Zoo Scene Investigation - EP 265


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If I need to what I mean. Correlation between the two parts of that sentence. You don't get a lot of private times. Now, understand it. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Like a minute and a half. Could you do that? I think you should next time. Diana complaints. I take too long show. Hers isn't every shower? No, how often is it. When the mood strikes when's the last? Plead the fifth today. Was it was today? Possible could've been yesterday spent haircut Marcona haircut. Now, I can't keep his hands. It's really short this. It's cute. I walked in. It looks good. Looks really good. So today, you masturbated in the shower. Everyone knows it gets gooky right on. That's why the shower works. Very well. Just shoot it out wash. It off the wall on the ball. You ain't towards the wall. It's we do not have a very large shower. It is a and do you share it with Diana your own bathroom? No. We have our own bathroom in our bedroom. So so you share that bathroom with Diana s and one sink one toy that went shower and every morning you every warning that this morning, maybe in did you shower before after her? I don't know. And then she has to come into your stained shower doors and be like what happened is Dane, I'm very clean. Oh, really skidmarks. You are. Well, so I was going to do some sort of prayer. But we that was the conversation issue came into it. And that's it. So when you hear the dogs barking in the back, maybe so that's the way it's going to be here nightmare. The no prayer news. The news. Mark. You knew the announce I need to start the show. So give it to me. And to me hard, treat me like your shower. Get your wet. Is it Ross's studio or Ross's house? Gimme that. We'll see how did you get it? Right. We'll see remember the name of the studio. No. Come on. He was the name of an episode. The first episode we did in the new studio. So don't look it up. Don't look it up to say what you think it is go give us the announce just the first thing that comes to your mind. The name of the studio make up here you go. You think what you think it is say what you think it is come on. I need announcement to ask him CJ. He'll do it by Mark live from Ross's bodily podcast studio in Los Angeles, California. It's straight talk with Roe. What did you call? It your bubbly studio. I was trying to theme it with you wrenches know trying to stay. He's the gave you wish you had. And no you need. Tough love money. Now here he is Ross MAC. To share? Sweet to me. Among no. And welcome to the program. What if a nominal show we have for you to day coming from the Christina, darling? Will most do Stu studio in my now, could you not remember sting, darling? Most do Stu studio after right that should anyway. Welcome to the program lets you quick reach around markets here. Jay rod. Jay is here is all. And nickel. Nickelback Nickelback nickel bully here. Bullen as they can bully. Welcome. Balloon had a tooth removed today. The end his own surgery is done. He's just a lot of pain. Yeah. He couldn't do. It. Couldn't go all the way earlier, and he was like numb. And he goes, I'm numb and you MBNA go numb net too. Can you imagine Fakty playing numb that to numb mouth? Oh, wow. That is met. Lots going on today. We sit here in the new home studio. I hope it sounds great. I will tell you got painted is key. Picked out this art has been hung paintings painted. This please yourself do that. But I did buy the paint myself. I picked I brought one of these there's a curtain here. I brought the curtain and I matched the little light line. Do you see that? And I don't think it fields cozy marketing. Computers closed Mark we closer computers. We close our computer. I always have my computer. Well, it's a new rule of computers closed. Yeah. I got in trouble. And I don't even minute Mark. Sorry. I felt like people weren't paying attention. I said computers got to be closed and there's a new rule here. But I never pay attention now is but why? But while I'm talking gauging. I'm looking around. I'm looking into Keith is geez is at J rods over there. And I go to look in your eyes. And you're just like, you know, I know. Now to the cake. Jack creek their team in when I played solitaire north that is don't care either. I was gonna say have you noticed how how cozy the paint is marketing when you walked in? You know, what I actually forgot because it's just seem. So like this how it's supposed to be nice. So I went and I went to a furniture store furniture store, I love and I consider the name of some about to talk shit about him. But I like this furniture store, and I buy stuff from there in the house. This a lot of things are from there. And I went in and I had the day free on Sunday morning. And I said Hulo I'm here. I'm buying things. You know, I just I didn't wanna Julia Roberts on rodeo drive. Kind of I'm buying I'm buying it. It probably wasn't very crowded either. Right. Real sunday. It just opens they were excited to have someone there. I go. I want this comfortable because it had a part of it that raised Louis put our computers on it. Because right now computers pounding on my lap as sitting in love, Seton us, go not gonna work in the long term. Right. So I was I asked I want that. Then there were two little chairs that were small little nice arms. They were gold silver sort of fabric. You know, killed arms. And I go I go to those please. And there was a side table for Nikki boy, she could have everybody over there marble on top with gold leagues. I one that. I was like I don't even care what it costs. I want that. I want that. I want that wrap it up. She goes. Okay, sir. Here we go. Okay. We don't have the coffee table. We don't have the chairs and don't have the site. April or may. Like, not even in the warehouse. No, not even in the warehouse where the fuck lies on the floor on the floor. Give you the floor. And then what happened? Sorry. So why thing is why have a store if you can't sell any of it? I was there. I had met my money as good here. Like, Julia Roberts said, okay. I've got money to spend in Eero. Okay. Our stuff is very expensive member. Big mistake, you work on commission right fig, mystic big huge. Did you have seen of the let me tell you something? I couldn't believe it. I I had money to spend. I was getting my whole plan is that you guys would show up, and you'd be like this room is finished Mark. What's it called? Pristine fuck something sift to studio. This show intro. What we're we're out in your mind. The name of the studio that I was home. Oh, Stu SU studio. So the first part pristine. Homo note. There's word your podcast, you're missing word. What's start with? I can't give you that. Fuck. You don't even really have the first word, right? Okay. I don't know. I couldn't tell you how we named it this in. Dearest. She calls June coffer calls a daughter, Christina dialing, Christina darling. And we named it. Pristina darling. Was something that my mouth being pristine pristine in Pristina, darling. That's how it happens Stena, darling. Homo sue studio. Yeah. Got. It didn't happen. But it does feel feel good. Oh. The store handed just go. She goes. So what do you wanna do I go? Well, there's nothing to do. So thank you like it wasn't mad even I was just like I just to Pasadena. Hell no drove to Pasadena, and they wouldn't sell you the floor models. Why? Exactly. Usually when they don't tell you model, they go because we have to have it here to sell it. But now everybody's going. There is there's no there's nothing for them to they news. That's what it was fake chairs. Timid fake pews? That's we're back there again or stuff. Yeah. I would ask to speak to the manager. I think she was the manager. Then I would ask her to get permission to sell the floor models. It was perfect perfect. You guys. It would have been great my favorite part of the stories that as a side comment. I asked for a side table set. My drink on kind of a joke to behind maintenance actually look for a site marble? It wasn't cheap. But I was going to buy because it was nice. It was perfect. How much is too much recite table two hundred dollars per se. Ri fifty to fifty you think enough immedi give me three hundred fifty here. One day a week. But like, it's. It was beautiful plan. Any kind of is the kind that goes over the ledge little bit like site. You know, what I mean like the bottom and the top so over the arm sort of? Anyway, I'm so mad. I'm mad too. I know I should have our new sponsor. Hey, just wanted to shout out. So we interviewed on pop talk interviewed some of this big brother people Jonathan Bennett and Ryan locked e if you want to hear that make sure your subscribe to pop talk just want to tell everybody that your, sir. And I did that as well. You know, it is a oh want to tell you this. You know about about a month ago. I was driving in Palm Springs in my car. And I go to Starbucks every morning, right? And I'm in Starbucks, and there's a car loan going up. Did I tell this story yet? I don't think. So there's this car alarm going off outside and it was like, okay, turn it off. And it was going on for a long time. I was like turtle. What is going on lookout? Make sure my car's not being I see my now, I'm not being and I'm walking out to my car and is allowed with my Starbucks. And I realize it's my car. What? So I I look at turned into Cagney Lacey's going on with. No, so okay. So I hit great the alarm goes off. I get in my car turn on. And the alarm starts going off cleared who's the asshole the alarm going, and I can't get it to pull over the car onto the car. It's still going off like really loud. And I don't know what to do. So I start dry off. And I start driving inserts going again as I'm driving everyone's turning looking. Oh my God. What am I gonna do it goes off? But it goes on for like ten seconds starts going off again. Oh my God. What am I going to do? So I drive with the brand of car. I have the dealership is right down the way, you know. So I'm like I'm gonna drive to the dealership it's going off. Like so loud, and I pull in everybody starts coming out to the parking lot all the people that work there. And I'm like, my car warts up going up, and he goes he looks at me. I did steal. Okay. Okay. Pull pull into service what? 'cause it's so loud. Hall. Paul into service. Okay. So pull with them seeing there, and there's a line of people three cars back and just won't stop going off waiting. Everybody's looking. I'm sitting in my seats wedding. And then it goes off. And I wait thirty seconds goes by the minute goes by and I'm still in line. And I see there's no one behind me. And I thought I'm just I gotta get the fuck outta here. So I before so impose behind me. So I pulled backed up and drove and it never happened again here until today shut up I'm in my kitchen, and we're like chopping or whatever. And I hear that. I'm like harm. And they someone with them. I catching goes your car. And I'm like, no because he knew the story. And I was like, no that's can't. That's not my home. I got. No. It's not and it stopped. I go see sound mccart. It's not. It starts again. I go out front, and it's my Clark Quing doing the same thing. Lock unlock red button. What button? I don't start the car turn the car in doing it all over again. So then I think I can't I don't know what to do Tricia. I gotta figure something out. Right. And then I go into my app, and there's an app for my car where you can turn on your car your role in the middle of a story, and you can turn off your car, and you so I go into the app and unlock it and thing. And then there's a thing that's horns and light like alarm, and I turn the alarm off on that. And that fixed it, but when is it going to happen at two in the morning frustrate? It's going to happen. We'll maybe should've stayed in line at the the deal again. Very busy. Okay. You should sometimes on those interactive apps with you. If you take your manual, sometimes the hardware software needs to get updated. So just you have to have your phone with you. And it goes through the app on the phone will do that to just check have Trish and check your manual that might fix the problem. I'd be Mark Mark is a man of. Many talents. And I'm gonna say this true true to he can masturbate in shower. Getting it up like, you don't even know he can wash underwear almost to the point of getting out. By the way, I was doing laundry this weekend. And I do literally seriously check all of them when I put them away. Mark state. He he can Pena bottle moving. There are so many things he can do he is just fix my car. He can he set up. These interviews with Ryan lucky and all these Johnson, Ben and all these people he also marked can manage to get the the scoop of the year twenty nineteen only a month or so into it and Marcus managed to get the most coveted exclusive interview so far. Okay. Diane Sawyer on the line. She's pissed. Connie chung. So working curious. She's fear. She didn't get this. This scoop. All right who else who else Oprah? Oh, yeah. No. I'm sorry. That's okra okra pickled okra nearly sixty five years old now there's so many people journalists heart. Wolf Blitzer Anderson Cooper, Rachel mount all wanted this interview. Mark got it who's with. Well, let's find out. Without a shadow of doubt, the most sought after interview. So far of twenty nineteen is with the one and only dorey Dagan cold. The girl scout fee nom is selling cookies coast to coast and every media outlet is fighting for their chance to sit down for a one on one exclusive interview straight talk with Ross as proud to be only media outlet to get this interview. I present now are investigative reporter with his daughter Dori Dagan cold. This. Here with Dory. Dory. Say hi everybody. What are we here to talk about today? Kellyanne cookie for what my girl scout all your girl scout troop, and what kind of girl scout. Are you is this your first year in girl scouts, and what is your favorite thing to do in the scouts? Painting and crafts. So why don't you give me your sales pitcher cookie sales pitch? You did. So well with the other day go for semi cookies. What you need. My name's Mark. Nice to meet you Dorie meet you make. And what are you here for today? Cookies and telling geese from groom scout like your favorite kind of cookie. I like the peanut butter sandwich. Cookies, how many bucks do you you? You boxes. How much is that going to cost me? How much are they box? One duck is five dollars. Okay, cookie dot com. It's a great place to go to buy girl scout cookies. The most popular in the bucks. Test and the. The says. Business. On. Joy. Hey, dorey, uncle Ross wanted me to ask you what's it like being daddy's daughter? I don't know what your favorite thing about your daddy. She had to think. I like drifting Liska ain't got him with you. Yeah. That's my favorite thing to do with your heart your favorite costume. That's a hard one. That is a hard one because you have so many. All of them. All right. Well, this has been very informative. Is there anything else you wanna tell people? Interview with Doria Deighton full who is crudely breaking girl scout cookie records coast to coast. She said it there herself Doria cookies dot com. Mark spilled up for us. That's a D R I A C O K I E S dot com. So you can just buy cookie there. What is all the different? There's a little video Dory at the top of it. And then there's all the different kinds of cookies there's album or five dollars except for the s'mores or six dollars. And then they have a gluten free option, which is also which actually are really good Crumlin ice cream anyways to have them shipped to you have to buy a minimum of four. But there's an option at the bottom where you can gift box of cookies, and then those are sent to the. Sweet. So you can buy a box of cookies, and if you don't want to buy four you can buy one, and you don't have to pay shipping or anything, and they they box them all up, and they send them to the truce. Doria cookies dot com. Doria? Void. Tiny voice what I love about. It. Is it getting to that age where she actually has her own cadence in early Dodds, it's not like, she just regurgitating adult sailing. She has her own little personality. And I wanna just squeeze the whole interview was twelve minutes. Do you have your Dory? Twelve and take a cut it down to be nine and a half. I got. Thank you. It's hard to say, she's a she's a darling girl. Cookie. Stocks gets her passed off next week. Sorry, great. All right. Hey when we come back game in played in a long time. Hey, ladies, are you tired of not being able to find the right? Broth is let me tell you about a company that offers more Bryce sizes than any company out there. Third. Love third. Love offers special fit finder quiz. All you have to do with answer. A few simple questions to find your perfect fit over ten million women have taken the quiz today. It's actually kind of fun and takes less than a minute to complete. Did you breast shape matters and funny good fit? I don't know that. I do you do there. 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And when I ask you to stuff my box, you all sort of like, it's my comment box, you all sorts of pleaded play that and I saw one. And I thought you know, what it's been awhile since we played this game member wended dented at happen. When did that did it happen? If you don't remember how this works. I give you three things that all happened in one year. And then you have to kind of guess like what happ- what year that was. Now, we've we've messed with the scoring a little bit. But I've got I really cracked the code. Okay. What is it? So it's time to play. And I'm explaining time to play say winning. When did it? Say when to get. I want to all of the same same time. Ready three one. How did that? When one two three way that with me. Say it with me when. With me when did that. When did that? Did it happen? So here's what we're going to do. It is in this corner. CJ in this corner. Nick. In this corner. Mark, we're laughing putting people. Judge. So here's how it's going to work listening to the scoring. It's genius. Joe all things happen in one year. So you say the answers to the year two thousand okay, but you say two thousand four Nikki you're going to get because your four point years away. You're gonna get four points. And you're gonna get two questions and the person at the end with the lowest score win. So choirs math and vir? J needs to keep for you. Got it. You're gonna keep score. What's the name of the game say with me? Did that? Eight myself. Did you? Down. Who wants to go for me because I suck. I suck. I suck. You make fun of me last time. I played to Johnson. Did it happen? Nikki get it over with tear off the bad stuff. This is the game. I'm going to three things will happen in the same year. You answer, however, many years away you are. That's the point you score the goals to have very little points understand. Yes, here we go question. Number one. This is for Nicole. Boy, yet these three years three things happened in the same year. But Wendy debt, did it happen. Nikki. Princess, Diana and Prince Charles got divorced, Jerry. Maguire was the number four biggest movie this year and in this same year. Tickle me. Elmo was the biggest toy to recap? Princess, Diana Prince, Charles got divorced in this year. Jerry Maguire was released in was the number four movie of the year an in this year. Tickle me. Elmo was the biggest toy. When did it happen? I don't even remember my anniversary. I don't even know graduated. I need you walk in. Oh my God. This is literally like throwing nineteen. Ninety. Three locker in nineteen Ninety-three locker in do. We take. Locking her in. Keith Lockton on ninety three. What do you think it is ninety six boxes? Ninety six. What do you say eight ninety eight but Nikki has been locked in on nineteen. What you say? Ninety three. Princess, Diana Prince, Charles got divorced, Jerry, Maguire, number four movie in tickle me. Elmo biggest toy in nineteen ninety six. Winded which means Mickey four three not bad points. That's not bad luck. Okay. Because you have to have the lowest possible with three point. Okay. Who wants to go next CJ Mark argument here going okay, C J time to play. When did did it happen into debt? Did it happen? All of these things happened in the same year. In April this year, somebody that I used to know by go TA was the number one song. In this year, the first hunger game movie came out. And in this year. The Olympics were held in London. But when did did it happen in April this year, somebody that I used to know by go ta was number one. The first hunger games movie came out in the Olympics were held in London. But when did that did it happen? Fourth or fifth year. I wanna say Anita lock in. I'm gonna say two thousand and fourteen. Okay. Lock them in lock amid on that. We have locked it cannot be changed. You said two thousand fourteen I look at Mark and NICKY thinking he's right now. What do you think it is more twelve k Marxist twenty s you're right? I thought I was twenty thirteen but not you say twenty twelve. Our our CJ has been locked in on two thousand what'd you say fourteen. The answer is somebody to know hunger games Olympics in London that was in the year. Two thousand twenty debt. Did it happen? Twelve which us two point the new take the lead CJ CJ in the lead to points. Nikki not far behind with three. Because again the point of the game scoring you want to be the lowest score possible. So you're in the lead Mark has been right though with both his guesses. I wonder if he can be right when it really counts. Probably are you ready to play win. Did did it happen? When did that? Did it happen? All three of these things happen in the same year. In this year, the Oprah Winfrey show debuted nationally. In this year smoking was banned on all planes trains. Buses not automobiles. And in this year leading Gaga was born on March twenty eighth. To recap over Winfrey show debuted in this year smoking was banned on all transportation public and on March twenty eight this year, Ligo Oscar-nominated actress was born. I wanna say one thousand nine hundred five are you going to lock yourself in your locking in on nineteen. Shire's? We're locking him in Nikki, Marcus. Let's lock him in close the door. He's locked. Slept in the do. You think? He's right McKean nineteen eighty five. I don't think he's what do you think? Nikki. Say eighty four. All right marks at nineteen thousand five. But when did that did it happen? Scary. When when did that did it happen? Nineteen eighty six. Gets one point and takes the lead to let's recap after round one in their early to rounds. Mark in the lead with one point CJ in second place with two points and Nikki in third with three that's easier. Remember, you guys real easy? All right. Nikki boyer. God. Are you ready to play your final question for all the marbles Wendy today? Did it happen? All right. Sneath? When did I sneeze right now to nineteen? These things happened in this year. But what year was it? When did did it happen? In this year. I will always love you by Houston was the top salt. In this year, home alone, two loss to New York. Was a hit movie. In this year for the first time the sales of CDs exceeded the sales of cassette tapes. Winded. I will always love you Whitney tops on Hobo Kevin gin last in New York. Oh, hit moving and who needs a cassette tape when you get a CD CDs sold more for the first time. Then tapes. When did today? Nikki I need an nineteen eighty seven. Nikki please time is up eighty seven eighty two eighty six Nikki to answer twelve eighty seven six nine Laughren news seven early did. I in nineteen eighty locker in. Check the lit JIRA. Check it to see if she's locked in it. She's locked in here. Yes. She locked. What I say eighty seven you said how did he seven but wind it did it been when did that? Did it happen? I'm long I'm realizing I just did math nineteen ninety two. Good. How many years away is that sixty five years away? So we had five to three or total eight, but Nikki you still absolutely could win the whole thing wrong button. In case that did it happen. Nicky, eight point seven eight point CJ has three note to Marcus one. Roy your guests on the last one where you're gonna go Mark that cygnus backwards. I'm trying to go forward. Okay. CJ? This is for you. All three of these things happen in the same year. But when did debt did it happen in this year? Britney Spears shaved her head. In this year. The iphone was released. And in this year. At miss teen. Usa. This happened shown a fifth of Americans can't locate US on a world map. Why do you think this is? I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do. So because some people out there in our nation. Don't have that. And I believe that our education like such South Africa and Dirac everywhere like such and that day. Education over here in the US should help the US should help South Africa is should help the Iraq Asian countries. Future. She's like the equivalent be played, South Carolina. Lauren Caitlin Upton and miss Tina say. Britney shaved her head phone was released in Tina same is, South Carolina. Lauren Caitlin Upton gave us quite a thrill. But what did? Did it? CJ take the lead here. Just my two thousand six he locking in. All right. Can you locked in lock? Mark raised his hand. Mark CJ says two thousand six what would you have said, this is your I wanted these two thousand seven in. Why do you think them are just because where I wasn't my job? And that's also the year that you and I met. CG says two thousand six let's check the lid. He's locked. He's locked. When did that? Did it happen? When did that? Did it happen? Here was two thousand and seven. So yes, Mark was right with only one year any one point four. His new score is three went from two to three which puts him in the lead. Nikki, I'm sorry. Limited. It makes you feel better that chair over there. This game. Okay. All. CJ has three points. Mark only has one. If Mark gets in. Two two if you buy two if you within one year or right on you win if you get within only three get within three years or you Lou to eight. Down to this Mark. Let's play. It all happened in this year. In this year Prince Harry and Megan Markle got married. Come on in this year beyond say rained Coa. In in this year. Apple finally released red headed emojis. Twenty teen. Are you locking in? Mark has locked it. Do you think he's right? Nikki, oh, what do you think? He's right. I can't imagine you ask it easy question. So part of me that it's not two thousand eighteen seventeen still good to eat less. Drew CJ. Beyond say. I went. The answer is marks. It two thousand eighteen the answer is. Two thousand and. Four eight. With the score Woolley one point. Do you like the new scoring system? Right. Really phenomen, really? Thank you. I'm honestly shocked that I got those at each one just had something that hit. Memory. Proud of you, Honey. Thank you, really well done. Hey, listen. That's how the Nikki one day one day and CJ you're always this game. Come up with the questions and you get to play. Oh, that'd be fun. You actually prepping something. Well, actually. Nikki the daggers that are. She's gonna slap. You just out armory. Yeah. You are just out armory. When we come. They give you the blackness saucy rod minute, Mark so much more. We write back more straight talk on the way straighter than ever. I insist on it one. In. Did you know that eighty percent of New Year's resolutions totally fail by February? Like right now. Most people have just given up on it. So you have your two thousand nineteen got off to a love ever. 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Why would I never write that had a daydream about night thing in the middle of the afternoon. Ross mantis all over it as I'm getting more and more old country. I keep hearing songs Miami might Miami Miami. For example, that I didn't write this. A middle. Well, look sick. Honey, go home. After. Do you like? Film true. So. New Year's like it's so like you can hear the rhyme before it comes out of his mouth so obvious or do you like bike? EJ? Daters ninth. Ronnie news is he? Like like, a legit pinger. Now, dead live give you an update on home. No, I don't know. But I do know daydream about. Yeah. Good luck. Yeah. Love it. No. I like it. Welcome back to the program. You know, I try to play a little song coming into the third act something I've been listening to lately in that. So one of them some good some good everybody. Okay. Back to the program balloon not here. We treat into. I'm bringing do these stories out to. Hi, guys. So do you want a straight talk with Ross listener creepy story, or do you want a story? That's trending that has something to do with the story that Mark shared with us about stressing in dot one. Okay story. Okay. This is legit trend insult, I mean, Nikki trending story. Okay. Here we go. I love. So so how do you say the word rang a Tang you say Aranka tan or do you say bring Tang? Okay. Right. You do not say Raina tan, I do because we we take to the zoo all the time we're teaching our word. And so I used to say renting and Diana's like it's not a renting it's a tan in how come you? Listen, you say things wrong all the time. And I try to correct you you don't. So you are you working on it? I don't say syrup. Surp- anymore. What is that? Mark. Would. We would always have we travel. We're breakfast together even on the plane or something like do you have any surp- cakes? And I go it served up, and he's like surf there was another word that you go you go end, albeit all how. No, it's okay. So I'm gonna say I rang a Tang. We got clear got it. Okay. I'm trying to improve myself understand. Okay. So this is an interesting interesting story that came out of Berlin. It's got a little it's got a little twist to is a little more Maury Povich style of maternity test on a baby rang Tang come back with surprising result. So at the Basil's zoo funny, bring up zoo in northwestern, Switzerland. The tests showed that the five month old Padma was not fathered by the mail. That was in the closure with the female. Right. So keepers routinely take DNA samples from newborn Rangan because the endangered great apes are part of the breeding programs. Researchers mama, mama. Rang. A Tang was in a cage or in it lays enclosure bunch of other male bunch of other. Yeah. There was like two or three and they mate with one and they made with one and have a baby. Okay. And who they assume that she made with they checked the DNA of the baby and it didn't match any of the males in the enclosure. So they were like we did have. No, this is this a monkey business. So researchers basil universities forensic laboratory. They check the baby's DNA and realize that it matched with a different Aranda and a different enclosure. They have no idea how that Aranka Tang got into the other enclosure. But apparently through the fence, maybe there might have been some monkey business going. Oh, my magin. Oh, they've been monkeying around. Yeah. So it appears that. Yeah. The baby daddy was from a different enclosure. But there was a fence that kept them separate. But I wonder how you put your private through fence. Like, I show you. So I just thought that was a super cute story about the baby ring attaining, and I wasn't going to do it until Mark started talking about all over the show. And then I thought well, maybe he just offense and the in the ring the female ring, it was like, oh that Diana's she called in and her feet are pregnant. Nothing. My silly little trendy new wanted to Email too scary one time for it. Do we have time? Jay rodri- time. Yeah. All right. Okay. So here it is sorry. Okay. Good. I couldn't find it. I'm just kidding. Oh, no. I really can't find that you 'cause mar I mean Ross won't let me bring my computer and said now, I can't hug him. When I have my computer all on your phones. Oh, he's getting prepped for his I look things. How about you always have during the this segment? Just the especially the first one I two because the first one we're engaging telling stories second where he's playing a game or doing some interviews. I'm allowed on thirty. This is a good one in the short one. Okay. Hey, Nikki and the rest of the street took crew this is actually from Gabrielle. Thank you so much. I love I love when you guys communicate. With me me happy. I have a story when my mom actually has the story. And I think it'd be perfect for a Nikki believable. When my mom was in highschool maternal. Grandfather was very sick. My mom used to used a payphone at school during her lunch every day to call her mom and check in on her grandfather, remember payphones one day. She put her point in the payphone picked up the receiver. But before she could dial her home phone number of voice on the other end. Said you don't have to call today. She was puzzled hung up without calling and her money was returned when she got home or mother said she was very glad that mom hadn't called home that day because her grandfather had passed away while she was at school and to this day. My mom doesn't know whose voice it was. I don't either God. Her grandfather, an angel of ghost were never gonna know. Thanks in advance for reading my story. Bringing so much laughter. Enjoy toward listeners every kiss kiss. Gabby. Gabby. Thank you for that story. Freaky? That's free. The stories. I just wish one time. It happened be used to call phones. Find out. I get the number for the one outside a Safeway. My friend. And so I would call we'd be get together late at night just be so bored in my little farm town. So we would call the payphones I'd Safeway. And someone would answer to be like this is so off like Ross Matthews. Can get sued for this. You can. Hi, what's your name? They'd be like it's Maria Maria. You're live on the radio right now. This is a contest if you and you have five minutes to go inside Safeway, find this item. And you in five thousand dollars. Matthews. Oh. Did anybody ever do it? To her. You're wasting time. Describing item. We're always telling they ran out of time. The worst yet. Yes. Writing all over town this lady, I've never told anybody that her Maria. She's now. These people are broke broke. They just ran around looking for it was like supermarket sweep, you know. Hey, run and find the theme. That. So they were running around looking for something with the money type to it. I was like it's red, and it's larger whatever I would do. Money to something. I look for something specific really time's ticking, and they run, and they can you please do a game show that the word is awful actually, kind of a great idea. Exist really any idea that? Kid known. I think you do too funny. Fuck with phones. All did you ever? Call party line old enough to remember those. Number numbers before the nine nine. Mark are the pay thing, you know, where people get billed like you get a hundred dollar phone Bill because you didn't know, and you would call in to these just party lines just random people would be on the party lines. And you just like talking to people, and then they were like dirty party lines. If you get those numbers which were harder to get. And then the whole thing came out where people were getting like huge phone bills. And I don't know if we ever got charged or anything, but I used to go on those sometimes after school, my mom, never said, Patty line. Line the black pants. So for the month of blackness, I'm dedicating it to black history. So happy black history month. Everybody going to give just a couple of facts. We're going to keep this nice and simple. On this day. One Rosa Parks was born, you know, she said down and said, nah born today. Yeah. And that was it. She ain't moving and here. I am able to sit down and happy because her also on this day in nineteen seventeen ninety four France abolished, slavery that is powerful. And on this day. I am grateful to be here with all y'all. So happy you're here. Also talked about this on a popped up. But I saw Jesse smoke show on your override. It was amazing. It was a powerful. It was his show after the Hague cry cry. It was he looked great. I mean, you know, he was up there. He was dancing and sweating and giving us life. And so you listen to talk about that wherever you get your podcast where I we touch on that a little bit. But it was really amazing. They cut the guys as far as I know. So. To the people. Absolutely. That's so sweet very well. We come to the part of the show. Where he gets a he's done. Great work today. You know, what a great story that was story that one about party line jerking off in the shower and being his young daughter. Technically, this podcast is just a fucking party line. Isn't it? Time for minute. Mark marketwatch minute at the end of every. End of every interrupted unedited alone. Whatever you want with it. Well, I talked a lot today. So I didn't write down that much. But I was gonna say I hate the Carl things like at certain point, you want to go out there and go, okay. If you wanna let your car alarm, go off not knowing that you're like I want to like throw something through your window or something or spin on your show or something anyway. Yeah. Hey. Stupid. It's gonna be really stupid now. But I was I think the chance to say where to figure out the Iran ten they must've used z sl. It was the the figured out who's zoo and never NCIS. Yes is criminal. Crime. Zeus? The Gatien seem it investigation. Jonas. I seen investigation. Sure. And then just remember Doria cookies dot com, and we're into Pristina, darling. Homos Susa studio today. As I. Scene. Investigate semen investigation. Do scene investigation that you how long have you been? I just it was a throw away. That was like I have nothing else minute. Mark. Zeus scene investigation. I think zoo seem investigating. Coming. The sl. It is coming. All right, listen. Well, we did it again. So I'm headed to New York. I'll be there for a bit. That's why this episode's being released a little early back to normal next week. Okay. All right. Everybody makes. Yeah. Aren't we back? None of us are ever backed. What's next week? What's the schedule next week during air? Yeah. You'll be in because my mom's coming. So what are we doing next week Monday again? All right. We're going to figure it out. All talk. This show just about the record something in New York with Mark. And we'll figure it out thinks listen work comes out, but we're never gonna leave you empty handed. Just like Mark in the shower. Never empty say. What you're doing in New York? If you want to. You are hosting the product of the year awards. It's fun to where the people that make stuff like computers iphones. It's a whole like they give awards out. And then there's a funny thing where they do like an memorial for all the products that have like gone away. So anyway, that's what he's and your co hosting with host. Hosting michaud. Co-host? I'm all no. Because I'm going to say it's alley, but I'm gonna Allie. Wentworth alley. All right. Anything else? Mark. What else is rescuing? Yeah. Well, the you're the American dog rescue show is premiering next weekend. So that's good. What are the data? There's it's he's looking computer February seventeenth eighteen. At home and family believe on figuring eleventh, you'll be on home. And I'm there's something else. I can't tell you that you're gonna see me on. Do you know what I'm talking about? They're gonna seem looking face. He's confused. There's a thing that I can't tell anybody. But they're gonna see me. It's yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And when you see it you'll know exactly what we're talking about. Well, more of that fascinating. Coming up next on. You can follow market the key. Please change your handle disease. The monkey fine. You can follow. Jay, Ron Johnson discoveries store. CJ CJ life C J A Y L Y F. Brunch. Are bubbly is a huge hit this weekend was crazy packed in. And we start in Palm Springs as we can over you're coming to this weekend. Check our social media. It's at Hello. Ross pod. And we'll tell you everything about where to meet us. Wherever we do. It'll be free. We're not doing a live show. We're doing like, you know, straight talker kiss Intel or mandatory kiss kiss or something. Kiss and cocktails kill Joe, we'll tell you where on our social media. I'm Hello Ross and all things Mickey Boyer is Nikki Boyer on Twitter. And I am Nikki Boyer on Instagram. Also this Sunday brunch. This weekend. If you're looking to have a ticket for sold down, but this weekend in Palm Springs, Nikki and Tommy cardboard cutouts are going to be opening the show performing some great songs in the original number just for the branch. Yes. We did. I can't wait to see guys there. If they wanna find you a corporate cuts to cut into keep away your dot com or cutouts on I. Asong that's on itunes that you can buy. We'll be performing live at the brunch. Love it support them. Can't wait. Okay. Everybody. Forget anything. Okay. Great. Spend a little time in our Pristina darling homo studio, right here in my homo, sweet home. Oh. Until next week, buddy. Have a great one.

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