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Episode 07: Ravens Discuss CoG Grand Council and Merry Meet


Welcome to another episode of ribbons of crossroad on Tyler Matthews and mistress prime today. We're discussing our experiences leading up to an attending. Kevin is gossip houses Grand Council and Mary me so it was Dr About twelve hour drive. Yeah so it. The the event itself is actually in Albuquerque New Mexico and for those of you familiar we are actually based in southern California so it was a nice long dry breath but in my opinion it was nice job despite that we had wonderful material the listen to on a book on tape. Neil Neil gaiman. Scouts was really good. That's one of my personal groups And we left the middle of the night so is a clawless truck and significantly less traffic. Not as much either So I think other than the fact that by the time we arrived at our destination awesome. We both destiny jubal exhausted other than that I think are chose to leave at midnight. Was it ahead. Yeah I agree and we got seasonal. Really cool natural. Like beauty of the landscape as the sun came up a passing through Arizona into Mexico. That was wonderful. Yeah yeah that was a treat. One stops that we made. We did director. He didn't stay any place a one-stop actually a few stops. She saw some ravens. Just kinda shown yeah here and there is kind of interesting and enjoyable. At one point we were at a rest stop and there were one raven that was like near the car playing in the war. Yes yes a water fountain or some the the Water Fountain that was there had a little league at the bottom of it so yeah uses for hanging out and then I noticed they were others nearby. Yeah so so which usually hang out with ground their their congregation ribbons right and then when we made our way into New Mexico. We made pretty good time. I think we made it in about twelve and a half hours. Yeah is actually despite stopping for fuel title and restaurants and everything I think we hit the drive through once rive through on the way there once. Yeah and then yeah in yeah. We're fine yeah so you didn't really need to stop very often just for to fuel upson. You did really long gas. I think we ended in using the tank and a half to get out there. Okay Yeah I just remember one early warning. Stop it some trading posts and Hundred Percent Coherent pretty tired of that but yet so I just remember that in maybe feel stop on the land anyway. We got New Mexico. Check into a room really early computer checkers. And she'll three and we got about quarter to one And I and I gotta get room. Got All the equipment and everything taken up and then crashed. I was living in my head. Hit the bill was out. I mean we were out for what two three hours. Yeah and then. We went in explored the area because the little things that we didn't bring with us or we need to hit the hit store But did find much due to my knees. Mitt Romney middle of New Mexico it landlocked state. We get out there and we're looking for a place to eat and we find. There's a slaps official there now. Fish is a restaurant that I'm familiar with because it's in Huntington beach where I grew up and they're known for their sustainable fishing and fresh food and I absolutely love it by so it's just completely Florida find out. There was one out in Albuquerque. I'd I am never been to one but It was really really good. I I was pleasantly surprised. His it was kind of one of those chain Mall Storage Stern. Also you're Kinda like house is GonNa be. This is GonNa be a good place in no it was. It was really good as one of the few places where I didn't didn't feel at home. Burn off from the spice in New Mexico. Yes so in case it has become obvious. Tire is white and Dan. Spicy food is apparently not something that is enjoyable for him so because the rest of our time I'm there. A lot of the food was very spicy chilies and while I don't mind them in general after a while it was getting to be a little much for me is still really good. It was it was good and we got there and that night I think we Bumped into a couple people. We called it in early night. Just because you're both really tired registered. We said Hello To Royan WHO's part of Arnor tain and Chamisa Low Council was the council for the cover of the guys that was hosting the event and on their base out in New Mexico but are detained is the Pagan Learning Center. That is based up up in the mess. Put Blow area just outside of a albuquerque and we did run into as Real Donald K and said her and we also saw Maka and spend a little time hanging out with her and and I also saw Gaylon who is the recorder for the National War and we manage a couple more friends France and we did see more gonNA She had shown she'd flown in that night. So people ran until people but then we they were really exhausted so we went back to room to just crash up. Yeah and before we get into the nest a little bit What I mean exactly is the Grand Council board meeting for those who may not know so coming into the goddess is an the organization that was established in nineteen seventy five for the protection of rights for benches and They have gone through a love. Incarnations is to exactly how they were achieving that but they have been at the forefront of fighting for people to have their rights within the United States. And so what they have to do. Because They are national nonprofit organization by law have to meet at least once a year and have a national board meeting wherein all representatives of the Organization Organization meeting members have had their say in how the business is conducted from that point forward This is when They they might discuss things that they want. A change in. How policy is Or if they want to run for a position on the National Board so it's just is basically a two-day board meeting and it's allowed politics business and for some people it's difficult to sit through but for others say enjoy the interaction and and the work that gets done a so. So that's what so it once a year in the in the location those around from One in the country to the other other depending on which local councils interested in hosting and that's determined by who is the second officer sort of so if there's more than one local council or even a person that is willing to host the event than if there's more than one that it gets brought to the grand council that they make a decision on on who will get next year to host but usually it's just one person. Volunteers are one location volunteers and then we just go with it and so they have a representative in that representative liaison for the National Board and the Group of people that are hosting the okay. So it's not always the second officer third. The second officer is liaison. The second officer is the liaison. Okay so you go running for the position as officer than somebody else host the event in you talk to them It's a already figured out thing. Gunfire Grand Council. Hey Orange County. Local Council would like to offer her to do Grey Council twenty twenty. Who would like to be the representative on the National Board for that? Okay so when they go to grand council than they say so and so is was interested in running for the position of second officer and their local council will be the one that is hosting next event. Okay yeah some. It's a I wanted to make sure I understood shirt for Royal Cher cloud so the grand council is the business meeting ended is pretty hardcore but then in order to kind of entertain other people maybe bring them to the event so that they could also meet COG members. I get to know your organization. There's usually a side event. That's going on as a side. But it's really like a side-by-side thing where they have a what's called Mary. Me and then. Tender usually workshops and classes. But there's also live entertainment on or dance or something it's conducted during the Friday and Saturday portions portions of the event And so it's just it's a lot of activity and of your hosting the event. It's a lot of work. Oh yeah so I could tell the local council that was putting it on. They they were excited to have there was a lot of work has lost a lot of people And I can tell people relieved that it went over so well and in your guest I think honestly for for me personally. I think she's a local council again. Did a fantastic job There from the SWAGS upon want to straighten the ease of registration. The name tax which has been an issue in some instances but the attacks were really easy in love the little ribbon those easy to wear but also the leadership council the classes that they offered workshops the space the hotel. I was completely comfortable. The hotel in their hotel staff was phenomenal. Yes there is so many things and they did a nature walk on Sunday at the local. You're nature preserve innocent preserve which we skipped out on because we were busy recording other busy day for interviews. That's that's a lot and so then. There was a lot of stuff going on there Wada. Moving parts I think that they did phenomenal job. And I'm grateful that we were able to actually tend so speaking of Leadership Institute. Let's go to Lou about that. That was at arden teams here. Yes so of Leadership Institute is also tell the Thursday before Grain Council and it's for folks that are able to get out there a little bit early but it's intended to basically enhance stance knowledge and ring about discussions or education to make members better leaders in general This particular year were so fortunate to go to pain center been them as Pueblo area and and holy cow if you get the opportunity to go to anything Argentine dude. I cannot emphasize enough. It was a fantastic location location breaking gorges absolutely. Yeah it was. It was amazing in some of the stuff that they have. STU was very very touching to me as far as being able to feel the energy from the areas it you have no service by anyway so okay so what. He's talking about it so the event that we did for this year's leadership was they sent us out Separate down to teams and we went out into different groups into different locations not very far from Arden Kane but it was most directly with the farthest artist. I believe I think so on but some groups did stay on property so there was a group that stayed on property. That may be didn't feel like venturing out but many people went on to these different groups that went to different areas there was different types of rock formations. So they wanted people to do was go out feel the area area community energy that particular area and then come back and report to the rest of the leadership institute members that were attendees that what they felt an answering a bunch of questions or asking a bunch of questions about the area and sort of encouraging people to kind of be more mindful about Unin higher area not just one aspect of the area but the entire story of that area and it caused caused people to really connect better with each other but also with the area and the different energies and different aspects of the energies so it was a very moving experience for most people it very much was and after we got back we wrote a questions. We ahead really awesome. lunch there. Yeah Yeah One of the members of the council was the person who I think made made most of the two almost all of it. Yeah it was pretty good I was. I enjoyed everything It was good Even the spicy food. There wasn't so spicy that I can eat so they look We actually ended up going on eighteen mm-hmm and going out to was called the Gilman tunnels and when we got out there. Because I really didn't know what to expect I was honestly afraid. We're going to be underground somewhere. And we got there and it was these two tunnels car down snow that were very tall in high archways kind of narrow and not what I was expecting our drive through and they didn't have any idea what I was looking at while we were wandering around so we parked nearby we all got out of the van and wandered around and there's a river like a gorge really close by who saw couple people climbing gallery to go swim in it which seemed super dangerous. Dangerous to me the whatever and You know there were natural came. That were carved out of the sound in certain areas. But I didn't understand what why they created. These archways and I was in who got back at Originally created for the railroad Would you explain slang weather. So tall rare Because they weren't expecting to cars to go through can't get two cards to go through one at a time one way or the other way and So then that made a little more sense than like who made these things so when we got back we asked all our questions we got some answers But all of that information was supposed to be emailed once it was vile to send out to everybody that participated but I had a really good time. You go better chance to commune with with the energy. I was on high alert the whole time. I know you were a we. We had an incident coming out there where some guy thought he was going to whip into the spot right next to us and he got angry honked his does all off and thinking to myself. You just flipped off a Of and full of witches diff- flipped us off. He knew he was. He was very angry gentleman but he was one of the guys that went down to go swimming but he he was very very upset. And so we did say Costa that we did go through both tunnels but we did set second town very long. Because we're like we wants to close the van just in case something goes down because our driver and said she was GonNa Leave Van Amok and the keys in the nation in case somebody got to hot right because it was very warm totally fine but my security minded Ryan was like straight Kinda closest to the van in case. There's an incident because suddenly people were showing up that we hadn't seen the long drive out there that almost hit us going the opposite way when you're coming out tiller confusing but whatever But so you had the opportunity to Korean with the rocks in the area the serenity of that area Dan and sharing yes so in one tunnels I found that I could call him up. The wallow bit and and the managed funds thought to myself down in unmandated kind of meeting with and I I got flooded will just imagery of the area over a period of time and it started getting flooded with emotions. Actually I started hearing up at did notice that emotionally and in some regards. It was a very emotional weekend for a lot of people. You could definitely feel it from certain people oh and it just. It was so powerful of a emotion feeling from the the earth the ground and everything in the area in Accu kind of feel the water who've been below us and everything those it was an intense lance feeling. It's one of the most intense can unions. I've had with natural surroundings. Yeah I did take a lot of photos. Unfortunately I can only take them a phone because I didn't think to bring my camera But to be fair I bring money either. So I'm GonNa put those together then. We'll get him up on the website at some point in time but honestly I am going to have to shop them a low because the photographs don't fully encapsulated insulate the beauty of that region absolute the color of the stones that were out the the red rocks with the Dark Mark Green Shroud so beautiful absolutely lucked out there. It's like it's just gorgeous. Own Coming from southern California. Were used to kind into beige and tried out stuff for most of the year our spring we get some green but later on the year everything dries out. Turn so we kind of our GAL spoiled being able to see that later in the year in some of the rocks of that we saw. Aw those who don't know. Mexico has a volcanoes or hot springs. Forget which well we were by some hot springs where we were for if I remember correctly yeah works Places that we could have gone. Oh that's right okay. Yeah so there. Hudson's seed I'll be honest with you so they allowed us to choose thirteen thirteen based off of the color of the BANDANNAS and I didn't care what location they were not. I wanted to live blue band. So that's why I deem ended up working out well and that was the one I wanted to go to. So that worked out great but we got back had our lunch which was really awesome and then we broke up into groups again and covered even groups two different colors. One one of them was about connecting. Your in was defining wisdom. What is wisdom that was when I went to and then you went to the one reestablishing your your passion your spiritual path or your leadership ship for the community or something to that idea was essentially often saying so? You burn out your going to do to fix that exactly and aunt. That's part of the reason I say again because that's been there a couple times so it was an interesting conversation. There were a lot of Ah Perspectives and me. We ought to talk about from lots of different perspectives. So it was very interesting by Dan. What did you learn? I added a lot actually We have established that wisdom and intelligence don't necessarily mean gene the same thing right and wisdom can come from experience in using experience to help others doing doing things in a way. That doesn't necessarily mean you learned in a book someplace. It's having an innate understanding weighting of how things in in maybe emotional intelligent combs intelligence comes along with some wisdom as well so there were definitely some good partner. What's in there? A lot of people did APP. More into a lot of people agreed law with what we have south so we had by the end probably a good page and a half of notes that when everything was down went back in we shared with the group we were talking about other ways to kind of refresh your interest You know go back to Wyatt is do reconnect with that energy But what was it so after that so yet launched when you guys We had lunch. We broke up into groups in the case came back and then we got to talking about sharing information or not sharing information. Could somehow we on the topic in we were talking about our experiences in which three of us kind of all connected Human Maka right all connected on this whole all topic of adoption wrote and You know isn't acting with Birkin right but that wasn't really the topic. It had something to do win. You know Talamo and was it is part of the kind of closing elements that we're discussing right like sometimes it's not. It's not always the best. The open book with some people right sometimes is buried holding back so that you don't put yourself or others in danger so so thinking in advance of the ramifications of doing things we're trying to be mindful about you know what you're saying is is the best to give the whole information the whole truth Reagan there for somebody and what are the occasions when it might not be best right and So yeah so I I remember there was a had restoring. You had your story in my in. All three of us were kind interwoven into an adoption. which is really fascinating or family relentlessly? Yeah just family relations in an honest truth about the situation so it was really really good by the end of the day. Lock you board hired now than there was a dance of residence. Deborah Jam to Deborah Vendor Housing Systems will be there Bender Tatas dancing a song And using French and then So we did well while you guys did that. I was beat them. I was pretty smoked. The and then we left there and went to replace called the Range Cafe Between the Jimenez Pueblo and Albuquerque and a had a fantastic dinner everybody this is a really cool place O.'s. Very Artsy Fun and there was a live band playing and Some amazing artwork up on the walls but So then they had dinner. There had a stuffed chilies chilies. I had Turkey in essentially Thanksgiving did which contract me up. I'm like that's actually an option. Okay it you work for me. It was perfect for you and then We see some friends that You know we win seen until that point to really like socialize with and then we left from there we weren't done yet. Holy cow we live from there and then went off to go drum. Mm as the full moon rose on the horizon into the night sky. You can't see the air quotes going because there are only three drums and it was a nice. Little Group is a nice experience in theory of it and it was really cool to see the memorizing over Kirke. Yeah and over the over the city could see all city lights applause. Just beautiful beautiful location. I was just really wiped out by in point of order. For if you ever try us. Don't do it in a driveway for by doc or that was that was. You couldn't see anything there to suppress it in her walking around It was really cool. Good time and then we head back to hit the pit stop but then we're headed back in to our hotel and it crashed hard passed out and started again for saying next morning and that is very council started. Yup We have breakfast after hotel and breakfast. Every morning was covered So the the morning sorry. The restaurant in in the hotel Every morning was Makoto. I think it was confirm. It was something avocado. GotTa think so okay. Staff is really great. The food was really tasty and I got to spend after a while for Thailand Tobacco Clinton that yeah I I went back to the EU standard eggs and Bacon. Toast good yes. It was and good way to start your day so then we did not go into grand out so oh right on. No he of Peruzzi wears in the bedroom to Mahathir downstairs. sweetwater your They had some really great times like bombs and Lotions Ask from CD bombs and Lucien Really Nice stuff and free net gross. Yeah five minutes like natural kind of thing but we each but some CBD bomb from them. which I have to say? It's been very helpful. Racial Mind's Ear Inn it's been helping with some of the stress had with everything else going on. Yeah so that's that's been nice And then we went into grand council for a little uh-huh yeah just WanNa okay so before. He started everything like on Thursday morning. While we were waiting advanced PICKUS UP Connell L.. Had come out I think. Just say hi to everybody stuff and I talked to him briefly about one or two the ages. It was on the agenda but I said that I didn't WanNA check tyler into the grand council because he's not technically Member so he's is not ocoee. Vote on anything anything and also. I just didn't need him getting mixed up in the middle of the politics of the organization. Give it. He's not a member but I want to address some of the key issues that they were going to be talking about chat tech stuff in it so we talked to him in advance will be did it again. The next day women women came back in the morning and then we quietly winter only so that he can get an idea what I was talking about with regards to it being being board meeting and how it's run there. There are ways that things are supposed to happen and things have to go on to order. But it's not just that there are people in a room room. It's also that there were people online. who were virtually attending as well who also had a vote in say of what was going on so I just want him to see? It didn't plan for either of us. Spend much time there general because with over there they were there to interview folks of Bowie did manage managed to be in there when they Think it was amber amber. The issue was giving a presentation on on a couple. She put a lot of items Colonia cheated and some really great things had happened. That changed Are Changing the way that Kong's operate in ways that I think personally. I think you're going to be really good but also like so. The one that affects you as being a potential essential number is that they're opening up how the member Shit for individual member right so instead of being called a solitary membership. I did and being a member of that is now an individual membership. And you don't need to have that Documents saying that. You're a certain level of in this tradition. Well okay so let me back up a little bit. Yeah when the governor godless was originally established the only membership available is for covens right and then they changed it. Sometimes since I've been a member to allow for national or to allow for solitary memberships which would be individuals whether or not there with the common is also a different story altogether at whether out their covenant is a member of the organization. Is again the totally your story. But a person can become a solitary member will wording was once again changed to individual wall which I think is crash should be and then they opened up. Originally a solitary member would also need to qualify to be credential holder and credentials holder is only a possibility if you have reached a particular status in your training that ran issue at equal to like a third degree or elder status within your training. So that means you able to legally be able to perform weddings readings things of those nature and so now. The Individual Burger longer has to come. In as a credential level qualification qualification. They can come in. Just essentially identifying allege as people did not like that. There's people who were very not happy about it. They felt that that was Going to cause more problems than anything I I don't agree. I think this allows for for a greater potential for membership. I agree there are other ways of you know A member who has no training obviously won't be able to get credential to be able to perform legal ceremonies. But that doesn't mean that. During their time as a member they could not eventually qualify for that later road. In the meantime they could still get the benefits of being a member of cog in being connected with people that that. That's a big piece of it. I think is called has the capability of connecting people who have these years of experience with with people who may not have that experience yet and we still have to have letters of recommendation from people who are or known by cog so it doesn't necessarily have to be a member as it was explained. Well the other thing is yes so you still have to go through all the other vetting process right so they we still have to be set like you couldn't just walk in off the street. That nobody lenient say on a witch ought to be younger than me a matter of okay. We'll now we. I need help people get to know you and to determine that you are somebody that people write letters of recommendation for to get your membership right in. That's I think that's still a good idea. Because that ensures that you're not gonNA get somebody who is just saying that just to you know be different like somebody has to be able to said yes. I worked with this person and seeing the they hold the practices and beliefs that the organization his Asian has those one big things that I was excited about. Seeing change on that first day is Connie image. It right right and it was like Oh that that sounds like that actually directly impacts me so it was interesting to be there in half something that even though I'm not a member have that the potential impacts almond for me sure anything once people realize that. That's a possibility not that they can now join would increase their potential if they were going to choose that option. You the other thing that I was actually excited about was the change judge in Representation so basically. They're creating a board of individuals that represent all of the local councils as well as the National Collins in the national individuals. And I think that that's GonNa be great because it's going to create a much better communes of communication directly to the people who are impacting the direction of the organization. Run with this was another one that AMBERCARE had added to the agenda. She had a lot of really great stuff on there. She did she related. She worked really hard and this one had a bit of pushback to the point. We're actually voted yes I think yeah. I think that's what they were voting. Yeah Yeah Yeah because if the organization run on consensus in it for some reason that they cannot in good fit come together and we're in agree to allow something go forward then if there's somebody who is going to block that particular Sunday then usually they take to vote but otherwise seek to general are not voted on they are agree plum and that has won the other advantages. I heard people talking about was it was willing to allow the board remembers who handle the business element to be selected based on Business Acumen not necessarily representation which is what let s because necessary. So that's a there's so many things are changing for the better i. There's a lot of things that they're trying to change for the better. I know that people have been working really hard at trying to bid since forward in order to do this but there have been others. Who have block them or just made it more difficult for these things to move forward because couldn't see division that some of these folks have for the organization at that time But a lot has happened in the seniors. It's been a while. Yeah and on the second day we actually were up in a room for a good chunk about kicked down early it before lunch. I think we were down there and then we went to lunch and then we went back to our room. Africa's lunch meat spoke with manny from wild hunt. Yes and he actually put us in the he news letter now. He put us in the wild hunt under under the community news for August. Twenty six. I think it was a but we've spoken briefly and stuff in the Megani. Were Room to go take care of some stuff. We came back down the elevator. Because I got this really weird feeling. I'm like waiting to get downstairs. Could not explain what it was but I feel very anxious with got downstairs. Got Off the elevator and we're mmediately meeting by Greeted by Manny who was right outside the Elevator Canal Office for the Business Office for the hotel and gave us discern gave us his somewhat panic. Look and and a worry maybe not panic worried and was talking to us if we knew what he was saying and I kind of looked like. I really don't know what's going Tom. All Year was amber left amber and Azriel. It wasn't December right and I didn't I didn't understand what he meant. Because you know we were upstairs in our room and I thought he met like they left to go back to artem tainted pick something up Knows going on but apparently we've missed a very unfortunate situation situation in the grand council. Where as has happened in in fast episode tempers flared and feelings were hurt at things perhaps said that may not have been intended But I don't have because I wasn't there I didn't hear any of it. All I know is that a- and as we okay latched They're council on the continent. But I was hoping that only for that moment. I what's happened these we haven't actually really talk to them about it. Not very much. We have heard from both of them And we're hoping that they're doing very well but we didn't hear exactly what happened or occurred and I don't know what their Santa's is with regards to their feelings about the situation not speculate on that right but so when we walked integrate castle there was crying there were obviously people in upset states and we have no idea what had happened even so we sat down just started paying attention to try to figure out what was going on and we were absolutely terrified to learn that as things progress. Nobody wanted to run for national board all the time that have been there. I've never seen that before. It was was the tension the room was palpable. It was confusing. And I didn't understand what What they would do if nobody ran for National Board position because essentially that would mean that there was no governing There was no board to direct the direction of the organization so things are looking Kinda bleak for period of time as people had originally said that they were gonNA run for position. Two of them have backed down completely. They're going to withdraw for reasons. They have various reasons. And I didn't know what would happen today. I mean that the current board could have to stay on. Would that mean that they would have to make a special dispensation in order to do that. Because there are things in the by laws that would prevent people from running for X. amount of time in the same position so what ended up happening was a lot of discussions a lot of working things out. They continued on with other business. One of the things was the military awards were distributed to those they were giving recognition to soon who had served and had been previously released previously received an award from the Covenant were and there was a break for a while before voting In the vote came back those came as a turning point Between the voting going back into that break where people were seeing different chance that kind of rebounds announced energy in the room a little bit. Yeah I kind of felt like things were spiralling Before them I couldn't figure out why it it just seemed really weird because it seemed like before we left for lunch. Ninety nine percent of the people present were fourth forth. These changes being made everybody at that point with the exception of a couple of people very positive about these changes. The woman came back up things. I was really shocked and surprised to see them so anyway so the people were going out and doing their vote and then coming back into the room and then more discussions have been made amongst the local council. That was hosting They had originally said they were gonNA take a bunch of They were going to vote for a bunch of positions on the National Board but then they were reconsidering because they weren't certain of state of their local council because Amer- Natural K.. Hit both left so so they had managed to decide that they were going to do the work to keep this organization going in their interaction right so new positions had others outreach position I think it's new and local council member had joined up for that one in fact surprise. Surprise some Somebody under the age of thirty which is a big deal so But then people started stepping up and then all of a sudden all the positions had been repudiated with a lot of fresh faces and a lot of positive energy energy going forward and hopeful tones in what was being expressed and I think really the turning point into being after the vote came through after the local council that was hosting Decided that you know we're going to continue our reintroducing racing or introducing the proposal proposal scenario reintroducing the proposals that Amer had initially introduced and we started working through those very quickly very look very little pushback from a group I think initially headed. Ed Jackson had directions as part of that had to do with people sitting down with him and explaining to them. What their vision was? I I ethnic there might have been a little Misunderstanding at the onset End So I think that got clarified with more information for those people I I believe that I don't really know But yes you're right. There was little to no pushback from people who had originally objected but it was. It was really amazing to watch where we walked in and saw the everything was in turmoil and funk par to now coming back around on in healing and getting his wrapped up just before we would end for the day. You're the weekend really. Yes well okay I have been there or a time. Grand Council has moved onto third day right. And then they're really kind of hustling get things wrapped up because people are literally leaving going flying back Moan and so they need to wrap it up pretty quickly so I was really pleased that they were able to get it all done by Saturday. So that really well Night of went out to eat with Madonna right before we missile French restaurant with Maka Doc. Yes that was actually quite fabulous. Yeah Old Town in Mexico little French restaurant back in the corner lights are a little. I think I posted pictures of those might official mistress prime instagram. Yeah thanks bye flirt. You're faced with a sticker. I appreciate that but it was. It was really good. I had a spinach in mushroom CREPE. That was just phenomenal ZANNA. It was delicious Aso really good and then went for Sushi with which was again awesome. Delicious ahead of Peach socking I don't drink alcohol that much so the idea is to have a very nice young break and it was refreshing end lucious and reminded me when I love talking or I think the only other time senior visits me meet meet his the other meat and meat Romans okay. Then so our final Sunday. They went off to the nature preserve her. We packed to get some interviews. That's when we did an interview with comic conning and then we have an interview that we're going to be yes Interview with Lord Videira us and then we also interviewed blame in Brandon Brandon. Yes and I believe the incoming for that one all right and and then We also did an interview with Scorpion. Scorpio who was also her first time but she came all the way at sea so this was what was fascinating and I love that she did this. She flew out all the way from Baltimore With her high prices rights to check out conquer she was very interested in joining So we had the opportunity to hear from our first hand as another person. WHO's I experienced? It was with cargill General General not just great council so getting her perspective on things for variety of reasons also the fact that she's his younger a lot of the membership ten. She's my age she's around your age and also being for some car which it was also very key to learning to get her perspective on right especially considering some of the missteps in the past that exactly. Yeah so the WHO got four interviews from Alaska hard. It was working as a lot more working. I expected it to be but you you know it was good. It was good to really get interviews at introduced. Use Your favorite pizza pizza that night. not go out because we were just notes Iron Chris. Oh the pizza in our room and watch watched movie of L. A. to pass out within fifteen minutes I- Suma has it's a poem nobody every single night he when he went set up movie onto the TV off of his laptop and then within fifteen minutes. I would hear snoring for the other bed. Not like what I figure A. You needed something can i. Didn't I would have been fine with my you know do online but I was like okay so but you gotTa Watch rocket man. He we had that happen to be stuck with me. Explain that we packed it all in and drove home packing. Yeah Alot seem like is easier to pack this time than coming apple but then a lot of equipment I try to do now. Sullivan Polar Bear. And like I said I believe in all the mic stuff up up to you going forward. Okay you guys earn a year There are problems with the audio you can play with. That's on my fault it is So got the car and just jumped on the freeway. Back Home Hit the cracker barrel on the way back. Will you introduce me to nurse. Corps O- official NERD Corps. And the kind of like edge in the community get that music genre for awhile. I didn't realize there was more. It's a very deep pool. You got MC FRONTA. You've got mega. You've got MC issue lars you've got But we're playing Dr Awkward Dr Awkwardness. I have to say he is now one of my absolute favorite and shaved Darkwa. What were your love love? Love Them So they're now like so securites to listen to saying above that we missed shaper. The Dark Lord on on Friday is actually playing here long beach but both of us were unavailable unable to attend and a really bombed but excellent yet. We come out a few Times a year so from La is actually somebody I know so I get the heads up on their head. Napa sleigh Nice Nice And then so after we hit the cracker barrel yet we did. Oh Gosh so we got down the road and I'm like Mahaffy. He hit cracker barrel. Just wants to go to the Gregor barrel which I know but I grew up in southern California is not the kind of food that I grew up with so when I actually into have it. I'm like you go you just go. It's whatever you get there and get seated at. I realize that our waitress has a crush on tyler and I'm laughing because any never going to happen lady. That's okay completely oblivious movies to it I was laughing. I understand. 'cause you were actually laughing liable. That's funny she has to spell it out for me really. Yeah yeah well sorry to break your heart yeah. Whatever it's okay it was just funny for the detainment so Cracker the Braille saw. And then we headed on out in disturb all the home health but then we were on our way home and we needed to get fuel. I think we were somewhere. Was it after Flagstaff think who's just before flex not just after flex out of your after flagstaff there before his as far as in flagstaff. Yeah but we we got through there. We're looking for a fuel stop and we got to place charging an obscene amount of double the amount that everybody else up until that point and we realized it was because they were the last gas station. Stop off the freeway before you hit late as miles of natural lake national forest right so there were no stops or anything like that after gas along that entire stretch right so they literally were gouging people it was obscene. It was like five bucks ago it was five five bucks a gallon and I'm like what did we get anything. We got to gallons which was enough to get us to the next Stop right because literally I drive a very fuel efficient vehicle. But what millennial annual address fuel-efficient Vehicle Insulin. Fine but I was just like what reading this right. Gas Price has gone not so much while we've been in New Mexico that it's this ridiculous will now the thing is we went from two thirty five. which we got in Albuquerque? Right to seventy a little ways plays And then that stuff is like you should fill up. You know we're down below. Quarter tank is being by buxom over. Hell no I'm not found up here. He ended up downloading at gas to try and see if we can find a less expensive option and unfortunately in that particular area that was it they were the geographically essential positions. They could they could charge more but I think it's seen that they're charging that much more. Yeah Yeah it was. I thought it was the criminal but whatever it was bad so we just moved on to the next location that we found that was fifty percent last. Yeah we pay a two sixty five I think. Yeah fill-up House last film before making back to California speaking of which the roads. Oh my Gosh I actually for about this until you reminded me retribution cramming coming in California it was like New Mexico you know. There are some spots because in construction but I noticed a lot of ignorance users of volcanic rock the one. That's all I'm not geologists the answer to that because I forget while somebody in comments can often tell me what it is. Okay so yeah if you're on facebook twitter or even onsite added comment tell me which one I think is volcanic. Now I think about it but correct me if I'm wrong but we saw through New Mexico get into Arizona is pretty flat for the most part of. There's GONNA run to Mexico heading into Arizona. We hit flagstaff. And that's when we solve smoking everything Yeah actually I had to go onto twitter once. Go on right. Some four aspires nearby. I'm like yeah nowhere near US but not super close but this month was was over their area. I guess has been flooded smoked for a while. So yeah so we made it through on nothing Shula incidental going on there. I think we stopped at a rest. Stop to look at stones or something like that what we stop four of the Indian Center. Yeah Yeah Okay. So back in like eighty nine ninety Mi- Taking a a two week road trip through Arizona New Mexico remember with stopped at this place. And I've gone to see it again so we cruise in there. AH JUST TO CHECK IT out. Met in a lovely pack of dogs is sewer super. Chill just hanging out and talk to you some really nice ladies that worked at the shop shop and you bought a bunch of stuff game you know two things at bought a court like gazette words crystal which is less than half away. He don't hear okay all right. And then I got a selection of other rocks and gems. Which who little side? Because they were hot glued onto the plastic around the back. Piece of Kinda Kinda makes it worthless. Washable yeah Okay well I didn't realize that was going on so yeah got talking to ladies work. They're told about about the show. So give a shoutout to the latest work over at the Union Center And then mid through on a hit California accorded and all of a sudden my car digits. He just felt like has known off. Roading for minutes kind scares me and then it just turned out at that. Particular way was awful. Yeah so everybody was driving in the traveling in the left lane on the writing so we got stuck behind a a truck with a huge trailer. But I could go over until right lane to pass him shirt because literally it was so bad. Add that if I tried to go at speed I would lose control on that side is like what the Heck California together on a whole `nother whole nother but I want things joining us today. In on this episode of Ravens of the crossroad. Ausra if you'd like to support our future ventures please consider donating our website. Ravens a crossroad DOT COM. You can also catch future episodes directly from the site or find us on itunes music. Google play music or spotify. You can also find us on social media pages such as Ravens at the crossroads on Facebook Doc. INSTAGRAM and Ravens crossroad on Twitter uh-huh.

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