Whitney Roses Bad Zerox Is the Breakout Star of the RHOSLC Reunion Part 1 (with Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo)


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Eric isn't here but in his place. Is hannah perner. Page to sorbo from summer house. Thank you guys so much for joining. Thank you for having eric. We won't replace promised so you guys are busy. I know not only summer houses out this season. It's so good. But you have the gig. Lee squad podcast in hannah. You're on bravo's chat room. Yes it's a lot of bravo. And i couldn't ask for anything more all consumes. She loves sucking she to do dream job. Well i definitely want to dig into this week's programming specifically we have real housewives of real housewives of salt lake city police. This little show called summer house. But i just wanted to get into some general questions because it's been a while since i've talked to you guys. Yes was doing like a year. I know restore you. It was like in person at mopus when that was a thing that was exciting late. Because i got like an ice chai weren't those the days i'm house is so good this season and i really think part of it is this real world style approach. You guys are doing this season where you can't leave the house. Basically i love it. It's actually so crazy like watching us watching it. The as the amount of footage that is just like our house cameras is. I love it. 'cause it's so real like no one safe yet. No one save like hannah. And i are sitting in our bed like it really is just like what what we talk about watching. I feel like we got away with more stuff before. And now it's like it's we joke that it was prison with a pool. Role one about. Hr co working space with no hr department and lots of alcohol in the offense but yeah it was very interesting to see different personalities of people to like you know some people have like weekend mode and then they're completely different during the week mode. You got to see that. And like the g- zayed's of more than just like is the party prepared. It was like people's lives monday through sunday. And also winter really heightened time where you know our job safe right now in our family's okay so i feel like that is this extra layer that probably is surfacing. Sure i wanna know who is so annoying during the workweek now that you get to see them all the time. It's funny because hanan i you know. They put us in the basement. Because we are children. We kind of secured the third floor or the first floor. I guess and we didn't really leave that floor. Lake the hassle to get up to kitchen so all of our snacks on so it was like we had our own apartment. We got a lot of take out that we would just eat in the bed. Yeah so like monday through friday. We didn't really go and look for anyone because we knew people were on calls are like doing stuff so we have our own little world down there and everyone was more than welcome. But i don't think they came down that much because we are very message. They would work out. The gym was right bias. They'd be working out at like eight. Am and we were like we get it. You wanna look good on tv but like pain. Yeah let's do it at ten. And i mean obviously you know we have a different job than the people who have nine to fives and like because that's kind of i don't do well with a thorny. Okay so fired from our jobs. Like i'm doing a podcast just like yelling at someone and i can't be like next to danielle who's on zoom with like professionals and then pages like chucking close elected right finding outfits for her next look and she had her own room with closet like we really did have our own empire. I would call it even though sometimes we were able. I work best on horizontal thinking horizontal. Which i will judge for as well and i like to say. Don't yuck someone's yum nine like that. You do bring up an interesting point. Because we don't. I mean it's never interesting to watch people work out. But who are some of the biggest jim rats in the house. All i woke up to the soothing. Sound of kyle's grunting. Which i started to get us at some point. Yeah when i got back home. I was like i don't have an alarm and then luke was really you know really engaged all day with working know. Sometimes i walked by. And i was like i think your sweat just hit me and i don't so you know it's just part of this job. I guess you know the yet. So he had bravo's chat rooms started when you guys were in the house. Were you filming for that inside summer. House oh no. it's funny. I there was in talks about it. But i there were like. They weren't sure what they were doing it. So i by no means felt secure. That i had another tv gig at all. It wasn't until summer house ended. That i got a call that we were going to do a pilot and then we started. I believe in october. So this was pre chat room. Hannah what what has been the biggest surprise about doing bravo's chatroom. The biggest surprise. Is that. Like i love housewives or at least the two that i'm working with. I was very intimidated at first because they were talking about the backgrounds and porsche has the most gorgeous mansion giselle is like the most gorgeous like mantelpiece and whatever is in her background. And i'm just like this is my parents house. And then they had the most they have like glam and all these exotic looks. And i'm like i'd better come in with some hot opinions and before being funnier. I'm going to get fired and again to porsche is the warmest silliest goofiest bitch on the planet and i thought i was gonna be like in two minutes. Because she's so famous that look she does. Yeah we just. Sometimes we'll just be waiting for like production and we'll just start like making funny noises and giggling and when she messes up i like make fun of her like who thought i could ever be like on a house life that they think it's fun and then she goes even harder back on me but i love making fun of people to show affection them giselle. At first i was going to think she was gonna be like a little stiffer. 'cause she's like miss first lady but she is like loves all my sixth sense of humor because she has daughters who were like younger than me but like she. She's a goof that one too. And then kate is just like the driest and just the overall energy has been great and i was scared at first. 'cause like i'm just a girl gets drunk on the weekends like i didn't know what they wanted for me so it was apparently that was it. That was but. I do think that the experience of doing podcasts and just creating funny stuff has prepared me for the opportunity and now i'm excited to be on this journey with page in terms of like giggling squad. Worry just show people like a little more but what our friendship is and all our opinions. Yeah you guys are doing a lot together. How often are you getting sick of each other. It's so because we. I feel like it's definitely hard to work with a friend but i feel like hanan i really have mastered like okay. We're texting or we're talking. We're talking friendship. Like i'm telling her every date i'm going on like every guy i'm talking to. We switch years like okay like. Do we know how to do taxes. i like. It wasn't all giggles like we started. Good squad because we were bored and kyle called us and during quarantine we thought. It'd be hilarious. Just go live when everyone was depressed but then it got to restart do more shall we. We started a podcast and we had to have some like awkward conversations about like percentages. And like how to start a joint bank account and like it was like. I don't know any of this so we've learned a lot and i'm pretty proud that we've like maneuvered bullock. The stuff we've gone through during the summers on like this bitch knows me through. And through. And i know her through and throw and that's like the most comforting thing is like i've seen page at her lowest and she seen me at my lowest so like we can survive a pod thus far why do love these conversations. We get with you too on summer house and it makes me think because i can't tell if you're just being polite because at night and you don't want to disturb the other housemates more if you're genuinely trying to hide your conversation from the camera all of your condos are like very whispered meaning in the subtitles. Nearly okay yes. It's probably a little bit of both because we're used to being in the room that's like right off of the living room like on the main floor in our old house so people could be walking by any moment so we whispering and then of course we know that there's like a camera watching us Like they put in the first episode. That i farted. And i was like all wide like that was shuttered. My grand yeah do not smudge pages that were mistake and i don't think page actually said that some competent that there was some miscommunication there so yes. It's probably a little bit of boll. Yeah in bed. Like sleepover mode. I feel like we're like alone at stark. We could be yelling one would here. Uh-huh i dislike talking whispers. I'm like we have sleepovers every night. Those stories will. It does sort of posed this question. That i had and i guess you guys will now know the answer because you spent a good deal of quarantine not doing summer house but then you did move in with all these people and i think you know. None of us knew the beginning. How long is this going to last. And when people were saying you know get your pod together and then it was sort of like should i have at the beginning of all this should. I have quarantined with friends. But does it just make give more people to get sick. I can speak on that. Because i literally broke up with my boyfriend action a lot. I think it. I think it was the best of both worlds honestly. I don't think i would have ever been able to spend as much time with my family at this age. Likeness part of my life as i got to earn quarantine and then to have the best of both worlds of van. Go and quarantine with all of our friends. I i really liked it. You saw a different side of people. Some people got a lot closer but then yet some people definitely distanced after it. But i feel like everything really does happen for a reason. And you kind of figure out. Who's who's like you're eighteen. Who like will always have your back for sure. I think it's hard to spend six weeks with anyone. And i think you saw different sides of people and it was difficult because we were kind of in a pressure cooker for a lot of reasons also considering it was a pandemic i do think spending time with my mom and dad and shelter island and we ended up adopting three cats. Plus mike cat and bearcats. There were five times. But i will never forget and it was. It was really nice but then going to be around. People was like you realize that it's necessary for the human mind to like be with people their own age but there was a time when i was like twenty nine walking with my mom about to go feed the cats and i was like damn i thought i would like be like a relationship by now or like just i thought i'd be on the stand up tour and there was a sadness to it with him. Being around everyone made you feel like a little more alive. Yeah for sure. Do you think if you know it seems like things are gonna get back to normal. You know relatively this next summer if you had a choice. Would you want to do the way you guys have done it before where you're at the summer house just on the weekends and back to normal after the week or did you do prefer this experience of like stain altogether all the time in the house. I definitely liked the experience. We had this summer just because it was new and it was exciting and it was like. Oh my god what's going to happen. Is someone gonna murder someone who knows. Let's have a glass of rosa. Anc but i think if the world is back to normal than we would love to go back to being in the city during the week and then just coming out and seeing everyone on the weekends because really. That's what a summer house is. You know not talking about the work stuff and really just like where we going out tonight. What are you wearing. What guard you wanna talk to. You know stuff like that. So i think world goes back then. We'd like to go back to how it usually as to. I mean i'm gonna go ahead. And say i think this was my hardest summer. By far. i felt like a times. There was like a microscope on me in terms of like is hannah partying enough parting too much. Is she working hard enough as she not working. She working too much. Like i just felt like people. Got like very judgmental about like your life and it's nice to be able to live your life and then go and just party with these people instead of sometimes like there was a lot of judgement this season that i could have done without Do you think mean we can get into it. But do you think it's because of the the luke factor or you think it's completely separate. Oh no people. Always relationships always caused drama. I think there was more judgment on. Like i think our careers have changed for years. I think that like. I have changed over the last three years and i think that sometimes there was just pressure of like. I'm not the same hand that i was for season i have. I've been through more things. I've had more pressure. I've had more obstacles. I think people were like oh people have changed. Some people didn't like it while. I do wonder since you guys are such bravo fans. Can you think of one real housewife that you would want to move into the summer house with you guys. Oh my god. It's so hard. Because they're so many that i love so much. I really think. Sonia riot. Like i just the i think she'd fit in so well. It's funny because i feel like such a name dropper. But i had lunch with luan and sag harbor i mean no. I wanted to ask about it you want to. Her house would like trying to get the names right way. Who's the who's the blonde one. and like. She was so into it. And she loves to flirt and i love watching the wind flirt so i think i think theresa dolores would be great. Yeah i also think porsche would be. Yeah i can go on and on but love will be. why were you with louisiana. Did you just run into each other. You guys friends. What's the deal so lan alike. I think she's a place inside harbor and she would go to this place on shelter island during. I guess they're in quarantine. It's like this outdoor dining area and her assistant love summer house so is assisted for going. She'll dry that we should hit up panel burner. You know you guys can talk rob or whatever so. I brought my mom actually and we ended up just like getting drunk outdoors and it was so fun. She was typical lou like she was just like hello darling and she just larger than life and like you just feel like she's seen so many things that you just being in her presence is just exciting and then i'm hannah's on nickname basis with i started calling alone. She didn't do anything that you guys i feel like i shouldn't the detail but like louis knows that she's just a show in herself so she just texted me and was like hey i see. You're you're out like we need to. I want to hear about you. Know the premier and like chat room and stuff so we go to this place peers in bridgehampton which is like a place to be seen. Very you know fancy and its french. So she's speaking french with everyone and i'm like someone pinch me. Someone pinch me some guy at the bar. Tries to like get a drink with her like he's like hey guys and she's like sorry. This is a business meeting. Like rejects guy in front of me. it was. I mean she looks gorgeous and then she's talking about all the projects she has going on doing. Amazing and then yes we. We ended up doing tiktok of her saying. Don't be so cool. And she now that like the second try and then i ran out of there and was just like i can't believe i'm hanging out with lou ann so page. You got the boot. We're not friends anymore. Honestly you got you got it. Why i wanted it to dive into some bravo shows that we saw this week starting with real housewives of dallas. Are you as fans from this. Honor fans this franchise. I love dallas. I say first of all. I love any like i love to see how all the different franchises dress because it is. It's crazy. how like if you live in a different part of the country like your style is so different. But i am obsessed with kamran. I think she is so cute i can. She's like so authentically herself. And i love to see just like how fancy and girly. She is so she's Favorite without Camera and has kind of come into our own because she was like kind of in leeann shadow a little bit but page. I just thought of an idea you need to do. A tiktok of all the looks of like the different lives where they are put together a look because it really is consistent. Also just have to say tiffany moon it star. She's like re write it so hard to come in as a new be and because of being newbies a thing like you don't know the game you don't know what the girls are capable of. You don't know the girls that well maybe just one or two and she's come in fearless so herself a sense of humor. She's obviously very impressive. Her closet she's just she's a natural you can't. It's an x factor. You can't can't teach the the. I think it was funny. Though i feel like in this episode she a little bit is trying to figure out how i suppose to be a real housewives as someone who like actually have girlfriends. 'cause i work all the time and was like stepping gassing herself because it was clearly her time to throw an event if she wanted to do a pizza party but she didn't know if it was up to lake the standards. I first of all i. I love her and her husband. I think her husband is so cute. You can just see you can just tell when someone really love someone like come across on screen and you can just tell that. He is so supportive of her. I mean he basically did everything for the party. Want her to be stressed out. Which i thought was so nice day. You got the door. Thank god for daniel roku and like she couldn't have literally i know. The housewives are different than like a summer. House are like southern charm. But her house is gorgeous. She's an outdoor like pizza would oven but have had plastic cups in plastic plates. Would've still been amazing anything. When she gave everyone the apron with their names on them. I thought it was so cute. My no they were all mad though that she said they had to leave at ten thirty. Which like what he not work. Tomorrow she has these. They have to understand that. Everyone's life is different. I also love the fact that like in her office home office. They was just like her diplomas and she was like. My husband has some but like this is. This is about me just so feminist like that and i think she's a rockstar and i also think it's important to show that like you can't live that life all the time. If you're committed to like being in anesthesiologist you can't be out until two am shrew. That's a really good point lake. They'll be fun and liked and like not be a party animal. It's up till three. And i think rex normalize that for sure and it's like a different. It's a different vibe than the other ladies. You know some of them. They don't have these nine to five jobs most like really little kids. Yeah she she be hungover at work. Because like someone could i so you know. Tiffany is all about trying to get the girls to try new things new foods and so one of the toppings she offered for her pizza were crickets and no one was about that so she sort of snuck them into her pizza. Pizza and didn't tell anyone people flipped out mendi when she found out through up. Actually do think this was such a big deal or do you think that they're overreacting a bit. I think i mean. I think they overreacted. On hundred percent we love pranks like we practiced throughout the summer. So i think if hannah was eight something and then i was like oh my god. That was a cricket. She would be like she would start laughing so i think they're just a little bit more dramatic right but branded did grow up but she doesn't throw up until after she found on protein protein. I will throw app. I'm not even joking. I didn't know you know. So i'm like well. It made me wonder if you know. I think sometimes on housewives like with the whole hospital smell on real houses city. Like you can't believe something so small. Become sucha being an mets soap. But has there ever been a time on summer house where you were just like. I cannot believe this is a thing. You're one hundred percent well. I'm going to tease this season for a second. We had a full night ruined and a huge fight about galloping. Oh my god. I forgot about that. I forgot. I can't go in depth for it but like where like that's all i have to tell me this is the this is the fight that leads you to calling kyle a leprechaun. Oh no that was for real that one gets and then like some friends get into a fight like how'd you really gala. Because we should figure what is. The definition of gallup is a fast. Walk a gallup and kenna human up and we really can't even go up because we're talking to are doing galloping race so anyway on things can get nasty over anything if you believe. That is a good way. i also have. Oh my god. I got into a big fight with carl. I because one morning there were a bunch of eggs that were made like sunny side up eggs. And i guess everyone's taking their eggs and i was there and they like to laugh so i took the two. Apparently everyone was taking one egg. I didn't know that it woke people. Only eight one egg. I didn't like exit. One hundred dollars each one hundred calorie breakfasts. Anyway i'm growing girl. Carl carl rosen later. And he's like are there any eggs left and they're like no and someone was like everyone took one and then immediately i was like oh god i get the memo on this i must have. They didn't siemian. this email. Was like karl. I'm sorry. I ate one and he was just furiously making himself one sunny side up but i i'm so sorry and he was so mad at me like so mad but we've resolved religious. Say like if an egg is brought up between me and carl we give each other a look. And i'm like i. I'm still sorry i i'm sorry i won't do it again. Also one egg that. What is that. Who is just like those. I try say. But i lost that fight off fight. I'm very sorry. I wanna vonda. Real house is a salt lake city because it was reunion part one. And reunions are obviously just the biggest and best thing to ever happen to us fans icon. It was icon. What have you guys thought of this franchise. Here's the thing i i know. It's their first season. But there's something about this franchise that i like all of them like when they're fighting with each other. I'm rooting for both sides. Wouldn't which rarely happens. When i watch house is like i have my favorites on each franchise. There's something about salt lake. I really do like all of them. Their fights are a little a little dramatic like the hospital smell fight. I mean that was crazy right but like for how crazy jen gets during late. I know i still really felt bachelor. Consistent she's consistent but before the reunion though paged like at the very end i didn't love how she was like fake apologizing to everyone and then like i don't know i kind of lost me that last episode with within and then i was like damn. It was just like one interviewed by where she was like. I'm not really apologize. I don't even know what i'm apologizing. Yeah i was like people. You'll see when your air sunny. But i think they should be so proud of themselves because to come on as a new franchise is so difficult and they brought it in their own way like it was so unique to someone from new york city. I was like like skiing. Like i've never skied in my life. I was like what is this fantasy and they all own it. And i'm just i'm really proud of the night was good page. You did you think the best at the reunion all my gosh. I think my favorite is lisa. I love her so much. I think who i agree. She looked at her and meredith. I feel like i feel like maybe heard meredith and like the page in hannah a little cooler than us. Oh my god no. they're thousand. What cooler the way richer like have like the wants to be them in the future. But i just like i love. Their friendship able looked amazing. Sometimes there is something with like the reunion sometimes. The women could get a little figure skater. You know. I'm like oh olympics with that outfit but yeah yeah i also feel like i had never seen so much of meredith's boobs and i was like very into them like yeah and i loved her short hair love. I have a heartache. I kind of loved mary's outfit like it was the gold with the for collar. And i feel like she's just like really artsy and and that was such a great lake city. Look even though. I don't fully understand her. i like her. i understand. I didn't like that dress. I i was picturing whenever i see outfit. Sometimes i like recreate them in my head. I would've loved that for with like a black dress i also feel. I can never wear that. Because i'm a sweater in general and like andy asking me terrifying questions. I would have just been like downing. I wanted to ask. You is because it comes up pretty often out reunion specifically. I'm sort of torn on it. But what do you think about the fact that andy on behalf of fans asks real housewives about plastic surgery i love. Oh yeah. I love it. I think with plastic surgery. I feel like hanan. I have the same opinion. You know we if we were to ever get plastic surgery or something. I should be proud of it. And i feel like if you want to change something to your face or your body like you think it's gonna make you feel better than i think. Go ahead and do it but if you're trying to mask something that's deep deeper. Maybe like see your therapist. I maybe and then touch your face not. We've never done anything to ourselves. But i feel like the day. I get bo talks like i'm gonna put it on my instagram story of who i went to right so yeah i being on tv like become aspirational. Sometimes just because you're on tv especially as a housewife and they. They live larger than life but they should be open about the work they get done. It's like j. lo because it actually really causes a lot of depression anxiety for people watching being like how this her skin look like that at sixty seven. Yeah and give like explain. Don't it's kind of fake to not. And i always say like with plastic surgery before you go cutting and changing yourself. Think within like why. Do i actually want this like. Because he don't want to just next thing you know not recognize yourself and just like learn to love yourself as much as you can before you changed yourself. I'm a little anti under the knife as much as you can. Well i'm sure jail. We'll be thrilled. Her name is being brought up again in the bravo universe. I might have to join real housewives of miami. Oh god imagine goes. A fashion page is a dig. I've tried to be nice. To whitney whitney was doing interview. Looks in some of our stuff came late for. I immediately responded to her. I said you can come and borrow anything from my closet. Like i hear that day right there when it came late from jake is delivering with misinterpreting think. Lisa meant that day. I really don't is like a. I mean to me who does look for. I don't know if i'm the right person. 'cause they do looks for last but like a big department store i never have. I do not think that she meant that as a day. Now if she said dig. Brian's right good was there anything. They any of the drama in this episode. That you're like okay. Like i feel like we've we've unveiled something here. I mean who knew that brooks was actually upset about his mom. Smoking versus seeing jen's the jain right. It's funny when there's i mean they can't you can't show everything on a reality show because there's just not enough hours so to hear that it. It could have been because she was smoking. Like i totally get it also can just talk about brooks for a second like the untung hero extending obsessed in every way. He's such a natural he just comes on immediately dislike blasting. People one liners like so much swag and then taste. I'm obsessed with him on ming stunning locks. Strategize are born. I really hope that we see him a lot. Next season we need a storyline that just revolves around him for sure thousand. Personify did feel bad for whitney though her first reunion her first time getting to present receipts andy cohen was like. This is a bad xerox. Babe the dummy rita xerox babe great. That was great. I think she's definitely learned for next time. Like your receipts have to be in pristine condition watched madison real quick and then finder will take. At least she didn't forget it like mathurin. I have to ask you guys going through this season of summer house in. Just you know everything that happens between seasons. Do you guys keep folders on your cast. Mates like a just in case text folder. Green shots are always the thing. My problem is i screen shot so much throughout the day that like. I know it's in my phone. I just. I'm going to say that. I think that is psychotic thing. I've ever heard if i was keeping a folder on all of my friends and keeping tabs on things they've done that's not my friend. And why would they even be hanging out with them. You know like. I just saying oh one hundred percent. I just know that like people like to talk. Everyone's talk shit. And i know that everyone has but i also don't feel the need to like to put it in people's faces because people know what they did at the end of the day also on an twenty twenty one send a voice voice memo all right well. I want to get into summer house because rarely do have the opportunity to watch an episode and talk about it with the people who live de so first of all hannah. Obviously a lot of discussion about this luke thing like personally my friends texting me a lot you know just like i don't i don't understand like what what's the deal. What was happening. Did she think they were dating. Did she think they were exclusive so just for all of the listeners. I'd love to to get you kind of talking about how you were feeling where you're coming from in the beginning of the season with luke. It's funny because people are kind of like they see the episode and they go very black and white and it's like i feel like everyone's been in a situation ship before that's what i'm going to call it go. You should be like the literally the most confusing and it was the kind of thing where what you guys saw somewhere like never ended. It just became this weird thing where this guy kept calling me. And i kept feeling like why is. He treated me like his girlfriend. I'm not there's something missing. So like i would see other people. He'd see other people and then corentin hit and he's calling me like twice a day to the point that my mom's like what. Why are you putting so much time into this. And i'm like. I don't know i'm going to see him and like whatever so then when he came and he who knew it was going to happen and he didn't tell me he was. Bring your girl. I was like. Oh you're actually messing with me because we actually had like a a trust with each other like each other's back and then when he did that like that's why i was upset because i was when they kept saying i said oh we dated whatever it was the fact that matter is was that he had to respect what it was and i don't know why he called me so much like you could s page. I never initiated. It was just like it was all him. So i was like. Why would you put in that effort to then try to make me look like stupid right when i have to imagine you are able to say. Oh i'm coming back this season. Are you coming back. So during those conversations i mean we had. We had a conversation. Disa- clear things up. Because i've been saying whatever about well. When he kissed danielle custom he called me and said he didn't kiss her because he had feelings for me. Then fast forward in quarantine. At some point i was like. Can we put a label on this like. We're just friends and he's like i don't want to put labels on anything. We just kind of dude and then my fearing is that he knew that i had been talking to some other guy i had. I had you know. Gaza's flirting with during quarantine i feel. He heard that i had been. I went on a date with ross. Everyone has wonderful. But but i've been very open with him about that so then he heard that i was talking to someone and then he basically came in trying like one up like it's all a game to him so that's why i was like this is just mean this is just mean. It's not about me trying to date him or did we date. It's just about like nice. Have you guys been able to keep your friendship because it sounds like you guys you know. Even though it was confusing were at least very good friends. We don't have a friendship. I just want to make that clear. I have friends who are guys. they're hilarious. They're caring they check in on me. They give me space. When i need it a guy whose always calling you just for your attention and like taking it all and energies one way is not your friend. A guy who's manipulating. You was your friend. So i just want to make that clear so also people don't go on twitter very much but occasional get. Dm's that are just being like hannah. Your so desperate nuked as a nike. Whatever the second. I realized the situation your girl is done. Your girl. it's out your girl is by by once. I see people's true colors and it's fun to mess around with a motto. But it got to the point where i was like. This isn't healthy and you're not healthy for me so no we haven't spoke because i don't need that in my hannah's right like sometimes situation ships like without that label hurt more and it's almost more complicated and you can't really have a real conversation because it's like okay. We aren't dating like. Are we really going to fight about this. So it gets it gets messy. I mean i've cried over a thousand guys that i've never jaded. I mean because once you date someone you know exactly like why. It didn't work out all the bad look like this idea of like my real theory is is that he's playing games. He didn't wanna lose me. He always cut me within arm's lanes and then he heard i had kind of talking to people during quarantine while he was talking to me and came in basically like i know i don't have her someone to make her feel bad by bringing someone else and i was open with my emotions and i was vulnerable and i don't regret it. Okay i know tons of women have been through what i've been through retain we're friends friends took would tell me if we're talking other people have go hand rubbed my face. Was it hard for you page. Because when a guy over my friend. I can't look at them. I had these last summer. I i was really weary of luke and and i knew that hannah just wanted to have fun and then i you know when she would tell me that he was calling her all the time as a girl. It's just so hard to kind of cut off your emotions. So i feel like i'm the type of friend that like when hannah and i were laying in bed you know just like cut it off. He's a loser. Don't even think about whatever when we're around the group if people were coming at hand like well you never dated i was like. Are you say that you know. Like i'm the only one that can talk to her people's definition of dating like just because he didn't have sex. I'm pretty sure sex doesn't mean that you like someone. If every guy. I had sex with men i liked. I liked me riding in wrong. But i'm pretty sure my love language quality times when a guy blowing me up for ten months. I'm like i know what's happening. But he's taken up a lot of my time. And i just you know hannah such a cat an any guy would be lucky to even get an ounce of her attention so the fact that she was answering his phone calls in giving him so much emotional. Support i just. I felt like that was unfair for her because like if she really likes you as a person she's going to really have your back and she's going to be there for you and i feel i felt like he took it for granted a little bit and then almost tried to make her feel like she was crazy. The guy says you're crazy or his ex crazy or any woman around him as crazy. There's a reason meghan. That's a really good question. Because last season i mean last summer obviously page. Because she's not like in it with him she could see very clearly obviously is not healthy but in my head. It's like just attention. i'm single. This is fun. Until i meet the one and who knows when that will be so but page i kinda had to have this line. Where like she didn't want to hear about him and it was healthy for us. Like i was not running stuff by because like it really wasn't getting dramatic until the season when he brought a different girl during the quarantine is just you know how he is. It's luke he's not letting me out of his grip. But i'm waiting for the right one and it it but it still hurts even if you weren't like in love with someone or or fully fully in a relationship you're it's it hurts when you get betrayed and lied to i think it. Yeah that explanation because you only do get to see so much and it's it's good to like hear it from your perspective like everything that led up to it. yeah it's it was obviously Thing yeah things are just not black and white and especially relationships and people. they're not one dimensional still page. Did you have the option to bring perry with you when filming started. So yes of course you know. We went through obviously like a process to make sure that everything was safe before we went into the house and he was more than welcome to come in and if he wanted to leave early like that was always an option to hurry. Is you know he didn't sign up to be on television. He signed up to date someone. Who's on television. So it was really tricky and to be totally honest. It was hard for me to balance someone who wasn't kind of down with my career. Because you know being on a reality show is like a career type so was hard to beat to say like okay while. Is this infringing. Something i love doing. And if you're not going to be a part of it like i understand like is also hurting me at the end of the day. So of course i'd want him to come on it but i would never force someone to do something they didn't want to do so i understand why he didn't but it definitely caused tension because i'm surrounded by all of these people twenty four seven and were filming and we're doing activities then like our lives are happening and so i didn't have a a lot of attention to give him and when i kind of stepped back and was like a loan for those six weeks i just i thought about things a lot differently and i thought about what i wanted for my future and you know a lot of things just became a lot clearer to me and that's not to be cliche but it really wasn't him. It was me now. You know i just. I just didn't see going further will. I'm just endlessly fascinated by how the pandemic has changed the trajectory of so many relationship. And it just sounds like you know you because in what other world would you have so much time away from him and that's interesting and it's funny because never in my life. Did i think like you know i'd be twenty eight and be single. I'd always have this five year plan and and he fit perfectly into my plan at mom always says like you make a plan god laughs and it's just so true like you really have no idea what's going to happen and i realized once when i was by myself that i felt better that that was such a clear sign. Yeah and it's not just him. I feel like if i was dating anyone at this point in my life like i would just be more happy by my salary and i do think it's hard when a guy hasn't liked to done you were burned her house down to like you really have to know things missing something within you So taper he. Yeah yeah will in this episode. I thought you guys were such good friends to put that birthday on for kyle. I mean it seemed like not a lot of fun but a lot of work. We actually had so much fun with it. Like i was the chef. I actually got fired multiple. Dan's i went to france for six years and then i got drunk into our character. We actually like wild. They were having dinner. We were laughing hysterical so it was great always more fun below doctor. How do you guys as a man is friends. Feel about her relationship with kyle. Are you feeling good about the fact that they're getting married. I think this was the first summer we saw like a different kyle. Amanda know they had come into the house after being quarantined in their apartment and they were excited to be an open space and be around and you really rarely see them have like blow up fights this summer. Like we've seen in past summers. And i feel like there's so much drama with other people. We kind of forgot about him. You know we're just getting married. So i love you so much and we are so at right now. It makes me so happy happy birthday. Don't cry you cry. Cry cry okay. We're to enjoy desert upstairs. Everyone hang out all right. Let's help clean. Yeah i feel really frustrated for all the people who like had weddings planned and like started their venues and all that stuff so like it sucked that they're going through it. But i feel like a lot of people like my brother was supposed to get married at the same time line so it was nice. At least we were there to you know. Actually i don't know if it was nice. We we tried to like make the summer fun considering that it should have been there wedding. Yeah i loved the roller skating party. Do you on my cell fine. There's so many times that we that. I don't even know if they could include all of the times but there was one thing like everyone fell -nology like hand vallon like a very athletic very dainty unlike. Could break my arm at any moment. And and lindsey adjust light coach boom activated as she fell in the amount of falling was just insane and like who knew it was so hard but then carl and luke were like so good at it and started to get like kind of annoying. I remember at one point. I had to tap out. Because i was just like it was insane. Will we pick our rosen thorn for the week and i will say carl's roller skating. Skills was might rose because like why. Where did that come from of moonwalk skating. Like what and pittsburgh. I don't know but natural beautiful. I i don't know about you guys but i mean i am really excited for the rest of the season i don. I always wonder how it is for you guys when you film something but you it has yet to air and like if you knew that you had like something. That's coming by. I'm excited to see all of being. Forget we forget the new reworked up your way he did. What lean more dramatic for us to watch it than just like the viewers. 'cause we're like hold the phone. When did this conversation happen. But i think the hardest part is like it. Is this journey. You go on like you know. People are seeing the beginning. And it's like things really evolve. And i think everyone evolves the season and a lot of things changed. A lot of feelings changed so much up. Yeah a lot of people's roles change. I feel like Friendships just like a lot deeper. I mean we get deeper every summer but this was particularly different because we live twenty. Four seven on there was a global pandemic happening. So you know things just got a lot more intend. will i think that's a great place to end it. I wanna thank you guys so much for doing this with me. This is so fun the deel dish. And we're be back next week with an all new episode with real housewives of new jersey's deloris catania. we'd love day mine and remember watching bravo isn't a guilty pleasure itself care guys. Let's keep the conversation going. We wanna talk to you all week long. You can find us on instagram at bravo daily dish and on twitter at bravo. Tv just don't forget to use the hashtag bravo daily dish or reach out to us personally. I'm everywhere at mexico. And i'm everywhere at eric. J mac that's e. r. i k. And if you're on. Facebook joined the daily dish facebook group. You can post about what you're watching your favorite shows. Who's your favorite housewife. Ask a question. Start some drama. There's a lot of good stuff in there. So check it out. You can also learn more about the podcasts at bravo. Tv by guys with cable get to.

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