. It looked like and it went viral. Once that I had to rehash this like. Nah I don't give a shit that the clips out there. Go ahead and make fun of me out of here. You are not happy that that clip was out again. No I wasn't I wasn't I was just like what the fuck like who I wasn't mad. Maybe mads exaggeration. You were annoyed and you thought our camera or social media. You brought it up to me. I was like Danny Seasonal Dickhead. Dickhead like here's out goes. Here's here's how my dickhead? Rankings of the DAGO chief. You're just always a dickhead. So like you're kind of out of the picture here as Masic head Carl. You're always a dickhead too. But we'll get you in a second Danny is sneaking dickhead. Which makes him the Big Dick out of this is an all time deflection trying to talk about gum gate and you're getting doing a dickhead. Rankings on a nowhere. I'm trying to talk about your chewing gum out of your like you know followed by the side of your mouth here So this happens. Naturally we get into a conversation about other things. Chief brought up another accusation about that day that I don't know but Explained chief what happened. I between these two or all about about the chair every so this is cit. I think we all kind of went through in different episodes on that show over the over the years so when I went there I hadn't been on and Dave had already had gum gate and I was like. I remember the setup Dave standing off the side of the desk so before the show I noticed that there were three chairs. And I'm like Oh like you. Guys have three chairs for the show. I just remember seeing Dave stand off to the side. I thought that was GONNA be Awkward. And they're like Oh yeah. We always provide a chair for whoever guest is. Dave refused and made us like move. The chair offset 'cause he wanted to stand so he quote wouldn't look short on camera so dave just politicians to mayor Bloomberg delayed in presidential debate at the host. And you got Jarrett. Payton got a desk. Like normal. Dave off the side of the desk motioning. That's a horrible picture. There I can got the gum. The showers digging it up because why because he was like no. I'm not sitting in the chair. Is there any truth to that? White Socks Day. I don't remember I mean there could be so you didn't don't remember. Where did you get that tactic that if you didn't sit you wouldn't? It would look short because I was standing next Sitting standing whatever is due next to Pete. And he's a monster was he. What if everyone sitting than everyone short? Yeah you're all I don't know if he would've towered over me. I feel I don't know I don't remember seeing that I really don't okay that here's where we get to Carl. You say this most Mad Davis ever been at you in a moment. Yeah okay so local. Sports show on our local sports network. That can't use it. Go on and this is a thing in Chicago. Where like Oh sports feed. You'll go on sports feed and we know the guys over there so this has been kind of a long standing thing. But I'd never got invited until Dave and I started the podcast. I'm radio says his Barstool just goes out to New York. And so dave and I start the PODCAST. Sports feed reaches out there like. Hey you know we would love to still keep an active relationship with partial Chicago. Do you guys WANNA come out and announce the release of the PODCAST. So Dave and I were super excited very nervous to go on TV and I remember the first time we did it like we wore. I wore cubs Barstool merchandiser. You know like a white sox shirt or something. We went on their way to great time yet. Barcelona there's a picture right here. Universal Chicago Shirt. I'M GONNA PARCEL CHICAGO SHIRT. We're introducing the PODCAST. We're having fun. The next year sports feed reaches out again. They're like hey do you guys. WanNa come in at the start of the season same thing with day. We emerge that we just released. David had rick concert. That's very popular so I'm telling Dave we're going into sports tonight you know. What are you gonNA wear? And he's like Rick Concert. I'm like Donald where the Theo shirt and all that stuff. So that's where we left it. I'll meet you at the wgn studio. While I was coming from work and at the time I wore a suit to my job almost every day and so I was like fuck it. This'll be kind of funny. If I just come from work and where the suit and white sox Dave's relies is hall lies. I Call I call chief. I'm like what do you think this is like? Good idea bad idea chiefs like Oh man like this is you got to be in a tough spot where I knew Dave would be mad. 'cause then David Look like a bum and Carl would be dressed. Nope I'm telling you the conversation that I had with Karl like this before. This is before the show and I saw like no like. That'll be funny. And I knew it would like those like the little things like that. Do Bother Dave and so he is like isolated as the guy and a t-shirt the other three people are in a sport coat and Nice button-down shirt and the day was gonna feel like it under dress bummed on there and a works slow amish finished so yeah. I mean I had I okay. Head like a blazer and Lake Nice Chino's on and like a in a suit shirt and a tie but anyway so I'm in the newsroom at Wgn so this is like our low but it's still the superstation newsroom. Like their main fucking newsroom. I'm staying Dan Ryan walks by like. Hey there's all these people that I've seen through. Wgn through the years. I walked by like Oh but to be on live TV. You know this is kind of a big. This is years. It's a very nervous but I got there. I in the white sox. Dave comes in the hallway and I mean he just were around all these people work for. Wgn were guests on the show for like ten minutes. He comes in you. Mother fucking Cock sucker booking. I mean he couldn't. He was so mad and like trying to whisper as anger staring at like. We had to go to a side room yet. We like went into a son like Tom. Skilling side studio and he just fucking head you fucking Cox. You always make me look bad book. Where do with what I was wearing that? You didn't wear the t shirt that we were trying to sell. That's why I was pissed and then you wear the biggest arguments come from. Let's say no Dave. It won't be find this picture. I was in me. I can tell you what I was. I was wearing zoot suit. I was wearing a fucking cyrus. Go to Coco Kabonga Dave for those. It's a shame you can watch Davis clenching. His fists almost like ready to fucking pull his microphone on his show. Map in the biggest discrepancy about. This is what Dave was mad about. Because let there be no doubt. Dave didn't give a fuck. He wanted to sell more RECON t-shirts he didn't want me. Where Theo T. shirt? He wanted where all the concert shirt sales. WanNa sell. T shirt hold on hold on. I've got the picture pulled up. He's not wearing a three piece. Zoot SUIT. He's got a normal tie. Looks like Like a Navy Blazer. Perr pants so Okay so it's a it's a weird is looks like he's wearing like like you said like almost like a pair of Khakis Gray Chino's a blue Allen Edmund shoes I got a nice plays her on a nice tie purple tie and then white sox Dave is in jeans the RECON shirt and the extra flat Brim White. Sox had. He's right right now. It's not the same wanted to new on the same same one clean-shaven socks to accent white socks so actually so there seemed to be a disconnect here about whether you were mad if he was wearing the shirt eighty S. He wanted to let me ask you a question. I had gone on that show and made the like. Here's here's an example. My Dad me. He watched it. He's like you just embarrassed like there's people that listen to your Shitty podcast and read. Barstool that I work with kids like they're going to be asking me about this summer. He's an asshole. I hate him as much as you do. This shit about looking bad on that show. After I did all that all right so jay. She got a phone call in the moment because things were just so heated. I was like I gotta go to. Chief can't pass appoint communicating. Well now it was. I think you called me post. You call him pre show. It'd be like you think this is our eight and I said Yeah. I think it'll be funny. I think Dave will be genuinely mad which he was but I thought he would. He would get over. I didn't anticipate it being Davis. The maddest he's ever been at you which is quite defeat because Fara fog by second date. It's hard to think about you being mad solely over tee shirt sales. I'll say that I was personally very personal from I was out to sabotage image from the guy from the guy just discounted fifty percent on a whim because a hand like five hundred of them. Just chilling my apartment but I will say this as soon as he put you on the phone afterwards abdomen. He's like dude. I was fucking with you and you said that too and I'm like no it could joke you got you got conceited because I was like you know what you meant to? Piss me off. You piss me off mission accomplished like UNICORNS. You were you. Were hot about it and it was not. It was not more about him. The Theo shirt and how many are selling it was more about no. It's not has remember nothing to do with that. I was screaming at him with Dave. Not where the FUCKING SHIRT? We're trying to sell. It's worth it with Dave because you get this but like is it worth it. You know. It's like the prank like this is we're here we are later. I also remember like the string of tax that you're like like I was like Oh faulk like now. I'm like caught in the middle of these two. Like you know it was definitely. Dave like I like on my you know on my mother. I remember you being more mad about looking like a bum compared to him when you guys had this plan they're gonNa wear your shirts and then he didn't do the was it. I may have may have been pissed that I was looking like a bum next to him but it was more. The vast majority of my anger was because of that the O. Shirt you know. I'm historically speaking I. Don't you know no? I'm not a fucking white ochre like hate me like this isn't like Like I I had people in a closet and put videos on the Internet and go out of my way to you. Know get you twisted in these. I just sit here with you. Dave always have always will and this is a perfect. And that's exactly why. I didn't think it was a prank. Because you even said you're like dude I'm fucking with you like actually like this is actually. I've talked to Eric Right now. He's talking about getting Cou could you? Dm Josh and try to get him to call in all. I got to see if there was like we'll get down to. He didn't see the argument though. 'cause like sturt said He like I was like you motherfucker like I was whispering. DidN'T WANNA make a scene but at the same time like steam coming on my ears. But why the funniest part looking back on the whole thing was we had to go to a side room because we had to have it out like it could not wait. It had to happen right there. We'll give them a number eight hundred three eight five seven eight six six five. Anybody else wants to call in Yeah let's see if we get Josh Allen. Really quick feeling at he could confirm the chair story to share story. Okay Yeah and that's you either got to be other things that we might be able to find out in this day and I love. I mean Prager Davis late. He's like one of the best guys prank at love. The hijinks Eddie you know in the relationship you and David created in and around the office because I feel like you know it is. I do come into the studio and Dave will be all flustered and you'll just be laughing and you're just giggling just like we started the show but it's natural. It's not like you come in today and you're like all right. This is GONNA get Dave no I just I just sometimes I just. I think this is like the white SOx Dave magic that Portnoy's saw where I remember the first time we went into the office after the picked up redline the four of us went in. And he's like your contentious like your contentious white sox and that is when Dave is at his best as what is guards up and he's going at people deflecting attacking my Barney's always around edit. Your guard is up around me. Yo Yeah why? Because you're always scheming and plotting in employing your your kneedler. Yeah it's in the sake of content of course so I think here's the thing it Dave. He's very hard argue it though I don't I don't because I'm never wrong. I we've talked about this before but I will give credit though like once. He realizes it that he's wrong. Which can take a lot of effort? He will be like you're right and like he won't just keep like some people will argue forever just so they don't have to say the wrong. Dave's very wanted clicks in he will. He's quick to either apologize or admit that he was wrong or whatever that's nice but like what about the fact that they've is always looking for that argument. I'm not looking for. I mean I'll take you to argue about it that Teddy Bridgewater sucked in two thousand. Fifteen like that's we're talking about. That was like ten. Our arguments spread out over two days and Chief. Winning just admit defeat. But you dave you have this. I don't know if it's a good ability or if you do this intentionally but you have this ability to make points and like argue something. That's not even being argued. It's incredible and it's frustrating at the same time. It's an interesting defense tactic. Because you're like do I. It's a smokescreen like do I do. I take the bait here. It's play action. You is a lot of the times like we're arguing in the office. Like camera off or camera on will be arguing two separate things like you'll be pissed. Shit. I'll be I'll be pissed at the other thing and then like like what. I don't even remember what you're arguing about the other day boy. What's a good debate that we've had that could've just could it be settled? Won The bridgewater bridgewater but then also station hotdog. All the hot hot dog is what I was. GonNa say I talk? I can't in In comiskey that was like I remember it but I don't remember what I thought Eddie was gonNA throw you down from the three hundred level gaining comiskey. Aw Oh yeah well. That's because he was just trying to be fucking he was trying to. You know pop his shoulders like all th I ha. I was right about this too. That came out of nowhere but that was whatever that was the. That's neither here nor there because that was not the original argue. Sure sure your original argument was I. Don't even I don't even know anymore because Davis twisted type said like I say that you say gene and Jude's hot dogs are the best. How dogs on the planet I say. They use Vienna p hotdogs. They can't really be that much better. Then of thirty Fifth Street Red Hot. You're saying hot dog is a hot dog is a hot dog. As long as long as the base ingredient is the same Vienna beef. Yes that preparation. The various between like the best hotdogs isn't great. It's not like pizza places. That's my argument. But some fucking argue about this offensive lineman and being like six three thirty. They're the same you know. He came from not like where it really does. Come down to the intangibles like the difference between a gene and Utah and someone red hots thirty. Fifth are the little things do they. Steam the bonds. We're doing we're and that's my point is people who care about their product and care about making those dogs that matter Steve You. Their argument was that they boiled the hot dog. So Gosh Dave Gene. There's a reason why. Why why okay. You tell me whether known as the bus. I think I mean there's not a. There's not a billion places that do what they like that that specialize in hot docs but if it was that easier one anyone's going. Oh Yeah we'll make the same. I mean thirty fishery in my opinion is just as good as Gina. Jews which is just as good as good as red hot ranchers just as good as fat. Sow's it's all fucking hot dogs. That's those girls are thought. I threw them. Because they're across the street buoyed you get. My point player fills pizza and and veto in Knicks and house. Our way different from each other. But they're all fantastic that at that point. It's just a this is your pal. It not have the ability to differentiate between dogs on like maybe it who the do boy the variance isn't that it's not that it's not that big started making this debate as a recent. I don't know you said that original. That's exactly what I said. And then we got to the point we were going to. I was going to pick out hot dogs from and we actually kind of funny We are in the other room. And I'm like and we were figuring out how we're going to do this on camera to make it content and we figured out that we have to just eat the like only eat the hotdogs like no buns or anything so you could pick out the best. And you wouldn't be able to do that the I would. They're all fucking. Pm beef hotdogs how it's impossible. It's all the same because they're cook different. I don't know how many times explain the link but to have a proper control. You would only be eating a hotdog. No toppings know Bono. Nothing you understand. Yes I've been like. This is exactly where white sox get. You is because now in this conversation about hotdogs. He's going to get you on the hot dog challenge and like wool. Spend Time Circle in the circle in the runway on. Like we'll know what's the control and you can have a bond and you you know I know how you like your mustard and it just gets sloppy. Stick to the hot dog but then this is where it's like. Dave like now you've reduced like you're getting rid of the original argument because like Portnoy does it just. She's only because he likes it and that's his control still grades of sausage cheese. How much it's cooked all that the consistency. That'd be the same thing as to how some hotdog places are better than others. You CHOSE NOT. The differences is in like crazy. It's not crazy like I couldn't. I couldn't hotdogs by of course. Of course I could. I could go and Steve Abban and get a Vienna beef hot dog from jewel or Marianas or whatever and make a Chicago style. Hot Dog almost is good not could not even close to doing that for for next million times you will never make a hotdog is good as them. You personally you both fucking hot dogs. He put them on a bunny chop up some onion celery salt. You're thinking Dave they know the science you know what holidays gene jus been around call could gene and Jude's guide right a better white sox blog than us a bigger white sox fan probably. I can't write for Shit did you. Did you boil your stake? Like you're GonNa blow your hot dogs. Can you take the microphone him? Let's go to. Let's go to George in New York. He wants to weigh under the hot dog to pay. Georgia are you there. Hey guys how're you doing today? I love this argument but I gotta Say I'm an East Coast Guy I worked in Chicago. Plenty and I'll go into wiener circle in the middle of the night with some fat black woman behind the counter looked at me and says what the fuck do you want. I gotTa tell you. There's nothing like maintenance or Rut site. In Clifton New Jersey they throw them into a fryer and they rip them aright. That is part of the deal in there. But that's good. He gives us some qualifications. He's coming into the conversation he's like. Hey I know wiener circle so like I'm not a complete outsider like I'm a valid hotdog opinion guy like that's how I read the wieners circle in Chicago for a number of years for certain client so I always go to wiener circle. I place my father told me to go to. I don't think we inner circle is people don't revert because the food is good pizza. Experience like you say right behind the Counter. Who is you know she gives you shit that gets the point? It's an experience I don't I don't even think I don't think anyone talks about. The food is accurate but famous because of that level of service that you just described and are we talking runs deep fried dogs. I hear Deep Fried Fried. Or what's the difference? I've had deep red hot talk. It's deep fried. I went to graduate school with Johnny the Greek Johnny degree. 'cause the son of the guy who founded and Johnny. The Greek was also on our New Jersey housewives. He passed away A couple of years ago but Franken told me come there they have this incredible secret mustard that it just flies your mouth it frame by frame for trump's review there. I gotTa Tell You. A lot of people love it. Wind out the door into the parking lot. I WANNA dried. We'll we'll have to figure it out. Where's it it's in clicked in New Jersey off route twenty one? I wrote saw. Thanks for calling George appreciate it. No problem take care thanks. Also it looks like Josh is on. The phone is shots there. Josh we GOTCHA. What's up those? Yeah Josh how are you? I'm good listening to that heated hotdog debate. I live like five blocks away from wiener circle. So I gotTA defend Weiner Circle come on. I don't know maybe maybe people like winners circle wrong. I think it's a girl dog. That's what you guys set right. It's it's the whole deal milkshake. And what you order there and the lights and you know my first time there. I was tricked into getting it. And no idea what I always enforced so that. That's part of the appeal for sure. I I hear. I think it's grilled what's makes a difference. What are so Jasper sitting here. We're talking about obviously the the great gum gate of whatever year it was and there's a couple of stories we wanted to get you to clear up. We'll start with chiefs version of the chair story when I came on it was after white. Sox David had his gum fiasco and I remember being like puzzled that there were three chairs. The desk was. I had watched the David you a hundred times. And he was standing off to the side. And you're like oh well. Yeah that's because Dave refused the chair so he he didn't want to sit in the chair with you and in Jared what I recall is. He had the cheered there but he was like halfway between sitting and standing. You know when you're like that awkward position where you're not sure if you WANNA fully sit down but you don't WanNa like fully stand up either so he's Kinda like you know like hunched over. Yeah I don't know maybe it was. You know I know and Dave has been good to us over the years and I think he would be the first to say he was pretty nervous. I think it was. Are you kidding me? Yeah didn't take you were nervous and you. That's where the gum comes in but on top of that your posture. We needed to work on that. A little bit and Yeah so there was a cheer there but you are definitely not sitting. I wanted to find myself a little bit. I got in there and I came from. Work actually took off work early like our early. It was ninety five degrees that day. I showered in an ice cold shower and my shower. Take and I ask you guys when I got there. How's my hair? Look a new all over the place and you guys have fine. You didn't even offer me a makeup room or nothing like I dare to Tom. Skilling has a makeup room. Why do you not get Tom? Skilling makeup room the other thing about the the snapshot there? I don't know why I just noticed it again now. But the IPAD that he's with throw the tennis ball to the VELCRO strapped on your hand like that's the I usually for the yes. There's too I've had ask one for Jarrett one for myself. And we have those for notes and the prompt or goes down or anything like that and I guess Dave just took the IPAD and yet had a little velcro fell. I told you I took it though. And he's you usually carry a baseball with you. Dave publicly speaks. That's not a joke. Something to put an digger Phelps. So that's why I took and I remember asking you guys. I'm like I need something to fidget with. Because I know what to do with sues your ipad or to charities I I'd have to go back and look at the video probably mine because I was sitting next to him. But it's fun you can. You can have some individual. You know one of those fidget spinners you have had instead so basically we're we're talking about your your showered intakes. You're already nervous about high of luck. Then you're nervous because you're on live. Tv even called Jerry. Walter Payton one point who signed one year shooter Walter. Payton son no you sat next thing on TV with Walter. Payton Walter Payton show. You corrected yourself quickly after you corrected yourself. You did say Walter Josh. At what point did you realize a guy like? He's a trump right away and and the key was so you know again. The posture was a little off. We just fine. He could he. You know because behind the desk you couldn't really tell but the gum stop immediately. I started to laugh and when we took the one shot on Dave and I knew I wasn't on camera I kind of looked at her. And He's thinking the same thing we're both like holding in laughter and you know David Gum. We could see it physically coming out of his mouth and so what we. Yeah I would have rather you just laughed in my face because I would have rolled with that all day but I just had like. Portnoy said that the like the gum had a life of its own like at a brain did and honestly. I didn't want to embarrass you by being like do like. What are you doing with this? I kind of wanted it somehow go away. Which didn't happen for another like thirty to forty five seconds when you finally realized it and this is the second part of the story where you you put it away and you put it under the desk now the next day when I went back well when I went back the set I found the gum and I took a picture of it because it was like someone had taken a piece of gum and put it under the gym stand. You know when you find these like nasty pieces of year-old gum. So that's what I found the next day. I took a picture of it and you claim still. I think that you'd never did Daddy. Never put the Gum under the desk but had visual proof so I I wouldn't do that though. So maybe it was like I WANNA DNA test on that God damn gum. Where's the sausage? The sausage sausage pictures. I'm guessing because I think that like I try not to watch a video even though it still happens to circulate the Internet like every three weeks. I try not to watch it quite if I were to watch it again. I think you can see me like try to like you. Know swiftly. Put My hand over my mouth to grab the gun. That's hanging out on my lip and I'm guessing I would try to shove it in my pocket or something and it just didn't work but I like I wouldn't just go and like like you said like stick it under the the like Jim Pressure to turn it on knowingly right Kinda think you blacked out to be honest and you were in the heat of the moment where you took it out of your mouth and you just put it anywhere you could and maybe a thought it was your pocket by you know no one else's chewed gum on our set that I know of and that's what I found so I mean yeah another another beef I got with you is. Why didn't you tell me to spit it out? It was too late. That's what it was. I remember basically we went live with the interview and I realized gum in your mouth and the point. I was like I tell them. We're just like let's see your own. Yeah probably retrospect I should have been like lose the Gum. Even it was awkward that we already unlike TV. But I don't think I noticed it until we already were rolling and that was yeah. We probably should have a producer or someone do like to get dave gum out of his mouth but if you're doing But we weight and that point it was it was just something we had to roll with intimate for great vision. So honestly I'm happy I didn't tell Ya Ya and I'll give you credit because when we came on the show I think the next year. We're getting into this like we're getting into the segment and so it's me in white socks day the first time. I was on with the judge. And you in your like Dave. We have this new segment. We want you to to do the highlights right now for like the for this white sox game in days like okay. Whatever I'm not prepared and he's like an you have to chew this entire pack of Said. He gave him like a foot. What's it called? The is easy to look for. Yeah bubble tape tape in in Intent Dave and I was like a Weber option. So I just I am. Yeah so I wouldn't insure like four or five times or whatever and the like if you look. I don't even think we would talk about it on the show but I'd always be holding a baseball because the IPAD looks so ridiculous so I just wasn't yours. I think baseball's in my trunk IPAD wasn't yours is this is he the most. Is that the most memorable moment or I mean I'm sure you have more successful and significant moments but like is at the thing like what stands out viral to you from sports. Yeah it's as far as viral moments and that that clicked by far the most views on youtube and I don't know if has on our website but it's it's for sure the one where when people recognize the show they're like Oh Barstool. Dave like the gum in or if I just bring that up like yeah we know about McDonald's my show so yeah it is for sure the one you just point to that definitely made its way far beyond Chicago. 'cause we're you know our local TV show but this was like anybody who is aware of Barstool and even people that weren't that now are there like Oh yeah that guy with the gum. Chewing very loudly on a live interview set But no it was. It was great because it It was something that look in the grand scheme of things. It's just you chewing gum so it wasn't like four on air. Did something humiliating? It was funny and then we had the Web Redemption. So that was cool. But yeah that's not talked about enough either is that I am. What when when Carlin Dave both came on I think it was the next time he was a year later. Whatever was knowing he's going to say yeah You guys had this little pep talk and I remember that in our hallway before we went on the sports office and I guess there was some confusion about what the wardrobe was gonna be because they you wore like a t shirt and a hat. I think maybe like barstool themes and Dave was dressed up in a suit and Carl were that I. Is that what it was? Basically you got to run over the road map. Yeah Carl Carl. You had told you would told Dave. Hey we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA wear Just the Barstool and then you came into full like suit dressed up for and see the appearance and he was really test. You want to continue with that story. Yeah we we touched on earlier in the show. But I don't think I didn't. I didn't know anyone saw pep talk. What did you see? I saw dave furious. Were very upset. It's the most mad. I've been mad at all. These guys pointy. It was the most mad I've ever been at anybody. I've worked with ever any job I've ever had and I got one for you because it was like right outside our sports office and it was a public place in. You're not prepared for this to happen and figure like mad as hell but at the same time you're like I'm also at Wgn TV right now. And I don't WanNa get kicked out so you were caught up in a weird spot. Yeah I was like. I was yelling at them but I was whispering curve. Slow making small talk. I guess what's up with you? Guys is like Dan. Rollins walks by. Larry Holly Walks. What's up with you? Nothing is that you motherfucker. I got to get on the show. You son of a bitch but this goes under the radar to. I'm going to throw Carl under the bus right here. Remember when he called Jordan. The first time we went on TV I do. I was GONNA bring that up Carl. You had your Your mea culpa. I guess you know it was at least twice. You did it and maybe we have to wake the great to tell you because again. We're trying to be polite to our guests on the year. We don't want on you. It's I don't WanNa be like calling me the wrong name but your which is fine. You know you call. It is it. Is Josh Yeah Josh. Your face drains. You drained all the color from your face that you were bounce back. Yeah you're bound check well-padded embarrassing for doing mental fist bombs. The first time you call him Jordan I was like yes. He looks like such an idiot right now and then we came back from the break. And you're like I apologize. I was calling you Jordan in. Your name's Josh Josh. Is there anything else here that you know we close on? You know anything that would never got the full record of anything. Remember those days or like a big cat. You've got a big cat story from having him on big cat on our first summer Twenty fifteen so. This is like before big cat was big cat. He was well known locally but there was before part of my take in anything nationally and before he kind of took off and honestly he probably got little too big for us after that so he never came back on returned our phone calls or DM. So you know that's neither here nor there. You guys are always loyal to us which we appreciate but No the first time we tried to a big. I was one of the. I guess we tried to get a little bit more Interactive with is most of the guest we had on originally if there are media people there were Kinda like just a regular newspaper. Reporters Radio folks or or bloggers until big cats personality. And what he did. We tried to think we set it up where we had like whiteboards and we had some stuff Like pre prepared questions for him to answer like One of them's about Derrick rose at the time and you know. Kinda come up with an answer to like does is Derrick. Rose accepting this twenty fifteen so rose at the time wise still kind of a little bit of a controversial figure right. 'cause he he had said the stuff during that fall about like wanting to keep his knees healthy for his son's graduation which was like fifteen years down the line and people like what are you talking about and so kind of some stuff about De rose. I remember but he was cool with doing that. It was the only time he was on the show. There is no like Gum or wrong name moments by But yeah you guys are more loyal to which Which I appreciate all right Josh. So Thanks so much for hopping on what are you up to? Now what's What's going Dave Dave literally? He sends me a game. It's like hey we're talking about the gum moment. T go on Mike. Sure like what time like when you need me like literally now like Okay Cool I. I'm glad I wasn't doing anything productive and I just finished up an interview with a high school coach for story that I'm doing 'cause we're all working from home now. Which is I got my little apartment office. Which is weird. But it's kind of what we gotta do and And Yeah so. Try to stay busy. We have a new show so showed that obviously has been talking about. Sports seed was Put the rest will say in December because CRTV gets Pulled off the air new ownership. That's added that to cut the cord there but wgn. We have a new sports show on weeknights from now it's ten forty five to eleven but when the pandemic hopefully awful go back to our ten thirty to eleven pm time after the news so he got Dan Roan. Jarrett's me more mature the whole team kind of a doing stuff Interviews analysis got a big draft show on Monday. So yeah awesome definitely go. Check that out. Josh thanks again obviously had a moment and Barcelos Chicago Law. We really appreciate you hopping on clerk decrease yet it. Thanks Josh See Jordan. All right so On that note we do need a break here. SO BARSTOOLS. Gago parcel radio. We will be right back. We're going and why I'm kidding. What is this we're back? I don't recall was coming in for split-second who met did you pick that one? No negative no eric would we got a DC. Does you guys pick that one? What can we get some background here? There's always Oh fuck thank you for that. No we're always sitting like I like sitting waiting if we don't know sometimes we have fun picking the songs out somewhere sitting and waiting because I never know one of the other guys in the room put in the break. Music comes on. We all kind of look around. Who is this? I like? Dc Eric the series producers to pick up the the have come back from break song aspect opener because but lately we're in like a standstill with our camera guy here who thinks it's like it's like up to him to pick the saw every day. I might you. You're shaking your head. No 'cause I ask you know you do not fuck you. Ask around here. Well I mean I can't say two minutes before when you get here so I asked I go. I go Dave Song Today. What's the data's April Fifteenth? We've been doing this show for three and a half months thousand. The you've asked me maybe three or four times that and the other time. Just that's just a lie other times. He'll I'll be a hey. We're playing this dog. At key he tries to slide it in there and hoping nobody asks them to place. We'll throw a hard veto at times to. He's been looking forward to putting a song in for the opener and Dave suggests something. You're quick to be like no God already have it a tax That's what comes to the music. You go why aren't they? Get the text at twelve thirty one thirty. I said no one's here so lights and my who's smoking whizzes eighteen hundred six. We gotTA talk face to face fucking postal service. You pick up the phone and sat out of tax message. He's GonNa get the Pony Express. Ed I mean we. Everything's gotTa be behind closed. Doors around her is it. Because you don't have enough control in the office if you want to exercise as much as you can over these little parts here. That's exactly Carl fucking creep. I I will say this there is situations where day about all play. This all in already settled. You know what I mean it would be like. What do you mean like? What does that even mean and two? Is it just? Because it's coming from Dave like would you? Would you talk to Edie the same way? Sure he will thinking about it. You would know it's just When I get taxed I say I don't know no one's here so I'm like I do this and then I don't want to send another text back. Oh just kidding. It's Dave stupid fucking song choice. You got a lot going on there. this you know a lot going on just not up here. The best part about this is that this whole argument right now. A stemmed from our our Guy Stephen. Dc playing. Move your body. So I have never even heard this song. You've never heard that thinks. Oh maybe repick fan of that song. Steve is that who it is they new right. Are we probably just have to go back to all of us picking Sean for a week? Yeah I think we have to go back to that. We started with. But I still want I. That was a little Stephen DC. So we'll still do. Steve Come back from break or Eric or whatever but regardless That was that was great to have Josh on to hear about the background of the of the gum gate. Various safe cleared some things up for us for sure Dave. Do you have closing like defenses. Here you know we put this into passer is asking me because I was never will never will. I have this theory that the gum chewing video has gone viral yet. It hasn't viral at any moment. Dave could wake up in like that. It actually hit Big Lake. It becomes the next boom goes. The dynamite has the potential that just like a ticking time bomb. I don't know I mean a happened. I think this was five years ago. I also feel like if that video came out in two thousand eight it would have been supervisor. Probably a download it off lime wire. Yeah like video you. Download e bombs world. Something like that like that. Video goes nuts for sure. Get a virus. It takes down the whole family computer. I really hope something. Super Fuck embarrassing. Happens to chief wounded while you'll be right there and why is it always me? What's your issue with more stark? And it doesn't really matter who because they don't pay you would handle me making fun of you. The best was actually take it personal on TV or was it just on the Internet. No that was on. Tv was on channel nine fifty three okay so without being honest with you. I have where you like. Fuck you like a little upset. Yeah Yeah Yeah but then like what like Josh said? I like blacked out a little bit. I didn't I didn't think it was GONNA look as bad as did because I felt it on the edge of my mouth and I just like you know did whatever like whatever did it. But I didn't think if you watch the whole interview it wasn't like it wasn't that bad other than that but no obviously Everybody's GonNa think like that because like you know. It was the first time I've ever been on. Tv and nerve settled down like after commercial break. I'd say 'cause you're on a whole half hour. Would you be more? Would you be more embarrassed if you did what I did with the Yu? Darvish Scoop where you completely fucked it up and we're just like made fun of for six weeks or would you rather be the guy that people go back to honestly I would be the Guy Because for I mean for one reason like if I would have done that. After like the James Shields Cuban it would have been a really bad luck for me and then to like. That's on the Internet. I know. Obviously there's videos on the Internet but it's way easier to pull a tweet them to watch a whole veal if I don't know. Also it's kind of like maybe your first introduction. To bad things happen to a partial is overall a net positive. Like big cap lock to the next day. Sure you got way more followers from it like a great point. I. It's it's like. Yeah it's a low moment but it's now it's just like party your store. Your brain fishy. Yes in the moment right pissing them all that like this was obviously kinda primitive and I didn't want like bosses and Shit at my job. I was like dude like 'cause I looked early. I'm like I'm leaving work. I'm sneaking out of here. Yeah and then I house plus they get to. I pulled off never catch apple to office and the I didn't say this when Josh's output so I worked at the old six hundred West Building. Everybody knows it in. Chicago and to get out of there with a car and didn't have a car at the time was four. It took fucking forever and so I would take a divvy to and from work. I would get home in half the time so I remember. I'm thinking to myself. Oh my God I got like an hour and a half to get there. I gotTA shower. I WANNA shave. I WANNA do my hair blah blah blah and I got out. I don't want to this time taking uber home. Because it'll take me toys time so I hopped on a fucking divvy and it was sweltering heat in the middle of June sweltering ninety degrees. And I'm sure you can look up like the historic or some shit on it and I so I got on the fucking divvy and I got home and I was just soaked in sweat soaked in sweat so you were doomed from doing from the START I was. And here's the other thing. I get an uber to go up to wgn studios and I'm shower. Intake knew I was going to be sweating through the suit and everything and I looked at the driver. I'm like hey crank the AC like I need the AC bad right now. I'm going doing a TV parents or whatever AC doesn't work and he just roll down the window. So I'm like Oh hanging my head out the window on the way of Western Avenue. That's tough yeah. It was it was I was. It was a losing battle. I think that Josh Jarrett I think they like it was a sabotage mission was a sabotage me. I've I mean by who those two I am. Larry if you're listening in on that too. It's amazing that they are even able to keep you on the air like the way that you showed up. All this shoveled not sitting in the chair to income herald over the plays like the fact that they got through that without actually sabotaging. You is like they're pros. Let's let's take Jeremy. And Chicago's Jeremy there. Jeremy What's going on? Yeah I wanted to add to this Hotdog DEBATE HERE. Dave's making claims that the dog is Vienna. Dog is a dog which is one hundred percent aronie. Is You know. First of all being a dog have different weights. There's different skins natural casing their skin lists then within the natural casing classification they have different snap levels Portillo's for example has their own specially made a dog. You can't even buy them and not dogs. Jaw Their skinless retail product None of the places that actually serve Chicago hot dog even use those chairman. What's your qualifications? Here how do you know so much dogs? I've got a Ah Body here to prove that. I've had a lot of hot dogs at my day. Okay there we go. So you're you're so you agree that it's not a dog is not the same everywhere you go crack crack. Creditors bashed amounts of differences by the actual hotdog. My point is is. That tastes doesn't fluctuate near as much as pizza. Can you agree with that? I mean that that that may be the case but the bottom line is hot. Dog needs to be defended. And I'm your take on hot. Dogs is just thrown is thanks for calling NBA. I mean you you came with facts. We appreciate it how I like that. A guy named Jeremy used the word eroneous couple times from wedding crashers character. Move Jeremy all good stuff he brought up a good thing that you're crushing back to this argument where you're not like where you're like. The ferry and says keep going with the variance argument. When in reality to remember you were like it's fucking dogs and you are are all the same which now we know in further clearly. What was the gestation plenty made the VR dog and a Gash on a roller? That's not the same. I don't know if they even do that. Gas Station but still like that's your original team was like gene and Jude's isn't light years ahead of red hot ranch but you're giving to good places I can tell you two different places in that like it's going to be a lot different yes you. You're arguing two different things. Always yes he are. Don't you fucking pipe up over there but you see. Here's the variance between really good hotdogs in Chicago. Is it that big now? You're like Karl side your pal. It's just not there. You just never had book Blissett. Do Listen to the words. You said the variance between really good hotdogs in Chicago. Isn't that great? Well Yeah if you're at standard of they're really good then you're saying you're saying the top the bottom aren't that far a fear to look at it just the top. Yeah maybe you're so the bottom is the same as the top so like if I went and made my own hot dog would suck shut the fuck up. Let me talk. Say It's a four on a on a pizza scale. Four point -O Rookie score. If you go to any good hotdog place a hotdog isn't so good that it's ever gets into the eighth or ninth. I don't think it's all it's all like a four point one to a seven point nine. The variance isn't standards. Don't appreciate talks. That's what I do. I like here and there all right see. I'm craving cheese. Dogs see like hotdogs. Different Rick in Vegas. Could we gotta Rick Okay no wreck? We can't go to wreck. That's upon SARS guy. It could have been ready. Just got hung up on pawn stars Dave. Because we're too busy arguing gas station dogs. Would you apologize? It's if if we can like fact check and figure out if that was rick from Pawn Stars then I will apologize because that would have been awesome. You're sure pipe down. I think his name is right. My name is Rik and this is my Poncho. You Know Rick Harris we bring this up. Nobody loves her own jokes more than wreck from Pawn Stars. We're notice he he He he laughs always because those guys are kind of like trashy I mean. I'm talking more like the sun and then Chummy Rick. Do think he's as smart as he comes off as on that show. He's I would say he knows his shit tone about your pretty knowledgeable guy. Yeah you're sharp. Yeah you can't fake that on TV. A jack-of-all-trades knows a little bit about everything right. Heavy Samurai sword expert. I'M GONNA fly him in from Lake. Tahoe. Like I love that guy. That's the best show of all. He knows just enough to call the expert. Dude I some would say. That's a sign of a great leader. Dave how many how many do you think I think we talked about this before he did? Yeah it was like four something I think I probably seen over one hundred episodes of Pawn Stars. It's great detail daytime. Tv fantastic daytime TV also. Marathon Pawn Stars Health experts say sports reading align with one minute to go. It's not be played in front of fans until fall of two thousand twenty believe it. I think it's fear porn mattress fallacy. Just said that we can. I mean obviously the no fans is the crux here but Dr Fazio said we can theoretically play sports this summer without fans Yeah I've things are just all over the place. There's been a document leak Supposed says we're going to start reopening on May I. I saw another thing that said social distancing Harvard. Study that says social distancing should be in place until Twenty twenty two. So it's just like no one knows anything right now so it's just you know the fans. Are we getting sports? It's I I'm like I have to start like not even paying. I saw a clip The other day it was it was when Dr Foul. This is like three or four days ago someone asks Dr Fallacy. If president trump is like fallen is always like the. Dan told him we should shut down. Shut down today like I recommended thirty days. He he said thirty days when I said forty five days whatever the X. number was he made a forty five days like apparently per doctor. Faouzi president trump's fallen his words so foul Chia. What do you call out? I mean how fucked who FAO G Faouzi who knows he's like maybe the most policy because it's EPA UCI NOT EPA. He's a number one name in America. I say name once in. That's how I always say she's everyone's doing all right here. Are you alright Dave? I'm doing swimmingly are you? I am all right. Carl bow chief barreds man. This the went Wednesday Wednesday radio. This is like the end we do. We do our podcast before this. We do a lot so there's a lot of tensions on Wednesday Wednesday radio ends. It's like we've been with each other too long. Yeah this is a lot of audio can only take so. You're wondering why I think it's just Dave's kind of cranky needs an APP that could be a unit an APP David. I'm my nap Guy Really. No no that's all right that's it. Thanks for listening What DOES SHOW PARCEL CHICAGO? We will be back tomorrow ahead. Parliament is going.

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