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Coding Week Morning Riddles


Chompers is produced by gimblett and brought to you by good night's t- pressures jumper here with more chompers your twice-daily rushing show start brushing on one side of the top of your mouth undressed the inside outside and doing side of each to three take. It's coding. We gun chompers and today. We've got some postcards from your second favorite host rachel. She sent us some riddles to try and solve about things. You can make coding. Let's see what she said. This is something you can code. The really is the bomb. It has a special address that can end in dot com <hes> tough tough one rachel but i think i know the answer. I'll tell you after you switched rushing to the other side of the top of your mouth. The answer is website a website. You can think of a website like a place that you go. Only it's online online and you go there using a computer. A website is something that is made by writing code. People make websites websites for all different reasons for schools clubs or t._v. Shows there are a great place to do. Research and to learn new things making making websites is a really fun reason to write code and can be very creative switzer brushing to the bottom of your mouth and give your tongue a brush to ready for your next riddle. Here's another postcard from rachel. The back says i kind kind of like a tool on a tablet or a phone. I might help you add numbers or show you the way home so what what kind of code is this. What thing is this riddle describing an app switzer brushing to the other side of the bottom of your mouth and keep on brushing an app. Is something else that you can make with code. An app is like a tool that grownups might have on a phone or tablet apps each have specific purpose or things they help people do you some apps are like maps and can help you get from one place to another next street but there are all types of apps. All of them were made by person or group of people who wrote code that tells me what to do so those are all the riddles. I have from rachel this morning but the mill person comes back in a few hours so i might have some more for you tonight until then three to chompers chompers production of gimblett media chompers is brought to you by good night's the number one nighttime underwear delivering protection where children need it the most grownups you know the phrase. If you look good you feel good. It's true right. There's nothing like the confidence that comes from a great new outfit and when you're a kid experiencing nighttime wedding feeling good starts with your nighttime underwear. Good night's have a brand new look featuring your kids favorite characters bedtime in has never looked this good. Give your kids confidence with outstanding pajama protection provided by good night's grownups good a good night's dot com to learn more.

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