074 Unconscious Throupling w/ Sheree Zampino


Valleys is the red pill. We give you rule reality truth. Today's guests Cherie enough. She is a wife a mother a business owner and a a part of the couple as pink. It's as she is will Smith. I write a wife the mother of Trey Smith we had a really interesting conversation. <hes> me injury did about how they are making it worth you see an unconscious. Excuse me and you see an unconventional sort of family in Jada Pinkett Smith Will Smith Trey Jaden willow and and they seem to be doing this <hes> at a level that a lot of other families can't <hes> everyone seems to be full of love for one another everyone everyone seems to be full of encouragement for one another and allow the pain from the divorce that she had with will and a lot of the pain that <hes> some some of the some other families go through <hes> seems to be non-existent in their their current incarnation and it's a very very important lesson for people that might have seen relationships relationships dissolve <hes> how to kind of get that together <hes> she is really an incredible lady eighty her life journey <hes> despite any celebrity that she's in proximity to <hes> is very very impressive. <hes> and we had a lot of fun fun and we had something happened for the first time on the ramp hill. I gotta say this. I experience for the first time a hot flash. The I saw I saw a hot flash happen on the repeal podcast like she is beautiful. Ladies started sweating she had applies. I didn't know what to do is great. We've talked about that. We talk about Janus hole for uplink things there and the throttle <hes> what is like to be in that type of proximity to that type of superstardom artem and just her life or her happiness who she's dating who she seeing where she sees her life going and what is like to be a mother and a blended family so I was I was very impressed with Cherie and I think that you will be two bills. Get into it. You're the first person I've ever met from Schenectady. Are you serious. You've never met Pat Riley. No I haven't Pat Riley's from Schenectady other famous people that are from sky. Do not the only one yes so. That's how I would give it some validity Pat Riley. Have you met rally before I think I have to yeah not the yeah I feel like I have. You feel like you feel like I have but I might listen. I was about to say this is a little bit of a flex 'cause like if you as I know if I'm their payroll I ended up minute. You like the greatest coach history. I never met him but you can't be sure you might have met him. That's I know what you will. Thank you say something. You're not white crystal feel clapping. You're not white though but it's important for me to just make the white eight people clap in this situation you're not white Chris. Oh by the way is Mexican and I love the fact that you standing up for your heritage and you're not trying to be with the rest of these white folks. You feel what I'm saying like. She's not. I'm not white but I'll clap anyway crystal. Lets me know you down. He was shy bob is and all of this year so funny hey hey. How are you trying to connect for a while? I know you just you've been busy. Steve and traveling the world is you've been busy busy for me. You all over the place man it's like is is sometimes you get a podcast after you nail it down but you you you're not just Willy Nilly sipping days. We can do this whole thing that you can get out working woman. You know what it means so was life for you right now. Gosh busy is busy but busy in a good way. I have a boutique <hes> yeah. Let me talk about that. It started off as something something an obligation. I was married to a pastor and we had a women's tea and I promoted the T. by saying you know we're going to have a lady. Come and bring her things things. Were going to be shopping and that fell through so I'm like Oh shoot you know the ladies are all hyped about shopping. I said I know how to do this because I started a business years ago like compassion and clothing because I went to school F._I._T.. For for fashion and so I kind of took matters in my own hands and this was maybe about thirteen fourteen years ago and it's become become a full-fledged business. Wow so I have yes I do a lot of pop ups. <hes> a lot of you know private client invite only <hes> to the house and then I also have the Cherie Elizabeth Dot Com online which is good so that is super interesting to me so like something that sprung from because I was wonder because I know people have always wanted to do certain things over and businesses stuff like that but you actually saw a hole in the market or something where you can jump in and it's been successful for well yeah it was really it was just a fulfillment of a promise I just wanted to you know to keep the integrity of what I promoted and sold to our to our members members to our ladies and they were excited about the shopping aspect of it but when the vendor that we were going to have fell through I said I can't disappoint them so let me just make it happen. Benson went downtown got a couple of things and they were so happy and I was like you could do this. This is like a little this year. What is it like? What was it like like being the wife of a pastor everyone what was your you know you know what it was? It was interesting when I met him in fell in love with him. He was a football player pastor. What I was hoodwink or no he was yeah he was he was he was playing with the San Diego chargers and we were both you know we were both in ministry and our churches serving but it wasn't like I didn't know he wanted to be a pastor and I don't think he knew he wanted to be a pastor? I don't think it's something that you want to do. I think it's just it's a call that you respond to and you answer so he answered the call. Yeah so you completely didn't answer the question of what was what was it like being married to roster. It was challenging very challenging well. The challenge was and then at the time that we got married. During the time we were married. I also was on a reality series Hollywood exes yeah. That's all how would exits with you. As you Nicole Murphy Nicole Murphy shout out to Nicole another person that's go come down with us. We have rare Murphy on the sound yeah so Nicole Murphy who else it was on my my t- Yes yes the cook and Seiko Wow then we had it should make a Lawrence Andrea. Kelly okay was married to Martin. Okay yeah okay so Hollywood exits and so at that time that that was was the reality show show in any way a strain on the relationship e. I'm I have a new name now Sam right. I am no longer. The past is why yes it did. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa say that. The show was the reason why the marriage didn't work. I've showed didn't help you know no but <hes> but it was challenging because what happens is you WanNa honor the responsibility of being a pastor's wife and being a first lady of a church. You're so the first lady than the Pastor's wife and what does that look like how do you honor that responsibility and also remain true to yourself or you do that. And how do you do a reality show successfully <hes> those challenging I get it. I I grew up with <hes> with some kids whose parents were in the ministry and wild some of them. Were it's like some of them were and then some of them. Were constantly fighting it. You know what I mean. In Casa fight it it just is what it is. They were just they were constantly. Fighting they just they wanted to and it wasn't even be all about like being buck wild of being out here ask sometimes we just wanted to do little mischievous shit and they just felt like they would be leading. It's one thing for you to do something. You feel like you let your parents now but when you feel you're gonNA let down like three eight hundred fifty people who all they're going to bring you up to and you have to testify for all of these people buy why you Miss Carve you a lot of pressure. I would imagine it would be kind of the same thing it is this a lot of it is a lot of pressure because people really have extraordinarily unrealistic expectations of you. You know I'm really no different than anybody else. I just have a position that puts a little more responsibility on me and I'm okay with that but I'm still gonNA fall short you know I'm still gonNA miss the mark so when I do it can't be like Oh you know and that was that was heavy doing that first of all being Mary being married to a pastor being a first lady and also the head of the women's ministry and then being on a reality TV show. Did you find you find now that you're a little bit more centered. Have you found yourself a little bit more as it was. It something that you feel like wasn't what you will you was. It was hard to be yourself. Are you being yourself more now. I don't think it was hard to be myself. That might have been the problem <hes> it was hard for them with you being yourself I see Yes yes. That was the problem yeah because too when you think about it and it made sense to me the church. I'm called to the church as you A. You know a a help meet. Basically I'm not called to the church as a girlfriend so when you watch the show you see me as a sister as a friend. That's not got a girlfriend to the church. Not so you see me an element and you see me in a space. That's hard to receive you know like people in position edition. There's certain things we don't WanNa see them. Do they do them behind closed doors with their friends. You know when you're in the public are on show you you happen to like a fly high on a wall and you see stuff that you really never meant to see a question about a guess. We just had a theon Crockett. He was talking about the church and and he said that he feels like the Church sometimes makes people. I'm just going to ask you. This question. Just on the subject makes people kind of put up a facade that they can't live up to that a lot of times. It's actually not the best place to me God because nobody near as being real. What are your thoughts on that well? That's that's-that's people do wear masks but people wear masks in every facet of life you know so it's not just it's not just the charge but I do understand the expectations that <hes> especially I think when you're when you're new in Christ and you you you don't really we understand that people are just for the most part doing the best that they can do but I also think as as a more seasoned <hes> Christian if you're the the more spiritual you are. I think the more responsibility you have. I don't ever want to be a stumbling block for somebody or are you know I want to be conscious of the people that are behind me so to speak and when I say behind me I don't mean less than or lower than it's you know. It's it's it's it's a it's a horizontal walk and there are people in front of you and their people behind. You and I think we have a responsibility all of us to reach back. You know yes responsibility to bother me. What's about New Christians when I was now? Did you have to go to church. You may do like the Bible Studies went to all the studies so it was a couple of different churches because my mom is always seeking new spiritual right to information my dad me and my mom if you come to my mom and you say come that Allen Chapel Ame church she gonNa go with the mom you say come the Jimmy swaggart she going right and tell them on wherever you wherever they worshiping the speaking tongues out among go but you you would meet a lot of new Christians and when you when you're around a new Christian especially if they're like if they've been through something yeah they become obsessed with the end of the world. This was the thing basically like let's get into heaven. The first time somebody reads revelations they start coming to you and tell you I never forget. I had an older cousin that we can even place memorial brothers without him saying you see what's happening over there in the Middle East right now. You know what that means. You're ready US gone come. Might I just want to play the video game. I don't want to think about the end of the world right now. I'm thirteen heavy and a lot of people are obsessed sort of with those aspects of Christianity and when I get into it because because it hasn't really become a part of their every single day light they'll just like walk and talk to God and stuff and yeah and that's it at the end of the day. That's really what it is. He is a relationship and it's about what you do here and there's that old saying that says you can't be so spiritually bound that you're no earthly sleet good John Legit John John John John John John over the yawning John John. Are you bored with crimes boy label feel so good to you you behold Jesus. They'll come back and lake a fire. I don't feel good to you uh-huh so you know what my mother's mother is like obsessed with you why he's she. My mother thinks that you are in bless her heart walking walking angel. All I'll tell you why because of the relationship you've managed to have with of course if you guys know oh it's so weird was married to will Smith yes okay. She was where many moons ago she was married to Wilson Smith and now is functioning as out even know how to describe it say troppled look she said trump. I don't even know what that was about but but like you guys are so functional yeah yeah between you and trey and Jada and like it was it was it was James Birthday today and you haze from re-really and like him so much yes. That's my mom and my dad are divorced and she can't imagine how do you first of all then you do first as well. Do you realize that the kind of functionality that you guys have is an example something to so. Many people does that ever. Do you ever ever like dawn on you that many people look at that as it's. It's people have been very very vocal about it so yes and it I you know I'm flattered and honored by that. I'm I'm honored that we can you know be be that kind of example of just you know loving the kids and making it work because it's not easy picture. You know it's not easy but my mom was the example for me because my mom had her and my dad had had two children <hes> and then my dad moved There was always welcome into the home. You know and I think for her because we I didn't meet my biological grandfather. This is my my dad's <hes> father because my dad is Italian. My mom is black and because we were half black. He didn't want anything to do with us so I didn't meet him until I was sixteen years old. Yeah I mean I I didn't I've met him prior to. I wasn't acknowledged until I was about sixteen years old so I think that that just heard her and and gave her a respect for for for children. She's like you know these children. Don't ask to be born here and to take out your stuff on them. Cam is so not fair so I had that example so when those kids came along I visited matter for me. I didn't care what we were going. Through Vilnai Jada data and I didn't matter it was all about is about trae having the best that he could have the best relationship with with with everyone and the other kids leads you know and how do we. How do we facilitate that. We had our chance. It didn't work now. Let's shift in do what's best for these kids able to do that. I it man it's but listen it it almost because you know so many people. I've heard I've been in so many. I'm southern Louisiana. I've heard so many times and this is bad. Don't bring that baby in this house. I heard it so many times. That's Williams other board. I'll be using different now. If William is is okay now if it's if I was still married to will and Jaden you know came all different. Wel Dat would be harder right. Let me say that it would be harder to some infidel now. I'd like to think that I'm the type of person awesome that could look beyond that but I don't know 'cause. I've never been a situation so that's a little more difficult. You know we're divorced then the kids come so it's a whole different ballgame tom the whole thing. Oh God now first of all. It's hard enough making it work with one person. I haven't managed to do that about five last ethnic like just yeah. She's okay so we'll talk a fantastic show. Jada Pinkett Smith said that she's they throw a non sexual on sexual Blair said because of this nonsense throw basically with you and will yeah when you heard that you thought well. I heard it because I didn't. I hadn't seen show and people were texted me and I'm like Oh my Lord. I thought you throw it up. Red Table Able be talking today about Ellie. Let me watch the Red Table and see what's happening and understood what she was doing. I think what she was truly trying to be gracious and relate to her. You know her guests on the show and what she was just saying is the relationship because we have co parented parented. Never have we ever live together. You know will took care of tray which you know intern takes care of me because you can't really separate but all s stops in two thousand eleven trouble. We need to renegotiate these term all on say right right so yeah so you. You haven't seen throw contract to trouble. I don't know I never seen it is it trump will even know what it is. Proper up all while you said at the Mexican way missile you said Oh you roll the tone but this is I mean obviously. It doesn't seem like it's an incredibly healthy. What a threat ball this particular trouble well. I don't please don't I didn't even know what that means so I do not I.. I guess it's you know I did a tiny bit of research and it really means. It's it's a sexual thing so you you can't have a non on sexual as having a flat hill. Just can't can't exist right you accept the emotion. Oshii the well the non-sexual the non-sexual. Yes just the love because I do you have I have so much love and respect for Jada because the only thing my only requirement from her is that she treated my son well and she he has gone above and beyond nothing but love and respect for for her and gratitude in lots of gratitude yeah interesting <hes> is almost like like we wash traeger up man. 'CAUSE I the first time like we'll we'll. We'll back in the rat. He had some very prominent hits and <hes> with the just the two of US remake. I L- I used to love about that. Song is that there was a whole phase where my dad would hear a song plan and he would. I think it was the song from his youth really juicy. He will come in the room my all and he he hit biggie rapping. He'd be like what the Hell is this and would happen all the time with just the two of us but like when we saw that I can't remember a hip hop. I'm sure that has happened in the hip. Hop heads go crazy <hes> <hes> well. I can remember it hip. Hop a man not say that the guys that hip hop didn't love their children black man love their children don't believe what you hear a guy making taking a song to his son and being that sort of like in depth about their relationship and even you guys relationship because there was a barn there about you. I mean what was the bar was worked out between meals. You know I do what you know what my mind was somewhere else because he made another song. That was a good song. What was done your homework and I don't remember okay I don't it was I don't remember the other song I really know but but yeah but that was very yes it was very sweet and loving and people love that song such such a baby. I think he was like six at the time dancing around the ears but yeah it looked just like his dad and just you know it's an end the relationship unshipped has <hes> really come full circle and he's been very verbal will has been very verbal about. I guess he put he put the video. I think maybe about two three months ago or something it. I've always had the best relationship with my dad and me and my dad. It was an incredibly moving V._R.. Yeah yeah it was like man. I'm because you never know you know what I mean <hes> but like it was a really really moving video and then even the C. Trey talk about the way he feels about will right now. It's just beautiful and I mean it was it was a lot of hard work on both <hes> ends to get to that place being a product of divorce and then when you know apparent moves on gets remarried has more children you struggle all to figure out what's my role in this new dynamic. Where do I fit and I think he's found that place you know in his in his he's he secure in his heart that he has a place in his father's heart. Oh Man Yeah the celebrity make that whole thing tougher you think new mom is not just <hes> some lady that you'll know she's Jada Pinkett from different world and from all of you make it harder for who for me not we'll know for for forever young. Does that make harder. Did you feel like it made it harder for trading. They make it harder for you. Ever I think it made it harder for trae in the latter years because there were some very unflattering means in different things now honestly to this day. I don't know if he's seen some of these things. I won't repeat them. I wouldn't ask him. Hey did you see X._Y._Z.. You know I wouldn't I wouldn't do that but there's been some pretty harsh stuff you know making a comparison and it's you know trade decided he was funny because he did the video with his dad then he was doing some special correspondent work with think. It was wasn't extra. What's the other one what's the Hollywood and he was killing doing this little red carpet stuff and then he was like I want to do this anymore. I WANNA I wanNA focus on school. I want to focus on on football and he became a star athlete at remember that I remember there was a whole deal when he was on all all it is when he was in high school because he was playing with Joe Montana skiing or something like that <hes> as a Christian or Wesley Christian yeah so I remember that I remember that entire ways so he kind of found himself in that a little. He just decided but you know it's it that kind kind of kicked in later. It was the funniest thing because I switched schools <hes> he was in Sierra Canyon for for a long time and I really sense that he's he's he's trying to evolve and grow and sometimes it's hard to do that in the same environment because people have expectations of because they knew you win so as soon as we transplanted him and put him in <hes> oaks. It's like it was night and day he just Kinda came into his own. He became came athletic. We're like where the heck did that come from. We didn't put them in the school. Because he was adamant he was playing receiver. He was playing why well he was quarterback. Okay he was quarterback then he was wide receiver yeah. What was that like watching play football amazing. I did I would make cookies. It was awesome so all that you know we'd all be there the family wherever will was he'd fly in China to wherever so all the family would be there and he loved it because it was just it was his family family and his community community rallying behind him in supporting him and something that only he did nobody else. You know nobody else in the family did that right now. He was kind of a trail blazer in that sense what so my father was like my superhero right and he was just kind of a big deal on our street was it is it how do you how do you deal with. Will Smith being your dad. That is something you'd have to ask trae because he's not my Daddy Eddie. I have no I have. No clue are listless. Pay Some bills right now. <hes> excuse my voice a little under the weather but it's not. GonNa Stop You from getting this great information from audio the Olmec if you're listening to this right now and that means this podcast is now available on audio. Mac Audio Mac is the free music and podcasts streaming dreaming APP that lets you stream download the hottest albums mix tapes songs playlists and podcast along with audio. Mac exclusives discover for the best new songs by browsing the trending page check out the library of carefully curated playlists is what forever mood at take your favorite songs song and power cast off line to save your data and listen wherever you are all your MAC is here to move music forward available now the APP store and Google play like what is what is the bonus mom. What is that is from your bonus mom well I. I don't know who coined that term I didn't I can't take credit for that. <hes> I think Jada might have made that up and got some. y'All making a change in the family dynamic eh well. No you know what it was. It was bonus son at first instead of because we never refer to <hes> the kids using step while we're half because I wouldn't be step but it half half never and I remember one time trey was. I've not a black thing by the way what half my dad has son. He's my brother. That doesn't the only time I've ever heard half brother is from the Johns. The Pale health faces the Caucasians. I like if somebody you got the same women as your brother. Daddy does your brother interesting really to be honest with you. I know Woah family to wear like my homeboy. Gino an anthony like when I met Anthony Their Italian right <music> Abbas when I met Geno Anthony like Anthony is and Sir Anthony is Gino's okay GEOS. MOM MOM is made to Mr James. Mr James Teams have to drop me a dime. Mrs James had another son when he met Gino's mother okay. That's son is Anthony Wright. When I first met. Anthony Gino goes yeah. That's my brother. How how far apart are they. They like two or three years. Maybe even one year. That's my brother and the whole time I thought they share parents. Aren't they really don't share any parents in the same family and so that's that's low. Anthony is as much Gino's brother as Jeremy Michael Lewis and in a really nobody's business my really know what I'm saying like they can if they feel that brotherly love and that's what it is and that's what it is when I first says about Gino Kinda check me a little bit when he say he was he was also. He's not really your brother. Nas said he was my brother and Mar.. God series series about his family ties. I love it initial like like when you say a bonus is is is like a special edition basically right. Would you like would you is there a parenting involved like if you had some wisdom to impart on Willower Jane would you do that. Oh Gosh yes wow yes see. That's that's not. That's not black because 'cause like that would be. I don't think the families that I know it would be cool to hang out at Thanksgiving but you got something to say to my child. You now now no no no. No we can now. There's there's a respect factor sure you you know you definitely have to respect boundaries but yeah like if if I saw you know Jaden doing something and Jaden was a really good good kid for the most part. It seems like he's he's. He's one of my one of my personal heroes. He's like I like seriously like I looked at. Those kids really all of the like with the whole family. I'm just like how can I build it for myself. is nothing to do you want to be a bonus. I want to be known sun damage. There's nothing to do surprise me. If if I saw instagram video tomorrow of you guys all get on a spaceship and IAGO we've gone to the moon for the rest of the summer up here communing with space and stuff like that nothing. It just seems so loving. I love it so but but obviously an order for that to happen like work has to take place yeah. How do you do the work to get to the point to where you need to be able to love everyone. How how how how. How do you take responsibility. You know you you. It's never about one anybody else does at the end of the day. It's it's your stuff and you have to make things make sense and you have to deal with the Bullshit Bullshit and what you've bought into the lies that you brought into and sometimes it means moving people out of your life you know because the situation. In has to be healthy. I don't have for example when when Jada would would come. We do little parties and stuff. This is in the beginning now. I wasn't all that thrilled matter. I know no not not at first trying. Though yes I was trying. I was trying not for my sake but I was trying thing for my son's sake you know and this is what it is and you know now. We have a blended family and Willis remarried <hes> but my friends were never allow to talk about her in a negative way look at her and she thinks we don't do that. Oh we don't do that. That is insanely important yeah. We don't do that because they'll reinforce. If if there is something inside of you feeling a certain way the group that you're around. They'll make that they'll feed that. That's what will grow. Wow Aw you have to get that out of the way but but that's this is what you have to do. I had to take ownership of that. This is my family now. This is my my family and this is a and I didn't even really look at it as my family. I looked at it as my extended family. This is trace family and this has has to be done so that he's healthy. When he was little he wanted to he had just met Jada and I knew he was going to meet her because we'll told me so he he comes home and he's like three years old and his heart is so pure. It's three. It's hard so pure. You don't want to put your stuff on them. It's not fair because he's going to have enough of his own stature sure and yes so he says to me I I so I just said you know I said how I said. How did you have a good weekend. He's like yes. I said so I said did. How did you like Miss Jada because that's what that's how they introduced her straight up he said Mommy I really like her. He said I WANNA buy her a gift. Say What we wanted to. He's seen me gift. He's thinking you know when you care about somebody. That's what you do in house like. I'm not ready for this. I said okay okay. Okay Okay and I'm thinking I got a lot of stairs. I can re Gift Abbott. We give something up and I bring gift it like a candle or something. I just didn't have it in me to go now. If I didn't have new things you know what I mean I would have had you but it wasn't something up there because you live in a great life. You don't even remember if you met right but but but but so if it wasn't just stuff I'm saying this nice store. Some something data had to do something right but I bought a card in the card was for me. The gift was from him in the Card said you bitch pitch that was invisible ink but the card said thank you for making a great impression pressure on my side and the next time he went there he he took that but it was funny because my grandmother who's a very loving woman but I'm east coast so they keeps it real. It was like I said granny when she heard trae say I WANNA buy her. I guess she she she tried to. Maybe baby rescue me. Maybe she saw the look on my face but I had to stop her. Because what we're not going to do is put that confusion on him aren't his heart is pure and what really would want from this woman. I want her to treat my son well. He only got the like me you don't have to. We don't have the have you know you have to be respectful to me for his sake but I want her to to be good to him and if she's doing that we have no issues. Yes that's amazing. How was it for the men that you've that you've been with or that. You've that you dated after after was ever an issue that he became such a big star. Now it's funny. I knew what was happening like you. There's no way to know will in in in our we say like I was married to the fresh. Prince of bel-air wasn't married to will will Smith interesting because that's really where he was in his career but yet he was doing the movie so everybody knew where he was going. It's not a surprise you don't look up and you're like Oh. My God I never would have thought so funny about that is so funny that like so. I'm an elementary school will Smith pops into your life right and us. Also you like this guy. This guy's great guys you see this on the parents. Don't get it doesn't I liked them like eight and then and all of a sudden he goes on to the first real good good and then batboys comes and you like y'all. Oh this Nigga Wilson fucking bad ass so it was never a point where yes you weren't just like in love by where or you just didn't think that he was going to be successful. It just seemed like it was destiny. Absolutely you know it was just you you you saw it even while I wish you were like okay okay yeah. I'm saying but still was will know what I'm saying absolutely so that whole thing okay happening now. This is what you say. It was so true yeah so you always saw that. Oh of course so for you for so for some of the guys you saw you felt like that you that you might have been with. It was different for them. Yeah I mean that could be I you know I didn't realize at the time but until I started to date but I guess that could be intimidating and sometimes you know men. WanNa feel like they're the greatest thing ever and sometimes you know what I think. I think we ought to be and I'm like nothing but in their mind in the ego the male ego somebody else can do maybe something for do that. They can't and that rubs them the wrong way but the good thing it weeds out the Wa the weakling and we asked about that weeds out. The guys can't really handle it. Now does not the fact that you've been around your so accomplished and like you've been around so many famous the payroll does it ever bring guys that you feel like are trying to be with you for the toys. How do you deal with that. You know because you're you're very beautiful intelligent. You're like you're a catch. Thank you so so like the a how do you know when some guy is not in it for the right reasons. I think you just have to use have to listen. <hes> just have to listen and I've learned to ask a lot of questions. I'm thinking I asked enough questions before you know I I really didn't have a lot of men in my life. That really wasn't an issue. I had a lot of women in my life reasons. Why you know the connections and trying to get you know but usually I didn't date those guys that were trying to you know get to me to get to them. You know hand me a mix tape can you you pass it yeah and if you miss say if amidst video like that. I got a dope as buddy comedy they say he might be able to get with delays so the city so full users you would think that that would be the thing now and I did not not with the men. Hi dated I really didn't I didn't have that issue. Thank God known about your own self identity. What about being in the middle of of all of this stuff. How did I've not in the middle of that. What's in the middle of that but there was never a time. Where okay like where you felt that maybe people would identify you with him or with even your your your your your money? It's the opposite like the pitcher that I posted yesterday. I don't know if you you saw this as you said it was. It was Mitri and jade will wills actually in that pitcher crops bother. I cropped his butt out you also I cleaned crop him out because not about him at that a lot about him and I didn't WanNa like he didn't you know that was a pitcher they. I I saw the three of them. They were sitting together and I'm like I gotta get this pictures. I took a picture of all of them and then I hopped in it and took a little selfie rows over the peace will Wilson without cry myself well no but so you're saying yes because it's the opposite. It's like you know I don't they. That's a part of my history that I can't unchanged. We have a child together and sometimes you. We you know it's hard for people to see that. I call my God. You're you know isn't that. You don't want to hear it. Just don't want to hear it and you know people because they would. They want to say but I think you can you know I I know some women. I'm not going to say any names but that have been that are divorced from celebrity X.'s celebrity husbands and they're trying to find their own identity and they're clinging yeah you know and that's a process but you got to be patient with their process because you go from being that family dynamic and that really is a part of your identity and now it's not anymore and some of it is not wasn't their choice. You know and it's like wow now now. What do you do how do you. How do you move on? How do you <hes> <hes> like. I said I mean really just kind of establish yourself and you know be okay. Do you know I think that was was always. I've always had a very independent spirit. <hes> so what was very difficult for me is to be with the fresh prince of Bel Air. I can't can't even imagine being will Smith. I have so much compassion. I can't even imagine being in that I yeah but I'm like wait a second. The hardest thing for me was people weren't dealing with me as a real person anymore. It wasn't real because they they they wanted something or they wanted to be down or they want it to be. So everybody became a yes man and woman and you. There was no real interactions anymore and I was like this is just this Aitken again. It's a facade and I can't. I can't function in this. I can't function like this. I didn't grow up that way. Everybody in my family is very very real. Nobody straight shooter so so that was very hard and I felt like I was getting lost in that <hes>. Oh my God I can't do this argued that I can't. This is not the life. This is not the life for me I couldn't. I can't be married to anybody now. Maybe now on this side of things but back then I didn't I didn't have it. I didn't have it to to to give <hes> yeah. Are you dating now yeah. It's one one one particular guy one particular guy like you like. I really like you like him and he's a new new guy. Just met wow yeah. I just met him and I like you. I love you guys a new guy and he seems he's got day. Gangsta that I like what like a Gangsta little you like a little game which will Smith Man. That's the other side of the willies. They get the Fuck Outta here John. Now you away like you say when I say well. Let me tell you something will is running the show. Oh I don't care what it looks like. That's who will is we don't. We don't play right but he's he's got that friendly. You Know Ma uh very very likable than non-threatening. We'll wait will is not soft by any stretch of the AMANDO. A lot of people think that will solve funny I don't I don't think that will the soft and I don't think they will solve but I used to be the knock it was like it was not. That's a misconception. He's winning. Go say he's he's winning right so the the the guy that you see now. He's got that strength. The strength that you look at intelligence. Okay has to be a balance. You can have of you know what I mean. You can't have one. I've had the intelligence but you know no backbone then now. It's like I got the reins again. Drive the car hard and I just don't want to do it. You know and it's like the strong will survive and and I'm a strong woman so it's I.. I don't want that I do come in Your D._M.'s a lot. I know I don't get a lot of and I don't. I don't respond to I had is so funny because I had a couple of people in today and I was like oh now. Why not no it's just too much work. You know what the deal is the new way lime all school. I don't know if you WanNa meet me. Do not come in my den. Take you seriously why why what are you going back. It's just whack to me. It's it's Wack wack and I what my mind says. Are you doing this. To how many other people have you done this to <hes>. There's no real connection. You don't really we know me. We haven't vibe and I mean I.. I know that it's probably a physical attraction and that's usually enough to get people talking but I just don't know what the intent is if I don't. I'll have a connection if I don't have a breadcrumb trail to somebody that maybe the two of US know oh it's too. It's too much of a crap shoot. How'd you meet the new guy like. Where'd you meet him at a party. Wow yeah turning up now. Why are you got to do business. If you will turn out about hopefully I was at a party Ardi. Our turn up getting flushed you. Do you know what I'd like him and what it is is. I think I like the the idea of the possibility are Gotcha because that's really all it is right now the idea of a possibility and man. I'm Anita something because could you nominate season a life. Oh could we ran on the set yeah. Oh you can thank you. This is good. This is good. You got good okay by the way this happens. All the time. That's called the Hatzi got the right man. I'm used to just come back from Anguilla. I'm all like but really let me tell you something. Let me just having surgery. She was fine. We gotta talk about this guy. John it is actually I was a little real days. We talked about this guy. He muscles on could have more muscles. You more muscle out of this. I love there's one. He can have more muscles. What are you what are you with. Body is not as hard as I liked the body you right to the heart of a little shallow in that yeah like shallow women like the <hes> the Harvey. Some women like to tell you that you know I you know no. I don't know I don't want. I don't want the hip hop but yeah I did. Try be trying. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was bad you know but that's not God's best for my life so God. I like but it's my you know. I'm in that season life season. The life sure woman. Oh the flashing having the hot flashes the hot full blown hot flash what happens when you have a handle at high and it just comes and goes out so you could be buck naked sitting on. On a block of ice and sweating it's on the inside yeah like being a woman she alive a lot. What's why why be like listen? Listen listen. I'm GONNA do and I'm a guy and and this week I'm going to be the same. That's GONNA be the same next week. I'M GONNA be the same but y'all gonNa have stuff right yeah babe either we go through who is a work that you love being a woman. I love being a woman do Roger so hard for men to understand that women love of being women well I think because we're just too deep for you. It is true y'all complex. Just were deep yeah. We're we're we're we have. We were deeper emotionally. We just we feel things at at a at a higher frequency. I think that women absolutely run the world you do I do how do women run the world. Women Run the world how I think we'll think about women as whereas you can't even be here. I'm not even I'm not saying they don't wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for a woman with very true. You have to come through US true but don't aww man for that too though again you gotta come through us through but yes I mean it takes both but I think women I you know when I'm on on vacation a lot of times I I would observe and I would see women watch women when the next time you go on vacation. Women are running things. They're telling the men what to do. They run the household they they really hold it down. I think most women hold it down and and give men the space to be what you are saying is one thousand percent sure because what happens is to Mealey's what I observed growing up is that my father for whatever reason ended up being good at one thing which was providing which was provide providing and I would say part of providing for him was protecting vows and everything else first of all my mother could do that too. That's what I'm saying. She can provide a protect too but you could also do so many other things. I may say so many other things I mean like it will be. It'll be so weird our be in like what you need a costume. She got make one Halloween's make one ooh. Let's figure this you gotTa math problem. I don't know how to do the math boy. Bring me the tablet like whatever like whatever uh-huh needed. My mother was like a Swiss army knife being EDESSA case. Why do you think is so easy for us to take them for granted? Why do men take them for granted? Women bring so so much to our lives. Why do we take for granted 'cause? I don't think he truly appreciate us and I don't even know if you have the capacity to. It's impossible possible for men to say that I said but I I don't even know if you have the full capacity to really appreciate what women bring back to the table I haven't I I have always appreciated US really the older I get. Yes the older I get the more I realize like wow we're pretty phenomenal domino creatures yeah because when when you've been hurt by women and growing up I you know all that and I was like I just I made a decision you heard thirteen. You know just the cattiness all the just the dumb cattiness so I made a decision at thirteen all my friends are going to be male interesting and I had all all male friends for the most buyer blue you know women sprinkled in there but I truly love in a door in need much female friends because women really need other women not in the trouble kind of way but just away in a way to as a firm reassure and be cooler like to just really absolutely have that support from somebody that understands understands and gets it you know and we have to our expectations have to be realistic. I think now I'm GonNa be awkward in this because this is a really new revelation ocean of mine okay yes but I think women we make men way too important. I find myself every time I'm with my girls. That's what we talk about man. That's the the the bulk of of the conversation is about you know men and finding love and being in love and it's spike. Why does it have to be you know what I mean? Why does it? Why are we making that so important? I'm glad you brought this up. Tell you why tell me I have the theory was berry. I think women need more hobbies and I and and I'll be I'll be honest with you. I tell you why so when I leave here. I'm going to get a call from one of my home is right <hes> mayhem GonNa talk about basketball. Yes I'M GONNA get a call from out of the Homie. We're GONNA talk about politics. I'M GONNA get a call from my other home. We talk about comic books. I mean getting we're GonNa talk about all of these and other things that we're into no I got I got I got women that I that talked to and stuff like that but no I'm saying about women so the stage is not going to be about women at all never wow that's deep when I say I say never when I was in our twenties it will conversation was about women but it was very crude and so there's like really zero talk. Just about women like Dr Man. I really need to find that special somebody Bros.. I feel like I feel my eggs or whatever like really now. If what are your home he's Superman if if you see when you're going going through with his girl as a friend you jumping they're a little bit and you pry it out. Yeah and share your feelings with me Br I know we need to talk about this but a lot of times and when I say women need to have more hobbies I don't mean it as aggressive and disrespectful as it sounds. I just feel like sometimes especially sister's life. Life is is such a big world. Yes there's so many things to enjoy their so many things that you can give your time and your energy to besides besides these niggers and and and and and like I'm not trying to be trying to pander. I'm just saying Yeah Oh man like even there were moms. I was like mom you know. Mom does a lot of stuff man. I'm glad so you out there Ryan books and taking their goddamn pain class and all of that that's great 'cause investment to yourselves elves. He's learning to love herself and really that's what it is. It's really loving yourself first and really appreciating your worth shading are worth but doesn't society kind of put that on us that we should marry. That's what I'm saying. That's like one thousand percent women and that's part of you know women feel feel like unless they have that family unit they're not hold or they're not as valuable as they could. Be You know or they're incomplete it but that's a facade bullshit. That's bullshit. I was taught that is bullshit. You can have a completely feel and by an I'll tell you something else. The United States of America this society will begin to catch up to a lot of the rest of the world. I'm not talking about defense spending and all let's talk about having a function society when we empower women more dome. That's it when women are more empowered. Things will start to Ma- I I'm telling you in all all different fastest. I'm talking about in the finance hardly any women in finance like all of these different places and leadership capacities where other countries are leaning into the voices of <hes> of ladies. We're not doing that here <hes> and that's because we're still trying to train on women and and women that women are being devalued. Oh you didn't have not really taken their rightful place. The man gotTa have some muscles though man gotTa have some muscle. GotTa have a little muscle little most muscle low thuggish ooh low low low but you do what you gotta be intelligent though thugs until now see van. I think you're the you're the complete man you think so. I think thinks thou I listen. I'll bring a lot to the tape. I'm bringing some stuff to the table. What I will say is I could use a little bit more thug? I'll be AH I'll be honest with you. I'll tell you why like now. What does that look like for me? How do we know when the your your your your whole hog or that that portion of thug bug that needs to come forward this kicked in? How would we be able to help you? Ain't nobody gonNA fuck over me. Let's get outta seeing that I don't get for over ain't nobody by anybody. That's not gonNA happen but I went to see vendors and game and I cried like five times and this accountable audible movie I cry. I cry with captain. America had the Hammer Calvin. I'm about to cry allows us. We can't imagine those avengers symbol cried again when when when all of the guy when when when when <hes> when Falcons hit the cap on your left and I knew that the rest of the Gaza coming cry I that's beautiful though I don't know why did you 'cause 'cause. I didn't see the movies so Tony. Sorry dot crowd again. Spiderman crowd again anyway. What is that tap into stopping to me is that I've been watching? I've been reading about these fucking characters seven years old and they on the screen and I feel like a child and I'm elated to be alive. I fulfil so happy that they made the fucking movie and I was a nerd and it wasn't cool and now the whole world is enjoying it and cap had the fucking hammer. That's we're happy so I'm in that moment and I'm in the theater and people are looking at me like then I speak Nigga is really crying. I think that's ask beautiful you do this gratitude I wouldn't I'm not gonNa try and that was fucking hilarious. That was hilarious. What's next for you? God well you so I've been doing some T._v.. Stop so maybe a little more new stuff B._A._T.. <hes> the Games people play our saw that yeah yeah I do too on this show. I love him insanely talented brother solemn as and Jackie and why does to everybody know Jackson Love Jackie everyone. I didn't know Jackie until I started to and that's what people like. You don't know Jack Everybody you buy you know Jack. Jack isn't there's like I didn't know like me and Jackie do Franche out the Franz we all together one time and Jackie introduces himself to me. I like nick was going well. What was that like why so fine and I got to work with Jackie to work with Serena's said Ah Loren Loren and before so marker? I couldn't believe when I figured out who she was talking about it because I don't feel right. I don't listen listen. That was a baby. I can't back Oh baby. I watched her grow up. Am I going to do it. Yes all that that mess meal so more hopefully yeah so hopefully I'll <hes> I'll pursue that that just kind of was a blessing that just came out of seemingly nowhere. I wasn't expecting that. I got a text from robbery just saying hey there's a role I think he'd you'd be perfect for coming audition. I did and got it so I did three of the ten and hopefully there's there's more that now I'll be more intentional about pursuing. It got pitch for what I got to give it to me. Give it perfect perfect time for you to make your big screen. Have you been in a big screen movie before. Have you been on the perfect movie. Tell me throttle. You know what I'm T- Oh this is. It is a screenwriter. Is that true so we go right this thing I would love to by the way by the way it's you. We cast to other people. <hes> you know we maybe we come. We might overbrook making <hes> help us. We're GONNA take the help we can. You feel I'm saying no it's Ruppel because you guys already kind of did it is with the U._p._n.. Show with the WHO then you have the show Dwayne Marschall Dwayne all of us all of us but trouble this difference replicas was different and see what happens enthroned ready kids see it no so the th- ropel movie is a threat like you guys have a throat because because you are deep in the middle of a triple right now I rebuke that name Jeez ends up becoming like like a what ah back van. I started the show with I need. I need to go into show right Anabel. We don't think about this screen pet play for there's a movie starring you John John. I don't need to be writing John. You gotta on it. Do we gotta work on your soul talking about Jesus and you yawn and in here we started talking about throws you. All your is big Jesus. You Yanni Armie Allegra fire. Don't sleep on Jesus so more acting yes more acting <hes> more. I might there's there's there's some talks and maybe do reality again. I don't know which like I it needs specific. Show I definitely yeah. I can't really yeah 'cause it's it. It's in the works but I don't know about that. I got a really pros and cons of real quick just I don't. I don't know if I like being in the I I don't. I don't know if I like my life being that visible you know when you're acting. You're acting snow. It's not you but yeah like I. I don't know if I want. I did that once in that might be enough so we'll see why people crap for two things one clap for people come into theaters. Twenty twenty four are starring. This is going to be in trouble Makassar real with them so I'm the lead role so when the screen 'cause my name is first okay <hes> free visit Zambrano Penoles Dash. Whoever whoever is doing just shivering all of that I shot the Jack Okay so Cherie is going to be you yeah yeah you Toroshin Hanson and the third part of Th- ripple was the blues? The mail was what was interesting legend. You'll get the idea. Is You try and I'm in your in. You get interest listen. He got

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